To angry johnlock shippers:

I just finished “The Final Problem” and first of all hOLy HeCK sOMeoNe rEMinD mE HoW tO BReatH aLL mY TEArs aRe gONE…
Secondly, immediately after I saw the episode I went to tumblr/instagram wanting to relate to other people who were also currently dying from the finale BUT to my surprise some people are saying the episode was awful, lacking and, disappointing mainly because of the lack of #johnlock that everyone was convinced was going to happen. People are saying that the trailer as well as moffat/gatiss “gueerbaited” them into thinking johnlock was going to become canon.
Excuse me for a moment I just need to *gets megaphone and screams into it*
Think about it, if johnlock did become canon people would be complaining about the show becoming just a “fan-service” for those that shipped them. This is not a love story about Sherlock and John this is a drama about one incredible genius solving crimes with his best friend - end of story. Just because you convinced yourself the finale was going to be about them becoming a couple doesn’t mean it was ever going to happen.
Also THINK ABOUT HOW INCREDIBLE THE EPISODE WAS JUST BECAUSE WE GET TO SEE HOW MUCH SHERLOCK HAS GROWN. The first episode he is so lonely and rigid and now he’s grown into someone who actually has a relationship with his brother, his parents, he has a best friend who he would literally die for, he has empathy, shows emotions, thinks about others before himself, views people as human beings with feelings that he now cares about - ALL THESE THINGS ARE SUCH MASSIVE CHANGES FOR HIS CHARACTER AND ARE SO BEAUTIFUL THAT NOW IM CRYING AGAIN.
The point is - the episode was incredibly written, directed, acted, and the character development is so emotional. If this truly is the last episode of Sherlock ever made, I think it’s amazing and wraps up their lives in the perfect way.

I have been relatively quiet since joining tumblr some couple of years back, but after tonight, I just have to get this off my chest.
Putting Johnlock aside for a moment-JUST a moment-I don’t understand what happened. Parts of TFP were lovely, interesting…there were times when I held my breath, when I cried, screamed, thoroughly enjoyed myself.
But the rest?
The awfulness they put Molly through? (Can we talk about Why she was having a bad day? I really need to know…and if she was so upset with Sherlock, why is she totally cool to hang out at the end of the episode?)
Let’s not even talk about the joke that was Garridebs. Not funny.
There are plot points that-while, on the very vague, skimmed surface, could be considered explained-REALLY were left hanging. I mean…bringing Moriarty back (in the past, I know) just as a plot device to explain that Euros is the reason for all the mess he put Sherlock through (which by the way really cheapens the Moriarty arc), Mary suddenly really not being that bad (she SHOT Sherlock, she was an assassin, etc. etc.)…I could make a list, but I would really rather not. There is too much that felt glossed over.
This show has always been layers and layers deep beneath the surface. So deep that it used to take me several re-watches to catch everything. I relished in the detail, the truth that always hid deep beneath the surface.
TFP was not deep. Nothing against anyone involved…it was well-acted, well-created, but I feel like so much was left out. Like this episode was the one-off special, instead of TAB.
This entire season has felt rushed to me. Like they pushed everything they possibly could into the first two episodes to tie up all the loose ends. No loose ends, right? Well, they tied them too quickly, and just as always happens when you aren’t careful how you tie things, they slowly come loose on their own.
The issue-or “case”, as I guess we can call it-of Euros in TFP had to be in its own episode. I get that. But it came out of left field. As I’ve seen others mention before, there were no hints, not until that “you know what happened to the other one” at the end of S3. It wasn’t anything we were led to expect, beyond some vague reference. But it wasn’t a shock in itself, either. Not really.
What was a shock was the fact that Mary was explained away as this morally ambiguous character who likes to occasionally shoot/drug/lie to her supposed “pal” Sherlock, but oh hey, she’s such a wonderful person!
What was a shock was that John Watson-who I will agree has serious rage issues and doesn’t know how to properly channel it-beat the ever-loving snot out of his supposed “best friend” Sherlock, but oh hey, it’s all good cause that’s what people do to someone they love when they’re angry with them.
What was a shock was that…you know what? I’m still in shock. I don’t even know what all I’m still in shock about.
Well, okay, maybe it was a shock that Euros is this rampaging, psychotic, emotionless person who likes playing with people…who suddenly has a breakdown and Sherlock fixes the whole problem by being there for her??? By hugging her and telling her he’s there??? All that evil, awful stuff, building up to…that. To what, exactly? I’m still not quite sure. She can’t feel emotion, or understand what it is, but she’s crying and upset and…? I don’t know. I would have to re-watch it. Even then I don’t think it would make sense.
All of this, everything that happened, and they play Happy Holmes family at the end. I mean cool, I get it, she needs love, she needs help. She may be the super smartest person ever, she may have murdered countless people, but she is not well. You take care of your family. Okay. Moving on, before I start twitching.
Here are some questions:
Where was Rosie during all of this? What has she been, other than a plot device, this entire season? How does she fit into their lives?
Why would Mary jump in front of a bullet to save Sherlock when she has a baby at home?
Why would Mary tell Sherlock to practically kill himself to get John’s attention? Surely that wasn’t a purely well-intentioned suggestion…but it certainly appears to be that way.
Why? Just…why?
After three seasons and a special, why would they go from meticulous detail, tightly packed but well paced storylines, themes that carry across seasons…just to have a season that feels like this? It’s such a far cry from what we’ve been given until now.
Yes, the season was still well-filmed (aside from the explosion that shall not be named, good heavens), well-crafted, visually appealing (for the most part). We still had moments of depth and feeling. TLD was very painful, but The Hug helped a LOT.
So where were the tender moments in TFP? Nowhere. The only tenderness we see is between Sherlock and Euros. Well, there was a half moment with Sherlock and Mycroft. It’s like John and Sherlock aren’t even in the same room, like they’re just talking to each other. From The Hug to…nothing.
And then after all of that, there they are playing with Rosie, who is magically in the picture again. Does John still have the house? It was still full when they watched the video. Did he keep it? Did he move back to Baker Street?
What happened after John was tranquilized by Euros in the therapist’s office in TLD? Did she just leave him there and disappear? Did John wake up on his own, or did someone find him?
Oh man, I have to stop. I’m thinking up more holes, and this could go on forever…without even bringing up Johnlock, which I’m still too confused to talk about. Cause I read everything into it that all the rest of us TJLC/Johnlockers did. It was there. We didn’t imagine it.

I will say two positive things, as I’m trying to stay positive:
Moriarty listening to Queen was AMAZING.
And the best? Mrs. Hudson rocking out to Iron Maiden. She’s so badass.
…but can we talk about the additional reference to devilish stuff? I mean, Number of the Beast?
Nope. Not gonna say anything else. Just gonna stop there. I need sleep. And fanfiction.
I need TD-12…………that was another huge hole.


#what kind of accidental slow burn endgame romance

several things happened at once. the car was too hot and the windows were fogging and you were singing along to the music. in my hands were cheddar chips you’d bought me because they’re my favorite and in the back was a bottle of wine. you glanced over at me and grinned and i realized: this is what home felt like. somewhere alongside the highway going seventy-five and screaming the lyrics to bohemian rhapsody and stuffing our faces. this is what it felt like to belong to a space, even if the whole frame of your car rattles and there’s a stain on the ceiling and i get road rage for you. it just fit for a second. like even though my brain is still screaming about what i need to get done and there’s a lot to do when morning comes, for a moment: it was all okay. it was okay and tomorrow would come. just you and me and the yellowing light of the setting sun. and it was okay. okay. just us.


“If there are any moments of great joy or great pain in your life, in which you have turned to any of my songs, I consider that to be the highest compliment, so thank you for including me. I think that life moves at a different pace for someone who is heartbroken, or someone who is lonely, or when you’re taking all of your insecurities that your head is cooking up and screaming into your ears. I think time moves slower. I think people need music a little bit more. Um, and I think that, in those moments, it’s important to remind yourself of a few things. And if there’s just a few things you remember from tonight, please remember these things. You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you. You are not damaged goods or tarnished if you’ve made a few mistakes in your life. And you are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. Let me tell you a few things that you are. You are someone who is wiser, stronger, smarter, better because you made mistakes and learned from them. That’s what you are. And, more importantly, you are someone who is dealing with whatever you’re dealing with right now, but instead of letting those things define you, instead of wallowing in those things, you decided to get dressed up, go to Staples Center, and have the best time ever with me tonight. This is a song I wrote in London with a wonderful, incredible artist named Imogen Heap about… about that moment when you realise that walking through a bunch of rainstorms and continuing to keep on going doesn’t make you damaged. It actually makes you clean.”

First Kiss- RFA + V and Unknown

Thanks for the request and awh thank you <3 in the morning im going to read a load of V headcanons so i know what im doing lolol

  - bless this child
  - he was super happy
  - lowkey his first kiss too
  - asks repeatedly if you enjoyed it
  - cuddles forever
  - very smiley

  - cute little mom just blushes
  - a lot of cute stuttering
  - glad she was worthy enough of sharing this moment with you
  - all the thinks about for the rest of the night

  - yeaa boiiiiiii
  - “well, you know, im here if you need your first make out sesh”
  - incredibly honored
  - tells yoosung
  - *both fanboy hard*

  - huge turn on
  - acts cool though
  - “really? thats cool”
  -*insides screaming*
  - you see through his act though
  - you laugh it off and just kiss him more

  -  repeatedly asks if it was good enough
  - “if i knew it was gonna be your first i woulda put more effort into it!”
  - “lets do it again, ill make it better”
  - you saw through the ruse
  - you just want to kiss me again, dont you?
  - “who wouldnt?”

  - not really a fan of tradition 
  - didnt really see it as a big deal
  - you were okay with that though, you didnt want a fuss
  - you mostly just talked about it tbh

  - lowkey flustered
  - didn’t believe it
  - “why would you want me to be your first kiss?”
  - insecure baby
  - lots of cuddles 

Wednesday Mourning

It’s 7:04 AM. Normally I’d hear my parents shuffling around in their room. All of the lights would be on in the hallway illuminating the crack beneath my door. There is usually liveliness this early in the morning. This morning is different. It’s November 9th, 2016. Donald Trump has just been elected for president of the USA. Everything feels so quiet. The birds are hardly chirping, the roads are empty, and I don’t hear the neighbors kids screaming and yelling protests about going to school. Today feels like one big moment of silence, and I believe that is just what we need. Where do we go from here?


I know it’s bad thing to do,but I’ve just watched 3 ep and need to say smth.Above all the crazy things this ep was filled with (including Johnlock) there was such an obvious Mystrade moment:
Greg:I’ve just talked to your brother.
Sherlock: How is he?
Greg: He is slightly afraid thats all.She didn’t hurt him,just locked in her old cell (not sure about how accurate this word fits)
…couple of unimportant seconds..
Sherlock to Greg:Take care of Mycroft.He is not as strong as he thinks he is.
Greg: I’ll take care of him.
Sherlock:Thank you,Greg.

sorry for any mistakes in text im just not okey 

Yuri on Ice ep 10

I don’t even know how to say how I feel right now.. I just need to put it all out

Last wednesday after the preview, we probably all thought about a wedding ring but also “ha lol wedding ring.. ain’t gonna happen, I mean kissing and getting married is certainly not the same level, it’s still anime we’re talking about !!!”. Deep down I really wished for it to happen but I was resigned. 

And now episode 10 is here… It was an emotional roller coaster : I was (overly) excited, I laughed, cried, screamed, and loved every moment of it.

So I want to say THANK YOU to the creators who made this incredible show happen, it’s honestly one of the best out there. 

THANK YOU for taking the leap that so many others were too scared to take. 

THANK YOU for bringing us this beautiful relationship. 

I am so grateful. I’m sorry I doubted you and again.. THANK YOU FOR YURI ON ICE.

“Witchling” - Elorcan

I would truly like to apologize in advance. This is the moment you all need to take just to prepare yourselves for what I am about to do. Because after this, there is no going back.

Warning : uncharted territory of feels.

The war rages on… @hermajestymanon

Elide’s scream pierced through the palace grounds of Perranth. Her screams, begging for Lorcan. Her screams, begging for the pain to end. She held onto Asterin and Vesta by her sides, as their iron claws dug into her arms, but the pain was nothing in comparison to the pain between her legs. 

She closed her eyes, willing the tears to stay behind her lids. But they slowly fell over her cheeks and dripped down her face. Manon’s voice slowly coaxed her through it, holding her head in her lap. She was surrounded by family, Manon, Vesta, Asterin, and the twins, Faline and Fallon. But she needed Lorcan. 

“Briar and Edda are winnowing to Orynth as fast as they can, Elide. He’ll be here” Manon soothed her gently. She dragged a cool cloth against Elide’s cheek, wiping away the tears. 

Elide arched her back again, stars exploding behind her eyes. Manon struggled to keep her down and Elide screamed Lorcan’s name. “He’s coming, Elide, he’s coming. Just deliver your witchling for him” 

Elide wheezed and she nodded, staring up at Manon’s golden eyes. Manon smiled softly and she wiped down Elide’s face. Elide watched her best friend as Yrene Towers told her to push again. She screamed and Manon wrapped her arms around her, placing her hand on her forehead. 

Elide was still burning and by the looks Asterin and Vesta gave, her fever wasn’t going down. “Come on Whitethorn” Manon rocked back and forth, holding Elide. None of them had the power to cool a person down like Rowan Whitethorn did. 

Briar and Edda had been instructed to get Lorcan and Rowan as fast as they could. Rowan had to arrive first. If he didn’t, Elide wasn’t going to make it. Tears rolled down Asterin’s cheeks. 

“Names,” Asterin choked out and she forced a smile onto her face. She pressed her brow against Elide’s arm tightly, sobbing. “You need names, Elide”

“Names? Two?” Elide sat up, trying to look between her legs. The twins pulled her dress higher, blocking her view. Elide sat back and she spread her legs wider, swallowing harshly. “Callie and Marion” 

Manon nodded. She smiled and ignored as Elide’s skin burned hers. She was so hot. Manon kissed her forehead gently and she dipped the cloth in cold water, setting it over Elide’s forehead and eyes. “Relax, Elide, relax”

“Lorcan” Elide whispered. Asterin cried out and Manon glared at her, but tears fell from her own eyes. Vesta was rocking back and forth, burying her sobs in the mattress. 

“I see a head,” Yrene whispered. She gave Manon a look and Manon wiped her eyes, nodding. She dug her nails into Elide’s shoulders, shocking her. Elide jumped and she cried out, pushing again. Their only hope was to save the witchlings. 

“Come on, Elide. Don’t go to sleep” Manon soothed her gently. Elide shook her head as her breathing got erratic. Sweat dripped down her neck and Manon kissed her forehead again, grabbing another cool cloth from Vesta. 

“Manon..” Elide whispered. She reached out and held Manon’s hand gently. She smiled and kissed her fingers, her throat bobbing. “Thank you” Asterin screamed, shaking Elide’s arm. 

“Save Elide, dammit, save her” Asterin screamed, baring her iron teeth at Yrene. The twins bared their own back at Asterin, letting Yrene focus on the labor. “I’ll kill you, Yrene!” Asterin screamed, before looking back at Elide. 

“And I’ll let you” Yrene whispered. She brushed her hair back, smearing red through the brown curls. She shook her head and dipped her hands in the already pink bowl, wiping them off quickly. 

“Where is Whitethorn” Vesta growled, helping Manon with keeping Elide cool. Fallon reached out and she held down Elide’s arm, where Vesta used to be. Vesta fanned Elide quickly, tapping the witch’s face. “Eyes open, Elide, chin up” 

“It’s hurts..” Elide whispered. She swallowed and her vision went blurry. She let out a long breath and she forced a smile onto her face. “Thank you for believing in the cripple” Asterin screamed. 

Manon shoved her Second back and Asterin went slamming into the wall. She buried her face in her knees, wrapping her arms around herself. Her sobs filled the room, louder than Elide’s screams. 

“It’s a boy” Yrene whispered. Everyone fell silent and looked back at Elide. Manon shook her face gently, then a bit harder. 

“Elide, you have a son. Elide. Elide” Manon shook her face again, digging her iron claws into her shoulders, but Elide didn’t move. Manon paused and she brushed her hand down Elide’s face, closing her eyes. “Calore. His name is Calore” Manon said, swallowing harshly. 

One of the twins grabbed the still born witchling, going to wash him off. Vesta cried out and she dropped to her knees, shaking her head quickly. Manon cleared her throat and she pulled Elide’s dress up. “Do it, Yrene” Manon met the eyes of the healer. 

Yrene sniffed and she stood up. She climbed onto the bed and looked at Elide. “I’m sorry, Elide” Yrene brought the blade down and she sliced through skin and muscle. She handed the blade to Manon and reached inside, tears blinding her. “Manon, I don’t feel a-”

“Get Elide’s witchling” Manon growled and she closed her eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks, curving down her neck. Yrene nodded and she pushed the muscles aside, calling Faline over to help her. Together they pulled Marion out, taking in the still born witchling. 

“Marion” Manon breathed. She smiled and bent down, holding Elide gently. She let out a short lived sob before kissing Elide’s temple. “I’m so sorry for failing you, Elide” 

Manon slid off the bed, pulling the sheet over Elide’s body. She grabbed Vesta and Asterin, hugging them tightly. They both cried against her body and she brushed their hair before telling them they needed to work together. So they set off, the twins helped Yrene sew Elide back together, and Manon, Asterin, and Vesta prepared Elide’s witchlings 

“Where is she!” Lorcan bellowed. He tore through the palace of Perranth, storming down halls, cracking everything in sight. Rowan was behind him, walking just as fast. 

Fenrys and Connall were winnowing Aelin, Aedion, and Lysandra in, but they had to take their time, or they would burn out. Lorcan bellowed again and he started running, following Elide’s scent. 

The shadows, Edda and Briar, stood in his way. They put their hands up. Rowan noticed their tear stained faces and he stopped in his tracks. Lorcan was breathing hard and he glowered down at the twins. “Where. Is. My. Wife!?” 

“Lorcan, calm down” Vesta stepped into the hallway. She tapped the two witches and they gratefully disappeared back into the shadows. Vesta sighed and she clasped her hand on her stomach. “You have a daughter and a son. Calore and Marion” 

“Where is Elide?” Lorcan slammed Vesta into the wall. He wrapped his fingers around her neck, slowly pushing her up the wall. Vesta dug her iron claws into his hand, wheezing. Rowan grabbed Lorcan’s shoulder tightly. 

“Let her go, Lorcan. Let her go” Rowan growled and Lorcan dropped Vesta. He stared down at the witch, tears brimming his eyes. He shook his head barging into the room. 

Manon and Asterin turned around. Asterin screamed and she dropped to her knees, bracing her forehead against her knees. The Second began to howl and cry, rocking back and forth. Manon’s lips wobbled and she stepped aside, picking up Asterin. 

“What…did you do…” Lorcan stumbled forward. Rowan followed him, after looking back at Asterin and Manon. They gave him sad looks before turning away, giving Lorcan a moment. 

Lorcan screamed and he picked up a chair, chucking it through the window. He slowly lowered himself to his knees and he braced his chin on the table, pulling the bundles closer to him. Rowan backed away and he ducked his head into the nearest bin, before bile spilled from his mouth. 

“No” Lorcan bellowed. He stared down at his son and his daughter, tears spilling from his eyes. He gripped the edge of the table, staring at them. He turned to Asterin and Manon, his legs shaking. “Elide…please, Manon, please give me Elide back” 

Manon squeezed her eyes shut and she hugged onto Asterin harder. She shook her head, just once. Lorcan closed his eyes and his lips shook as he cried silently. He sniffed, before ducking his head down and throwing up as well. 

The others barged into the room quickly and took in the sight. Fenrsy rushed to Asterin and he hugged her, burying his nose in her hair, sensing the sadness rolling off her. “Wildthing” 

“She’s dead” Asterin cried into Fenrys’s chest. She gripped his shirt and sobbed loudly, slamming her fists against his chest. “What took you so long. Elide is dead!” 

Aelin sank to her knees. “She’s not dead” Aelin shook her head and she licked her lips. She stared at Asterin Blackbeak as she fell apart in Fenrys’s arms. She had never seen Asterin show any emotion, only when it came to… “Elide!” Aelin screamed. Aedion and Lysandra hugged her tightly, and Aedion stroked his cousin’s hair, holding her face tightly. 

“We’re so sorry, Lorcan” Manon whispered. She stared at the Demi-Fae as he stared at his still born witchlings. She gasped and swallowed, brushing her tears away. “She didn’t say it, but…she was thinking of you and she loved you” 

“I wanted to save Elide, I wanted to save her, Fenrys, do you believe me? I wanted to save Elide” Asterin mumbled over and over again. Fenrys gripped her face tightly and he nodded quickly, wiping away the tears as quickly as they came. “I said save her, oh gods, I said save her. I lost my witchling too. Gods, I said save her, I swear, Fen, I was the only one” 

Asterin Blackbeak had broken. Aelin rocked back and forth, Lysandra holding her tightly from the back and Aedion whispering soothing words. “Marion, Marion, I’m so sorry” The Queen of Terrasen said through her tears.

“Aelin, stay with me” Aedion wiped her face with his sleeves again. He looked over at Rowan, who was still retching inside the bin. He gripped it tightly and Aedion knew he was thinking of Lyria and his unborn child. 

Lorcan slid to the floor, holding his children against his chest. Asterin started screaming again and Fenrys held her tightly against his body, whispering something softly to her. He threw her over his shoulder and left the room quickly, before Asterin could break down even more. 

Manon sat down next to Lorcan and she braced her hand against his arm. Lorcan swallowed and he slowly buried his face in Manon’s neck. “Did she…die peacefully?” Lorcan whispered, staring down at his twins. 

“I hope so” Manon whispered. She held Lorcan Salvatere-Lochan and she looked around. She looked at the broken Queen, the traumatized King, and the lost widower, a father without children.  

Manon closed her eyes and she prayed to the Three-Faced Goddess that they would all somehow find their way through the dark.

The End 

Haha yes. I just did that. Just I just crossed the line. I’ll be waiting for all of you to sue me. Bring it on. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this! :))

anonymous asked:

I just... I just saw a rowan defense post where the op said that Aelin was "egging him on" and that he had every right to hit her because what she said "was like condoning the holocaust" and IM LITERALLY SCREAMING. I don't ever think i've felt more disappointed in the human race then I do at this very moment. Sorry I just needed to vent to someone

OMFG nothing burns me up more about Rowaelin shippers than them saying she deserved it.



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FT 509

Jellal is determined to protect Erza. I don’t know. He’s actually doing everything I know him would but I just can’t help my Jerza shipper heart from screaming feels. 

I think he was shown once acting protective over Erza in the Nirvana Arc when they faced Midnight. But then during the GMG arc he hadn’t really displayed his protectiveness over Erza. Yes he protected her from the mini-dragons, but he was not treating her as someone weak who needed his protection. His attitude was more like “Erza is in a moment of weakness but all I need to do is to give her a hand to help her to stand on her own feet again”. It was the same when he comforted her at the end of Tartarus arc. He gave her encourage to move on and believed that she could without him by her side. And him inviting her to help investigating Avatar was also enough telling that he trusted in her strength and abilities. 

So what I want to say is that Jellal and Erza are always shown having trust in each other abilities. But here he was like “I must protect Erza”. I think after what happened to Erza in her fight vs Neinhart and his own defeat, he deeply realized the risk for Erza’s safety and thus his sense of protectiveness really surged. And you see here his love for her was what gave him strength.

Now I hope Jellal wouldn’t do something stupid next to protect Erza like trying to sacrifice himself. And I think again after this chapter there still be a chance for him to go to meet Erza and Irene . 

And yes Erza’s his light. Nothing’s new. But It still touched me deeply. He remembered her, looking gorgeous, and everything she meant to him, even when he was in a dire situation. I’m not going to repeat how I feel for I have talked about it when the spoilers were out. 

Okay I know I shouldn’t think that Kagura’s death is confirmed here. Actually I hope she didn’t die bc Erza just lose Makarov, not Kagura too. 

But I have been thinking since last chapter if there was any reason that while Erza faced Irene, Mashima introduced Jellal and Kagura as well to fight with August and Larcade respectively. Those two are really close to Erza. And now Larcade even said he, August and Irene were exceptions among the 12. Is there any reason why while Erza faced Irene, those related to her on a more personal level are put to face the other two? Is Mashima really trying to give Erza more tragedies? I really hope not. 

Mavis is really Larcade’s mother? So terrifying. I hope Mashima could really come up with something convincing to explain what happened. 

Olicity at the end of the tunnel

So, 5x05, I don’t know about you guys… but this episode has revived my olicity shipping soul when it didn’t even need it to be. 

Why you ask? WELL. Let’s just watch the key scenes again okay? 

The balcony and Oliver’s office. 

And now, lemme take you back to season 2 a moment, episodes 6 and 7 in particular with these two classic Olicity moments. 

Post Isabel @ QC and Post Vertigo @ the lair. 

In both those two season 2 episodes and tonight you have these moments between Oliver and Felicity where they are practically screaming one thing with their eyes, but the words being said are the opposite. 

Oliver of season 2 is initially trying to pass Isabel off in a light offhanded way, before realizing Felicity needed a serious answer. Ultimately revealing that he thinks its best he isn’t with someone he cares about(that someone being Felicity, obviously). All the while, his eyes are visibly in pain, desperate for the opposite of his words to be true. Meanwhile, in 5x05, Felicity is the one trying to pass off not telling Oliver about her BF as a joke at first, before sobering up at the look Oliver gives her in response. She then tells him the truth, or well, the words she tells herself to explain why she hadn’t told him. The entire time her eyes are screaming that she still loves him. That yes, she was trying to keep that door open. But, she isn’t ready to admit that to herself. (Girl still has a lot of figuring out to do.) 

The parallels between 2x07(also some 2x06), and the scene in Oliver office are less-so, but still there. 

The vibe is quite similar to both those Olicity moments in season 2, it is a happy mix between the question-leaving clarity of 2x06, and the statement of just how important Felicity is to Oliver in 2x07. The clarity being that they will try to figure out who they are apart. While it also leaves open a door of, ‘what happens if it isn’t real?’ for if(which we all know is really when) things with Billy don’t work out. Oliver’s stating that he will always care about Felicity, that those feelings are a ‘Mortal lock’ as he put it, leaves the door unable to ever truly close. 

My point in all of this, is that Olicity of season 5 is very much like Olicity of season 2, in the sense that they will continue to have these deep moments, but their relationship wont truly be addressed again until later in the season. They will both turn to each other, on the same page, and we will all lose our minds. It may seem sudden, but it won’t be. Because Olicity isn’t the type of couple to go slow. They dive head first together, happily, every time. 

I remember how rewarding that ‘I love you.’ was in season 2.(A reaction story I have yet to post but 100% need to.) Just imagine how it will be, where in season 2 it was hints at feelings being covered up, now it is true love they are trying to deny. Where it was a simple ‘I love you’, now it will be that ten-fold. 

Bottom line, there is Olicity at the end of this tunnel. 

you know, trees is more than just a song to me.

it’s a cleansing ritual.

when i listen to it fully, when i really need to hear the desperation in tyler’s voice and unleash the silent scream in my chest? those are the moments i remember.

i can allow myself to cry, but i have a huge smile. i feel like my face is going to split in half. my cheeks burn and stretch into a genuine expression of happiness.

i feel every cell in my body vibrating. i’m choking and shaking. but i am alive.  

trees is my catharsis. it is my release. it is my alternative to pain. it is the thing that lets me feel like i deserve to occupy space on this planet. it makes me believe in something much bigger than myself. it makes me want to keep going. 

it makes me happy to be alive.

anonymous asked:

you + dilfosaur's future au give me life, can you draw some of the other future au charas in your style please if it's not too much? thank you, you're awesome!

Fight the Fight: Here’s some of my own imaginations on some of the future AU boys and also o’brien bc I LOVE HIM AND HE IS MY SON ALWAYS PLS DRAW MORE AUSTIN EVERYONE

And also crowler bc old man crowler would be just as fab as always

I just need a moment to recover from Fight the Fight’s O’Brien…. <3
Slifer Slacker: I like to imagine on their digs after a long day of work Jim and Kenzan fall asleep on Karen! 

I can totally get behind an asexual and aromantic Asuka! Hot for Prof.

@dilfosaur bless you and your au! It has filled our creative meter to the max and we honestly can’t thank you enough! 

I’m honestly still screaming into my pillow that you drew a continuation of the supportive rivalships! :’)

Just putting this out there as gently as possible...

Just saw a post that told caregivers to do a bunch of things for their littles. One of them was “stay calm during mood swings.”

Okay. I’m not going to write a long rant. Just one thing.

If you are with someone who has “mood swings” where they suddenly become angry, verbally abusive, or physically violent… Leave. That’s abuse.

Being a good caregiver doesn’t mean accepting abuse. Your little should love you and treat you well like any other partner. You should feel good about yourself, and they should make you feel even better about yourself.

Okay. Two things.

Also on another note, if they’re throwing a tantrum, and you need a moment, take a moment. You don’t have to sit through bad behavior like screaming and crying and refusing to do anything they’re asked. Just tell them you need to be alone because you cannot handle this right now.

Dealing with tantrums is really stressful. Sometimes it ends up making caregivers breakdown and freak out or cry. It is okay to take a moment for yourself outside of the situation and get yourself together.

Being a caregiver is hardwork. Sometimes things are too much, and you need a timeout. This is okay.