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phone in hand, he’s not paying as much attention as he SHOULD, and
because of this, when he turns the corner, and just barely misses run-
ning into the other, there’s a birdlike SQUAWK. he felt his heart skip a
beat. “blair ! JESUS CHRIST, you appeared out of bloody NO WHERE !
a hand clenches his chest over his heart as he locks his phone with the
other hand, stuffing it in his pocket. 

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have you ever lost a friend? did it hurt you a lot, how did you cope with it?

I have lost many friends actually…if they were ever truly considered friends. I honestly dont think I ever had any real friends. Just acquaintances. And just recently I have lost one. I guess I was sort of replaced by someone they liked or they just got annoyed with me? I thought we were close and we used to talk a lot but they started to ignore me and eventually stopped messaging me. It’s the main reason why I am hesitant to trust others. It has always happened to me. I have always sort of struggled with keeping friends as I am not one for conversation unless I am quite close to the person but since I have social anxiety, I usually stay to myself a lot because half of the time I do not know what to say. I don’t even hang out with anyone. I’m too scared and anxious and self conscious. And for that reason, not many people kept in contact with me and eventually just forgot all about me like I never existed.

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How would a fem Scorpio Sun/Mercury/Venus show strong bursts of love feelings? That's for the story I'm writing, and that's the only hole in my character's "to work out" list, I have no acquaintances Scorpios and google is just full *UUUURGH* of "intense staaaring" and "sexsexsex ol day ol night"

she would only show it when she’s vulnerable with someone she’s safe with