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but after steven pranked lars didn't he feel really bad for hurting him? i mean it was nice when he seemed like an actual character who made mistakes

Back in the day Steven was portrayed as a young naive child who had a lot to learn. He made mistakes and were called out on them. When it came to the crystal gems he was treated as a young rookie who was heavily protected in dangerous situations. Now it feels as if he is the leader of the cg’s and the other gems are just tagging along behind him. I mean in Room for Ruby Garnet just said “Steven do your thing” (Something like that) and just walked of with out doing anything it feels like the cg’s are NPC’s that just stand there and wait for the main character to interact with them. I know Steven is the main character but in the older times the show was about Steven learning amongst the gems about his gem half. A couple years later it seems like the CG’s feel like hes an expert now even though he is literally just a 14 year old child. I mean yeah he has more control of his powers but no matter how strong he is he is still just a young boy who still has much to learn. Why didn’t the CG’s who were meant to be Bismuth’s closest friends protest even a little bit about bubbling her away forever after Steven proposed it. Why are these characters who have been around for how many thousands of years blindly following around a 14 year old boy? I know I went on a bit but it is something that has been bugging me for quite a bit

Number 97- William Nylander


Anon:  i saw you were doing the writing prompts thing and i love you’re writing so much!! do you think you could do number 97 with William Nylander or literally any of the leafs?? thanks!

I pick William as I said he’s my fav and thank you it means a lot that people enjoy my writing 

“You’ve been drinking… haven’t you?”

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Y/N sat with some of the other girlfriend and WAGS of the Toronto maple leafs some of the guys went out and the girls wanted to spend sometime together and Molly didn’t want to leave Kanon alone or with a sitting being he had not been feeling well lately. But still wanted Tyler to go out with the guys so all the girls where at the Bozak’s house just drinking some wine and talking.

“So Y/N how things with William?” asked Sidney Matt Martin Wife 

“really good he can be a pain when it comes to keeping things clean sometimes but besides that everything is great.”

everyone laughed

“get used to it sweetie I don’t think any of the guys know what clean is.” said Molly with a laugh 

“I still don’t know how Steph deals with Mitch all the time.” Steph laughed at my comment

“It takes a bit but you get used to him and plus I love him.”

“Awee Steph turning in to a softy.” Y/N teased taking a sip of her wine 

when they heard little footsteps they all turned their head to see Tyler and Molly son walk out of a hall way

“Mommy I can’t sleep.”

“Buddy you got to try it’s way pasted your bed time come on I’ll but you back to bed.”

“Can Aunt Y/N come.”

“Of course bud.” Y/N said putting her glass down and got up

ever since Y/N first time sitting with the girls Kanon had taken a liking to her and would sit with her any chance he got Y/N never minded it at all she loved Kanon and she loved when she babysat him. Some times she would drag William along but the three of them always had fun she would tease Auston on how Kanon loved her and didn’t like him but it was ll in good fun.

When Y/N had gotten Kanon to his room she made sure he sat in his bed and tucked him in 

“Their you go bud now get some sleep.”

“Aunt Y/N can you tell me a story.”

“:Okay what do you want it to be about.”

The knight one.”

Y/N smiled as she started the short story for the little boy who didn’t get any where near the ending before fallowing asleep when she got up Molly was in the door way and gave her smile 

“I have no idea how you do it Y/N.”

“Two little brothers year of practice that’s all Moll.”

just as Molly was going to talk Y/N phone went off and a picture of William smiling face showed up so she answered it

“Hey Will , whats up?

“I love you so so so much Y/N/N.”

“I love you too Will.”

“No you don’t understand how much I love you Y/N.”


But he cut her off before she could keep talking

“No I love you so much i want to marry you someday and I want to have kids i want two boys and a little girl the first boy can be called Noah because you love that name than the second can be Asher than the little girl can be Lillian.”

“You’ve been drinking… haven’t you?”  Y/N asked with a little laugh

“Just a little tiny bit.”

“Okay how about you hang up the phone will and I know Matt said he wasn’t drinking tonight and you find him and get him to drive you home and I will meet you there okay.”

“and we can talk more about Noah Asher and Lillian?”

“Yes William we can talk more about them.”

Honestly, Aries season is already 10 times better than Pisces season, I feel like Pisces season always is a mess, (especially with that Venus retrograde) because it’s the last sign in the lineup and everything is just a mess, emotions and stress are just building up. My fire dominant self is pleased that it’s Aries season and I feel reborn

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Hey! So, I saw your post about you wanting people to ask you thigs, or basically to feed your inbox :) And I thought of asking you which supergirl character do you feel is similar to you... Hope it's not to difficult to answer ;) Bye

Heyy! First of all, thank you so much for interacting with me, it literally makes my day!

 So, to answer your question, I believe that the character in supergirl to whom I am the most similar to, is, without a doubt, Alex Danvers.

 I just feel like I have had similar experiences to her throughout my life. For starters, I, too, fill the role of the one kid whose parents expect the most from, and, inadvertently, end up putting the most pressure upon, (sometimes without even realizing they’re doing it), so I can definitely relate a lot to what Alex has gone though, the whole experience of always having to be “the perfect daughter”, and never really feeling quite up to snuff, at least at my parents eyes, in a way. It can be quite overwhelming to have all that pressure lie on your shoulders all the time, especially when you can clearly see that your siblings don’t get nearly as much pressure on them to be “the best”.

 I am also someone who has always had to hide their feelings, (same as Alex), ever since I started realizing what it meant to have them. For me, feelings have always been considered a “weakness”, and so I’ve tried to suppress them over the years, not only my feelings toward girls, but in general.

 On another note, (and just like Alex), I hope to be working in law enforcement in a few years to try to make this world a better and safer place for everyone to live in. Being a detective has always been a dream of mine ever since I was a child, and I seriously hope to make it happen as soon as I possibly can.

 I also like to consider myself a bit of a badass, like Alex surely is, in the sense that I have some knowledge in the martial arts field (I’ve been doing karate, which is pretty much my safe haven right now and an activity I absolutely love to do, for a few years now, and I’m actually quite good at it).  💪 😁

 Finally, we’re both total sucker for pretty ladies and cool weapons!   😂

 This list could go on and on, but for the purposes of simplicity, and because it is already pretty big as it is, I’m going to wrap it all up with a few gifs. Thanks once again for sending me things™, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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you're on meds?

Yeah. I take some for my anxiety/stress and depression. ;v; It’s been a lot better after a couple increases in dosage. And if some of you have been following me for the past 5-7 months or so I’m sure some of you have had to witness my struggles… But I’m very happy that I’ve been eating again, and I’ve been feeling like myself the past couple months. Also, the classes I’m taking this semester are a lot better! My drawing and media arts classes are my favorites! :D

Gosh I’m just watching the scene with Snow and Killian again…and I just want to cry. I wish the show was more consistent and had scenes of this quality throughout every episode because this one was so moving. The way it was shot, Snow hugging Killian and affirming him, Colin’s devastating ability to show every nuance and layer of Killian’s emotions and thought process, and the decision he comes to after hearing one word: home. And in that moment he knows he can’t leave–that being the better man means going back and dealing with his demons with the woman he loves by his side.

I feel like we were gifted Colin when he stepped into this role because his acting never fails to reach right into my heart and tug hard. Cheesy as hell, but it’s true. We were gifted him, and Jen, and this love story, and even though me and the show are touch-and-go, I need to see these two get their happy ending. They’ve more than earned it.

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A question about daredevil, Foggy says Matt doesn't have long relationships and we see through the series that yeah, it's 100% true. But, and here's the real deal: haven't they been "friends" for years?? Like, is it safe to say that Matt'a longest relationship is with Foggy, then. I just really freakin hate how this two losers are wasting their time, what the hell

Oh, Foggy is 100% Matt’s longest and in a lot of ways most emotionally intimate relationship. The timeline of the show is, as we know, kind of a mess, but if you assume that they met in 2006, Matt has now had Foggy in his life for longer than he had Jack in his life.

I think it’s very much a case of Matt not feeling the need for a serious relationship with anyone else because he’s already getting all the support and companionship and comfort he needs from Foggy, and Foggy not quite realizing how significant that is from Matt’s end because of course Foggy would provide those things, Foggy was put on this Earth to nurture and Matt Murdock needs nurturing. So Foggy has no idea how important he is to Matt, and Matt’s terrified to show him because everyone he loves abandons him or dies or both.

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So what about Ali and Ashlyn at practice and at one point Ash says something like "you're standing really close to me" and Ali moves away and then Ashlyn is like "I wasn't complaining" or something like that... idk just an idea. Love your writing btw :)

    Ali had quickly gotten over her nerves of being at a new club. A lot of that was because of Ashlyn. She knew that Ali was nervous even though she wouldn’t admit it, so she always made sure that she stayed close to Ali in case she needed her or just to make her more comfortable. Ali had been playing in Orlando for weeks now but it always made her feel better to just be close to Ashlyn, so she never strayed too far away. All of their team mates noticed but decided not to say anything because they thought that it was cute.

    Practice was going well but Tom decided that the girls deserved a break and he had some announcements to make anyway. The team was huddled up in the middle of the field and Ali was pressed against Ashlyn’s back like she always was. Ashlyn was trying to listen to Tom but she was having trouble paying attention with Ali pushed up against her.

    Ashlyn turned her head and her nose brushed against Ali’s cheek. “You’re standing kind of close to me.” Ashlyn whispered.

    “Oh, sorry.” Ali said as she backed up a few steps.

    Ashlyn stuck her hand out and wrapped it around Ali’s wrist. She pulled her back to where she was before. Once Ali was back, pressed just as closely to Ashlyn as she was before she moved, Ashlyn gave Ali and smirk and said, “It was just an observation, not a complaint.”

    Ali smiled at Ashlyn and wrapped her arms around Ashlyn’s waist. Neither of them really knew what Tom was talking about but they could ask someone else later. They were both a little too focused on each other to comprehend all of the information that Tom was giving them.

    Once they had separated from the huddle, everyone went back to what they were doing in practice, except for Ali who mindlessly followed Ashlyn to the net at the back of the field.

    “Hey, Krieger!” Sarah called out from the middle of the field. “Didn’t get enough cuddle time with your girl in the huddle?”

    Ali blushed and looked at Ashlyn. “Oh, I guess I should get back to work.”

    Ashlyn laughed and grabbed Ali’s hand. “That’s probably a good idea, unless you want to be mercilessly teased for hanging onto me for the rest of your days.”

    Ali gently slid her hand out of Ashlyn’s and ran over to where Sarah was waiting for her. Ashlyn couldn’t tell what they were saying as they ran across the field, but Sarah was laughing and Ali was doing her best to hide the blush on her cheeks and laughed along. Ali quickly looked over her shoulder and saw Ashlyn watching her. She gave Ashlyn a little wave and headed back to the sidelines to talk to one of the coaches.

    “Alright, Harris. We get it. You’re in love. Now let’s get to work.”

    For a split second, Ashlyn felt like she was being scolded until she saw the grin on her coaches face that told her that he was only teasing her.

    Ashlyn laughed and kicked the soccer ball up with with her foot. “You’re just jealous.”

    Practice was coming to a close and all of the girls were collecting gear from around the field so they could put it away in the locker room. Tom brought everyone together so that he could do a quick debrief before he let everyone go or the day. Ashlyn sat down next to Kristen and Toni was about to sit on the other side of Ashlyn when Sarah spoke up from the other side of the little circle that they had formed.

    “Careful Toni, We’re gonna have to deal with an unhappy Kriegs if you sit next to Ash.”

    Just then, Ali appeared behind Toni and gave her a gentle nudge so that she could sit close to Ashlyn. Sarah laughed and Ali scooted right up to Ashlyn and wrapped her hand around her bicep and laid her head on her shoulder. Sarah was smiling at them the entire time and she lifter her hands up into the shape of a heart. Ali just stuck her tongue out and brought herself impossible closer to Ashlyn.

    “You’re sitting kind of close to me.” Ashlyn said as she turned her head to press a quick kiss to Ali’s cheek.

    Ali looked up at her and smiled. “Yep. And I’m not going anywhere.”

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Hey! Can I ask if there was any specific reason why you took down the "Of You and I" story on Ao3? I super liked it! I thought it was really very interesting! I saw the chapter 2 update but when I went to read it, it said it didn't exist. No worries if you had any negative personal feelings or anything, I was just a bit curious. I hope you're having a great rest of your day :)

I’m just not satisfied with the pacing and structure, so I took it down to work on some more. With something as heavy as that story, it takes a lot of effort to write, and I wasn’t satisfied with the initial product, so I’m rehashing it. That’s all :D

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Do u think Elena was aware of her feelings for Stefan or were they too buried ? Or did she think it was pointless to bring them up bc it was too late ?

I don’t think Stefan or Elena let themselves be aware but there are moments of wistfulness that naturally transpire between them:

Or private smiles

Where it’s like clearly what they’re feeling for each other as they’re smiling, as they’re vibing isn’t platonic, like Elena’s smiles with Matt are platonic:

And in terms of dealing with the other being in relationships, like I said before, I think Stefan made up his mind that Elena would never choose him again and he made up his mind to never pursue her so he spent a lot of time making sure Damon and Elena worked, like if all this drama happened between the three of them, then DE had to work:

While with Elena, she just acts out, like she can’t handle it

or she chooses to remove herself completely like she did with Steroline.

So I think they know on some level that their love is still there but they made choices so they follow their choices.

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Hello. As I've told u, I'm currently struggling a lot with my ongoing chapter. (Context : It's my first fic !) I was wondering whether you had some chapters of the dead season that you absolutely hated, and did you manage to come to terms with it eventually ? Luv u, xo

Hey Amburu!! (*^_^*) xoxo

First of all: Yes, yes, yes. Writing can feel like a struggle sometimes, especially when  just starting out. Part of this is because we just don’t always know what to expect out of our writing process yet, and so we’re often left wondering, “At what point will this start to feel right or finished?” It’s hard to trust ourselves, as writers, and this can be discouraging, but just like with any skill, we can’t get better unless we persevere. I like to think that writing improvement exists like a series of plateaus. It is not incremental. It’s like, you are on one plateau for a really long time, and then one day, you sort of hit critical mass. You’ve written so much, a pattern has struck. You’ve figured something out, even if it is not conscious, and suddenly, you’re just better. This process never ends.

Now, to your question: In terms of the writing process, it can take a long time and a lot of words to hit the point where you feel like you can actually trust your instincts. Or, at least it did for me. In fact, The Dead Season is my first project in which I feel like I’ve actually honed a writing process that works, and I have been writing fiction for a long, long time. Part of my writing process is experiencing a great deal of doubt, at some point in the week, as to whether or not the chapter is going to come together at all. This makes me anxious, as it would many of us, and certain chapters have made me more anxious than others. I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever hated any of my chapters themselves, but there are certainly chapters that have given me a lot of stress and self-doubt, and this is a feeling that I very much dislike.

For example, my early chapters, ie: about 1-7, feel super experimental and are very small. I’m not terribly happy with them by any stretch. But I have, over time, found small things that are working, and things that, in the long run, I actually like very much and would not change. For example, there are some rare, very strange and dark moments in the Fade, and we don’t actually go to the Fade all that often in TDS, so this is good. This is important. There are also some early seeds planted per Solas’s complex friendships with both Sera and Dorian, and Sene and Sera as well, plus Sene and Cole. These are big relationships that I was already investigating early on, and so while those chapters certainly aren’t perfect, I feel good about the fact that this has ALWAYS been a story about friendship, first and foremost, and that’s something I have not forgotten.

I’ve also accepted the fact that I was still new to the story back then and still feeling my way through and figuring out what was to come. So of course my early chapters weren’t going to be as careful and multi-layered as chapters that would come much later. This is a serial piece, which makes it feel, to me, a little like writing for TV, in terms of methodology. It took me a minute to figure out my formula, my process, my characters, but once I did, things started to take shape much more quickly and reliably.

Writing is hard, and it can be a struggle, but that is normal. The most important thing to remember, especially when writing more or less publicly, like for a fandom, is to not compare yourself and your writing to others and their writing. That is a toxic beast that we all fall prey to from time to time, but it will hamper your creativity more than anything. Also, and more practically, a lot of the time, when a chapter is causing problems, it might just be that you need to step back, locate the problem, and solve it in the quickest way possible so that you can move forward. Can’t get a transition to work? Then fuck it. Take the transition out and just put in a page break instead. Writing is sometimes just grunt work. It’s just problem-solving. Getting from point A to point B. The art we read on any brilliant page of any piece of writing we love takes many gruelling drafts to complete. It is a process. No writing comes out perfectly on the first try. <3

UNDER THE CUT: I go through some specific chapters in TDS that I really struggled with, mostly to give you some concrete perspective on the fact that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your struggle to bring a chapter together. This is for anyone who’s interested!! (It was no bother and actually very productive! <3) Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions!!

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Why do I feel like Grayson would be extremely sexy when he gets angry 🙄 I can't get it out of my head xx - G

Uggggghhh. Just imagine flushed cheeks, lips in a tight line, hair disheveled, hands in tight fists and just lots of yelling, punching walls and the angry make-up sex… Alright, I’ll stop now. I need to go take a break because whoa *fans self*

Idk man Draco didn't end up being that bad

Draco was a jerk but when people say that that’s all he is it really gets to me bc Draco was extremely complex and smart and grew to be his own person ,,, I feel like Draco was just extremely lonely and therefore he felt the need to please his parents because he had no one else,,,, yeah he was a prick but he grew to redeem himself and think for himself,,,,, can’t deny he was a complete jerk while he was in school, but there are a lot of reasons as to why that was,, and also there were a lot of sides to him that the crew™ didn’t get to observe,,,,

K and I are having dinner on Friday. I’m really looking forward to seeing him - it’s been three months and we have a lot to catch up on. I have been hesitant to spend time with him, largely because I knew I needed the distance and I knew I needed to…not fall for him again. I had to give myself space to grieve and move on. It feels so good to finally be in a place where I know I will see him and just see a friend. I’m looking forward to it.

On another dreamy and hopeful note, I want all of my poly people and crushes to be in one big house together. Is that so much to ask?

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50. for everyone else?? sorry, i just really love your headcanons and such!!!

nothing to apologize for, dude!! these are so much fun to do :) and thank you so much!! I’m gonna stick Goody in here just for good measure ;)

Mag7 guilty pleasures

Sam Chisolm: I don’t know why, but I feel like Sam really likes music. However, he views paying to see a performance as an extravagance, so he only does it once in a long while. When he goes though, he often brings some friends from the War, and they always have a grand time.

Joshua Faraday: Faraday indulges in a lot of pleasures, but he doesn’t feel guilty about most of them. Once in awhile though, when he’s had a lot to drink as a result of having a lot on his mind, he vents to Vasquez, reminiscing about his past, about his mistakes, about losing his family, and about how his life could have gone differently if he were a better person. He hates burdening other people with his problems, and it’s embarrassing to him to reveal that he has feelings, and strong ones at that, but he always feels better afterward.

Vasquez: I think Vas wants to have a pet, but it’s really not practical because of his lifestyle. But if he finds a stray cat or dog, he takes it with him for as long as he can, feeding it and caring for it, even though he knows it’ll be hard to let the creature go when he eventually has to. Animals were better companions to him than people most of his life though, and he treats them lovingly.

Goodnight Robicheaux: I think given the opportunity, Goody would be a total foodie, and would probably spend a LOT of time and money on good food. I could definitely picture him being a really good (but showy) cook and trying out a lot of exotic dishes that require fancy ingredients which take most of his earnings to buy. Also I think he’d probably use Billy as a guinea pig to test all his cooking experiments on and Billy pretends to be grudging about it but it’s actually mostly really good food and he’s glad Goody found a new hobby.

Billy Rocks: FANCY HAIR PRODUCTS! jk jk. I feel like Billy can sing. He wasn’t allowed to when he was an indentured servant and he still feels guilty and nervous whenever he does it, but when he’s by himself and no one can hear, he does, usually in Korean. One day, maybe he’ll be able to do it with a clear conscience.

Red Harvest: I think there are a few kinds of white people food he likes- maybe some desserts?- and he eats them when no one is looking because he doesn’t want anyone to know he likes them. In a modern AU, he’s the guy you find with a spoon in the freezer at 2:00AM.

Jack Horne: Jack doesn’t smoke; he figures it’s not healthy even though he can’t put his finger on why. But once in awhile on a quiet summer night he smokes a pipe on the front porch of his cabin while the sun sets.

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So I'm in a day program that is supposed to help me with my anorexia. Usually it's challenging but not overly so. However today they had us eat a lot of desserts and I'm just feeling shity about my body and what I ate in general, I would exercise it off but I'm not even medically cleared to go for a walk. I think that I just need someone to talk to but I don't feel like I can trust any of my friends or parents. What do u think I should do? Ps, sorry I just spewed my feelings on you...

omg dont be sorry love! I had someone message me just to tell me they got a good grade on a test and now we are friends (u kno who u r) and someone else to rant about a chick in their class (u kno who u r 2)

If you ever need someone to talk to im here! Even if youre not an ed based account or want to keep your ed a secret.

you gotta remember i see everyone who subscribes to me, and i keep that a secret.

i would never share your profile or your name or anything like that without permission 

Off the Wagon

Don’t feel too bad about it, though. I think I just shouldn’t post before and afters anymore, or announce when I lose weight, it is seriously like clockwork. 

I had pasta, Thai food, cookie dough, pizza, and lot’s of white wine since I last logged. I think I’m going to try for a really long run today and then face the music by entering those values in. I’m still on track to run 100 miles this month, and I’m just going to focus on that goal for right now. That, and not drinking. Which hasn’t been easy because….

Some shit has been going down in my social life lately, and it is so, so easy to get derailed when I’m this emotionally stressed. It’s such shit. I’ve spent most of today in bed, drinking coffee, angrily typing about what’s going on….time spent not at the gym, or meal-prepping, or focusing on myself or my well being. I know I need to chill but it’s hard when there’s this dark cloud of someone baiting you for a fight. I’m totally in the right, but the person baiting me is super defensive and will spend her life blissfully unwilling to admit any wrongdoing, and it’s just haunting my days right now. I drank a fuckton to cope with it Saturday, didn’t drink last night which was good, and probably can’t tonight because of an early AM tomorrow which is all well and good. I hate this feeling but avoiding conflict inevitably gets you here, at least when dealing with someone who enjoys conflict.