SO. I was bored in maths so I drew Peepers on the lesson, dancing in fancy clothes because I love to create new designs for characters pfrahahaha.
I had an idea for an AU, with everyone in fun clothes, and Wander could be a prince, sorta. He could have left his lost kingdom. It’ll be in a fantasy mood. I need to develop this.

Also bonus:

He conquered a planet and he’s proud.

Mystery || Jungkook (F/S)

A/N: Hey! I’ve had this for a while in my drafts, and unfortunately I wrote nothing new recently, so here’s a little (actually very long) scenario for you based off BTS’ Golden Maknae. (Slightly based off the beautiful Paper Towns by John Green!)

Genre: fluff, light smut

Word Count: 6,132

Summary: Jeon Jungkook was the type of person that nobody knew. Well, everybody knew him because of his good looks and his popularity and his reputation as a bad boy, but nobody really knew him - what lay behind that pretty face and that sexy demeanor was unknown to everyone, including his best friends. And it was only when the two of you had an unexpected meetup did you get your first glimpse of what exactly was behind that mask.

It all began that afternoon.

Art class was normally a peaceful refuge for you, a place where you could relax and, for once, be in a class that gave you a guaranteed A, be in a class where teachers weren’t breathing down your neck, asking you where the hell your overdue essay was. Your paintbrush flew freely across your canvas, and you smiled at the work in front of you, pleased with what you’d done.

A figure wearing a blue tank top and a mouse-brown braid appeared in your peripheral vision, and, before you knew it, your friend Irene was sitting next to you, gaping openly at your painting.

You laughed. “Can I help you, Irene?”

“How is everything you paint so good-looking?” Irene asked, awestruck. She leaned forward and picked your painting up off the easel, holding it up and squinting at it. “Like, if this painting was a boy, he’d be hotter than everyone at our school. Which is saying something, because we have people like Yoongi.”

You shook your head at your friend’s swooning - Irene had had the biggest crush on Yoongi since the day you met her, and, to be perfectly honest, you were amazed that you’d managed to paint something that beat Yoongi in her eyes.

Irene glanced over her shoulder and sighed wistfully. “He looks so good in blue, speaking of.”

You followed her gaze to see, sitting in the corner of the room, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, and Min Yoongi, the three of them talking in low voices and chuckling.

Jungkook, Taehyung, and Yoongi were part of a very popular group of boys that called themselves BTS - and they were the bad boys. You know the type. The ones that sweet talk their ways out of bad grades, the ones that have slept around with so many girls that sex is a regular for them, the ones all guys want to be and the ones all girls want. And all of them seemed, to you, like typical “top dogs”, typical kings of high school that were easy to read and easy to understand. They just wanted sex. And to have fun.

All of them except for Jungkook.

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Did you love her?“ He asked

“Of course I loved her. It was a type of love I never knew I had until she was gone. And our relationship expired. She’s gone.”

“Can’t you go back?” He replied

He paused.

“If I had the power to get her back and erase all the pain I caused her, I would. But I can’t. She will forever be the one that got away.

Doodled my OC Layth with Rowlet! Definitely looking forward to choosing my own Rowlet; I’ve been choosing Grass starters since Red and Blue, so I’m very happy that the grass starter met my expectations! I hope it’s evolutionary chain does it justice!

Ok I just realized something

Over the arcs in Fairy Tail, we ran into a lot of crap Zeref made. (demons, eclipse gate, R system) and now that we know Natsu’s his little brother. So does that technically count as the little brother breaking the big brother’s stuff? Think about it!:

Zeref:“mom! Natsu killed my demon Lullaby!”

Natsu:“it was attacking me and my friends!”

Mom:“Natsu quit breaking your brother’s inventions, Zeref, quit making things that would hurt your brother or the entire world!”