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What words were used in the mutual break up? If they didn't actually say break up then it didn't happen.

Okay I don’t remember all the specifics because it was pre-taped (only got to watch once) but (and this line has already been spoiled) “From now on when people ask me who my first girlfriend **was**, I’ll always say Riley Matthews” and Riley replies with something similar regarding Lucas. The whole conversation is basically them accepting their relationship is over due to circumstances and kind of just fondly reminiscing about it. Like I said, it’s very mutual/amicable. Just because the words “I’m breaking up with you” weren’t involved doesn’t mean that it didn’t basically happen. It totally did. It’s exactly how I broke up with my college bf almost.

Contrast that whole scene with Augava who later have a scene together saying they’ll love each other and be each other’s husband/wife no matter what/despite the circumstances……I mean….

Re-Watching Once Upon a Time: Season 3, Episode 16 "It's Not Easy Being Green"

I like that Killian and Henry get to spend so much time together.

I hope we get to see more Captain Cobra scenes in season 6!

I want to see Henry interact more with his mother’s True Love.


I reiterate my earlier statement. This show should be called Once Upon a Family Tree.


There are several reasons I hate Zelena, but one of them is basically her whole reason for doing things: jealousy.

I just hate that. She’s so petty and childish and immature that she literally wanted to change the past to get everything Regina had.

I get she had a crappy home life, but seriously?

Grow the fuck up.

And don’t even get me started on the season 4 disaster…

Ok at first I was like yikes who suggested PEARL take the typically-always-shat-on-and-undervalued-servant role of the fake restaurant that’s kinda mean

But then I realized

The whole taking their orders and being nice and subservient about it was literally just a trick to beat them at their own game and passive-aggressively as hell mess with them and get them to stop acting like power-hungry jerks.

She totally called dibs on the waitress role the second the plan was explained ok. I bet she insisted on it.

Like seriously watch her face during the whole scene

Look at her little smile right before handing their orders to Steven she’s getting the biggest kick out of it and I love it

I just love the scene when Stoick sees Valka again. Like he’s not angry/upset “you were alive this whole time why didn’t you come back?” Nor was he (I can’t find a better word than relieved) he didn’t react the same way he did when he found out Hiccup was alive after that battle with the Red Death.

Stoick was just awestruck. She was living with dragons this whole time. Of course she would. It was silly to think that she wouldn’t survive among dragons. She and Hiccup are so much alike in that aspect. And after all these years she’s just as beautiful as the day he fell in love with her.

The way how that scene was written is just so great. Most of the time when there’s a reunion scene, it’s one character so happy that the other is alive then a comedic angry reaction. Stoick didn’t have any of that. In that scene he wasn’t shown to be happy or angry that Valka is alive, but rather he got to fall in love with her all over again. And for once the Haddock family was whole….. until Stoick died trying to protect Hiccup.

“Identity Crisis”: Rilaya (part II)

Is Upstate one of my favourite episodes? Yes.

The girls run away to Shawn’s house. They take the subway. Hey Jordan! I thoroughly believe Jordan existed only to invalidate the L*caya meeting. Here’s a boy who responds to what’s being said to him, who immediately interacts with a pretty girl and FEELS something instantly. Lucas is a face. Just a face. No words, no actions. Just…a face made. But time restraints have this scene cut, likely to make time for Shory flashback and handshake…you know, “give the people what they want” ;) All for the better.

The most significant part of this episode (and the whole arc) is this:

Please keep in mind this very convenient and explicit “coincedence” (Can I just fangirl for a sec and say OMGG SHAWN AND MAYA FOUND THEIR LOVES THIS IS ALL EVER WANTED FROM THIS SHOW 😍.🙌🏾  GOD BLESS) *clears throats* anyways, from Michael Jacobs:

Rilaya is not Shory 2.0; it was never that way. Never. Let’s….*audience pan* SPOT! THE! DIFFERENCE!

Riley Matthews: “I always wanted us to be together” *sleeps over Maya’s house because she never wants Maya to feel bad*
Cory Matthews: *does not notice Shawn’s not himself until he brings it up and teases him about it*
Riley Matthews: *notices Maya’s changing before she even does and works to get her back*
Shawn Hunter: *thinks he became Cory based on a concept (comfortable, cozy and wise), Cory’s gotta tell him he’s not actually like what he’s describing*
Maya Hart: *becomes Riley with noticeable attention to detail and accuracy; she KNOWS Riley, inside out* 
Cory and Shawn: *live two completely separate lives*
Riley and Maya: *live together in 2022*

When Riley goes to correct Cory on the best thing that happened to him by saying it was Topanga, Maya’s playing with that ring

I love this friendshipTM and sisterhoodTM.

Let’s speed this up,

Maya says she was attracted to Riley at first sign…or first listen. Riley says “Hello” which has it’s own romantic meaning (X), Riley brings back the ‘best thing that ever happened to me’ talk which she originally allotted to Corpanga, This happened: (the canvas painted as the bi flag)

and then this happened

and then this happened

how can you tell me she loves lucas friar? this is the ultimate face of pleasure, peace and contentment. she seems to make NO mistake giving up Lucas

and then THIS happened:

me @ the crew: now ur just getting rude! seriously having Danielle walk across the set just so you can get these 3 shots?

Can i Rilaya!Summarize True Maya in less than 8 sentences to spare your poor eyes? Let’s see!

  1. Rapunzel is a romantic fairytale when a princess brushes her hair and sings and her lover climbs in through the window.
  2. The same thing happens with Rilaya and Maya calls Riley’s Rapunzel (theory courtesy of rilayabookwyrm)
  3. Christopher Park on Christopher Street was a location of Stonewall LGBT civil right riot (theory courtesy of lunequireves)
  4. The film Stonewall received backlash because character Danny throws the brick that starts the riots”
  5.  There’s a heart inside Maya’s Hope graffiti
  6. Dorothy and Friend of Dorothy have very specific meanings (X)
  7. 6 sentences. Not bad.
  8. And that’s a wrap!

ADDICTED15: day 11 » a scene you keep reading

“Luna Hale,” I reply. “Let me tell you the secret of the universe.”
She rubs her eyes with her fist, but the tears just keep flowing. “The entire universe?”
“The entire universe,” I affirm. “Your worth isn’t dictated by the number of friends you have. You can have zero friends and still be the most amazing, spectacular person in the whole galaxy. You want to know why?”
“Why?” Her voice is meek, but the waterworks have ended.
“Because the love friends give you isn’t even comparable to the love you give yourself.”

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Top 5 Alec smiling moments

oH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ASK!!!!!! oKAY this is gonna be long so i hope you are ready!!!!

5. thAT SMILE THO it will definitely be the death of me someday

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4. im pretty sure this one explains itself so there is no need for me to sAY HOW MUCH I LOVE WHEN HE SMILES LIKE THAT RIGHT?

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3. wHAT THE HELL this shOULD BE ILLEGAL (okay i need to say that this one isnt top 1 just bc im lazy af and dont want to edit the whole post and change this to first place - but consider this as if it was #1 bc it sure as hell is #1 in my heart)

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2. tHIS SCENE WAS GOLD AF never forget

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1. aND alec smiling at magnus obviously!!!! my precious bbys!!! all malec scenes are #1 in my heart tbh

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put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

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What's your favorite part of ACOTAR?

Can I say all of it?! Because I really did love every minute of it! 

some of my favorite things about voltron: legendary defender are, but are not limited to: 

  • hunk’s recurring role as a leg/the legs in the most diverse occasions; 
  • hunk. just. hunk. his existence must be appreciated. 
  • no but seriously he’s really smart and perceptive, and even though he’s easily one of (if not the) character with most comic relief scenes/lines, his characterization is not limited to that and i love it so much. so damn much. 
  • pigde and shiro being the cutest friends/siblings ever (shiro basically adopted pidge do not contradict me i swear will fight you on this. this is really important to me.);
  • also, pidge being tiny and absolutely fucking brutal;
  • pidge in general;
  • the whole team in general tbh, i love all of them;
  • the designs for all the alien species omg seriously the balmerans are gorgeous and frankly refreshing as a species design (the arusians and those green lion planet sloths are really cute too) 
  • speaking of aliens: 
  • allura being not only a beautifully well-rounded character but also an absolute badass and an actual goddess; 
  • on the subject of strenght, have you seen hunk’s arms? Ripped. the boy is ripped. like, yes, he’s fat, but also clearly very healthy and really freaking strong? this is so good, seriously. when do we ever see that kind of thing? almost never, that’s when; 
  • on that note, how different everyone’s body type is, even with most of them being thin/fit; 
  • keith just. jumping into action and everyone yelling after him;
  • keith not remembering new names; 
  • keith not really getting jokes/being overall pretty awkward but still sassing the shit out of lance; 
  • following up on that other one, keith talking about having bonded with lance and cradled him in his arms like that’s there’s nothing weird at all with his word choice; 
  • lance thinking he’s hot shit and everyone just rolling their eyes; 
  • lance being overall obnoxious but also very sweet and caring a lot about his team?? i love this ridiculous kid??? so much???? 
  • also the fact that lance seems to be the most homesick of them all? it’s so sad  :( ? 
  • back to keith, “I AM YOUR PALADIN. I’M BONDING WITH YOU. HEY!”
  • “Good kitty,” like what the fuck keith where is your brain-to-mouth filter why do you just up and say weird stuff like that, like, do you know what that does to me;
  • talking about lions and bonds: that fucking twist at the season finale hagfsahjsfgkjsdhkk wtf no my heart omg i was not expecting that, holy shit, 
  • the fact that the druids tortured poor shiro but for some god-forsaken reason apparently were considerate enough to heep his undercut pristine;
  • on the subject of shiro: his eyeliner
  • shiro basically parenting a bunch of teens who are probably only about six or so years younger  (at least i think so? idk anyone’s age and that bothers me like hell tbh)
  • also, anything coran says or does at any given moment ever;
  • coran’s moustache; 
“I’m gonna bust”

anonymous asked: Could you please do a vernon smut where you give him a blow job ? But can you write it from his perspective and theyre dating. Thanks

Summary: Vernon invites you over to hang out and watch movies, which ends up with you both in a very explicit scene with a quick ending. 

Warnings: terrible smut ahead! 

I hope this is okay for you guys! I know it’s not the best! 

As soon as he opened the door, Vernon knew tonight would be a long one. 

Your cute short hair was down and hanging just above your shoulders, your thick thighs and lovely ass shoved into a pair of tiny yoga shorts. Don’t even get him started on the way your- well his, oversized baggy t-shirt almost engulfed you whole. 

Vernon prayed to whatever God that was out there that you wouldn’t want to roll up into your usual ball and cuddle with him tonight. However, the God’s weren’t listening to his silent prayers today.

You immediately threw your arms around your boyfriends frame, almost clinging to him like a koala, and that’s when he knew that the long night had just begun.

You were unusually cuddly this movie night, you guys weren’t even watching anything scary, in fact, Vernon intentionally rented a children’s movie just so there would be no sex scenes. 

His hormones were running wild lately, especially during the hot weather and seeing you in short shorts and cute frilly tank tops, and god damn those skirts- “No,” Vernon whispered to himself, knowing his wild imagination run wild. 

“What was that?,” You asked curiously, innocent eyes staring up at him as you had turned your head from Zootopia to look at your whispering boyfriend. 

“Um, nothing, I was just saying that this movie is really cute,” Vernon improvised, sweating on the inside. 

You shrugged, turning back to look at the movie, but not before planting an innocent kiss on the side of his cheek. Which obnoxiously, wasn’t that innocent of a gesture to Vernon’s raging testosterone. 

He could already feel a slight tightness in his jeans just by staring at you when you walked in the door, and it was already increasing by the second. 

He silently looked up at the ceiling, his face scrunching in almost a painful like expression. 

He didn’t notice the way you had completely turned away from the children’s movie to look up at him and smirk. He didn’t notice that you’ve purposely been dressing more for him lately. He didn’t notice when you noticed his growing bulge in his pants. 

Vernon didn’t notice any of those things, he was too busy trying not to notice you, and the way you were curled into him, your thighs caressing his. 

“Vernon?” You said, causing him to jump, almost out of his skin. “Do you want me to help you?” Your voice was low and sensual. 

Vernon couldn’t help but send one more prayer to any God that was listening that you meant what he thought he meant, and this time, it seemed they had their ears wide open. 

“W-with what?” Vernon trembles, his bulge growing by the second as you look up at him with that innocent look. 

“You know what I mean,” You say, motioning with your hand to Vernon’s growing cock. 

He gulps, taking a deep breath before nodding. This was the moment his teenage hormones have been waiting for. He never wanted to pressure you, so he never asked, little did he know that you were just waiting for him to.

“Please,” Vernon pleads, feeling quite pathetic, yet ecstatic with every passing moment you stared at him.

You tied your hair up, getting in front of him on your knees. “You’re gonna have to help me, I’ve never done this before.” You admitted.

Vernon groaned, finding it almost too hot that the first dick in your mouth was going to be his. “I’ll guide you through it, if you need to stop, let me know” He calmed you, wanting to make sure you were 100% okay with what was about to go down. Literally. But, truth is, this has only happened one other time with his previous girlfriend, and it wasn’t terrible, but he knew the one from you would be much better. 

Vernon watched silently as you pulled down his zipper, your hands shaking slightly as you smiled up at him. His heart warmed, but so did his ballsack. 

“Remember, you don’t h-, Oh fuck!,” What started out as a comforting lecture turned into a loud exclaim from the boy.

You had taken his swollen cock in your hand, and squeezed, hard, and boy, did Vernon not expect that, especially mid-sentence. 

“Baby, you gotta slow down,” Vernon panted, almost ready to blow his load all over your pretty face. “Don’t squeeze so hard,” He choked out a smile. 

Vernon sat back and let you absorb his words, not wanting to pressure you, but also not wanting to cum so fast. After watching you sit and look perplexed for a good 10 seconds, he finally gave some advice, “Lick your hand, baby,” He said, his voice a lot calmer than before, but still choked, “It will help with lubrication,” He explained. 

Vernon sat with bated breath as you licked your hand, his mind going completely into the teenage boy gutter after seeing your fingers coated in saliva. He almost choked on his own spit when you slowly grabbed his cock in your tiny hand, the wetness allowing you to slide it through. 

“That’s i-it, baby girl, just like that,” Vernon encouraged, sitting back with his eyes closed, “U-um, if you want to, y-you can put it in your mouth?,” He suggested, almost as a question. His lips quirked up at the sides when he heard your small chuckle. The smile quickly faded as you licked the side of his head, causing his hand to jolt to the back of your head. “I-I’m so sorry!” He sputtered, his eyes shooting open as he saw that he had accidentally jerked your head to where your mouth was now engulfing his swollen head. 

He let out a small sigh of relief (and pleasure) when you shook your head, waving your hand as a signal that it was okay. “Just, t-tell me if you need to s-stop.” He grunted. 

You shut him up by licking his head again, this time fully, and Vernon was sure this wouldn’t last long. 

He couldn’t hold in his moans as you slowly took more of him in, silently choking on the girth of his cock. Vernon thought it was hot, but couldn’t help but let out a teeny smile at the way your cheeks were puffed out around him.

His hand lay still on the back of your head, gently stroking your hair to comfort you. But, his stroking stopped as his cock reached the hilt of your throat, causing Vernon to thrust harshly on instinct. You gagged around him and he moaned loudly, trying so hard to not put your hair into a makeshift ponytail and fuck your mouth. 

“Fuck, sweetheart,’ Vernon cried out, his head thrown back, and just like 20 minutes before, staring at the ceiling and trying to hold himself back. 

And just as before, you look up at him with the same wide eyed innocent look, and before he can stop himself, he lets out a loud moan, almost animal like, and the only words he can think of to warn you are, “I’m gonna bust!” 

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Listen, I don't care who dies (that's a lie, I care too much) as long as I can see Michonne pull Rick's hair and Rick slap her ass when they're having sex. I also want them to make things official and get married and make babies. And kill Negan. I love you, by the way.

Same, my friend. Same. I would offer up my whole entire bank account to just see Rick feeling on Michonne’s booty, preferably while she’s on top of him. 👀 I know AMC is never gonna give it to me, so fanfiction will have to suffice, but seriously, just about any sex scene will do. You know Michonne be all up in that hair every chance she gets. (I love the way she can’t even help herself.)

But also, while we’re at it, I’d like to see them hug. I want more kisses, like right before they’re about to leave one another for a little while. And/or when they come back together. I want more hand-holding, food sharing, and lying on the couch together, and Michonne wearing Rick’s murder coat, and all that coupley shit people do when they’ve been together for a long time. And I know they haven’t been together for a long time, but they have. ☺️

Also, I definitely wanna see them fight together! I know Negan’s demise is probably a long way off, but I want them to at least fuck up some bitches in the meantime. The raid in 6x12 would’ve been the perfect opportunity for some Mr. & Mrs. Smith-type shenanigans, if only Daryl hadn’t been there, but oh well. I will futilely also hope for that in S7.

I can chill on babies for now, but it would be awesome if we got a wedding sooner than later. Ugh, I want everything. Richonne is literally the only reason I’m still any kind of excited about this show, so I really want them to have the world this season. Individually, and together. 

And I love you too, thanks boo! ❤️

Jeremy Renner- American Pie

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  1. the whole “lets get high and drop all this, right?” scene :’’’)
  2. every time they hug!!!
  3. zeus poops and shoes
  4. STOHP, CHORLAH!!! THIS GAAAYME HAS GONE ON LAWNG ENUOUGH.   & how charlie just keeps saying “Eh” hdfkgjkhdg
  5. “was your form off” from the world series defense

@dennisreynolds 💕💕💕