Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth on the set of Thor: Ragnarok, in Brisbane, Australia, August 2016.

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You, a couple of friends and the boys were all playing truth or dare. Being the careless girl you are, you had obviously picked dare. 

“I dare you to kiss your crush of the group.” Said Jack G, smirking since he was your best friend, and he knew you liked Nash. 
“No problem.” You said, sass in your tone.

You got up and walked towards Nash, the boy you had been crushing on since the day you met him. You sighed, but confidently said “Kiss me.” To your surprise, he stood up, grabbed your waist and kissed your lips ever so lightly. Everything just seemed to colide when you felt his lips on yours. Your lips moved in sync and your tounges gently played with each other. He pulled you so close that you had to get on your tiptoes. You slowly parted and returned to your seats. 

“Alright, truth or dare?” You said, turning to Cam, carrying on as if nothing had happened. Pretty soon, it was Taylor’s turn to speak. “Nash, truth or dare?”
“Truth.” He said.
“Do an expression of how you felt while kissing Y/N.”
Nash just smiled widely, showing all his perfect white teeth while slowly making his legs jump.

Adrienette Moments Ep: 1-15

Adrienette moments summarized. 

Stormy Weather - Marinette goes to the park to invite Adrien out for smoothies. Not successful. Just a wave from the two of them.

Bubbler - Marinette tries to give a present to Adrien. Fails. We get a nervous/confused hi’s from them. Adrien loves the scarf Marinette made but believes it to be from his father. Marinette chooses not to say anything seeing how happy Adrien is to get a present from his father

Copycat - Marinette calls Adrien but ends up leaving an embrassing voicemail instead (calls him hot). She steals Adrien’s phone to erase the message and replaces it without getting caught. Nino invites Adrien to the Movies. Alya invites herself and Marinette to tag along with them. We get a smile from Adrien and a Marinette jumping for joy.  

Timebreaker - Adrien is impressed with Marinett’s banner that she made. He winks andcompliments her and Marinette giggles in delight. Marinette accidently drops the watch and Adrien catches it. Marinette calls him a cool kid and that he’s good at holding things with his hands. Adrien is shocked/confused. Marienette tries to correct herself but is ultimately embarrassed.

Mr. Pigeon - Marinette designs a hat for a contest and wins. Adrien is impressed with her designs but thought they were Alya’s at first. After finding out they are Marinette’s he tells her she is sure to win. When she wins he tells her great job and touches her hands that are holding the hat. Marinette smiles and blushes.

Lady Wifi - No Adrienette moment. Alya points out to Marinette how Adrien and Chat look similar. Marinette tells her that she can’t compare a nice sane guy like Adrien to someone like Chat.

Pharaoh - No Adrienette moment. Adrien starts to suspect that Ladybug goes to the same school as him though. 

Rogercop - Marinette notices Adrien’s sad when his father doesn’t show up. She also defends him when their classmates start accusing Adrien of stealing the bracelet. 

Evil Illustrator - Adrien talks to Marinette about Chat. Marinette stutters and calls Chat cool but not as cool as him. Adrien takes it as a compliment and pats her shoulder. Marinette says she’s never washing her jacket again.

Dark Cupid - Adrien writes a love letter to Ladybug but throws it away instead deciding to tell her in person. Marinette intercepts the letter and thinks it could be about her. She decides to confess to him and writes a love letter to Adrien but forgets to sign it. Adrien is surprised/excited that someone answered his letter (knowing very well he threw it away) . Hopelessly lovestruck he thinks that the letter could be from Ladybug. 

Horrificator - Marinette admits to Alya that she wants to kiss Adrien. Marinette is nervous that she’s going to kiss Adrien for a scene. Adrien tells her she’ll do great. They go to kiss but Chloe interrupts. Adrien is seems much calmer and more willing to kiss Marinette than Chloe. 

Dark Knight - Adrien says he’ll vote for Marinette if her speech is good. Adrien is seen clapping after she gives her speech

Mime - Adrien sees Marinette and Alya and admits that he didn’t want to see the show by himself and sits next to Marinette. Marinette just smiles and makes strange noises. Marinette says later that she can’t believe she watched a show next to Adrien and asks if it was dream.

Kung Food - Adrien shows up at Marinette’s door to translate Chinese for her. He bows to her at the door in a very Chat like manner. Marinette is surprised to see him and freaks out while stuttering words. Adrien and Marinette have casual conversations thoughout the rest of the episode. Marinette doesn’t stutter and Adrien seems excited to talk about Chinese culture with her. Adrien comforts her when she thinks her uncle doesn’t like her and when he loses the competition (Adrien touches her shoulders and Marinette doesn’t freak out). Adrien smiles at Marinette and her uncle when they are working/talking in the kitchen. Adrien defends them against Chloe. Adrien smiles and touches her back while gesturing her to join her uncle.  At the end they are seen enjoying Cheng shifu’s soup together. 

Gamer - Marinette participates in a school tournament of the video game Mecha Strike in an attempt to be on a team with Adrien for a Region wide tournament. She succeeds coming in 1st place having a much higher score than Adrien who’s in 2nd. Adrien shows up later at Marinette’s house to practice for the tournament. Marinette races around her room to take down posters of him that are plastered all over her walls. Adrien finds out from Marinette’s parents that she talks about him a lot. There’s accidental hand touching x 2 and both are seemingly shy about it. Marinette is shown to be much better at the game than Adrien. Adrien remarks that he’s really not needed and that she would probably do much better on her own. Marinette tries to cheer him up and gives him her lucky bracelet. They end up taking a break at the park where Adrien compliments how good her father’s pies are. The Gamer shows up and attacks the pair. Adrien grabs Marinette and saves her, falling on top of her before grabbing her hand and running away. They get separated and Adrien transforms and saves her again as Chat Noir. Marinette becomes worried for Adrien telling Chat that he’s still in danger at the park and that they have to go back for him. Chat tells her that he’s fine and not to worry. He then asks her to stay on the roof where it’s safe. At the tournament Marinette gives up her place on the team to Max stating she likes video games but doesn’t have a passion for it. Adrien then unselfishly gives up his place to Marinette stating that she’s the better player. 


hello, im here to explain u a thing.

i am the creator of these

now i have seen my gifs used a lot while yall try and say baekhyun is hurting baby sehun here BUT fear not ive come to dispell these rumors. because thats what they are. rumors because everyone loves to hate baekhyun WOO!!!!

everyone thinks theyre quarreling friends fightin over a lover or somethin smh. YES baekhyun playfully smacked sehun on the side of the head, lightly, but theyre only playing. they do that on stage. frequently i might add, for our entertainment, and even in the mv

u see that?? yes that is a smile. but please sit down im only getting started

what yall are getting ur panties in a twist over: baekhyun “pinching” sehuns neck. do u see what i see? he had his hand fisted in sehuns hoodie, but he also accidentally grabbed a hold of his mic wire as well

now i slowed that gif down a little so u could see what is happening, this contact lasted for LESS than a second i know this for a fact i made these gifs and i watched every single frame


sehun adjusting his hoodie from where baekhyun had grabbed it

sehun adjusting his mic wire, yep thats what he was doing, not “rubbing his neck in pain”

couldnt see it? thats ok!!! im here to help and inform u guys so here ill close up and slow it down some


now stop accusing baekhyun of being abusive to sehun, im not rolling with it. im out


Thanks for picking me up, man. Mom is worried sick about you. As usual. You’re not gonna tell her the details, are you? No. Look, I’m sorry that you had to deal with that stupid story, okay? We tried to stop it.
It’s old news. People were gonna find out. It’s cool. Listen, TJ, this is a really important week to me with the engagement. And there is a lot going on. So can you please just show up and be there for me this time? You know I always got your back, little bro.
Stop smiling at me, I was only born three minutes after you.
But you’ll still never catch up. Put on your seat belt. Okay.

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“Sheriff Swan, I’m letting you have thirty minutes with Henry. Take him out - buy him ice cream.”
“You want me to leave you alone with a prisoner?”

#this is the cutest scene ever #just look at henry #how happy he is #because he can spend half an hour with emma #and emma isn’t sure what to do #but it’s her son #and when he smiles at her #and says in an absolutely adorable way ‘hi emma’ #she just has to smile back #he makes her feel better in a heartbeat #and of course she takes him out #nothing is more important to her than to spend some time with her son #and to henry nothing’s more important than to spend some time with his mom #because he just loves her and needs her #but emma #emma just would do anything for him


#HappyChannieDay ♥


“Hey,” Dean said, catching you in the kitchen as you grabbed another round of beers for everyone. “Are you having a good time?”

“Best birthday ever,” you replied with a grin. And it was true, maybe even more so now that you were standing so near him, standing together in the sliver of light from the fridge.

“Happy birthday, Y/N,” he said, and stepped just a bit closer, effectively casting every birthday wish you’d had planned away in an instant in the wake of his green eyes, crinkled at the edges with a smile just for you.


BTS Reaction to Cuddly Girlfriend Who Lifts Shirt While Sleeping

This is a very cute request. I am personally very cuddly when I sleep with someone else and if it is hot I tend you lift my shirt slightly and place my hand on my stomach. It would be cute to cuddle with these boys. Hope you guys like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He looked down at you as you pulled yourself closer against him. Your tank-top was pulled up so your abdomen was showing. You nudged your head against his chest. He smiled as he looked at you, loving the sight of you peacefully sleeping.

Originally posted by sughyun

Suga: He watched you get into bed before him. He gave you a playful teasing look when you started pulling your shirt up a bi, annoyed at the heat of the blankets but not wanted the actual blanket off of you. When he joined you in bed, and noticed how you automatically started clinging to him. He was a little annoyed because he wanted to just sleep, but he secretly had to admit that he loved how cute it was.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

J-Hope: He was a bit bashful when he saw you pull up your shirt while you were sleeping. He didn’t know if it would seem pervy to touch you or hold you while you were sleeping, but the moment you pulled him closer against you, he threw his arms around you and snuggled against you.

Originally posted by bombtan

Rapmon: He didn’t really care when you pulled your shirt up. He figured you were probably just hot in bed, so he didn’t try making a big deal about it and acted normal. The moment you placed your head on his chest and pulled yourself against him, he smiled shyly. He didn’t touch you though; afraid of waking you up. He instead just stared down at you with a smile.

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Jimin: He was loving the feelings of your arms around him as you cuddled close to him in your sleep. He tried his hardest not to wake you and held you tightly in his arms, but when he saw your hands sleepily pull your shirt up slightly, he could not ignore it. He shook your shoulders slightly and when you woke up, he gave you a flirty look as he glanced back down at your bare abdomen.

Originally posted by pak-jemeeen

V: He lightly brushed his fingertips over the bare skin that was showing when you pulled your shirt up. The feeling of skin on skin made you shudder and pull yourself closer against him. You placed your head beside his, your arm over his chest, and your leg over his waist. He smiled down at you and rubbed his face against yours playfully.

Originally posted by cutemins

Jungkook: He completely froze. He had no idea what to do as he stared at your now bare stomach. You had pulled up your shirt out of habit; something that you had warned him you did out of habit. He had one arm behind your head and your hand rested on his chest. When you placed your head on the nook of his neck and your leg between his, he started blushing like crazy and could barely contain his giggles.

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AULuke goes out meeting fans outside the hotel you guys are staying in and the fans start questioning where you are. (not my gifs, just my edit.)

“Baby, wake up." 


You stirred, the feeling of sunlight illuminating your skin warming you up. You squinted your eyes and stretched your limbs before pushing your hair out of your face and slowly sitting up. 

When you had fully opened your eyes, Luke was seated next to you on the bed, fully clothed with damp hair, his hand on your knee. “You gotta get out of bed, babe,” he gave you a weak smile and kissed you on the forehead. 

Suddenly, you felt a deep sting in your head and your head shot up to hold onto it. You groaned, opening your mouth to say something but closing it again when you felt the dryness caused by the lack of saliva. 

“Hungover?” Luke grinned. You slapped his chest playfully, scolding him but nodding anyways. 

“How come you’re never hungover or tired after nights like these?" 

"I don’t know,” Luke shrugged. “Seems like I’ve become resistant to beers and long, hot nights with my girlfriend.” He had a smug grin on his face, poking your side. 

“You’re seventeen. Don’t act like you have so much experience." 

He chuckled at your sarcastic remark, even though you were just as old as he was.

You fell back in bed again, Luke climbing on top of you. "Get up, grumpy pants,” he mumbled, and smiled agaisnt your skin, pressing kisses all over your face. 

“I can’t,” you whined. “I’m too tired." 

"I understand why you’d be tired after last night,” Luke cheekily remarked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, shut it,” you groaned, digging your head back in the pillow. 

BTS REACTION - You acting shy after your ‘first time’.

My no.1 requester ♡
I’ll do my best, thank you! ♡ ♡

Kim Namjoon

You had both ended falling asleep without getting dressed after you had finished the night before.  When you woke up realising you were still naked you hurriedly wrapped your body in the bed covers.

Namjoon would just watch you with a smile.

“Jagiya, I’ve seen it all”

You’d playfully hit his arm. “Shut up” you’d mumble blushing.

Namjoon *gif*

Kim Seokjin

When you woke up, you’d be staring at the ceiling as you began to start talking to yourself.

“Did we really?” you’d ask yourself looking under the covers at your bare body.

“We did” Jin’s voice would answer beside you, you’d turn to face him, squealing before hiding your face. 

“Don’t be shy” he’d mumble gently moving your hands from your face to reveal your crimson red blush.

“You’re so cute” he’d smile as he caressed your cheek.

Min Yoongi

Thinking Yoongi was asleep, you’d use the opportunity to quickly slip back into some clothes. When you turned round to see Yoongi watching you, you’d become a stuttering mess.

“I-uh…last night was- um….”

He’d pull you back down onto the bed beside him. “Why don’t we refresh your memory?”

Jung Hoseok

You both would wake up at the same time, looking at each other for a few moments with a smile before remembering the night before. 

Hoseok would become even more of a giggling shy mess that you were. 

Park Jimin

When you woke up you would be greeted by Jimin’s gaze. He was already awake and smiling at you.  You could feel your body become to heat up before you buried your head in the pillow. 

“Don’t look at me” you’d mumble.

Jimin would let out a small laugh before cuddling closer to you. “That’s going to be hard, now that i’ve already seen all of you”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would of woken up before you, sitting beside you on the bed waiting for you to wake up.  

When you finally woke up, your cheeks would flush red and you move a little away from him, sitting up and covering your body.

Taehyung would jjust move closer to you and caress your cheek. “Don’t be shy, I have the shower running for both of us, it’s nice and warm” 

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook had always been the really shy one in your relationship, but after last night he became more confident but you became even more shy. 

You woke up to see him beside you, he’d try to make you feel less shy by giving you awkward compliments, which just caused you to laugh. 

Bts Reaction Where They Sleep Over For The First Time And They Find Out You're A Sleep Cuddler

Guys I am actually guilty of doing this on occasion haha.Hope you guys enjoy!

I do not own any of the gifs in this post.

-Admin Min

Namjoon- “What is she doing?’ At first he would think you were just fidgeting in your sleep, but as soon as he saw you latch onto him and nuzzle your face into his chest, he would softly chuckle at your cuteness and wrap his arms around you.

Originally posted by monchims

Suga-"Yahhh what is this?” We all know how much this boy loves his sleep so at first he’d wonder why you were moving around so much, but then once he realized that you had put your head on his chest, he would roll his eyes and give you a soft pat on the head and then fall back to sleep.

Originally posted by b-sonyeondan

Jin-“Ohh so cute” Momma Jin would give you a large smile and a soft kiss on your forehead once he saw how cute you looked while sleeping and he would definitely make sure to snuggle you back, making sure you were nice and warm.

Originally posted by sughyun

Hobi-“Aww my Jagi is so cute” Hobi would be like Jin and would want to cuddle you back while admiring how peaceful and cute you looked.

Originally posted by 93wons

Jimin-“Aw jagi you could have just asked to snuggle” Jimin would laugh at your cute little sleeping habit and softly poke your nose, wondering why you just didn’t snuggle him from the beginning.

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

V-“Jagi, are you awake?” As soon as you would start fidgeting he would probably just think you were waking up and start talking to you, but once he realized that you were still asleep, he would shake his head and softly laugh at his mistake and then continue to look at how cute you were.

Originally posted by bangtanxk

Jungkook-“Don’t worry Jagi, i’ll keep you warm” Kookie would giggle to himself as you wrapped your legs around him as well as your arms and he would wrap you up into his arms and hold you tight, causing him to fall asleep with a huge grin on his face.

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“Why are you glaring?” you sighed, tightening your grip on Clint’s muscular arm as you looked up at him from where you were resting your head on his shoulder. For the past hour or so you had been taking note of how your boyfriend’s eyes hadn’t stopped throwing daggers at the tall blond god who was laughing with Bruce in the corner.

“Why was Thor holding you when you came in?”

“My leg hurts Clint, he just offered to bring me back so I wouldn’t be uncomfortable,” you explained, sitting up as you realized something with a smile, “Wait a second, are you jealous?”

“Have you seen him? It’s not exactly a crazy idea,” Clint said defensively, looking down at your smiling face with an angry frown even as you leaned up and pressed a soft kiss to his warm cheek.

“You are so cute.”

Gif Credit: gif does not belong to this blog nor do we make any claim to it. Watermark indicated a stacyjacks

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  a stiles imagine where he doesn’t think she likes him but he’s in love with her so he’s flirting hardcore and suddenly his mouth just stops working (cause he’s stiles) and he just bursts with something like “I REALLY LIKE SNAKES” and she ends up just kissing him because he’s a cute dumb weirdo

doing two parts of this!!! because a) it’s cute b) i want to 


He was leaning on a locker like Jackson would so often do when showing off his muscles – problem was, Stiles didn’t have any and he had no idea why he chose to look so stupid in front of you. He saw a smile twitch on your face, your deep (colour) eyes sparkling with something he couldn’t quite make out and it left him breathless. His throat went dry. What was he going to say now?

“-I guess I could use a lesson or two, if you’re up for it, that is.” You replied to his flirty comment cheekily, holding in the urge to wink at him (despite Lydia telling you that that would totally work). You watched as he fiddled with his hands, his brown irises briefly roaming around the busy corridor before he bit his lip. He blinked, fast, smiling.

“Yeah, I mean-uh-I love snakes.” He blurred out, making you slap a hand over your mouth to hold in the giggles. You watched as his face paled, and awkwardly he cleared his throat “-magnificent creatures, my dad actually-well not my dad- my dads dad, who would technically be my grandpa, well not technically-uh- he owned a snake once. I loved it, it was great- look, I-uh, I’d love to pet one. I-if you have one. You do have a snake, right, (Name)?”

“No, but I have geometry homework that needs help doing,” You said, grinning, “My place after school?” You asked. You watched his mouth gape open like a fish out of water, before he eagerly nodded.

“Yeah, geometry!” A bright smile lit up his face, “-way better than snakes. And safer too!” He leaned off the stupid locker, grabbing his bag and throwing it over his shoulder as he slowly backed away “See you at the late-Gate!” And he dashed before you could change your mind.

Not that you would.


Character/pairing: Castiel
Random word or object: Otter
Emotion: Amused
Requested by: @myfand0msandm0re 

“Hey, have you seen my–laptop,” Sam said catching sight of Cas bent over the keyboard, staring in contentment and rapt attention at something on the screen. “Oh… God…” Sam gulped, suddenly worried that Dean had put Cas up to something unsavory. He moved around to the other side of the table cautiously. “Please don’t be porn. Please don’t be porn. Please don’t be porn–Otters?”

Sam scoffed out a laugh and bent down to peer at what had Cas so attentive. The angel smiled as a river otter on the screen tossed a pebble back and forth between it’s paws.

“Sam! I didn’t see you come in. Aren’t they just,” he shook his head and grinned, apparently unable to come up with the right word to describe his admiration or peel his eyes away from the screen.

Sam laughed again. “Yeah, they’re pretty cute.” He peered at the toolbar. “How many tabs do you have open, Cas? Are these… all otters?” 

Cas smiled. “Yes. This one here,” he said, switching to a different tab, “is collecting the balls that the trainer throws out. And did you know that sea otters often hold paws while they float on the surface so they don’t drift apart?”

Sam shook his head and laughed. “You’ve discovered the joys of the internet and cute animals. I’ll see if I can borrow Dean’s laptop…”

EXO Reaction to You Moving In Together

Ah, the thought of moving in with your S/O is just so cute. It would be amazing with any of these boys. I hope you enjoy this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Baekhyun: You had just finished bringing in the last box. Baekhyun was already sitting on the single couch in the room. You rolled your eyes as you looked at him, annoyed because you had brought in a majority of the boxes. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into his lap on the couch. He smiled at you warmly and looked around the room with you. “Well, it looks pretty blank at the moment, but we can paint the room… blue?” He asked as he started thinking about the room. You laughed and shook your head. “No, I think a light purple would look better. Maybe the color you dyed your hair that one time.” You joked as you poked his nose.

Originally posted by parkchny

Chanyeol: “Okay, can you imagine this. We could put my piano over there. And we can then put the guitars near the window, and your art stuff on the desk over there near the computer. Does that sound good to you?” He asked as he started pointing out everything that you could do. He had a huge smile on his face as he thought about what laid ahead for the two of you now that you would be living together. The more he stared at the empty house, the more his mind raced with different plans that he could do for each and every room.

Originally posted by dibidibi-disrespectful

Chen: He laid on the couch and watched as you started to open the boxes. You pulled out several pieces of wood and nuts and bolts and tools. He laughed as you flipped through the instructions for the table you were trying to build. You looked up at him and groaned in annoyance. He just laughed and started wiggling around on the couch. “Jagi, just put it aside for now. You don’t have to worry about that. We can just figure it out later.” He taunted and waved you over. You ignored him; looking back at the instructions before finally giving up and just settling into his lazy arms.

Originally posted by hobbit-is-life

D.O.: He was nervous to finally be moving in together. He was dying to, of course, but he was worried that you would hate it every time he had to leave for practice or tour. He didn’t want to get a place together just for you to be alone a lot, but after seeing how excited you were for it, he agreed. The moment he saw you standing in what would be the kitchen, picking out the room color from a swatch stick, he knew that he had made the right decision. “What do you think about a pale blue?” You asked from over your shoulder. He simply smiled. “Anything you want jagi.”

Originally posted by dyoru

Kai: He was excited from day one. He knew that moving in with you would mean getting to see you more often. He was the one who had told you to move in with him, and he let you make the decisions with most of everything else. You got to pick the colors of the rooms and the furniture that would go into them. But he started to regret it a bit as he saw you picking very bright and pastel colors. But that was until he saw the room that you had kept a secret from him. You opened the door to the basement and he almost squealed in excitement when he saw the mirrors and you placed on the walls for the make shift dance studio.

Originally posted by luy-a

Lay: The moving in process was not a big thing to him. He found it interesting to have you so close to him finally, but it wasn’t until he was getting ready for bed that he realized how amazing it would be like to have you with him. The only thing that was set in the room was the mattress and a few pillows, but the rest was still packed away in the boxes. You crawled into bed with him and it finally hit him that he would be going to sleep to the image of your beautiful face and waking up to the same thing every day. He could feel his heart racing and all he could do was smile over at you.

Originally posted by chan-lay

Sehun: “I told you, if you want to move in with Oh Sehun, then you are doing the unpacking.” He joked as he watched you struggle to carry in the first box. He laughed when you rolled your eyes at him and hurried to help you. “Last time I checked, you were the one who asked me to move in with you. I can go back to my roommate.” You pointed out. He pulled you into his arms and kissed your forehead. “No, no, no, it is too late. I already packed all my stuff, so you are stuck with me.” He pointed out and helped to get the rest of the boxes; doing most of the work but pouting as he finally took a rest.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Suho: You were shocked to see him standing in the living room, the furniture completely set and the rooms painted. Suho was standing at the center of the living room and smiling at you. “I had the boys come over and help finish everything. Surprise.” He said as he pulled you into a kiss. You smiled up at him, and in that moment, he knew that he had everything he could ever want. He was staring down at your face happily. He knew that although he would have to leave for tours and shows, he would always be reassured with the knowledge that he would be coming home to you.

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Xiumin: He was happy to have you moving in with him. Although you didn’t have a lot of things, he was excited to start thinking about what everything could be like. “We can place a book shelf there, and the pictures over the fireplace, and the couch across from it. OH! And we could use that room as an art room for now until we have kids. Then it can be their playroom.” He said excitedly as he jumped up and down, pointing out everything that he had in mind. Your head was spinning as he talked. It was the most you had ever seen him talk before.

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