This piece was done for one of my contributors who requested the topic; ‘Cat Goddess.’ So naturally, I had to draw Bastet; one of my favourite Egyptian Goddesses.

I included the gif for those who enjoy seeing my process! As always, if you are interested in commissioning me, just send me a message!

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Okay, I’m sorry for this rant (and the GIF that isn’t exactly my best work), but can we please just talk about Hinata for a moment?

It’s really sad that people view her merely as Naruto’s love interest. I admit that when I began reading the manga waaaay back when I was a kid I saw her that way too. Then I realized that yeah, she may not have kicked a rabbit goddess’s butt, have been deemed as one of the strongest kunoichi, or had the most obvious and conspicuous character development like Sakubae, but Hinata is a great heroine in her own right.

People would scoff and say that “She’s just an obsessed stalker”. Well, I wouldn’t go as far as calling her an obsessed stalker, but she is a lover. And this is why most people think lowly of her. Today, women empowerment encompasses the “I don’t need a man” ideology, thus, the fact that Hinata’s development “revolves around Naruto” makes her a “weak female character”. Yes, Naruto was part of her character development because he was her inspiration. And this is what led her to train harder and turn into one awesome Hyuuga Badass. This is what led her to find her own resolution. BUT do you really think that she’d reach this far solely because of Naruto? No, she got this far because of her own resolution. Her love for Naruto was merely a spark that ignited the fire of her burning will to become stronger. Frankly, this is why I think Hinata is such a realistic character. At some point in a person’s (if not everyone’s) life, s/he must have been inspired by something or someone. I know I would be a total wreck by now if it weren’t for the people who inspired me. But I also know that if I stopped with mere inspiration, I probably wouldn’t have accomplished anything either. I knew I had to start walking on my own. 

I really adore this girl. I don’t think Naruto would end up being the hero of Konoha if it weren’t for her words of encouragement. Her definition of selfishness was selflessness. Yes, Hinata is a girl in love, but isn’t it that love is what ultimately pushes us to do great and heroic things?     

Vampie!Loki || Open

“Oops. You weren’t supposed to see that.” The goddess-vampire laughed softly, her laughter sounding like beautiful bells. This could have almost been a beautiful scene if it wasn’t for the fact that she had just ripped open a man’s throat and drained all the blood from his body. The extra blood dripping from her mouth stained her shirt as well as the ground, she didn’t care. Not now at least, she was high off of the blood and relieved that the burning in her throat had disappeared. It took almost six people to satisfy her new born vampire needs, but now she felt wonderful. 

I always thought that the Lord of Spirits had the power to just know everything…

Happy birthday to my Leia. ( ˘ ³˘)♥


“W-What? How?” Sam asked not understand what you just said. Dean also didn’t understand very well.

“Normally, when a goddess and a god make ‘love’, they have a child and that child is born a god example Phobos and Deimos, were born with their own… Uh… ‘Powers’. But I do not. I just have characteristics of my kin. And so here I am, the gods hate less.” You said in a sad tone, trying to understand why it had to happen to you.

“That is sad. But you have to us. We accept the way you are.” Dean amiably said trying to cheer you up. You smiled and thanked.