Till We Catch Feelings pt. 2

“You speak french, right?”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: (Modern!AU) Where Bucky and his neighbour decide to share more than uncomfortable glances when picking their mail ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). However, there’s only one rule that must not be broken: Feelings shall not be involved.

Warnings: None, maybe swearing(?

Words: 1000


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“So… Two minutes, huh?” Bucky reminded your words while recomposing his breathing, a cocky smile plastered on his face. You were laid down next to him, eyes wide open staring at his ceiling, overwhelmed about what just happened. 

“Well, in my defence, I did last for like 2 minutes or so.” You whispered, still in shock, closing your thighs on purpose to keep feeling the sweetness he left between your legs. Heck, it’s been awhile since you had this much fun. He laughed, his hand covering his face before speaking. 

“Suck it.” He mocked, acting like a little kid. 

“I just did.” You saw the chance and you took it, surprisingly making him chuckle and blush. “Congrats, you’re officially ranked at 7 on my list.” Barnes looked at you, smirk on his lips. 

“7 out of what?”

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Yooo Devi, vodkanon here, glad you liked the Barbeque and I’m here to deliver more protein bars (perfect excuse to cry over ot5). So UshiBoKuroIwaDai in the same gym au, with BoKuroIwaDai using “bruh”, “dude” and “man” as terms of endearment. And then we have Ushiwaka who goes ballistic with “my love” and his boyfriends still can’t get over it and all the hell breaks loose when he actually wants to be lovey-dowey [part 1]

[part 2 UshiBoKuroIwaDai] every time Ushiwaka says “my love” to one of them it goes like this: Iwaizumi shuts him up with kisses, Daichi goes red in the face and they just??kind of??? stare at each other??? (after that Daichi seems to steal touches here and there); Kuroo has it bad, went over the edge on couple occasions while Ushiwaka said it to him during the do and Bokuto? “Wakatoshi, my bro, my dude my man, I love you too" (Bokuto hugs like he wants to hug life out out of Ushiwaka)            

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Infinite Reacting to their S/O talking to their rival.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Sunggyu - As soon as he’d notice you speaking to the boy he specifically told you that he was never fond of, his eyes would start to get small. “Y/n. Why are you even talking to him.” He’d think to himself. After awhile he’d notice how you were laughing every now and then with a large smile playing on your face. He’d concentrate on what you were saying by trying to read your lips. He’d just stare at you with small eyes until you’d notice his disapproving look.

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Dongwoo - Dongwoo would walk up to you and although he wouldn’t exactly like the other person you were talking to well, not even exactly liking it’s not liking at all. He’d introduce himself to the male who was standing in front of you and fake a smile. “Hi! I’m Dongwoo from Infinite. Nice to meet you!” He’d smile playing along. Before he was walking up to you he’d just be thinking about ways to get you away. “Oh. Y/n, I need to talk to you… in private.” He’d lead you around into another room while excusing the both you from the boy just left standing there dumbfounded. “Well, I thought I’d have to wait for you two to finish.” He’d say with an innocent smile.

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Woohyun - He’d be a little shocked and hurt. “S-She’s talking to him. I thought she said she never liked him either?” Pain flickering throughout his mumble. It would hurt him a bit. Reminiscing to the time he’d told you that he and his rival never got along at all. Remembering you saying what you had told him at the time. He’d look up at you, trying to catch your attention so you’d notice the pain that he’d felt when you started talking.

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Hoya - Once he’d hear your giggle and the voice of someone he’d never want to hear he’d swerve his head to the side to where the conversation was happening. Confusion would play him cause he wouldn’t understand why in the world would you have to talk to that person? Why couldn’t you talk to one of the boys in Infinite? Why are you still talking? He’d be kind and just wait for you to finish but it wouldn’t take long after for him to bombard you with all types of questions.

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Sungyeol - Sungyeol would be a bit pained. “Y/N? Why are you talking to him?” He’d ask you in a whisper. He’d know that his rival couldn’t hear anything so he’d constantly be glaring at him. “You know I don’t like him.” He’d state straightforwardly. In the end, he’d just sit and watch you converse while glaring at the same time.

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L - “He’d better not try anything.” He’d be cautious as he glanced over at you. You’d notice the look on his face but still keep on talking. He wasn’t one to just drag you away, he’d wait. Before he could take any more, he’d be behind his rival motioning to you with his hand to hurry up. “Hurry! We need to go!” He’d whisper kind of loudly. He’d wait for you to walk to him and you’d both walk side by side. “Really? You just had to go and talk to him?!? I mean I can’t stop you but, don’t spend so much time talking to him when you can talk to me.” He’d say with a hint of anger.

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Sungjong - He’d watch you converse from the side. He can’t just walk over. His rival was older than him basically the age of his hyungs. He’d just wait in a chair nearby still watching you both. He’d try to think about what you would even talk about, why you were even talking. You’d finish talking and casually walk toward him. At first he’d give you the cold shoulder before bursting. “Why were you with him!?!” He’d scream.

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Negan takes a breath. Glances for a moment out the window. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything,” he says, rough, quiet. “I was just screwing around.”

When he looks back the kid is staring at the floor, screw-jawed and tight-mouthed. “Just forget it,” he mumbles, and Negan breathes out. There’s a knock at the door but he ignores it, watches Carl’s face for a moment before looking away. Down at his hands, resting on his knees. The knuckles broad and gun-worn, scarred. The palms scored and sun-dark and rough, and Carl across from him hasn’t lived a kid’s life like Negan did once but all the same he is still a teenager. Pale and thin and small, all hunched shoulders and angry set defiance about the face. Negan coached a hundred like him, but they were all snot-nosed smart-mouthed shits. He never forgot what they were, what he was to them.

It’s easy to forget you’re just a kid, he’d said, and he’d meant it. Little serial killer in the making, too young when the apocalypse started, bred of blood and fury and vengeance. Carl couldn’t have been more than twelve the first time he handled a gun. His voice when he spoke of shooting his mom had been threaded with old buried pain and Christ—

Negan stares at his hands. At Carl’s hands. The thin pale waiflike things that flutter across from him like strange and small birds, and then his own, callused and life-ready. Carl grew up too fast and Negan doesn’t know the psychological damage it would have on someone that young but considering he still wakes dreaming nightmares of Lucille, he figures it must be like hell on a teenager.

His fucking hands. Carl’s. One of his hands could envelop both of Carl’s and wrap around the wrists as well.

He looks back up. His throat is briefly tight, he wants to say something, to apologize for his aggression, for not knowing any longer how not to be this way. But Carl’s mouth is twisted tense with aggravation and someone knocked at the door a little while back and instead Negan takes another breath, braces his hands on his thighs.

“Come in,” he calls, and doesn’t look at Carl at all.

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how about the entire sequence?  Harry looks like a child (well yeah he is 15 but still) he looks so happy, he fought against the death eaters and apparently won. He is so happy he lets his guard down and doesn’t see Bellatrix, who kills Sirius, and then his face falls from the shock of the moment as Sirius looks at him blank stare and begins to fall to the veil. And it culminates with that scream.

kick me please, I also like to think how guilty Harry must had felt for the rest of his life, that maybe, if he had been quicker, if he haven’t let his guard down  he could’ve save his godfather.

funny story

Once when I was in elementary school I went to a friend’s house, and during dinner time my friend’s dad never showed up to eat. After dinner we were playing in my friend’s room and I was like ‘hey, where’s your dad?’ and he just kind of stared out the window at the sky and he said very sadly ‘he’s not here right now, but he’s always watching over me’. And I was like 'OH. Oh my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know he passed away’, and my friend turned to me with a look of horror on his face and whispered “he’s an astronaut.”


EDIT - it will show up hella dark on your phone’s guys! Sorryyyyyyyy looks better on a comp screen - Made it a bit lighter so everyone could see it better ! 

“Hello Feyre, darling…”

ER MA GAWD. I completely re-did his face three times. THREE TIMES. *sleeps* Dam you Rhys…

If this is too dark let me know and I will lighten it - I’ve been staring at it for so long I just can’t see anything anymore. But I feel like this lighting suits him - he looks all dark and broody. 

Lighting Inspiration

Night court Insignia copyright of @amren 

General Pose Ref

Character copyright of @sjmaas

come here

listen to this…

  • kyoutani who gets needy and moody if yahaba doesnt pay enough attention to him, so he sticks his hands in his pockets and a massive scowl on his face and just silently intrudes on yahaba’s personal space by standing right right next to him and staring at him until he gives kyoutani a hug 
  • kenma losing interest in videogames as kuroo’s departure for college grows closer. kuroo picking up on this immediately and organising a massive pillowfort sleepover with mariokart tournaments and apple pie just like the good old days when they were kids. the only condition is that kenma has to spend 100% of the sleepover in blanket burrito format
  • lev who’s in denial about yaku leaving until the very last minute when he shows up at yaku’s doorstep with tears in his eyes bc yaku-san helped him so much and made him feel so welcome on the team. yaku gives him the most adorable short-person hug and he just can’t not say anything
  • oikawa randomly spotting a perfect hoodie for iwa-chan, who absolutely cannot stand the cold. it’s fluffy on the inside, definitely warm enough for a moderately cold winter night, and a gorgeous dark red that would look stunning against iwa’s darker skin and green eyes. and of course, it means iwa-chan owes him one ✌️
  • kagehina racing, but hinata trips and scrapes his knees open. having been a lively child, he’s not too bothered, but kageyama insists they go back to his and try and patch him up. they spend an hour reading labels and trying to figure out what’s what and how u use it until hinata’s knees have stopped bleeding all by themselves
  • as his time in high school draws to an end, bokuto develops a habit of grabbing on to the hem of akaashi’s shirt when he’s feeling worried or down (most of the time when akaashi asks what’s wrong, he says it’s nothing bc he cant work up the courage to tell akaashi how much he’s going to miss him)
  • karasuno third years looking at the team they’re going to be leaving behind and noticing all the little ways they’ve influenced their plays, all the tricks the first years picked up from them, and feeling overwhelming pride as they realize they can’t even feel sad about leaving anymore bc it’s so evident that they’re leaving behind a team that is a homage to their hard work and nurturing
  • matsukawa and hanamaki have a sleepover a couple nights after the match against karasuno. they watch titanic as an excuse to cry, but they really have no excuse for cuddling for 4 hours after
  • bokuto who’s the kind of bf who would let akaashi get away with almost anything, akaashi could be drawing dicks all over his face and he’d be staring lovingly into his eyes
  • (akaashi who’s the kind of bf who would take advantage of it, but bokuto looks so fucking cute and innocent sometimes that he just can’t do it)
  • kuroo showing up at kenma’s house in the middle of the night in the middle of the semester when he’s kind of supposed to be in a different city getting sleep before his classes. he claims it’s bc he was worried kenma was missing him too much, but it’s pretty obvious that he just rly rly rly needed to see his precious puddinghead
  • yahaba who falls apart during exam season and scores the full stress bingo chart, including grey hair, headaches and nausea. kyoutani who gets antsy and frustrated during exam season bc he can’t do anything to help yahaba relax (he even shows up at yahaba’s house one day and demands to do his chores. yahaba and his mother tear up instantly)
  • iwaizumi and oikawa watching chidhood videos of the two of them before they part ways for college
  • oikawa BURSTING OUT CRYING barely 15 minutes in (and iwaizumi following 2 minutes later)
  • bokuto and kuroo organise a last mayhem-spreading-sesh before they go off to college. obviously, they drag akaashi and kenma along and they end up in 2 groups - akaashi and kenma bond over their best friends leaving soon, and kuroo and bokuto get each other friendship bracelets that represent a promise to “always do dumb shit together”

*gordon ramsay voice* now fuck off 

Let’s take some time to analyze this small bit from the episode 10 preview

Not sure if it’s been done already. You guys are hella fast when it comes to analyzing scenes holy wow.

So at the end of the preview for episode 10, we see Yuri and Viktor standing/sitting/whatever face to face, right? Okay, so what I noticed, is that Yuri, at first, is staring down.

Then he blinks and looks up at Viktor. In my opinion, his facial expression makes it look as if he’s surprised. Not in a shocked way, but more like in a shy way, if that makes sense?

He’s blushing harder than we’ve ever seen him blush, too.

Then we see Viktor. Viktor has a really gentle and adoring expression on his face. He, just like Yuri, is also looking down, and still looking down by the time Yuri has focused his own eyes on Viktor’s face. 

So what I’m thinking, is that Viktor gave Yuri something. A present, perhaps. Because in the voiceover, Viktor was talking about Christmas presents. Yuri’s birthday is also coming up. So maybe a Christmas present or birthday present.

Looking at their faces, this isn’t just an ordinary present. It’s not some fancy piece of clothing, it’s not katsudon, and it sure as heck is not a pair of socks or an ugly Christmas sweater. I’m thinking it’s something much more intimate. Like a ring.

Or maybe it’s not just a simple Christmas or Birthday present. Maybe it’s a love confession. But if it were, then what could the two be staring down at? Maybe Viktor is holding Yuri’s hands while confessing?

Still, the movements and body language are rather giving me the idea that Viktor is slipping a ring around Yuri’s finger. Realistically, this seems a bit early to be an actual marriage proposal. I mean, it’s totally possible! But despite the whole proposal talk in ep. 9, I’m not sure if their relationship is already at the point where a marriage proposal is the obvious next step. I wouldn’t mind those two getting married already tho lel 

Maybe it’s a love confession where Viktor gives Yuri a ring or something as a token of their relationship/love? Not quite like an engagement ring. but more like a ‘this ring will show everyone that we belong to one another’ kinda ring? 

Or maybe they’re just talking about a touchy subject and Viktor is too shy/embarassed to look at Yuri, but Yuri feels brave enough to look up at Viktor. Viktor hasen’t ever really shown his vulnerable side towards Yuri, not in the anime at least. So this makes sense imo. Maybe all this is just me doing some good old wishful thinking.

But whatever is happening in that preview, we know it’s gonna be good anyway. I mean c’mon, that body language, THOSE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

I can’t wait ‘till next week.

“These are orange marmalade filled croissants, it doesn’t fit everyone’s tastes but-” just as she turned her face to her left she was met with an exceptionally close mess of blonde; staring over her shoulder yet keeping a distance his amazed orbs analyzed the sugary piece.

Chapter 5 _“Hoping for Rain”

This is a scene from the fic I’ve been writing! I hope you’ll like it! These tiny lovebirds just make me the happiest <3

FREEDOM! Summer vacation is here!! I can draw and write all Summer long :’ D


oh my god a bucky action figure he’s so beautif-


That one scene from chapter 6 of The Big Three Alliance(¬ ‿ ¬) 

Jason hovered both his hands near Nico’s cheeks. “May I?”

Nico had no idea what the hands were for, but he nodded anyway.

Jason cupped his cheeks and began to gently wipe Nico’s tears using his thumbs. It surprised Nico, he definitely wasn’t expecting that. Jason’s hands were cold and it made him shudder when their skin made contact. But it was a good kind of cold and Nico decided he liked it. 

You have to understand how beautiful my draft for this piece was. Nikthan and I decided to draw the same scene! So here’s his version

I’m currently reading Avengers/Invaders, circa 2008, where the Invaders are accidentally transported from the midst of WWII to Manhattan in 2008 in the middle of the Civil War. Invaders!Bucky manages to come face to face with Bucky!Cap……..and I may have flipped out, too full of emotions to function properly.

Which is when I finally knew exactly what I should commission the fantastic kelslk to draw. Look at this brilliance; it’s absolute perfection. She is phenomenal and I’m utterly in love with this.

Last night before Jet Black Heart Michael was on stage alone.

The mood was dark the only thing that was on was dark blue lighting and he stood there in silence. Saying absolutely nothing. We screamed as loud as we could without being asked. He tried to keep a serious straight face but he couldn’t he tried to go back to serious mode every time he cracked a smile. Then we started chanting Michael Michael Michael causing his perfect little smile to come back. This went on for over 2 minutes. Us just screaming for Michael. The only sound we got from him was him clearing his throat wanting to start but not wanting to at the same time. Last year he was so down at the Hershey concert, he said nothing, this year we gave him everything. 

I felt like a proud mother staring at him on stage with thousands of people around me screaming for just him.