Red // Seo Eunkwang

Pairing: Eunkwang (BTOB) x Reader

Genre: Fluff 

Word Count: 1k

Author’s Note: Hey, this is my first imagine fic. Please don’t crucify me. I just really liked his outfit from the gif. Hope you like it~

You’ve recently accepted a job at Cube Entertainment as a beginner stylist. You loved BTOB, one of the company’s largest boy groups, but you didn’t want to come off as an unprofessional fangirl. You kept your “secret” quiet.

BTOB recently released their new hit “Pray” and started promotions with several music shows. You were running around helping all of the lead stylists as they were preparing the boys for their stage.

You know, getting Ilhoon hairspray, finding Minhyuk’s eyeliner, delivering Changsub’s hair gel- the usual.

When your lead stylist points you towards Eunkwang’s dressing room and told you that you were in change of getting him into his outfit, you couldn’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach. You’ve always gravitated towards Eunkwang- his sweet personality lightens any room he’s in.

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Magnus Bane + outfits

5. Better In Black
After Alec’s thorough rejection, Magnus does away with his previously soft, patterned fabrics and flashy jewelry. Instead, he chooses muted colors, hard lines, and a structured military-style jacket, as if it might armor him against further heartbreak.

anonymous asked:

I remember watching the lorax in class in middle school for some reason. I thought would be above being attracted to a children's cartoon character, but alas. Then I realized I just REALLy liked his outfit.

middle school was rough for all of us