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The beautiful Rhysand. (belongs to the equally beautiful Sarah J. Maas)

Still very rough as far as color goes, but after streaming for 3-4 hours, I need a break. And to sleep. ;)

I’ll be continuing this tomorrow morning/night. Once done I’ll post a step by step. 

I need to look into compressing my recordings into more manageable time-lapses and actually post to my youtube some day. I have so many recordings from past streams that are just sitting taking up space.

Soo-orry. I know, I have messages to respond and in general i’m pretty ghosty at the moment, but really, today I find the time to sit and draw only around midnight, so take your guess.

I’m going to respond (and if you send your message before some of the ones I already reply - well, or I want to draw something in the answer or in general I need more time to reply (there is a brush ask if I remember correctly, stuff like that)) just not very fast, idem for the chat. 

And -ops? The blog is still holidayish?  Well. Uh. Red is … a cute color. Yup. Totally. 

Any Fan of Color: Have you ever noticed this trend where the fandom as a whole ignores the PoC to an alarming extent or twists them into negative or non-threatening stereotypes so they can focus on the Whitest men within a general vicinity of the plot? I wish fandom would take an honest look at their inplicit biases and how they continually destroy canon in order to suit their needs, creating a universal fanon that maligns the prominent characters of color.

Some asshole within the first 50 notes: I can’t believe you want to FORCE FANFICTION WRITERS to write PoC UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH!!!! Maybe white men are just infinitely more interesting at all times no matter the medium? Ever think of that? Anyway here’s why Armitage Hux is the most nuanced character since Lady MacBeth. What’s Fin?

Adrinette Month Day Twenty-Seven

Who’s staying up too late doing Adrinette prompts still? Meee… Why is that? Wedding dresses. I mean, Marinette would probably design her own, but would she go strictly one style or another? I know it’s popular in the fandom for them to have a small wedding with close friends and family, but I also think the rest of her family might come in (or try, but how many people are in the Dupain-Cheng family idk. We know of her Uncle, and mentions of her Grandma in the Special so /shrug). Obviously, I probably just need to work on clothing design in general. At least today is the last day.

I probably could’ve skipped trying to color too… takes too much time for me.

Now… gonna sleep for an hour or something.

Things I wish somebody had told me in the beginning: witch edition
  • This is not a competition. Take it slow, enjoy the journey. You do not need to learn every crystal correspondence within a week.
  • Keep a journal/Grimoire/Book of Shadows if possible. Fill it up as you go. Do not just put the information somewhere to wait until you “have time” or “have more energy” (although these, and many more, are understandable reasons). It is less work to do a little all the time than try to catch up all at once.
  • You don’t need to be anything to be a witch. You are one, regardless of your gender, skin color, religious interests… If you think you’re one, you are. Witchcraft is a path, a tool, not a religion.
  • Wicca and witchcraft are not the same.
  • It is totally okay to take breaks. Setting aside your craft doesn’t mean you can’t come back and continue where you left off.
  • YOU are the most important tool. You do not need that expensive cauldron, or those rare herbs that have a double-digit price. Of course, supplies are needed for more complicated/powerful spells to help you out, but they are not necessary.
  • If your path changes, that is okay! If you were first interested in spells but then decided to focus more on deities and their worship, that’s okay!
  • On that note, it’s also okay to not know what your path is.
  • Like all people, witches have their opinions about various things. Listen carefully to both sides, research, but in the end make your own opinion that fits with your morals and worldview. Neither side is necessarily wrong, but both can be true.
  • Trust your gut/intuition. It knows a lot. If someone says X has Y correspondences, but in your opinion has Z, then this is true to you.
  • When researching things, remember to be critical and not trust everything you read blindly. Cross-reference.
  • Educate yourself on closed religions, slur words, racist symbols, appropriation of cultures and their words (see:smudging, chakra…) Do not be angry at yourself if you have used them before - you are always learning and growing as a person.
  • When in doubt, ask. The community is friendly and many are more than happy to help you. Asking never hurts, but don’t treat others as your Google.
  • Do not abandon science nor common sense. Witchcraft is powerful, and certain areas have direct influence (using herbs, for example), but it does not replace healthcare, therapy, or otherwise being healthy.
  • Practice safety. There is a reason why people tell you in rituals/spells/etc. to do things to protect yourself. When doing witchcraft, you are dealing with great powers and energy - sometimes that might be malicious.
  • Also, some general things like fire safety, checking for crystal toxicities in various substances, and herb properties are important to keep track of - these are physical things that can seriously harm you; and definitely work. Do not doubt that.
  • Do not lose yourself. While witchcraft gives us great power, it sometimes makes us lose ourselves. One might become so absorbed in their path that they forget things like eating, checking on friends, doing hobbies, and so forth. This path is part of your life, but your life does not consist only of the path.
  • Have fun! I believe this is one of the most important things. Witchcraft does not need to be serious; it can be Legos, glitter, pop-culture gods, sigils doodled with eyeliner… The possibilities are limitless!

@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah


Hey so I really need some money rn and I kinda need it quick so I’m starting commissions!! Prices are super cheap bc I’m in a rush aha…I promise I’ll make a better page when I get time


  • anything realistic is $30 (size will be around 1000x1200; but if you want a specific size just tell me and I’ll use it!!)
  • other lineart/ sketches are $5 with minimal color as seen in the maid picture
  • full color lineart will be an extra $2
  • adding an additional person will be another $5
  • I will draw pretty much anyone, not just vixx!!
  • send a short description of what exactly you want, I’ll reply with a sketch and if you like it you will pay me and then I will draw the full thing
  • I accept payment through paypal
  • I am flexible with pricing for the realistic paintings! Don’t be shy to ask about it ^^
  • pls keep it like….pg-13 lol

So….yea I know the guide lines are a bit vague but I’m in a bit of a hurry atm!! If you are interested please message me and I’ll let you know further details

Study Buddy Charm/Test-Taking Charm

I have ADHD, and I find focusing and studying very hard at times. I know I’m not the only one, so I’ve created this spell for a charmed “study buddy”/trinket that is designed to help with schoolwork and focus. 

You Will Need:

The object that you are going to charm. It should be small enough to fit in your pocket and inconspicuous enough that your teachers won’t take it away if you’ve put it on your desk during a test. Jewelry and accessories also work!

A quiet space to do your magic in. No outside distractions!

A white or green candle. These are just the colors I personally associate with learning/focus, if you associate them with a different color then feel free to use a candle it that color. An online substitution or a phone app works just fine.

Incense or a scented oil that helps with clarity and focus (optional). These can include: rosemary, mint, sage, and angelica.

What To Do:

  1. Gather and cleanse all of your materials. I’d recommend visualizing a white, purifying light around them, or putting them in salt for 24 hours. 
  2. If you have it, light the incense or put the oil in the diffuser. This well help set your intentions, but it’s not necessary.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. Take your object. Hold it so it is lit by candlelight, then say: “This object will help me study. It will help me during tests. It will guide me towards the right answers, and help me to focus.” If you want to, you can substitute your own words, just as long as they state your intentions for the charm. If you are gifting this to a friend (make sure you have their permission!), be sure to state who it is for. If you’re into visualization, visualize the object being filled with focusing and grounding energies.
  5. Snuff out or blow out the candle. Never leave a lit candle unattended! Same goes for burning incense.
  6. Done! Place the charm on the table where you are studying or taking a test. If anyone asks, just tell them it’s a good luck charm. 
This is why I need some real ass sugar friends

My vanilla dating anti-feminist friends have reached a new level of disrespect. Like the shit they say is unreal:

“You’re basically selling yourself. That’s prostitution 😐”…to which I respond “Im doing the same thing you’re doing for 2 for $20 dinners and mixed securities. It’s just AT WORSE I eat at places you’ve never heard of, get compensated for my time and I sleep well at night.”

“CAN YOU GET HIM TO BUY ME SOMETHING?! 😁”…uh no bitch. You ain’t putting in work getting dressed up, making a boring ass nigga interesting, practicing dick sucking skills. Get your own Daddy.

“Omg. Ew. I would NEVER do that. Besides I got my man. Well next time he takes you shopping go to (insert store) and i want ( insert item, size, color, model) 😌”…..bitch

So not only have you HIGHKEY passive aggressively shamed me, but you wanna benefit from what im doing to survive?! Bitch if you don’t go ask your “MAN” for whatever you want. Tf? Its so disrespectful on many levels. And closed minded. And the bitch is my best friend. So as you can imagine, my trust issues are a 50 ft tall wall and I need new friends. I would say some hoe friends but can you believe that some hoe bitches will really be uppity about SB’s? Like bitch you suck a dick on the first night after texting for a week and going through the Zaxby’s drive through!! I’ve really had enough.

So about my wreck

everything is fine, but i do need help.

it’s gonna cost me about $2000

Money that would take a lot of time for me to make, if my job even sticks with me (they’ve been making lots of cuts.. and p much are trying to get it to where they don’t have to have anybody working up there at all)
The other reason im asking for help is because my family is in a very tight finacial situation. My dad has been gone for 3 months, trying to make up some more money. and now the hospital just sent us another bill saying he pretty much owes every cent he just made. He’s under so much stress and is so…unhappy… i just want to do everything i can, and i need your guys help. .

So of course i will be doing commission work, prices slightly raised

  • Chibi: $8
  • Profile: $8
  • Bust: $ 10
  • Waist up: $15
  • full: $20
  • Color: $3
  • shading $2
  • Simple background: $3

            I also have a patreon if you guys want to                                                                  donate or reap the benefits of certain tiers
Message me for further details

Elementary - What I'd Like To See

When are the Elementary showrunners going to realize that it’s a show about Joan Watson, a 40-something year old, very successful, woman of color, who decided to change the course of her life and embark on something new, challenging, and exciting for herself? Sherlock is her friend, an amazing character, of course, and I love his characterization and choices they made for him on Elementary, I do. And JLM, a dreamboat. But this time, it’s not just him. He’s been done. It’s Joan Watson’s story now. She is the role model we need. Strong, body confident, so intelligent, doesn’t take any shit, yes. But also caring, and forgiving, and she makes mistakes, and she learns from them, and she moves on. Watson has always been the heart to Holmes’ head, but here we have the chance for them to learn from each other in a modern and relevant way, relevant to our lives, how to make us the viewer into better people. Joan Watson gives me hope that I can be just as smart as her, as fashionable, as confident, as empathetic as she is while still remaining a whole person.
I want Elementary to be her show.

School Advice Masterpost

15 / 11 / 2015 - UPDATED

I figured it would be useful to write a masterpost where I link detailed advice on a lot of school and college topics so you have a nice and condensed list for the future! Just click the topic you need some help on and you’ll be hyperlinked right through it ;)

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♥ How to Kickstart School/Freshman Year

♥ Textbook Studying Tips, Tricks & Advice

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♥ My Note Taking Method + Color Coordination

♥ My Top 40 Study Tricks and Tips

♥ Binder Organization and Setup

♥ Backpack Essentials + How to Choose a bag for School

♥ 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Studying




Next in the ‘do a bust shot for the Voltron children cause they’re beautiful’ is Keith  the problem babe. – more in line with keeping style tho. Remebered I had a pen I loved to use so I spammed the shit outta that.

Tho my attempts at trying to keep the style simple failed when I did the eyes cause oops. – also extra text that didn’t make the final cut.

I haven’t done a full colored piece in months so I need to be able to do them proper before trying commissions else I’ll just work for 8h on something and hate it and start over.


But yeah. I hope you’re doing alright today. Take a break, some time to stretch, eat and drink if you gotta <3 Take care of yourselves like the Paladin’s would want you too.

1. Equate your own skin to silk and believe it is just as
priceless to match. Your body is a temple you’ve never been
very good at praying toward; it’s time to finally appraise
the stardust inside of you.

2. You will command your hands to push paint to a canvas
and a pen to paper. You will create, create, create until you
feel as full of color as your artwork. 

3. ‘Tomorrow’ will not be a terrifying word anymore.
You will train myself to take time by its clock hands like 
a horse, rein in positivity and the courage to say that you
will not be a victim of your disorders. 
(This war was never theirs to win in the first place.
Their blades hold no advantage over your bite.)

4. I will only give advice when asked for it. I will only 
take peoples’ hearts in mine if I know what is within
them. I will not let myself breathe in their blood like
air, like I need it to survive. I will learn that I only 
need myself. Always.

5. Your bedroom is not a tomb. Your house is not a
home, but it’s not a prison either. Make the best out
of bad situations from now on. Self-pity isn’t pretty.

6. Quit drinking rum while you’re sad. Actually, quit
drinking while you’re sad in general. The higher your
blood/alcohol content does not equal how high your
spirits lift. Leave the bottle alone and write.

7. You do not need to evaluate every sentence someone
mutters in your direction. You are not the center of 
everything. You are not the sun, but when you are at peace
with yourself the light you give off could burn a hole 
through every tear you’ve ever cried. Remember that.

8. Be okay without him.

9. Be okay without him.

10. Be okay without him.

—  resolutions for my future self in 2016 (a letter) // Haley Hendrick


Thanks for taking the time to read this, Ill keep it pretty short. I’m a trans guy, and I need to refill my testosterone prescription. Unfortunately I don’t have insurance that covers the $60 I need for it. I don’t want to ask anyone for free money, so it would be really helpful if you could commission me.

How it works:

Pay what you want commissions are just what they sound like. With base fees of $2(CAD) for line work and $10(CAD) for colored pieces, you decide whether you can afford to pay more or not(Please don’t take advantage of this if you really can afford more,I put a lot of time and work into my artwork, and these low prices are so I can get all that I need.). 

For this price, Ill only be doing simple backgrounds, and generally nothing more complicated then what you see above. 

I will not be drawing:

  • Mecha
  • Furrys
  • NSFW
  • Complex backgrounds
  • Highly detailed characters.

I will draw:

  • Original characters
  • Tv show/movie/anime characters
  • Real life people

Please email me, or message me here if you are interested or have any questions. 

You know, re-reading that got me thinking again about the other thing that really got me about Satya’s comic. It’s just a thing about Vishkar, but it’s what really stuck with me and made me hate their damn guts. It’s this:

The only time in the whole thing that they show Satya their true colors. 

For context, this is after they had her break into the slumlord of the area they want to control (Calado) instead’s building to try and find information that could destroy her. There were guards inside, but Satya refused to kill them.

Ostensibly, the reason they blew up the whole building was this: There wasn’t any information that could ruin Calado, so they needed to destroy her in another way. 

But throughout the entire comic, Vishkar (and Sanjay) take great pains to convince Satya that they are in the right here, that they are helping the people there (they actually want to hurt them, of course).
Satya was taken by Vishkar when she was very young. She was raised and schooled by them, and kept as isolated as they could possibly manage. Satya is a genius, and they want to control that skill, but they knew that she would never cooperate if she knew their true intentions. 
Every step they took in the comic, things were always kept from Satya, or twisted, or she was outright lied to. Every Vishkar member she spoke to was assuring her they were doing the right thing, that she was saving people. That it was just that people didn’t understand yet, so she had to keep working and saving them. This careful illusion to control her is always shown to be the utmost priority to them. Except there.

It would have been beyond easy for them to whisk her away before doing the dirty work and killing all those people she just saved. And not doing so actually went against the extremely careful lengths they’ve gone to to keep her in the dark, especially since the falling building caused all that damage to the people and buildings below!

And that’s just it. 

Making sure Satya thinks they’re doing the right thing isn’t the most important thing to Vishkar. The most important thing is actually making sure that she feels like she can’t ever disobey, no matter what she thinks of them. Even above trying to get her willing cooperation, they want her to feel powerless to do anything else.

Later on, after the fire, they would clean her up and reassure that it was for the best, the “price of rebirth”, once everything was settled. But not in that moment. They let her spare all those people, and then killed them right in front of her eyes. Satya may “not kill if she doesn’t have to”, but those people will be killed anyway. That’s the message they wanted to give her. That her refusal to murder for them meant nothing.

That no matter what she does, things will always end how Vishkar wants them to.