Did you love her?“ He asked

“Of course I loved her. It was a type of love I never knew I had until she was gone. And our relationship expired. She’s gone.”

“Can’t you go back?” He replied

He paused.

“If I had the power to get her back and erase all the pain I caused her, I would. But I can’t. She will forever be the one that got away.

Ok I just realized something

Over the arcs in Fairy Tail, we ran into a lot of crap Zeref made. (demons, eclipse gate, R system) and now that we know Natsu’s his little brother. So does that technically count as the little brother breaking the big brother’s stuff? Think about it!:

Zeref:“mom! Natsu killed my demon Lullaby!”

Natsu:“it was attacking me and my friends!”

Mom:“Natsu quit breaking your brother’s inventions, Zeref, quit making things that would hurt your brother or the entire world!”

That Moment When You Watched Drag Me Down Sooo Many Times That You Realized Niall Is Shorter Than Louis… But Still Kept It Quiet Because Why Spoil The Party

Marcel and Veronica, the ultimate otp.