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What if humans are the only ones who have ever figured out cooking? And not just throwing stuff in a fire either. Think of the process of making a cake (milking a cow, turning milk into butter, getting eggs, grinding down flour e.c.t) and imagine how that would blow the minds of a species whose eating process would be something like "go to tree, get leaf off tree, eat leaf"

  1. Please, please write this
  2. I also can’t imagine how humans figured out cooking and all that goes into cake ingredients because I would probably have died before figuring out how to make butter.
  • Bucky: I just ... I don’t want you to be upset.
  • Steve: How can I not be upset? Okay? I finally fall in love with this fantastic man and it turns out that he wanted you first!
  • Bucky: Yeah for like a half an hour one night! Steve, Tony wants you for the rest of his life. You’re so lucky! Look what I missed out on by not being there! Although you know what? It could never have worked like you guys did, ‘cause you guys are perfect for each other. Y’know, we look at you and-and we see you together and it just ... it-it fits. Y’know? And you just know it’s gonna last forever.

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what's your favorite thing about luke?

wow that is a good question. brace yourself.

so, what i like most is that he has every reason to be an asshole yet he’s the nicest man out there. like his parabatai betrayed him and it wasn’t just a simple betrayal you know. he wanted luke dead. his soul mate wanted him dead what can be harder than this? he was privileged and then he lost his privilege. his family turned their back on him. remember cleophas calling him names like “a filthy animal”. just imagine that… like turning into a werewolf wasn’t enough already… and like after he was turned just think how hard was it. he was suicidal but his love for jocelyn and clary kept him going. the werewolves were probably so harsh to him. i mean he’s an ex-circle member who is now a werewolf. well, i would be very pissed at him, if i were a werewolf. that’s for sure. and he wasn’t even a regular circle member. he was the leader’s parabatai. i can’t even imagine how hard it must be for him. but even with all those things, he kept going good. he cared for people around him.

remember the scene where simon tries to calm him. luke taught him how to shave. like who does that? simon is his girlfriend’s daughter’s best friend (wtf right?) but luke is like a father to him too. he would do anything to keep the ones he loves safe. i’m not even talking about his relationship with maia. we didn’t even see it properly. (FUCK YOU WRITERS GIVE MY MAN MORE SCENES) anyway so as you can see he cares about everyone even tho he experienced really hard things. he could be like no one cared about me so fuck em all. but instead, he’s the purest sunshine.

and he has zero tolerance for shadowhunters like bless him. “man get off my docks” or “we never asked”. ICONIC. even tho the writers are assholes to him at least he got good lines… 

anyway i can go on for ages. like he calls clary “kiddo” how cute is that? and let me tell you clary doesn’t deserve his love… anyway that’s another issue but i would do anything for luke. simply:


Bellamy Blake Imagine: Worth Surviving


Summary: Reader gets captured by Reapers after a fight with Bellamy. He goes into Mount Weather thinking she is there, but once they free the others, he realises she’s not there. After two days they go back for supplies and they find reader in a room where Reapers were kept. At first they think she’s dead but then it turns out she’s still breathing. Back at the camp she wakes up just to hear some nice words from Bellamy.

Word Count: 2958

A/N: This request was great, but I am not really confident about how it turned out. Sorry if this is as shitty as I think it is.

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2Y/N’s POV
Every inch of my body was hurting like hell, but I knew that it wouldn’t prevent me from falling unconscious. The truth was that I didn’t even know if I wanted to stay awake, because I was afraid of what was going to happen with me.

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Alright, so. I have this prompt in my head and I just wanted to get it out there. A girl that is normally emotionless (you can't tell what she's thinking kind of thing) playing like board games (twister?) with Kuroo and boys of your choice and she starts getting pervy and all up on them but still keeps her poker face and they can't tell if she's coming on to them. You can write it in whatever way you like, also if requests are closed just delete this haha

Oooh yay I like this prompt! I was originally going to write for another character as well, but I really liked how the first one turned out so I’m just going to leave it at that!

-Admin Asahi

You stared ahead at the tall boy who was currently digging through his hallway closet for an old game of his. Even though it was your first time in Kuroo’s house, you didn’t seem to show much interest in it. It kind of offended Kuroo that you didn’t even glance around, but he only had himself to blame for his disappointment. He knew you preferred to keep a poker face; the reason for that… he still didn’t know. But he was hoping an exciting game of Twister would help you break out of that shell. 
He pulled the game out of the closet triumphantly and sat down next to you on the ground.
“Have you played Twister before?” he asked. 
“Yes,” you replied.
“Good, let’s get straight into it then.”
Kuroo laid the mat out in front of you and set the spinner in between you two.
“Ladies first,” he gestured animatedly.
You nodded and flicked the spinner with your finger. 
“Ah, left foot on yellow,” Kuroo commented. 
You stood up and stretched to place your foot on the closest yellow circle. You turned your eyes to Kuroo, who was gazing up at you with a strange look on his face.
“Come on, _____, let’s have some fun with this. Don’t look so grumpy.”
Something in you changed as soon as those words left his mouth. Your eyes hardened and your jaw clenched, but otherwise your face remained unchanged. It was your actions that would reveal the switch.

Kuroo glanced at you for what seemed like the hundredth time. Your face held its usual facade, but you were acting very different. For one thing, your hand was resting dangerously close to his butt for stability, and whenever you shifted positions, you made sure to brush your leg or arm or any other part of your body against him while doing so. It was so tantalizing because Kuroo knew you were acting more flirtatious than normal: he just couldn’t figure out why. Finally, after you slid underneath him to reach a circle on the other side of the mat and practically pushed your butt up against his hips, he couldn’t take it anymore. He fell backwards and landed on the ground with a low thud. You cocked your head as you observed him.
“I believe this means I win,” you commented.
Kuroo shook his head.
“I don’t get it, _____. What game are you playing?”
“Game?” You crouched down next to him and rested a hand on his chest, “I’m not playing any games.”
You leaned in. Kuroo’s eyes darted across your face, looking for the lie. When you were a mere inch from his face, your hand suddenly grabbed his shirt and balled it into a fist. The atmosphere changed in a millisecond. You leaned in close, but this time Kuroo felt tension rather than affection.
“Let this be a warning to you, Tetsurou Kuroo. Don’t ever call me grumpy again.”
You sat back on your haunches and folded your arms across your chest. Kuroo blinked at you in a daze. He shook his head to clear his mind and shot you a taunting smirk. 
“Why don’t we have a rematch? Prove to me you’re really not grumpy.”
Your eyes flashed again, but this time they held a light in them that previously wasn’t there. 
“You’re on.”

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dignitywhatdignity replied to your post “Fellow Chicagoan who would love a head and feet massage from a…”

Can you publicize how you found the place? I’m in New York, so there must be options for sinus massage, but Google only turns up suuuuuuper fancy spas or probably-brothels (and not the kind I’d like to see legalized, let’s just say).

It was local, so that’s not much help, I just kind of saw it and looked it up on Yelp. :D 

A few suggestions – search for reflexology or trigger-point massage rather than general massage, or search for massage therapy (therapy is a key word that helps to distinguish trained massage therapists). Check out what people say about them on Yelp. Look on Groupon – the more legit places often offer Groupons (mine does). 

And be aware that places that look a bit fly-by-night may be more legit than they appear. The place I go is not fancy; you don’t like, do a consultation with your massage therapist first or even talk much with them, you just follow them and do what they say. 

Another option is to find out where the massage schools in your area are, and see which ones do cut-rate student massages. I go to Cortiva once a month and get a $30 one-hour massage from a massage therapy student, and they will do specific focus if you ask them, like, students at Cortiva DO consult with you and if you say “my sinuses are insane, can you focus on face, head, and neck” they’ll usually agree. 

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I went with the Controversial PIzza, ham and pineapple pizza.

Oooooh good call! 

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I was sort of hoping for your friend just slipping a copy sock into your home over and over again. Would be a great prank.

Oh man that WOULD be a great prank, just hiding the same sock everywhere.

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Anyway, here’s “Wonderwall.”

Hilariously, as soon as you said this I went and looked up Wonderwall because I was like yeah, I should get in on this joke. And the first tabs I found for Wonderwall on the uke were actually pretty difficult, because they depended heavily on the B and E chords, both of which are a tremendous pain in the ass on the ukulele. 

I found one that’s easier, chordwise, but it’s still such a varied chord pattern that I’m not confident I’ll be able to play it without the tabs in front of me :D 

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I am curious about the first two–are you willing to say more?

They’re not as interesting as they sound :D “Travel: Don’t Fuck It Up” is just a guide for how to use our corporate account while traveling, because we’re transitioning me away from handling most of the travel except for our one big group trip, and people who don’t know about stuff like hotel credit card clearance forms (if you check in using someone else’s card, the hotel needs prior documentation that you didn’t steal it) need to be made aware, so that at least if they still screw it up, I can say “Look, I told you this, you needed to pay attention, so that next time I don’t have to fix it for you”. There’s a sliiiiight tendency among certain members of our team to decide something isn’t relevant if it’s not interesting, and I’d like to correct that.

“Safer News Reading” is really about being more efficient with the daily news reading we do – it’s a primer in how to set up feeds of news websites so that you don’t have to go to the site and comb it for new reading every day. It’s kind of a tie-in with a revision of the way we do news reading, which one of my colleagues is trying to push through and getting some pushback on (it’s related to the above “if it’s not interesting I don’t really have to do it, right?” stuff.)

Natasha/Pepper, Everyday ritual is interrupted

for @georgiagirlagain

3. Everyday ritual is interrupted

“Looks like I got back just in time…” Natasha’s smooth voice resounded in the mostly empty room.

Pepper chuckled and pushed up into downward facing dog, “I’m in the middle of something…”  

“I see that.  Proceed.  Just act like I’m not here…”

“You could join me, Natasha.”  Pepper noticed her eyebrow arch.  

“You know how that always turns out…”  

Apropos of nothing, in my fanfic “Side-Step” a Gem who’s just arrived from Homeworld says, “Blue Diamond’s completely withdrawn into brooding and melancholy and often nobody sees her from one century to the next.  Yellow Diamond works like an absolute fury and never admits anything is wrong at all ever - unless she thinks she’s venting in total privacy.  And White Diamond has just stopped caring about everything except aesthetics and luxury and refinement.”  I wrote that in the last quarter of last year, iirc, well before seeing the Zoo Bomb, and a commenter just pointed out how accurate it had turned out to be.  I regard the Blue and Yellow hits as more lucky guesses than anything else, but I’ll be darned interested to see whether I nailed White Diamond too.

And if I do have the gift of prophecy that’s good news for Amedot and Jaspearl.

A few years ago when I was wandering around a cute little town just outside of Budapest, a picture was snapped of me by a stranger on his fancy camera. I was in the middle of laughing and taking a bite of my ice cream. I’ve always wondered how that picture turned out.

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Has anyone said this yet I'm not sure. What if the person coming out of the car is May? If Jemma is dead and it happened during FZZT, like some people are theorizing due to the partial date on the headstone, Fitz would have been devastated and angry and more likely to turn to Hydra as well? Just something I'm throwing out there. As for his regret some interviews indicate that his dad will appear and it comes from that.

Nah, it’s not May, because we saw her at the Triskelion, remember? And they’re all living in the same world, not separate ones for each of them–at least, that’s what I’m assuming, though I do have concerns about how that’s supposed to work given their individual life changes.

I do think Fitz’s change involves his dad, though, and I definitely think we’re going to see him in some form or fashion.

As for Jemma’s death date, if you wanna be nitpicky and assume FZZT took place on its air date, that would have been November 6th instead of November 8th. And, obviously, the year was obscured to cast a mystery over what happened to her. But the dates are close enough that we could theorize that she died as a result of FZZT, just a little later than she originally would have.

I’m also operating under the assumption that the changes Aida made to their lives was only what SHE perceived to be their biggest regret, instead of what it actually might be. So that could throw a wrench into things as well.

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Hi Bethany! Have you seen the Han solo movie cast photo? I love Donald (and Chewie) but it looks so meh :/ what do you think? I also have the (bad) feeling that they will go with something cliché like: han is so cynic because his true love (probably emilia clarke) died :/

I have!

Considering how much I love Han Solo, I’m remarkably meh about the upcoming Han Solo movie. I just don’t have any confidence that they won’t turn Han into a weird fanon version of his character. 

I mean, in canon he’s basically a cranky dweeb who loves his POS car ship (h/t @jenndoesnotcare) whose best buddy rides shotgun with a crossbow. He’s a mediocre smuggler who tends to have to talk fast and shoot things to get out of tight spots, and he has ZERO GAME when it comes to women despite looking like Harrison Ford. He shows his interest in Leia by picking fights with her as often as he possibly can, and once he’s fallen for her he follows her around like a puppy who just wants to be close to his person. 

In fanon, he’s an expert smuggler, a smooth ladykiller, too cool for this Rebellion but gracing it with his presence anyway. And I’m dismally resigned to the upcoming movie painting him a lot closer to fanon than canon, you know?

I don’t know much about the EU, but mutuals who do know more than I (hi @organasoloskywalker and @ladytharen) have posted enough about it that I have a hazy knowledge that before Han met up with Luke and Obi-Wan and Leia in A New Hope, [spoilers for the EU!] he did have a relationship with a woman who was actively working in the Rebellion to bring down the Empire, Bria Tharen, and she did die. Who knows if the movie is going to do anything like that, though. I think a lot of things from the EU were jossed with Rogue One, so…?

I am definitely excited about Donald Glover as Lando, though. I think he’s gonna do an awesome job. 

monday: i’m walking up some stairs in an academic building and a middle-aged man is walking down. i give him the standard perfunctory smile but as soon as we lock eyes he ventures “How are you?” in such a genuine tone that i respond with “Good, how are you?” at this point, i’m nearly at the top of the stairwell and out the door, whilst he stands at the bottom - yet our interaction continues, as he gives a tepid “Uh, I’m alright” and proceeds to turn the corner.


today (wednesday): i’m walking up a different set of stairs in a different academic building, but i see the same man walking down. i’m feeling bold and like we’ve bonded so i say “Hello!” it’s not until were a whole flight apart that he realizes who just passed him and exclaims from the level below: “I’m doing better!”

i shout back “Good!” because idk who this man thinks i am, but i sure am glad things are looking up for him

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How would Kakyoin or Jotaro deal with and/or help a significant other who is a stand user that has a stand they are terrified of? (Neutral pronouns, please! Just they/them is fine!) Thank you!!

I don’t feel like these turned out too well, so I’m sorry about that ;w; I hope you like them anyways!

☆ Jotaro Kujo ☆

  • He’d be somewhat confused and kind of annoyed at first. What do they mean they’re afraid of their own Stand? A Stand is literally an extension of who you are as a person- are they afraid of themselves? They shouldn’t be, that’s stupid-
  • But when he sees exactly how terrified they actually are, he’d feel his stone heart break a little bit. He never really thought about how it might actually affect them; his s/o seems so afraid of accidentally summoning their Stand, it’s impacting their day-to-day life. He can’t allow that now, can he?
  • Jotaro’s only real solution is tough love. Especially given that he’s still fairly new to the concept of Stands himself; he wouldn’t know any way to help other than to try and get his s/o to just deal with it.
  • He’d try to make them summon their Stand, offering his arm for them to hold while they do so. They’re trembling so badly, he might have to hold them by the shoulders to keep them from keeling over.
  • If his s/o refuses to summon their Stand at all, or hides themselves behind him in an effort to avoid it, Jotaro wouldn’t quite know what else to do. He might try interacting with their Stand; he knows that anything done to the Stand will reflect on the user, so he may use Star Platinum to pet it if possible, in a vague attempt to calm everyone down.
  • If his s/o still won’t listen to him, he’d probably end up going to Joseph. He’s got no idea how to handle the situation, so if anyone can tell him what to do, that would be great.

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • Kakyoin, on the other hand, would be much more gentle. He’s kind of confused on how one could hate their own Stand, but that may just be because he was so close to Hierophant Green growing up.
  • He would sit down with his s/o and try to figure everything out before attempting anything. What about their Stand scared them? Were they having trouble controlling it? Was its ability detrimental? Was there anything specific they wanted him to do?
  • He would want to start small. Get his s/o and their Stand to exist together in the same room for a few moments. Eventually move on to actual interaction, and from there, if his s/o is interested, begin considering battle.
  • If his s/o doesn’t want to learn to work with their Stand, Kakyoin would be somewhat sad about the situation, but he’d accept it. If they do put effort into learning to at least live with it, he’d be proud of their trying to make progress.
  • He tries to recall how he reacted to Hierophant Green as a child; he’d been scared too, right? He couldn’t quite remember how he felt, but he would at least try to share his own stories of getting used to a Stand, in an effort to make his s/o feel better about not immediately accepting theirs.

today’s Farm Adventures: after getting bit twice in the leg by a very cranky goose, i finally collect all the eggs from the coop and turn around to leave and there’s. like. six fucking chickens in the golf cart. more around the sides. WHY ARE THEY HERE. GO AWAY. GET BACK BEHIND THE FENCE NET.

lolllll in looking over my mentor’s pacing guide i seemed to have missed AN ENTIRE WEEK. i don’t really know what she’s doing in her classes and i sent her my lesson plans for the week and she’s like “WHY ARE YOU INTRODUCING FAHRENHEIT ALREADY!!!”

cue me panicking and now trying to figure out how to teach the next two days when i thought poetry was done. i’m just gonna be straight up with the kids and be like “oops i dun goofed WHO’S EVER BEEN NEW TO SOMETHING ALSO? TURN TO UR PARTNER AND DISCUSS”

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Omg thank you soooooo much for saying that. I'm so grateful that your stories aren't like that. Your Cancer story (which was AMAZING) was only three chapters so that's doable + they were long. I'm just getting really annoyed with these 500-1,000 word chapters. It would be so much better if they just chilled on posting them daily and combined them for longer parts. Just write the damn thing and then post it. They'd probably get more notes anyway. Sorry for the rant. Lol.

Hey, anon, sorry I’m just now seeing this message.  Anyways, dude, thank you!  I’m so thrilled that you liked the cancer arc series I wrote.  For such a relatively short diddy, I’m weirdly proud of it and how it turned out.  So that means the world to me that you enjoyed it :)

As for how writers choose to post their stories, to each their own right?  I, personally, won’t post anything in more than a few chapters, regardless of length.  Again, readability on Tumblr and all that.  I just know that I don’t prefer to try and read fic that’s posted that way because I don’t want to have to work so hard for it, so I’m not going to write and post that way either.  I’d rather just wait until it’s on Ao3 and I can click “next chapter.”

This better not turn into one of those “kids these days are weird lol things were so much better when we were young” sort of things. I may not be a kid anymore, but that sort of attitude still ticks me off, especially since people still think it’s cool to treat millennials like that :\ Looking at you, Rhett.

“I wanna say that this is ridiculous.” I KNEW IT >.> Look guys, just chalk this up to being a generational thing that you, as almost 40-year-old men, don’t understand. Yeah, your childhood was different, but the world was different then. No need to criticize.

Okay, them all singing together and ending up in the same place was kinda cute.

Sometimes I wonder just how much of a smartass Link was as a kid. It’s a wonder he never got into any fights.

Holy crap, this girl hoisted Link in the air before smacking him? :o Daaang…

“She was into those chipmunk cheeks.” >.> …but you still have those, Link.