fandom: daredevil (tv)
pairings: matt murdock / franklin “foggy” nelson, franklin “foggy” nelson / marci stahl
Foggy Nelson: good at law, terrible at feelings.
tags: pre-canon, law school, friends with benefits, friends to lovers, pining, fake/pretend relationship

in honour of all black lives lost to police brutality

I’m going to paint something on my arm tomorrow/possibly write a poem for #blacklivesmatter and I’ll be sure to wear short sleeves so that everyone can see it. I want people to realize that what’s going on isn’t just some thing happening in a bunch of towns in the states, I want them to realize that it’s a societal issue in a ton of different places all around the world. It is pertinent, it is here, and it affects them too. It needs attention, and proper information being spread about it, but most of all, it needs to stop. I’ve never understood how one could discriminate against someone and be so cruel because the colour of their skin is different. The whole appropriation of black culture thing going on isn’t okay either. And then we all pretend like we’re not racist or contributing to it and it’s just some thing in the media. We pretend like it’s just whatever, and move on, but really, we should be pondering how to make a difference so that no more blacks should feel ashamed, so that white people don’t hate black people but love to appropriate their culture, so that black people don’t have to be scared to walk down the street, so that’s there’s no more suffering; no more precious lives lost. This is a huge mess. And it makes me so so mad that a lot of white people act like they’re not contributing, as they sit on their couch made by suffering black and brown people sipping on their sweet cup of white privilege. Honestly, how the hell did we manage to fuck up so badly that this is a reality?! How did we fuck up so bad?!?! I’m done.

why are all the philosophers i have to study just grumpy old rich men who hate themselves

its tedious

jakebstumblrman replied to your post: anonymous asked:You are constantl…

“I hate this ship… I’m gonna go ahead and keep an eye on this blog that almost exclusively blogs about said ship and then complain to this blogger about this opinion of mine that contrasts theirs.”

i feel slightly honored that i elicited someone to actually take such actions 


Closet Cosplay Tsumiki Mikan is making me consider doing this…


wait for it…

lmao remember when gray natsu and lucy all lost their parental figures in one arc


“To Daryl, we are still here. We are both here for Beth. It might feel like we’re not the people we were, but there are parts of [who we were] that simply can’t be destroyed.” -Scott M. Gimple