'Game of Thrones' Producer Sets Historical Drama Series 'Empress' (Exclusive)
The drama will be centered on Wu Zetian, the only female empress in the history of China.

One of the Game of Thrones producers is doing a 13-episode series on former RP Wu Zetian - awesome! Well, I did always describe her life story as making GoT look like a day at the beach…

(less awesome is the article’s repeated use of the word “empress,” particularly describing her as “China’s only female empress” - no, all the empresses were female, I believe. she was China’s only female *emperor* - or at least, that’s how many translate the title she took. crossing fingers the series turns out well.)

Here’s a link to Wu Zetian’s RP entry!

(and just because I think it’s funny how these things work out - remember how I mentioned former RP Tomyris was a playable character in the newest Civilization video game? Well, Wu was a playable character in the last one.)

A commission of the lovely Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir~

Was asked to do this specific pose with some background and it got a bit more ambitious than planned but ah well. Wanted it to look nice and pretty happy with how it turned out at least. I haven’t done a background on a commission in a long while ffff

me: hey did you know harvey from TMZ is going to turn 66 this year-

my brother: is this conversation gonna someway lead to you talking about how the kid isn’t louis or whatever because i just got out of work and im way too tired to listen to your crazy shit right now

me: *sweats*

me: *hides theory notes about BG ending on harveys birthday* … no i was just trying to say that I thought he looked younger than 66 jesus you didn’t have to attack me like this

Organically Grown

Title: Organically Grown

Summary: An aesthetic foray of a more complicated story of how you meet a hunter and how he meets you.

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1169

Warnings/tropes: Aesthetic Smut; brief mentions of violence/blood

A/N: I recently read THIS beautiful Sam and Dean aesthetic piece by @izzyindefini and wanted to try my hand at a style I haven’t done in years. Maybe it’s a little pretentious but I rather like how it turned out. I’m thinking of doing more of these for the other characters, just so I satisfy myself by churning out stories that’ll hopefully kickstart my writing juices again…we’ll do our best. Anywho, here we go! This one’s for all the Sam girls out there :)

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Hands large and warm that when they grip your waist, just a little more and you could fit into the wide circle of his fingers. He’s hard and soft. Pure muscle in body and heart, and the swift cock and pull of a trigger with gunpowder on his knuckles. At first, Sam is warm, professional smiles with a fake FBI badge, followed by easy banter with his partner – actually brother. Several hours and a shifter later and he’s red and black plaid, stitches on his shoulder and a leather belt between his teeth.

You’re fear; rattled bones and blood on your forehead. A dislocated shoulder and stinging, salty tears. But Sam is gentle movements and an even gentler voice. He’s the whisperer to your frightened doe and the quiet words of encouragement and “you did so well” through the curdling scream of bone slotting back into place.

He’s the screeching tires of the Impala when red and blue sirens meet yours ears. And then he’s the mouthed “see you later” and the forest-shaded wink through the window before Dean pulls out and the two of them disappear down the road.

Later, he’s the crinkled note in your pocket with a number and a Call Me? :)

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  • ZIM:FOOLS! We have no need for such a primitive disgusting ritual! I mean- uh... I AM A HUMAN, and so I shower just like all the other normal simpletons out there...
  • ZIM:First I get in...
  • ZIM:Then I turn on the water, and-

Maybe what we had wasn’t beautiful. I simply romanticized whatever we had  because I was blinded by the hues of harlequin clouding my vision while I was together with you. I should’ve remembered the shades of sorrow too - the grey in my smoke and the white in your lies when you told me you’d stay. I closed my eyes and allowed my heart to fabricate dreams of you because I see the past better than it actually was. But I should have known that life never turns out like the literature we like to read, or hear. I just knew how to feed myself with pretty words like they were an anesthetic for the truth.

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I am a sucker for omegas that carry themselves like alphas; independent, confident, and call out rude/arrogant alphas. How would alpha Mercy, Genji, Reaper, and McCree react to seeing their omega crush defending another omega from a rude/pushy alpha?

I feel u on this anon,,,bless Omegas honestly just bless em

Mercy would be so, so proud of them; grinning from ear to ear when they turn around and notice that she’s there. She knows that they roasted the Alpha well, and she gushes about how brave and commendable her Liebling’s actions were. She also checks up on the harassed Omega, making sure that they’re coping okay after such a nasty incident.

Genji is impressed by their strong streak for justice, but mostly stays out of their way for that short period of time since he doesn’t want to interrupt their tirade. He only walks up to them after they’ve checked up on their counterpart to make sure they’re okay before sending them off, commenting that he’s never seen them defend someone so fiercely before.

Reaper just smirks and silently cheers his crush on while he watches his lil spitfire chew out the self-entitled prick. After the show’s over, he leaves since he doesn’t want to freak the harassed Omega out even more by being within the area. He does bring it up to his crush when he sees them around afterwards, giving them (slightly backhanded) praise in regards to their actions.

McCree just walks up to the little group and slings an arm around his crush’s shoulders, leveling a cool stare at the harassing Alpha. He’d drawl out some sarcastic remarks, mostly regarding the Alpha’s unwanted harassment and that they should probably screw off before things turn ugly. His crush probably doesn’t need his help, but he can’t help but worry for their safety (especially with the pissed-off Alpha in front of them).

  • Naegi:So, Gekkogahara turned out to be a robot or some shit all along.
  • Asahina:Seems like it.
  • Naegi:That's too bad. I was thinking of maybe asking her at some point what it was like collaborating with Fujisaki, since they worked on the Neo World Program together and all. Feels like a missed opportunity there.
  • Asahina:You've literally had six episodes to do that, Naegi.
  • Naegi:Just like how you've literally had six episodes to mention Sakura or Yuta at some point and still haven't done that yet?
  • Asahina:Yeah. But, y'know, I still can.
  • Naegi:Ouch.

it is truly staggering to me
how i can walk into a party,
and count on
nobody giving a shit
about me or my presence
or my company,
unless I’m willing
to act like my drunken father,
with his bullshit charisma
and charm,
telling larger than life stories
about the time I went to see
the Rolling Stones on acid,
and got in a fight
with a bear
who turned out to be a body guard;

and oh how
they would laugh
and applaud,
and listen,
but if I am just myself,
somebody who just wants
to talk about something intelligent
and real, like boxing or Edgar Allen Poe,
watch as you become invisible,
and have to small talk your way
through the cheese plate,
smiling at somebody’s trip to the supermarket
or run in with the law,
so I have quit going to parties
because I no longer have the drive
to be the center of attention,
nor the willingness to suffer the boredome
of the crowd.

i prefer instead,
to stroke myself alone,
writing poems in the dark,
ejaculating wildly,
as the world slowly turns.

Sam jealous of Sebastian hanging out with the MC so often, please! Both are romantically interested in the MC, but the MC is actually just interested in Sam.

“Hey! Wait, where are you going?” Sam called to the farmer as they came into view down the cobbled path.

“Huh? Oh, hey Sam!” They waved to him happily as he approached. “I was just heading to Sebastian’s house. He was gonna show me something about coding.”

“Oh,” Sam’s face darkened a bit. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather hang out with me? We can go back to my place and hang out while I play guitar. I know how much you like when I play for you.” He smiled in an almost mischievous way.

“Sorry, but I don’t really think Sebastian would like it if I stood him up.”

“Hm,” Sam grumbled and crossed his arms over his chest.

“What?” They turned fully to them, concerned more than annoyed but it was still there.

“Nothing. Go ahead and go have fun with him.” Sam turned and walked off, ignoring them no matter how much they called to him.


“Geez, Sam, take it easy! You’re gonna scratch up the table.” Sam had just missed another shot to hit the cueball, jabbing the end of his stick at the fuzzy covering on the pool table in Gus’ saloon.

He growled and rolled his eyes. “Just shut up and let me focus on beating you.” He snapped back at Seabstian then took another shot, hitting the cueball this time but completely missing his opportunity to sink a ball.

“Are you okay, Sam?” Abigail asked, setting down her Joja Cola. “That’s the fourth time you’ve missed. I mean, you might not be great at pool but even you usually do better than that.”

“I’m fine.” He jabbed the stick towards Sebastian. “I’m just having an off day.”

“Newsflash, you’ve been having an off week. Seriously,” Sebastian leaned over the table and began to line up his shot, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” Sam crossed his arms and looked angrily at one of the walls to avoid their eyes.

Sebastian took his shot and sunk two balls with a loud clack.

Sam rolled his eyes and took hold of the stick Sebastian held out to him, but Sebastian didn’t release it. Instead, he pulled Sam forward so they were face to face, only a couple inches apart.

“What’s your problem?” Sebastian asked, but it sounded much more like a stern statement.

“I don’t have a problem, alright?” Sam tried to pry the stick back from Sebastian but his fingers were strong from all the typing he did.

“Yes you do, and I need to know what it is, because you only act this way when I’m around.”

“Uh, guys,” Abigail pushed back from the wall she was leaning against and took a step towards them.

“Stay out of this.” Sebastian said coolly, his eyes never leaving Sam’s.

Abigail opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again and just watched nervously.

“I don’t like you hanging out with the farmer so much, alright?” He pushed Sebastian back hard enough by the pool stick that he had to take a stabilizing step. “I’ve seen the way you look at them and how you talk to them, but they don’t want you, okay? They want me. So stop trying to be with them all the time.”

Sebastian sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose like he was getting a headache. “Just because I like them doesn’t mean we can’t hang out. You think I have no self control? I know they like you and I’m not going to screw that up just because I like them.”

Abigail’s eyes darted between them in the long-stretching silence that filled the little game room of the saloon.

“Stop being dumb, okay?” Sebastian finally said with a mock grin and a quirked eyebrow.

“Just as soon as you stop being an idiot.” Sam grinned back and playfully punched Sebastian on the shoulder, which he returned even more roughly. They both ended up laughing and rubbing their arms.

What did I just witness…, Abigail thought and leaned back against the wall. Boys are so weird.


Sergio: You just told me how you feel, Penny.  I haven’t even had time to process it let alone consider it!

Penelope felt dejected.  She didn’t know if she could listen to anymore

Sergio: *exasperatedly* Don’t leave, ok?  Just…I mean, it’s not like I haven’t thought about it.  How could I not like you?  You’re amazing, but-

Penelope: But Siobhan…

Sergio: She’s not a bad person, Pen.  Just…give me some time to sort this out in my head.

Penelope: Well, you do that.  Until then, I just don’t think it’s a good idea for us to see each other anymore.

Penelope turned and walked away.  She knew she might have been a little harsh with Sergio, but her emotions were running high.  She hated the feeling of rejection and she couldn’t stand to be around him any more if he didn’t feel the same, it would hurt too much.

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I kind of wish one of those cheapass animation companies of the kind who made The Secret of the Hunchback would do a Les Mis adaptation just to have a ridiculous happy ending. If the Hunchback can turn out to be an angel (or maybe a mutant like Angel) then maybe the battle at the Barricades could end up being fought with cream pies or it turns out Enjolras has an AP Field (Absolute Patria Field) that cannot be penetrated by anything but the love of France.

I MEAN we’ve always joked about Valjean just lifting the whole barricade and carrying everyone to safety 

how hard could it be really

My neighborhood’s really nice and safe and hilly, so I like to take walks everyday. For the past, oh I don’t know, five or so years? I’ve seen my neighbor walk rigorously everyday. He’s an aging man who used to be extremely overweight and obviously not in good health, and we used to cheer each other on and say hi every time we crossed paths and now he’s in such good shape and he looks so much healthier and happier and I see him with his family hanging out and I’m so proud of him. I barely know him but I remember how he looked five years ago and I see how he looks now and I’m just happy for him man like way to turn your life around.

Okay so i was thinking. You know how the longest jail time you can serve is a “lifetime” sentence, right? Well, I know you can get more than 1 lifetime sentence if you really fucked up, but you can only serve one, bc obviously you only got the one life. So I wondered, how bad would it be if a vampire got a lifetime sentence from some humans. Talk about forever dead but never dying. Just sitting in jail, for eternity. No blood, so you’re going insane And rotting from hunger but no death. And all the while, 300 years in the future, the humans are wondering how tf the vamp is still alive. Ugh, that would be awful. Or like, if you are human and got a lifetime sentence, but you pissed off a vamp so they turned you RIGHT before you get out away. Wow. No blood, no way to hunt or do anything. Yikes.

Humans are so weird. We say we want to be happy but spend so much time holding grudges or hurt or being bitter and angry and sometimes I genuinely believe that we as a species do not want to actually be happy. We’ll make excuses for why we aren’t or try to rationalize it as being a product of society or outside of our control* but for the vast majority of people who are reading this on tumblr.com the only thing keeping us from being happy is ourselves because it’s kind of just a choice?

I think somewhere along the way from toddler to adult we all forget that it’s okay when things don’t go our way, and so we revert back to thinking that it’s okay to be grouchy when we don’t like how things turn out. Which it IS okay, but it’s counterproductive and is preventing us from being happy, right? I think I’m just learning to be more practical about life. Things are the way that they are. I don’t always like it, but if we could change things we would have already? So whatever we’re left with exists as it does and we have to accept that. We can accept it begrudgingly or we can direct our energy elsewhere.

I honk the biggest way this applies is to people. People are always going to hurt you; the more important they are to you, the greater their capacity to wound. But when we get hurt, so many people choose to internalize that pain or latch onto it instead of releasing it. My faith helps me release a lot of my pain or anger and I recognize that not everyone has that outlet or chooses to believe in God and His healing grace but if you don’t then you certainly have to utilize SOMEthing. Because the natural human response I have found is to WANT to hold onto it, to fashion that dagger in your back into a spike of armor that will prick anyone else who would step close, and especially the person who put it there in the first place. But the problem arises that those spikes are cumulative and you eventually end up so hardened and thorny that no one can get close to you and you’re stuck in a prison you created for yourself by your own choices.

I’m huge on personal responsibility. I don’t believe in shirking that or trying to deny ones own fault because then you never grow. Some people don’t even think they need to grow or that they’re done and that’s wild to me. Self improvement is a lifelong process and that’s so encouraging because even though you’re never done with it, it also means it’s never too late for you to grow more. We all need to be more proactive about loving others and not sipping from our cups of bitterness and poison so frequently. It takes a conscious choice to CHOOSE to not harbor resentment or bitterness. Your natural response will be to fight that. But choose love and forgiveness and graciousness enough and you start to see a transformation; it gets easier and easier to do. It doesn’t numb you or dull the pain like hardening your heart does, but it makes you feel like the fibers of your heart are knit so much more strongly that you can weather any level of pain you might endure.

I know this was a lot but it’s something I think about and wish more people would try because we need more people who will make choices and choose to live intentional and happy lives.

*i recognize some people have extenuating circumstances that are genuinely awful and oppressive and I don’t mean to refer to those people. Rather I just mean those of us with generally ordinary or mundane or “easy” lives who still somehow wind up unhappy.

“I’ll just stay quiet..” Ron and Hermione Imagine

Requested:  Hello! Can I please have an imagine where you discover that you like Ron and you wish to tell Hermoine. When you meet to tell her she has something to tell you also, and it turns out that she like Ron. So you don’t tell her about your feeling towards him. You can finish it any way that you like :-) thank you!!

Word Count: 451

Warnings: None

Y/N = your name

A/N: I had no idea how to classify this so I guess I’ll just classify this as Ron and Hermione??????? I hope you enjoy it! Keep requesting, everything is open!

Days spent writing in my diary have finally come to an end and I am going to tell my best friend that I like Ron. I’ve hid this for so long and I finally feel like I need to say it, I need to tell my best friend.

I walked to where she was sitting in the library.

“Hi Hermione.” I whisper with a cheerful smile as I put my books on the table and sit down.

“Hi Y/N! I have something to tell you.” Hermione whispered.

“I do too. But you first.”

“Okay….Come a little closer.’

I brought my head closer to hear what she was saying.

“I…….like Ron.”

I drew back into my chair and my heart fell into a multitude of pieces within my chest.

“What did you want to tell me?”

“Oh…I uhm…wanted to tell you that….I got a perfect score on the DADA exam I was studying hard for..”

“Oh that’s fantastic Y/N! Congratulations!”

“Thanks Hermione.. I have to go now, see you at dinner..”

“Oh, okay. Bye!”

I got up and headed to the restroom and cried. 

I have to just stay quiet about it. She can never know..never. She or Ron cannot find out I like him. Just be happy for them.” I thought over and over again.

I cleaned myself up and got ready for dinner; I made sure there was no sign of me crying. and I headed to the dining hall to sit with my friends.

“Y/N, why aren’t you eating?” Harry asked.

“I’m not too hungry.” I replied.

“Are you feeling okay?” Hermione put her hand to my forehead “You’re feeling a little hot.”

“I’ll go to my room and rest, I’m probably just really tired and over-worked from studying last night.”

I got up and headed to my room. I shut the door behind me and started crying. Once I gathered up the strength to stand up, I headed to my bed and pulled out my diary.

“   Dear Diary,

I am sorry to inform you but Hermione also likes Ron. I didn’t tell her because I know she would give him up so I could be happy. It’s obvious now that Ron likes her back so I just can’t say anything and I will keep this secret until I die. I will find love again….right?            “

This hurt more than a heartbreak. I feel like my heart was made of glass and when it shattered all the pieces stuck into me like a fishing hook stuck into a fish. I didn’t want Hermione to give him up to me because it’s now apparent that they really like each other and who am I to get in between that?


Who and What I can write

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I just spent like an hour going through (not even all) your smash videos 😤 You're so good!! So, question, why do you prefer Lucina over Marth? Is there any reason?

Thank you!!
Tbh I chose her before she was even announced for smash 4
She’s the very reason why I got awakening since she was so cool looking. She even ended up being my daughter!!

I love characters that don’t give up no matter how grim and bleak things are. They inspire me to do the same and she’s just that character

Like I figured even if she turned out to be either really good or really bad I’d play as her and beat everyone no matter what. It’s a good thing she’s really good

As for an optimal reason? I like consistently killing my opponents rather than killing earlier sometimes maybe.
Like I love marth and I believe that these 2 characters are equal considering their strengths and weaknesses but my preference is to consistently damage/kill my opponent rather than “oops you didn’t hit the 1% of my sword so now you survive a f-smash at 110”