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Do u happen to have kaisoo gifsets where ji touching ksoo's waist/hips?like in mama award he's trying to be subtle but failed miserably😂 imo it's a romantic gestures shared between them coz ji do it so gently with so much care..🙊 sounds cheesy af ☺

Hi anon! Lol yes I do~ Kaisoo has a thing for touching each other’s waists tbh! 

(>>credit to gif owners<< some of these gifs are mine)

Lol, Nini was not feeling that lady dressed in gold xD

Soo fell so naturally Nini had to save him^^ 

Seriously.. Idk why Nini’s got such a strong grip on Soo’s waist here?! 

The way he lets his hand run down Soo’s back ;;

That possessive grip tho.. O__O thanks media outlets (they love kd as much as we do apparently)

Nini’s hand was just magically drawn to Soo’s waist/stomach ;) (lol look at yeol)

Poke, poke

Both touching each other bonus –>

asexual easy company

I was thinking about this the other day and now I need to write it down. here’s a list of Easy Company men that I could totally see as asexual. (obviously I could probably make an argument for each man in easy company but here are the ones that seem most obvious to me) 

I give you the Ace Squad™

Eugene Roe

I have always had this lingering thought that ace!eugene made all the sense in the world. kind, loving and affectionate, he just doesn’t get why sex is such a big deal? tbh it confuses him a lot, what do you mean people fixate on that sort of thing?

Carwood Lipton

just wants to be loved and romanced, and look after his ducklings is that too much to ask? 

Smokey Gordon

idk I could totally see him finding other things way more interesting than sex and he’s just like *shrug* let’s bake a cake or have a water balloon fight instead 

Skinny Sisk 

is ace/aro and he is literally so happy with friends and his blanket, why complicate things? anyway he likes sleep better than people 

David Webster 

appreciates emotional & romantic connections to a profound level, but sex just doesn’t enter his mind. who needs it when your souls are entwined so closely? 

Chuck Grant 

is tired of being treated like a sex symbol when he doesn’t even want sex. pretty people aren’t obligated to be sexual and thats a lesson he’s proud to have learned and be able to share. 

Johnny Martin

just does not have any desire for that, sorry not sorry. he’s not into the mushy romantic stuff either, but he wouldn’t say no to a best friend that also lives with him for the rest of his life and does domestic-y things like adopting a kitten but hey its whatever 

I could go on, and I probably will at some point, but anyway, those are my go-to ace bros. let me know what y’all think, and if you have an BoB ace/aro headcanons!

Hi Mod. Just wanted to say how much I love a happy, loved up Norman!! He looks so relaxed in those photos, as does Diane and I’m glad they’ve made the statement. I know it won’t stop the haters but let’s hope they are still the small minority who clearly aren’t true fans. Yes, it might not have been handled in the most perfect way to get to this point but tbh I don’t blame either of them considering the hate and vitriol that was out there. Wouldn’t you want to protect each other if that was happening?
Let’s hope they are allowed to enjoy their new, public relationship and that this becomes ‘yesterday’s news’ very quickly. I just want to see a smiley Norman, happy both personally and professionally..he deserves it ❤


tbh i do really like the idea of zelena and hades bc i think the one thing ouat is missing is an evil power couple—and not in like a forced way, like dark captain swan. like the mark of a villain is someone who’s out for themselves—and an evil couple are actively out for each other, whose happy ending is just as fulfilling as the next romantic couple, but it’s different and it’s fucked up

like assuming it’s not a horribly toxic and unhealthy relationship, this kind of dynamic can be so refreshing and so interesting and, in some ways, so much more believable—because it’s territory many of the current true love couples sway into often; selfishly looking out for their loved ones, sometimes not being heroes for the greater good but just because someone threatens their partner, etc. 

it’s late and i’m probably not being as eloquent with this as i want it to be, but my point is—if this is done right, i think this kind of story (zelena and hades) has the potential to flip our preconceived notions of a true love couple and could be very poignant. 

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Okay but the way Wonsik looks at Taekwoon (and the other way around). Wonsik is like head over heels in love with Taekwoonie.. They're such gross boyfriends and I (love it) cry.


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and i see pain and suffering

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Tbh I just want to have a love as fantastic as Misha and Vicki have because I don’t know a lot about their love life but from how they talk about each other and look at each other just make me so happy for them. They love each other to the ends of the earth, and their marriage makes my heart do somersaults. And they’re still so much their own person. Never have I thought “Misha’s Wife” before I thought “Vicki Vantoch” and never once have I thought “Vicki’s Husband” rather than “Misha Collins” and I think it’s their ability to remain so much their own individuals and still fit so perfectly together that makes me want a relationship like that so badly. Their relationship is very much out of “the papers”, as it were, but can’t you just tell by the way they look at each other that they’re absolute best friends and so in love? That’s marriage to me. Whether you have a ring or not. That kind of a relationship is so spectacular because even if they never said anything about it, you’d know.