majistarishlove  asked:

Hi! So for my request, I'd like just the outfits for Woozi, Hoshi, and Vernon from Seventeen please and thank you ^^ Also, if it doesn't bother you too much, I was wondering where most of the clothes you use come from because they are all really pretty :)

I put together outfits using Polyvore so there are a lot of different websites. If you ever have a specific piece you would like to buy, let me know and I’ll send you the link! Thanks for requesting!

~Admin S 

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lyricsoflindita  asked:

Who's your favorite samurai, and why?

My favorite Samurai is Yukimaru because he’s absolutely adorable and a little ditz… Plus he’s really fun to draw not his fucking hair though and he’s got some really nice facial features… Also I like his warrior outfit and his voice is just adorable!!! I thought it matched him a lot!

I also ship him with Saizo a lot… Like I know a lot of people aren’t about that yaoi life but the way they interact, and with Saizo always flirting it’s so hard to resist. Although it seems most of the time Yukimura just thinks, “Oh Saizo called me, Dear. My… what a good friend.” it’s hilarious how he doesn’t bother to stop him from calling him pet names.

“Yes, Dear are we done now?” like a fed up wife or something lol but I like Saizo topping

Yukimura with MC on the other hand is so cute and fluffy. They have great chemistry and his devotion to her is something I think any woman wants in a man except his stubborness. Let’s just face it, he’s adorable…