So my ATLA rewatch w/ the parents is still ongoing (it’s slow, because we only watch about 3 episodes a night before my parents get sleepy. But they’re really enjoying it, we have all these cool discussions about the characters and their world) and meanwhile I’ve also been reading those post-ATLA comics. But one thing I always wondered besides the fate of Zuko’s mom (which was answered) was whether Zuko ever saw Song again. 

We just finished Book 2 and, it’s easy to see that his experiences traveling through the Earth Kingdom as a fugitive were the ones that most shaped him. He saw new places and ways of life, all sorts of people from the very richest to the seediest vagabonds to the humble, hardworking farmers and merchants who just wanted peace. In the end it was this part in his redemption arc that opened his eyes to the many lies he’d been told all his life: that the Fire Nation was superior to all others, that if you didn’t bend fire, you were not worthy of living. The people of the Earth kingdom showed him that no matter which nation or bending art you hailed from, all peoples are one and the same.

I think Song was really pivotal in that. She and her mother took Zuko and Iroh in to feed and heal them, to offer a bright spot of comfort in their dark days of being on the run. I think she was the first person (or one of them) to make Zuko stop and think about the actions of his people, that innocent lives were being taken away and were left with nothing but the charred remains of what once was. And even after all of this suffering, they still could be kind and generous and loving to those in need. Zuko saw all of this. It made him wonder that firefly-filled night, over a large roast duck dinner, about whether he was still right in believing in the Fire Nation’s actions. And I don’t think he ever forgot.

Because when true kindness is given, it is never forgotten. I like to think that, after the war is over and all is said and done, maybe the young Firelord takes a couple weeks off to travel to the Earth Kingdom. Are you going to visit the Earth King’s palace in Ba Sing Se? team avatar inquires. Should we accompany you? We can take Appa! and It’ll be nice to visit Iroh’s tea shop there again! 

But Zuko just smiles and shakes his head. There’s a few people in the southern part of the kingdom he needs to see, he tells them. A poor farming family, a young Healer girl and her mother. He’ll take a war balloon, a few servants and guards to show his status, and most important of all, an ostrich-horse with priceless gifts tied to its saddle. Team Avatar smiles and understands, and he’s on his way. 

And one fine day, the sun is blazing overhead as Song heads home from the tiny village hospital, when the rays are suddenly blocked out by a huge red balloon flying ever closer towards her. The gigantic contraption lands feet away from where she stands and regal-looking servants stream out of it, all clad in red, the Fire Nation insignia etched in their clothing. For a heart-stopping moment, Song is transported to her childhood, the memories of Fire troops storming her village float to the surface after all these years, her father being dragged away, the anguish still streaming from his eyes…

Fear grabs quick hold over her. Is the war back on? Has something happened to the Avatar? What happened to the new Firelord who promised an era of peace and love? Suddenly, she hears her name being called, a familiar voice, and she looks on with breathless shock as she finally sees the young man who stepped off the balloon. 

The scar is still red and blotchy as ever on the left side of his face, but his hair is long and tied in a neat top-knot, wearing what is unmistakably the crown of the Fire Nation on his head. His expression is so much more at ease than she remembered, his brows are no longer pinched together in an endless frown, his amber eyes are light and inviting. Li? she wonders aloud with amazement, and he grins, and she notices just how handsome he is when he isn’t scowling or brooding. He pulls something large out from the balloon behind him -  an ostrich-horse! Laden with gifts and a brand new saddle, he bows and presents it to her. 

He’s the Firelord. He’s Firelord Zuko, the one who helped the Avatar bring down his father. Li. Li had been the fire prince, all along. The Firelord was bowing to her of all people, a young earth kingdom woman, a former refugee. 

She’s beyond shocked at this point, but Zuko smiles and helps her to her feet. He came because he owed her an ostrich horse, he explains. But also his gratitude. Tears are streaming down her face now, because through everything she had been through, she had never expected this. She had never expected the Fire Nation to actually be capable of love or peace, but here he was. Zuko bows low and thanks her for helping him and her uncle, and he names Song and her mother as honorary guests of the Fire Nation, welcome to come and stay at the Royal Palace whenever they please. He hands her the reins to the ostrich horse, but she shakes her head and throws her arms around her friend’s neck instead, overjoyed to see he made it, that he was okay, that he remembered her. She invites him to her mother’s house for dinner that night, and he doesn’t refuse. 

The next day, he bids Song and her mother goodbye for now, confident that they will see each other again, and he’ll treat them to a Fire Nation feast at the capital when they come visit. He leaves with his heart light as a feather, ready to journey on to visit a particular farming family only a day’s flight away. A fine dagger with an inscription sits atop a pile of grain and gold coins in the balloon, waiting for them.

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”

to be clear,I draw josk and okuyasu bigger because I want it to be obvious they are? ? Older? ? I just want them both to be happy together.. I can barely draw them kissing let alone nsfw..they are the only two I draw like that because they’ve canonically shown up as adults,albeit still wearing their uniforms for some reason… Other charas in joj I just won’t do for that same reason..


It’s odd having a character named doomsday when the oc looks like a fluffy innocent creature, that name literally means the end of the world but when I see doomsy I don’t see that. You’d expect this ruthless character who has fun killing planets or such things like that but you get this fluffy creature instead which is this nice caring fluff that tries to be the best he can. Heh doomsday is a nice pretty name that I find and decided to give him that name because of it, even if some would see it as death. I’ve grown so used to that name and I love it. I’d never thought that when I made doomsday I’d get this far with him since he wasn’t supposed too, he was supposed to end up as another old character but he didn’t and I’m glad. Its feels nice that you guys like him too, knowing you guys like my character that has gone through so many redesigns and scraps of ideas for him and he’s still is. I just want to thank you all for following, I seriously didn’t think I’d get 270 people interested in doomsy and the blog in only 2 months! I was expecting a much lower number tbh eheheh…anyways sorry for the long ramble of doomsy’s name and info, again thank you guys!


But can we talk about how this episode was centred around John and Sherlock falling in love with each other all over again. After the explosive emotion and anger and hurt, and Sherlock’s playing it down with a nervous laugh, we get John shaving off his moustache for Sherlock and then there’s the ‘I’m seeing him everywhere’ whilst Sherlock is hearing John’s voice in his mind, endearing and familiar and oh my god is it making him lose focus.

But then John is revisiting 221b because maybe just maybe he can try and forgive that complete dick for leaving him for two years.

That’s before he’s kidnapped to which Sherlock reacts by stealing a motorbike and racing through London with all the panic and fear of a startled fox in headlights, only to leap in to a fucking raging fire, crying out John’s name because he cannot lose him, he’s only just got him back, Sherlock may be able to cheat death but DAMMIT JOHN CAN’T!

And then John is better (shall we deduce that Sherlock waited by his hospital bed until he regained consciousness because shut up Mycroft I just want to make sure.)

But no he’s still absent minded, his parents are around but he’s not really with them, because John John John, John hasn’t forgiven him yet and he needs him to - Shit is that John at the door, please you guys get out of here oh MY GOD you’re embarrassing me in front of him.

And John, John wants to speak with, wants to examine, wants to thank the birth-givers of this fantastically enchanting human being, I can’t believe I just witnessed them, but I’m still cross totally not cross any more

And then there’s there’s the small laugh, the sorry sorry sorry again John jesus how many times… But no really… sorry.

Then deducing again together, back in the game because John may as well, he’s involved in it now, that’s the only reason… But wait, this is serious, we’re both going to die so okay, Sherlock, I forgive you.

But it’s not just I forgive you, it’s of course I forgive you. I love you, I always have and I always will because how can’t I when you made my life so worth living, when you made the blood pump through my veins faster than I thought was possible. So of course I forgive you, of course I do because I’m just happy to have you back in my life, I’m just happy that feeling I had deep down inside, that instinct that told me you weren’t really gone, not really, it was right.

That’s all Sherlock needed to hear. That’s all he wanted, to know that his dearest friend and yes, the love of his life, forgave him. Because how could he function properly, how could he even concentrate on anything with that one problem rolling through his mind.

Fenris’ “slouch” is not a slouch, it’s an athletic stance.

It’s not that he’s trying to make himself look smaller; he is fully aware of how powerful he is. When you see him walk normally, it’s with a swagger. His shoulders sway with an almost exaggerated confidence.

His stance is one that will allow him to fight or flee at a moment’s notice. His legs are always bent at the knee, balancing on the balls of his feet. His torso is leaned forward and his arms are always slightly extended to his sides so that he can draw his sword from his back at any time.

It’s a stance that belongs to a man who’s been on the run for so long that he carries it for seven years after he decides to stay in Kirkwall. (Granted, most of the time, he’s preparing to face Danarius.)

I think that that says more about his character than the interpretations that say he is trying to make himself look smaller, less threatening, or even submissive. None of those are true. He’s done running. He’s done being a slave and a fugitive. He will never bow to another living being again, not even subconsciously.

So, no, it’s not a slouch. It’s a habit that he developed to survive on his own.

And that’s who Fenris is.


“He is more machine now than man. Twisted and evil.”


working on some Capable and Nux sketches to get out my feelings…

cries because the last thing I expected to get out of Max Mad: Fury Road was an adorably tragic ship, and yet here we are friends, here we are


A year ago Fall Out Boy were getting ready to come off hiatus and they were worried they’d come back with this new music that they all /believe/ in, and no one would care. Now it’s New Year’s Eve and they’re playing in Times Square and they KNOW we care. I’ve never been more proud of anyone than I am of those four little nerds from Chicago. They made it.

do you ever think about the fact that Dorian likes to play hard to get, and that the chief and possibly only reason for this is that he expects his sex partners to lose interest in him immediately and discard him like yesterday’s tissues, so that the only way to prolong a relationship is to draw out for as long as possible the phase of flirtation and seduction, and that if the Inquisitor tells him that he wants more than sex he is so stunned that he can’t speak, because being wanted for more than “fun” has not only never happened to him, it’s never even occurred to him as a possibility, to the point that the idea of having a relationship with a man who cares for him is something he compares to turning into a unicorn?

and do you ever think about the fact that even after months of being with the Inquisitor, sharing his bed and fighting by his side and facing the terror of losing him every day, he still expects to be cast aside as soon as it’s no longer convenient, I’ve been a port in a storm before, I would understand, and if he is cast aside he barely even protests because no matter what he may have wanted, he expected nothing different?

and do you ever think of how much must have changed in the two years that passed between you are terribly dull and I hate you and you are the man I love? how many steps it must have taken before he could give up speaking in code, in irony, in flippant humour, needing to tell the truth and not tell it at the same time, to give himself an exit from every conversation just in case he’d gone too far? before he could just put his feelings into simple words and be sure that he would meet with understanding and connection rather than scorn?

and do you ever think about how much it must have hurt to walk away from the man who taught him he could have the more that he had always craved, and how much of a pull he must have felt to do the right thing, not the easy thing, not the thing that would make him happy, but the right thing, the thing that only he could do, the thing that might leave the world a better place, and how the thought of the man he’d left in the south must have made him want to weep sometimes because he was so far away, but mostly it made him feel stronger and braver because look at what my amatus did, how can I do any less?

#i just really love the progression of her calling him killian #at first it started out as being just because of henry #and him losing his memories #but even when she called him killian in 3x17… she didn’t really have to #she was at the door it was a quiet moment between the two of them #she could have easily called him hook and not have henry heard #and then in tonight’s episode she definitely didn’t have to call him killian #henry got his memories back #but she STILL did #she still CHOSE to call him that #and it was one of my favorite parts #and i really hope this continues to be a thing