Tending an Injury: Surprise Tangled!Au

So like… nobody asked for this. I didn’t even ask for this. But somehow I just got… really involved in the Tangled!Au. I did some sketches of it, but I also really wanted to recreate the healing scene. So hope you enjoy! <3 The fanfic is just below the read more!

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Chapped Lips || Peter Parker

so I went to check on my Tumblr mobile app and I am so humbled to see that I have reached 300 followers!


This means so much to me, thank you so much for enjoying these stories that I write and post on here 。゚(TヮT)゚。 in celebration I’m going to post this story, as a thank you for all of my new followers ♡ ♡ ♡ 

please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are okay!


Your friends all knew about your debilitating crush on your lab partner. Ever since you first laid eyes on Peter Parker, it was difficult for you to shut up about him.

When you were in the privacy of your home, you would call and text your best friend, telling her how cute Peter was and how you died a little bit each time you spoke to him. 

[Name], just grow a pair and ask him out already! He seems like a nice guy, and you talking about him constantly is driving me insane! Do something about your crush on him already! 

Recalling your friend’s words made you tremble with anxiety each time. You, being the incredibly shy girl that you were, could not just grow a pair and simply ask Peter Parker out. The boy was certainly out of your league; and not only that- you were 99% sure that he had his sights set on Liz Allan. So as far as you were concerned, asking him out was absolutely out of the question. 

In hopes of lessening your yearning for Peter, you made sure to sit next to him during Chem any chance you got while paying attention to him. You didn’t think you would ever get to see him outside of the classroom- 

Until now. 

During Chem, your teacher began handing out several thick packets for the class, his monotone voice talking about how you each had to work with your partner to complete this project. Almost like a conditioned response, you look at Peter to see that he was smiling at you. “Looks like we’ve gotta put both of our great minds to work. This counts as 20% of our grade.”

“Y-Yeah, no kidding.” You respond with a bit of a stutter in your voice. 

For the next several seconds, you and Peter remained silent whilst staring at each other, hearing your classmate chatter from all around you as they made plans to meet and start on the project. 

You wanted to ask if Peter wanted to come to your place and start the project (since your apartment was closer to Midtown High, being only a few blocks away) but you felt all the words die within your throat. Seeing Peter staring at you so intently made your palms sweat, and you almost pulled your hair out in frustration at how you couldn’t speak.

Miraculously, Peter does the talking for you and slowly begins, “So…I’ll be a little busy tonight. Would it be okay if I came over to your place after school? I m-mean, that’s only if you’re okay with it! W-We can always go to m-my place, i-if you wanted, b-but I just assumed since you l-lived closer-”

You let out a soft giggle and give him a nod, “Y-Yes, that’s fine Peter. Let’s do that.” 


After blowing up your bestie’s phone with a plethora of texts stating how Peter Parker was going to your apartment for your project, you were practically on cloud 9. 

You didn’t care that Peter was only with you to do a project, you were just so ecstatic to spend a little more time with him. 

The walk to your apartment wasn’t too awkward, although you and Peter were silent through the entire trek to your place. It was strange, but you didn’t mind the silence at all, and you could only hope that Peter felt the same way when he kept on smiling at you. 

Reaching your apartment in just about 10 minutes, you usher him into the living room, grateful that your place was empty because your parents were still out working. 

You didn’t think you could deal with any of their embarrassing comments at you having a boy over, even if it was legitimately because of homework. 

“Would you like anything to drink? I’ve got all of the soda that you can imagine, all you have to do is pick your poison.”

You were proud at how even your voice came out and even smiled when Peter told you his preferred soda. You end up grabbing two cans before shakily making your way toward where Peter sat on the couch. 

Once you were seated, Peter begins writing out ideas in his notebook, and you nod and consider each of them while trying to ignore how close the boy was to you. It was strange, but you swore that you were sitting a relatively safe distance away from Peter when you sat down. Now, you couldn’t ignore the fact that Peter’s shoulder was felt rubbing against the left side of your arm, quickly alerting you to just how close he truly was.  

When you look to the side, you slowly began to lose focus as you admired Peter’s profile. God, the boy was just so handsome, and he was making your heart ache so much. Being so close to him was making you nervous, and while you stared at him, you began to unconsciously pick at your bottom lip. 

Never known to have the softest lips in the world, you had a bad habit of picking at your chapped lips whenever you were anxious. It was an involuntary action that you honestly couldn’t help-

So when Peter had turned to look at you and he saw how there was a bead of red blood coming from your lips, you were absolutely mortified

“Oh my God, [Name], are you okay?! Your bottom lip is bleeding!” 

“H-Huh?” You dumbly reply, touching at the bottom of your lip, acting as though you didn’t know how that happened. When you trailed your tongue across your lips, you winced upon tasting the coppery taste of blood in your mouth. “Shit, I-I’m sorry. This is n-normal, I swear! I…whenever I get nervous I just pick at them and- fuck, I gotta try and stop the bleeding!”

You wanted to die. Now Peter would think of you as nothing else but his weird partner who constantly picked at her lips until it bled.

Trying to hide your face, you attempt to stand and run to the bathroom when you felt a strong hand stop you. You look down to see that Peter was pulling you back down with a surprising strength that shocked you. 

When you were seated back on the couch, you were about to question what he was doing, only to be interrupted with his lips over yours. 

You were practically trembling with confusion now, feeling Peter’s mouth gently suck away the blood that had collected on your bottom lip. Despite how mortified and weird you felt about the whole situation, you couldn’t deny that Peter’s lips on yours still felt really good to you. 

After a few seconds, Peter pulls away from you, blushing profusely as he hid his mouth with the back of his hand. “I’m s-sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I j-just, I wanted to stop the bleeding.” 

You gulp and nod, gently touching at your bottom lip. When you licked your lips again, the traces of your blood was gone, and all you could taste was Peter. Knowing that you were blushing, you hid your face within the palm of your hand and asked, “Peter, why did you do that? I could have- I could have cleaned it up by myself, yet you-” you couldn’t even continue because your heart was practically choking you with its rapid palpitations. 

Your crush had just kissed the blood away from your chapped lips. 

And you were falling even harder for this strangely kind boy.

You hear Peter let out a deep breath before softly admitting, “Well, it’s just that…I really like you, [Name]. I have for a while now, and when we got paired up as partners for Chem, I was actually really happy that I had a reason to interact with you.”

You finally looked at Peter, noticing how he refused to meet your gaze as the tip of his ears turned red, evidence of his growing embarrassment.

Feeling a bit more confident now, you inch yourself closer to him, “Hey, my lips aren’t bleeding anymore, but…even if they aren’t bleeding, will you still kiss me?” 

The way Peter immediately gravitated toward you was all the answer you needed for that question.   

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Drop ‘Em. [Jack Wilder Drabble].

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Title: Drop ‘Em.
Pairing: Jack Wilder x Female!Reader.
Words: 787.
Rating: T. (Nudity, mentions of sex)
Fandom/Franchise: Now You See Me.

Merritt looked between you and Jack with serious grey blue eyes, reading the atmosphere as if it was a children’s book. A small smirk tugged its way onto his face as Jack touched your arm slightly, the obvious awkwardness making itself known in the way he would curl his finger against your skin. He didn’t know what was okay with you, Merritt thought to himself with a stifle of a laugh. He could also read Jack’s expression with ease. But, that was just from spending so much time near him. You, not so much. You’d only been with the Horsemen for roughly three months now.

Your conversation with Jack came to a slow end.

Readjusting his jacket, you waved at Jack before walking out of the room, his dark brown eyes watching your movement as if you were his next meal. They lingered on the door, long after you were gone.

“Wow,” Merritt laughed out loud this time, rubbing his cheeks. “That was sad. Just…” He clicked his tongue, “So sad…”

Jack sputtered, giving a smile to his friend, though, it was full of nerves. “W-what?”

“Your flirting.”

“I wasn’t flirting,” Jack continued to sputter, rubbing the back of his neck slightly. His eyebrows knotted together, as if he was surprised that Merritt suggested that. “Pfttt.” The young man puffed his cheeks out and looked off to the side as Merritt slipped a small chuckle his way.

“Okay, okay, come here buddy.” Merritt stood with a small sigh, grasping the back of Jack’s head and tugging him towards his body with a small, soft and persuasive, ‘sleep’. Jack went lax against him.

“Now, when you wake up, “Merritt started softly, whispering into his ear, “You’re going to stay right here, and when (Name) comes back into the room, you tell her exactly what you feel for her.”

He paused, licking his bottom lip.

“And then, you’re going to drop those cute, skinny pants of yours. And after that? You’re going to forget everything that just happened.” Merritt pulled Jack off his shoulder, “And, you’re awake!” He snapped his fingers as Jack came back to with a small gasp. Merritt patted his back, walking out of the room to go tell you that Jack needed to talk to you, and that it was urgent.

“Hey, Jack!” You smiled, walking into the small living space at the front of the hide-a-way house. You looked at him, tilting your head in curiosity, “Merritt said you needed me?”

“I really like you, and I want to plow you into that couch,” Jack felt the words come out of his mouth, and he couldn’t find it in himself to stop. A slight, awkward smile slipped its way onto his cheeks as he caught eyes with you. Your expression was wide, surprised especially.  “And maybe that love seat,” He pointed with his fingers to the seat behind you, “And then my bed.” He stopped for a second, swallowing, so he could finish with “I just really like you, (Name). And I’m notorious for taking women’s hearts, trusts and wallets, but I’d be happy with just your heart, if you give it to me.”

Blinking, you held your hand up and tried to process the entire situation, replying it in your mind a few times, “W-w…”

“One more thing,” He smirked slightly, puffing out his chest, hooking his fingers into his pants and shimmying them down to his ankles, standing straight again, his tongue peeping out to lick his bottom lip.

“Oh my god!” You caught hold of the ‘V’ of his navel, but refused to look any more. You covered your eyes, turning around with a flash of red on your cheeks, “Jack!”

“W…” Jack snapped back into reality, looking down at himself, before locking his gaze on the back of your head, “Why are my pants off?! Christ!” He shouted, pulling them up, buttoning and them buckling in one swift motion. “(Name)! Hello!?”

“Give me a second to recover, you just told me you wanted to have sex with me all over this room and then pulled your pants off!” You shrieked, trying desperately to not think about his bottom half naked. But now, it was engraved in your mind. Not that you were complaining necessarily. 

“I what!?” Jack shrilled, his voice squeaking around the edges. He was embarrassed, and you could hear it. And also, slightly feel it as it radiated off his body.

Merritt laughed from the other room, a sound that both of you picked up on.

“Oh my god,” Jack said, throwing his head back as he realized what must have happened. No one just forgets telling the girl of the dream that they want to have sex with them before proceeding to pull down their pants.

“Merritt, you’re SO DEAD.”

The laugh grew louder.

Anyway, so Vasquez and Erin end up with three kids.

They decide that Erin will carry their first, then, while she’s still pregnant, Vasquez ends up bringing home two alien kids Supergirl found hiding in an ally.  The younger of the two absolutely refused to be taken from Vasquez so they were put in charge of their care until a more permanent solution could be found.

And, well, that kinda just ended up being the permanent solution.

A month or so after Gnip and Tiks are officially adopted, Leena May is born.

And a few weeks after that, Vasquez and Erin decide that three is enough, thank you very much.

New List of Future Dog Names
  • Kaarne - (poetic form of “raven” in Finnish) 
  • Kalma (poetic/old word for death in Finnish. Also goddess of death and decay)
  • Kekri (old pagan holiday in Finland; festival of harvest and dead ancestors similar to Irish Samhain)
  • Kita (”maw/ mouth full of sharp teeth/mouth of beast” in finnish)
  • Tuonetar (Finnish goddess/queen of the underworld)
  • Valko (from “valkoinen” white in finnish and “valk” wolf in bulgarian)
  • Wellamo (Finnish goddess of water, lakes and seas)
“A Space Tail”

A late, late, late entry for Phanniemay Day 15, ‘Sci-Fi.’ Predictably, here’s some Space Au Danielle.

Space did funny things to people. 

Then again, people did funny things in space. Strapping themselves to rockets and blasting themselves across the big empty. Even though everything they were was tailor-made from millions of years of evolution for one tiny world, they still had to ride off to all the other ones. Transplant themselves to a foreign body that would always reject them. It tended to make people a little crazy.

Dani could sympathize. Everything down to her blood and her bones endlessly craved a place that wasn’t, anymore. Always a mismatch. Never a someplace that ever clicked into her incompatible links.

Space stations were the real dens of crazy. Built to accommodate everyone and succeeding with nobody. Gravity too high or too low, never the right temperature, finicky air composition. A place with dozens of different species, nationalities, clades, gangs, and corporates like a box of mismatched pieces. The bad edges crushed together.  

Not a single sentient belonged there, Dani especially. She was okay with it. The bar was offering half-off drinks for gals and gal-identifying.

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anonymous asked:

Boys of your choice finally working up the courage to talk to their crush, but their crush just became 1000% more intimidating to talk to bc they're wearing something a bit more revealing or cute today. (Not naughty or anything when I say revealing, maybe they run into them on their way to the pool and it's the first time seeing them in a swimsuit or something)

(For this one, I went with Junkrat, Roadhog, and Zenyatta)

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Who Said Being Nerdy Was a Bad Thing?

Kara watched excitedly through the peephole of the front door as the UPS delivery man walked up the driveway. Just as he raised his hand to knock, she flung open the door. “Hi, package for Kara Danvers? That’s me. Where do I sign?”

The middle aged man watched her for a second and then chuckled. “I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you ordered A Loss For Words.” He said with a bright smile.

“Yeah. Wait, how did you know?”

“My daughter had the same reaction when I brought her copy home.”

Kara grinned. “It is supposed to be like the new Fault in Our Stars.”

“So I’ve heard.” The man handed over the small package. “Have a nice day Ms. Danvers.” He said as he turned to walk back to his truck.

“You too. I hope your daughter likes the book.” Kara waited until he was halfway up the driveway before closing the door and sprinting up the stairs.

“Alex, it came!” She shouted as she opened the door to Alex’s bedroom.

Alex and Maggie looked up from the the blueprints that were laid out in front of them on Alex’s floor. “Good, I was worried that it wouldn’t get here before we left for St. Louis. Now you’ll have something to do at lunch while we are gone.”

Kara nodded enthusiastically and took another step into the room. “How’s it going in here?”

Maggie pushed herself up off of her stomach and into a sitting position. “It’s taking forever but I think that we have just about noted all of the final adjustments that we need to make on our robot when we get to the competition.”

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NCT 127 reaction to finding their s/o’s stories on wattpad or tumblr.

NCT127 reaction to finding their s/o’s stories on wattpad or tumblr please?

Here you go anon, hope you like it! :D


Taeyong would be pretty shy when he found your stories on Wattpad, he wouldn’t be sure if he wanted to tell you since you hadn’t told him yourself. He’d just be sat on the sofa reading the first chapter of one of your stories when you walked into the room and he’d quickly close off the tab, turn off his phone, and pay complete attention to you. He’d feel kind of guilty because he’d found it when you hadn’t told him, so he wouldn’t tell you what he found, he’d just wait and hope you told him.


Taeil found your laptop open to your Wattpad page where you’d left it on the coffee table. Interested, he’d take note of your username and later that night he’d hide up in his room and binge read everything you had written. He’d be quite shy about it, feeling like he had got a new insight into your mind, so I don’t think he’d mention it to you. But he would keep up to date with your writings, and I think he’d bring the topic up slowly. He might say he was thinking of writing, and he could use some help, or he’d ask if you’d ever tried writing.


Johnny would be pretty upfront about finding your writings on tumblr, and he’d be a complete cheeky git about it. He’d laugh as he read it, not because it was bad, but because it was funny seeing you writing NCT Reactions! “So, you think this is how I’d react to you in a cute dress?” He’d wink at you and then he’d keep going. “Oh, is this your dream date? Let’s go on it tonight!” “Are you meant to be this mc? Because I’d describe your hair as more of a honey brown than a chocolate brown.” I don’t think he’d be too bothered about your writing, he’d just use it against you to tease you.


He’d probably just be a complete shit about it. He would never actually read your stuff, he’d want to give you that privacy, but he would look over your account and look at how many notes/votes you had gotten. He’d drop subtle hints that he knew, like using the titles of your works in sentences, mentioning plot lines from the blurbs. He’d suggest the names of your characters as future baby names. If you asked him about it, he’d deny knowing anything. “I just really like the name Felula, honey.” (I really don’t know why Felula)


You two would be sat together watching TV when you were responding to comments on your story. You had no clue Doyoung was actually looking over your shoulder and was reading over your phone. He’d watch for a few minutes before asking what it was. If you tried to hide it, he’d grab your phone and ran away to read as much as he could. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He just wouldn’t understand. He’d make a new account to read your stuff, but he’d give you cheeky feedback. “You missed a comma in this sentence.”


Jaehyun would have been reading some fan-fiction about himself (he was curious) when he saw a suggested story with an interesting username. It was the same name as the email account you made when you were 12, so he gave up his story to click on your account. From the little hints on your profile he was pretty sure it was you, so he read your story within an hour. Later you could just be eating a sandwich and he’d come up to you to compliment you. “You’re such a good writer baby. Can you write a story for me?” “What?” “You heard. Can’t believe you have 50 followers on Wattpad, that’s super impressive!”


Winwin would be really shy when Chenle sent him a link to a story that was written on Tumblr, written by you! He read it all and he was actually shocked because it was so cute, and he could tell it was you who had written it, he could pick up on the little terms of phrase you used in speech. You’d walk into the bedroom and he was reading it again for the third time. “Look at this! You posted it yesterday and already 26 notes! That’s amazing!” He would be your hype boy over your future writings, always ready to support you.


Mark would be super supportive of your writing. He would tell you straight away when he found your account, and he’d go through all your stories with you sat right next to him. He’d be really encouraging of your writing and would probably get you into writing more. He’d help you with ideas if you needed it, if you need a certain snack to write he would buy it for you. He’d encourage you to keep going, to keep practicing, to write more. Who knows, you might get published in the future!


The most annoying shit ever. He would tell everyone about your writing and make them read it all too. “You had best vote, bitches.” He would make sure you got at LEAST 15 votes on every story just from the boys. He’d send you anonymous comments screaming about how good you are, using his own anon name. But he can’t keep a secret to save his life so he’d leave a note for you one day like “I ate your pasta xx” and he’d sign it with his anon name. You’d never discuss your writing really, you’d just keep up your writer x fan discussions.

Thank you for reading! We really hope you like it. We’re open for requests, so go ahead and message us!
Thanks for the lovely request, Anon!
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Valentine must be turning in his grave tbh
  • Valentine: so, little boy who is definitely™ my biological son, your name is Jonathan Christopher. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm pretending to be a guy whose son was named Jonathan Christopher. I just really like the name
  • Little boy: lmao no as soon as I believe you to be dead I'm so changing it to Jace and having everyone address me like that literally for the rest of my life
  • Jace: also fuck your surname too
  • Valentine: okay take 2
  • Valentine: so, little demon boy who is actually* my biological son, your name is Jonathan Christopher. Like that dead kid that I deaded myself. Like Failed Attempt At A Child™ making out with his "sister" over there. You WILL carry this name proudly, won't you? And the surname?
  • Little demon boy: lmao no as soon as Failed Attempt™ deads me and I am resuscitated by Terrible Evil Scheming Skills™ aka Lilith I'm so ditching this stupid name and taking the name of the other dead kid that I also deaded myself
  • Little demon boy: Hi I'm now Seb whazzup
  • Seb: also fuck your surname too
  • Valentine: *sighing and slightly panicked*
  • Valentine: okay but Clarissa
  • Valentine: I gave you your name because it's the closest thing to Christopher since Christopher isn't available for girls
  • Valentine: so will you at least carry the Morgenstern n—
  • Clarissa: lmao no fuck you and your surname and both of your sons in entirely different ways

a-catgames  asked:

Is Rune's name a play on the word prune? Like the shade of purple?

While that is pretty clever, that’s not why I named him that. Runes are actually symbols or “letters” of the ancient roman alphabet and often used as a form of divination. Aside from the fact that that kinda stuff interests me, I honestly just really liked the name and thought it worked for him :3

Red Ribbons

Originally posted by captain-meatball-rogers

Pre-Serum Steve x Reader

Red Ribbons

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Can I haz a pre-serum Steve fic where he is your soulmate and ever since he first started to draw, he drew you. And they get more and more realistic until one day he recognizes you in the park as the girl from his drawings? Plz and thank you either way.

Note: Aaaawwwwwwww. Steve and Reader are in high-school.

Warnings: None?

The drawings started when he was five. Steve picked up a crayon in his tiny hand and sketched a very crude drawing of a stick-figure girl with a red bow in her stringy hair. He couldn’t place her name or where he knew her from, but he knew he would know her someday.

When Sarah saw Steve’s drawing, one word came to her lips. Soulmate. Steve wasn’t sure what she meant then. He was young. They hadn’t started to teach kids about their soulmates in class yet, but he would know soon enough.

The next week in school, the teacher pulled out a book about soulmates. She explained that every person on the planet had a soulmate, and often times, people started drawing their soulmate or hearing their name, but no matter what it was, they would meet them someday.

As he grew up, Steve clung to the hope that the girl with the red ribbons in her hair was out there somewhere waiting for him. He grew to love art, drawing, and often found himself mindlessly drawing her, painting, dreaming about her at night.

He became so frustrated with himself for not being able to capture every detail of her face the way he wished he could. But if he was being honest, the only details he had were the ones that came out on the paper.

Some pictures were good, some came out better, but no matter the quality, one thing was always true, she was always wearing a red ribbon in her hair in the shape of a big red bow.

Steve was seventeen. It was a Sunday afternoon. Bucky had gone to work, and he was all alone, sitting against a tree in the park. His sketchbook was resting against his knees as he continued to sketch her, the girl with the red ribbons.

In this sketch, she was sitting on a park bench, drinking a cherry coke and writing in a notebook. She was wearing a red dress. Her hair was curled, and her lips were coated in cherry red lipstick. Steve sighed, taking in all the details and shading in the shadows. This was the best one yet, he decided. It looked like it could have been a picture.

Steve took a break and glanced up for a second, only to see a girl in a red dress drinking a cherry coke and writing in a notebook. His eyes went wide, flicking from the paper to the girl and back again. The resemblance was uncanny. It was her.

In his heart, he knew he had to go over and talk to her, but he stopped himself. She was so pretty. Gorgeous, the most beautiful dame he had ever laid his eyes on. She could be a model, and he was…awaiting a growth spurt that he knew was never going to come. Why would an angel like that want a pipsqueak like him?

“You gotta go talk to her, Steve,” Bucky scared the daylights out of him, coming out of seemingly nowhere.

“Bucky, I can’t.” he shook his head. “She’d never like me like this.”

“Are you kidding me?” Bucky pulled him off of the ground. “If you don’t go over there, I will.”

“Okay, okay, fine.” Steve sighed, took a deep breath, and made his way toward her. “Um, hi there. I know you don’t know me, but my name is-”

“Please tell me your name is Steve Rogers,” you begged, looking up at him. He gasped, nodding wordlessly.

“How…h-how did you-”

“I have been writing your name all over since before I could spell it right,” You confessed, showing him your notebook. Every single page was filled with his name over and over and over in varying sizes, colors, and fonts. He was shocked in the best way, smiling like an idiot. “I never knew why…but…I feel like I kind of knew. You know, that you were…what we were…”

“Yeah,” he smiled, understanding exactly what you meant. He showed you his sketchbook and you stood up, looking it over in shaky hands. Sketch upon sketch upon sketch of yourself filled the book. “So um, what’s your name?”

“Oh, sorry. I’m (Y/N) (L/N).” you introduced. “Would it…are you okay with hugging? Can I hug you?”

“Y-yeah! Yes. Yeah, that’s fine,” he struggled with the words, cheeks burning bright red as you enveloped him in your arms, sighing in relief. He was real. He was here. He was in your arms, where you knew he belonged. “You okay?” he asked gently.

“Yeah, I just…I’m so relieved. I can’t believe you’re real. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Me neither.” He agreed. “God, you’re so beautiful,”





“I just…I really like your name.” you giggled, clinging to him tighter. He chuckled.

“And you don’t care that I’m…?”

“That you’re what?”

“Short? Small?” he offered. You shook your head.

“I couldn’t care less,”