A stupid rant about vegans

It really upsets me that so many people fight over the littlest things, I just watched people get into a massive discourse over what? FUCKING VEGANS. That’s right, people are fighting over a viral video of a vegan finding cheese in their pizza, and the guy rages over it. And people are fighting over whether or not pizza places put cheese or other animal products in their sauce. These frivolous fights need to stop. My reaction to that rant about vegans, “Your actions have consequences, and the consequence is a delicious fuckin’ meal” ~ Filthy Frank 2k16. Get over yourself already. Everyone has to eat somehow, many people eat in different ways. Fighting over differences like that is stupid. I’m sorry if I stir up any controversy, but come on, fighting over this stuff, with other people shows how stupid you really are.

Need some deaf opinions~

I am writing an article right now. I know my own view points, but would love to hear what y’all have to say. The article’s main idea is to outline why it is considered tasteless and ableist when hearing people enjoy watching on Youtube/Facebook the reactions of d/Deaf/hoh individuals who get their cochlear implants (or hearing aids) turned on. 

What are your thoughts on these videos? 

How do you feel about hearing people finding them charming?


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I really need like a list of really good fob pre hiatus videos that nobody seems to talk about all that much or ur fav ones I just NEED IT right now (especially that one where Joe was eating all those chicken nuggets)

alrite im bestowing yall w a gift tonite - my likes on youtube. 2.3k videos, and 80% of them are fob vids, and quite a few of hem are rare or have like 300 views. dont judge the weird shit i watch, comb thru for old vids, see what u can find yah? here ya go

so, despite getting really frustrated and having bad early experiences, i am pushing ahead with inquisition because i am stubborn and i am determined to see this franchise through ALISTAIR IS GOING TO SHOW UP EVENTUALLY AND I WANT TO SEE MY TRASH ANGEL BABY IN HIGH DEF GRAPHICS

i can’t. read. any of the text. i therefore have no idea what i’m doing most of the time i just follow quest markers and hope a solution presents itself

one minor problem: i talk to my video games and my sister has the same name as one of the characters i frequently yell at for being dead

semi-related tangent: where… do i find more party members? because right now it’s just me (a mage), solas (another mage, bald edition), varric (rogue crossbow user), and cassandra (lone, determined warrior). i need another tank. desperately. cassandra is so tired from having to protect all us squishy little ranged fighters.

is cullen ever eventually going to become a playable character? he is moderately more likable in this one at least.

who are the romancible characters? so far i’ve only been able to flirt with cassandra (which i have) but i’m pretty sure you can’t actually pursue a romance with her (aww my herald has a hopeless crush… just like my warden… why am i like this?)

so far general impressions remain somewhere along the lines of “this would be great if only actually playing it weren’t so frustrating”

bigger font for dragon age 2016

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I find it interesting that they just reblogged the video to their tumblr begging people to watch it. Also interesting is that it's a Youtube video to their own youtube channel. One that earns them money.

Ain’t that funny and curious…


The part of the video that stuck me out the most is the part when he says that  we all need to find something that we are so passionate about that it doesn’t feel like work! I just happen to find mine, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE SCHOOL! I love everything about it, even when I was in high school I never ever wanted to stay home when I was sick! 

After watching @markiplier​ ‘s “Believe in Yourself” video it got me thinking that the one goal I have right now is that I want to finish my AA degree! I only have two classes before I am done with it! After when I get my AA degree I will go for my Bachelors Degree! 

While I was in high school, however, there was a lot of people telling me that “I will STRUGGLE when I’m in college, and I will NEVER make it through the classes, and I will NEVER graduate because throughout my schooling I have a learning disability that I still have, and I seem to manage it very well (thank you very much)!  Every time when I hear stuff like that it makes me want to prove them wrong, and so when I heard this I decided to work 1000 times harder even though I struggle sometimes, the effort that I put into my studies seems to be working because I’m almost done with my AA with two classes left, as i’ve mentioned before (hahahaha), and I’ve made it on the DEANS list twice now, if this doesn’t prove to people that I LOVE SCHOOL and I’m very hardworking at my studies then I don’t know what does! Every time when I pass a semester with the grades I get I feel so proud of myself because I’ve proved soooo many people time and time again that I can do anything that I set my mind to, and I will never get tired of learning!

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The one semester in college that I will remember forever and always is my recent spring semester, where I went back to my old high school to do Observation Field Hours, and I actually got to see my old Reading teacher again (I graduated high school in 2013 BTW), when I saw her and she hugged me I was in tears because she had one of the biggest impacts on my leaning! She was one of my favorite teachers because she would actually listen to me, and she would come over to my desk to help me when I needed it, and she actually cares for students, which I’d really admired her for it! She cares so much for her students and I hope to become a teacher some day that I would have a power impact on my students someday!

This is one of the things that I love about Mark that I will continue to love him for is that he’s an inspirational man, who is still walking proof that we all need to find our passions and once we find our passions we all need to “BELIEVE IN OURSELVES”          

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I'm a mutual of yours but I'm way too shy to come off anon. Anyway someone linked me to a bootleg video of Hamilton and I think I'm in love with Daveed Diggs as Lafayette. And Daveed Diggs in general!

Aww, anon! There’s no need to be shy! I love getting to know my mutuals!! (And followers in general!)

(Although, that said: if there’s a bootleg floating around, anonymity is probably best. Because LMM would be out for BLOOD (Not that I blame you for that, you probably didn’t know))


((This got really long so click ‘Keep reading’ to see my rambling Daveed Diggs Appreciation Post))

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I know a lot of blogs who follows you expect you to post everything that concerns tlsp/am and all that, but i mean what is it for you! If you keep it this way then i don't think you'll enjoy it, I've been there once till it hit me like " what am i getting from this!" Like yeah you enjoy the fandom but trying to keep everything up to date is boring, anyways i hope you don't feel pressured to post stuff at times xx

i figure most people follow me to keep up to date with tlsp stuff so i don’t want to disappoint, plus i do genuinely want to share good photos and videos when i find them….but you’re right, if i keep doing this i won’t enjoy anything as much as i could. i usually end up dreading every time they have a concert because i feel like i need to post everything from it. it’s just kinda made me hate being on here and avoid it as much as possible so i’ve been just logging on a couple times a day to post/reblog all the new stuff and leave bc it isn’t really fun anymore. i think i’ll still try to keep it up until this era is over tho since it is what people follow me for, but idk if i can keep doing it for the next am era. thank you for the message!!

something i realized


Listened to/read the video tapes in the True Lab? No? Search it up first.

Okay, so,
Remember how Asriel and Chara were just joking around with their camera about buttercups?
Remember how it suddenly got serious?

In the last tape, Chara’s very sick [y'know, from the flower consumption] and on their deathbed. Note how Asriel says, “I don’t like this plan anymore…”

Chara and Asriel planned for Chara to eat the buttercup flowers and die.


Well, Asriel also says [in that tape] “We just need to find six more, right?…”


((Of course that plan went to shit when Asriel probably accidentally merged with Chara’s soul…and y'all know the rest…))

@casscountsdown @a-healthy-manda  Thanks for the advice on crochet!  I can chain just fine and single crochet, but I can’t seem to get it right when I want to do another row.  I also find the ‘v’ shapes in the chains a little confusing. :/

@lazygirlsramblings  If you could find an excellent video that would be great! I swear I’ve watched at least six different ones so far. I guess I just need to keep practising. 

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I just found the setting for how long “record that” records and have now set it to five minutes. now i just need to find a good video editing program that will let me trim it to what i want after the fact. and figure out where the hell all my videos are going right now since they aren’t going to my onedrive.