okay, okay, for just a moment of utter randomness before i get back to Blue Lines prompts, I need to babble about LotR-AU thought ideas I’ve had

So, I’ve vaguely considered how entertaining an AU with elf!Sid (dedicated to his duty and ethereal and wow, Geno didn’t know it was even possible for elves to laugh like that) and Ranger!Geno (rangy and familiar with all the wild places and with a slow sideways grin) would be.

BUT.  It never quite clicked for me.  Until I thought oooooh, Beorn tho.  Sometimes a bear Beorn.  Who lives with a shit ton of animals and is nice enough but sometimes an asshole and raises bees and will fuck you right up if you piss him off.  (And who lives right close to the borders of Mirkwood, I’m just saying, I don’t need to be thinking about someone getting into trouble w/ goblins/spiders and someone else coming to the rescue, or lingering at the edges of the woods to listen to that one elf sing or WHATEVER.)

And I’m not going anywhere with this.  (i have so much to do i’m not going anywhere with anything ahahahsob)

But the idea delighted me and I thought it might delight someone else, so.