//I have talked and drabbled about this plenty before, but take this as my closing headcanon of the night.

  Yi has a great distrust and anxiety when it comes to hugs, or people being close in his personal space. Especially women. He has had experiences in the past where people have grappled him in order to stick him with knifes, most notably when he was younger and he was tricked into intimacy by a lady who only wanted to steal his possessions.

  She stuck him with a dagger long enough to harm a lung when he was most lovestruck and vulnerable, leaving him to die. If it weren’t for his healing meditations, the dagger between his ribs would have killed him. So don’t be surprised if your huggy muse gets refused by him, or if he Alpha Strikes out of the way, or if he just draws his blade in response.

  It takes a lot for Yi to let you into his personal space, and only few are allowed there as it stands. He’s too world weary and combat ready to be lenient in these sorts of things.

I honestly love Seventeen, those guys are around my age and it’s nice to admire people my age for being able to dance and sing and rap.
I don’t really listen to rap music and I admit that I’m not a big fan of rap but Kpop in general has helped me appreciate the genre a lot more, and the guys of Seventeen do their music so well, I legitimately sing and dance really silly whenever I’m listening to songs like “Pretty U” and “Mansae”.
But it also makes me happy that it isn’t just Woozi that writes or produces the music, some of the other members have their own part and then theirs Hoshi and his amazing choreography skills! Seventeen amazes me everyday and it kind of broke my heart that I couldn’t go see them in Melbourne when they came to Australia.

I really want them to come back to Australia quickly so I can see them in person. They’re all so funny and relate-able.

anonymous asked:

do you know if its possible to start reading the tf comics with lost light? if not, would you happen to know if i can just start with MTMTE or should i investigate further back? i only just entered the fandom, and all the comics confuse me :'((( even if u could recommend someone whos already explained all this i would REALLY appreciate it!!!!

Hi! I’ll try to answer your query and give the best explanation/advice about Transformers comics that I can :D

I double checked with James Roberts (the author of MTMTE, if you don’t know that, being new to the fandom and all) via twitter, and he confirmed that yes, it is possible to start reading Lost Light without having read MTMTE first. He does, however, recommend that that you read or at least familiarize yourself with the last few issues of MTMTE (issue 50 and up), which encompass the story arc “The Dying of Light”, as -I guess- parts of them are relevant to the plotline of Lost Light.

However…I doubt “The Dying of Light” would make much sense without having read MTMTE first! You won’t know any of the characters and the events won’t have the same impact without the emotional connection to the characters.

MTMTE is, however, an amazing series and well worth the read. The characters are fabulous and real, with great characterization. The plots are relatable and interesting, but still wacky and fun. If you like robots, lovable losers, and crazy plots, this series is for you.

You can read MTMTE without having read any of the other IDW series, though. It’s where I started off, at my BFF’s recommendation. I also quickly started in on MTMTE’s sister series, originally called Robots in Disguise, currently known as The Transformers, and soon to be Optimus Prime. This series -commonly referred to as “ex-Rid” by longtime fans- takes place in the same timeline as MTMTE, though it revolves around events on Cybertron, rather than in space. It’s a little more political than MTMTE, and I sometime find it boring, but it also has a lot of great character development, especially in regards to Starscream.

Beyond those two is where it gets REALLY confusing…

The IDW generation 1 comics have been around since 2005, as far as I can tell, and there are a lot of small series/minis/whathaveyou that have occurred since then. I’ve read a handful of them -All Hail Megatron and part of the 2009-2011 ongoing immediately following, Last Stand of the Wreckers, both Drift miniseries, all of Windblade (which has become an ongoing called Til All Are One), and Sins of the Wreckers. There have been a couple crossover events during these -Dark Cybertron and Combiner Wars- as well. I personally didn’t start reading any of the earlier things until after I read MTMTE and ex-RiD, and that was mostly because I wanted to read more material featuring specific characters. I definitely recommend giving Windblade/Til All Are One a look, because I enjoy @mscottwrites‘s writing and @spewpew‘s art is gorgeous, but really none of the other previous series have the sort of rich development that MTMTE has.

I hope this helps and if you’d like to do further research about the IDW gen 1 continuity, this is a handy reference that puts it in chronological order: IDW generation 1 at the TF wiki


Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0

I really appreciated all the little nods to Clint’s deafness in this issue. I’m glad other writers are acknowledging it and it’s not just a temporary thing in Fraction’s run. I also enjoy the fact that Wade apparently knows sign language.

A Million Roses (Bathed in Rock n’ Roll) by DeLilah

“I’ve just met you,” Louis says, “and I can already tell that you’re an absolute menace.”

au. harry sings in smoky dive bars; louis misses his flight home. they go to coney island in the morning. my current favorite favorite!

so fanfic appreciation is back~ (yay!) and also.. happy birthday Lila :)


PS. i made this as masterpost… start read the comic here :D

chapter 1 : motel 6

The List

This is from a request I got AGES ago from @gallifreyansass. I’m sorry it took so long, dear!

Summary: Sam finds your sexy “to do” list, and ends up breaking the bed.

Word Count: 1700

Warning: Smut, some dirty talk

A/N: Hope you enjoy it! Feedback always appreciated! Tagging @saxxxology and @gecko9596 because they asked :)

“Come on, Sam, just…please? I need more.” you whined, squirming beneath him, locking your legs around his waist and pulling him closer.

Sam pushed just a little, just enough to let you feel him, the head of his cock just barely inside you. Teasing. And you were gonna bite that damn smirk right off his face if he didn’t really fuck you right now.

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Doctor Douchebag Ph.D

I finally have a good story to share with this sub, it happened today. I was just walking back to my car from class and had to cross the professor’s parking lot to get to the student lot. I came across an older man getting into his car and I noticed that his large coffee cup is still on the roof of his car. I’ve done this before and really appreciate when someone tells me that I’m about to drive off with my drink on the roof. So why not pay it forward, right? -“Hey mister, you..” -[In the most condescending tone I have ever heard] “NO! It’s Doctor!!” -“Oh, sorry Doctor…nevermind” So I just stood there and watched as DOCTOR Asshole throws his camry in reverse, spilling his FULL cup of coffee all over his windshield and window. Dr Snarky flashes me a look that could only be a look of remorse mixed with anger. He probably realized that I was just trying to help but was pissed that I decided not to. He didn’t even get out of the car, he just sped off.

I was just rewatching the episode, and it really hit home: 

Lucifer, extremely powerful, proud archangel, could not get past Delphine’s excellent warding. Sam found a spell that would do just that in order to save Dean. 

Sam offered the power of his own soul–and his very life–to make sure the spell worked. He would have willingly sacrificed himself to bring Dean back.

And when he realized Lucifer, his worst nightmare, was on earth and embodied, and when Lucifer threatened Dean, Sam had the presence of mind and quick thinking to banish him with a blood sigil.

And then, to top it all off, despite the emotional upheaval and pain he must have been experiencing, Sam Winchester sat down and offered Dean the opportunity to talk about his painful experiences due to the events of the episode. 

Sam’s consistent selflessness and heroism slay me. That is all.



This is my very public and much needed thank you to @linmanuel

That man in the photo is my father. He’s my greatest hero and one of the strongest people I know. He’s kind, honest, strong willed, and steadfast with his beliefs. He’s everything I aspire to be.

When I was five years old my father went deaf. With hearing aids he got some of his hearing back, but one thing he never got back was the ability to really appreciate music. He just couldn’t understand it, and even after this last summer when he got cochlear implants, he always said it wasn’t the same. Songs with drawn out notes just became muddled in his head. The computer couldn’t compute.

I’ve been in musical theatre since I was eleven years old. I’ve always loved it. But one thing I always hated was that my father couldn’t appreciate musicals like I wished he could. He can’t hear much in theaters, and he never had a chance on understanding cast albums. Even if he could hear and understand, my father has never been an extremely artistic person. Theatre was just something that, hearing or deaf, I don’t know if he’d ever have as huge of an interest in as I did.

Then Hamilton came into our lives.

My father is obsessed with it. Due to the fact that it’s spoken word and not so sing-songy, he can understand everything that’s happening. With the loud bass and drums and the accentuated speech, my father for the first time can understand a musical. And he absolutely adores it. He keeps talking about how he’s going to read the six hundred page book, and how he wants him and I to go to New York to see it because he wants to experience a musical in person and truly understand it and be able to fully appreciate it. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him this excited over something we have in common. This show has changed his life and he adores it.

So this is my public thank you to @linmanuel. You gave a deaf father of a thespian something to bond with his kid over. You were able to show him the passion of a musical in a way that he could finally understand. You have made my father and I even closer, something I didn’t think was possible. You gave him a new shot in the world of theatre, and he’s not throwing it away any time soon.

Hamilton really is changing lives. Thank you for that, Lin.

I’m just gonna put this out there:

LEWIS HAS BEEN WORKING SO HARD TO KEEP THE CHANNEL UP BY HIMSELF and he is working his adorable little butt off making content with a bunch of different people and still all the comments are about Simon coming back. He has already explained what is going on, and complaining more will not make Simon come back. PLEASE try and recognize all of the work Lewis is doing and appreciate the content that is going up.


lol ok screw it just 1 more TPP pic. I had to do a tribute ;w;



So I think even though thousands of people watched the final battle, only those who really paid attention to the blow-by-blow last moments wil fully appreciate just how close the battle was. aa-j almost took a blizzard, which missed, allowing him to finish off blastoise with thundershock. I had this headcanon that he saw the blizzard coming and had a bit of a crisis of confidence, before getting his courage to evade and strike back to win the match ;;;;;


Of course this tribute is inspired by paul stanley’s live to win, whose lyrics are referenced here

My choice for fifth place is the story ‘Receipts’ by @surlybobbies!

I can always appreciate a good Dean/Cas finally getting together in canon!verse fic, and this is totally something Cas would do. Really sweet and well written!

I don’t follow you yet, so you’ll get a follow back as a bonus! Congratulations, and everyone should go check out your writing because I saw some lovely things there! 

Dean walks into Cas’s room, holding his phone to his ear. “How the hell am I supposed to know where you put it, Cas? I’m never in your room, which, can I just say, is a goddamn pigsty - “

As he listens to Cas’s slightly indignant reply, he wanders over to Cas’s desk, where rumpled pieces of paper litter the surface in a semicircle. Out of curiosity, he picks one up. It’s a receipt dated a few months ago for two bacon cheeseburgers at some diner in Minnesota. Dean shifts his phone from his ear and places it on speaker.  

“-be right near the lamp on my bedside table - “

“Hey, Cas?”

“Did you find it?”

“Nah, but uh - why do you have so many old receipts?”

There’s silence.

“Cas? You still there?”

On the line, someone clears his throat. “Uh, yes. I’m still here.”

“So? The receipts? I mean, it’s cool, but it doesn’t really make sense. We’re not exactly paying taxes, buddy.”

There’s another pause, just a little too long to be innocent. Finally, Cas says, “No reason. Now, can you please look for my cell phone? Sam says you’re a waste of his minutes.”

“Tell him he’s an asshole,” Dean says, rolling his eyes. “I’ll text him if I find it.”

Cas hangs up. Dean pockets his phone and casts an eye over the messy desk, where still more receipts are spread out. Something compels him to pick up another one, cleaner and less rumpled than the rest. It’s only a few weeks old, from a diner Dean and Cas visited on the way back from a particularly rough hunt. Two more burgers, two cokes, and one slice of apple pie. Dean smiles. Cas had ordered him the apple pie.

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Can we just appreciate how incredibly professional Minho was during today’s performance? Not only did he performed with an ankle that he could barely even walk with, but he nailed all his parts, sang the base notes through all the choruses, all the while maintaining the brightest smile in the fucking world. 

Like his injury isn’t hurting like hell at all. 

I almost choked up when I saw this little moment on music bank where he stumbles away from the stage only to turn around with all smiles afterwards for the final chorus (around 4:10 of this video, right before Taemin’s high note). Every time he jumped during the performance I winced because really, how much would that have to hurt if he had to lie down immediately once the recording ended?  

The fact that he could’ve easily justified sitting out from performing but didn’t just shows the lengths he’d go to give us a perfect stage. He always tries his best to hide his pain so that the fandom doesn’t worry about him (but we always do anyways). 

This boy does so, so much for us all the fucking time and it pains me that people outside the fandom don’t recognise his hardwork and passion, writing him off only as the ‘handsome but useless’ one of the group.

Choi Minho you the real mvp (’: 

Big Hero 6 Easter Eggs

First things first. This one I was fangirling about within the first 5 minutes of the movie and I hope some other people caught it. Look at the back of Yama’s jacket. 

It’s the symbol 山 which means “mountain” and one of it’s pronouciations is (wait for it…) Yama. So his name means mountain and he has his name on the back of his jacket. As someone who is studying Japanese, I just really appreciated Disney doing their research on this one. 

2. Wreck-it-Ralph

I’ve heard lots of people claim that this small, out-of-focus figurine is Ralph. I’d like to think so. :)

3. So many things in the police station!

Let’s see, we’ve got bolt…

and Hans…

and the directors of Tangled…

4. Oh, and while Hans is wanted, Baymax takes him out with his super fist thing.

5. A shoutout to their short, “Feast”

“Φst” is the Greek letter phi (Φ) combined with “st,” which gives you “feast”

You know, for all the half-bloods out there who just casually know Greek.

6. Chicken Little hanging out on a sign

7. Photos on the wall

In this scene, you’ll notice Mochi (the cat) in a Stitch Costume as well as a Traditional Japanese Photo of Tadashi and his Parents that I would assume was taken before Hiro was born. 

8.The one everybody knows and loves: Stan Lee

Best cameo yet. 


I’ve been studying Japanese for about 2 years now and I went to Tokyo last summer. Three years ago, I went to San Francisco on a Senior Trip. I just absolutely love how they blended two of my favorite cities together. it was truly magical. I could go on and on, but I just have to point this one thing out because I truly hope that everyone got this. 

Golden gate spirit gates ahhhh

For those of you who didn’t pick up on this cleverness, this is a Japanese Spirit Gate:

This is the Golden Gate Bridge (in San Francisco)

This is the bridge in San Fransokyo. DO YOU GET THAT THIS BRIDGE IS A PUN. 

There are so many things to be said and I’m sure more easter eggs will be found. But that’s all for now and this obnoxiously long post of mine. Most likely more to come. 

When you get into an argument for the first time.

the G to the D edition

authors notes: Swearing and Moody Jiyong


*you get annoyed by him hanging around with beautiful actresses, models and other female celebrities all of the time…it makes you feel inadequate but you've never mentioned it*

*You've been feeling crappy all day and Jiyong has just come home after being on tour for a few days*

[Y/N] Jiyongie… you’re home <3

[Y/N] …I bet you’re tired *trying to gauge his mood* I made a really nice meal earlier… I can warm it up for you… 

[GD] *sigh* sure, that’d be great… thanks jagi…

*You get some of the food you’d made earlier and put it in a container to warm it up… you notice him walking off to the bedroom*

[Y/N] where are you going Ji? this’ll just take a moment…

[GD] I need a shower. 

*You take a moment to appreciate his back… until he slams the bedroom door behind him*

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The first ever proper post made by me on this blog. Just 7 boys that I love and things about them that I appreciate.

Conor Maynard 

Conor is definitely the talented one in the group. At least when it’s about music. He’s got 2 bomb albums and his YouTube covers are amazing. He’s (in a good way) extremely cheeky and loves to joke around like 24/7. Because of that he seems to be always in a good mood. Back to the music, his voice is incredibly calming and extraordinary. He is so funny and really likeable because he doesn’t take himself too serious. He literally throws penis jokes all the time and when the boys joke about his music he’s never bothered at all and just jokes around with them.

Joe Sugg

Joe is a fucking cute smol bean. He is incredibly creative but kinda never admits it. He’s definitely a family person and loves them more than anything. Also he is always there for his friends and is very observant, always interested in how his loved ones are. He’s also reflective and would never do something he isn’t sure about. Joe always tries to bring good content for his community because he knows how far he can reach out and how many people watch him. And even though he’s the popular from the boys, he never show’s that off in any way.

Caspar Lee 

If I had to describe this cutie in one word it would be simply “sunshine”. Caspar is freaking kind hearted. He’s the most care free and doesn’t care of negative opinions as long as he and his loved ones are happy. He never acts different than he is and seems to be always optimistic and never in a bad mood. He shows so much appreciation towards his friends and loves to make people happy as well at all costs. 

Josh Pieters

(Josh’s in the middle, couldn’t find any better gifs )

Firstly this man got hella attractive ginger hair. He’s amazingly confident and he shows it off in a good way. He gives a damn about negative comments, especially when it’s about his hair or his height. He encourages his viewers to love themselves and tries to make them smile and maybe a bit more confident too. All of this makes him to a really courageous person to me as well. He’s so fun loving, literally always wearing a beautiful bright smile on his face.

Oli White

Oli is the sweetest guy ever. He’s like a teddy bear that is fucking cuddle worthy. He’s got a bit more the quiet personality between all of them but is definitely not boring. He’s one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever seen. He received so much since he’s doing YouTube so that he now even wrote a book. If someone needs him, no matter why or for what, he’d always help them or be there for them, especially when it’s about his family and mostly his little brother James ‘cause he’s so reliable. Also he’s very thoughtful and always keeps himself and the other boys grounded.

Michael Pearce

(sadly I couldn’t find any proper pictures of this beautiful one)

Mikey is literally the cutest thing in the world. He’s not that popular yet and I always feel like that makes him kinda insecure even though he’s so loveable and beautiful. He loves when he’s with his boys and they love it when he’s around. They always say Mikey is easy to prank and they sometimes make a bit fun (nothing bad) about him but he just never throws things back, he’s so big hearted and simply loves his friends. He’s extremely clumsy and he sometimes doesn’t know how to find the right words what makes him even cuter. He’d never be any jealous of the boys because they received more success in the past years (he only started his Channel weeks ago), he’s just really proud of them and 100% too unappreciated!

Jack Maynard 

What a handsome one, oh my god… But he’s definitely not just a pretty face. He’s always trying to make people happy. His laugh just catches you. He’s so caring about other people and loves everyone. Jack is one of the funniest guys ever and just as cheeky as Conor. He’s the life of the party and does what he wants, always trying to involve his friends. He does not show it off that much but he’s clearly Conors number 1 fan. He’s the proudest of his Brother and of course also his sister. He sometimes seems to be a badass fuckboy but is actually a little puppy because he’s just so down to earth and very dedicated.

All in all those guys are just amazing. They’re so funny and genuine. Just adorable. Fucking loveable dorks who are the bestest friends. All of them love their community and are so dedicated in their job. But the most important, they’ve got the strongest and most satisfying friendship ever.

i wish jaebum was more appreciated by people outside of the got7 fandom for more than just his looks and voice.

he’s one of the most dedicated leaders ever and constantly puts the needs of others before his own. it showed in the backstage videos after they won where he was saying how he felt like he had to hold back his own tears for the sake of the other members and is constantly concerned over their well-being. and it really strikes me that although there’s always jokes over who would be the leader if jaebum wasn’t, the team wouldn’t function even half as well without his paternal-like guidance

im jaebum truly deserves the role of being the leader and he should be more appreciated honestly

I honestly don’t think Jason Rothenberg gets Bellamy at all. And I honestly don’t see why people would be happy that Bellamy will be lost without Clarke.

I just don’t see Bellamy being that lost without Clarke. Will he be sad that she’s gone and wishing for her to come back? Of course. But he’s not going to be lost without her. He’s going to push his own personal feelings aside and do all that he can to protect and keep the people he cares about safe, happy, and healthy even if that means putting himself last. 

That’s who Bellamy is. 

It probably plays into the problematic “princess and knight” trope Jason seems to love about Bellamy and Clarke so much. But I don’t get why Bellarke fans seem to enjoy that dynamic so much because I’d rather prefer the dynamic where the two trust one another and rely on one another a lot but can still be their own separate people and not have themselves fall apart when the other one is gone.