First Reaction vs Now - Seventeen Edition

First 3 videos I watched: Very Nice Dance Practice, Mansae Dance Practice and Adore U Dance Practice

then: manly body A+

then: who is this pretty girl
now: who is this pretty boy

then: okay I swear I see a white man
now: what a Good Meme™

then: *searches height on google*
now: it’s a lovely day to appreciate Lee Jihoon for all that he does

then: i just remember when everyone fanned him at the end of very nice.
now: a smile that brightens the darkest of days

then: first boy to catch my attention!!!
now: nobody will ever love Mingyu as much as Mingyu loves Mingyu

now: a sophisticated cat

then: his gaze actually intimidates me
now: a sweet peach who’s grown up so fast

then: for some reason i didn’t like hoshi!!! frick @ me!! i suck. 
now: amazing choreo and sex appeal

then: a cute boy next door
now: Diva /red alert/ make way/ no time for peasants 

now: an angel

then: really caught my attention in the VN practice video. woah woah woha. he was SO good
now: awkward (and adorable) beansprout

The 8
then: awe oh my goodness he is so precious
now: look out it’s thughao 

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Request from Anon: Could you possibly do one about Draco being really protective over her and heaps of guys always flirt with her and he’s like really really mad but it’s actually kinda cute and EH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. You’re such an amazing writer you can totally pull this off so well!!

Thank you anon, this was a fun request to write:) This isn’t my gif, creds to who’s it is because it’s fabulous.

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Fave parts of Supergirl 2x13

Ok but like, the entire episode? It was so perfect? We are blessed. But in an attempt to narrow it down slightly, here are some of my favourite Karamel moments from2x13.

#1 Kara being a very happy and adorable puppy as she nuzzles into Mon el’s shoulder (gif source)

Um, excuse me? This sort of thing is not allowed Kara, tone it down gurl. Seriously tho, I had to pause the episode here just to compose myself.

#2 Thumbs. Just thumbs (gif source)

Again with the cute???? What is she doing? unacceptable Kara, stop petting your perfect adorable puppy. But look at his face he is so happy that smile just fixed climate change

#3 Sad puppy (gif source)

Ok so I know this isn’t exactly happy but just look at his face!!! He is so distraught that Kara is leaving, he’s on the brink of tears! He has never felt this way about anyone, he didn’t even know there were this many feelings to be had and the biggest thing is that he is so overwhelmed by his feelings, he can’t even see that this is totally out of character for Kara and she is clearly pulling a trick on him! He is in so deep the poor guy also Kara must truly be made of steel to be able to resist those soulful eyes

#4 the quietest “please” you have ever heard (gif source)

I mean, look!! She barely moves her mouth!!! And this is so important because sometimes I feel like Kara doesn’t make her feelings for Mon el as clear as he makes his for her, but actually her’s are just a bit more subtle probably because she struggles to open up and make herself vulnerable. But! This! Right! Here! She is so scared that her trick has worked too well and he’s leaving, she thinks she’s messed everything up and she is desperate to get him to stay. She needs him there, and although she might take a while to say it, she gets the words out, quiet as they may be. Kara often gets all whispery when she’s around Mon el and it does things to my heart

#5 The Kiss™ (gif source)

I mean all kisses are great when they involve my OTPs, but this type is possibly my favourite. All that pent up sexual tension which, let’s be real, I’m a massive slut for even though it destroys my life, is finally let out and both characters go to town. Basically this entire scene cleared my skin, watered my crops and made me happy for the entire evening!


Least Fave part of Supergirl 2x13

The fact that the focus here switched to some roses and I could no longer see my two fave puppies making out in high definition ;) (gif source)

(gifs not mine)


I want to share the cutest person in the world 🙈 Aiba Masaki is loved for being a baka, his clumsiness and his smile. I don’t know any person but Aiba that smiles everytime. He’s my reference to be happy 💕

1. It was from the first or second tour that I watch of Arashi. I didn’t know who was who but when he did that I just thought “OMG he’s so cute falling” YEAH I SWEAR IT XDD

2. This is totally obvious what he think when he is with Sho. I found it and by then I didn’t know anything about Sakuraiba but I laughed a lot XD

3. There is a little of Juntoshi XD It’s a bonus, I want to emphasize Aiba behind like a stalker looking fixedly at the camera XDD He’s so funny and cute at the same time XD

4. Yes, it’s a post to Aiba but I can’t do anything if I search “Aiba Masaki” and it appears Sakuraiba XD
Well, talking of the gif, Aiba is shy but it’s when he’s alone, when he’s with Arashi is fucking crazy. Then, I can’t explain with he was so ashamed, maybe it was because Sho (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-Ok, stop now-

5. His ability to be cute goes beyond what anyone can. I usually don’t shout or be fangirl but I can’t with Aiba. I usually frighten my mum because I’m relaxing in the sofa and then I shout and fall onto the floor. -I’m not normal-.

It looks like I wasn’t serious but talking about Aiba being cute, who can be serious?
He’s not my ichiban, nobody of Arashi is my ichiban but I have weakness for Aiba.
Disco Star-sama~ ♡

Too Close Pt. 2

Byun Baekhyun (EXO)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1009 

A/N: Thank you for everyone that supported the first part of Too Close. Here is the second part! Sorry for any grammatical errors made with this, I was tired so I just checked it once and something might have slipped.

(I do not own this GIF) 

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I have made a mistake. I overestimated my running skills. We had been running for roughly 5 minutes and Baek was starting to catch up to me since I had slowed down. Why did I agree to do this in the first place? I started slowing down to catch my breath and I saw Baek running past me and sticking his tongue out.

“You’re such a loser! Come on granny!” He said as he held his stomach and laughed.

I couldn’t help but smile, his laugh was so contagious, it is one of those laughters that radiates happiness and you can’t stop looking at. As cute as he was being at the moment I could not let him win! I started speeding up once more and went past him.

“Who is the granny now Baek?” I screamed trying to suppress my laughter, he tends to get butt hurt easily.

I was looking back at him waiting for a snarky comment in reply but instead of that I saw his eyes widen.

“Y/N watch out!” He screamed right as I tripped over something

As soon as I realized the situation I was in I burst out laughing. Here I was on the ground with my jeans ripped making the bleeding scratch on my knee quite visible. I tripped over a rock, a fricking rock! This whole situation was just too funny, I saw Baekhyun running towards me.

“Y/N are you okay?” I snickered loudly and continued laughing. I looked at him expecting him to be laughing along with me but saw something completely different. His face was completely serious and his eyebrows were furrowed. “Don’t even laugh, it’s not funny Y/N! You’re even bleeding!”

“Baek it’s fine I’ll live” I said as I tried standing up. As soon as I put my foot down on the floor I felt a sharp pain on my ankle and lost my balance. Baekhyun reached over to grab my arm before I fell, and gave me a disapproving look.

“Is it still funny?” I decided not to answer since my answer would make him even more mad, I stayed quiet and stared at him. Suddenly het got into a crouching position and looked back at me.

“What are you doing? Get up” I said in a scolding manner

“No, get on you can’t walk” He said

“Yes I can Baekhyun, stop being an exaggerated baby. Get up”

“I said, get on Y/N” He was giving me a very intimidating look so I got on his back. He stood up as he grabbed my upper thighs with his hands.

“It has been such a long time since you last gave me a piggyback ride” I said in a whisper

“Well maybe if you stop being such a clumsy little girl then this could be the last time, you’re not 60 pounds anymore” He said as he chuckled, earning a loud gasp from me, as I hit his back. “Chill Y/N, I’m taking you to my dorm to look at that ankle”

I knew there was no way to convince him otherwise so I just rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his neck. I wondered if he could feel my raising heartbeat pressing against his back, raising even more every time he moved his hands to readjust my thighs so I wouldn’t fall.

Once we were at Baek’s dorm he put me down on his bed indicating for me to stay there while he got his first-aid kit. He came through the bedroom door with a red colored kit, sat in front of me and gently grabbed my leg and placed it on his lap. He examined my ankle and got some elastic bandage out of his kit and wrapped my ankle with it, securing it after he was done. He looked up to my knee and looked up back at me.

“I’m afraid I can’t treat your scratch with those jeans on, take them off one sec please” He said as he continued looking at my scratch.

“Uh no Baek, it’s fine don’t worry about it. It doesn’t even hurt anymore” He stared at me and gave me that look again, I sighed. “Can I borrow some shorts or something?”

“Sure, I have my basketball shorts” He walked to his drawer and pulled out a pair of navy blue basketball shorts and threw them in my direction. “Those should do it, now come on, hurry and take those pants off before it gets infected”

“I’m just going to go change in the bathroom” You heard him groan in annoyance

“Come on Y/N, you changing has taken more time than me curing your scratch and ankle, just change here, what’s the big deal”

I swallowed and built up the courage to start pulling my pants down. He wasn’t looking at me, he was scrolling through his phone. I took the opportunity and pulled them down quickly trying my best not to hurt my ankle. As soon as I pulled my pants down and looked down I closed my eyes in desperation. Out of all the days why did I choose today to wear underwear with squirrels on them?

I tried to hurry and stood up to pull up the shorts as I heard Baekhyun burst out in laughter. I looked at him, he was holding his stomach and his face was red from all the laughing.

“Seriously Y/N? Squirrels?” I quickly pulled the shorts on and sat back down placing my leg on his lap once again.

“Hurry up, I want to go home” He nodded and pulled me closer so that my knee was on his thigh.

He disinfected the scratch with alcohol and wiped the blood off. Het got a Hello Kitty bandaid out of his kit, of course, I thought.  He placed the bandaid on my knee carefully and pressed it on. He looked at me and smiled as he went down and placed a small kiss on my knee.

“All done my baby squirrel”

My heart stopped completely.

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EXO reaction to meeting a hot fan

Xiumin: *he became kinda awkward and shy and smiled and just tried to start a conversation, this wouldn’t be so bad because as a fan you had a lot to say.*


Luhan: *he would try and see if he’s your bias and be trying his best to look attractive because even if he wasn’t the fan’s bias maybe he could become the fan’s bias.*

“So do you think I’m manly?”

Kris: *he was very cool and collected, and totally tried to impress you. He would be a master at flirting.*

“So what’s your name”

Suho: *he would activate his cuteness, hoping you have a soft side for his cuteness. The cuteness would continue if he learned her was the fan’s bias.*

Lay:*like Kris he would be collected but he wouldn’t be as cold, he made easy conversation with you and the whole encounter would go great.*

“So what’s your favourite song?”

Baekhyun: *it was kinda obvious that he thought you were hot, he was flirting with you and you could see a lot of lip biting. He would try to be smooth.

“So you’re a fan~”

Chen: *you would start gushing over him and he would get so embarrassed. To have a hot fan gush over him would be too good to be true for him.*

Chanyeol: *he tried to be cute but would fail. You wouldn’t mind but he would be so obvious he was trying to be cute and just failing, if anything it looked like he was trying to get pity.*

“You’re really pretty-I mean ugh…or wait…I can’t…”

D.O: *he just kinda smiled and laughed awkwardly. He would be trying to talk to you but would end every sentence with a nervous laugh. It would be so cute.*

“I swear I’m not always like this!” *nervous laugh*

Tao: *he tried to be cool, and it would work. He sent flirty winks and accidentally brush his hand against yours. You would get so flustered and he got so cocky.*

Kai: *he was so flustered and nervous and would just smile and nod, he would be trying to come up with things to say but he would continued to smile and nod while you spoke.*

Sehun: *he would be super cute and be all smiles and giggles and avoiding eye contact. he was totally flustered by your presence and would giggle a lot.*

“So… do you like bubble tea?”

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#HappyChannieDay ♥


“Don’t you think so?”, your voice rang sweetly through his ears finally getting newts attention. He made eye contact with your amazingly (y/e/c) eyes. They held so much emotion and every time you looked at him it gave him butterflies. “Hmm”, he rang out with an answer. You smiled at his daydreaming, “Jacobs apple fritters are the best.” He nodded acceptingly and hummed an agreement. You went back to talking to the new acquaintance, you had just gone to get some more coffee beans for Tina and queenie, newt volunteered to go with, but you had found someone you knew.

He was board of the woman’s dull conversation, he didn’t mind yours though, you had a sweet way of talking. To him your voice sounded like soft pillows and the honey in his favorite tea. And your beauty surpassed that of any woman he had ever met, your wonderfully soft face relaxed his anxiousness and made it easier to be around people. He hated making eye contact but every time your eyes met his, he would linger in the awkwardness just a minute longer just so he could memorize every different shade of (y/e/c) your eyes held.

He had feelings for you, It all started when he caught himself talking about you to his creatures every time he went to feed them, the realization didn’t come to him until a painful Tuesday when he was feeding frank telling him a story about you explaining your book to him. He loved you. It hit him in the heart and he had to sit down and rethink everything. You definitely made an impact on the poor obsessed man. Every once in a while you would say something or do something so cute that the urge to hug you was the most challenging thing he ever had to do.

But what he didn’t know was that while he was zoning out thinking about your wonderfully stunning smile you couldn’t help but look over at his beautiful freckle covered face and wonder if you would ever be lucky enough for him to look at you the way you looked at him,just once.

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Carisi chuckled softly, glancing over at you as you strolled alongside him. He had given you his jacket a few blocks back and, he had to admit, you were pretty adorable in it.

You looked up, cocking your head to the side, “What’s so funny?”

Carisi blushed, ducking his head, “It’s nothing. It’s just… you’re really cute. Suits you a hell of a lot better than it does me.”

“Oh really?” you laughed, pulling his jacket a little tighter around you with a grin. Carisi felt his heartbeat pick up just a little bit as he realized they were approaching your apartment. The two of you stared at each other for a second and he felt his blush deepen.

“So, uh, can I, uh, kiss you goodnight?” he asked awkwardly, trying to play it off with a crooked smile. It just felt right to ask your permission first.

Your own blush mirrored his as you stood up on your tiptoes and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “Goodnight, Sonny.”

He smiled, his stomach filled with butterflies. “Goodnight, [f/n].”

*not my gif


“Why are you glaring?” you sighed, tightening your grip on Clint’s muscular arm as you looked up at him from where you were resting your head on his shoulder. For the past hour or so you had been taking note of how your boyfriend’s eyes hadn’t stopped throwing daggers at the tall blond god who was laughing with Bruce in the corner.

“Why was Thor holding you when you came in?”

“My leg hurts Clint, he just offered to bring me back so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable,” you explained, sitting up as you realized something with a smile, “Wait a second, are you jealous?”

“Have you seen him? It’s not exactly a crazy idea,” Clint said defensively, looking down at your smiling face with an angry frown even as you leaned up and pressed a soft kiss to his warm cheek.

“You are so cute.”

Gif Credit: gif does not belong to this blog nor do we make any claim to it. Watermark indicated a stacyjacks

Chemistry Nerd (Ponyboy Smut)

I pulled up to Ponyboy’s house and glanced at the clock. 3:45 p.m., perfect. I’ll have just enough time to get most of the project done then head to that party. I quickly checked myself out in the mirror then climbed out of the car. I’ve always been the sort of pretty and outgoing type in school and I had chemistry with one of the smartest, or as I like to call it -nerdiest kids in school. His name was Ponyboy Curtis, and although he was quiet, he was extremely skilled at chemistry. We’d been paired up do a project and I have to admit, I was a excited. He’s so cute and innocent, it just makes my mind wander..

 I walked up to the door and rang the bell, smiling to myself while thinking about the events that could occur tonight. I eventually heard two clicks and out popped Ponyboy.
“Hi (Y/N). Um I’ve got the stuff set up in my room if you wanna get started..” He said nervously. 

I could tell he wasn’t used to being around girls.
“Yeah sure, lead the way..”
We headed up the stairs, as soon as we got to his room I flopped onto the bed. I sighed loudly as I relaxed and turned onto my stomach, resting my head on my hands. I looked up at Pony through my eyelashes as he sat beside me. He bit his lip and I felt my thighs tighten together. He cleared his throat nervously and spoke up.
“So..I was thinking..maybe we could build a model, ya know? I’ve got all the right set up and -”
“Ponyboy” I cut him off in a seductive voice. I slowly rubbed my hand up his thigh. He sucked in a sharp breath and I felt his body tense under me.
“Y-yes (Y/N)?”
“Do you think that maybe we could start the project a little later..?” I asked, looking at him innocently.
“And do what?”
“Hmm…I don’t know..talk..”
“Oh” he said.
I sighed and rolled my eyes, he barely seemed interested in talking so I figured procrastination was no longer an option.
“Never mind” I sighed “let’s get started.”
He walked over to grab the bag of supplies off his desk. My stomach suddenly grumbled.
“Hey um do you have any chips?”
“For the project?” he laughed.
“No, I’m hungry” I giggled. 

He headed out of the room, hopefully to get the chips.
I started looking around his room and noticed all his pictures and trophies. This kid was smart, and that was something I found extremely attractive. 

“Here you are” he smiled, handing me a bag of chips. I lazily popped a few into my mouth, giggling at how sloppy I probably looked. I was about to ask if he wanted some, when I suddenly caught him staring at my cleavage.
I looked down and realized my breasts were practically spilling out of my shirt. I blushed and ran a finger up Pony’s jawline, guiding his head back up to meet my eyes.
“Up here babe” I giggled.
His face turned a deep red as he bit his lip nervously.
“Hey Pony..what are you thinking about?”
“O-oh me? Nothing really..”
“Come on, just tell me. Honestly.”
I smirked as I knew he was about to crack. He sighed, giving up the fight.
“I-I was thinking about you..and kissing you” he said, looking down nervously. I laid back next to him, biting my lip as I stared into his hazel eyes.
I took a bold move by grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling it down to my face.
“Then kiss me” I whispered, my lips ghosting over his. He hesitated at first, but after a couple seconds I suddenly felt his soft lips crash into mine. Our mouths moved in synch as the tone changed from simple to heated real fast. I was about to slip my tongue into his mouth when he pulled away suddenly.
“I-I’m sorry (Y/N)..this is all so new to me..”
“We don’t have to do anything..”
“No, no. Trust me, I want this..” he assured me. 
I laid my head back onto the pillow, gently pulling Pony with me so that he now hovered over me.
“W-what are you doing?” he asked.
“I just wanted to keep kissing you” I said confidently.
“But only if you’re okay with that..”
“O-oh yeah, I’d like that”
I then pulled his face back down to mine, giggling as our noses touched. He got the hint pretty quickly and our lips erupted into a passionate kiss once again. He was slowly becoming more dominant, which turned me on more than anything. For a guy that was new to this, he was an extremely skilled kisser.
I started to play with the hair on the nape of his neck, running my fingers through it and gently tugging. He moaned in response and started to grind his hips into me. I let out a small whimper, wrapping my legs around him. I could feel how hard he was up against me, which was only making me wetter. He smiled into the kiss and I couldn’t help but smile back. He then boldly brought his hands up and cupped my cheeks, deepening the kiss. The way his lips worked against mine was causing my stomach to flip in circles.
I gently rolled over so I was now on top of him, leaving a trail of small kisses on his neck while grinding into him.
“(Y/N)” he whimpered “Please..”
“Please what baby?” I whispered in his ear.
I looked down at him and smirked, pulling my shirt over my head. I reached behind me, unhooking my bra like a pro and teasingly throwing it across the room. Ponyboy’s eyes went wide as he slowly rubbed his hands up and down my torso.
“Oh my god..” he whispered.
I giggled at his reaction as I lifted his shirt off of his head. He surprised me by confidently flipping us back over and unzipping my shorts, practically yanking them off. He was obviously excited. I reached down to unzip his pants, palming him through his jeans.
“W-wait (Y/N)”
His reaction caught me off guard and I furrowed my brows in confusion.
“Sorry..I’ve just never done this before” he said, looking down in defeat.
“I think I’d be more comfortable if..I mean..”
“You want me to take the top?” I asked sweetly.
“You don’t like the top do you? Oh shit I’m sorry (Y/N), it’s just you’re so beautiful and I..”
I cut him off quickly by capturing my lips with his in a long passionate kiss. He was speechless as I pulled away, smiling.
“I’ll top.”
“But if you want me to stop at all, tell me, deal?”
“Deal.” He smiled.
He then laid back and pulled off his jeans. I ran my small hand up his thigh. I looked up at him seductively, touching him through his boxers.
“Ah- Fuck” he gasped.
“Can we just skip the foreplay..ugh I’m already so hard for you ..”
I giggled and pulled his boxers down painfully slow.
“You sure you want this?” I asked, looking into his eyes.
“Yes, o-oh god yes”
I then pulled my panties off, revealing how wet I was. Pony licked his lips as he stared down at me. I slid down onto him slowly, moaning instantly.
“Oh..Fuck” he whined, squinting his eyes in pleasure.

I giggled and bounced up and down slowly, letting him adjust to the feeling. Sooner or later the only sound that filled the room was our moans.

“Faster baby..p-please” he pleaded, locking fingers with me to help me keep up my balance. I bounced faster and faster until you could hear our skin slapping together. 

“Do you feel good?”

“Ugh..so damn good (Y/N)”

Suddenly Ponyboy bucked his hips up to meet my thrusts, now taking control. The feeling took me by surprise as he pounded into me, hitting my g-spot every time.
“O-oh god yes! Don’t stop” I squealed, gripping tightly onto his biceps.
I could feel my orgasm coming, I clenched my walls tightly around him.
“Fuck baby..do that again”
I clenched my walls again and again, pushing him closer to the edge.
I rolled my hips against him and met his thrusts once more.

“F-fuck Pony! Yes right there baby!” I screamed as I felt my toes curl and my legs shake, my orgasm washing over me. I rode out my high, still on top of him. 

“Ah..I’m gonna cum” he moaned, squeezing onto my hips tightly. I lowered my mouth down to his ear, running my lips along his earlobe. 

“Cum for me baby” I cooed. 

That was enough to send him over the edge, I soon felt him let go. 
I fell limp on top of him, out of breath. He rolled me over so that we were laying side by side, wrapped in each others arms.
I giggled, looking into his eyes.

“Guess that project’ll have to wait” 

lol I know, I’m going to hell..and yes I realize the narrator of this is pretty bitchy, I did it on purpose lmao. but anyways, hope you guys liked this! I’ve been writing a new fanfic that I’ll be releasing soon so it’d mean a lot if you’d go read it, I’ll keep you guys posted! also, remember to leave me any requests you’d like in my ask/inbox and I’ll get to them as soon as I can, love you guys!! :)


Leia introduce Luke to Lando in the Falcon, and tell Lando why Vader was looking for Luke (or why she thought Vader was looking for him anyway) very pointedly, to remind him that it’s his fault Luke is in this state and that she’s still very angry with him

and Lando feels guilty because Luke really doesn’t look so good, so he tries to defuse the situation how he knows best by complimenting Luke (and flirting just a little because the guy’s cute ok sue him) 

 “So you’re the pilot who destroyed the Death Star ?” and then with an appreciative smile “No one said you were so beautiful” 

and Luke, ok, Luke just had his encounter with Vader and is all bloodied and injured and he’s pretty out of sort and also more important he’s not as used to being complimented that way unlike Leia and Lando’s smile is very nice so he kind of just freeze and looks at Lando incredulously and then blushes and stutter when he tries to say thank you

and Lando feels even worse now, he thought that Luke would either laugh or glare at him, he didn’t expect the guy to be so shocked and didn’t want to make thing even more awkward 

so he just kind grip Luke’s shoulder, catch his eyes and tell him with every once of sincerity he has in his body  

“I’m sorry”

both for the inappropriate flirting and for helping Vader set a trap to catch him is left unsaid

but for a moment Luke feels like Lando is commiserating with him about Vader being his father and he suddenly really wants to burst into tears and get hugged by the beautiful man with the nice smile

but that would be even more awkward and require several explanations he’s not prepared to give so instead of that he simply duck his head and tell Lando that it’s ok and that he understands

and he does

he probably should feel angry he knows

he can feels Leia anger hanging like a stormy cloud over the room

but he has pretty much exhausted all his emotions right now and he can see things logically, and Lando had to protect his city

either way it’s not his fault

it was Fa-Vader’s 

That’s pretty much when the shock hit Luke again and his eyes become unfocussed and his breath hitch and it becomes clear to the others that Luke isn’t really there with them anymore

Luke miss Lando watching him with concern, and Leia pushing him into a seat and Chewbaca’s mournful moan, and Lando putting his cape on his shoulder when he starts to shiver

but later on, he’ll realize that he still have the cape and when he’ll knock on Lando’s door to give it back he’ll remember Lando smiling at him and calling him beautiful, and feel a small flutter of nervousness and excitement in his stomach

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Can you do a imagine the reader and jack falahee are in relationship, and they go to his brother's wedding, and u can do what ever to the story


WARNING: Sexy talk but thats all.

Wedding Date:

“Baby you don’t have to stress it out too much it’s just like a date… expect it’s a wedding.. and it’s not really a date.” Jack said laughing as he hugged you while you pouted. You and Jack had been dating for 6 months now and he still knew how to make you laugh and smile even when you were in comfortable “You’re lucky you’re so damn cute.” You said tip toeing to pinching his cheeks while you wiggled out of his embrace to look for a decent dress to his brothers wedding. “Baby, I already had a dress picked out and tailored for you.” He said at a rapid pace causing you to look strangely at him “Hm, and what made you think I was going to say yes?” You said still looking through your closet.

“Maybe the fact that you owe me after I bailed you out of your sister’s birthday dinner.” He said creeping up behind you covering your neck with soft kisses “Yeah that was different. All she was going to do was gawk at you and talk about how hot you are and that you should be with her.” You sighed loudly causing Jack to wrap a tight arm around you “Only one problem, my heart belongs to one special girl who is going to look lavishing in this emerald green dress I bought her.” He said holding the bag in one hand and placing it on your center “Try it on.” He whispered as he let you go and made his way to sit at the edge of the bed.

He watched you closely as you began to strip out of your regular clothes and into the luxuriously soft dress, once it was fully on and zipped of course with the help of Jack you looked at yourself in the mirror “Well Jack Ryan Falahee, I must say you have outdone yourself this time.” You say turning around in the dress examining it up and down “Yeah well I had A LOT of help.” He said squeezing your ass “Hey!” You said playfully swatting his hands away “If I knew you would look this stunning I would’ve never gotten you this dress.” He said slowly in the crook of your neck cause your breathing to fasten “Why?” Your question coming out rough and quick “Because how am I going to behave knowing I have the hottest woman in the entire wedding, you’re in it now and I already want to rip it off you.” He says unzipping the dress and removing it from your body allowing you to change back into your regular clothes.

“Well the wedding is in two days and we will be going baby.” He said kissing your cheek but your nerves once again rose not because of the dress but because this would be your first time meeting Jack’s family. Just as the worries began to deepen it was time for the wedding".

Two days went by too fast. I’m not mentally prepared to meet your family.“ You said in the car while Jack drove to the church venue “Sugar, stop worrying they are going to love you. Like how I love you.” He said kissing your head keeping it near his mouth for a few more kisses here and there. The drive was short which didn’t help calm your nerves but you knew it was now or never “Are you ready for this baby?” Jack said holding your waist tightly with one hand, you nodded sending a wink his way causing him to lean over.

“I’ve never had sex in a church and I know it’s god’s house but you’re making it really hard for me to be a good boy, so don’t try to act cute.” He said slapping your ass quickly before walking into church while returning his hand to your waist once more. You both walked into church to be greeted by a lot of people and then you saw two elderly people approach you.

“They’ll love you.” Jack said leaning over before greeting the older couple with hugs and cheek kisses, you can do this you breathed slowly before putting on your game face and working your magic.


Gif source:  Scott

Imagine dating Scott and while messing around one day you find that if you scratch the right spot on his torso his leg kicks like a dog’s, so it becomes like your own private bit of fun with him, annoying but also endearing him towards you since you think it’s adorable.

——— Request for anon ———

“I don’t know why you think it’s so cute,” Scott flushes, rubbing the back of his neck as you grin from your spot on his bed.

“It’s just like a dog, Scott, and dogs are adorable!” you squeal in excitement at having discovered the knee-jerk reaction he had to you scratching a particular spot on his side.

Rolling his eyes, Scott can’t help the smile that your excitement brings to his lips as he chuckles back, “Nah, you’re adorable.”

First Time DRABBLE (NewtXReader)

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anonymous asks: Can you write a story write a story where the reader gets to be the dominant one during the spice moment because I can rarely find one and I feel like Newt would be ok with being submissive, nothing hardcore or anything just would love something where the reader is in control, and queenie hears some of the thoughts and she kind of smirks and Jacob or Tina is curious but she just smiles and mutters under her breath something like ‘they grow up so fast’

Anonymous 2 asks: Can u make a fanfic where newt is a Virgin and reader is sorta the dominate one?!

WARNINGS: cinnamon spice. Also look at the gorgeous gif. Imagine Newt looking at you the same way he looks at his beasts. FAIRLY SHORT, ITS A FREAKING DRABBLE.

You rolled over, trying to get the rain and thunder out of your ears. It had been raining for days now, not pretty spring rain, but cold wet boring bleak rain. The kind you get in January where it’s not cold enough to be snow, but not remotely anywhere near warm.

It was twelve in the night, or extremely early morning, and you were tired of trying to go to sleep.

You felt Newt stir around next to you. Glancing over you heard Newt let out a sigh in the darkness. “Can’t sleep?” You asked softly. Like he could hear you over the sound of rain hitting the window mercilessly.

But he did hear you and he replied back, “Nope. I take it you can’t either…”

You shifted over to Newt, searching for Newt in the night. “This rain is annoying,” You stated in a matter of fact tone. Once you found Newt, you curled up close to him.

“I know, I’ve been sleeping horribly these last few nights,” Newt groaned in annoyance, methodically rubbing your shoulder.

You thought to yourself, listening to the rain and thunder. An idea came to your mind. “We could… do something… to pass the time…?” You murmured quietly to yourself. You secretly held your breath, almost worried at Newt’s reply.

The truth is you and Newt had never “done it” before. Newt was incredibly bashful and always blushed to high heaven when you passed a sly remark. As far as you knew, he was still a virgin, which was fine by you because that mean you would be his first. Assuming there would be a first time…

“Uhh,” Newt replied nervously. You could feel him tense up beside you. “I find bowtruckles such a interesting creature, the way they think is most extraordinary… Did you know that—”

Newt was silenced by you kissing him on the lips. You had shifted on your stomach, so as to have better access to Newt’s mouth.

You gently nipped his lower lip earning a low growl. Startled by the noise coming from his own throat, Newt pulled back. “Wait… Ah, love… I love you… but I’m not exactly sure what to do…” Newt whimpered quietly, grabbing you by your arms in mild fright. He didn’t want to repulse or scare you off. He felt so embarrassed. He was a guy, he should be the dominate and confident one, but he felt overwhelmed and confused.

You just smiled down, a flash of lightning lit the room up for a second. You placed a hand on Newt’s face and said gently, “Let me show you how it’s done, love…” You kissed him lovingly on the forehead, running your fingers through his hair.

Newt felt your weight as you rolled on top of him, your legs pressed hard against his waist. He felt your lips go back onto his, as you continued to massage his head. That low groan came back up from his throat. This time he didn’t try suppressing the urge to moan.

You fumbled with Newt’s shirt, rapidly unbuttoning the buttons. You gently touched his warm chest, feeling for his heart beat. You then gently touched his scars, and then finally tugging the shirt off.

Newt sat up and grabbed you in a hug, kissing your lips with zeal and in a kind of hurried manner, as if this would be his last.

You barely noticed the rain or the thunder, as you sat there, his hands rubbing your back and his mouth on yours. Suddenly you pushed him back onto the bed and wedged yourself in between his legs, crawling up in a slow confident way.

Newt’s face went beet red as he felt you between him. He was extremely glad it was dark outside. “Wh-what are you doing?” Newt gasped, as the sensation of everything became almost too overloading.

You rested your head on his chest and said softly, “Don’t worry about it… relax!” You sat up, only to lower yourself down closer to Newt’s face. “Get ready to feel amazing…”

Queenie was blushing and coughing, fanning herself with one hand while stirring a cup of tea with the other. “Oh good lore!” Queenie snickered, but looking slightly uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong, Queenie?” Tina asked curiously, sipping from her cup of hot tea.

The storm had kept the girls up and they were in the kitchen drinking tea, trying to make themselves sleepy.

Queenie suddenly spluttered tea everywhere, giving a slight mad giggle.

“What ever is the matter?!” Tina demanded, crossing her arms and looking at her crazy sister.

“Why…” Queenie said smirking. “It’s just that they grow up so fast!”


Imagine finding Daryl's moonshine along with Carl.

(So I hope I got this request right and you all like it :D PS. This gif was too cute for me not to use XD just imagine it as older Carl for the sake of the story/ Also this is kind of a sequel to this imagine starting a prank war with Carl  Gif not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

After you and Carl had been caught setting up some traps in Daryl’s room to prank, once again, Rick and him obligated the both of you to clean in out.

You were taking out the essentials while Carl helped storing them back.
As he came back, he brought a bowl filled with water and some cloths.

You then watered a cloth and wiped the few paint splatters the trap had made.

As you wiped the walls, Carl splashed some water at you. You were stunned by his action and although it made you smile, you just had to flicker down his hat.

“Carl! Stop it! It’s this behavior of yours that got us here!”

He laughed even harder and still splashing water at you, said “Really? My fault! You’re the one that started this whole prank war!”

You started to laugh as well and suddenly he tried to get closer to you and got up to try and catch up.

You knew what he was doing and got away as much as you could. As you ran away from him, you suddenly found yourself backed against a shelf and heard some glasses rattling.

Scared, you immediately turned to it and caught it before it touched the ground. Carl caught on to what was happening and stopped joking around and lunged forward to help you.

As you both caught the jar, you both inspected it closely. Looking at it, you whispered “Why the hell, would Daryl just keep a jar of water? He’s so weird…”

Carl looked at you shrugging and took the jar from you. He opened it and took in the smell of it.

He made a face and so did you. It then made him exclaim “Oh, god! I don’t think this is just water!”

Shaking your head and covering your nose, you said “Definitely, not! I-I think this is his moonshine or something!”


He smelled it again and suddenly brought it to his mouth to drink a sip.


You tapped his shoulder and pulled the jar away from him.

“What are you thinking?”

He only laughed and said “Y/N, come on, we’re allowed to drink! I’m sure! Try it, It tastes weird but I guess that’s what moonshine is!”

He was smiling and laughing so much,  you just had to get on in with him.

You looked at him and feeling confident, you looked back at the jar and took a sip out of it. You winced in disgust but couldn’t help but laugh afterwards.


As you both laughed at one another, you took another sip and he did the same.

You don’t know how many you times you drank but suddenly you felt lightheaded and just had to urge to do funny things along with Carl.

He felt the same and he ended up suggesting silly dares for you to make.

“Y-you should do a hand stand and walk!”

You nodded and feeling overconfident, you rolled up your sleeves and put your hands down on the ground.

With as much strength as you could, you put your legs up only to fall back down, laughing.

Carl laughed as well and taking another sip said “Alright! Let me show you how it’s done!”

His efforts only led him to fall down just as you and you both laughed even more.


Hearing thumping and laughter, Daryl shook his head and said “Damn it, those two again! I thought I was clear when I told them to clean up…”

He walked up the stairs with as much heavy steps as he could to warn you and the moment he opened the door to his room, he was stunned.

Maggie laughed at his reaction and followed from behind to see what was going on. As she peered from behind him, she laughed even more.

You were both laying on the ground laughing and pretending to fight each other.

It made them both laugh until Daryl noticed as to why you were this way.

“These two idiots! Th-that’s my moonshine!”

He wanted to walk in and get it away from you but Maggie stopped him.

“They were just curious! Let them be kids for a little while!”

She left him hanging there and ran to go get something.


Daryl just kept an eye on the both of you and slowly couldn’t deny it was adorable and funny seeing you both drunk. He then called out to the two of you and walked over to the two of you.

“So like that you two are grown up enough to drink it?!”

You were both speechless for a moment but suddenly started to laugh even more.

You nodded your head and agreed saying “Of course we are! Besides you’re here with us now, so w-we have a responsible adult here!”

Carl chuckled and nodded along with you and said “Yeah! you’re here now so it’s even better! Try it, Daryl!”

He got up and got closer to Daryl to hand him the jar. Daryl smiled and seeing you both so happy couldn’t help himself but drink along.

As he drank, you had gotten up and went over to your music player and turned it on. You started dancing and went over to Carl to get him to dance as well.

You both moved along to the song and looking over at Daryl, you chuckled and said “Come on, Daryl! Dance with us!”

Carl then grabbed Daryl’s free hand and tried to make him dance.

“Come on! Just dance a little!”

Seeing the two of you dance, made Daryl laugh even more and he couldn’t deny you the fun of seeing him dance along.

He moved along with you two and jumped all over as well making you both laugh and smile with him.

Maggie came back to the room and immediately smiled seeing you all jumping around. She shook her head, seeing how Daryl was now having fun as well.

With her Polaroid in hand, she then managed to snap a few pictures of this silly turn of events. 


Thanks for picking me up, man. Mom is worried sick about you. As usual. You’re not gonna tell her the details, are you? No. Look, I’m sorry that you had to deal with that stupid story, okay? We tried to stop it.
It’s old news. People were gonna find out. It’s cool. Listen, TJ, this is a really important week to me with the engagement. And there is a lot going on. So can you please just show up and be there for me this time? You know I always got your back, little bro.
Stop smiling at me, I was only born three minutes after you.
But you’ll still never catch up. Put on your seat belt. Okay.

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A/N: I decided to make it a skype video-call instead because something about bangtan watching you sleep makes me swoon…

Jin: He’ll be a bit worried about how much you’re tiring yourself out without him by your side, and he’ll quietly watch you sleep at the other end of the connection while wishing he could be by your side.

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Suga: “I sacrifice my sleep time for you, jagiya, and you fall asleep on me?”

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J-Hope: He’ll want to hug you so bad because you look so cute dozing off in front of your computer. Like Jin, he’ll just let you sleep knowing how tired you are.

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Rap Monster: /blinks because he can’t believe how quickly you fell asleep while he went off-screen to get a cup of water/

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Jimin: He had meant to surprise you, but you must have been exhausted to fall asleep during a skype call. Smiling to himself at how cute your sleeping face is, he closes his laptop and steps out of the car to stand in front of your apartment block…

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V: Will scream to wake you up.

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Jungkook: This lil’ bun may think you died at first and is Jungshook until his hyungs tell him that you’ve probably fallen asleep.

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