Cutie Jin requesting hearts please!

cutiepiesquirrel  asked:

Bts for that ask thingy

“for that ask thingy.” Pffft. 

Who’s my bias: Okay um.. You already know who my bias is but I’ll tell you anyways (its jimin and Jin 💖) 

Whose voice I like the most: Uh, its hard to say when all they’re voices are so different but I guess I like jin’s voice the best. There’s just something about his voice that I love especially when I hear him in house of cards, converse high, whalien 52 and dead leaves but I love all of their voices. They all have something unique about their voices that I love individually.

Who’s my bias wrecker: My damn bias wrecker is namjoon. He just wont leave me alone. But who’s complaining 😏 

What’s my favorite moment:   I have way too many favorite moments dear and it way too difficult to choose. 

Otp: Jikook, vmin, vhope, namjin, minjoon, jihope, yoonmin, taegi….(should I continue? I wont because its too long 😁✌ ) 

The last song I heard by them: Whalien 52 😍💖 

Who I think dances the best: Jhope (I mean, who doesn’t know that 👀 what are you trying to do? 👀) 

Who I think is the funniest: I spent a long time thinking about this and I really can’t answer this. It’s just too hard. Everyone of them is funny in their own way. 

Who I wish I could grow up with: Jimin! 😁