nekoma headcanons

> kenma and fukunaga have a snapchat streak going where every day they send the most Hideous selfies from the most Awful angles.

> nobuyuki is the “go-to” guy when it comes to needing a mood boost. it’s not often the team comes to him with their personal problems, but he makes it known that if anyone needs him to flood their messages with cat pictures or inspirational quotes, he’ll be there.

> no one has been successful in beating inuoka in an eating contest. he literally can just eat non-stop like a machine. eventually, they all learned to stop trying.

> the team takes turns doing laundry duty while away at training camps. whenever it’s lev’s turn, yaku reminds him several times to wash his uniform separately to avoid color-bleeding. 3 pink libero uniforms later, it was unanimously decided that lev could no longer participate in laundry duty.

> kuroo once wore a beanie during the colder months and no one was able to recognize him for the first few hours of school. even kenma had to double take.

> yaku is always low-key training shibayama, even off the court. at the table, he will randomly wad up a napkin and toss it to shibayama to see how quick his reflexes are.

> lev loves all animals, bugs, insects, etc. his instagram is full of pictures of stray cats, squirrels, beetles, and literally any animal that will sit still long enough for him to take a picture. he once found an ant on his nightstand and made a video of it crawling around, and he captioned it “new friend”

> yamamoto once had computer troubles and called kenma over for help. while fumbling around with the computer settings, he saw “how to talk to girls” in yamamoto’s google search history. he took a picture for safekeeping, and then moved on. 

> kuroo has the hardest time getting kenma to study. he has a “no phone” rule where kenma has to turn his phone off and then kuroo keeps it in his pocket until he is done helping kenma study. it’s the most Annoying thing for kenma, but he knows kuroo means well.

How did Papyrus get his driver’s license

Papyrus (and possibly Sans) likely knows a great deal about cars, but knowing about cars and how to operate them does not qualify you for a license.

I mean, sure, he could take driver’s ed and I’m sure he’d pass the test with flying colors, but then he’d just have his learners permit. That means he’d need to drive a car with someone else who already has a license.

There are no vehicles in the underground. No monster knows how to operate one. The only human he knows is Frisk, who is, like, ten at most.

How did he get enough hours of driving in (it’s like 50 IIRC) to take his driving test to get his license when no-one he knows has a license? Did he befriend a human that had a license in order to get the required amount of driving time in?

then again this is the same guy who just takes books from a library and doesn’t know what a library card is

does he not realize you need a license

is he just driving a convertible on the highway at the end there with no license

No prob anon! Thank you for being kind about this. I really appreciate it :)

I know there’s nothing wrong with making brown characters darker, but my main problem here is that I can’t recognize values, and playing it safe by making Lance darker won’t help me to learn you know? Thats actually another reason why I used the eyedropper tool instead of just making him darker, I was attempting to teach myself to recognize the shade and value. But obviously my color knowledge is just really crappy and I was very careless and didn’t stop to properly examine my art like I should :/ But now I will! It sucks that I have to embarrass myself like this but at least I’m learning, so that makes it slightly less shameful lol

Anyways, I’ve gone through my Lance swatches and fixed what needed to be fixed and now I know what to be aware of next time so hopefully I won’t make these mistakes again ~


Just finished pulling up highlights, and bringing the drawing back in from underneath all the washes. I used white charcoal, titanium white Pan Pastel for the orb/egg, and Prismacolor Verithin pencils for the rest of the details. The bottom shot is a good, clean scan of everything all together so far. My phone camera just couldn’t pick up on some of this well enough, and it was time to untape it anyway.

I’m going to be using Photoshop to bring the rest of this to a finish. I did a few tests with the matte medium idea, but I think the idea needs a lot of work before I can take it to something like this. Rather than unifying, the layers had a deadening effect. And there wasn’t really a way to stop the smudging of the underlayers, either. 

That’s okay though! I’m feeling pretty good about where this is going, it’s been really touch and go from the start. 


I made an attempt at styling this beast! I swear my eye makeup was purple, but my webcam is the worst with colors. 

I definitely need to fix up the sideburns and front ahodge thing, and make a hair tie from actual hair. But i’m pretty happy with the top bit - I think it has a really nice amount of volume while still looking natural. I tried my best to keep the spikes prominent but still soft looking. 

My major peeve is the braid length and thickness. I do have another platinum blonde wig (which I got for free so no huge loss) that I could steal wefts from to thicken up this one…but I’m not sure I want to destroy a wig just for that. 

Any thoughts or opinions? 

Also I need to take in the mesh top, it’s too big and keeps falling down. And next time I do a makeup test for Elsa, I’m going to make the eyebrows lighter. 

Edit: These photos are mirrored! The braid is on the proper side I promise.


Are you in need of a geeky patch for a cosplay or for your handbag? Backpack? Whatever reason? Then I’m the person to help you! 

I take orders for custom patches! I can make up to 7x9 inches, and in a myriad of colors! 

Base price is $25 per patch. This covers the cost of supplies, including embroidery thread, stabilizer, and base fabric,  as wear and tear on the machine and time creating the embroidery. 

There is an extra cost of $10 if I must make the design in Photoshop myself. If you can provide an image ready for importing into my embroidery software, then there will be no custom designing charge.

There is an extra cost of $10 for a rush order.

I accept Paypal as payment! You are helping to put food on my table, as I just found out that I was denied food benefits through my state. Hooray. 

Here is a sampling of some of the items I have made for others!


Contact me in my inbox for more information!!

1. Equate your own skin to silk and believe it is just as
priceless to match. Your body is a temple you’ve never been
very good at praying toward; it’s time to finally appraise
the stardust inside of you.

2. You will command your hands to push paint to a canvas
and a pen to paper. You will create, create, create until you
feel as full of color as your artwork. 

3. ‘Tomorrow’ will not be a terrifying word anymore.
You will train myself to take time by its clock hands like 
a horse, rein in positivity and the courage to say that you
will not be a victim of your disorders. 
(This war was never theirs to win in the first place.
Their blades hold no advantage over your bite.)

4. I will only give advice when asked for it. I will only 
take peoples’ hearts in mine if I know what is within
them. I will not let myself breathe in their blood like
air, like I need it to survive. I will learn that I only 
need myself. Always.

5. Your bedroom is not a tomb. Your house is not a
home, but it’s not a prison either. Make the best out
of bad situations from now on. Self-pity isn’t pretty.

6. Quit drinking rum while you’re sad. Actually, quit
drinking while you’re sad in general. The higher your
blood/alcohol content does not equal how high your
spirits lift. Leave the bottle alone and write.

7. You do not need to evaluate every sentence someone
mutters in your direction. You are not the center of 
everything. You are not the sun, but when you are at peace
with yourself the light you give off could burn a hole 
through every tear you’ve ever cried. Remember that.

8. Be okay without him.

9. Be okay without him.

10. Be okay without him.

—  resolutions for my future self in 2016 (a letter) // Haley Hendrick
Study Buddy Charm/Test-Taking Charm

I have ADHD, and I find focusing and studying very hard at times. I know I’m not the only one, so I’ve created this spell for a charmed “study buddy”/trinket that is designed to help with schoolwork and focus. 

You Will Need:

The object that you are going to charm. It should be small enough to fit in your pocket and inconspicuous enough that your teachers won’t take it away if you’ve put it on your desk during a test. Jewelry and accessories also work!

A quiet space to do your magic in. No outside distractions!

A white or green candle. These are just the colors I personally associate with learning/focus, if you associate them with a different color then feel free to use a candle it that color. An online substitution or a phone app works just fine.

Incense or a scented oil that helps with clarity and focus (optional). These can include: rosemary, mint, sage, and angelica.

What To Do:

  1. Gather and cleanse all of your materials. I’d recommend visualizing a white, purifying light around them, or putting them in salt for 24 hours. 
  2. If you have it, light the incense or put the oil in the diffuser. This well help set your intentions, but it’s not necessary.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. Take your object. Hold it so it is lit by candlelight, then say: “This object will help me study. It will help me during tests. It will guide me towards the right answers, and help me to focus.” If you want to, you can substitute your own words, just as long as they state your intentions for the charm. If you are gifting this to a friend (make sure you have their permission!), be sure to state who it is for. If you’re into visualization, visualize the object being filled with focusing and grounding energies.
  5. Snuff out or blow out the candle. Never leave a lit candle unattended! Same goes for burning incense.
  6. Done! Place the charm on the table where you are studying or taking a test. If anyone asks, just tell them it’s a good luck charm. 

I put on Castiel makeup and didn’t take it off when I put on a dress. This made someone in the house uncomfortable. They told me, as I sat on the couch and they walked into the kitchen, that I needed to take the wig off. They demanded it. I said no, because I was comfortable and I was reading quietly and if they did not want to see me, They could walk through another room. They asked me why several times, and I just said “because I want to.”

“You look like a boy and you’re wearing a dress.” Yes. I suppose I do. But I’m not affecting you. “But it’s wrong.” some years ago, boys wore dresses and pink was a ‘manly’ color. “Times change”. Exactly.

“You’re too accepting”

So be it. But at least I’m not the one demanding you to dress differently to make myself more comfortable.

Listen. If you are male and you want to wear a dress, go ahead. They’re comfortable. Breezy. You’ll look adorable. I look adorable. It’s not ‘wrong’ unless you’re harassing people. If you’re female and have short hair, all the power to you.

Lady Gaga wore a meat dress. I think I’m okay to have eyeliner on my chin and a different hairstyle.

What I’m about to say is probably not new news to some people, but sometimes I need my own reminder about these things so I thought I’d say it anyways for those who need it:

Being an artist is always a learning experience. 

Some things will come to you easier than others and some will take a lot of hard work to be able to do it. No one is ever perfect on the first try. It will always take time and practice.

I feel like many artists have this perception of what level they should be at and if they don’t meet that High Standard they become disappointed in themselves. 

Your hand is always behind compared to your brain. You can learn the concept about things like composition, design, colors, etc. and you can recognize how well other people can apply it, but YOU can only catch up with that knowledge you’re learning by applying it yourself. Trying and failing and then trying again and learning from each piece of art you work on.

There will be times you need to analyze and learn from others more, but there’s also times where you need to focus on applying what you’ve learned. Balancing that is really hard but it’s one of those things that needs to be done.

Even professional artists keep trying to learn new things and are always growing and developing with each project they work on. And professional artists also need to go back and practice their foundational skills at times. It’s all just… constant practice and trying and trying again. 

I know some people who ask, “How do I get better at drawing?” don’t like the answer of “Just keep practicing” but that really IS what needs to be done. 

I think the hard part can be just breaking down what you need to practice and how and that entirely depends on what you want to do. Everyone has different goals and different learning speeds! As you progress with your art and the more that you practice your skills, learning new things can come easier to you, but improvement still takes time. Figuring out what your goals as an artist are takes time too.

So be kind and be patient to yourselves and keep drawing and growing!

i hate myself so much right now

okay so today i was eating some fruit gummies, and every time i have something that can be assorted into groups (e.i. skittles and their individual colors, lolipops and their flavors, and in this case, gummies and their shapes), i have to take one of each kind and put them off to the side for later, after i eat all of the other gummies. it’s just something i gotta do. 

i was doing just that, just a few minutes ago. but the thing is, these gummies come in little packets. there’s gotta be like 9 or 10 in each pack, tops. and as i was trying to find all 5 of the different shapes, i noticed there wasn’t one of them in there. so i went to grab another pack, and emptied the contents. and i began to restort everything. and i noticed there still wasn’t that one shape. so without thinking, i grabbed another. still none. another, and still none.

i eventually grabbed all remaining packs from the box of gummy packs (keep in mind, this was a 40 pack and i had just opened the box), and emptied all of their contents. in a fit of rage i didn’t notice that i just poured nearly 40 bags of gummies onto my desk until i finished. that’s nearly 400 individual gummies on my desk. and you know what i found??? one. one of the final shapes (it was an orange slice shape btw). and it’s not even a regularly shaped one. it’s some horribly disfigured excuse of an orange slice. 

so now i am here. with almost four hundred gummies sitting on my desk. but at least i have one of each shape put off to the side for after i finish the rest!!!!! !!!!! ! !! !

Obsessed with my nails. I’ve recently changed to SNS after having Acrylics for years and I’m really loving them they are just as strong but feel so lightweight. There’s a huge range of colors to choose from and I’ve found it takes around the same amount of time to get refills as acrylics. When I see my nail guy I ask for a shape in between coffin and rectangle, I know so fussy! 😜 But I think if your going to have ‘fake’ nails you need to try out different shapes and then find the one that best suits your fingers. #ausbloggers #ausbeautybabes #aussiebblogger #bbloggers #beautyblog #bbloggersau #hudabeauty #instablog #instabeauty #instamakeup #makeup #nails #rebmakeup33 #snsnails #shesinbeauty #wakeupandmakeup

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I think I wanna talk about Nishinoya because he is one of my favorites and sometimes the anime does him justice and other times I think they play the hyperactive card one too many times for me to be happy.

Nishinoya Yuu is clearly one of the characters that stands out the most from Karasuno’s champion line up. Best overall libero award, weird haircut and boisterous attitude, inverted jersey colors. He is the epitome of the odd one out of the bunch without necessarily being that when you’ve got equally loud and rambunctious characters running about.

He is one of the major attachments on the team’s support network, offering kind words and proclaiming how little they need to worry while he’s there. He is a major pillar to their defense on the court and their charisma as a teammate. His importance to the team is clearly not limited to his outbursts, his ability to not take the situation seriously enough to react appropriately to it.

I wanted to get something out there because I feel a lot of us will overlook key aspects of Nishinoya’s personality due to his funky quirks.

Nishinoya is clearly hyper aware of his surroundings. Keep this in mind, Nishinoya is more than capable of gauging his responses on the court and has clear knowledge of when someone is feeling down. He is a very good empath, inferring on how well he knows someone to gauge their reactions to a situation. His outbursts, while in part might be instinctual, could be also rooted in that sense of empathy.

A sense of responsibility, the idea that he is their backbone. No matter how trying times will get, count on him to always be there, cheering and not letting whatever the situation may be get to him. He is emotionally perceptive, capable of reading faces. Knowing how to respond in accordance to who he is responding to.

He’s not an idiot. Let’s get that out there. Despite how prevelent it’s made fun of in the anime, he is no fool.

The reason he fails written exams is not because of his inability to understand the subject text at hand, but because he answers the question in his own way. Chikara repremands him for this during the studying scene, referring to how the answer to the question was clearly in the text and Nishinoya actively chose to put the answer he //felt// was right as opposed to the answer he knew was right.

Nishinoya would have had to read the text presented, rationalize it, and make a deduction on his own accord. He chooses an answer more suitable to //him//, something that fits his personality, rather than something the dictated text chose as correct. He is, by default, a very emotion oriented person.

That doesn’t make him an idiot.

On top of his absolute value to the team, he is probably one of the more talented players on the team as a whole. He is not only a great libero, but has become as precise as Suga with his tosses provided they’re done correctly. According to the spin off one shots he is also capable of jumping high enough to hit hard spikes over the net. His jumping skill alone is incredible and with a lot of practice he could even come to rival Hinata with how high he jumps.

Nishinoya is not only good at what he does but he’s well rounded as a player, capable of switching roles if the situation calls for it, but inherently prefers libero.

Despite how soft he is with the team he is incredibly hard on himself, keeping tally of all his misses and promising to do practices to make up for that to keep it from happening again. Instinctual reflexes aside, Nishinoya is practically a genius on the court, understanding even slight movements and catching them in that instant. It may not seem like a big deal in the anime, everything is slowed down to keep pace, but the actual game itself is fast paced. Actual volleyball games make it hard to see where the ball is with how fast its going, so many people are moving at once and you have a split second to react to something before it’s already hit the floor or someone’s face.

You need an immense sense of direction and dilligeng practice. And on top of that Nishinoya is capable of making judgements of people he’s never seen play outside of that match. When Karasuno was against Shiratorizawa, he said he’d be able to properly receive Ushijimas spike in three tries. And he did just that. His level of adaptability is incredible and the only way he’d get that way is from sheer force of will and practice.

Nishinoya isn’t just a hearty laugh and a bunch of incomprehensible babble. Those are aspects of who he is but at the end of the day he is held to a standard that is respected. Chikara nearly cries from pride alone when Nishinoya compliments his receive, Asahi going on to say what an honor that must be for anyone when taking who Nishinoya is and what his place is on the team.

He’s a rambunctious teenager whose heart might be too big for him, is a bit too hard on himself to the point it should be considered cruel and unusual punishment, and really has nothing but his friend’s/teammates interests in mind.

He is an intelligent, deeply emotional character that my words do no justice explaining. There’s so much more to him but I feel it’s all so background it might as well not exist, but the fact it does is very important.

Nishinoya Yuu isn’t just a loud outburst, a joke character for people to laugh at. He is an important aspect of the team, a pillar, their guardian deity on and off the court and he should be given that importance.

Creature's Tail (Closed Rp)

A spring formal event. Those with good family names, or had some kind of influence always went. The mix of humans and monster’s alike mingled together, danced together, laughed together. It was times like this that made most forget about the unspoken fight outside these walls. And in Russia, many would probably dare someone to pick a fight within their country.

Dainty clawed hands held a very bored head within its palms. Disappointed with each dance partner, the feathered dragoness had taken a moment to step out onto a balcony. To take a breath of fresh air, to let her paws heal from being stepped all over. Her ears perked however listening to the melody inside. Her feathered tail swayed side to side, the song catching on in her throat to hum along. Occasionally her eyes would drift closed as the rest of her body would almost start to follow. Only stopping when she noticed her skirts swaying around her legs. Which noteably reminded her how to choose a dress with more color other than a pale blue.

Her name was called, causing the young monster to turn her head to see who may have wanted her attention. Her mother? She was waving her over to join in what ever mayhem may be brewing. Righting herself and her dress she padded quietly over to her parent. The older woman was grinning, human cheeks a flushed pink. ‘Uh oh…mama’s had to much. Papa did warn her about Russian alcohol.’ “Sapphire! Love! Your fathef has made some new friends. They have asked to meet you after your father gushed about you!” The older woman though tipsy it seemed was just thrilled to be there. Though the yonger girl blushed she smiled. Looking past her mother, there was her father speaking with a bright smile. His tail rested on the ground in relaxation. These others must be good if he was that relaxed already. Her mother had already taken her hand and led the way over. If it were possible her father only brightened as Sapphire came up to one side. An arm slung around her shoulders. “ Here she is! This here is my daughter. Her name is Sapphire.” @chat-noir-knight

A client couldn’t understand why I could not take their low resolution and full color jpeg logo couldn’t be enlarged, converted to black and white, and made into a 9” x 9” screen print.

I explained that I would need a vector file - or the time to recreate their logo in vector format - as the current logo would print out pixelated. Her reply:

Client: Can’t you just take a black crayon and color it in?

guys Never Be is the most underrated song ever like lets take a minute shall we?

  • its a song about living in the moment and not looking back or having any regrets about it
  • the chorus
  • “We’ll never be as young as we are now” you need to live right now because every second you wait you are losing the chance to do whatever the hell you want, and fuck this line trips me out because damn you will never be as young as you are right this second
  • “Don’t let the colors fade to grey” live in color - try new things LIVE, dont get stuck in this system, have the time of your life while you can - be who you want to be and dont let it slip away
  • be as fucking spontaneous as you wanna be 
  • lukes vocals
  • This song is
  • amazing

im sorry if people had said these things before i was just listening to this song and needed to express my undying love for this under appreciated song

this is just what I take away from this song

Let somebody who lives it daily take you inside synesthesia.

6 Ways Life Is Insanely Different When You Hear Colors

#5. Everything in the Real World Is the Wrong Color

You know that the sky is blue. The sky has always been blue, and you’ve known your whole life that the sky is blue. But imagine that everyone around you keeps arbitrarily insisting that the sky is green. That would drive you crazy after a while, right? That’s how I feel every time someone chooses the wrong color for something, and goddammit do they love to do it. This comes up a lot with my dad, who is a teacher, so a lot of his materials are color-coded. If he chooses the wrong color folder for materials for a certain day of the week or something, it will bother me until I snap: “YOU CAN’T MAKE WEDNESDAY GREEN, DAD, WEDNESDAY IS YELLOW,” and he’s like, “I just needed a Wednesday folder and I happen to have a green one – what’s the big deal?” But it’s like making a stop sign blue – you can’t really articulate why it’s wrong, it’s just incredibly wrong.

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see u in july hallow!!!  ヾ(☆▽☆)

on a side note, i’m going on hiatus for a while so i can focus on urgent things concerning my future bwaaah, until then, take care folk!



Clara dealing with this new-fangled huggy Doctor and still holding down the teaching gig is probably like being the one person in your friend group with a job and everyone wants to party on Wednesday night, except with far more clingy Time Lord.