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Could you explain your painting process? :0 I am curious to see how you block out your shapes and colors. Love you work btw!!!

Thanks anon! And sure I’ll try my best to explain (you get to have Winter’s Tale fanart since I watched it last night and now I want to draw horses with glittery wings haha)

I usually start out with lasso tool to block out the main shapes until I’m happy with the placement and general idea.

Some of the shapes I fill in with the bucket, and others I brush in.

Also the colors I pick are sort of a placeholder or like a suggestion; not necessarily the colors I want for the final piece (I think I want it to be more on the blue/cold side but we’ll see). If I’m okay with how it looks I start refining the shapes and adding more colors.

Yeah. Lots of tweaking haha; changed the background to a darker color, edited the characters, added shapes, etc. Start breaking the big overall forms into smaller shapes. I use color balance in Photoshop a lot to mess around or get colors to work together (like when you see the whole image turn a kind of blue/pink color). Not quite painting here yet, more just adding details and getting it to the mood I want (which at this point is magical/whatever feelings I got from watching the movie).

And for picking/figuring out colors I honestly just paint until I think it feels right which isn’t a very helpful thing to say haha I use colors that try to convey the mood?

Like here for example:

First one’s a bit too light/happy feeling; second isn’t quite what I’m going for, needs to have more impact; third is kinda just neutral; fourth is a lot better but I don’t like all the reds, feels a bit chaotic. I think basically you have to noodle around until you find one that works.

Paint time! Changed the colors to be a little more warm towards the end. And more continued breaking the shapes into smaller shapes. After this is pretty much cleaning up shapes/edges and adding little details here and there.

(I’ll post the finished image in a different post).

Hope that answers your Q anon : )


I once had the urge to make a shitty photoshop edit of cullen as a farmer and once I gave in, I coudln’t stop. It is completely unrelated to just anything we know about Cullen and there is absolutely no excuse or justification for this mess. I am so sorry. It’s just I feel like he’d be a great farmer, living a happy life on his own little farm okay?

Doctor Strange & Eternity first meeting!!
Much like how Dormammu looks very different in the MCU, I feel Eternity won’t be entirely comic accurate either. It’d be a lot more abstract I think.  Which i’m okay with…as long as they stick with their blue aesthetic and at least has a vague human appearance.  Like how Dormammu mimicked Strange’s voice and appearance(ish) for us lil simple minded mortals to better grasp his existence without losing it.  just please include the antlers and cape tho

    ( * how to easily make gif icons in just a few minutes !! )

i was messing around in photoshop one day and i found a way to make over 100 gif icons in less than 10 minutes using actions, so i thought i’d share because i know how tedious making gif icons can be !! this is so simple tbh even if you’ve never used photoshop before, you’d probably be able to do this. if this is helpful, please like/reblog !!

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Angie’s Tips and Tricks for Live2D Models

I’ve gotten some questions about editing these things so I’ll do my best to give some pointers on how to make these. First things first we will need:

  • A basic understanding of Photoshop and loading Live2D models. You will need to know how to do shading/highlights and how to use layers because I’m not going to go into that here.
  • The Live2D viewer as well as the Live2D Fates Assets. The original link I got them from appears to have died so I’m unsure of where to get them if you don’t already have them. I won’t reupload as they were taken down by the original poster.

Tips under the cut! I’m no expert at editing these, so there may be things I’m wrong about so I’m merely speaking from experience.

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Meeting Gillian Anderson at Boston Comic Con!

I’ve been wanting to write this all down…mainly to remember, but also incase you guys want to hear a cute little Gillian story!

I was (thankfully) joined by my buddy Reed, and we noticed when we first walked in that people were already lining up at Gillian’s booth for autographs. We picked up some photos for her to sign (she ended up having some at her table anyways but oh well 😋 ). We waited in line for the next 45 minutes, and I will spare you the details about it being cash only and my sprint to the ATM last minute where I probably knocked some people over and ran faster than I ever have in my entire life lolol.

At around 10:45 or so, Gillian came out looking cute as ever, and man, I have never in my life felt more like I was going to pass out; pretty much everything that you can do to further your chances of fainting I had done, and then add Gillian to that like…I was not okay. 

But somehow I stayed conscious enough to make it to the front of the line (we were near the middle) and Reed went first (because I made him lol). He chose a picture of Scully with Skinner when he had the virus and he was not looking too hot, so when she went to sign it she was like “Is that Skinner?! What happened to him?!” and we were just all cracking up. She asked what episode it was in but yo I can’t remember who I even am let alone that episode, and either could Reed so we all just kept laughing. Then Reed mentioned that we had gone to see her in Streetcar a couple of months ago, and she said that it was funny because only one person on Saturday had seen it, but almost everyone in line ahead of us had said that they had gone too. Reed joked and said “Yeah, that’s because we all planned it,” and she was like “You all know each other?” and he was like “Yeah, all of us!” and gestured to the rest of the line 😆  I’m not sure if she caught on that he was joking, which was adorable (also, the way he said it was super light-hearted and silly which may not read that way through text I’m realizing as I’m typing it now…but it was a cute/funny little interaction).

Then it was my turn; I had made her a paper-cut of a koi fish and lotus blossom (I’ll put the picture down below) and was planning to give it to her (if I could function). I first handed her the picture to sign, and then was like “Oh yeah, also, I made you this…” and handed her the koi cut-out. She looked at it and was like “What do you mean you made me this?!” and I’m just standing there smiling like a loser. She kept looking at it, and said that it was so sweet of me to make and that she loved it (and something about a koi? It being cute or little or beautiful? Or all the above? I was dead by then sorry lol). After finally putting it down, she said that it reminded her of something her daughter would make since she’s an artist, and that she just got commissioned to do a dog picture on Instagram and how great and cool that was (I agreed). I think then she realized she still didn’t sign my picture so she grabbed a sharpie (she took a minute to choose what color she wanted to use which was also adorable), and was like “Okay…Meeka?” and I’m like “Mike-uh” and she’s like “Oh! Like the mineral?” and I was like “Yeah! but with an h at the end!” (but like maybe I whispered that last part? lol). After she signed, she stuck out her hand for me to shake and I was like damnnn cause this boy has sweaty hands 24/7, so you can only imagine the state they were in at that point…so unfortunately, I paid more attention to being mortified by that and how gross it probably was than the fact that I was shaking hands with GILLIAN FUCKING ANDERSON. She ended up spelling my name wrong (Micha instead of Micah, but I give ZERO FUCKS), but her message was so cute! It was “Better than Magnetite! So nice to meet you!,” and if you know me, you know my love for crystals/stones/minerals/etc, so the fact that she referenced this made my life.

After that, we grabbed some food and pretty much went right to Photo-Ops, and who walks in basically right in front of us? Yes. GILLIAN. Reed decides this is the perfect time to throw out his can though so we didn’t get to walk near her but maybe that was for the best lol. Anyways, so this time I went first, and went over to her, said hi, and she was like “Hey! Oh! Meeka!” and I was like “Micah” and she was like “Ahhh crap! I’m so sorry!” and just threw her hands up all cute and stuff, and the people behind Reed were like “What did you do stalk her??” (aka how does she know your name?? But I think they didn’t know she did a signing earlier) so I was super embarrassed by this statement cause…I know I’m a little obsessed dork, but no thanks to the stalker thing. But of course Gillian didn’t seem to give any fucks about that statement and just kept saying sorry for messing up my name and in my head I’m like you could literally call me trash and I would give zero fucks lmao but outwardly I just kept awkwardly laughing and saying “it’s fine! no worries!” (Also, can I just say, like yo fam, I don’t correct the fucking Starbucks lady and just accept her calling me “Meeka” but I correct Gillian Anderson??? Am I okay??) 
So I end up looking like a complete dork in my picture (also, the sweat is REAL people…but luckily easily cropped out…and I’m a graphic designer so I can also photoshop that shit thank the lord) and when the picture was over I just awkwardly stood there for a minute smiling at her BEAUTIFUL FACE until she was like “I’m sorry again [about your name]” and I snapped out of it and was like “It’s okay! Don’t worry!” as I walked out. Luckily Reed was after me so it wasn’t the most awkward moment in the world, and after he told me that he said to her “It was a good attempt!” and she laughed.

After that was her panel, and she was hilarious and adorable as always! Some of the questions were cringe-worthy from the moderator, but her reactions were great. (Also I think I was sitting next to @sewenteensir?? Which was cool, but I’m awkward for life so…oh well lol).

Then Reed and I actually walked around the convention center, but at that point I was pretty drained. Gillian did two more signings, that sweet little angel! I have nooooo idea how she was functioning after that long day, and I was tempted to get in line again…but I had such an amazing day and was so thankful for my interactions with her, that it was just silly and really would benefit no one at that point to get in line again.
By the time I got home I pretty much crashed, but again, what an amazing day! Gillian is the sweetest, and she kept cracking me up! Even though she is amazing, talented, and beautiful, she makes it so easy to interact with her as a human being. Even watching her interact with other people in front of me; she took the time and attention to look at and talk to each person. I appreciate that so much about her, and I am so happy she ended up coming to Boston!

^The Koi fish I made her, hand-cut out of paper! (Wrapped safely in a sandwich bag hellll yeahhhh classy AF)