even though I know they are endgame, I know he loves her unconditionally and cares for her so much and she has grown to love him the same and he has helped her grow into the person she is today, it is an undeniable bond, emotional freaking tether, my account is mostly dedicated to them for gods sakes, but I would RLLY like just one moment soon that Lydia looks at him longingly or looks at his lips noticeably or hIS HANDS BC DAMN or just smirks to herself after looking at him when he isn’t noticing DAMMIT PLS I JUST NEED THIS SO I CAN MAKE HUNDREDS OF GIFS FOR YEARS

SuJu gif/reaction to sending their child off on their first day of school req by anon


Leeteuk: *sobbing dramatically* I can’t believe it - my little princess is going to school! Pretty soon she’ll be grown up and married and - *emotional blubbering*

Child: Dad…I’m going to be late.


Heechul: *checking and re-checking his daughter’s ponytails* And remember that if any of the other kids pick on you you have my permission to punch them in the face, alright?

Wife: What on Earth are you teaching her?

Heechul: Just what she needs to know.

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Kangin: *ruffles his son’s hair affectionately* Ah, you’re getting older, kiddo. It was just yesterday that - 

Child: Dad?

Kangin: Yes.

Child: I don’t wanna hear that story again. I’ll miss my bus.

Kangin: Right.

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Shindong: *is whining to his wife along with the child* Can’t he start next week? This is my last week off, and I want to spend it with him here in the house.

Wife: *exasperated* Your last week off was last week. Besides, school starts today. He has to go.

Shindong: *shrugs* Sorry kid, I tried.


Kyuhyun: You have to go.

Child: But I don’t wanna!

Kyuhyun: You have to.

Child: But - 

Kyuhyun: I’ll call your mother.

Child: ….Fine.

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Ryeowook: The skirt’s too short.

Child: *tugs it down*

Wife: It’s not too short. *tugs it back up*

Ryeowook: *whining* Jagi, it is too short. 

Wife: If you don’t quit whining, it’s my temper that’s going to be short.

Ryeowook: *mocking* …my temper…


Siwon: *double checking his daughter’s backpack, her uniform, her lunchbox, and her hair* You’ve got this..and this…do you have - yes, I see it.

~A bit later, standing in front of the school~

Siwon: *kneels down in front of his daughter* Have a good day, okay? C/N fighting!

Child: Fighting!


Yesung: Why won’t you go in? No one’s going to bite you - and if they do, bite back.

Child: *clutching his hand tightly, whispering* Those kids picked on me at daycare a lot. I don’t want them to be in my class.

Yesung: *glances over, scoffs* Those kids? C/N, you’re better than all of them combined.

Child: Really?

Yesung: Of course. Don’t forget - if something ever happens to you at school, you can come and tell me.


Donghae: *proud Dad mode* Ah, it seems like just yesterday I found out that you were going to be born. Now you’re going to school…sigh…What will I do when you’re big enough to move out of the house, princess?

Child: *giggles* I won’t be big enough to move out for a long time.

Donghae: Time flies, kiddo. Now give me a kiss and run out before the bus leaves you.



Wife: Jagi, come look at C/N in her uniform!

Eunhyuk: Wha - wow, C/N, you look…so grown up and beautiful!


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I just watched it!!

I CANT I CANT I CANT! I literally have no words for what I just watched! He is so ADORABLE AND CUTE AND CUDDLY AND HIN LAUGHING JUST BRIGHTENED UP MY NIGHT! I need gifs asap!! MY HEART HURTS I LOVE THAT BOY SO MUCH! HIS HAIR OH MY GOD I COULDNT STOP LOOKING AT IT AND WE GOT SUCH A GOOD VIEW (this sounds weird haha!) I think I’m gonna cry! *cuddles you for support*


Okay, so i’ve decided to add nude/sexual content onto my blog. So if you get offended with posts containing explicit images/gifs I suggest you unfollow me now :)

I don’t want any hateful remarks/anon messages coming in through my inbox. 

I feel the need to start reblogging things as they remind me a lot about my boyfriend and I during our times together. (Being together and intimacy) I’m reblogging such images/gifs  because 1) I do it with my partner 2)Knowing the feeling/emotion 3)loves it
- Just all the sexual contents will be because it  reminds me of my times with my partner. 

Not sounding creepy or anything, but I don’t usually reblog such things but lately i have come across a couple hundred photos that reminded me of my relationship 

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I can't do this any more I just my like 5 emotional breakdown this month like 3rd panic attack and relapsed for the 3rd time this month and I can't do this anymore. I'm supposed to be the happy one one in supposed to be the one who won't need therapy the normal one and I fucking (sorry) can't I just can't I'm so done. My life is great I have a great life. Why do I feel like this I feel like I'm going crazy.

Hey, no, how “good” your life is, doesn’t affect how you feel. Mental illness can get anyone.  Emotional breakdowns are okay. They aren’t necessarily bad. They just happen you can’t control them. Panic attacks are also natural. This is a really good thing to look at (calming gifs) that’ll help out a lot. My person favorite is this. Just try matching your breathing to the gifs.

Relapse is also natural and a huge part of recovery. It doesn’t make you any less of a person or any weaker. You are still an amazing, and strong person.

You also aren’t supposed to be anything. You are supposed to be you. You don’t always have to be happy. It does sound like you need therapy, tell someone. Tell your parents that you can’t do this and that you need help. Getting help doesn’t make you any weaker. 

You aren’t going crazy, you feel like this because you most likely have mental illnesses. Asking that is liek asking why a person with a broken leg can’t run. 

Mental illnesses are just as much of an issue as a physical illness. You don’t have to go through this alone. Talk to someone. Tell someone you need help. You can’t do this alone. I’m always here as well.

Ending your life, won’t solve it. I’m not going to say it gets better or the stereotypical shit people say. What I will say is that going now, and dying, isn’t going to do anything but make you miss out on amazing things. You have laughter and new tv shows and new movies and new music to look forward too. If you are considering suicide call  1-800-273-TALK if you don’t feel comfortable with talking via voice text start to 741-741. 

I love you, you are worth it.

Stay safe. 

today i watched the girl who leapt through time and yesterday i watched children who chase lost voices from deep below. i accidentally shattered my heart into small pieces bECAUSE THESE ARE TWO AMAZING MOVIES  LITERALLY AND I BEEN BEATEN IN MY EMOTIONS THEY ARE JUST SO BEAUTIFULLY SAD AND THE CONCEPT BEHIND THE TWO MOVIES IS GREAT!!
i think everyone need to watch them i don’t want to suffer alone

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Not hating but why only gifs? Where are the videos. It's like a tease. Lol

Well… I personally haven’t found a lot of videos worth reblogging. My intention isn’t really zoned in on one thing, this blog was created to be my outlet(emotional, spiritually, sexually)… But soon drifted into just into things I long for, things that I want/need and wanna try…things that catch my eye, mainly only sexually. And most videos don’t really do anything that captures my attention, so why would I reblog it?