This fandom tires me so much sometimes. There’s so much positive in it, lovely people and fun times, but the negative aspects and conflict is worse than ever right now, and it makes me so sad. I’ve been here over 4 years and I’ve seen these same arguments playing out every 6 months or so, and they never go anywhere. 

Ship and let ship, and give space for those who don’t ship. It really is that simple.

So I just wanted to say that my blog welcomes everyone in this fandom. I don’t care if you’re a johnlocker, sherlolly, warstan, sherlock/irene shipper, anti or indifferent to any ship at all, as long as you respect one another’s fandom space it’s all cool. 

If anyone feels like they need to talk to someone I’m here. 

This is one of my favorite looks John gives Sherlock.  Things are (sorta) back to normal and he’s letting Sherlock know that they need to go face the press; but then he sees him, stops, and steps back a little as his eyes trail down Sherlock and little half-smile forms on his face.  It’s such a tiny moment, but it kills me!  If I’d never seen this show and someone just showed me this gif and asked me what was happening, I’d swear that this was a man walking in on his lover while they’re looking particularly gorgeous or something like that.  There’s such a sense of awe, as though, for a moment, John can’t believe that this is real; that the miracle he asked for came true; that Sherlock—the best and the wisest man he has ever known—is alive and back where he belongs. 

Reblog if you are now dangerously dependent on a tv show or a band because you started loving them at a time of your life when things were really bad…and now you need the band/show, just to function \_(ツ)_/


So if at times I seem overprotective of the system that we’ve built, if I worry that the resentments of others might disrupt it, I have good reason.

#what elementary did with it’s 100th episode was a testament to the kind of show is #to the kind of show #the kind of holmes adaptation - it has tried to be from the start #what they chose to do with their milestone episode is the epitome of all the ways it stands in stark contrast to any other adaptation #any other show not just any other sherlock adaptation but any other crime procedural would have pulled out the big guns #and dealt their lead/s a huge case and packed it full of guest stars or notable minor characters #for sherlock stories specifically no one could begrudge you for assuming moriarty would play a key role #but that has never been what drives elementary #the 100th episode offered all it’s emotional significance to what has always been the core of the show #that sherlock is better because of the people he surrounds himself with #that there is no true reward in playing the lone genius cut off from society/humanity #and his partnership with joan is the finest exemplar of that #yes the bit with marcus in the opening was nice #and gregson’s little speech at the end pulled at my heart strings #both because of it narrative significance and the subtext of it being written for the cast and crew’s dedication to the show bts #but it always comes back to this #one holmes #one watson #the single fact that elementary is fundamentally about sherlock valuing human connections and interpersonal relationships #over solving the puzzle #will forever set it apart from any other sherlock adaptation #and that might be a criticism for some #but it will forever be one of the key reasons that i cherish and adore it


Louise Brealey

I was hoping I could stand up for a photo but I was hurting so much I just couldn’t, even with my crutches. I wheeled over to her and said hi, I was kind of slow at talking, but I pointed to the wheels on my chair and said I had badges on the wheels (One of them is of her as Molly Hooper) She said Ohh Let’s see and crouched down to have a look, she remembered me from twitter! She liked the badges and gave me a hug, I thanked her for all her work and she said thank you sweetheart. For our photo I just sort of clung to her, then she said Oh darling and pulled me really close. She was so lovely and kind, it wasn’t awkward at all, she just knelt beside me and hugged me and talked to me quietly. Then she pushed my chair for me to where someone was to help me, She patted me on the shoulder, I was shaking and trying not tear up, she held onto my shoulder and said Good girl, see you on twitter, then we waved goodbye. Then I was given two photos instead of one and I really like the photos, they took them so you can’t see the chair and I think they must have heard me worrying about it a bit in the line and I’m really grateful.I am crying just thinking about how amazing it was. I love Loo Brealey so much and we got to hug in real life not just on twitter and it was so amazing and she is so beautiful and kind and I love her so, so much. 

There are two types of shippers
  • Me: aw look how cute they are! There's so much fluff and adorable shit and I just love the little looks on their faces when they see each other assfghjklasdfghjkl

“One of the great things is that the relationship that Sherlock and Watson have, it’s such a strong bond that I can only imagine that the relationship that you and Martin have off-screen it has to be just as similar, is that right?” Ben talks about Martin and how much they love doing the show ♥ x