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I remember when people just played video games instead of just spending all their time bitching about the tiniest of problems in them. I feel like you enjoy talking about a video game and why its problematic than actually playing games

I mean, I love playing games but uh…yeah, I also really, really love my work and I’m incredibly lucky to be able to do it and to have so much support for doing it, so I’m not going to pretend it isn’t incredibly important and fulfilling to me.

Boyfriend JB

A/N - Time for JB as your boyfriend! I love doing these bc it makes me realise how much I want this in my life lol. 


  • if Jaebum was your boyfriend, you two would the the definition of ‘life goals’
  • he knows how to treat his girl and make her feel special
  • firstly let’s talk about composer defsoul 
  • he’d write so many songs for you
  • most of them wouldn’t make it onto albums but instead he’d self produce a little cd for you
  • and he’d give it to you while blushing and it’d be the cutest thing ever!
  • just imagine him all red in the face with his adorable smile as he handed you a cd with all these amazing songs just for you
  • and they’d all be so good and only you would get to hear them because you’re his girl
  • the songs would all range from super cute stuff to super sexy stuff
  • like one song would be about wanting to spend the rest of his life with you or something
  • and then another would list everything he wants to do to you and knows he will do later
  • he’d love to invite you to the studio as well so you can see him write lyrics or record some lines for a song
  • and if you could sing well, he’d want to record demos with you
  • when he’s not serenading you, JB would be such a cute boyfriend
  • people always make him out to be super dominant but I think with his girlfriend he wouldn’t actually be that dominant unless they’re in the bedroom
  • his girlfriend would have JB wrapped around her finger and he’d do literally anything for her
  • even if it’s 3am and she wants to go outside and watch the stars, he’d do it
  • the boys would constantly tease him whenever you called or texted him asking to buy you coffee after he’s finished with dance practise
  • but he wouldn’t care bc he loves treating his girl
  • we all know JB has an aversion to doing aegyo but he’d do it for his girlfriend without hesitation
  • as soon as she asks him, he’s straight away pulling some cute facial expression
  • and every time he sees her smile and giggle at the cuteness, he’d break out into the biggest grin
  • because seeing his girlfriend happy is the one thing he needs most life
  • now onto Jaebum in the bedroom…
  • so we all know he’d be dominant in the bedroom 
  • daddy af
  • and all cuteness he showed before would disappear
  • it’s like when you see him on and then off stage
  • off stage he’s Im Jaebum, he’s an absolute sweetheart
  • and then on stage he’s JB, aka literal sex on legs
  • like he’d say something really sweet to you and then it’s like flicking a switch and all of a sudden his voice is deeper and he’s looking at you with THOSE eyes
  • and whenever that happens, you know you’re going to be having fun tonight
  • but he’d always make sure he doesn’t force you into anything and would 100% be all about consent (as would all the boys)
  • he’d use the switch in control to get back at all the times you made him do aegyo
  • before you’d be begging for aegyo but now he’s making you beg for his body
  • and you loved every minute of it
  • but let’s face it, anyone would
  • overall, Jaebum would be the perfect combination of cute and sexy
  • he’d do anything and everything for you without hesitation
  • because you’re his entire world and he’d love you with every ounce of his being

one of my fav things is reblogging my mutuals amazing posts and then getting a ton of people reblogging or liking it from me???? like i feel so proud like yes your post is amazing and i’m so glad that people are seeing it and loving it too i love you so much you deserve all the notes yesssss

I see the good in everybody which doesn’t mean no one is special. Everyone is special in their own way and I believe everyone is unique and has good inside of them.
Unfortunately, this perspective of mine tends to indirectly hurt me, because I never know when to draw the line on caring for someone. Or how to care from a distance. And I end up putting so much energy and effort and love into literally everyone, even if they don’t deserve* it. In the end, I become upset and exhausted and let down because I expected better of those people.

*I hate saying people don’t deserve things bc it’s just in my nature to believe we all deserve a happy life and good things. I’m not here to judge and I’m definitely not the right person to do it.


Dear Sean,

I haven’t been a part of this community for very long (since around August), but I still wanted to let you know how much I love you and your videos. My friend and I recently became obsessed with Undertale and she stumbled upon your Undertale videos and told me to watch them. At first I was like, wow, this kid is LOUD ;) but honestly, your energy and positive attitude helped me get through a really rough weekend. You made me smile when I was feeling really scared, anxious, and alone. Now I watch your videos every day. I’ve watched SO MANY in such a short time and throughout all of them, I can truly see your care and love for all of your viewers. That’s what I love the most. You are so genuine and so humble and that is so refreshing to see. I love how much you care not only about your community, but also about YouTube as a whole. I just want to thank you for being there for people, for staying positive, for making me laugh, for being so genuine. I know I am just one voice among (12 MILLION HOLY COW DUDE) but… you have made a huge impact on my life… and that means so much to me.  I hope one day I get a chance to meet you and get a famous JackSepticEye hug, but until then, thank you. Thank you so much.



P.S. I love that you love black coffee, because same. (Also thunderstorms. They’re the best.)

P.P.S. I painted the two pictures ^ and they hang in my room, they always make me smile.

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The thing with Colleen and Josh made me really sad! Relationships are hard but I think YouTube and making it public and all makes it even more strained. (Also I thought the difference between Colleen's vid and Josh's was... Interesting.)

ah yeah not to get analytical but theres definitely some kind of inbalance in what theyre thinking. Its sad to see them just breaking it off even when they love each other so much still; apparently just love is not enough for marriage? how interesting when the whole world romanticizes on how love is everything.

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i just saw the theme for today after already submitting some asks. sorry about that.... :/ although, i don't think i'd be able to choose a favourite character. i like (almost) all of them in certain ways. overall, i just love AoT because it's made me so much happier and more confident. so thank you for the manga and the anime!

No problem. I still answer regular asks just not today (Except for advice). Also the more faves the better ;)

I have to admit. I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t release Jins concept photos today. But that’s BigHit for you, never doing what you expect them to. I’m just so tired. I just want a schedule so I can sleep at night. Is that too much too ask? Now I’m going to be stressed all day thinking that they might release it. When? Where? How? It’s stressful and I don’t like it BigHit. I still love you but you’re making it really difficult…

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It's 9:26 PM and I'm wondering why I gave everything to someone who was so temporary in my life.

We all tend to do that sometimes, it’s just human to put your all into something you’d like to be forever. It’s not your fault you dive in head first and you have so much love you like pour into another human being. It’s not a bad thing, don’t question it. If it said anything it definitely said something about you and something negative about them. Maybe they just couldn’t take all of that love, people are stubborn and some think they don’t deserve something like that and go and fuck it up.

HOLY MAVIS THE NEW CHAPTER- I have to say I love this chapter so freaking much Mashima, I wish I could take you to the Moon asdfghjkl.


However, I read some people’s opinions about Gray being nonsense: he so easily wants to end his bestfriend’s life? They have been friends since childhood and you can’t just break the bond you’ve built just bc your father wants you to defeat END?

Hence, I want to share my opinion too. To be honest, I’m not really surprise with Gray’s action. I mean, look, he just “lost” Juvia. He thought he “lost” her. He lost Silver and his family, Ul, Ultear, Silver again, and then Juvia. Remember him saying that he wanted to give Juvia his answer after the battle ends? Nevertheless, he ‘lost’ Juvia in the battle. After all this time, when he was about to admit his feeling (I hope so), he lost the most precious person to him right in front of his eyes. Of course, it’s normal to act irrational, right?

Look at Invel. His battle with the Winter General completely shows that Gray is not at the state of mind that allows him to think rationally. He just ‘lost’ his precious person. What would you do if someone precious to you die? Perhaps crying, yelling, etc. That also shows that we are in deep sadness and refuse anything, including rational thought. We will do anything that seems right but actually wrong. It’s normal to act like this, but yeah, if it becomes too far then it’s called depressed.


Oh Natsu.

He thought he 'lost’ Lucy again. That was the second time he 'lost’ her. Remember chapter 324. He promised to protect her future. Nonetheless, he thought he failed to do it. Lucy laid “dead” in front of him. He already lost Lucy, and Igneel, and then Lucy again… I’m one of those people that believes Natsu has still many things to be told to Lucy, that he wants to continue his never-ending journey with her, but what can he do now that she’s “dead”? Like Gray, he is also in the state of mind that not allows him to think rationally, plus the incident also triggered Natsu to turned into END.

I don’t blame people for their opinion. I just want to tell my opinon as well. It’s time we celebrate our differences, right? I hope no one will send hate to Mashima bc of this chapter, because I think this chapter is totally INCREDIBLE AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR NATSU’S AND GRAY’S FIGHT. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MASHIMA!

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i think butches can sense im a baby butch because like out and about i'll see random butch women and stare reverently and i often get like a really nice smile back or like at a store a butch woman was extra nice to me and it was like i was trying to send all sorts of magical brain signs of i love you we are alike honestly just whenever i see a butch woman around i just get a little bit happier

Yeah, we almost always have an eye for the babies because we’ve all been there <3 I’m so glad seeing other butches around is a positive thing for you, because I’ve also seen baby butches out and about who I can TELL are fighting it and they see me and (honestly they probably don’t even know they do it) they flinch, or they crumple, or they avert their eyes, and I want so badly to hug them but of course it wouldn’t do any good yet. Much love your way <3 <3 <3

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Sometimes I think about the fetus Louis tweet about how much he just loves nipples and I think about the fact that Harry has 4 for him to love and they're always so perky n happy n ready to greet the day, Louis must treat them all so well. I wonder if he has a favourite nip nop

i love this message so much akdbfkfnfkjf

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Oaky so don't get me wrong I L O V E hard carry, I love the choreography, I love the outfits like I love it all but in the dance practice video they all looked so skinny.. Like even yugyeom and jinyoung and bam. Like bam has always been skinny but Here he looked even skinner. As much as I'm enjoying this comeback it seems like they're working too hard and they all look tired already and I just want to make them tea and give them a blanket and let them rest and tell them how important they are.

anon,,, omg i agree 100% like!!!! im really excited for them because this era seems the one that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve and doing their own music but at the same time i can see that they are really tired and overworked, i mean, since if you do they are not 100% when it comes to their health… always getting sick or smth,,, and at this point i know they wont really take a break dfhjfdjfd flight log probably will have another album asap :/// but im still rooting for them to rest and all. and yeah!!! they all lost SO MUCH weight, it seems like they lose more weight in each comeback… i mean if u compare jackson now to stop stop it era he’s sooooo much skinnier, he’s even skinnier than just right era which he lost like 10 pounds :( also yugyeom, he lost so much weight since stop stop it era like A LOT…. nd bambam??? like?? he was always so so skinny but he was self conscious abt his ‘chubby’ cheeks and he was working to get a rid of it and since he did, his entire body got skinnier too :( and im just sad abt youngjae too bc he has been so insecure abt his body for a while now, i rmbr when he said that he would just have one meal per day, and these episodes of got2day where they would give them snacks and he wouldnt eat because “he already ate today”…. ahhh fdhjfdf its all so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uncomfortable bc i want to do smth abt it?? like i want to make sure they are okay and eating and tell them that they are beautiful no matter what but i just. Cant.

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Okey okay okay I am in love with these hybrid eeveelutions. Your art style is great and it's really cool idea that you don't just combine two different Pokemon, you create a new one. You're awesome and keep doing all these in-between Pokemon.

Hey, thank you so much <3 I’m so glad you’re really enjoying them, and that my approach/intent (to create a new Pokemon out) is coming across. I’ll be taking a break from the hyrbid eeveelutions this Sunday in lieu of an in-progress Pokemon, but I plan on posting a new Eeveelution this coming Wednesday. Thanks again, it means a lot!


Lesbian History:

Katherine Lee Bates
August 12, 1859 – March 28, 1929 

  • wrote “America the Beautiful”

She never married, but had a 25 year relationship with Katharine Coman, another Wellesley professor, with whom she shared a home.

Katherine Lee Bates wrote an entire book of poetry, some of it rather passionate in nature, to her “friend’ after her death indicates that there was something more between them. She is quoted as having said of her friend, "So much of me died with Katharine Coman that I’m sometimes not quite sure whether I’m alive or not”.

Bates’ 1891 letter to Coman: “It was never very possible to leave Wellesley [for good], because so many love-anchors held me there, and it seemed least of all possible when I had just found the long-desired way to your dearest heart…Of course I want to come to you, very much as I want to come to Heaven.”

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How about you actually make a compelling logical argument against Veganism instead of just complaining that they're all rude because they don't hold back on calling out bullshit. Sounds like you just don't like to feel guilty for contributing to mass animal slaughter and ruining your health by consuming baby cow growth formula and cholesterol on the daily.

Okay 1) people need both plants and meat to survive. It’s literally just how we evolved
2) just because you’re doing this because you’re against animal cruelty doesn’t mean people who eat meat aren’t also against animal cruelty. I’m so against it. Yes I eat meat but that’s literally because our bodies were meant to live on a diet of both plants and animals. I’m against any and all inhumane treatment of animals on farms though. If they’re being beaten or abused I’m obviously not willingly buying meat and meat by-products from those farms. I love animals and I want to protect them as much as possible but humans need to get protein and in order for us to live we need meat because it’s the best source of protein. Say what you will but being an animal lover and eating meat is not mutually exclusive.
3) Vegan food (vegan cheese, vegan cream cheese, vegan yogurt, tofurkey, etc.) is sooooo much more expensive than the real thing. Go to the store and actually price it for me because yikes. It can be a dollar or more than the real deal and in my opinion, tastes, smells, and looks so much more unappealing.
4) Just because you claim to be healthier doesn’t mean you actually are. Sure, if you’re eating completely raw foods you’ll be healthier than the person who eats at McDonalds all the time but guess what? Your butters, cream cheeses, yogurts, etc. are just as fattening if not more so than regular non-vegan foods. You’re not really an healthier unless you’re eating completely raw foods and even then, if you’re barely getting protein, you’re not any better off than anyone who doesn’t eat vegan. Eating just plants or just animals isn’t beneficial to your health. You need both. You need a balance of the two to be healthy.
5) Vegans lack essential vitamins and minerals that omnivores get in their diet because of meat. Here’s a list of everything you don’t get in your diet that causes health problems:
-Vitamin B-12 deficiency which can lead to increased risk of stroke
-There’s an Omega 6 and Omega 3 imbalance which can wreak havoc on your immune system
-Increased risk of kidney disease and Alzheimer’s disease
-Zinc, iron, iodine, calcium, and selenium deficiencies which lead to weaker bones
-You don’t have any less chance of having cancer than anyone else does and you can still get heart problems
6) Just because you, your family, and friends are eating vegan doesn’t mean animal abuse is going to stop. I hate to say it and I hate animal abuse but just because you got your crew to stop eating animals doesn’t mean the whole world is gonna magically treat animals better. The same amount of animals will be hurt and abused by uncaring farms. And that has nothing to do with meat eaters and everything to do with those farmers being pieces of shit.
7) PETA isn’t good to animals, they treat animals like shit. If you’re vegan and claim to be supporting PETA, you’re not helping at all. You’re still making animals suffer by blindly supporting them. I know most people know by now but some people don’t: PETA doesn’t give a flying fuck about animals.
You want sources? Okay.
Here: http://www.nutritionsecrets.com/9-lies-vegans-love-telling/
Here: http://paleoleap.com/vegetarianism-bad-environment/
Here: https://www.petakillsanimals.com
Here: http://athlete.io/2369/6-reasons-why-vegans-and-doctors-are-wrong-about-animal-protein/

There, logical reasons to be against having absolutely no meat or dairy in your diet. I’m not trying to force you to eat meat, I’m just trying to get you to see why it can be seriously detrimental and why you need to knock off being preachy about the fact that you’re better because you don’t eat meat. Seriously, you’re not better.

Edit: also, I’m not against vegans because I feel guilty for eating meat. That’s something you just assumed because I said vegans are annoying and pretentious. I’ve 1) never expressed that at all and 2) that’s literally not how I feel in the slightest. Am I upset that animals get abused and treated poorly by some people? Yes. Am I against this treatment? Yes. Does that mean I feel guilty? No, because I’m literally not the one doing the torture and I would never buy from any farm knowing that’s how they treat their animals. So you can stop assuming shit that isn’t true.