You wanna know the best thing about Wynonna Earp and Waverly & Nicole?

There is no fuckboy for The Straights™ to ship either one of them with, so we don’t have to deal with an intolerant, entitled, homophobic fandom on the side for once. Literally the only fuckboy there is got DITCHED by Waverly before she got with Nicole, and then was called out on his homophobia.

Bless this show

I know it’s not easy moving on , especially when you’ve gotten attached to someone . Their voice , smile , and that beautiful face. I know it’s not easy taking that first step. Remembering all the memories , seeing them , or still having feelings. It’s not easy , it’s never easy to move on , to move forward from someone you gave your all to . Fell in love with and grown close to ,but it’s not impossible . It’s a ride of hell. Crying , thinking , sadness and just the broken feeling I call empty . It fucking hurts but that pain , is temporary and even though it may seem like you won’t ever move on or have the desire to want anyone else , realize that things happen for a reason. Life is passing by and people are gonna come and go . Things will get better in time . Pain is temporary and it’s all a part of life .
—  Hyannis D