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Do you ever feel like your desire to be consistent with uploads becomes a problem in your life? When you have to turn things down etc. I know you take great pride in your uploads but do you ever feel like it's a compulsory need you have and that it becomes a problem? I just want to look out for you, I care ablut you x

It has become an issue a few times, that’s what the whole “fear of failing” vlog recently was sort of about. How I had turned lots of really cool things down because I didn’t think I’d be able to prep in time.

I’ve gotten better at managing that though and doing more stuff :)

If you’re reading this and you’re not happy right now, you will be.
I don’t know what you’re going through.
Everyone has their own type of darkness that they’re trying to make sense of, but no matter how dark it gets, you’ll do it.
Things will get better, you will get better.
Life will become brighter, and you’ll look back on days like these when you couldn’t look forward to the next hour, let alone the next day.
When you do, you’ll smile, maybe even laugh, and it’ll hit you.
You turned out just fine.
— Maxwell Diawuoh

So Far Perfect (Barry Allen x Reader)

Request: How about a oneshot where Barry comes back from flashpoint and one of the things that changed is that the reader and him are dating, and he’s just hyped about it because he’s been smitten with her for a while?

Prompt: Barry finds out that one of the changes to the timeline is that he is now dating his high school crush.

Words: 790

Warnings: none

A/n: Seriously hope you guys like it. I tried my best but I’m not sure if it turned out okay or not, it also 3am so my judgement is a little off lol. Anyways, Happy Reading!

Barry’s POV

“Things are back to how they should be. Well, for me anyways for you well…I guess you’ll have to wait and find out.” Eobard says with a smirk.

“What does that mean?”

“See you sometime soon, Flash.”

I shift and turn in my bed, Eobard words still in my mind. After he left me at Joe’s I decided to just call it a night, but now all I can think about is all the possible changes. Why would it change? Shouldn’t everything just go back to the way it was? If there was a change could it please be something good?

I walked into STAR laboratories eyeing everything carefully looking for some small changes to the place. As I near the doors to the cortex I hear laughter from inside.

I look inside and see Joe and Cisco talking while looking at some new gadget. Iris and Caitlin sat in some chairs while Iris showed Caitlin something on her phone. Everyone was here except…oh no.

“Hey guys I have a question.” I enter the room and suddenly all conversation stops.

“You feeling okay, dude? I thought you were going to take some time off.” Cisco speaks up after a short moment of silent stares in the room.

“What? I mean, yeah, I am fine. Where is y/n?” I asked, trying to cover up the clear panic in my voice.

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I think it's also important in the Spider episode that they didn't become a fighting spell, it turns out they always were one and just didn't know, it destroys the idea that trans people are choosing their gender. Whether or not Marco is trans or isn't this is still a great message for young kids. Also I hope you have a great day :)

Yup! And not only that, but how they handled about the reveal!

The whole episode builds up the expectation are brawlers. That’s what Spider believes a fighting spell to be, and what everybody tells him it is, and is the mold he tries to fit into.

But nobody suggests ever shooting shit up with a minigun, which turns out to also a valid way of fighting.

Like it just turns out to be a really good metaphor when you think about it.

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I don't get the hate for yandere simulator. To me it's just a fun stealth game and I'm proud of how passionate the main guy is about it. But idk kids like it so it's obvs the worst thing in the world. Either that or it turns out the dev did something awful that I had no way of knowing about. Sorry I'm rambling



well lookie whos ready for her first day of superhero uh….anti-hero? mercenary high?? all of that, but its Lady deadpool! lets just say shes ready to attend her first day of marvel superhero high, a sister school

i finished wanda a while ago and shes completely scarred and textured and made from a DC superhero girls super girl, but i didnt know how i wanted to tackle her suit but i finally did and i think it turned out great i dont want to make this description too long so if you have any questions about it just send me a message but have i told you how much i hate making teeny tiny doll gloves? because i do. her mask was also pretty complicated but i like how it turned out too

her backpack is stuffed with smaller weapons until she can get permission for open carry of her katanas from the principal ;) (aka i need to make just the perfect pair but my hands hurt)  and she instantly bonded with harley quinn and now these two goof around the school and now a made up bio for superhero high because i can

Name: Wanda Wilson

Superhero -mercenary- alias: Lady Deadpool

Super powers: super strength, extreme advanced healing, expert hand to hand combat and martial arts…and a super mouth on her..she never shuts up

Lady Deadpool: a highly trained merc for hire when shes not attending classes, wanda wilson is a spontaneous chatter box who can not shut her mouth she talks to you, to herself and to anyone or anything she can, if shes not talking shes fighting (and talking) and earning her spot for superhero of the year award, or rather anti-hero of the month award she doesnt exactly follow all the rules, she makes her own, her super best friend quickly became harley quinn and now the two are inseparable, pulling pranks and causing mayhem

(ps. im tagging everything that this is relevant to <3 )


Artstation link with turnaround!https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Lx6Bw

A dim, vaguely spooky pic just in time for halloweeeeeen

This project sure was a doozy, I definitely looked a ton of stuff while working on it and am glad to have finished it for sure. Really happy with how the lighting and the props turned out personally, and I think the scene really came together in the end.

Hope you enjoy! Please check out the artstation link if you’re curious about a turnaround, and if you like it, feel free to share it or leave a comment, I love reading those

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OR Jenny really is a cold, arrogant, manipulative liar who barely even mattered to the show no matter how desperately you try to turn her into this pivotal character who everyone is supposed to love. You twist and twist things to make every scene confirm your worship of her, but in reality, she's just not very likable or interesting to most fans. She's a barely there character who had very little personality and came across as rude, egotistical and obnoxious more often than not.

well, i’m glad you got this out of your system before jenny calendar day, and i’m certainly glad i’m in a good enough place emotionally to deal with this respectfully and rationally.

seriously, why have you made it your mission to make sure that i understand how much you hate jenny calendar? 

not once have i said that anyone should love jenny; i have stated multiple times that my opinions are only my own in asks that i suspect you don’t even bother to read. i honestly don’t understand why you continue to come back and repeatedly hate on jenny. this blog is not the place for that, and i truly hope that you find something better and more constructive to do with your time.

and if i “twist and twist” things, at least it makes me happy? which i think might be a little better than sending a jenny calendar appreciating blog character hate whenever i talk about how great jenny calendar is. you’re not going to change my opinion of jenny by continually coming into my inbox and telling me how i’m irrational and jenny is cold and arrogant.

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How do you draw hair? I constantly struggle with it....T_T I can most of the time do the "outer part" but when it comes to the inside it turns out weird

Oh goodness, I am so not good at explaining this kind of stuff. I am the worst tutorial. But I’ll try. So first of all, I figure out the part, or if there isn’t a part, the swirl of the hair, like where the hair direction is originating.  Like this ( I guess?): 

Then I just start clumping the hair, following the same general directional flow. Like this :

So rather than coming up with like an outline for the hair, the whole head is compromised of all of these clumps that build up on top of each other. Then once all the main shapes of the hair are down I’ll add little fly away hair that go against the general flow of the hair, just to give it some interest.

So when it’s all put together and inked it comes out like this:

And also note that there are so many different textures to hair that will change how it behaves. This is just how I do all the kpop hair that you see on my tumblr the most. Also also, I don’t necessarily take all these steps so I could be explaining this horribly ( I did say I’m no good at this). I just kind of shit it out. But I hoped this helped? 

Also also also, and this is the most important/annoying thing I can tell you. Look at reference. All the reference in the world. And not just real world reference, look at other artists and steal their ways. I promise you you are not stealing someones art by stealing their techniques. Anyone who says otherwise is just an asshole who doesn’t remember learning how to draw. Steal steal steal. It’s how you develop your own way of doing things. No one poops this shit out like it’s the newest thing in the universe. 

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If you get this message in time, can you please have the pericopes for day 2 for stefanistan (Reyna download)?

(Unfortunately), she does them as private broadcasts which means I can’t just download them or record them like I normally would. I’ll try and listen to them now and give you the G/B highlights, and hopefully that will work for you.

- G and B participated in a head to head during a four-chair turn. gwen basically got out of her seat to stand in front of blake, ‘chastising’ him and shaking her finger at him. she told the contestant she understands how country goes country, etc etc, and that she knows blake is a babe and country mafia. apparently gwen was being sassy during the further discussion. also the whole time she was being super complimentary to blake. during blake’s pitch, he basically got out of gwen’s way and didn’t want to ‘step in’ it and thus conceded because of ‘connection’, etc. gwen told him he needed to fight harder and said, ‘either way, me and blake are on the same team.’ gwen gives the contestant a hug after a pick was made, and then blake joins in on said hug. 

- Blake totally into keeping an eye on the football during the taping, thus minimising some of the interaction

- warm-up dude said he’d been trying to get G and B to kiss for two days and they wouldn’t do it

- blake laughed a lot at gwen’s attempt to talk fashion during a pitch, being all, ‘already?’ about it

- adam was all ‘eww’ about B and G and all. doesn’t know how to deal with them being all out and open and lovey dovey because awkward, etc.

- one contestant’s song choice seemed to lead to good G and B eyesex, basically

- at one point during downtime, blake came to her chair when she was sitting down. she put her hand in his back pocket and the assumption is she was rubbing because his shirt was moving up and down, lol. she was whispering into his ear and smiling, etc. adam had been talking to gwen til blake came over, but walked away like ‘ugh’. 

“If you’re reading this and you’re not happy right now, you will be.
I don’t know what you’re going through.
Everyone has their own type of darkness that they’re trying to make sense of, but no matter how dark it gets, you’ll do it.
Things will get better, you will get better.
Life will become brighter, and you’ll look back on days like these when you couldn’t look forward to the next hour, let alone the next day.
When you do, you’ll smile, maybe even laugh, and it’ll hit you.
You turned out just fine.”

- Maxwell Diawuoh

  • Guy:I am going to dress as Kanan for this Halloween and I was thinking...
  • Me:*actually paying attention because he said "Kanan"*
  • Guy:...If you would you like to be my Hera.
  • Me:Oh, sure! What's Kanan without Hera.
  • Guy:REALLY??!!
  • Me:Yeah, sure. I would prefer to be Kanan because he's my fav-
  • Guy:*staring confused at me*
  • My Brain:*processing what just happened*
  • Me:... Wait, did you just...
  • Guy:How did it turned out?
  • Me:Actually, REALLY good
  • Guy:...
  • Me:...
  • Guy:Sooo...

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I would have scrolled through pairings like Tobirama/Madara but then I read As The Sea Is Marvellous and now I've descended into crack-ship hell. Just wanted to say thanks for you amazing fics, I feel alive again.

Thank you! I’m really happy with how that fic turned out, so to hear that is just lovely! Welcome to hell! ^-^


“I am attracted to you, Kurosaki Shun,” Reiji said, slowly, calmly, enunciating every syllable.

Shun just stared. Maybe he didn’t hear him right.

“I am attracted to you, both physically and emotionally,” Reiji repeated.

“Oh,” Shun responded, so he heard him right. He could not, however, decipher the meaning of the words that came out of Reiji’s mouth. Attraction, Reiji, himself, something about that whole concept just didn’t add up.

“I’ll go check up on Ruri,” he said, turned, and left. There really was no appropriate reaction.

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Show me your most colorful painting, the one that makes you feel glad you’re alive. I won’t make fun of the mixtures or what your drawing looks like. I just want to understand how your mind works. Show me your colors, even the ones that turned out to be a shade of brown and can’t go back to their original form. Tell me why sometimes you paint outside the lines and don’t care about it. Tell me why you always end up with the same three colors in your palette. Why are they always so dark?
—  Me, 3:18

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Giants that love terrifying and intimidating tinies, looming over them. They like demonstrating how ridiculously powerful they are and take pride in how scary they are....until one tiny finds them adorable and knows it's all a big display

Ooh I bet all their lives they’ve been this Big Scary giant who nobody dares cross and everyone’s afraid of, they like it like that and they make sure everybody knows how intimidating they can be- they’re proud to be huge and terrifying!

But then one day they try pulling their usual scary stunt and this tiny just goes ’d'aww, you look cute when you snarl!’

The giant has no idea how to deal with that and they just start sputtering and exclaiming “I’m not cute!”
But the tiny will simply not drop it and leave it alone, however much the giant tries to intimidate them it just doesn’t work- eventually they just give up, turns out that front was just up to keep them from getting closes to people anyway.
After all, people can be mean to giants who show softness….
So now they’re like this double act of a super scary giant who tries to act tough and this tiny who CONSTANTLY hangs around with them and is like “don’t be afraid, they’re a big teddy inside!”

The giants mortified at first but eventually just….gives in, this tiny ain’t ever gonna fear them!

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Seriously tho the girls should stay away from Twitter unless for promo stuff. That website is full of toxic and biased people like have any of you looked at the reactions Angela (exposingsmg) got from the "Exposing Fifth Harmony" post she made last night? I really wish none of the girls or anyone close to them ventures deep enough in the fandom to see what people have written. I never believed any of it but I still got hurt (we're only human), just imagine what the girls would've felt.

I saw everything she posted after the post because I had my notifications on but I had to turn it off because I couldn’t take it anymore, she loves lm no wonder she hates 5H (yes she is that typical fan) and wrote a biased post without searching for more details of them, she should’ve searched how Lauren speaks about worlds issues, Camila’s project, Normani speaking about bullying etc but like she said “she wanted to get the 5H out of the way” so she didn’t care