On History and Pie

Summary:  A nonathletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Will the two make a love connection?  For @devereauxsdisease and @victorineb who love this incarnation of Jack as much as I do.

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They’d chatted at the bakery enough times that Bitty was able to pull the information from Jack. He’d started coming to the bakery about four weeks ago, and during that time Bitty became more and more charmed with the second year grad student.

He always sat in the corner armchair, ordered a black coffee, two macarons and a slice of whatever the pie of the day was. Bitty first noticed him when he came in to order a slice of Weary Willie cake.

Bitty loved his job at the bakery, it gave him some extra cash while he attended Samwell. Whenever Bitty was there, he was the de facto person in charge. Shirley and Spencer, the owners of Bread and Butter adored Bitty.

“We never had any kids of our own, so you’re the closest thing to it, Bitty,” Shirley said to him one evening over a cup of earl grey tea.

So Bitty stood there, face to face with the bluest eyes he’d ever seen the first time Jack walked in. The Clark Kent glasses in front of them did nothing to hide the fact that they were beautiful. It was a good face, a handsome face. He was burly and tall, and Bitty loved that. He smiled, and Bitty’s body language invited Blue Eyes to speak.

“Can I get a slice of the Weary Willie cake?”

“Sure can, handsome,” Bitty said as he began to ring up Blue Eyes’ order, who blushed furiously. “What else can I do you for?”

“Coffee. Black. Medium, please,” he replied looking down at the counter.

“Why don’t you go find yourself a seat and I’ll bring it out to you,” Bitty said with a warm smile.

“Thank you,” Blue Eyes said softly and then turned to walk toward the corner armchair.

When Bitty approached, Blue Eyes had pulled out a laptop and several textbooks, the one on top of the pile was called Foundations of Modern European Intellectual History.

“Doing a little light reading, huh?” Bitty said as he put the cake and coffee on the side table.

“Oh, haha. Yes.”

“Do you go to Samwell?”

“I’m finishing up my masters in history there,” he said as he held up his book.

“That’s great. I haven’t seen you here before,” Bitty said wanting to know more about History Blue Eyes.

“I saw the chalkboard outside listing the Weary Willie cake and the history nerd in me became curious.”

“Look at you! You certainly are a history major.”

“Did you make the cake?” Jack asked raising his eyebrows.

“Sure did. My moomaw had the recipe from her mama.”

“Well, it’s not often I find a somewhat obscure historical reference on my way back to the history building.” 

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I miss Zayn so muchhhhhhhhhh😭 when is he ever going to perform on stage again?? Like I respect whatever decisions and career choices he makes, I just miss seeing him perform on stage 😩💔where are you zayn 😩😩😩💔💔💔

i just miss his face and his tweets and i miss being excited about new zayn content….. but also i love how he’s taking time to himself and keeping his privacy…. i’m always so torn about it. as long as he’s happy (but also i would sell my soul to see him perform live)

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: even after two years of fail ships and the non-dying obsession of stendan BK is still forcing ships with no chemistry whatsoever down our throats. In spite of all the negative feedback that these ships receive the writers still like to imply that they are a powerful couple that are loved by all. First we had to deal with the reunion of stug and witness the Oprah Winfrey show guest reject kissing Ste AGAIN. Then we had to deal with Mcshit which was even worse because having Ste kiss that human reptile is like having broccoli on pizza. As if those two shitfest ships weren't enough we now have to deal with St***y even though Ste would never sleep with a teenager. Especially one who looks like he's just taking a strong dose of night-nurse. And the only reason anybody likes him is because they're too busy looking at his nipples to notice that he can't act. Stendan were a power couple and nobody can ever replace them. Seeing Ste with anyone who isn't Brendan is like driving past McDonald's. I just miss Emmett and his sexy face.
Titans we have heard on High (SnK Christmas Carol)
Titans we have heard on High (SnK Christmas Carol)

Titans we have heard on high (Angels we have heard on high SnK Parody)

Lyrics by me, but I don’t own SnK or the original song~

//I literally started making this up this morning and it has developed into this beauty I hope you all enjoy this and my shitty singing. Sing it yourself it you want but please give me credit owo


 Titans we have heard on high

Armin screams majestically

Humanitys strongest is Levi

And Eren is a fucking dweeb


Oh They died

Oh they died

Including Marco

All the fucking characters

Oh They died

Oh we cried

Especially Marco

Every fucking character

Soldier’s hearts to humanity

With their long sharp blades drawn

Giving hope to you and me

Let’s pray that they’ll stay strong


Until they died

Yup they died

Well there goes our plan

We’ll beat those Titans next time

Levi just sighed

Then Petra died

And his entire squad

I’m so fucking done with this

Come and join the Recon Corps

Theres an outside world to see

Jean looks like a fucking horse

Mikasa’s so badass to me


Hope they don’t die

Or I’ll fucking cry

Please just let them live

My beloved characters

Marco’s death was a lie

He’s probably just shy

I miss his freckled face

Man this fucking show

See Commander Handsome

And his awesome eyebrows

Or Hanji’s titans

Maybe even Eren’s key


Sasha loves her taters fried

Krista is a god

And ymir’s a stalker

Titan shifters everywhere

Annie whooped Erens ass

Connie has no swag

Bert and Reiner are gay

But I love this fucking show