I’m not posting this on my art blog because I need to get more professional/non iphone pics up, and also I like to post things individually on there unless I’m presenting it as a set.

I usually go really harsh and angular, and that definitely won’t change. For this round, however, I really wanted to distill these to the cliche “what I was feeling at the time”. No brushes, all knives. No  mixing. No palette. Just throwing whatever I could onto the surface. I know abstract isn’t everyone’s song and dance, but for the first time time a while I look at these and feel like, even though I didn’t realize it during the creation process I put my entire psyche into them, and it’s immensely terrifying.

love letter to ackergay

ackergay how do you know all the things i am going to be obsessed about before i even know it myself?

you’re art speaks to me - and is quickly kindling the fire that is all of my passions right now (ererijean, levi’s jean, slytherin ereri, and basically everything else) 

I reblog art from you without realizing its you thinking *how does this keep happening it is TOO perfect*

<3 keep doing you bby!

Don’t Worry About The Name

1. Beirut - Gulag Orkestar | 2. Bishi - Magus | 3. Owen Pallett - Song For Five & Six | 4. Murder By Death - We Only Come Out At Night | 5. Rasputina - 1816, The Year Without A Summer | 6. Laura Barrett - Robot Ponies | 7. Patrick Wolf - Ghost Song | 8. Sister Crayon - (In) Reverse | 9. Led To Sea - Million Stars | 10. Andrew Bird - Effigy | 11. Laura Veirs - Spelunking | 12. Diane Cluck - Telepathic Desert | 13. Danny Riggs - Radio | 14. Rasputina - Holocaust of Giants | 15. Larkin Grimm - Parplar | 16. Owen Pallett - In Conflict | 17. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Desert Song | 18. The Tiny - My Greatest Fear | 19. Hans Zimmer - Afraid of Time | 20. Andrew Bird - Sifters | 21. Mechanical Bride - Umbrella | 22. Ian Cooke - Epilogue

Fenris’ “slouch” is not a slouch, it’s an athletic stance.

It’s not that he’s trying to make himself look smaller; he is fully aware of how powerful he is. When you see him walk normally, it’s with a swagger. His shoulders sway with an almost exaggerated confidence.

His stance is one that will allow him to fight or flee at a moment’s notice. His legs are always bent at the knee, balancing on the balls of his feet. His torso is leaned forward and his arms are always slightly extended to his sides so that he can draw his sword from his back at any time.

It’s a stance that belongs to a man who’s been on the run for so long that he carries it for seven years after he decides to stay in Kirkwall. (Granted, most of the time, he’s preparing to face Danarius.)

I think that that says more about his character than the interpretations that say he is trying to make himself look smaller, less threatening, or even submissive. None of those are true. He’s done running. He’s done being a slave and a fugitive. He will never bow to another living being again, not even subconsciously.

So, no, it’s not a slouch. It’s a habit that he developed to survive on his own.

And that’s who Fenris is.

i really want an Azula recovery story

i would settle for it being a side plot

i just need to see her making an effort to be good

like i realize that she really is not a good person, but she is smart

Ozai completely destroyed her, but i think that at least a small part of her knows that her mother and Zuko love her and actually want to help her

i need her to return to the palace, apologize in a really awkward, backhanded, sort of way and then try to integrate herself into the life there

her making really bad jokes in an attempt to be friendly

the gaang being unsure of how to react to said jokes

her learning that not everyone is conspiring against her

zuko awkwardly helping her and trying to act like a good big brother so they can have the sort of relationship that Katara and Sokka have

her learning to trust people

I just need Azula to be okay

  • what she says:im fine
  • what she really means:okay okay i'm really excited for the Mobile Orchestra but I'm worried that everybody is going to complain about the sound and Adam's selling all his plaques and awards and that scares me i mean why is he doing this i need an explanation i love him a lot but he isn't really vocal about the things he does and like we have no idea where he's at or how he's doing like is he ok does he still want to do owl city what's going on with him

anonymous asked:

Why do you like Regina

Because she was raised in a place and time that provided limited options for women, by a father too terrified himself to defend her, and a mother who taught her that love is weakness, that power is everything, that feelings get in the way of the true purpose of life, that she would never be good enough. A mother who physically and emotionally abused her.

Because even so, she grew up believing in love and happiness, not caring for the status and power so dear to her mother. Because she fell in love with the stable boy and dreamed of running away with him, and her greatest goals in life were love and freedom, the opposite of the poison her mother fed her from birth. 

Because she saved a little girl without a second thought, and her mother knew she would.

Because she watched her mother brutally murder her lover, and lost all hope of loving or being loved for the rest of her life, and was forced to marry a man more than twice her age who literally could have been her father, who spied on her and manipulated her and treated her like an embroidered doormat, just pretty enough to walk on as he ruled the kingdom, who gave her no purpose and isolated her from the rest of the world. Because still she tried to hide her rage and pain from Snow White.

Because her anger kept her sane through all of the abuse, and even though she opened the tavern door with so much hope to meet her soul mate, she slammed it closed and ran with even more terror because who could ever love her, and how would she live without the only feelings that had given her life purpose since Daniel’s death?

Because it took years of careful manipulation by Rumpelstiltskin, and Jefferson, and Dr. Frankenstein, and Cora, and Leopold, and so many others to turn her evil. 

Because she cast a curse out of vengeance in which other people couldn’t control her mind and body the way they had, and realized her victory was empty.

Because she chose to adopt a child and loved him enough days after meeting him to risk everything she’d gained to keep him safe. Because she was a thousand times better at being a mother than Cora ever was, and still she recognized she had been wrong, and let him go for his own good.

Because she had nightmares about everyone exacting their rightful revenge, and was held and tortured to the brink of death, and sacrificed herself and her happiness again and again for Henry’s safety, and everyone else’s, all without expecting anything in return.

Because she is often suicidal, but always somehow manages to find the desire to hold on.

Because her sister tried to steal her heart, and so she gave it to her soul mate for safe keeping, literally at first, and figuratively a few days later.

Because she decided maybe she and Snow White could have a heart to heart.

Because she got her son back with true love’s kiss, and waited for one terrifying moment for him to reject her, as if he’d do anything but cry Mom and give her a hug.

Because she may have separated Snow White and her first child, but she saved the life of her second.

Because she spared Zelena’s life.

Because despite her mother’s poison and all of her loss, she has still found a way to be open and vulnerable and trusting with the people she loves most.

Because she never thought she’d find love again, and even though she did, she had to be told that it was real to him before she’d believe it for certain, and even though it broke her heart, she helped save Marian because she wanted to be able to be proud of herself, and she wanted to be someone Henry and Robin could love and respect. 

Because, despite what she might say, she still has hope after everything that’s happened to her.

Because, even though Emma inadvertently caused her more pain, Regina found a way for them to be allies, and friends.

Because her genuine smile is breathtaking. 

Because she was so surprised that Robin could choose her, and so unsurprised that everything fell apart moments later.

Because she has experienced nothing but pain for much of her life, and despite her anger and her cruelty, the first thing her pain did was make her kinder, encourage her heart and soul to love more fiercely, as it has begun to do again. And even though she does not love herself as she should, even though she fears she cannot ever be happy, she still manages to hope that she might be wrong. 

Have a little faith clone club.

Guys, I know, I KNOW. This sucks. And we have to wait NINE MONTHS to really understand why this happened and what is really going on. And it’s okay to be pissed and sad and angry and all of those things. Whatever you are feeling right now, it’s okay. This is a fresh wound and it’s going to hurt for a while, don’t let anyone tell you differently or make you feel bad about mourning a fictional character. But please, Have a little faith in the writers, you guys. Okay? Please don’t spend the first half of this hiatus shitting on them, being pissed at them, and claiming you will never watch the show again.

Remember this time last year? Remember when everyone was FREAKING THE FUCK OUT about Castor. About “male” clones (*cough* tony is a male clone too *cough*) . People were pissed, they said Castor would ruin the show and pull the story away from Leda. That this was just another show that wanted to bring more men into it because “misogyny” and “typical male writers” and all that bullshit. And look what happened. Castor ENHANCED Leda and the overall story of the show. They didn’t pull focus, and hardly introduced any new IMPORTANT male ACTORS, and by the end of the season, it looks like only 2 of the Castor clones we know are still alive. 

Also, keep in mind a couple of things. Evelyne is on another show where she is a main character. Actors have to make choices for their career and they can’t do EVERYTHING! That being said, if Delphine ISN’T dead (which is what I personally suspect) this may have been done to reduce her story so she COULD still be involved on the show. Regardless of whether she is alive or dead this is not a decision they took lightly. Her story this season was complex and diverse and revealing and basically everything an actor could want. Complexity is the greatest gift the writers of this show give to their characters and we have been lucky to have Delphine for the length of time that we have. Her character development has been beautiful and Evelyne is unbelievably talented and has given so much to this show and this story. Sooo IF she is gone, we need to think about the good, okay? 

Personally, I am choosing to be optimistic. It is a lot easier than giving myself an ulcer worrying and fretting and freaking out for nine months. You may say I am just deep in the ballpit but I am honestly trying to think logically about this.

 Also, do yourselves a favor and look at some of the post season one interviews. “I hated killing Helena.” “I am going to miss Helena, a lot.” “R.I.P Helena.”  Or go and watch the interview where Tat acted surprised and excited about the idea of a trans clone and blatantly said that would probably be too hard but she would love it. SHE WAS ALREADY WORKING ON TONY! She lied. Everyone lied. THEY LIE BECAUSE IT KEEPS IT INTERESTING!

This is what good television is. This is what good writers do. They make you love and care about their characters and they leave you worried and wondering about their fate. This is what this show is about. If EVERYONE was happy at the end of the season, if no one’s life was threatened, in serious danger, or potentially lost, then we would have no reason to come back in nine months to see what happened to these characters that have become such an important part of our lives.

Just, please, BREATHE, Clone Club, BREATHE! Let yourself feel what you are feeling right now. Lean on each other in this tough time. But TRY to think of the bigger picture. Try to think positive. And, if you can, try to be blindly optimistic, it’s kind of working for me right meow… I’ve said it before and I will say it again:

They ain’t dead until they are buried, burned up, or blown to bits.

I think what I love most about Alec Lightwood is that he has no self confidence but also no self pity about him. I mean he could have been the character who got upset because people seemed better than him or that people over looked and forgot about him.But instead he’s a character that supports those around him to be better and doesn’t even blink if someone forgets his name or birthday. Like do you know how much strength that must take? like damn son.

“I’m good at surviving… or, you’re bad at killing.”

I feel like this is so important though. At first glance, Killian is his usual swaggering self after narrowly escaping death once again. But doesn’t seem quite as smug about it this time. Part of it might be because of Ariel’s part in saving him; he still has to say it, if only to reassure Emma, but he doesn’t just take credit for being a survivor like he’s done in the past.

Instead, he makes a point of telling Ursula that she is bad at killing. It’s gloating, sure, but considering what he does after this, what he has planned here, it’s more than that. He’s essentially saying “you’re not a killer”. He’s telling Ursula that she’s not a villain, that it’s not her nature. He’s reminding her, subtly, of the time she chose not to kill him and his crew. Killing and being evil isn’t in her nature, it’s something she was forced to do or driven to, and she can stop. It’s coated in the usual swagger and bravado, but it’s there.

With one line, Killian reminds Emma that he’s a survivor and Ursula that she’s not a bad person. It’s a choice, and she can make a different choice. Just like he has made his choice, to survive, to be a man of honour, and he intends to stick to it. Even if that means walking into the villains’ lair and risking his life once again to try and talk Ursula out of her villainous tendencies by reminding her of the girl she once was.

Killian Jones, ladies and gentlemen.

Sirius cries a lot.  He cries when he’s stressed out about his Potions essay.  He cries when someone (James) eats all the bacon before he gets to breakfast.  He cries when Remus kisses him for the first time.  He cried for a whole month after the Fifth Year Incident.

Sirius doesn’t mind crying so much.  He always feels a little bit cleaner afterwards, like he’s gotten rid of something toxic.  But Sirius hates (with all his overly dramatic heart) that he cries when he gets mad.

He remembers the first time he cried out of anger.  He had been six or seven, and Regulus had been crying.  Walburga had told Regulus, this little baby with chubby cheeks, that he wasn’t as important as Sirius.  That he wasn’t the heir.  And Regulus was crying and Sirius was just so angry.  How dare she upset this angel?  How could she ever say this boy, this boy who meant everything to Sirius, was worthless?  

Sirius opened his mouth, his throat full of angry fire.  But then he was bawling, and his mother was looking at him with the mix of pity and disappointment he would come to expect from her.  And Regulus was still crying too, still sad, still vulnerable.

Sirius hates that he cries when he’s angry.  So he hides his anger under indifference, under pranks, under drama and showboating.  But the Marauders know.  They see the look in his eye, the clench of his jaw.  And Remus will take him to sit by the lake, under their tree, and Sirius will sob his eyes out. 

Sirius cries a lot, so Remus carries tissues.

i was itching for roxy to tell dave dirk’s gay when they talk but i’m also considering the wondrous possibility that dave, not ready for any serious feelings talk with dirk but also knowing he can’t really hide his relationship with karkat and figuring it’s best to get it out in the open, tries to come out to dirk in their first conversation, vague roundabout monologue style because there is honestly no other way for dave to do anything but especially not this

he’s even more abstract than he was with john, right, not going into his Issues and not as focused on gender shit, and way more subtle, testing the waters, dirk isn’t objecting or looking freaked out or anything but does he ever? dave’s nervous cause he has no idea what the reaction is gonna be but he tries to gradually steer the conversation towards a place where he can get the point across casually and like it’s no big deal

meanwhile dirk is internally freaking out cause he’s meeting dave for the first time and he’s gotta Plan what to say and shit. and he’s kinda grateful that dave is so talkative cause it saves him the trouble of thinking of things to say without messing up, and it gives him time to choose his words carefully, and shit. is dave making vague references to Gay Stuff. shit. does he know? was his bro gay? did he know about it? did roxy tell him about dirk? roxy probably told him but on the off chance she hasn’t it’s best to mention it himself. he’s gonna find out eventually and dirk should just go ahead and get it out of the way, in a manner which he controls 100% and which leaves dave as little time as possible to think of him as A Gay in a way dirk doesn’t like (which is all ways)

so he’s probably thought about this some before now but he’s going over it, thinking of how to slip it into the conversation, causally and like it’s no big deal. dave is saying some interesting things actually and dirk’s talking back to him now and they’re both dropping hints in the middle of this totally abstract discussion that definitely holds no personal relevance to either of them

and logic-ways they’re both trying to be like “well he wouldn’t be saying these things if he was gonna have a problem with it right” but they’re still not sure. and they both still want the other’s approval and dave can’t shed all his bro’s influence and dirk has never been okay with people not thinking he’s 110% manly even if they know he’s not straight

so the end result is this long rambling conversation that’s like half sociological discussion of sexuality and half bullshit masculine posturing where both guys are looking for an opening to be like “by the way i have/used to have a boyfriend” and this is how homestuck finally kills me

Short phan drabble based on that adorable af tweet


“Hang on, I want a photo,” Phil said as he patted Dan’s shoulder and headed towards one of the cherry blossom trees.

“I can just take it for you, you know,” Dan said as he crossed his arms and stared at his best friend but Phil merely shrugged and positioned his phone in front of him.  Dan shook his head at his flat mate’s antics before a sudden wave of realization hit him. In this moment, at this place, everything was perfect. He watched Phil fidgeting with his phone, a dorky smile plastered across his face and he couldn’t help but feel his stomach flip at the happiness of his friend. “Wow,” he said quietly as he tried to take in the scenery in front of him. Phil amongst the cherry blossom trees, a wide smile on his face, trying to take a silly photo. Dan’s heart felt like it was going to leap out of its chest. He felt compelled to capture the moment so he quickly pulled out his phone and took a photo.

“What are you doing?” Phil asked when he noticed what his friend was up to.

“Capturing the moment,” he replied with a shrug before he shoved the phone back into his pocket. Phil stared at him with a curious expression before he shook his head and proceeded to put away his own phone.

“Hang on,” Dan said as he quickly made his way next to him, “I want one too,” he added before he took his phone out again and placed it in front of both their faces. Phil complied, leaned into the frame and decided to shut his eyes and smile. Dan grinned before he turned his head to face him and leaned forward, planting a kiss against his cheek.

“Dan!” Phil whined as he opened his eyes and shoved the younger’s shoulder, “You can’t just do that!”

“Don’t worry, that one was just for me,” Dan said with a wide smile. Phil sighed before he met his gaze and they both leaned in for a quick kiss.

I am seriously having such a Sam Winchester problem today. Like oh god Sam who never got to have his mom teach him his first words or steps or tie his shoes or kiss him goodbye on the first day of school. Sam who never had anything but the backseat of a car and endless monsters in the dark, who never knew any kind of security except for the warmth of his brother’s arms. Sam who jumped into hell to save the person he loved most, who would do anything to save his brother because he can’t do it without him. Sam who still manages to smile, to laugh at his brother’s stupid singing in the car, to have hope when there’s none left. Just….Sam’s my fucking hero.