i keep seeing comments/tags/post lately about how fic authors should always try to respond to comments to show love and appreciation to their fans, and i just wanted to take a moment to shout out to all those authors who can’t do that, whether due to other commitments, limited time online, or any number of mental or physical reasons that make it hard to reply. and i fucking hate this ‘it only takes two minutes’ and ‘it isn’t hard to reply to reviews’ mentality. you don’t have a clue HOW fucking difficult it can be for some people.

the great fandom secret is that no one is actually entitled to your time - and as much as we writers thrive on feedback and appreciation, please also remember to look after yourself, and put yourself first ♥

The Wonder of You (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Ooo how about Sebastian finds out the reader is pregnant & he’s just so excited & it’s all fluff but then he ends up having to travel for filming when the reader is in their third trimester but he manages to get to the reader when she’s giving birth & it’s magical and fluff & full of love & tears & just, ya know?

Pretty please do a daddy Sebastian fan fic. Just like you I live for that shit as well. Just warms my ice heart.

A/N: P.S this is the face Seb makes when the twist happens. You have to read it to find out. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this adorable slice of parent Sebastian. Send me more prompts like this- and be specific! Thank you to @eileensalgado and @agentsofcap for their prompts! 

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A Firmer Grip - Riarkle oneshot

“Farkle, am I doing this right?” Riley asks her boyfriend.

“Just a little more, Riley. It’s still floppy and loose. It has to get harder before we can get to the next step.”

“But this is so difficult!”

“No, it’s not! It’s really easy.”

“It’s only because you’re used to this. You do this every time you’re all alone and have nothing to do.”

“C’mon, Riles, you just gotta have a firmer grip. Nothing will happen if you just pat it.” Riley immediately hardens her grip on it, making Farkle grimace.

“Shit. A little less grip, maybe. You just want it make it firm, not crush it.” Farkle sighs. “Here, let me show you.”

Riley hands it to Farkle and watches intently as he completely zones out and does his thing. She could tell that he was enjoying it, mainly because he knew exactly what to do and applied just the right amount of pressure on it.

Seeing Farkle blissfully zoned out as he lightly but firmly pulled and squeezed turned Riley on. Oh boy, did he really know what to do with those hands. Knowing that she was the only one to see him like this, made her happy, as it was his guilty pleasure. It meant that Farkle trusted her enough to let her watch him in this intimate moment. He told her that no one must ever know what he does behind closed doors, because it was important to him that people saw him as a genius, a man of science. He didn’t want anyone knowing that he liked to spend his time doing this.

“Farkle?” She may have said it quietly but it was loud enough to break the trance Farkle was in. “I think I can take over from here.”

Farkle smiled reassuringly at her, knowing that she was quite nervous, but still was determined to succeed. Riley tried her best to mimic whatever he was doing earlier, and from what she could see in his face, he approved.

“You’re doing great. Keep on going, babe.”

Her boyfriend’s words of encouragement made her keep going, increasing the speed and strength of her action. She went on for a while until she heard Farkle groaning and shouting something incoherent.

Riley immediately stops, still holding the now extremely hard object in her hands. “What’s wrong, babe? Did I do anything wrong?”

“It’s too much!” He groaned. “You over-kneaded the pizza dough, Riles. We gotta start over.” Farkle sighs while throwing the tough and dense dough in the trash.

God I was out shopping today and this girl (who I didn’t recognize at all) asked me if I went to (insert name of my university here) and I was like yeah I’m an English major she’s like omg me too we had a class together last year and so we chatted about it but my brain was blowing circuit breakers like THAT WAS A YEAR AGO AND I SIT IN THE BACK CORNER HOW DO YOU RECOGNIZE ME WE NEVER EVEN TALKED YOU’RE TOO PRETTY TO KNOW I EXIST WTFFFFFF so basically my brain melted down and hasn’t recovered yet

okay i know i’m late to the kekkai sensen party + it’s not a big party in general (especially when talking about This Ship) but leo continuing to work w/ libra and staying in hellsalem’s lot.

black going back to scotland for the sake of just.. getting to go home but also to work on better controlling his abilities. them promising each other to keep in touch and initially they kind of.. don’t beyond briefly texting once or twice like it’s one of those “yeah! we’ll stay in contact” kind of promises that’s hollow b/c they both get super involved w/ their own stuff and drift + forget. but black accidentally calls leo out of the blue (seriously, it’s on accident) one day and they end up talking for nearly three hours and everything kind of escalates from there b/c, hey, wow, you don’t realize the extent of exactly how big of a space someone leaves when they’re out of your life until they’re in it again and they start talking like.. weekly. practically almost every other night. just telling each other about how their day was. “yeah, zapp’s still an ass and i fell off of a building today. again.” “i’m able to levitate + freeze things midair longer now! no more dumped coffee fiascos.” stuff like that.

finally black just.. invites leo to come out there b/c why the fuck not, leo mulls the idea over and tries to think about how he would afford a ticket there let alone one there and back, is this okay to do, should he do this, he wants to do this but SHOULD he do it, (reluctantly) decides to ask for the opinion of all of his coworkers and it’s a unanimous “for the love of god, leo, just go. get out of here” and when he voices his concerns about the cost klaus just waves it off + steven actually laughs at him b/c did he seriously think they WOULDN’T cover it. he takes the minimum amount of pay from them. c'mon.

(later that whole mess + stress was pointless b/c he finds out black already paid for a ticket for him, which he feels bad about and offers to pay him back. black declines)

so yeah leo flies out to scotland by himself (black almost flies all the way back to hellsalem’s lot just so leo won’t have to come to scotland alone but that’s just too nice of him on top of being completely ridiculous, man, seriously), meets black, when they meet at the airport black carries leo’s suitcase for him by levitating it and they almost make it to the car w/ it before they both get a bit too overzealous/emotional and black ends up dropping it on leo’s foot (both of them apologize? to each other? for some fucking reason. they’re ridiculous. whatever) leo eats something other than burgers. gets weirded out by the quiet and lack of things being thrown at him (literally and figuratively). they celebrate leo’s birthday and get drunk at some point. and they just! hang around each other! hold hands. hug. process things. eventually kiss! and it’s Good

i can’t believe there’s people in this house who are actually making moves based on what they think america wants. since the fuck when was big brother about making america happy? i think that’s what pisses me off the most about this whole week. the vote would have flipped if these people weren’t so worried about trying to please america. what’s worse is that they’re trying so hard to make america happy and they’re doing the exact opposite of what we want. 

psa to anyone who wants to play big brother in the next few years: fuck what america wants, or what you think america wants. just play the goddamn game. 

unless you’re fucking america’s player, who gives a shit about what we want lmao

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So now that IH is "canon" IH's are saying IR was never a threat and that IR couldn't see Ichigo's feeling for Orihime, now thats laughable. Because majority of the fandom didn't know how to read.......right! I mean really? Of course they'll say that after becoming "canon" but that's cool, I congratulate them on having this canon one chapter that explains jack shit anyways. I mean whatever makes them happy right? So I salute them!

So that’s what Orgs are saying now….

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The same ones that tried to replace Rukia with Orihime in all the throughout the whole manga….

The same ones that headcanon Orihime doing all the things that Rukia does in actual canon….

 The same ones that ignore entire arcs because it makes them look like a crackship….

 The same ones that read Orihime saying “Rukia’s not just a friend to Ichigo…..she’s the person who changed his world” but insist that Kubo friend-zoned Ichiruki after that……..

The same ones that dismiss anything that Kubo draws (including Ichiruki coverspreads, poems, touching reunions, heartfelt goodbyes, and dorky banter-filled interaction) until he draws Orihime looking at Ichigo while he’s being clueless and uninterested….

The same ones that fail to realize that Kubo had to keep Ichigo and Rukia apart for over a hundred chapters so that the last chapter seemed somewhat believeable, and even then the majority of the Bleach fandom called bullshit……

The same ones that headcanon Ichigo being overwhelmed with joy in his Orihime-filled life when the last chapter implies that the happiest moment of his life is when he’s with Rukia while their offspring are meeting the same way they met……

But Ichiruki was never a threat tho…

Okay Orgs…okay….

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Whatever helps you sleep at night….

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hhhh idk buddy i feel like deleting it would set in stone that i am not associated with the fandom anymore, plus it’d technically be a ghost blog

i do however understand how that could help in case i get my art stolen i can show off that its actually mine

General PSA, melafix is not an antibiotic, it’s more like an antiseptic. If you have a bacterial infection, you wouldn’t swill alcohol or hydrogen peroxide (please do not ever do this holy shit) in order to get better, you’d take an antibiotic. It’s the same for fish.

Fin rot is caused by bacteria, it is a bacterial infection, you need a broad spectrum antibiotic like maracyn or maracyn 2 (others work too, that’s just what I always use for treatment) in order to treat it. 

So apparently Hobi is blond now. I cannot deal. And it’s rumored that Jimin’s cover AND Suga’s last mv are both getting dropped on Monday. Just fucking watch them have their comeback on Tuesday, or drop a teaser or some shit. At least some time next week.

I mean, we all know what the hair changes means. And Hobi going blond just like that, and Jin going grey/silver? That probably that they are either starting to or are in the middle of filming the mv. They usually do that when the boys’ hairs have just been done. Maybe they’re even finished. And if it’s true that they’re doing a world tour in the beginning of 2017, they will want to have the comeback and promoting done. And knowing BigHit, they will want to kill us all by making them have their comeback right after all of Agust D’s mvs are out.

I might be wrong, but I’m watching you, BigHit. I’m watching you.

Holy shit, I don’t even know what to say about this chapter because damn.. I absolutely can’t wait for nationals and I might have just fallen even more in love with all the new characters. And A+ interaction between Kageyama and the others (especially Miya 😆), I hope we’ll get more of this once we see all of them again. Also, I think it’s really interesting that Miya said that Kageyama might be better off as a spiker rather than as a setter because Kageyama LOVES it so, so much. I mean, he loves volleyball in general but do you remember when he explained to Hinata why being the setter is the coolest and best? Because he got really excited about it. And I’m really looking forward to seeing what he’s going to do with this information as well as with being called “honest, obedient and diligent” because.. will he try to change his play style or himself in general? Or will he not give it much more thought and it’ll be a problem later on? Who knows..

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I love C & I feel bad saying this but theres a side to her I don't like & its gotten worse lately idk she just seems like a bit of an attention seeker. If you watch their interviews or video announcements they make on twitter she always has to get the last word, on red carpets shes always standing off to the side so she stands out from the group, when they're meant to be harmonizing she'll raise her voice slightly or add a run at the end so we mainly hear her. Shes not much of a team player imo

i have to agree in some points but i wouldn’t use the word attention seeker, she likes to do her own thing and the red carpet thing… shit i couldn’t agree more with you, sadly.

i was reading some comments on youtube videos and people always say she brings something to fifth harmony making them unique like she has a different and loud voice etc just like ally, she is always doing her holy high notes when everyone is harmonizing, that’s what makes them different you know

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I know there's all sorts of emotional meta surrounding 'its still you' during the pacifist route, and I love all that, but I also really like the idea that chara is just being REALLY snarky with frisk and is just like 'yup, still you. you do know what a mirror is, right? im getting concerned about you, kid.'

tbh I’m pretty sure that’s what Chara wants Frisk to think they mean, like, yeah they actually mean “holy shit, you went through so many sad, terrible, upsetting things, but despite everything you went through, you’re still an actual puppy with enough love in your heart for the entire world and I have no idea how you managed it when I couldn’t”

but on the surface, I definitely think they wanted Frisk to think they were just sassing them as per usual

“wow. another snow poff.”

“and another mirror too, you sure are on a roll today, buddy”

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Hi Bonnie. I check your blog everyday and it always makes me laugh (or cry when you write angst...) but today I really feel down... Had bad karma for 4 years now and it struck again today. Hard. Can I ask for a little cheer up message ? Love you, your writting and and everything I read here <3 - Frenchie anon

Hey sweetie, I’m so sorry that you’re feeling down today.  I would love to give you a cheer up message…but how…oh, I know!  Hold on…stay there…

Hey, annonnymoo, Deadpool, your red leather-bound lover of fun here.  I hear that you’re having a shit, day, so let’s just knock that off right now…what?  What do you mean that’s rude…?

Fiiiiine, I’m told by someone that I’m being rude.  Give the girl a blog and she gets all bossy with delusions of grandeur, I tell ya.  Calm your tits, B, am I right?

Anyway, darling anon with the karma riding up your ass like a tightly wedged wet thong on a hot sandy beach, things will look up.  Tomorrow is another day.  Find something you enjoy doing and get all up in it.  Laugh at this day until it’s so ashamed of itself that it runs away like the whiney little bitch that it is.

You got this.  -DP

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I was tagged by @headbanger98tv to post a selfie! (Thank u Nikoo ^^)
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Your threat is useless, I'm quivering in my boots! ;) have fun trying to find me because you'll be blocking false ip adressess forever.

I made you a gift, anon.

I hope you like rom-com, though I’ve always been more of an action fan myself. I thought it would be nice to share on our first deep bonding moment though.

In all seriousness, I really don’t know what I did that pissed you off so much, but I’m sorry? Like whatever beef you got with me bro that’s all fine and dandy, but is it really worth making someone feel like shit for posting something they’re proud of? And yeah I was proud of those gifs. They’re the first ones I’ve ever made, besides one au with gifs before, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Same goes for my aesthetics and fanfictions and everything else you tore into. Really, idk what’s up, but I hope we can resolve this because I don’t like fighting you and I’m not sure you like fighting me - or perhaps you do, who am I to say. I don’t want to turn off anon because I get some really nice people coming by who are too shy to come off, and I don’t want to take away the opportunity for them to express themselves because you’re feeling resentful.

Anyway enjoy my poorly made movie poster. Call it a peace treaty.