It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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“It’s time to reclaim your stolen century.”

can I just say how freaking proud i am of griffin?? honestly what a good episode? i cannot wait to see what’s next for them i love them all so much.

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every time a new character is introduced in haikyuu, i lose a year off my life

also, I just can’t imagine sakusa in normal clothes? he probably always needs jacket pockets so he doesn’t have his hands exposed to bacteria

I’ve been thinking about the clones again and it makes me so sad. They were people, they were individuals with their own thoughts and feelings and they were used as cannon fodder and treated like property. It just breaks my heart for their fictional souls, you know? I wish they all could have had happiness and freedom.

The Five Times You Kiss Poe Dameron(Skywalker!Reader x Poe Dameron)

Originally posted by the-return-of-the-imagines

Word Count: 2470

Summary: The five times that the reader shares a kiss with Poe Dameron, in order.

A/N: first kind of actual Poe Oneshot?? I’m so excited? I love this so much, omg. I’ve been seeing these “Five times” stories floating around tumblr and I just love them all so much. So, I decided to write my own!! I hope that you enjoy this!

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but just imagine

Being Feyre and going to dinner with the Inner Circle the first time. Not only is this a new city, in a new body, trying to adjust to potentially leaving her fiancé, recovering from abuse, but now she has to go to dinner with a group of friends who have literally been friends for hundreds of years.

Imagine how intimidating it would be to be the new person at the table. The odd one out who has not gone through hell and back with these incredibly powerful fae. The one who doesn’t share their secrets.

But they are so kind and welcoming to her, they all do their best to make sure she is comfortable and I just love them all so much.

If Mor and Az and Cassian and Amren don’t end up happy at the end of ACOWAR, I’m going to have a literal cow.

I know that a lot of people like to imagine the boys together romantically, and that’s fine. Like what you like. But tbh I really love their friendship with each other. There isn’t enough friendships focused on men. And I love that ffxv is one of the few things that I’ve seen recently that actually focuses on friendships between dudes.

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i think i'm gonna lowkey start shipping parkolin jeje but, what are everyones favorite tv shows? and favorite movies? and everything favorite i just love them all so much

Someone: Parkolin
Malek: I was threatened. I have never seen anything so false. Ever since that encounter my life has never known peace. Snakes began manifesting in my house physically.

Favorite shows as a kid:
Dallas: Pb&J Otter! Mr Rogers.

Dallas: I can’t sleep.
Malek: *turns to him*
Malek: it’s you I like. It’s not the things you wear. It’s not the way you do your hair. But it’s you, I like.
Dallas: what are you, my mom? Singing Mr. Rogers isn’t gonna make me sleep, dude.
Malek: The way you are right now,
The way down deep inside you–
Not the things that hide you,
Dallas: *literally knocked out*

Malek: some shows on Nat Geo and Discovery chanel because he’s a NERD. Bill Nye too ofc
Malek: this is obviously fake
Ancient aliens: could this be the work of ancient aliens?
Malek: that reaction image of DW

Poppy: THE RUGRATS! It broadcasted way late when she was a kid so she’d sneak out her bed and crawl downstairs to watch it. Dev would catch her and it’d always scare her but he’ll laugh and give her a noogie before he splits a crunch bar with her.

I always wonder how Jessamine told Corvo she was pregnant. Did she make it special despite her nerves and told him in the early hours long before their duties of the day? Did Sokolov, being the royal physician and asshole he is, just bring it up in a conversation in front of Corvo who’s trying so hard not to react?
My favorite thought: Jessamine is panicking and tells him exactly right before they’re announced to enter a parliament session, and almost the whole time Corvo is trying to decipher in his head what the really rushed sentence Jessamine had told him. Only to realize she had said: Corvo I’m pregnant k bye let’s go.
Corvo then proceeds to forget where he’s at and let’s out a rather loud “holy shit,” with the stupidest grin on his face.

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can you write something about Ford getting roses before/after a show?? (either from the smh team or from a cute girl)

Of course! (It got a bit long though so the rest of it is under the cut.)

She still remembers the first rose she ever got.

It was the first time she had ever performed on stage and even though she didn’t enjoy it and she was simply one of the characters in the chorus, it meant that someone thought she’d done a good job and that was what mattered. 

Getting roses was one of the very few things that Ford missed about stage managing.

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Could you write about platonic love (one of the best kinds) 💕

Platonic love is often pushed back, hidden like the stagehands of a performance. Platonic love is long lasting, and just as real and deep as romantic love.

It’s taking a roadtrip across the country, music blaring in the background and singing off key. It is holding hands while waiting for news and then hugging excitedly when it all turns out for the best. It’s that stuffed animal you’ve had for years that you hardly remember getting, but couldn’t imagine life without.

Platonic love is knowing the moment you’ve connected with someone. Knowing that you could talk for hours on end or sit in silence together. Like when you go to the beach, there’s a soft, stillness to it with a hum in the background of the rolling waves and blowing winds.

Platonic love is saying “I love you” and it being said in return as often as you need it to be said and even when you didn’t know you needed it. It is the soup that’s made for you when you’re sick, nourishing you and making sure you’re better than okay.

It’s stargazing at night and talking about your pets and then about the meaning of life. It is the feeling of falling asleep and knowing you’ll be back in bed when you wake up or wrapped in blankets and made comfortable.

It’s feeling nervous to go on stage and having that voice in the back of your head telling you how great you’re going to do and how proud they are of you. It’s that warm feeling in the middle of your chest and in your stomach that you get when you hear your name followed by a tight, long-lasting hug.

Platonic love is finding people who give you the feeling of home. It is finding your platonic soulmate and wondering why they took so long to find you. It’s like looking up at the night sky and being a little scared at how expansive it is, but finding comfort in knowing it’s always there, surrounding you with the light from the stars and the moon. It’s like finding the right words - not always easy, but always worth it.

I See You Kitty- Miraculous Ladybug Fic

  This is my first fic I’ve ever posted online and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes and if anyone likes it. Marichat all the way. Possible reveal? I’d love some feedback? Enjoy?

                                                      Chapter 1

          “Someone’s at the door Alya.” Rose shouted from the living room. “Do you need me to get it?”

           “I got it, thanks Rose.” Alya said as she left the kitchen to answer the door. “Oh, hi Chat Noir! I didn’t think you were coming.”

          “Sorry I’m running a little late.” He smiled and looked around at the room full of his classmates. “My Lady sends her apologies that she cannot attend, but she did ask me to give you this.” Chat Noir bowed to Alya in the doorway as he presented Ladybug’s red wrapped present for her to take.

          “Oh, that’s okay. I know you guys have important things to do for Paris so I was expecting either one of you.” Alya smiled as she took the present out his hand and took a step back so he could enter. “Thank you for coming Chat!”

          “Of course. I’m honored that you allowed this alley cat the chance to join in the purr-ty,” he chuckled at his own joke and Marinette groaned. “Annnd this one is from me,” Chat Noir held out a black box to the journalist.

          “You have some serious bow making skills Chat,” Alya laughed as she took in the size of the green bow on top of the present. It was larger than the box itself and pretty elaborate.

          I wonder if he had to resist the urge to play with all of the strands dangling from it, Marinette thought as she smiled to herself.

          Chat stretched an arm behind his head and chuckled. “Yeah, playing with string is a hobby of mine.”

          Alya sat the superheroes presents down on the table with the rest of the gifts and told Chat to make himself at home. He didn’t even get a foot away from her before Nino was at his idol’s side asking him dozens of questions. At least one of us got to show up today. Marinette felt bad that Alya couldn’t have Ladybug at her party, but she knew that she couldn’t miss her bff’s birthday bash or Marinette would never hear the end of it.

          “I can’t believe she sent me a gift. She so did not have to do that.” Alya grabbed a can of Sprite out of the fridge. “I wonder if it will give me another clue as to who she is under the mask.”

         Marinette’s hand shook slightly so she set her piping bag down on the counter beside the birthday cake she had made for Alya before she messed it up. “I can’t believe you’re still trying to figure them out. It’s been three years.”

          “Oh, I have made it my life’s mission girl! Besides,” she dipped her finger in the orange icing and licked it, “you’re still crushing on Adrien three years later.”

          “Th… that’s different.” Marinette felt the blush creep up her neck as Alya stared at her.

         “At least you can finally talk around him like a normal person,” she laughed before hip bumping Marinette. “It sucks that he had a shoot and couldn’t be here today though.”

         “Yeah, we haven’t hung out as a group in a while since we are all so busy with work and school.”

         “I don’t know how you keep up with it all Mari! Your internship at Agreste Designs, fashion and business class and helping your parents at the bakery- I get tired just thinking about it.”

          “Yeah, it gets hard sometimes,” Marinette dried her wet hands off with the pink towel next to the sink, “but I love it. I’ve never been happier!”  

          “Now if only we could get you to start dating a certain handsome blond model. Then everything would be perfect!”

          “Alya,” Marinette squeaked, reaching out to smack her friend as she danced out of the kitchen. She sighed and lit the eighteen candles on the cake before grabbing it and heading towards the living room.

          “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming today. I’m very lucky to have such wonderful friends.”

          “We’re lucky to have you!” Marinette said as she set the cake on the coffee table. Everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to Alya.

          Nino wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. “Make a wish beautiful.” Alya smiled at him before closing her eyes and blowing out the candles in one breath.

          “Aww yeah! Time for cake!” Kim’s booming voice rang out causing everyone to laugh as Marinette cut the cake.

          “I’ll help,” Chat Noir said as he grabbed some plates and forks, passing out slices to everyone.

         “Thanks Chat.”

          “Anything for you Princess,” he winked at her and she had to resist the urge to giggle.

          Stupid tomcat, she thought fondly.

        Everyone ate their cake in a happy silence, the only noise coming from Nino’s speakers that were playing music in the corner.

          “So,” Alya clapped her hands together as Mylene was the last to finish her dessert and smiled mischievously, “who wants to play a game?”

          “What kind of game?” Nathaniel asked nervously, fiddling with the pencil in his hand.

          “Ooh! Like a board game? I just love board games!” Rose sang, already dancing in her seat with happiness.

          “Anything but Candyland. I hate Candyland” Julika said as she turned to look at her girlfriend.

          “I was thinking more along the lines of Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle.”

          “Eep!” Marinette jumped, almost dropping the plates that she was carrying to the sink.

         “I vote for Truth or Dare!” Nino said as he looked at Chat Noir.

         “I will only play if no one asks me any personal questions. I’m not revealing myself tonight, sorry Alya.”

         “It’s okay Chat, I expected that, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.” She smiled, “alright! Nobody gets to ask Chat any questions so that means he has to do all dares.”

         “Challenge accepted!” His green eyes lit up, but Marinette still didn’t like where this was heading. Alya always had an ulterior motive for the things she did and this was no exception.

           At least Adrien isn’t here. Marinette crossed her fingers behind her back as she sat down on the arm of the couch. I have a feeling that I’m going to need all of the luck I can get for the rest of the evening.

           “Birthday girl gets to go first.”

          “Thanks babe,” Alya looked around the room slowly, stopping to grin at Marinette who held her breath. “Alix, truth or dare?”

          “Dare, obviously.” The pink haired girl answered quickly.

         “I dare you to grab your board and run down to the street. Then you have to skate around the block while singing the Dora theme song.”

         “Where did you even come up with that?” Nino laughed as Alix nodded, strapping on her helmet before walking out.

          “You know how much my sisters used to watch that show. They were singing it yesterday and it’s still stuck in my head!” Everyone got up to go look out the window as Alix’s voice drifted through the open window. “I wonder who she will choose next.”

          “DO DO DO DO DO DORA!” They all began laughing.