it seems niall’s been traveling in economy class thru asia and that makes me so :’) he’s trying to get the authentic backpackers experience (as much as you can while being a millionaire popstar) and actually seeing new places in the world rather than just the insides of hotel rooms and bread vans i just feel so HAPPY oh my god i love niall w/ all my heart


the Liar Liar boys deserve many good things, like visiting Disneyland, and being cuddly goofs between jobs(*´▽`*)


I love so much how, when given the opportunity to take a break to relax and feel good, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl choose to sit and watch the sunset together.

I know that, in theory, love is supposed to be soft.
I have felt soft love, before, but—
for the last two months, love has been
sledgehammer to my nervous system.
It keeps taking me out at the knees.
For the thousandth time, I remind myself
that want and need are two different things.
I remind myself,
to be needed is not love.
I kiss like a seed trying desperately
to put down roots in wet soil.
I keep trying to turn wild animal.
He keeps trying to make a home from my skeleton.
Neither of us is doing this the right way.
In spite of that, we keep crashing our bodies together:
expecting someone to catch us even when we’ve become
falling anvils,
cartoon pianos,
sticks of live dynamite.
I’ve done this song and dance before. I already know
I will let him turn me shelter
even while my roof is leaking.
I’ll put my mouth everywhere that hurts.
I’m good at it: unearthing my foundations
and giving them to other people.
It’s no wonder I have trouble standing on my own two feet.
It’s no wonder I’m so prone to slide downhill.
Even then, I still believe in a love that will meet me
at my own altar.
A love that patches the holes in the ceiling.
A love who comes, heart in hand,
and means it.
—  UNTIL THEN by Ashe Vernon

he acts like he doesn’t miss me when i come home from university for the first couple hours but when it’s time for bed the cuddles are On


“That’s something that’s so unique to Dickens; it’s that he’ll create a really despicable character, and then make them… Make you kind of laugh at them. The things that really trip you up though are those extraordinarily long sentences that Dicknes uses.” - Richard Armitage


his smile is my weakness

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Your apolline verse fics are killing me omg 😭😭 any chance you'd write more?? 💕

Literally 30% of my time is spent on the Apolline verse, you unleashed the kraken  :

  • Grantaire brought a tiny teeny kitten home one day, because it was alone, it was raining, he didn’t have the heart to leave it there. Apolline immediately fell in love with it, chasing the little creature around on her wobbly legs. She kept pursuing it everywhere, calling it “Nou”, since she couldn’t pronounce “minou” (aka kitty). They never gave the cat away. His name is now officially Nou.
  • Grantaire works from home, so he takes care of her during the day. Enjolras is SO envious, he keeps asking for pics and snapchats all the time!
  • Enjolras has great original fairytales, stories of destituted princes, of villages saved by ordinary heroes, of despotic kings brought to hell. But Grantaire has epic tales taken from Tolkien and Greek Mythology. He acts them out, taking her toys like props, casting Enjolras as an elf and himself as a dwarf. Bedtime always takes longer than it should, to be honest.
  • Enjolras got a minimalist lyre tattooed on his wrist to symbolise his daughter. Grantaire has her birthday in roman numerals, just under the hyacinth tattooed above on heart
  • If Enjolras has to go away for a week because of work, he’ll get cranky as hell. He’ll only light up but when he gets an unexpected call and hear a little voice : “Papa?”. He’ll tear up man. Don’t test him. He just loves his smol citizen so damn much.
  • Apolline once wanted to dress as a princess for Halloween. Enjolras didn’t have the heart to say no but put one condition : it had to be a badass princess. Well, he didn’t say badass because that’s a bad word, but the idea was there. She dressed as Merida, Cosette did her hair and she collabed with Jehan to make the dress.

favorite character meme

  • four relationships  → Michael Guerin & Amy Deluca

“- That was some guffaw.
- Guffaw?
- Yeah, my mother. Great first impression.
- Why would I want to make an impression?” 

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(1) Hello, I just wanted to ask you what your opinion on Sarah Urie is. I know she's dated guys in bands before Brendon so people like to insult her and say she's just using Brendon, but I think that's insulting to Brendon. I think he's intelligent enough to know when he's being used and would have detected that before marrying her. I also know people like to dog her out of jealousy. I don't like either of those things but I just feel like she's kind of cold and distant. She doesn't seem to get

(2) involved with the fandom the way, for example, Tyler Joseph’s wife, Jenna does. She also doesn’t seem that happy when Brendon accomplishes things and doesn’t show a lot of personality in his vines. I know it’s not our place to speculate about Brendon’s marriage but I was just curious as to what your opinion is.

sarah is generally a pretty private lady, she’s shy, and you know an amount of time ago she was getting harassed and hate sent to her at any given moment, the bandom REAAALLYY despised her, and you know you’re not gonna wanna be active in a fandom where you’re hated, plus she was less active after the big stalker shebang. BUT she is a lot more active now, tweeting more, responding to people, she made a new insta just so we could get more from her! She’s become more outgoing since the scopes id say? she’s a very sweet person, everyone that i’ve seen that has met her only has good stories to tell, she honestly REALLY cares for brendon 

(and posts a lot more of him for us + gets him to try new things (she brought up how you can turn off snaps from people you’re not friends with, so id say we wouldnt b getting brendons use of snapchat if it werent for her))

and she does show excitement towards Brendon’s accomplishments, sometimes more so than brendon himself. She really does care about him and she does care about us fans too, but even when she was dating jeremy, and even NOW she still gets a lot of hate and it can b hard u kno?? like i said, she’s shy (we had barely anything of her even talking before the scopes), somewhat self conscious, and to be thrown into a spotlight just bc youre with someone can be hard, even if you expect it. But also even if she wasnt active, it’s not like she HAS to be. It’s her decision and we gotta remember&respect that.

but like….. as 4 my personal opinion… on her…. i love her….. so much…… i want 2 give her like 3 puppies as a thank u for bein alive…..

Older T/JJ headcanons and things:

  • Jimmy Junior gets Tina a calico kitten as a housewarming gift when they get their first apartment together
    • But for real, it was a gift for him and that kitten is spoiled rotten
  • During Jimmy Junior’s first Thanksgiving with the Belchers, he accidentally rubs Bob’s leg under the table thinking it’s Tina’s
  • Tina and Jimmy Junior like to cook together, and Tina gets Jimmy Junior a frilly pink apron that says “I kiss better than I cook”
  • Gene helps Jimmy Junior pick out an engagement ring
  • Jimmy Junior proposes to Tina at Pie in the Sky
  • Their wedding is in early May
  • Tina’s first pregnancy is unplanned, it happened after the condom broke during a particularly rough night
  • The smell of burgers makes Tina sick while she’s pregnant, which leads Bob to fear his grandchild takes after the Pestos too much
  • Jimmy Junior has deep fears and doubts about what kind of father he will be, and these concerns often manifest themselves in his dreams
    • The dreams never really go away, but they become less frequent over time
  • Tina goes into labor while she and Jimmy Junior are having sex
  • They probably have one more kid, planned this time
  • Jimmy Junior has sympathy pains on and off throughout her pregnancies
  • They are so in love with each other, their kids are disgusted with them all the time 
  • Friend:I think you might have a slight obssession with hancock
  • Me:Hancock? Who even is that I have no idea- *trips* *thousands of pictures of hancock spill out* those aren't mine i swear im just holding them for a friend i- *slips on a pile of pictures* sh i t look i swear these arent mine i just- *more pictures fall out as i fall to my knees trying to pick up all the pictures* hang on juST LISTEN

clarke walking into the throne room and finding lexa with the nightbloods. clarke seeing how caring and proud lexa is of them. clarke suddenly seeing her future with lexa, maybe with children of their own. clarke and lexa hoping, dreaming, and working for a future where there is peace and they can be happy. and maybe it’s a pipe dream but at least they can dream together.