Don't go breaking my heart!

People tend to say all is fair in love and war. That broken hearts are just stepping stones to finding your true match, or to finding out you’re better off with a bunch of friends instead. Truth be told not everyone one falls in love, but when they do, the drop can be deadly!

Yet, somehow, people end up happy together. They’ll date, maybe get married, maybe they’ll just remain really close. Sometimes kids are involved, sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes they cuddle, or sometimes they’ll do something even more devious.

Still, while falling in love is amazing, it could be fatal…if you play your cards wrong, that is…


*it seems to be a nice, cool winters morning in parappa town, snow has long sense fallen and has been shoveled away to let cars and people through, children had long grown bored of the winter wonder land and long for the summer. But still, an oh so amazing holiday seems to be here in parappa town… Because today is Valentine’s Day…*