lazy mornings

summary: you both have a day off to spend in each others company and Jimin can get a little touchy-feely in the mornings..

genre: fluff/smut (for real this time lmao)

Jimin x reader

word count: 1,279

a/n: i’ve been wanting to write a short Jimin fic ever since i saw this gif. so that’s what i did. i love to hear feedback! :) (sorry if this is bad, i usually write fluff ok)

“Where are you going? Stay in bed,” Jimin whined as he desperately tried to pull you back down onto the bed.

You just laughed a little, looking back at Jimin who barely had his eyes open and was still tangled in the covers.

“I have to take a shower.” You spoke back to him.

“No you don’t… it’s Sunday morning. Let’s stay in bed all day.” A cute smile spread across his plump lips.

You found it really tempting and the way he looked spread out under the covers, shirtless, with messy morning hair almost pulled you in, but no, you wanted to take a shower and feel refreshed.

With Jimin grumbling behind you, you made your way to the bathroom laughing at the way he was when he didn’t get what he wanted.

When you came back into the room Jimin was sitting up in bed scrolling through his phone. Once he heard your footsteps, he locked his phone and ran a hand through his hair looking at you.

“I like your towel,” he said with a smirk.

You looked down at the towel wrapped tightly around your body.

“What ya got underneath?” Jimin asked looking up into your eyes.

You moved closer to the bed, eyes squinted trying not to smile. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”


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NCT REACT: They tease you with little messy kisses

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
My request is for nct 127 + U when you’re their gf and they trick you into thinking they’re gonna make out with you but they shortly tease you by breaking it into little messy kisses*

I’m sorry it took so long! The gif I really wanted to use for Mark wouldn’t work so I had to find another one ;-;

Scene: You two were just sitting when he suddenly leans in closer with an intense gaze, surprised but excited you close your eyes however they end up teasing you with short, messy little kisses.

Taeyong: Would be the type to play it off looking cool, he’d have the faintest hint of a smile as he watches you pout to cover up how flustered you are from the corners of his eyes.

Taeil: He’d find it really cute but also be embarrassed so he doesn’t meet your eyes but just laughs. 

Y/N: “Oppa whyyyyy?”

“Sorry, sorry I couldn’t help it.”

Yuta: Would be cheeky AF.

“That’s not what you wanted? What was it that you were looking for then?”

Ten: Would laugh at how adorable you were looking confused and embarrassed.

“I’m sorry babe, I was gonna do it properly but your reactions are too cute.” (Don’t worry he’ll make it up one way or another ;) )

Doyoung: Looks away slyly, slightly embarrassed but also trying to hold in laughter as you look dumbfounded.

Jaehyun: He’d be super cheeky about it like Yuta.

“Oh you were expecting more? Oh I’m sorry.” 

Win-Win: When you’d look at him with a confused/flustered/annoyed look he’d just look away cooly with the faintest smirk.

That’s right Win-WIn just play it off cool like Taeyong hyung said to. Girls like that right?

Mark: He’d be a lil’ cheeky cutie. Usually it’s him who’s flustered easily, but since he got you this time he’s going to take advantage of it.

“Why don’t you show me what you wanted then?” whilst feigning innocence.

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Haechan: *GIF*

“Shhh, I’m not done yet.” (internally fangirls)

Imagine cuddling w/ Jimmy...

request: hello you cute little cookie! you don’t have to do this tomorrow or immediately or anything, just whenever you feel like it, if you do! but could we have a tsf where the reader asks jimmy to cuddle/hold them because cuddly feels *sigh* ^_^


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It was cold in the tin can that was the caravan and it had been a rough day, you glanced across the kitchen table at Jimmy who looked so warm and inviting, “Hey Jimmy, could you please just hold me?”

Jimmy’s comforting face broke into a loving smile, “Come here..” he pats his lap and opens his arms.

You walk over to him and straddle him, burying your head in the crook of his neck, he rubs soothing circles into your lower back, “It’s okay baby, I’m here.”

Prompt challenge five

Prompt:  can u do 56. with peter maximoff (56 is “i don’t do hugs”)

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(I know this gif is from ahs but Evan is so cute in it and I thought it fit) A lot of the time people would come up to you and hug you around the mansion just as a sign of friendship etc. However you weren’t used to this kind of intimacy just because you weren’t brought up that way.

 One day you were in the common room with the majority of your friends: Scott, Jean, jubilee, Peter and kurt. “Let’s play truth or dare” jubilee announced because she was into that kind of thing. Although you weren’t exactly up for it, everyone else convinced you to play along. 

 "Scott, truth or dare" Peter asked as if he was excited for what Was planned for Scott. “Dare, I guess” Scott replied and Peter had a smile on his face like a Cheshire Cat. “I dare you, to kiss jubilee, on the cheek” Peter said trying not to take his dares too far like he usually does. Jeans face was red hot with anger and a mixture of jealousy but of course she didn’t say anything, she couldn’t, her and Scott weren’t dating. 

 Scott completed his dare and so he took it upon himself to give a dare to Peter. “I dare you to…hug (Y/N)” Scott told him. “Easy” Peter told Scott triumphantly. “Uh, I don’t do hugs” you told everyone, causing Scott to snigger thinking that Peter wouldn’t be able to win his dare. “Well I do sweetheart, and it’s a good job it’s my dare” Peter said before he pounced on you giving you the tightest hug ever. You hated to admit it but you quite enjoyed it.