Rin’s heart is a flutter. Haruka opens his eyes wide “Rin…!” He’s shaken, his eyes waver. As if trying to shake off that sight, Haruka closes his eyes and goes to put on his goggles. The pain in his heart doesn’t go away but Haruka thinks ”Forget it for now…” and pulls down his goggles. [x]

Ok ladies and gentlemen of EMS and First responders it’s time for another vent session.

Tonight I had a run in with a medic from another agency because I was checking on his patient who obviously was in a lot of pain. The medic was just feet away from him with his head up is ass trying to flirt with a nurse (who was shutting him down bigger than life). The gentleman rolled his truck and didn’t have a seat belt on. He was on a backboard and in a C color. He was in a lot of pain and was about to hyperventilate so I started talking him through slowing his breathing down and relaxing. The medic walks up and was like “you need to calm your breathing down, your not helping yourself by hyperventilating.” And walks off. I keep talking to the patient a little bit and he asked me to take his watch off because it was bothering his arm. So I started taking his watch off. No big deal right? Well, apparently it was a big deal. The medic walks over and starts ripping me a new one because I was “disrespecting” him and his partner (who was outside smoking) by taking care of his patient. I didn’t shoot my mouth off I just laid the patient’s watch on his stomach like he asked me to earlier. And stepped back to my patient (where my partner was standing) and the medic kept on. So I asked my partner if she could watch our patient for a second while I went to get some air and a drink of my pop before I blow a gasket. She said she had no problem with that. My supervisor just happen to pull up as I went to get my pop. He seen I was a bit warm under the color and asked what’s wrong. I told him it was nothing to worry about. Then the medic decided he wasn’t dome yet so he came out and lit into me again. (Not noticing my supervisor on the other side of the cab) so I looked up and my superior shrugged as if he was giving me the go ahead. So I all I said to the medic was if he was doing his job I stead of trying to flirt with a nurse that wouldn’t give him the time of day I wouldn’t have to check on his patient and take care of him. He proceeded to get baligerent so my supervisor stepped up and lit into him. For trying to talk to me like a dog. Apparently one of the medics that works for the same company I do called him and told him what went on so he was coming to make sure it didn’t go any farther than it already had.

I share what happened tonight to say this. First of all. If your burnt out or feel like your getting burnt out step back for a little while. Don’t make your patients suffer because you don’t give a fuck.
Second PLEASE don’t lose empathy for your patients just because you have run so many shit bags.
Lastly if someone else steps in to take care of your patient because your busy if they are not jeopardizing your patient find out what’s up before you go off the deep end and make an ass out of yourself.

When you put your uniform on your not just representing yourself or the company that hired you, your representing everyone in EMS and first responders.

So that’s my food for thought. If you have anything to add or you think I was wrong please do not hesitate to do so or let me know.


oh man! so last night was… fun hahaha. I don’t know if it was really what I expected, because even having closer seats was still far from the stage, and since I was traveling on my own I couldn’t stop worrying about parking/driving in order to enjoy the show, but the show was still wild. I met this nice girl Rebecca who was also there alone (I hope she finds my tumblr! bc I couldn’t find hers.) and Harry was INSANE with his crowd interaction asking an old couple to kiss and singing happy bday to a cute girl and Niall was a gangster and full-on Irish danced (however he totally neglected our side of the stage) and Liam pointed out a poster that dissed Naughty Boy and Louis killed all his solos. so all in all idk if it was better than the Seattle concert mostly bc of my stress levels BUT the boys’ crowd interaction was so worth it. I’m glad I experienced going to a show alone and also made a friend while doing so!!

theprincelyclotpole asked:

are u ok bc u and this one ither fucking nerd homestuck i follow are feaking out over [dave i think?] and something about coming out and idk but u guys dont seem ok

ok so

these all happened a couple months ago:

plus a lot of other crap that basically screams “dave and karkat are dating”

dave is not currently out as not straight

now he is having a conversation with his brother, who just offhandedly mentioned that he had previously dated a guy.

now he’s asking his brother this:

and thats where the conversation ends, and probably will stay ended for the next year or so



• dan goes to phil’s house to look at his wicca stuff bc he thinks it might help him get better art his magic (phil convinced him that if he made a stronger connection with the forces of the universe he’d be more in tune with his powers and be able to explore his abilities more) and phil has a plant room where he keeps his herbs and stuff for potions and its all pastel and pretty and it smells so good and hes so confused bc witches are supposed to be dark but phil says the room makes him happy and he needs to be in a positive mood so that his magic works bc he only casts nice spells.
• when asked about rituals involving blood phil just shrugs and says that some things are required, but if he could he’d do those with ketchup or maybe jam made with red berries (its his own secret recipe and dan is sure he actually orgasmed when he first tried it) and he makes it clear that he never hurts anyone, all he wants is to be a good witch and use the powers invested in him to create good things
• dan’s wand wasnt always bright pink, but a while after phil taught him to channel the powers around him and get closer to his aura it became pink and it gets brighter when he’s around phil because of his energy (because dan responds to him like no other and his presence gets dan more focused, he’s sure the boy is magical in more ways than he’d ever understand)
• phil is actually very well respected amongst the high powers for being an actual benevolent witch who tries his best to perfect his craft and expand his powers with no intentions of doing anyone harm or letting the gifts from the gods turn him greedy and impure
• dan starts helping phil with his charms and phil helps dan with his magic and they flirt clumsily with each other between brewing potions and misspelling words in latin
• they kiss for the first time after phil made a mess with a potion to end his cat allergy so he could have a black kitten and be “a legitimate witch, dan” and the boy is just so in love with him right then and his face is covered in ash from the remains of some herb that exploded on phils face and his wand is glowing brighter than the sun
• dan says they can get a black puppy
• phil notices how he worded it as “we” and he was happy, dan was magical
• they move in together after 6 months and they actually do get a puppy and his name is kitten because phil is weird and dan cant say no to his dumb witch boy

me EVERY TIME i meet a white person smh
  • me:hey do you know where the bathroom is
  • white person:listen, i’m sorry that your culture is destroyed and that you all seem to suffer from alcoholism but we didn’t steal your land and we sure as hell didn’t do this to you we bought this land like 300 fucking years ago get the fuck over it, get a fucking job, become a functioning member of society and shut the fuck up. i have to work and go to school full time to afford to eat, you whiny cunts get free education, tons of race-specific scholarships, free housing etc etc my family had to put off our disney world vacation by a year to pay for my braces if we were native my braces would have been free like fuck idk im annoyed just gfuiahguihsg
  • me:oh ok... do you know where the bathroom is
You Coming?

[Hoseok]  Hi yeah idk could you write an angsty/fluffy scenario with hoseok. I don’t have anything specific in mind..just angsty fluff .-.



“Come on! It’ll be fun!”

“I said no!”

“No one else will go with me, they’re all busy. Please!”

“Hoseok, how many times do I have to say it-”

“What do you have to lose, it’s one day. Pleeeeeease~”

“UGH. If I say yes will you shut up?!”

“AHA, ok, go get your things~ We’ll leave in a hour.”

To put it simply, you and Hoseok had an, awkward, relationship. Within your group of friends, you got along with all of them tremendously well,

Except for one.

Hoseok and you were friends, but, it was still difficult to put a label on you guys. Whenever you went out to eat with the group, you two could never agree on a place. Whenever you wanted to see a movie, the two of you never approved of the same one. You couldn’t even go out for ice cream without bickering. All the others would just stare at you, waiting for someone to swing first.

You weren’t enemies by any means, but it was hard to talk about anything without something negative happening.

With everyone else busy, you were the guinea pig for the day. Hoseok had been talking about this trip for almost a week now, but of course, something had to happen where everyone else except for you had plans.

He badgered you for what felt like hours, asking and rephrasing the same question until you finally cracked.

As the two of you loaded into his car, the tension already began rising, but you made a promise to yourself that you would at least try to make the best of this trip. Hoseok went on that he’d been to this super nice beach before and how beautiful it was.

Thirty minutes in and it was pretty calm. You’d already gotten out of the city and it was just plain road from here on out. You’d never been alone with Hoseok like this and you felt almost, uneasy?

“So, you wanna put the radio?” he suggested, glancing at you briefly.

“Sure.” you said as you both reached for the dial, you hands clashing awkwardly in the process.



You took a deep breath as you looked out the window, finally breaking the painful atmosphere.

“I wanna have a good time on this trip. Ok?”

He looked over to you once more, his eyes resting on you for a few seconds.

“Me too. Let’s just have fun.” he smiled. It had actually been the first time you’d seen him smile like that in a pretty long time.

After another 2 hours of driving, the sun began to set and the sky filled with oranges and pinks as it descended. Small raindrops began accumulating on the windshield as the drive went on but it never reached more than a drizzle.

Just then, the car began to slow down, until it completely stopped in the middle of the road. You and Hoseok just looked at each other blankly. He twisted the key into the ignition but nothing.

“No, way.”

“What’s wrong? Is there enough gas? Or oil?” you questioned as he hopped out and popped the hood.

You couldn’t see what he was doing but you could hear him fiddle with all the different knobs and check the containers.

“Everything looks fine here.. What the hell is the prob-”

“Yah! No fucking way.” he kicked at the tire, visibly pissed off.

You sunk back into your seat and just stayed quiet as he paced back and forth from the seat to the hood. His fingers tangled themselves in his hair as he grabbed his phone and searched through his contacts.

“Hello? Yeah it’s me. I left the dorm around 4 hours ago and I just popped a tire in the middle of the road. Mhmm. Yeah.” he went on as he sat on the edge of his seat,  half his body outside the car with his elbow resting on the steering wheel.

He let out a frustrated breath as he hung up.

“They said they won’t be here til the morning.”

It wasn’t until he hung up that you realized how tilted the car felt.

“I reserved two hotel rooms by the beach but there’s no way that we’re gonna make it. So, should we get going?” he gestured to the road in front of you.

“Going.. where?” your eyes wandered around, searching for what the hell he was talking about.

“There’s a motel up ahead. We could stay there for the night-”

Hell no.” you completely shot him down.

He gave you his typical sarcastic look as he rubbed his face.

“Do you really wanna stay here during the night? What about all the creeps that linger around here during the late hours hmm?” he smirked.

You sulked in your seat, you knew you were beat, and staying in a motel as of right now did seem better.

“What if someone tries to steal the car?” you proposed, looking over your shoulder.

“Who the hell would take a car with a bolt in its front tire. Come on~” he hummed as he grabbed his backpack and headed off. He fished his headphones from his pocket and began untangling them.

“You coming?” he looked back to you before putting the buds in his ears.

You scurried to his side and quietly stayed by him.

During the walk, the motel was already in your range of sight as you strutted towards it.

Suddenly, you felt drops land on your shoulder, then your head, then your arm. The rain started to pick up, hard.

Before you knew it, it felt like needles pricking at your skin and you were soaking wet already. Hoseok ran ahead but actually slowed down once he saw how behind you were. He grabbed your wrist and the two of you ran until you finally got to the motel.

Despite all the horror flicks and stories you’d always heard, the place was actually fairly nice as you entered the lobby. You rang your hair and tucked it into a tight bun and the way your clothes stuck to your skin felt disgusting.

He grabbed the key and the both of you walked to your room for the night. The two of you had quite the expression on your face once you realized there was only one bed. You shared a glance before you both screamed out “I call dibs!” while flinging yourselves onto the soft sheets.

You shoved him off with your foot but he just grabbed at your ankle, yanking you off as well. You grabbed a pillow and threw it at his face, only to have him block it.

He looked down on himself and flicked his wrist, removing some of the excess water that still clung onto him.

“Take the bed if you want, I’m gonna go change.” he announced while entering the bathroom with his bag in hand.

You sat at the foot of the bed, regretting that you hadn’t brought any extra clothes. You heard him unlock the bathroom door and saw him come out with a fresh shirt and pants. He tossed his moist clothing into a plastic bag near the door.

“Aren’t you gonna change out of those? You’re going to get sick.” he said while towel drying his hair.

“I didn’t bring any extra clothes so..”

He rose an eyebrow before tossing some fabric at you.

“I don’t have an extra pair of shorts but you can just use my swim trucks.”

You looked down to them, then back to him. You were honestly shocked at how nice he’s been to you, enough to completely catch you off guard.

“What are you waiting for? You’re gonna get the bed all wet, hurry up~” he rose his chin to the bathroom.

Once the door was locked, you awkwardly peeled off your shirt and shorts. Your bra was still soaking wet, so you removed it too but decided to keep your underwear on, there was no way you were going to prance around the room with Hoseok here like that.

After you blow dried your hair, you quickly crawled into the bed, tucking the warm covers over your shoulders. Hoseok grabbed one of the pillows from the bed and threw it onto the small couch on the opposite side of the room.

“I’ll wake you when the mechanic gets here. Night.”

And with that, he turned over and shut you out.

You could hear the rain picking up but you tried your best to ignore it, even putting the pillow to your ears to muffle the sound. Before you knew it, a thunderstorm had formed outside. You had finally gotten calm enough to rest but that’s not what mother nature had in mind.

A huge clap of thunder shook the room, gaining a whimper from you.

As the thunder grew louder and more ominous, the more frantic you became. You wrapped yourself in the blanket as tight as you could but it still didn’t stop.

Tears formed in the corners of your eyes as you heard the rain flick against the window.

You couldn’t tell if your sobs woke up Hoseok or the thunder, but he was seated up in the couch within a few minutes.

“Yah, why are you making so much noise?” he rubbed his eyes, not realizing the temporary hell you were going through.

“___. ____ what’s wrong with you..?” he leaned closer to you, seeing the streaks going down your face.

He climbed onto the bed and placed his arm around you, swaying with you gently.

“You know, if I was judging by all the fights we’ve had, I would of never guessed you were afraid of thunder.” he cooed.

He could feel you shaking, and he closed the space between the two of you, bringing you in for a tight hug. He was hesitant at first, but he couldn’t stand to see you like this.

“It’s gonna be alright.. Everything’s going to be okay..”

He stroked your back as he continued to sway with you, and although you thought it was weird, you actually felt more at ease.

He grabbed his pillow from the couch, fluffed it, and placed it back on the bed. After laying down, he set you down too, leaning on his chest slightly.

You could hear his heartbeat and how fast it was, that’s all you could concentrate on. With his unoccupied hand, he rubbed your arm softly, the way his skin felt with yours made it seem like there was nothing that could hurt you.

You draped your arm over his waist and hugged it tightly, all your fears leaving your body at once.

It was just you, and him.

You couldn’t tell when, but you actually fell asleep somehow, the warm feeling radiating from him was enough to sooth you until there weren’t any more worries.

You gently opened your eyes, not moving your body. You glanced over to the clock and saw “4:52am.” and gently closed your eyes. It was finally quiet outside.

With you and Hoseok still held together, you heard him softly mumble to himself. It was incoherent at first, but as your mind woke up, each word hit you like a bus.

“Why am I so afraid to lose you.. When you aren’t even mine..?”

“I never want to leave.. you..”

“___. I love you.”

You felt something in the pit of your stomach but before you could make anything out, he went on.

“I wanted this trip to be nice, something you and I would remember. But look what I put you through.” 

“Every fight we had.. every disagreement.. every confrontation… Even though you were annoyed, I just liked seeing you…  It was nice knowing that you were paying attention to me…”


Part 2


sometimes i want to draw cute stuff that borders on suggestive but not nsfw, cause thats my jam !!! but i get shy about sharing if i do LOL even tho i’d put like a million tags on it just in case

i dont want to make a new blog for that stuff tho, i had one some years ago for a while and it turned to a mess cause what happened is i got a lot of demanding ppl following it, like i couldn’t even make a personal vent post on it cause ppl would be like ‘ok shut up where’s the porn’ so i was like, never again dsghdfs

but yeah if i ever do post anything like that don’t be shocked and i’ll tag appropriately !! dshg


Gideon and Quentin kept fighting so Arte had to take Gideon outside, and try to calm him down

Arte: C’mon count to three Gideon!

Gideon: But he’s the one who wa-

Arte: Gideon shut up and do what I do ok?

Gideon: *under his breath* idiot

Arte: I heard you! okay breathe in, breathe out! see you feel better now?

Gideon: whatever, I’m just calming down because you asked me to

Cuddle time (Ashton)

Requested: Yes

Anonymous: cuddling after a hard day?
I hope you like it! You didnt say much about how you wanted it or what boy so I did Ashton. Hope thats ok :)

It was starting to get later and later and your boyfriend Ashton still hadn’t come home from work. You weren’t worried and you weren’t complaining but you just knew he wasn’t going to be happy about staying later at work.

It had gotten to about 9:30 when you heard the keys in the front door jingle and the sounds of footsteps stepping onto your welcome mat and shutting the door. Putting down your book and marking the page, you got up to see Ashton at the door.

“Hey baby. Are you ok?” You asked hesitantly. He slipped off his bag, coat and shoes and wrapped his arms around you whilst trying to shuffle back into the living room.

“Mmhm. Long day s'all” he responded with a tired voice.

“Well don’t you want something to eat? You’re probably starving” you said attempting to remove yourself from his loving grip which only got tighter on your release.

“No no. I just need you right now. Me. You. And cuddles” You smiled at him, gripping his hands and leading him upstairs. You both got changed into your PJs and hopped into bed.

You scooted closer to him so you were facing each other, your noses touching as you embraced each other in a comfortable cuddle.

“Do you want to talk about today?” You questioned playing with the small hairs on the back of his beck.

“We just worked hard and didn’t stop. My arms are killing, my hands bled and even though I bandaged them up I had to keep on playing for a couple more hours” you hugged him a little tighter and although you knew there wasn’t much you could do since his hands hand already been seen to and his arms needed a rest, you tried to make sure he knew you were there for him.

“I’m sorry Ash. It will all be worth it in the end I promise ok? Just try and get some rest at the moment” he nodded burying his face into your neck as you cuddled him.

FT 446 ♡
Kyaaaaaa!! I loved this chapter! No, I am loving this arc-so far!!

I turned into a complete emotional mess during Makarov’s monologue. Seeing him with such an expression,and how he believed everything he had sacrificed up to this point may be in vain,agh! I wanted to hug him,and I completely exploded when Erza reassured him and the panel with Natsu reaching out to grab his hand-aghhh idk how I’m still alive

I’ve loved Makarov since day one because he’s really one of those touching,fatherly/grandfatherly figures where they just warm your heart and you can feel and understand what their motives are for the sake of others and I just ;_; ..I love him so much. I hope nothing horrible happens to him even tho it would be amazing character and plot development,but knowing Mashima…

And Natsu with that damn bandage again! ;w; the anxiety…

YET ON A HAPPIER NOTE, I have not calmed down after seeing Gray and Lucy teaming up and attacking together all badass like I just-asdfgjkl! *screeching noises*pleaseexcusemyfangirlingramblesiamjustsohappyrightnow

My precious babies! Aaaaaahhh x3!! Eeeeeeee!!! *insert more incoherent noises here anywhere actually pfft* sO MANYY OTP FEEEEEELS!!! THEY JUST-I AM SO PROUD OF THEM!! PROUD OF ALL OF THEM HONESTLY,I’LL NEVER GET OVER EVERYONE’S DEVELOPMENT TO THIS POINT!!♡

Lucy looked so awesome in her Sagittarius Stardress like yess,that’s my warrior queen! Representing my sign !! I fell in love with her bow and outfit! XD

And yo,Gray over here,he never fails to impress me,which are one of the many reasons why he is my favorite in FT. His chatacter and Lucy’s are my absolute faves because they were just..developed so well.. ;w; their background stories,the sacrifices,the suffering, the experiences and..ahhh! I could go all day talking about those two!!

When that panel showed Gray with his hair and markings I just-*groans,clawing face* likecanyounotbutpleasecanyou hahaha!

And that Ajeel guy tho… I can’t properly read his name without think there is a “G” missing lol. For some reason,the anime Magi popped in my mind when I saw him controlling the sand and all. He reminds me of uh…Sinbad I think? I haven’t watched that anime in awhile,but he gives me that vibe!

But overall,I cannot wait to see the rest of the Spriggan 12!! I am so hyped for this arc!

My inbox is full of lovely and nice messages and please don’t get offend if i don’t reply to your message. I got it, i appreciate and i’m absolutely thankful. next stuff is kind of personal so it’s going under a read more

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I mean Briana is keepjng a low profile, so the mom is stepping up and doing all the promo work. Obviously the paps and media are going to focus on her. Maybe that is her way of protecting her child. Like, I'd rather you took pics and bothered me than her. But then the articles give such personal family info away that only these people could know and have handed out to someone so I don't quite buy the gesture of altruism. There looks to be quite a lot of self promotion going on here.

ok here’s how you protect the child: don’t go to the press at all. and if for some reason they found out about your “private” story, then stop talking to them. we’ve had like 3 family members talking to the press and doing pics. this just draws attention. if they all shut up and stopped talking and posing no one would care. these people aren’t famous.

My mother just yelled at me when I said “ok I’m going to fix myself pancakes” she was like “I’m not fixing you any food. Do it yourself” then my brother was like “do it yourself. You don’t need to be eating pancakes at 1pm. Maybe if you had gotten up earlier you could” then I was like “it’s called brunch. And shut up. I can eat what I want” yet my mom made my 20year old brother lunch and so I am therefore eating a muffin.

       based on this.

                                ✧・゚: *✧( balaclavings ! ) ✧・゚: *✧

            nathan’s fist clenched together as the female continued
            to speak, only finding the sound of her voice disgusting
            the more she continued to speak. ❝do you ever shut the
            fuck up?! ❞ he snarled, clenching his jaw together as his
            eyes narrowed. he wasn’t sure why she’d even come over
            to see him, it had been three weeks since they had last
            fucked, and at this point all they did was argue. ❝have you
            come over here for any particular reason, or are you just
            here to hurt my eyes some more?

had a psychotic episode this morning thought i broke a finger but i slept it off and popped something back into place and my finger isnt hurting much anymore just weeping wounds ihjfdso\lah omg spaced out now what an idiot girl i was aww i fear relapses and hospital and urgh hit the bong shut up fly in pink clouds ill be ok its fine lol