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we get it you’re in love… THE LEVEL OF RUDENESS IS TOO HIGH

jhope if you don’t calm tf down i will personally come to skorea and fight you, if my heart doesn’t explode first  c╏ ಡ д ಡ ╏୨


♥ p3r5on4′s Endless List of Favourite Characters. (1/?) ♥

Tales of Zestiria - Mikleo (Luzrov Rulay)

“Get over yourself. 
Do you really think this is your dream alone?"

anonymous asked:

I haven't ran in years! I'm currently trying to get back into it but I don't know of a good running plan to ease into running for longer periods. Any advice?

Hey sweety!


Yes, yes - how cliché that the zombie runner should suggest the ZR! 5k app, but listen: 

I was not able to run if my life depended on it (really no pun intended). If I had to run for 30 sec to catch my train I would be panting and be all dizzy for 10 minutes to follow. I could hardly even take the stairs because I was in such a bad condition. And then my coworker said “You should try a c25k app” and I thought he as being hilarious because no matter WHAT I would never ever be able to run. You get me? 

And then. 7,5 weeks into the 9 week 5k training I kind of ran a 10k. BY MISTAKE. I’m still not sure how the heck I managed to do that, but um… well… It’s a good app! :D 

If you’ve never run before - it’s the BEST!
If you have run before but want to ease into it and get back in shape - it’s equally the BEST! Just run a bit faster, see? :) 

Also, the best thing: It’s SUPER fun! You’ll love the story and the characters, and this is what will keep you going because yes sure, maybe you are a bit sore and tired today but WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT and then all of a sudden you are out running again because you will want to find out. 

So yeah. Zombies, Run! 5k. Try it, love it, and let me know, ok? <3

And, of course: Good luck! :D


I look the way I look. As you get older, you don’t care that much. I am who I am. The military had something to do with that, because you get torn down so much, you grow thick skin. I know I look odd. I never think I look cool! [Laughs].
Because of what I do, the way I look is on the forefront, but you can either let it limit you and go down the rabbit hole of, “Oh God, why don’t I look like that?” or use it to fuel you, like, “What’s wrong with being different?” 

- Adam Driver