Quick crappy sketch sorry for the bad quality. Again it’s crunch time so I don’t have time to spend on fan art for a little bit but I just felt like scribbling this idea out.

School AU- Saitama is a perpetually late and laid-back teacher, and Genos is the super-driven ace student who has a huge crush on him. Specifically, there’s this trope in anime/manga where a late character uses the famed shortcut hole through a wall on the way to school. Guess who finds Saitama-sensei on his 2nd day in a row being late? “Hey wait, I’d recognize that butt anywhere!” XD I really just wanted to draw Saitama in an embarrassing situation. Okay I need to go. SHAME.

You’re My Superhero

Okay, I haven’t written in over two years. So please excuse how awkward and clunky this might be, but this little idea wouldn’t leave me alone.

This is basically just self-indulgent fluff between Geno and Uncle Asy within the Momma CQ ‘verse, because goodness knows that AU needs some more fluff in it. Loosely based off of this picture.

I have no idea how cannon this might be, and I really have no idea how to write Asy either, but this was just for fun anyway. You can read it here or on AO3.

MommaCQ © @alainaprana

Geno © @loverofpiggies

Asy © @furgemancs

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Momma CQ Kids & Friends

After reading @alainaprana​’s awesome fanfic about Asy and her comment about him being a great positive influence for Geno (and the kids needing a sitter sometimes), I was inspired to draw, but not just Asy and Geno. I thought about the kids’ friendships with Sugar, Decans and Ink, and this drawing came to me.

I spent all day yesterday on this, so motivation to color it is low, but maybe some other time. I normally dislike the idea of drawing group pictures (so much work ugh), but aside from a bit of frustration with a few parts, I had fun with this drawing. I’m actually mostly satisfied with how it turned out!

Enjoy this couch full of fluff!


Genos is complete! Today was funny!

I woke up pretty late because why not sleep in on a Saturday? Then around 1 I started working to finish Genos. I was hoping that when I finished and headed to Shibuya that there would be a cosplay meet up in Sunshine City, but sadly I walked by the park and only regular park people were there. PARK PEOPLE.

Idk why that’s funny…

I was wearing my makeup and my Genos contacts (I need to get the yellow ones, when j get paid.) and then got a lot of stares and surprises however I was surprised at how many people were just like “meh ok whatever” rather than like “ahhhh!” Or “Nani kore???”

When I got to PARCO in Shibuya I was so excited to get to the One Punch Man store! I really was still hoping for puppets…

When I got there I asked if it was okay for me to cosplay and take photos, and the two cashier ladies were laughing and said it was fine. The funny thing is I’m not sure they realized I meant me actually putting on my cosplay, because they started to get excited and amazed when u brought arm parts out of my shopping bag haha!

I asked the cashier lady and she was so nice and helped me take all the photos of me at the store! I love them all! I was able to get out of my cosplay in the bathroom because I was sweating from walking so much and then from the heat of all the layers. It was intense!

I kept my contacts and makeup on on the way home since I forgot to bring the contact case and solution so I could take it out.

On the way home I got some Dagashi at the Animate because they had a Dagashi Kashi booth there and I got excited since I like the anime so much. I will wait for a Hotaru plush perhaps….

When I got home I realized I should take out the trash. And I piled up all the ramen bowls I’ve eaten bedsides today…. I guess I really like this flavor!

I got some Taiyaki and Azuki Dango on the way home and was prepared for a buffet of sweets and food.

I did my laundry for the first time being at the apartment! There was a 24 hour laundromat by my house about 6 blocks down, so I walked there and decided to get it done.

They include soap and dryer sheets in the gashapon machine which was cool! Only 100¥ for soap. I was able to play a new game I got on sale online Shin Megami Tensei IV, since Final is coming out, and I want to try and play it.

I tried some Fashion Genos for the last bit of the day and I will see what happens tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s Day to my Japan Timezone people!

  • (( I BLAME ROSSO-@Furaitsu and their hot hot construction!AU art))
  • *One of the managers of the construction site stands with Genos going over blue prints.*
  • Manager: Ah, so everything seems to be going to plan?
  • Genos: *Nods* Yes sir. There's just a few points I need to cover.
  • *Saitama walks by in the background carrying I beams on his shoulder as Genos gives a quick glance.*
  • Genos: The structural strength in this area needs to be reinforced...
  • Saitama: *Sets the beams down and wipes the sweat off his forehead*
  • Genos: ...you should also consider this material for this piece to keep it cool when he's hot- IT'S hot! My mistake!
  • Manager: *Arches a brow* okay, anything else?
  • Saitama: *Dusts his hands off as a worker up above knocks a bucket of water down on accident, spilling on Saitama's head as he groans.*
  • Genos: *clears his throat* Yes, you have several areas that need some altering due to- *Saitama takes his shirt off to wring it out* - due to a tight constriction- RESTRICTION! I AM SO SORRY! *Hides face in blueprints*
  • Manager: ...???
A True Hero
  • Like Mommy, the Mini Genos’ are a good judge of character on heroes. ;3
  • -Mumen decides to give Nii a ride home after running into him at a store, but then needs to make a quick stop for a job at a street market-
  • Mumen: Sorry, Nii. I just got to take care of an errand here. I'll be right back, so don't go too far, okay.
  • Nii: [-nods-]
  • -No sooner did he leave a huge crowd came out from around the corner, squealing and chattering excitedly about something. As they passed Nii, a kid accidentally bumps into him.-
  • Kid: S-Sorry. Are you okay.
  • Nii: [-nods-]
  • Kids: My bad. I'm just really excited to meet Mr. Amai Mask. They said he's coming here for a big promo, and I really want him to sign this ball my brother gave me before he moved to college. Amai Mask kind of reminds me of him, and he's my hero /////, and...Ah! I gotta get going, bye.
  • -Nii watches as they struggle to get back into the crowd despite their size. The crowd roaring makes him jump a little, though he assumes this Amai person had arrived.-
  • Kid: [-squeaks in high pitch voice-]M-MR. AMAI MASK!I-I'M ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS! C-COULD YOU PLEASE SI-AH!?
  • -A particularly rabid fanboy knocks into the kids arm and knocks the ball out of their grip easily, and bounce into the street-
  • Kid: O-OH NO...!
  • -Kid runs into the middle of the road and is about to snatch it...but as he does a car rounds the corner and is about to hit him dead on. Nii is about ready to bolt, but then stops in his track as a flash of brown and green brushes passed him and manages grab the kid in one arm before the vehicle makes contact.-
  • Mumen: Whew, that was a close call. Are you okay?
  • Kid: ...M...My...ball...[-about ready to tear up-]
  • Mumen: Ah, you mean, this? [-He'd managed to somehow get the ball caught in his basket when he'd caught him-]
  • Kid: [-gasps-]My ball! [-hugs in close before looking up gratefully-] Th-Thank you, Mister.
  • Mumen: [-smiles and gives the thumbs up-]
  • -Watches as the kid decides to go back to the crowd, though much more carefully. They wave to Mumen and rush back in in the hopes of getting an autograph-
  • Nii: [-clutches his pant leg and looks up at him with an expression of deep approval and admiration-]
  • Mumen: Eh?

Okay so somehow I got this picture in my head that Genos is a huge Star Wars nerd and he knows every bit of trivia there is to know and he will never not watch the movies without his gold arms (cuz they’re the same color as C-3PO’s, and engineered by Dr. Stench per the kid’s request) and when Saitama realizes this, whenever the two are out and they run into a bunch of Demon Cyborg fangirls, Saitama will just get this stupid grin on his face and say, “This is not the droid you’re looking for.”

And at first Genos is so confused, but then he starts playing along too.

And I…yeah…that’s it. I’m sorry I needed to share this. 

Lazy Day
  • *Saitama lays sprawled out on the floor as Genos moves around the apartment cleaning*
  • Saitama: Genos,it's supposed to be a lazy day today. Why don't you sit down?
  • Genos: yes, sensei. I just need to-
  • Saitama: Lazy day,Genos!
  • Genos: I know, but if I could-
  • Saitama: Lazy
  • Genos: -clean the-
  • Saitama: day!
  • Genos: I will only be-
  • Saitama: *grabs Genos and pulls him over, holding him tight while laying on the floor. Whispers as he pets Genos' head.* Lazy day.
  • Genos: ....okay, lazy day *smiles*
Loose Wires(Villain!AU)
  • *Dr.Kuseno repairs one of Genos' parts as he closes up the last panel.*
  • Kuseno: You're all finished, Genos. I had a few stray wire pieces fall but they won't do any harm. They might fall out when you move so there's no need to worry if that happens.
  • Genos: Thank you, doctor.
  • -------
  • Genos: *Picking up laundry as Saitama tries to be sneaky around the corner*
  • Saitama: *Sneaks up on Genos with a grin before grabbing the cyborg* Got ya!
  • Genos: Eh! * A few pieces of wire drop out of his side*
  • Saitama: ....*Stares at the wires as his face goes blank* Ah! Genos I'm sorry! I was just playing around! I didn't mean to break you! It was an accident!
  • Genos: Master it's alright
  • Saitama: *Panics* But your wires!
  • Genos: *Hugs his master's head* It's okay, they're just stray pieces from my last repair. You didn't hurt me at all.
  • Saitama: *Picks Genos up and buries his face in the cyborg's chest while whining*
  • Genos: My goodness, Master

“Let’s go home, Master.”

fuck you cyborg-kun don’t tokyo ghoul me

Damn, this is my favorite scene! It’s like Genos is communicating to Saitama through that drawn out staring and lovely background music *coughs* that HE KNOWS. HE UNDERSTANDS. HE STILL BELIEVES IN HIM. HE WILL STILL FOLLOW HIM NONETHELESS SO IT’S OKAY. HE DOESN’T NEED TO DEFEND HIMSELF TO THAT SHIT OF A CROWD. DON’T MIND THEM ANYMORE. LET’S JUST GO TO OUR HOME.

And need I remind you that he used the term “home”? IT’S THEIR FUCKING HOME. GOD DESTROY MEEEEEE.

I was okay the past few hours

but I think I really need to crash now x’D

what started out as as cough and flu this week turned into a terrible fever and body ache yesterday; a result of non-stop work the past month again;;;;sobs

My eyes feel like they’re burning and watery to the point it looks like crying and it doesn’t help that the next few pages of Last Geno is just filled with red which HURTS TO LOOK AT RN MMMMH

I wanted to answer/see/respond to as many things as possible but I’m really at my limit here x’D

But I want you all to know that even through this sickness, I’ve still been smiling and laughing like an idiot thanks to you crazies and all this LastGeno/50 shades/Emorock/butt talk crap that’s been going on the past few days. Laughter is the best medicine!

I’m gonna get some rest for the day and see a doctor a little later on in the evening!


wait wait derek/stiles thoughtcrimes AU


Stiles is a very goofy FBI agent, loves pop culture and old cartoons and hums the theme songs in his head when he’s driving. He used to be partnered with Scott, but Scott got promoted and now he needs a new partner. And for SOME REASON someone higher up has assigned him a civilian.

Like yeah, okay, he’s super hot, but wtf?

Derek Hale lost ten years of his life to a mental institution because he came online as a telepath/psychic at prom and was completely overwhelmed. Now the FBI wants to pair him with Agent Stilinski (and that must be a joke, because this guy barely looks old enough to vote, let alone carry a gun) to FIGHT CRIME.

If only he can fight crime AND train Stiles out of mentally humming the old spiderman theme.


So I’m at home for the weekend right? (Like home home, not college home where I usually live)

And. I was getting ready for my day, minding my own business, getting pumped for Genos’s voice in the dub tonight when my cousin comes into my room and asks what my plans are for tonight.

I said nothing but opm was on tonight and then they ask “my friend is in a show tonight you wanna come?”

They did not specify what kind of show this was which is how I was convinced to be a good cousin and come with in the first place. And then I get here. And I find out.

And it’s wrestling.

Like, you know, fake wrestling? The wrestling with a bunch of overgrown men in spandex that bathed in baby oil beforehand to make their muscles shiny wrestling.

So I’m pounding back a lot of alcohol (I think I’m at about 4 whiskey sours and a hard cider now) and trying to flirt with the bartender to get my hands on the tv remote at the bar to see one punch man when it airs because clearly I have my priorities straight.

I get my most recent drink and sit back down and my cousin leans over and goes “you’re going to love the next match. One of the guys’ gimmicks is the strongest man”.

And then they wink at me.

And I get that sinking feeling that this is not going to end well.

Naturally, I’m live texting @cinensis this horseshit to educate him on the wonders of white trash America and he’s laughing his ass off. And then not five minutes after Cin gives me false hope that this won’t be a train wreck I hear the music.

It is not the one punch man theme, it is an English cover of the one punch man theme.

The wrestler comes strolling out in Caillou lookin ass trunks and is the tiniest little fucker I’ve ever seen come out half-naked covered in baby oil and he’s screaming like he actually has a chance at taking down the 4 other 200+ pound dudes in the ring.

Listen, he isn’t even bald.

It took 2 minutes and he was the first of the 5 eliminated.

I was very upset. This Saitama impersonator lied to me I have never felt more betrayed.

The bartender still won’t guarantee the remote and headphones for the TV when One Punch Man comes on.

When I say I am convinced I am in a shitty game of Sims, this is why. This and my other cousin that decided to be a nun before she became Catholic.

Send help there are at least 2 more hours to this and I do not have enough money to drown my sorrows in whiskey for much longer.