Maru-MA Drama CD 32 - Track 5

Maou’s Birthday ☆ Special 

Read the track 5 in Baka Tsuki

I strongly recommend to listen to this one, Yuuri whining at the end is just priceless xD I love his voice. Behold, a lot of Yuuram ahead, the title of that letter makes me have the FEELS again haha. 

We confirmed this drama cd was written by Takabayashi, and it’s also connected to some of the short-shorts included in the Ma-Hon.

Maybe I’m just in a mood this morning, but that LA Weekly article really brings it home to me just how much Sony/Syco (excuse my language) fucking sucks.

I mean, I can’t even turn on the radio without hearing Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran. I can flip from station to station and hear a different Taylor Swift song all playing at the same time. I mean, they each have about 17 singles in heavy rotation all at once and they don’t even have that many tracks on their albums.

And here we are, going from radio station to radio station, like Oliver fucking Twist, all “please sir may we have some more?” Literally begging for airplay!

And don’t get me wrong, I’m really fucking proud of everything we’ve accomplished with Project No Control. Really, really fucking proud. But this shouldn’t be our job.

You suck, Sony. I’d say “you’re welcome” for doing your job for you, but we’re not fucking doing it for you.


I'm Still Fly
  • I'm Still Fly
  • ZICO
  • ZICO on the BLOCK

I’m Still Fly - Zico

“I’m still fly I’m sky high
and I dare anybody to try
and cut my wings
I’m still shuttin cities down
everytime I come around
nigga I’m still doin my thing
I’m still, I’m still”


[Pre Debut] B.A.P Daehyun - Georgia On My Mind (Cover) (by wannnds)

his voice..i just can’t with him singing one of my favorite songs

Cocoon AU: Cozy

Pairing: Onjongtae
Rating: PG
Word count: 1300+ 
Synopsis: Taemin recuperates from his shutdown. No real plot, just snuggly fluff. Sequel to The Cocoon. Written for the anon who suggested Taemin playing with stuffed animals to comfort himself. I don’t know if this exactly fits, but I hope you like it. Tags inspired by this vine.

After his shutdown, Taemin spent much of the next day in his bedroom with the door closed and the lights off, working on his massive Lego model of the Death Star, which was cut away to show Darth Vader Force-choking another minifig in the conference room. Taemin liked to swap out the victims in this scene, and today Vader was choking Chewbacca. He hummed happily to himself, enjoying the way he could hear his humming vibrating inside his head, within the protective silence of his noise-canceling headphones.

Jinki and Jonghyun had figured out long ago that it was best for Taemin to have his own space to retreat to, and they had all moved into a two-bedroom apartment the year before. The king-sized bed in one of the bedrooms could fit all three of them, but Taemin also had his own bedroom, where he slept most nights. He usually cuddled with his boyfriends as they fell asleep, but it was often hard for him to drift off with two bodies next to him, shifting slightly all night, and making little noises, and breathing on him. So after their soft sleepy murmurs turned into deep even breathing, he crept out of their bed and went back to his own room, where he could set up his white noise machine, and adjust the blankets until everything felt just right.

At last Taemin’s fingers began to hurt from handling all the tiny Lego bricks, and he reluctantly put the remainder of the loose bricks into the long flat storage bin and slid it back under his bed. He squatted by the model and admired it for awhile, absently running his knuckles back and forth across his toes. He’d been working intermittently on the behemoth space station for several months now, pausing every time he needed to save up to buy more Legos. He wasn’t working from an official kit, since none of the available kits satisfied his attention to detail. He had simply drawn up a blueprint of exactly which Legos he needed, and had been systematically buying and building them ever since.

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