Moving in

pairing: best friend!luke x reader

word count: 623 (sorry its short im embarrassed whenever i write short stuff because i feel like i didnt try hard enough uGH)

requested! TOTALLY PLATONIC none of that secret love bullshit :) hope you like it xx 

“Luke, stop playing with the stuffed animal and grab the last couple boxes to take up.”

Your blonde best friend slowly put down your stuffed bear that you’ve had all your life–a gift from your mom whom you loved dearly–and let out and annoyed sigh. “Y/N we have like all day to move in, why are you rushing?”

“It’s 5 in the afternoon and we’ve been moving in all day already, Luke.” You laughed, picking up one of the few cardboard boxes left in the back of the small moving truck. 

“Right,” He said, laughing at himself and grabbing the last 2 boxes as well. “Look, I’m like superman or something.” He said, lifting the boxes over his head. “I have superhuman strength!”

“Luke, you’re such an idiot.” You said, laughing and rolling your eyes at him. 

“You’re just jealous of my superpowers.” He commented, following closely behind you up into the lobby of your apartment complex.

“Yeah, that’s definitely it.” You teased.

The two of you put the last couple boxes in the center of your living room, which was already partly put together. You looked at the box that was in your hands. “This one goes in your bathroom.” You said, sliding the box across the floor to him.

“Alright. What about the other two?”

“They’re mine.”

“For fucks sake, Y/N, how many boxes did you bring?” He asked, letting out a loud laugh. 

“Hey, you’re the one with 4 boxes for clothes alone. You can’t talk shit about how many boxes are mine.” 

“You’re my best friend, Y/N. I can talk shit about you all I want because I know you won’t get mad.” He told you, shooting a cheeky smile your way.

“Why did I ever agree to living with you?” You joked, laughter emitting softly from both your mouths. 

“I dunno but you’re stuck with me.” 

The two of you fled to your respective rooms, starting to unpack all the boxes around your rooms. Not 10 minutes into it, Luke called out to you.

“Y/N! Come quick!” 

“What’s wrong?” You asked, running out of your room. Your eyes landed on the blonde sitting on the ground in the middle of the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal off a makeshift cardboard box table. You sighed. “Luke, why the fuck are you eating cereal right now?”

“I got hungry.” He said, shrugging and looking down at the phone in his hand. He took another bite. “Can you find a phone charger in one of these boxes?”

“Is that really all you needed?” 


You sighed once more, retreating to your room and pulling your phone charger from your backpack. You returned, throwing the charger at the boy.

“Thanks. Hey, Y/N, you should take a break, you’ve literally been working all day.” He told you. “Come have some cereal with me. I pulled another bowl out already for you.” 

You looked at the small bowl sitting amongst other boxes filled with kitchen things, and you couldn’t help but smile at the small gesture. “One bowl.” You said, walking over and pouring yourself some. Luke smiled as he waited for you to join him.

“We should be eating dinner right now.” You noted, taking a seat on the other side of the box-table.

“Yeah, but cereal’s better.” Luke said, taking another bite.

You took a bite as well, holding back a giggle at the fact that you and Luke are sitting on the floor of your new apartment eating cereal as dinner. “Agreed.”

“I would like for you to duel with me, Subaki. If it’s true what they say about your skills, then prove it.”

“As you wish, Lady Iris.”

It would end up being the first of many duels.

Threads I’m Keeping

I have decided to cut back a little on my threads. I have kept a few but gotten rid of some. This is the definitive list of threads I am keeping as of 7/29.

If I have dropped a thread with you it is not because I do not want to RP with you. I was simply overwhelmed with threads and had lost muse for a lot of them. If there is a thread we have together that you want to keep going and it is not on this list please send me a message and Iโ€™m sure we can work something out. If thereโ€™s a thread on this list that you do not want to continue just let me know, no hurt feelings.

I know I owe on most of these, but now that I finally feel organized I will be getting to replies

List under the cut in alphabetical order by URL

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ughhhgg god the past few days I’ve been super nauseated for no apparent reason and I don’t know what’s goin on…

kittenfreak  asked:

Have you ever had a near death experience?

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. Thank goodness I don’t remember it, though. It was when I was a newborn. My mother fell sick one day at the hospital and developed HELP syndrome while she was only 24 weeks pregnant with me, and it was either my life or hers. Since it was legal to abort a baby if the mother’s life was risky, they started to hook my mom up to kill me… Buuut, a helpful nurse told her to go to the [name of city] Hospital so they could possibly save the both of us. Well, guess what? I’m right here beside my mom, watching her cook. So a big thanks to that nurse, where ever she is.


Theres an AKC sanctioned show happening in my city and it goes til Sunday, I’m gonna be able to go! (Although I’m gonna have to get there real early to see my favorite breeds). The boyfriend is still not sure what all the hype is about because “what, do you just watch them walk in circles and that’s it?” And its like well yes but also we can talk to breeders and see all these dogs in person and I’m just so excite ;-;