George and I are like brothers, we had never left each other’s side. We complete each other. And my problems at that time separated us a little bit. It catalysed the troubles that he had and solidified all of the issues that I was having in return, and it became this really dark time. And born out of that was The Ballad of Me and My Brain. So, now, retrospectively I can think it was all okay, but it really fucked us up as a couple – because we are a couple, really. The distance that we travelled away from each other turned out to be a really important part of the album. When George got better, the unity we felt when we both got back together was like I’d been away from my wife for six months and I’d just picked her up at the airport and it was sunny and we were going on holiday. I know that sounds mad, but it’s true.
—  Matty Healy on his relationship with George Daniel [x]

has anyone else ever noticed how when phil stares at dan he kinda stops thinking about everything else until dan looks back at him then he comes back to reality or how when dan looks at phil while he is talking he kinda stops himself and then just starts talking again like phil somehow took his breath away

best part is i dont think they realise they do this all the time

     I was so happy to see this lady again. I met her three years ago and we talked all afternoon, then she cooked and we had dinner together. She stuffed my backpack with food and utensils, and even gave me some money. I promised to take her out to dinner one day.
     “I twisted my leg recently,” she said, “so it makes me a little unsocial. I’m getting very old. Everybody my age is dying.”
     “But you look great!” I said. “Just as beautiful as last time, maybe even more.”
     “I’m using Renaissance Cream. It costs 30 bucks, but it’s good.”

     Boston, MA

A conversation I just had with myself
  • me:Wait so in aou Steve's shield is magnetised and only he and Nat can use it because they have those bracelets for it. So Bucky must have a bracelet in cw for him to be using the shield. Did Tony give him a spare one? Did Steve take Nat's bracelet away? He can't take Nat's friendship bracelet that's like the ultimate rift and-
  • me:...
  • me:Bucky's entire arm is made of metal.

a grin made for war
and eyes flecked with ash
striding, powerful, into the arms of death.
perhaps she will be the one you follow into battle.” -x
Tsukuyo in the Red Spider Arc. | Happy birthday, my love. 2.09 

colinlanephoto The Strokes, January 16, 2001. The first day I met these guys. I had never heard of them when I got the call from British magazine The Face to photograph them. Had no idea every label in the world was after them. But I’d been sent the 3 song demo that had been circulating around London so I was an instant fan. I remember being really broke but I went out and bought some beers and invited the guys over to my tiny apartment. We just got along. First we did the individual Bigshots that were used in the foldout cd sleeve. Then we moved down into my courtyard where this picture was shot. Afterwards we went on adventure and snuck up on the roof of the Essex House Hotel, where we got busted by security immediately but then snuck up on the roof of the Lincoln Building across from Grand Central and got some amazing shots at sunset. Fab said I was the first guy to shoot more than one roll of film on them! A good day.


You keep insisting that I’m lazy, but you’re only saying that because I’m not cheerleading anymore. You’re just hurting my feelings because I won’t do what you want. But the reason I stopped cheerleading was because it was ruining my life.

This year is my senior year in high school. I had to write lots of essays to lots of colleges. Every single one was about cheerleading. All of my teachers and classmates keep asking me what I want to do in college, and I have to answer that I’m undeclared. They always just tell me to do what I want to do, but the only thing you’ve ever let me do is cheerleading. I don’t know what I like. I feel like I don’t even know who I am. 

My friends stopped inviting me to things. They just became so used to me missing things because I had practice, or a competition. They’re so tired of me rejecting their plans, that they just don’t invite me to parties, or hangouts, or anything anymore. Sometimes, I’ll walk by them, and they won’t even look at me or talk to me.

But you don’t care. It doesn’t matter what I say, or I how I feel, or what I’m going through emotionally right now, because you continue to call me lazy. But I’m not lazy, Mom. I’m just lonely. I feel like I have no one I can turn to. Not even you. I just wish I could be myself, and have all my friends back. I just wish you could understand.




“Hey, honey, how’ve you been? You had us all worried for a while there. Glad you’re back.”

“Well, to be honest grandma, things haven’t been great. I came home and Logan wouldn’t touch me and Raegan was randomly pregnant. It was weird. Then it just clicked in my head, that they… they slept together. The baby is Logan’s.”

anonymous asked:

Alex goes to see AI!Alura when they get back to the DEO. She breaks down crying in front of the hologram (because damn, she looks so much like Astra) and she asks for forgiveness even though she knows she's talking to a damn computer. AI!Alura just responds, "I'm sorry I'm not programmed to do that."

She’ll be forever haunted for what she’s done. 

Alex knows that; the feeling creeps on her like a shadow. Silent, dark, a weight that follows you around. She can never erase the gasp of surprise that escapes Astra’s lips when she delivered the final blow. 

Alex visits the hologram day after day, researching on ways she can fix her mistake. The AI had clued her in about something within the Fortress of Solitude, something of use but only if she had the body.

She had run from the body instead. Left it there, on the cold, hard ground, for the vultures to prey on. (She thinks that Astra would have been beautiful buried in roses. Purple roses, she adds as an afterthought.)

It’s ironic, really. She thinks to herself one day, after screaming on end at the AI she had programmed, that the redemption she’s seeking was something Astra had deserved.

Astra had been willing to help Kara, even at the cost of her own mission; she had deserved a chance. 

And even after all that Astra had been put through, she had still been there for Kara. She rightflully deserved that chance. 

But in the end, it doesn’t even matter. Because she’s gone. 

She’s gone and Alex will never have the weight of her death lifted off her shoulders. She’ll never be able to forget how content and… and happy Astra had looked once Kara had embraced her.

“Can you take these memories away from me?” Is a continuous question that is brought up whenever she thinks about J’onn and his abilities. Even then, she wouldn’t be able to survive without Astra in her mind. 

She’s thought of the ‘what ifs?’ and she’s extensively questioned the AI only for a blank and emotionless response of, “I’m sorry, I’m not programmed to do that,” and once again it’s Alex’s own fault because she ran that program.

Her life is shitty but it’s not as shitty as Kara’s, who smiles brightly in opposition to all the darkness that clouds around her. Alex has fallen to that darkness before, in the heat of the moment and the silence of the night. 

Guilt and resentment and anger are emotions bottled up and shaken inside her, she needs a release. In first meeting Astra, she had thought finally killing her would relieve her of some sort of guilt - guilt for resenting Kara all those years, guilt for all the lies and the secrecy.

But no. Astra’s death weighed heavily on her mind, more so than all the lies she’d ever spoken and all the resentment and grief she’s bottled up. 

In the haze of all the alcohol, she thinks she can see Astra. Astra, dressed in white, contrasting her own dark clothing. She feels a gentle breeze and Astra blurs in front of her. They’re standing face to face now, Astra’s eyes a clear blue - no longer a clouded grey of storm clouds rolling in, stare at her calmly. She opens her mouth and her previous question echoes in her mind.

“What are we?”

Nothing. Almost something.


We met at Normandy Elementary School. It was the first day of first grade.
Dylan was a shy kid. The first day of school, he pretty much kept to himself. Yet my parents had always taught me to give new people a chance. So it just seemed natural to go up to Dylan and say hello.
Once I’d coaxed him out of his shell, I found out that Dylan and I were pretty similar. For one thing, we were both diehard fans of video games. Both of us owned the Nintendo Entertainment System, the cutting edge of video games in 1987. We became friends right away.
Our circle of friends included a good handful of the boys in first grade. That year, no one thought about “jocks” and “geeks” and the other social cliques that would become dividers later on. Dylan and I were friends with Kevin Hofstra, who would grow up to be captain of the soccer team at Columbine. In first grade, friends are friends.
Like most people, my memories of first grade aren’t exactly crystal clear. But I do remember it as a time where I felt like I belonged at school.” - Brooks Brown

Watching the Volition stream with Arif Kinchen I realised something. If Arif’s headcanon is right (and he’s the actor so he would know, right?) then just imagine if Ben King had put Pierce in place as second in command instead of Tanya or Warren? Also, when you really think about it, Pierce took Ben’s idea of using legitimate business (Kingdom Come Records) to run a gang and took it to extremes that King never did/could.

Forget Ben King, forget Dane Vogel; Pierce Washington’s the REAL Kingmaker.

My mom just came home with this giant wok that we have no place to put and when I opened my mouth to say something about it she told me to shut up because I can’t criticize her for making dumb purchases since I just ordered a pair of underwear that say ‘daddy issues’ on the back of them so honestly she’s right and now there’s a huge wok in our oven because that’s the only place it kinda fits


So, I just bought a bunch of tea from Thésaurus Tea. (@thesaurustea on Twitter) 

First off, go to their website because it’s awesome and has images like this all over:

Second, I got my package today. I had it shipped to the office, and it turns out someone there recognized the name Paizo and is familiar with Pathfinder. :-)

(Also, yes, you get a tiny toy dino with your tea order.)

I got:

Bacchanalia: All hail the king of May! Pan! Dionysus! Bacchus! Celebrate his joie de vivre with this deliciously rich tea. We’ve used a base of Pai Mu Tan and Sowmee white teas, and added rosehips, black and red currants, hibiscus, raisins, rose petals, blue malva flowers and a pinch of raspberry leaves. The result is  deep wine red color that is full and fruity with many subtle layers. It will surely stirr your spirits and put you in a festive mood.

Cloud Forest Rainbow: Ever wanted to take a walk on a cloud? As amazing as that might be, we all know it’s impossible. However, if taking a walk through a cloud would do it for you, you need go no further than Fujian province on China’s southeast coast. Fujian, as you may or may not know, is home to the legendary WuYi Mountains, a stunning landscape of rocky peaks, 112 of which are over 1000m tall. The WuYi Mountains, in addition to being exceptionally easy on the eyes, act as a natural barrier against cold air masses from the north and a trap for moisture that blows in from the sea. The result of all of this blocking and retaining is an almost continual state of cloud cover that blankets the mountain’s dense forests and gives visitors the illusion of walking in the clouds. Interestingly, as miraculous as the cloud cover is for visitors, it is equally, if not more so for plant life. The cloud forest provides the perfect climate for WuYi’s plants, giving them the building blocks and nutrients they need to grow with incredible vigor. As a result, over the millennia, the mountain has become home to thousands of species of trees, plants and flowers, many of them found nowhere else on earth. As mentioned, the region is most famously home to numerous varieties of  exquisite tea – many excellent green, oolong and white teas are produced in the general vicinity of the mountains. This luxury tea blend, Cloud Forest Rainbow, based on one such white tea, attempts to capture the diversity and character of life within the cloud forest it in a wonderfully satisfying cup. The Pai Mu Tan used as its base is said to represent the white splendor of the clouds, while the floral components represent the many thousands of orchids and other flower varieties that paint the WuYi landscape. Prepare to enjoy a cup that can proudly claim to be the next best thing to heaven.A word about Pai Mu Tan: Pai Mu Tan is plucked by hand from a special varietal of tea bush known as Narcissus or chaicha. Only the top 2 leaves and a bud are selected. Unlike green teas, the leaves are not pan fired or steamed. Rather, they are simply withered and dried naturally in the sun. Owing to its minimalist production style, many consider White tea, such as Pai Mu tan, to be among the purest expression of tea in the tea world.

Cream Vanilla: Indeed a decadent as well as a synergistic tea! Must be the top quality Ceylon Tea that is used! This tea is designed for special occasions as well as being a dessert tea – but most drink it all the time because its taste is so delectable. We know that vanilla is reported to have ‘magical’ properties that calm the nerves and lift the spirit as well as allegedly improving the romantic aspect of one’s life. Indeed, a flavour that is full of mystery and elusiveness. Do not forget that vanilla was and still is highly prized. On account of this it is quite expensive and in Eastern Africa where the best vanilla is grown, it is not uncommon that vanilla rustling occurs. Combine the exotic character of vanilla with a velvet cream taste and you end up with the 'Cadillac’ of flavored teas!

Grand Marnier: The bouquet of Grand Marnier, the most famous French liqueur, is an unexpected mélange of Cognac, and juicy orange. The combination was discovered by Louis Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle, while experimenting in his laboratory at Neauphle-le-Château, in 1880. Louis Alexandre’s lab was attached to the distillery founded by his grandfather-in-law who had been producing cognacs and brandies since 1827. At the time of its debut, Grand Marnier was considered something of a sacrilege by French purists who believed that the pure flavor of Cognac should never have been altered by the addition of fresh West Indian orange peel. Well, we’re glad that Louis Alexandre overcame the criticism! In the spirit of invention and discovery, our Master Blender tried blending a high-grown Ceylon tea with the sweet flavor of Grand Marnier and voila, a fantastic new tea was created. Delicious hot or iced, this is one tea that will make you stand up and say merci!

(Amanda, Owen, James and I are drinking this RIGHT NOW and I can confirm it is decadent orange-spice-y goodness.)

Kimpossibly Awesome Earl Grey Vanilla Chai: Baronness Adelaide Periwinkle was sitting down one afternoon with her knitting circle and sighed aloud, “I can’t decide what to drink: Cream Earl Grey, or Vanilla Chai…” to which her dear friend Kim replied “Why not both?”. And thus, the Kimpossibly Awesome blend was born. With all the grounding comfort of a Cream Earl Grey and the toe-curling pleasure of our best selling Vanilla Chai, this blend is the ultimate indulgence.

Lady Londonderry: Throughout history there has always been an association between royalty, lifestyle and tea. For example, tea’s fate in Britain took a turn in 1662 when King Charles II married the Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza. Britain’s new queen was a confirmed tea drinker long before she arrived for her wedding. As part of her dowry, she brought with her a chest of Chinese tea. Soon, she began serving it to her aristocratic friends at Court. As word of the new beverage spread, more and more people wished to try it for themselves. Ladies enjoyed tea at home, while gentlemen often drank their tea in the coffee houses that had been established in the City of London. Tea consumption progressed further and over time it became very fashionable in London to have afternoon tea. At these gatherings dainty sandwiches and delicate cakes were served. We can only imagine what these gatherings would have turned into had they been able to enjoy a lightly and elegantly flavored strawberry Lemon tea. No wonder this tea is called Lady Londonderry.

Le Marché Spice: If you’ve never been to the grand Bazaar at Marrakesh, you’ll feel like you have once you brew a pot of this delightful tea. The tantalizing blend of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and orange will delight your senses and make you feel as though you yourself had wandered the market stalls browsing and haggling over spice prices. The blend was originally conceived by the French Governor of Marrakesh at the height of the French empire - hence the French name, Le Marché. He served the tea to the foreign dignitaries who would regularly visit his residence which was situated just a short walk from the Bazaar. He loved the combination of spices for its ability to cool the body down in the sultry Moroccan climate and the way it blended with the sweet oranges the country is famous for. Sadly for Monsieur le Gouverneur, the French lost their seat in old Morocco. Happily for the world in general however, they left behind the recipe for this spicy blend. Pour yourself a cup today mon ami and dream of Africa - North Africa that is.

Prince of Wales: This blend of teas is fit for a “king-in-waiting‟: First, we have used a very rich Indian Assam tea as the dominant component in this blend to honor the role India has played in the British Empire. Next, a rich Ceylon, as the tea industry in Sri Lanka – formerly known as Ceylon - was started by the British in the mid 1800‟s. Third, we added Gunpowder green tea and Lucky Dragon Hyson green tea with their high polyphenol count to try and bring this ideal to the blend. Lastly, we have enhanced this blend with a hint of black currants the typical English garden berry.

Rhubarb Cream Tea: Rrrrrrrhubarb cream tea. It is common knowledge that anything made with rhubarb, (Latin: Rheum officinale), will always taste better if one rolls the “r” when the word rhubarb is pronounced. This tea is no exception. The first people to recognize the myriad gastronomic uses of Rhubarb were the British at the time of Queen Victoria. During her rein, Rhubarb surged in popularity since it was easy to grow and thrived in the damp British climate. British cooks developed recipes ranging from baked rhubarb with brown sugar to Rhubarb crumble with cream. Can you say delicious? Not surprisingly, many of these recipes are British favorites to this day. After a trip to England, we decided that the time was right to develop a rhubarb-flavored tea. Next, we determined that the resulting blend should be naturally sweetened with the addition of fresh dairy cream. The result, we’re sure you’ll agree, is nothing short of wonderful - sweet, creamy, astringent - absolutely delectable. Say it with us again: Rrrrrrrhubarb! Rrrrrhubarb cream tea!

if tifa had an instagram:
  • she would only make after Marlene talked to her into it. her account would definitely be private and her username would probably be a playoff her name or something else simple.
  • tifa quickly takes a liking to the filters and uses it on literally everything.
  • she isn’t a ‘selfie’ person but the few taken usually are posted with a positive, inspirational quote or a cute emoji because tifa is corny like that.
  • tifa takes lots of nature pictures - especially flowers! She likes taking pictures of the sunset, the night sky when a full moon is out, etc.
  • there are a lot of pictures of Marlene and Denzel doing various activities, and pictures of things that they have made or drawn for her.
  • she often shares pics of new drinks she’s making and even will ask her followers for help choosing a name for them. the person who suggests the best name gets a free drink at 7th Heaven.
  • being a big cooker, there are ton of pictures of various dishes and deserts she’s whipped together along with an added link to recipe because she’s nice like that.
  • she loves sharing pics of her food when out for dinner tifa loves food okay.
  • when visiting other cities, she loves taking a pictures as a keepsake and reminder of all the places she’s seen. her old phs got destroyed so she doesn’t want to lose those memories again.
  • there are embarrassing pictures of cloud and barret. lots of them.
  • since marlene is too young to have her own instagram, tifa lets her use hers. marlene often leaves embarrassing comments on denzel’s page resulting in a lecture and her instagram privileges banned.
  • she is nosy and peaks at denzel’s page to check up on him from time to time.
  • whenever her friends visit, she constantly makes them take pictures with her - ever vincent too - since they meet up so rarely.
  • whenever yuffie is in town she always manages to steal tifa’s phone and fill her page with selfies of herself.
  • besides her friends, she mostly follows various instagram’s dedicated to cook, exercising, and a few of her celebrity crushes.
  • don corneo requested to follow her once. he was quickly blocked.

I had a dream last night that Bernie and Hillary both disappeared and I was the only viable candidate to run for president and I had to go to the debates in like an hour, so they gave me a haircut but it was too bouncy on one side and too flat on the other. Not flattering. Then Angela Lansbury, my campaign adviser, took me into an alternate dimension to prep for the debates, but we encountered a terrifying and deadly virus that makes people kill each other immediately. We dodged it but Angela accidentally brought it back to our dimension and everyone started killing each other until I realized the way to make people stop was to make them look in a mirror so we just screamed “MIRROR” at everyone trying to kill us. Anyway in the wake of all this death they pulled me from the Democratic ticket and I was mad I had to grow my hair back out. Analyze that shit, Freud.

I saw that post about “what if you became amnesiac and had to use your blog to learn about yourself” and just imagined me being like
“Wow. I really like this Undertale game apparently. I should play it.”
And then finish it by crying and praising myself for loving such a game.