reminder 36582 that westallen is so important. not just cause they are a pure, healthy relationship who are soulmates in every timeline/universe etc. but because they are the MAIN interracial couple on a pretty racist network on the highest rated show. you can be pressed about it all you want and wish barry was in love with your white fave but that’ll never be the case. years from now it won’t matter why you disliked them together. all people will remember was that the main white character was in love with a black woman. and that candice patton as iris west created opportunities for other WOC (i.e flash movie). that.will always.be.important. because representation matters. and more shows ought to do the same. 


OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

vg stuff belongs to @blogthegreatrouge  also if u ever see my submission, his name is actually bob. bob is his name, not max. its bob. AND NOW THE TAGGING WILL COMMENCE

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AHHH don E

I know for many of us it was always that magical chemistry between Danny and Ryan that sold Robron from day one, before they were even kissing, and we’ve witnessed them sizzle in all settings before (lust, anger, tension, love) but last night was something else entirely. There was so little dialogue between them but their expressions screamed with the full force of this eternal love they have for each other. It just shows how incredible they are that they could convey so much in so little dialogue.


The post ends with the line “it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.”






Keith and Lance are Harry and Neville

(more under the cut because this is long as fuck)

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Sometimes my heart aches so much it feels like it’ll just stop working because I have so much love to give and so few people to give it to. I just want someone to give all my romantic affection that I’ve been bottling up since forever to because I just want someone to cherish and adore with all my heart and soul, and I want them to give the love and devotion they deserve.
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Can we take a moment to appreciate the new official art for a minute here? 

So we have these three cuties all together, hanging out, eating potstickers. Acting like a family. 





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I'm super excited for your ECCC feedback. I feel like now you're going to be extra cautious of reading too much into things so I'm curious to see what you think. I've never met them but think their spark will still be there. People said it was palpable at the Apple & London events. I doubt all those people were just high on JamClait love. I'm sure most of it had to do w/ Sam and Caitriona themselves and I think it may cause different opinions regarding MM even taking into account last weekend.

I hope I’m able to look at all of it objectively. I definitely feel like my shipper goggles are not on at the moment so we’ll see. It’s funny, though, I went to the Apple event last year and it was like 3ish months after the IFH so I’m not sure what I was expecting and, in all honesty, it was not a shippery event at all. That being said. Just watching Sam and Cait in person and watching how they watched each other, how they reacted to each other, how they looked at each other, how completely in sync they were with each other….it was all so completely natural that I was a bit blown away. They absolutely have some sort of aura about them that just screams couple…or at least togetherness. And I’ve continued to say that with and without my shipper goggles on. soooo we shall seeeeee. I’d hate to get in the middle of what they have. I’ll say that forever and ever amen.

The beauty and grace that is Westallen 🙌🏾

Guys I’ve never been so obsessed and so freaking in love with a couple like Westallen. I literally cannot watch a single second of their scenes without crying and screaming. We are blessed with cuteness and beauty and grace that is Westallen and I just cannot handle it. I love both of them as individuals but they together… oh boy it’s all I want in my life because they are literally everything 😍😍 I can hear my heart break when I see how much these two are loving each other and honestly if you don’t agree you can fight me because I’m gonna defend them till my last breath (which I have no doubt will be because of them; let’s be honest I died a couple of times in the past watching them and that’s how I would wanna go 😂). Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like my soul and heart are getting ripped out every time I see them and loving it because they are literally goals 🙌🏾❤️ I’m thankful that the writers gave (and still giving) us this healthy relationship and I’m thankful for the fandom cuz no matter where you’re from or who you are the love we feel for Westallen connects us and we would pretty much start a war if anything would happen to them 😂😘  P.S. they are so sweet I can’t even choose a gif without wanting to cry ❣️🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏾

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Hey, I was wondering, I don't know if you have done something like this but could you do the RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC caught attempting suicide/the aftermath of them attempting suicide? It's OK if that's too much tho

a message from me. if, at any point, you ever feel suicidal - please tell someone. whether its someone that you know, or don’t, please just talk to someone about it. listed here are suicide hotlines around the world. please if you ever need someone, call.

i love you all, despite not knowing a lot of you, so please if you ever need help and don’t have anyone to turn to, message me. i’ve been through this, sometimes this year i’ve gone through it, so i’m not completely oblivious.

i can say that talking does help; hell, talking has put me onto a list for therapy. so please do reach out if you need help.

anyway, this request is under a cut because it will contain suicidal thoughts, tendencies and self-harming.

Also I know I missed out V and Saeran. I’m writing them separately.

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whats your favorite lapidot moment?

…Aw man, just one?!

Ok, I actually do know what my number 1 is, but there are some “honourary mentions” as well that it seems wrong not to mention.  So, I’m gonna cheat slightly and do a top 5 ;p  (I mean, I could even have done a top 10 with how much material there is to choose from lol)


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The arm grab in Back To The Moon.

Protective Peridot is just so precious.  I love the fact that she was so defensive/protective of Lapis in this scene - putting Lapis’ comfort above all else.


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Peridot’s outrageous flirting and gift-giving in Barn Mates.

She wasn’t even subtle, was she?!

Seeing her very clear attraction to Lapis here let me dare to believe that my beloved OTP just might make it in canon…


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The entire first half of Beta.

Just seeing them getting along so perfectly with one another, and being so domestic and happy and supportive and cute…  I spent the first half of this episode basically hugging myself with joy lol


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The dinner table scene in Gem Harvest.

Everything about this was just beautiful.   The little looks that they gave one another, the fact that the table was blatantly split down the middle (clearly showing the original Crystal Gems as a separate “family” unit to Lapis, Peridot and Pumpkin), the high five that Peridot didn’t even need to look at Lapis to know that she’d get, the shared sense of humour, the mirroring of their facial expressions…

Utter perfection.

And finally, my #1 Lapidot moment…

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That scene in Barn Mates.

After months and months of having Lapidot as my OTP based solely on a very strong gut instinct of it one day becoming canon, here it was: actual, 100% solid-gold confirmation of the ship, on-screen.

I may or may not have actually cried at this point, as well as rewatching the scene several times whilst flailing at the screen and proclaiming “see?!  I freaking KNEW it!!” ;p

It’s an incredible scene… the look Peridot gives Lapis is so typical of someone looking at their crush, the sun comes out as Peridot’s giving Lapis the biggest smile that she’s ever given to anyone – and then Lapis deeply blushes and has to look away.

If that’s not setting up a potential romance, then I don’t know what is.

Good times~

i’m all caught up on mlp finally after being behind for almost two years and while i was watching the last two seasons i decided to make a nerdy ass chart because i’m a visual learner and i thought this would help me figure out how i feel about each season. also i knew people would wanna hear my opinions so this is…all of them, in one place. every opinion

anyway my ranking of the seasons rn is: 2 > 1 ≈ 6 > 4 > 5 > 3

i would put season 4 lower because it has the most episodes i dislike, but it also has a ton of episodes i love. that season was so weird. poor little season 3 is the worst by far because it only had 13 episodes and i disliked just over half of them. season 6 i enjoyed a surprising amount (with the notable exception of some very bad rainbow dash episodes (why do the writers struggle with her so much. this is lesbophobia))

if you’re behind on the show like i was and want my recommendations then, well. here you go!

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Fuck dude you're taking ap art too?? okay hi how's it going for you bc my life is currently in shambles how the fuck am I supposed to have 24 pieces done (21 by April) I Wanna Die are u doing well atm? I keep forgetting we're the same age for some reason I thought u were in college (also side note I love ur art so much man just a by the by) currently my concentration is bodies of water (real original ik) but honestly if I have to draw one more fukign wave I'm gonna choke myself to death--

holy shit?? thats a fuck ton of drawings I’m sorry for you but yeah i guess its expected out of an AP class– our teacher is making us do a concentration piece every week but its really annoying cause i don’t have the time to make full drawings all the time (especially since she wants them on larger paper) cause i have other AP classes/work to do too but eh, I’m still holding an A in that class so thats alright. my concentration is different close ups plants though.. :,) i would’ve made it hands like your friend (regarding ur other ask) but apparently that doesnt count as a concentration according to my teacher rip

good luck though !! I’m here if u ever want to talk or rant about the class 


- Maggie and Alex being all domestic in the morning - Alex knowing exactly what Maggie eats for breakfast and how she likes it
- Alex knowing all the cute things that Maggie likes and wanting to bring them all together to make her happy despite her hatred for the day (and calling her little obsessions adorable!!!!!)
- Maggie having keys to Alex’s apartment?? I love married couples
- Alex dressed just in a gown and slip (omfg) ready for Maggie’s return
- Maggie getting outed at 14?!?! She doesn’t deserve this omg (can we talk about how good flo’s acting was tho!!)
- Maggie actively seeking Alex out to apologise to her and then planning a surprise to make her happy despite her issues with the day!!
- Maggie renting out a fucking ballroom to make it up to Alex and Maggie giving her speech about how much Alex means to her!!!!!!!!

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Do you have any ziam blog recs? ☺

i don’t think i have any blogs that just post ziam, but these are all the mutuals i follow (that my sleepy ass can remember) that love ziam as much as i do !!

@zaynliam, @zaynsbambieyes, @zlanet, @zayndrogynous, @befourjavadd, @darlinzayn, @verseziam, @0xyzen, @antihuda, @rindaanah, @malikaesthetics, @rainbowliam, @verseziam, @warzoneziam, @marvelsziam, @liamalmighty, @harryandlouisarehappilystrong, @champaynezaddy, @bisexvalziam, @zlpayne, @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow, @awwwhoopsehdaiseh

i know i’m forgetting people, but i’m half asleep and didn’t want to leave this unanswered so if i don’t forget about this post entirely tomorrow and if i remember more urls, i’ll add them to it omg

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why do you repost art? even with permission? you seem like a genuinely nice person... but you repost art (yes, with permission i know but still...), reblog your own reposts over and over again to get more notes, and you have a tag called "my posts" for your reposts, when the drawings were never yours in the first place. sounds like you're just doing all that do get followers tbh.

Hi anon, you know what I dislike? when people, especially in anon, assume things about me like that ^^ that’s something that makes me GNNN inside x))

I’m gonna reply to each points, tbh I don’t see why I should justify myself to you but at least it’s not an aggressive message so ok ^^

- I began to ask permission to repost when I realized that there were so much unauthorized posts on tumblr that a lot of person were reblogging them since there was mostly that. I also love sharing with my friends in general, or make discover new artists <333 

- about the “reblog”, the main reason is stupid tbh, it’s just to fill more my queue ahah ^^’’’ (and bcs some people asked me if I could reblog bcs of time difference but now it’s really more to keep my blog active xD)  ah and let’s be clear **big breath** I don’t care about notes unless it’s works of mine, like my music or my drawings or edits, I really care about the feedback in this case (like all artists) so I won’t be ashamed to admit that.
For the arts I post,  I don’t know why I would want to have notes since I feel nothing about it since well I haven’t made them. Tbh, I’m one of the few persons who wish that tumblr could let the possibility to hide notes for some posts…

- About the tag “my posts”, I use this for every posts I do, I didn’t think much about it, just a way to find things easily……..(again why assuming the worst –”’’ I could have choose *hakuna matata* it wouldn’t have changed anything).

- And the last sentence is the one that makes like OTL OTL OTL the most each time……… I take very seriously the repost with permission, I’m very careful about that, I keep a constant contact with artists just in case, I even try to make the artists consider to create a blog here too!!!! And for many they came :D and I could support them directly here <333 also since I ask permission, I am more aware of unauthorized reposts here so I could try to contact users about it or even warn the artists about it. I even made masterlists (but thanks to tumblr staff, links are broken now) for the fandoms so they could be careful too.
Do you really think that I would bother to do this if the only thing I wanted was followers……..?

Tbh anon, I take this ask badly, because I think it’s kinda insulting in a way. 
You don’t know nothing about me or about what I do, so next time instead of sending an ask on anon, ask by DM, let’s talk.
Otherwise, yes I love my friends and the followers I talked with, that’s the only thing that really counts to me here ;))

Well, have a nice day now.

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i love pewds so much and i wish that the media would just stop writing articles about him! hes such a good person and they're just jokes not meaning to hurt anyone. The media must be running of things to report on :(

unfortunately, it’s their job to be scumbags (not all of them, ofc)

I’m just an emotional mess after that! Those scenes were pure perfection! I can’t believe how far they’ve come! Everything they’ve been through together, the good and bad has all led to here. Their husbands now! I’m so grateful for Robron! Ryan and Danny make every single scene beautiful, honest and so believable. To find on screen chemistry like they have is so rare and I’m so thankful they make up Robron. I’ve got so much love for them, they’re absolutely amazing!