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but isn't the whole 'jon is secretly a targaryen' entirely from the show? Or is it something grrm is putting into the books? i'm lost

I… um… I… uh. um. I’m sorry. Please read this. And this.


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BTS-Marvel – anon scenarios #3

Spidey, your mask is burning you know… or the day Hoseok saved Yoongi

by: anon, in cooperation with my writer @crazy-lavandula since I wanted to do justice to this cute idea~

‘Let me get this off so you can do your thing. Breathing and stuff. And all that jazz. It’s good for your brain cells or something, and burning spandex has a nasty smell too!’

Yoongi was still coughing, barely able to focus on the figure in front of him, but it was red and black and way too close.

‘Shut… up.’ he rasped, trying to figure out just how badly the explosion had affected him.

‘Come on, let me get that mask off. Or you want a mouth-to-mouth? I can do that too. No? You sure? Okay then. But at this rate you will suffocate.’

Yoongi could have dealt with a lot of things right then, but not with him. Definitely not with Deadpool.

‘Still… better… than you seeing…’ he tried to say, but choked on another cough.

‘What was that Spidey?’

‘Better than you seeing my face.’ he managed, turning his head. ‘It’s dangerous.’

‘Hey, come on! Don’t hurt my feelings – I saved your shapely ass too! I’m trying to be a hero for once, and you are being an idiot about it…’ Deadpool whined. ‘So come on. Do your thing. You know. Breathe. And let me do this.’

And even though some sane part of his oxygen deprived mind tried to warn him again about why letting Deadpool see his face was a horrible idea, but Yoongi didn’t particularly care anymore.

So he gave up fighting him off, because his ears were still ringing from the explosion and his lungs burned and every fibre in his body hurt and he was sure he broke something and that damn Goblin and no.

He’d had enough of that day already…

As surprisingly gentle fingers pried his mask away, the ongoing incoherent rambling about some new food court got very abruptly cut off, and Yoongi opened his eyes to see what was wrong

Only to find Deadpool staring at him in a way that made him feel decidedly uncomfortable.


Your face is even more dangerous…

Inspiration: @busanie

WestAllen Honeymoon Headcanons

1. Consistent with this idea before, Barry and Iris visit several different cities on their honeymoon, because Iris couldn’t pick a single place when she was browsing a top ten honeymoon destination list before the wedding, and Barry loves her that much that he promised he would take her to every city on the list. Iris had bitten back a smile at the suggestion, and Barry had smirked because he knew she wanted to say yes, but didn’t want to seem too eager. “Won’t that be expensive?” Iris had pulled herself together sensibly to ask, always the practical one to ground Barry when he gets too caught up in romance (and she was trying to hide that she loved the idea). Barry had pointed out that they’ve been putting money aside for an epic honeymoon anyway, and they save on time and airfare with his speed, so, “Why not have the kind of unique honeymoon that only someone married to The Flash could have?” he wiggles his eyebrows cockily. Iris beams at him: she’s sold.

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GLORY, pt. 3

Previous parts: Prologue, Part 1, Part 2A, Part 2B|Other Companions: An Awakening, Lost, Distrust, Protect, Organic


It had been a month, one whole month, since Cassia had seized control of Bristlecone. It was such a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things, but more than enough time for her to destroy and end the lives of some, and traumatize those who remained.

She had grown half mad with power, with a paranoia to go with it. Sat atop her throne of roots and flowers and thorns, she plotted her next move.

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“oh, neat, i actually managed to get all three data caches intact!” i say to myself, not quite believing into realness of the “Data retrieved” near A, B, and C. “now i just need to get out, i don’t even need to be cautious with alarms!” exclaim and head to the exit of the data vault. 

there is no exit. i crawl though every secret passage. i look through every floor of the vault. examine every room and confirm that yep, i was there already. there is no exit and every time i end up in the vault itself into which i had so much trouble entering and now can’t do anything but entering it again and again. the little green dot on minimap taunts me, and switching to actual map is as humiliating as it is unhelpful. i start panicking. what if i am doomed to wander there forever?

three days later, a corpus moa enters the vault by accident. it sees a tenno sitting in the corner and whimpering. moa tilts its head not unlike a bird and lifts one of its legs, as if thinking if it should launch a ground slam. “please,” the tenno cries. “please, take all this back. i just want to leave. please, tell me it’s possible to leave. god, i just wanted to play a game”. moa is still for some time. then it carefully puts its leg on the floor. it turns around and strides away, not indicating it understood the pleas. the tenno starts crying again.

Ma says I can get another cat but that is not going to help me I raised that cat since he was a baby and I’ve never had a cat actually love me the way my baby has and I’m sitting here crying bc I can just feel he isn’t gonna come home


Lost in Space~ (RedBubble

Pokemon Go in a nutshell

PSA: don’t blame someone else for not playing healer if you won’t do it yourself

The Amazons of Themyscira