• My good son Winn has been teaching himself Martian!
    • This kid truly loves his space family, I cannot
    • I am ready for Winn/Alex sibling rivalry fic anytime now
    • although maybe not, because also…
  • Winn tells J’onn to go take a break from the DEO and then immediately qualifies this by saying Alex should absolutely be the one left in charge because he should not be responsible, ever.
  • Alex’s cute sympathetic hug for sad!Kara

Also: I now require a bonus scene of J’onn taking his dad furniture shopping at Ikea.

The scene where Connor and Evan meet in the lab is one of the most intense for me because I can just see both of them struggling so hard and they’re just on opposite sides of a coin trying to figure out how not to fuck this up and they’re both on guard and towards the end we see Connor really trying by handing him the letter but he sees Zoe’s name and his wall shoots back up and suddenly he’s on the defense again and it just feels so hopeless Because they were THIS close to maybe having somebody who could be there for them and the miscommunication just ruins it all and so many things could have been different​

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What were your favorite parts of the episode?

This obviously contains spoilers, so if you’re planning to watch the episode maybe don’t keep reading.

  • SpaceDad can apparate his children??? THAT WAS COOL
  • I still love Carl Lumbly’s acting so much, god bless M’yrnn J’onzz
  • Also Winn calls him “Mr. J” which is just cute
  • Sam clearly a Kryptonian because she just assumes that sticking her hand in boiling water is a logical thing to do to test her “I have powers” theory
    • but again, what is the passage of time on this show because apparently Sam is like … Alex’s age
    • there’s just another random pod living in the mom’s back shed and somehow Sam never once as a child felt the need to get in there and find out what was inside??
    • also the image of her just strolling through the desert in her coat and jeans was weirdly amusing
  • Melissa out here killing it with her acting yet again this season
    • Poor Kara :’’’(
    • She held it together so well despite repeatedly getting punched in the feels
    • Kara also holding true to her principles and choosing ethics over feelings, that’s my girl and I love her
  • Winn gets little brother award points for this episode
    • Chyler was clearly busy filming crossover stuff during this ep
  • Kudos for the subtle hint that Lena’s positive legacy will survive

Also, I have a good idea now of where all these storylines are going and how they’re going to fit together for the next big chunk of the season, and I AM EXCITED. (yes, even with pod boy, who is infinitely more effective in small doses.)

“Dean…. Dean.”  A gentle voice pierces the dream-scape, pulling Dean back to consciousness.  There’s a hand on his back, guiding him, pulling him in.  There’s a body pressed along his side. It’s warm and comforting, and despite being pulled from his precious sleep, he smiles.  

“I don’t wanna be awake,” he murmurs, and there’s lips against his shoulder.  “I don’t wanna move.”

“Things to do, people to save.”  Cas’s voice is quiet and low.  There’s a smile in his voice, though Dean can’t see him.  Dean pulls Cas’s arm around him and tugs him closer, chest flush against back.  

“Not now.  Not yet.”

“Dean,” Cas says, a kiss pressed to Dean’s hair.

“It’s not time to go yet, Cas.  I can’t.  You’re here.  I’m not ready.”

Cas’s face is buried against Dean’s neck, and Dean breaths in deep.  “I’m always here with you, Dean.  Even when you can’t see me.  I’m here…”

“Come back to me.”  Dean’s words echo in the empty room as he opens his eyes.  The warmth he felt from Cas is gone, replaced by cold pillows and a mess of sheets.  But no Cas.  Never Cas.  The air is musty and heavy with the scent of bacon.  Sam’s trying to lure him from his room, as he does often these days.  

He sits up, grudgingly, and scrubs a hand through his hair.  He steels himself for the day ahead – another day without Cas.  Another day of going through the motions.  Pressing his fingers to his lips, he leans back and presses those fingers to the folded trench coat beneath his pillow.  “I mean it, Cas,” he murmurs.  “Come back to me.”  

As has every day since, he allows himself a moment before he’s up and off, the patented Dean Winchester mask firmly in place.  Later tonight, he’ll down a bottle of whiskey, hold the trench coat against his chest and cry himself to sleep.  But for now, today, he’s Dean Winchester, the legendary hunter.  He pushes forward, like Cas would want.  He tries to be the man Cas always believed him to be.  A good, heroic, strong man.  If nothing else, he can be that for Cas.  If nothing else, he can do what it takes to earn the love Cas so willingly gave him.  

i need an epilogue where its a shot of the colonel/wilford’s back and he’s just sobbing and mourning his friends and the camera pans down to the colonel’s glasses, but the lenses are broken and then you just hear wilford’s sobbing grow into maniacal laughter. and then we see a cane come into frame but its all red and blue as dark walks over to stand next to him and just places his hand on wilford’s back. thanks.

what i say: I’m fine.

what i mean: i think it’s kind of really fucked up how Danny Phantom ended?? like they did Valerie dirty by not completing her story arc. They made Sam look like all she cared about was Danny Phantom. also the plot holes, the FUCKING PLOT HOLES. i just wish Phantom Planet was replaced by a whole 4th season with better closure. like its not cool that Nickelodeon forced Butch Hartman to do that like its really fucked up. im really sad about it. also fuck SpongeBob and Fairly Odd Parents for stealing the spotlight forcing Nick to do that. basic assholes. life’s unfair.


victor was just chillin at this banquet and this guy who lost miserably shows up and starts a dance off?? this is a formal ass banquet like

and he starts this wild dance off and takes off his jacket and yurio joins in and victor is havin a good time in the background

and theN VICTOR JOINS HIM. and let me just say victor looks like he is having SO MUCH FUN. LOOK AT HOW HAPPY HE IS.

like this boring banquet turns into victor finding this adorable guy who gets drunk and starts a dance off and strips and pole dances, and they dance together and they’re already so happy and comfortable together, having so much fun. and this guy dances on him and grinds on him and tells him all about japan and where he’s from and how he should be his coach. and victor is GONE he is HEAD OVER FUCKING HEELS.

then victor after GPF he has kinda lost motivation and doesn’t know what’s next. and then this video goes viral of some guy skating his routine from GPF. AND IT’S THE ADORABLE DRUNK GUY FROM THE PARTY. so now victor is like time to take up his offer.

he shows up in his hot spring and is like time to be your coach!!!!

and then all his advances

make so much more sense. he probably just ends up thinking “he’s probably more shy when he’s sober!” but he does think that yuuri remembers it. and he’s so confident in his eros because BOY HE HAS SEEN IT.

victor wasn’t just teasing with a flirty personality. this was legitimate flirting. victor has been trying to get with yuuri this whole time.

we thought yuuri was chasing after victor, hoping for victor to notice him…. but in reality victor was chasing yuuri. he flew across the globe chasing after him. 

Just a theory about Wilford.

alright, just gonna get right on down to the nitty gritty with this one because i dunno, it makes me excited.

so! in mark’s february charity livestream, although he talks about dark, he drops this little piece of info, saying, “much like warfstache, [dark] doesn’t obey the laws of physics.” which got me thinking: alright, we know from mark’s words that dark bleeds into this world/reality from wherever he’s from. but just how does wilford break physics? well that, ladies and gentlemen and all configurations of being, is what i’m proposing…

wilford warfstache breaks physics by breaking the fourth wall.

now, hear me out on this, alright? let’s look at the markiplier tv video first.

after the third sequence of the jim twins delivering their news, we’re met with this short little clip of wilford trying to push his name away. typically in tv and film media, characters are unaware of the credits around them. needless to say, wilford is breaking the fourth wall because he too is aware of things that only the audience is made aware of, by trying to push his name away. 

another example is during the conference scene with all the other of mark’s characters, where he says, “it’s gonna change everything we know about television, trust you me.”

trust you me…. this one seems pretty obvious. we all know that these are just characters that mark has dressed up as, but it seems that wilford himself knows this as well. essentially what he’s saying here is something like “trust me because we’re the same person (mark)”. it’s very meta, but once again wilford is made very aware of this.

still with me on this? okay, now let’s take a step back further and look back at wilford’s ‘more?’ video from a date with markiplier.

when he first see wilford, he’s literally just a floating head, welcoming everyone to his “humble abode”. of all places to live, why live in some weird pink swirly dimension, am i right? 

even more so, wilford states “in all this time going through this game, have you stopped to ponder the possibility that you are not what you think you are?” once again here, wilford being meta and referencing the whole a date with mark experience, calling it a ‘game’ which pretty much is what it is.

the ending with wilford comes out to be the “true ending”, where you ‘discover the truth’ that you were actually chica all along. wilford knows this ending (and probably all the endings) and segues you to it. needless to say, overall, wilford seems to know everything about everything.

so yeah, this is just my understanding. i hope it makes sense! 💖

it’s like 3 in the morning but I just realised that when dizzee painted on thor in That Scene he painted him just like the picture he did of thor on the wall with rumi, with the blue and white stripes and the gold star on his stomach?? and then dizzee in his opera jacket and multicolour-painted skin. and it’s like. together they’re literally becoming these free and unafraid versions of themselves that they have only been able to express through art and,,,I’m just getting real emotional here

You all know that everyone left around the same time after Oliver’s party last night, but that Oliver was the last one to go, and that Felicity walked him to the door and they lingered, both of them wanting to say something but knowing that they didn’t have to, because they’re finally, finally finding the same page again, and it’s so, so significant and amazing. They stood at the door for a long moment, neither speaking, until Felicity reached for his hand. Oliver saw her moving, his hand already coming up to meet hers, like they’re goddamn magnets or something, and their fingers touched, oh so softly, gently… and then more, slowly, their fingers sliding against each other’s, against their palms, against the insides of their wrists. You know that they both watched their hands, amazed how such an innocent touch could mean so much more. You know their fingers tangled together, that they simply enjoyed each other’s touch, finally able to enjoy such a simple, tiny thing that they had denied themselves for so, so long. And then Oliver laced their fingers together, squeezing her hand before bringing their interlaced fingers up to his lips as he looked at her again. Her eyes were glued to their hands but she felt his gaze and she met his eyes right when he kissed the back of her hand. He whispered, “Thank you,” and they both knew it wasn’t just for the party, just as much as they both knew that if he kissed her right now, she wouldn’t stop him. But he didn’t, because while that would be so amazing, realizing everything that’s always existed between them, there’s an even stronger urge to do this the Right Way, starting with another first date.

(they’re gonna have another first date and i’m emotional as hell about it)

Lance’s Vlog

Me: Lance was super cute in it and I’m happy to see him smiling :) 


oikawa tooru

hc that the fandom usually makes oikawa this self-centered, arrogant ho who LOVES taking selfies but that couldn’t be further from the truth? in reality oikawa’s just as or even more insecure than the other characters. his camera roll even shows that he loves his nephew more than pictures of himself. he constantly pushes and overworks himself, blinded by his own thoughts of having to defeat ushiwaka, surpass tobio-chan, etc. he puts on a charming, confident smile for his fans but later, when he’s alone with iwaizumi, he pours everything out. iwa is the only person to really take him seriously, not as a competitor or a superior, but as a friend. iwa’s aggressive comments aren’t there to make him feel worse, but are literally words to force oikawa into believing in his talented, powerful, intelligent, and caring self.

he worked SO HARD and pushed himself to his limits to defeat karasuno. he hardly sleeps and got injured, but would do it all for volleyball. he’s such a talented and dedicated player with a dream of defeating his longtime rival, ushiwaka, but it all got crushed by the team of his former kouhai: someone he envies too. that match against karasuno was his last to prove that going to aoba johsai wasn’t a mistake. he was so close to meeting his rival again on the court, only to be defeated before that chance. he’s no doubt one of the most talented and smart people who deserved to experience more and go to nationals. nothing would make him happier than his efforts not being wasted.

also, the fact that the last point of karasuno was because oikawa tried to receive the ball but failed is DEVASTATING. if it had worked, he could have saved his team and his pride. he could do so much more; he was incredible as a player and was a great person in general as he was able to bring out the best in whatever team he was on. he was SO CLOSE to winning and he exerted so much, god, in playing volleyball, a sport he genuinely loved. oikawa tooru deserved to go to nationals and more and u can fuckin fite me on this if u disagree

also he and iwa are going to different universities which means that oikawa doesn’t have anyone he can really trust to get him out of a tight spot. iwa was his go-to person to set to when the receive was off or their opponents were particularly hard to play against. his volleyball career may not be over, and god i hope it isn’t, but he will never feel that same comfort again when playing as compared to when he was with the person he trusted most.

tl;dr oikawa tooru deserves better and his efforts shouldn’t have gone to waste

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Why do you think GOB is bisexual? Look back at his interactions with women: he's disinterested in them and quick to shoot down their offers of sex (or avoids sex altogether, like with his seal trainer wife), and seems like he's only with them out of some misguided feeling he should be, or to provoke a reaction from his family. He's repressed. S4 was very obviously about him coming to terms with being gay. I'm surprised you're getting a bi reading from it? He's never convincingly been into women

i think the issues we’ve seen gob have with women stem more from his developmental issues than from him having a lack of interest in them.

homeboy has textbook Commitment Issues™ which isn’t surprising given his upbringing and we see this over and over again, from his sleeping around in high school and sleeping around post high school for that matter, to his relationship with marta, etc.

and bringing up his wife is funny to me, bc he looks pretty interested in sex to me here:

there are also a few instances in the show indicating he’s into threesomes. ima talk about these a bit. 

**and by the way, i’m not trying to say that anyone who is into threesomes is automatically bisexual – i just think these particular scenes are good evidence for gob in particular being into both men and women.**

the first time, early on in the show, there was this scene:

gob: heard you’re selling the yacht.
michael: yeah, i had a couple in there this morning.
gob: yeah, i know.
gob: well, they got the “asian” right. “hotties” might be a stretch. …well, let’s start with the little one.

(sorry i don’t have gifs of it) but yeah. there’s that. looks like lil gobie ~ordered a couple to have sex with. and it doesn’t seem like he specified genders. or at least doesn’t care. go him tbh

then, in another scene, he briefly mentions a threesome he had in the past with a female and a male.

and then there was a scene in season 3, where we see he was trying to have a threesome with ann and some other chick:

gob: my religious girlfriend just dumped me, and for a simple little misunderstanding. i mean, if someone was always asking you to embrace the Holy Trinity, what would you think they meant?

narrator: gob thought it meant a three-way.

this girl is shown slapping him:

and we later see that ann is the other girl in this scene.

~~bi vibes~~

moving on, i do agree with you that *some* of his relationships with women were to provoke a reaction from his family (mainly his relationship with lucille 2), but i think it’s also pretty obvious that he’s interested in women sexually as well. he just has major issues committing to relationships and expressing feelings. and that goes for both men and women. 

a huge part of season 4 is gob coming to terms with his feelings for tony, which is awesome. we finally see gob able to (at least a little bit) open up and talk about his feelings. but i don’t think this completely erases his past interest in women. bi erasure is a thing k. i just think it shows that he is slowly getting better at expressing his feelings along with him coming to the realization that he wants to be more than friends with tony.

gob is just a very love-deprived individual and i just really hope we get to see much more of him and tony bc this poor child is finally getting some love and growing up and HE DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD 

at the end of the day you’re obviously free to have your own opinion but gob is my bisexual son and no one can convince me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯