Holt Family Reunion (because I have a lot of feelings)

When they finally find Pidge’s family it’s very heartwarming and it honestly makes everyone feel so much better? Like they get to actually see how Voltron is helping the universe and each of them kinda files that memory away as something that will get them through the hard time. It’s messy full of tears and laughter because one of the first things her dad says is “am I seeing double, why are there two matts? Wait, katie? KATIE? Oh my god katie” and then they just all collapse in a pile of hugs and tears. It takes them almost twenty minutes to stop crying and over an hour to separate from their hug on the floor. This mission resulted in a lot of aliens being rescued and most of them were injured in some way, but because there were so many aliens they couldn’t put them all in the healing pods. But almost all the aliens who saw the reunion insist on allowing matt and sam to go first so they can be strong enough to be with pidge. So the first set of healing pods contains pidge’s family. During this time, the remaining aliens and paladins try to organize how they will get everyone home. Some aliens planets have been destroyed and allura updates them on what planets have been rescued. Then they start talking about the people in the pods about where they come from, other aliens tell the home planets of the ones currently healing. But then they get to matt and sam holt. Allura says, oh earth okay, they’ll need their own pod because no one is near them. And pidge is like. What? You want to send them home in a pod? A POD?!? Hell no, I am taking them home Myself, you are not just sending them in a pod. And allura is like, “be rational, voltron is needed you can’t just take time off from being a paladin”. And pidge just Snaps. They’re like “What?! How dare you! You of all people should know! I have MY family back just because you can’t get yours doesn’t mean you will stop me from reuniting mine. My mom thinks all of us are Dead!!” “please pidge calm down” “NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN, and if you don’t swear that you will open up a wormhole for me and the green lion to take my family back to earth, I will destroy this entire castle with the touch of a button. You think I won’t do it? I am doing you a FAVOR by promising to come back, if you try stop me, I will ruin you forever.” Allura looks over at the other paladins, like a little help here, but the Pidge Protection Squad is out in full force, and all she gets are hard stares. She agrees to send the green lion to earth, but when she says she’s doubling the patrols of the other paladins everyone else is like ??? no???? We’re going back to Earth. We don’t know what the hell the garrison told our families, but they most likely think we are dead, THEY THINK WE ARE DEAD. We are going and seeing them and there’s nothing you can do to stop us. Finally Allura turns to Coran like, help me please. And he just calmly takes her to the side and says, “I know what you’re just trying to do what is best, and you are not the bad guy in this situation, but it would be best to let them see their families one last time. You know as well as I do that they could die up here. You know we would have given anything to say goodbye to Altea, at least they have the chance to say goodbye to Earth.” Finally Allura gives in and says, okay you’ll all go in the green lion because it has the cloaking device and is the smallest, I’ll keep the castle near your moon so it stays hidden. Now first they go to the Holt family’s house because duh, out of everyone they deserve to be reunited first. But when they get there, there’s no sign of Mama Holt? And the house is a mess? Like someone went through it? And all the electronics are missing? What the heck, where is mom? Their neighbor almost has a heart attack when they see Katie, why is she here, didn’t she know? The neighbor very shakily tells them that their mother was arrested for treason. Apparently she had been caught sneaking around on a military base of some kind. Pidge has to be physically restrained to stop them from killing the neighbor yelling that they were a liar. When she finally calms down, they thank the neighbor and go back to the green lion, contacting allura… “we need Voltron”. On the way back to the castle pidge can’t stop talking, they keep saying “She knew, she knew something was wrong, she knew the garrison was lying but she didn’t want to believe me, why does she believe me now, why did she do that. Iverson didn’t arrest me because he would then have to admit that a little girl managed to hack in, but mom, mom is an adult, she could be executed, oh my god, what if she’s dead, what if she’s dead! How, I just, I just got my family back, how can they do this. We are going to obliterate the garrison, I don’t care if you think that’s excessive. They are corrupt and lying and dicks (language) I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT LANGUAGE SHIRO I WILL CUT YOU” Finally they get back to the castle and everyone gets their lions, it’s show time.

It was a normal day at this government facility, hidden, calm, no one was expecting a HUGE FREAKING ROBOT WITH A SWORD TO DROP FROM THE SKY AND TEAR OFF THE ROOF SCREAMING GIVE ME MRS. HOLT OR WE WILL DESTROY YOU. Everyone is frozen in fear, what the actual crap, someone finally snaps out of it when the robot throws some of the roof a mile down the road. Everyone is frantically looking for a Mrs. Holt, who the hell is Mrs. Holt where is she SOMEONE FIND HER IMMEDIATELY! But they are too late. The sword rips through the guard shack in it’s search to find Mrs. Holt. Suddenly, a middle age woman, wearing ripped prison clothes, stands up on the rubble and says “Katie? Katie is that you?” The paladins are ripped apart by the storms of emotions that come from the green lion. Everyone is crying and they can hear the Holts just saying mom over and over again. One second they’re voltron the next, the green lion is on the ground near her and three people are tumbling out of the mouth, running to meet Mama Holt. “Oh my god, my baby, my beautiful baby, you’re alive, you’re alive I knew they were lying, I’m so sorry, I thought I’d never see you again–oh my god Sam?! Matt! OH MYGOD YOU’RE ALIVE, YOU’RE ALIVE. Don’t you ever leave me again, I love you so much, where have you been, you’re alive, you’re alive, am I dreaming, oh my god” The other lions start to fly to other sides of the world, the yellow one goes to Hawaii, the black one heads to japan, the blue one starts to head to cuba when he realizes that the red one, is just staying there. Red and Blue head to Cuba together.

Each reunion is filled with screams and tears and hugs. Almost everyone doesn’t believe the paladins story, until they show the lions and the bayards. For the first time in what feels like years, they get to eat real food: manapua, saimin, nachos, yuca fingers, sushi, PIZZA, spam, rice. A shock comes to them a few hours later when Allura calls to them and says, Okay, get ready to say goodbye. Almost immediately she has 4 very angry mothers yelling at her over the coms “I JUST GOT THEM BACK -what? You want them back? I HAVENT SEEN MY SON IN OVER A YEAR - auwe, no. you one lolo if you think I’m gonna let him leave, half of the family is still stuck in traffic trying to get here! No, a’ole pilikia no no - bsolutely not! Showing up here with a lion and a boyfriend (he’s not my boyfriend) be quiet lance, I am talking . I swear you go to space and now you have no manners, no he is staying here for at least a few days - Have you even been feeding them? They are so skinny. (we have to eat this weird green goo) YOU’VE BEEN FEEDING MY FAMILY GOO? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU-why don’t you come down here and try rip my child from my cold dead hands, I don’t care if she can throw shiro who’s shiro- SHE THREW MY BABY? NOPE I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE A GROWN MAN, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING, YOU ARE GROUNDED MISTER, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!-” this goes on for almost 20 minutes of different moms and dads and uncles and aunties yelling over one another about how they need at least a few days with their family. Finally allura and coran agree to 4 days on earth as long as the paladins are always ready to leave immediately if there is a distress call and Allura and Coran get to spend a day with each family.

Lance and Hunk almost immediately volunteer to bring the alteans down from the castle… it is very suspicious. However when they show up a few hours later with their lions full of nonperishable earth food it makes sense. No seriously, Hunk brought almost 70 pounds of rice with him and like 100 cans of spam and Lance brought almost every spice you could think of, their families were horrified when they realized they had had the same exact thing for almost every meal for months. All the paladins make frequent trips up to the castle, to bring family members to see it and to bring more food and clothes. They don’t know how long they’ll be paladins, but there is no way in hell they are leaving without some very essential items this time. Like their super soft blanket, another pair of shoes, a bucket filled with face cream, pictures of their family. In fact, by the second day, almost everyone has moved their entire room up into the castle. It’s like moving in for college, with the parents helping to decorate their child’s room and making sure they have everything. All this time pidge is working almost non stop to try create at least 4 long range communicators so the paladins can keep in touch with their family because she refuses to let them believe they are dead again. Shiro is enjoying tea with his mother and for the first time in a long time actually feels relaxed. Keith on the other hand is kinda overwhelmed by how many people there are in Lance’s house, but now he understands why Lance is loud and uncomfortable with the silence of space. Also Keith might fall in love with Mama Lance’s hugs, he’s never felt this warm and loved. Lance is so happy that he cries, multiple times, and is almost always in the middle of group hugs, and he easily falls back into the role of brother, uncle, and mama’s boy, he never wants to leave. Hunk spends almost all the time at the beach with his family. The sand beneath his feet, the tradewinds playing with his hair, the salty breeze, the sun warm on his skin, and the soothing sounds of a improv jam sesh with his uncles is everything he’s wanted.

The alteans are very surprised at how different each paladins’ family is. Hunk’s is large but relaxed. Shiro’s is small and peaceful. Lance’s is loud and chaotic. Pidge’s is quiet and silly. But the one thing that each family has is it exudes love and caring and accepting of the alteans.

Nothing is harder than the last day when everyone has to say goodbye. Allura and Coran go up to the castle first, giving the paladins their privacy. It hurts because everyone over age 13 knows that this might be the last time they see their family member. The parents hold onto their children softly crying because they are just kids, why do they have to fight in a war. Keith goes back next, visiting his desert home to pack everything up with him… and also possibly breaking into the garrison to steal back the stuff from Lance, pidge, and Hunk’s old room. His lion is actually filled by the time he’s flying up to the castle. Lance’s family insisted on giving him tons of food. Shiro heads back next. He and his mom go to a temple to pray and there is a tearful goodbye, especially when she says she is proud of him. His lion is filled with rice, seaweed, tea, noodles, fresh vegetables, plus small sprouts so he can grow them on the ship, and some family heirlooms his mom insisted on him taking to keep him safe. Pidge goes next, they managed to make a device that will allow the paladins to keep in touch with their family as long as they are in a nearby galaxy, it isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing. The last hug is long and warm and when pidge goes into their lion she let’s out a half sob because it’s filled to the brim with peanut butter and spare electrical parts. They have to stop themselves from running back out to her family. They make quick pit stops to each of the paladins families giving them the communicators and instructions on how to use them. The sleepless nights were totally worth it when all the parents give her thankful hugs with tears in their eyes. Hunk and Lance leave at the same time, they both know that if they don’t go together, neither of them will leave. Hunk’s last day is a huge luau with his entire extended family, most of his old classmates, and the whole neighborhood. His lion is filled with all the leftovers, more rice and spam, tons of fresh and dried fruits, and an 8 string ukulele so he can have the sound of home with him. His whole family sings Aloha ‘Oe to him as he walks into his lion and he cries freely. Lance’s spends his last day hugging every family member as much as possible. He takes tons of selfies with everyone, including all the pets. He has a long talk with his war vet grandpa about how he’s scared of not being good enough, but is reassured when his badass of grandpa says he was the same way. It’s a tearful goodbye and everyone hugs Blue together as he walks in. His lion is filled with tons of family pictures, a disk with a video from each family member and of course hella food and spices. He’s able to fly off with a smile on his face because he knows his family won’t forget him and he won’t forget his family.

Bonus: When they all get back to the castle they realize that the food storage room can’t fit all the food they have and have to clear out one of the extra bedrooms to store the food there. They literally have enough food for years. And everyone realizes how much they needed this. The things that were holding them back from fully devoting themselves to Voltron had been solved and the alteans now understand the paladins so much more.

Bonus Bonus: It was at this time that the alteans realize how freaking young the paladins are because now pidge has set up a clock/calendar that is synced up to earth time. Each of them say when their birthdays are so they can celebrate and Allura almost faints when pidge says their 16th birthday is coming up. Like what is this infant doing here what. This leads to a very interesting conversation where they realize that Shiro is still considered a baby by altean standards. Coran has to sit down when they explain that the oldest human to ever live only lived to 128 years, which is still child years for alteans.


I woke up this morning to the “leaked pictures of Chen and his ex” all over my Twitter (since most of the accounts I follow are EXO fanartists in Korea). While I’m happy to know Chen is fine and dating people despite his idol life, please don’t spread the pictures around. That’s something private and shouldn’t be exposed to the world. He’s also human and deserves privacy as well.

Reading the ch. 1 redraw, I keep wondering what is going through Rize’s mind when she hesitates to respond to Kaneki’s request for a second date.

She definitely went into the date planning on eating him – I don’t think Hide’s observation about her being disgusted by Kaneki’s obvious interest was far from true, yet Kaneki was cute enough to meet her standard of a night out with a meal. And whatever made her hesitate at that moment did not stop her from eating Kaneki. 

But still, that hesitation and her segue into saying “It’s just… I’m extremely gloomy…Today as well… To tell the truth… I was really anxious.” Was it just her acting? Was it a half-truth? Was there something about her date with Kaneki that seemed a bit different than with the others? 

If she did actually feel anxious, I wonder what was driving that anxiety. Date-to-dinner is how she sets up her kills, and she most likely keeps repeating this pattern because it gives her the most pleasure. But what if she usually only enjoys the effect that the date has on the kill later on, and actually feel anxious before and during the date itself? If we go by how I’ve been examining Rize recently, I could see this fitting into the narrative of her feeling uncomfortable with how boys sexualize and objectify her, since this probably wouldn’t stop during the date itself. However, it could also reflect some of her own discomfort in interacting with other people. She doesn’t trust anyone, she doesn’t want to trust anyone, and she has no expectation to trust or like anyone enough to disprove her mindset. When we have seen her as such a lone wolf throughout the series, resisting any anchor to people or her community (as anon said before), of course she wouldn’t feel comfortable in a one-on-one talk with somebody – especially when the other participant wants that talk to be intimate.

On some level, though, I think Rize feels at least some connection to Kaneki in this moment – whether romantic or platonic – that maybe was different from how other dates had gone. We aren’t exactly sure what these other date have been like, but we’ve seen her numerous times putting on a cute, polite air-headed act that fits closely to feminine character standards. We rarely see her interact with others in a genuine fashion, and when we do it’s usually quite negative (e.g., Banjou). During her date with Kaneki, she does actually talk about a subject she genuinely loves. And what she does genuinely love and discuss with Kaneki is thought-provoking horror stories – content that’s not necessarily cute or girly at all. And right before she goes to bite him, she says “I feel like I can understand your feelings, Kaneki-kun.” The honorific here changes from how she’s referred to him throughout the date (-san), and it’s after she has just revealed a bit of her own family struggles. And since we know a bit more of her backstory now, we know that she actually told the truth. 

With some of these facts in mind, it seems to me as though Rize felt comfortable enough in their interactions to actually express some of her own thoughts and feelings rather than to simply meet expectations for being agreeably feminine. To have her even state that she’s an extremely gloomy person to him, it makes me wonder if that was simply meant as a deterrent to him or if it does also show some glimpses into her own character that she doesn’t usually mention to other boys on these dates.

Maybe some of her hesitation came from the blurry line walked by Kaneki’s interest in her – is he looking for that perfect bookworm girl and objectifying her through a toxic lens, or is he just seeing an opportunity for a real connection with someone might get him (who also just happens to be very attractive)? Honestly, I think it’s difficult to say it’s either one or the other. I think Kaneki is an empathetic guy who does not stray away from women who defy feminine cute and submissive standards (sometimes to a fault…). But he’s still someone who has been raised in a society that objectifies women in certain ways, and we’d be lying if we denied that his interest in Rize did not include any sexual elements.

Whatever went through her mind at that moment, though, I think Rize made it clear to us once again that she has no intention of developing any new strong connections with anyone – at least in how we see her in TG. Even when she meets a boy that she has just enough of a connection with to maybe make her question if she’s happy with just killing him like the rest, she ultimately chooses to eliminate him and that possible connection to continue her loner lifestyle. And I guess I’m not sure if that’s more heartbreaking or empowering for me to think about.

Because while I don’t want a male romantic interest – even if it’s our pretty feminine Kaneki – to be what changes Rize’s loner life, I can’t help thinking about how unfulfilling her life path is in TG when she always cuts possible connections as they bud. When almost all her interactions are these superficial first dates and meeting outside forces’ sets of rules (be it ward hierarchies or landlords), she almost guarantees that she will almost exclusively maintain these as the types of interactions she will face. She’ll almost always dodge meaningful, positive interactions through doing this. 

Mister Fluffy

Summary: Alphonse was determined to break out of the hospital and achieve the one thing he had dreamed of doing ever since being trapped in the armor. And Lieutenant Hawkeye was going to help him do it. Parental!RizaAl fluff involving a daring escape plan and a very wonderful, magical, fluffy cat.

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A/N: So this 3,000+ word long fanfic began as an idea I had yesterday that was only meant to be about 300 words long. But then, instead of just crying about Al, I began crying about the beautiful parental relationship he had with Riza. Honestly, Parental!RizaAl (idk if that’s the name or not) is super underrated, and that disappoints me. But I’m determined to have content, even if I have to make it myself, dammit.

This takes place about a week and a half after the Promised Day, before everyone has gotten out of the hospital, and before Al has gotten his hair cut.

I hope everyone enjoys reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Tell me what you think!

“Lieutenant Hawkeye, I need your help,” Alphonse Elric rolled his wheelchair closer to the Lieutenant’s bed, where she sat with a light pink shawl across her shoulders, reading a novel. The wheels of his chair squeaked as he rolled them across the tile floor, and the noise prompted Hawkeye to look up.

“Help with what, Al?” She smiled as she looked at him, and placed the book down by her side to get a better look at Al’s face. She had a habit of doing that, ever since the first time she’d laid her eyes on the boy’s new body. And though Hawkeye was fantastic at hiding her emotions, Al could see her face light up at the sight of his.

“Something more important than anything I’ve ever done before,” Al continued, his face deadly serious as he looked up at the Lieutenant.

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anonymous asked:

hey, i have a question if that's okay!! your writing is fabulous but it got me thinking, between bucky and steve, do you have a favorite?

Eyyy I bet you didn’t expect me to respond to this question with a goddamn essay but I’m gONNA DO IT ANYWAY

I would like to preface this by saying that I love Steve and Bucky both, and the prospect of choosing between them breaks my heart a little bit, but…

I do have an answer here.

When I first got into this fandom, it was all about Bucky. Steve was like an afterthought, almost. I’d search for Bucky-centric fics and would sometimes even be annoyed by Steve’s POV. I actually only got into the fandom because my old bff liked it, and she very much disliked Steve. So. I guess I went into the fandom with that rubbing off on me. Plus, Bucky was such an abjectly tragic character, and that appealed to my heart like nothing else.

And jfc, I love Bucky Barnes so much, but I do not love him the same way that I love Steve Rogers.

There’s something about Steve that’s so damn relatable. To me, at least. His issues are so quiet, and they are not apparent on the surface. I watched TWS, and Bucky was the character whose suffering I could see. But every damn time I watch the movie again, I am astounded by how anyone can miss the fact that Steve is suffering too, and it’s so much more quiet, but it’s not any more relevant. It’s just different.

I found Steve Rogers at a fairly shitty time in my life, and I latched onto him like no other fictional character. Steve was like me. He was lonely, and he was quiet about being sad, and he was bitter about what had happened to him, and he stood for justice when others didn’t, and he reminded me that you can be very loud and very quiet at the same time.

This is a really interesting fandom. I love seeing the different reasons why people relate to Bucky or Steve or whoever. A lot of the time, it’s Bucky. Bucky appeals to everyone, I think, especially at a first glance of the two.

But Steve Rogers is just. Completely different for me. I’m so happy that this fandom is addressing these loud issues, especially when it comes to Bucky. We’re very good at that. We’ve got these demanding, screaming issues down to a science.

But I want to see more of the quiet issues. The issues that generally don’t get as much attention, although they’re screaming in their own way. Because my issues are quiet, and when nobody seems to care about quiet issues in a fandom that is exceptionally involved in psychological trauma/recovery, it hurts.

(Not to say that we don’t care about these quiet issues because WE DO. Of course we do. But we don’t give them nearly as much attention as loud issues.)

So. I love Bucky Barnes beyond belief, but I relate to Steve Rogers down to my bones, and I really can’t compare that.

My first thoughts on Empire of Storms

I’m only 135 pages into EoS and I know it’s been like 2 weeks since it was released and probably everyone has read it, but I need to express some thoughts: (spoilers ahead)


It’s funny, because I didn’t feel like I shipped Rowaelin, until these same old dudes said to her: “You’re worth nothing, except if you have an advantageous marriage”. NO NO NOOOOOOOOO, CAN’T YOU SEE SHE ADORES ROWAN? THEY’RE MATES OKAY? DON’T TAKE HER LOVE AGAIN, NOT AGAIN, NOT AFTER SHE LOST SAM. 

Also I want to grab Dorian, wrap him in a blanket and deposit him with a bunch of puppies and books, and keep him safe there. I legit cannot with his trauma, pain and guilt. My poor sweet angel, you didn’t do anything, you didn’t deserve to have a demon inside you, you’re the kindest king there’s ever been. I JUST ADORE HIM SO MUCH AND IT HURTS ME TO SEE HIM SO ALONE AND LOST. 


Gabe Head canon

So contrary to popular belief, I love head canon Gabe as a really physically affectionate person. Like yeah, he’s still the hard ass his troops know and fear but he’s also the guy that casually ruffles hair and offer fist bumps. You could catch him and Morrison walking through base with Gabe’s arm around his shoulder. After a particularly tough training session with Jesse, it’s high fives galore and putting the little knucklehead in a playful headlock to ruffle his hair. And even when something devestating has happened to his men or blackwatch alone, he’ll offer you a shoulder to cry on.

See what I’m getting at? Affectionate Gabriel 2k16!

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:did Zuko ever meet that little boy from "Zuko Alone" again? that little gap-toothed troublemaker who treated Zuko like a brother? i know they parted on such bad terms when Zuko revealed his identity, and i really don't blame him because at that time Zuko was still kind of an asshole, but did they ever see each other after the war? did the little boy hear about how Zuko disowned his father and joined the Avatar? did he learn that Zuko was the one to fight Azula in that fateful battle? did Zuko visit an earth kingdom town one one of his royal trips and recognize him years later? did the little boy apologize for rejecting him? or did maybe he go to the fire nation to see if Zuko remembered him? did Zuko beg forgiveness for the crimes of the fire nation? did they make up? did they hug it out? did the little boy's brother survive the war? did he introduce him to Zuko? did Zuko insist on giving him the pearl dagger he tried to give him before he left? did the little boy accept it this time? did

i say “i’m bisexual”
but all you see is me holding hands with my girlfriend
and you suddenly can’t hear me over “i didn’t know you were a lesbian" 

he says, “i’m bisexual”
but his coming out goes unheard
over you telling him, “it’s just a phase, you’ll pick a side eventually" 

she says, “i’m bisexual”
but you can’t hear her over 
“oh, honey, you’re just confused, you’re too young to know for sure”

we say, “i am bisexual”
but you hear
“i am greedy”
“i am indecisive”
“i am wishy-washy" 

we are bisexual
and we are so fucking tired
of your stereotypes
and your assumptions

we are bisexual
and we are valid

—  i couldn’t wait until bi visibility week to remind you that bisexuals are visible.
(cc, 2016)

   I can’t draw all my Shiro and Keith adopted brothers au out so I’m just putting some of my super self-indulgent headcanons/ ideas here. Also a reminder in case I do draw some of these out

  • When they were kids Keith got into space because Shiro read him his textbooks about piloting stuff™ like bedtime stories. Soon he starts collecting a hoard of any text related to space (like NASA newspaper clippings) under his bed
  • Shiro bullied Keith a lot growing up but was forgiven everytime by making Keith laugh. (He’d usually do thing where you pull the back of your shirt over your head to make yourself look like jay jay the jet plane)
  • They used to pretend to have gunbattles but stopped when they got too into it and Keith mcfreaking hit his head on a table trying to dodge
  • Shiro always buys Keith those freaky looking spongebob popsicles to cheer him up, even when Keith is a teenager
  • They both had the asain melon bowlcut ™ but only Shiro has photographic evidence
  • The first time Keith beat Shiro at mario kart he was 10 and Shiro cried
  • At the Garrison Keith didn’t like talking about how they lost their parents and if you tried asking Shiro the story changed everytime
  • Shiro’s “dad vibe” and skills come from practically raising Keith on his own and both of them secretly hate the fact that he’s more of a dad than a big brother now
  • Shiro keeps a huge photo album by his bed back at the Garrison that’s just full of pictures of Keith as a kid that he hopes to show off to to Keith’s husband one day (if not, then it’s just good blackmail material)
  • Shiro got the red jacket and fingerless gloves for Keith’s birthday because they “made him look like a pokemon ranger” and Keith shoves it into the back of his closet but starts wearing them daily when his brother goes missing
  • Keith got kicked out because he did what Pidge did and he punched the shit out of Iverson for lying about what happened to his bro 
  • The reason Shiro was staring blankly at the sun outside the shack in episode 1 was because in the year he was gone his little brother got kicked out of school, became a hobo, and started living in a shack in the desert and he was contemplating where he went wrong in his psuedo parenting
  • Keith tries to threaten his big bro by saying he’ll tell the other paladins what a bully he was to him as a kid and Shiro just laughs “They’ll never believe you.”
  • The other paladins just thought they were oddly close and don’t realize they’re brothers until one day Keith does something stupid again and Shiro’s yelling “Keith Kogane Shirogane, if you don’t knock that shit off-” and everyone’s like ??????? what??? and then the brothers are like “oh wait they don’t know oops”
  • The bros thrive off of teasing the other about their crushes. At the castle ship Shiro won’t stop pretending to swoon dramatically with a hand on his chest and say “I cradled you in my arms, Lance. We bonded!” when they have alone time and Keith slowly dies every time he brings it up.

here are some things that can impact your desire to have sex with people

  • you don’t feel ready to have sex
  • you have self-esteem problems that relate to your body
  • you experience gender dysphoria
  • you’re not in a situation where having sex is feasible
  • you don’t feel comfortable having sex with people you don’t know well
  • abuse or trauma has affected your relationship with your sexuality

there’s a reason why “you look at someone and you want to have sex with them” is a bad definition of sexual attraction, and why telling young questioning people that can be really damaging. the idea that “I don’t have a desire to have sex with strangers, therefore I must be asexual” erases complicating factors, like those stated above, as well as other differences, like race and gender.

I’m not saying that real asexuals don’t exist, I’m just saying that human sexuality is complicated and that it’s important to allow people, especially young people, to question before slapping on a label.


「The trembling fear is more than I can take
When I’m up against the  E C H O  in the mirror」

This was going to be an April Fools saying I made an Echotale MAD to 「ECHO, but I’m late. I love the song. Aruvn’s version is one of my favorites (I imagine G singing with Megalovania mixed in ///// ). If I could, I would make a MAD.

Echotale AU
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