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Lady Macbeth is out here trying to get shit done and her husband is literally the worst. Like, "Oh I was supposed to leave the daggers? I wasn't supposed to kill the guards? Oh damn...I fucked up."

Listen Lady M is just like, I have shit to do and I have Scotland to conquer, I’m busy looking like an innocent flower and being the fucking snake underneath it, unsex me so I can go fuck people up like a damn man. And Macbeth’s all pointing at mid-air like, um IS THAT A FUCKING GHOST?

He’s useless and she’s brilliant. 

my coworker was such a piece of ass today let me tell u my peeps

i came to work and she asked me how school is going and i said it’s exhausting but okay and then she asked how often i’m there and i answered and then she was like ‘ah well it’s not like you do much, you have a lot of time’ and that managed to make me go from dead inside to enraged and livid in 0.2 seconds and i was like ‘excuse me? i work 2 or more days a week here, i go to school every day, i’m doing a-levels which means i study every free second i get, the only day off i have is sunday’ 

‘i mean i tell that to my kids as well it’s just not the same as paying rent and having to earn money and taking care of a household’ oh rly not the same as having to earn money? bitch what the fuck do u think i’m working for? a warm hand shake? lmao anyway i told her that i have just as much shit to do as she does just in a different way and she was insistent on it not being the same and she won’t see it any other way and then she compared me to her kids one of which is working full time and the other kid is going to school neither of them do both at the same time so??? lmao what even and then she asked if my parents don’t support me ??? is that ANY of your business? no and also i want my own money? i don’t want them to pay for everything i need? what kind of world do you live in you sack of crap 

‘would you have taken the job if you didn’t need it?’ etc etc like bitch first of all show me where i fucking asked for your opinion and second of all who the fuck do you think you are to ask these questions and judge any of it? 

my god it’s been hours but i’m still so mad like what the actual FUCK

i’m just running through every last man in new york via this website lmao i have the qvc today’s special value on a different dude every day… there’s a new one, he’s a lawyer, and my profile says i’m looking for mr. knightley and he said he’s not knightley but he’s possibly darcy (which seems like bullshit to me; it’s easier to be knightley than darcy) and he invited me to a poetry open mic this weekend which… is a great guess for something i might enjoy as a date but also poetry readings make me SO NERVOUS because 99% of people cannot write so there’s always SO much secondhand embarrassment

i’ll probably go though, i mean why the fuck not, what else am i doing with my life? i have to just do as many things as possible to drown out the screaming void a certain someone left in his wake, i have to just do shit so i don’t have time to miss him

I dunno who made this gif but it has ruined my life. I haven’t stopped watching it for at least the last 48 hours.

I mean he goes from “cute little puppy who just wants to cuddle” to “I am going to - literally - make you scream my name”.

I’m just…no.

I have shit to do for Christ’s sake!