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ahh its me again i don't mind really i just love the way you colour tbh.when you set a canvas out do you change like e.g. the pixel or anything because you works always look so clean and the quality is gr8 ??? also i hope your mom got over the sweet yaoi boys moment

my canvas’s are usually 1500 px by 2000 px (they vary but around this), 300 res

but i also do this thing with my lineart where when its zoomed out it looks more smooth but crisp as well? It’s kinda like a 3d effect it makes it pop out a lot i like it so much. what i do is i take the lineart layer and duplicate it twice. I set one of the duplicated layers and make it red (preserve opacity + layer fill w/ red) and with the other duplicated layer and do the same thing but with blue. Then i shift each of the layers a few pixels to the left and right. Like one to the left other to the right. Turn BOTH of the layers opacity to 20-50% whatever looks best. Make sure the original lineart layer is on top of both of them. So yeah ! Thats what i do idk if tHATS WHAT YOU WANT LOL BUT GIVE IT A TRY MAYBE

i tried doing this with the whole picture and not just the lineart and boy it was too blurry for me so thats why i only do it with the lineart its more subtle 



zoomed out it’ll look more popped out, smooth and vibrant i guess.I pERSONALLY like it alot  yikes look at that messy lineart 

tbh i’m never gonna get over the scene where steven and amethyst reveal smokey to the other two. 

not just pearl and garnet’s reactions, but steven and amethyst’s lead into the fusion (talking/planning amongst themselves leading to ’so you know we had an epic showdown in the beta kindergarten’ etc.). it’s so obvious they planned who would say what and when.

they way they look at each other so they can cue the other in to say ‘but do you know who beat jasper?’ in perfect unison suggests they probably even rehearsed it a few times beforehand and like. how can two people possibly be that adorable, i quit.

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AU what if Max, Nikki, and Neil became counselors when they grew up maybe they work at CC or maybe even make their own and it just makes David so proud that he and Gwen inspired them to be camp counselors. I think it'd be cute tbh!


I just imagine that in the end Max would actually start to really, really care about the camp and he just goes there every year, and even though he`s way to old, he still goes there and helps out, like it just flows into each other.

Nikki would come by default because gosh look at how much she loves it there, you could never sway here from there. And Neil cares so much about both of them, he would come and do it for them. And they help out, and take the kids to places and show them everything and stuff…

And one summer suddenly David just announces them counselors, throws them the shirts or something and they are just like: “Oh…OH!”


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Yeah, "platonic Trinity" is the best Trinity. I mean... I'm still trying to recover from my reading of JLA V2 #0 (2006). All these precious moments between them... Oh! And their interdimensional "gossip lounge" in JLA V2 #21 (2008) where they talked about anything else but work! XD Anyway, I always looked upon Clark, Bruce and Diana as siblings/triplets or very close friends without sexual feelings at all, like with Dick and Donna. Something too rare in fiction!

!!!! I WAS JUST READING JLA #0 YESTERDAY it gave me a new found appreciation for the trinity tbh every moment was great, i was Smitten. like i love when they get to enjoy each others company as friends, and there’s an emphasis put on the trust and history between the three rather than on any potential romance. it’s so much more interesting that way

and yeah the dick/donna friendship is a blessing i love them. it’s a mystery how that hasn’t been ruined in canon yet actually, but i’m grateful 4 it

James & Nita - functioning adults

okay so a little while ago i decided to write a fic for each of the incubi all about their relationship with my oc, anita moreno, and here’s the first one i guess? since my oc ends up with sam, his will be the only one that’s romantic, all of the others are simply friendshippy because nita loves all these boys just in different ways and that’s important too

id say it takes place between both games, during the summer after nita graduated

oh and this got really out of hand tbh? like i thought it was going one way and then it went another and it turned really ramble-y and i don’t like the pacing that much but whatever. nita has adhd so maybe it makes sense. also angst, there’s some of that here

yeah small disclaimer i have noooo idea how giant companies are run especially when they’re run by a couple of demons, so…

Nita lets out a sigh of impatience as she slowly rolls her chair from side-to-side with the heel of her shoe. She’s been stuck waiting alone in this all-too-familiar office for just over twenty minutes now, and she’s kind of over it. Manicured nails tap out a steady rhythm on her knee as blue eyes dart towards the clock on the wall.

Every second she spends in this place makes her regret coming here just a little bit more.

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okay but realtalk tho jong kook might look at some people with so much warmth but all of those will never compare to the way he looks at ji hyo :') it's like he's found all the good things this world has to offer in one person and gooosh he just looks at her like she's the best thing ever and it's obvious that he loves her so much and the same could be said for ji hyo :)) i don't really understand how some people can classify their stares for each other as "sibling-like" tbh hahahaha




yes they love each other too much and their love is so pure the world can’t handle or fathom it so they call them siblings until they can understand what it is in the air between JK and JH when they look at each other