can you imagine how often john and sherlock are going to say ‘i love you’

because i can totally see them saying it to each other ALL THE TIME but neither of them get tired of it because they are so in love and they’ll realize how much time they wasted pining after each other, wanting to say 'i love you’ but not being able to and now i’ve gone and made myself sad

Thank you so much for making my day always better! ♥

I just want to mention some more because of reason…

Oh my god I’m watching The Office for the first time in a while and the fucking theme song just made me sob a little and clutch at my shirt. I love this show SO.MUCH.

*whispers* More than Sherlock…


Here are some shots of my friend (sewing a Kimono) while watching the last few minutes of the first Sherlock episode for the the first time. You can see a wide shift in emotions and feelings in such a short frame of time. That is one of the reasons that I love it so much. I captioned each picture to say what was going on in the scene. 

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May I have a Sherlock Holmes Arthur and a Arsene Lupin Francis (love your drawings so much~~~)

I have not read any of the Sherlock Holmes or Arsène Lupin novels so I’m just going to make up a plot lol.

In the year 1887, A priceless jewel has been stolen from the president of France, Jules Grévy, and of course, world-renowned investigator Detective Kirkland is called to the scene. While investigating, he’s assigned to a new partner, Inspecteur Bonnefoy (little does he know that Inspecteur Bonnefoy is a mater of disguise and the one guilty of the crime). 

And it was hate at first sight.

However when Detective Kirkland felt his hands wrapped around Inspecteur Bonnefoy’s throat, he got a funny little feeling inside his chest.

Then much later, Detective Kirkland is hot on the thief’s trail and catches him committing another robbery.

A pursuit ensues. Detective Kirkland chases the thief into the construction site of the Eiffel Tower. After one unfortunate turn, the thief falls off the platform with a hundred metre drop below him. At this point, Detective Kirkland recognises the thief as Inspecteur Bonnefoy and saves him from the unfortunate fall.

Detective Kirkland is confused and angry at the Inspecteur but after all, his love almost died and he is just happy to have him not splat on the ground like a pancake.

Then when Detective Kirkland goes back to London he is convicted of homosexuality and is incarcerated :///

Fangirl Reactions

“I love Harry Potter! I know all about it because I watched all seven movies!”

“I don’t understand what you like about Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s really not cute at all.”

You watch Doctor Who? Isn’t that just for old people or something?”

“The Marvel movie is over. Look, it’s the credits. Let’s go.”

“I watched an episode of Supernatural once. I didn’t really get it, so I gave up.”

“Firefly? OH I love that show. I’ve seen all of the seasons!”

“Why do you spend so much time on Tumblr? You could always just talk to me about your shows/movies/books.”


summer is over in 2 weeks so obviously this is the perfect time to open commissions!!


  • reblog this please, even if you dont want a commission (just so i can get the word out)
  • send me a message here or at mkodogs@gmail.com and we can discuss your commission
  • be able to use paypal please
  • additional characters for an additional 2/3 of original price
  • if you commission traditional art, you can get the original piece for the price of shipping
  • i will draw anything (including ocs) but i prefer supernatural, sherlock, mcu, in the flesh, harry potter, sense8, merlin, and any other fandoms im in
  • i will draw nsfw for an additional $3 to any style
  • if you want more examples of my art you can always look through my art tag
  • if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!

((This fanvid makes me weep with joy. Good GOD!!))

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If you're doing anymore comissions, or you just need something to draw, it's no rush, but im in desperate need or more mer!lock art and I absolutely LOVE your drawings. thank you so much!

John is one of the workers at Sea World or something (idk) and has always been memorized by the mermaids, and specifically Sherlock. John also feels bad because the tanks are too small for the mermaids, so he feels he needs to do something - at least help Sherlock if he can - and he helps Sherlock escape back into the ocean. 

i love watching fandom terminology being adopted into casual expressive language on the internet like one day only a handful of people are saying things like “my tiny son” and “smoll” and suddenly you see everyone’s tags are filled with these expressions and it makes me love the culture of internet language even more????

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Bronte, what is your number one fave thing about, John Watson? Or top three, if you can't pick one.

My absolute number one fave thing about John Watson is that he always fiercely stands up for what he believes in, whether that means telling Sherlock that not caring about people whose lives are in danger is unacceptable or chinning a Chief Superintendent, because standing up to people you love and to authority figures take a lot of courage but he doesn’t even think twice because his moral compass is so set, I love him so much for that.

I also love that he lets himself react to just life generally (“why am I the only one reacting like a human being?” could’ve been said to almost anyone else on the show at various points really) even though he obviously finds emotions difficult to deal with a lot of the time and how much he genuinely likes helping people, like even though he can also be really rude he’s such a good man at his core and I love him so much ❤