Magnus Bane + outfits

5. Better In Black
After Alec’s thorough rejection, Magnus does away with his previously soft, patterned fabrics and flashy jewelry. Instead, he chooses muted colors, hard lines, and a structured military-style jacket, as if it might armor him against further heartbreak.

to celebrate getting 100 followers (THANK YOU ALL!!) i drew this meme. he looks way too kawaii but oh well (edit: kawaii phil here!)


PIRATE AU!! Where the captains are actual captains ,, and that may lead to your death- 
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He’s my sunshine♡ _(┐「ε:)_

My new icon is this piece by the incredible @yaboykeiji !!!

They drew me such an adorable KuroKen; I am truly blessed.


i don’t draw liam often. i thought i’d change that. please click for more detail