Sigh, Victor....CHILL!

Yuuri: Talking about flexibility

Victor: Who the hell is Chihoko? Is he better than me?

Yuuri: Talking about sunglasses

Victor: Who is Ray Ban? Is he as handsome as me?

Yuuri: Talking about cars

Victor: Damnit Yuuri, who is Ferrari. I’m cooler, right?

Yuuri: Talking about his favorite alcohol

Victor: Yuuurrriii, who is Absinthe? Do they look good naked?

Yuuri: Talking about dogs

Victor: Wait, who is this Jack Russell? I’m more interesting.

Yuuri: Talking about food

Victor: Oh no, who is Dulce? Is he cuter than me?

Yuuri: Talking about clothing

Victor: Ok, what kind of name is Ralph Lauren?

Yuuri talking about his favorite ice skater

Victor: Who is this Victor? Can he really beat me?

Yuuri: Grinning at Victor while watching him figure it out

Victor: Yuuuuuri, I LOVE YOU! (tackles Yuuri to the ground in a hug)


Before we go on I just wanted to swing back to Amaterasu for a second because like. 

On the one hand I absolutely know that she is speaking to Kurogane (as if he were actually listening, which he probably can’t do right now). 

But on the other hand her speech is ABSOLUTELY 100% the kind of dialogue that characters have when they’re in a stage play. They just, walk on up there and announce who they are, where they came from, and why they’re here. 


So I can’t draw people but!!! These aren’t people!! So it’s all good :) and I tried my best so I hope you like them!!! It’s a happy little Anti axolotl with a speckled belly and a super grumpy and speckly Dark axolotl!! I hope they’re okay :)



Repeat after me: Harassing someone for having a different opinion is not okay.

We all talk endlessly about how it is ugly if people sent other people anon hate. We all have reblogged multiple posts on how anons should be ignored or reported and how no one should ever stoop so low as to sent it. So many good people have been through hell, because of hate they got and some great blogs quit, because of it. Every fandom is riddled with this toxic behaviour and yet people try to stand against it.

In every fandom we’ll always have people that have different opinions or interest or simply a different tone than we like. People usually ignore each other, or if that doesn’t help people block each other. Yet those things are done in private and without much of a fuss. Everyone has different priorities or opinions, so you do what you do anywhere else and swiftly move on, without giving each other grief about it. There is no need for it.

What is wrong with some people around here though? Calling someone out for having a different opinion is bullying at its finest. Exposing someone’s URL as someone who has a different opinion than you is threatening behaviour. That’s harassment. That’s ugly, hateful, toxic, and absolutely disgusting. It makes you into a vile person. You don’t out someone as a person you dislike and tell others to bully them for you. You don’t incite witch hunts. You don’t start a group hate on others for not being on the same side as you. You don’t use tumblrs features to bully others. What is so difficult to understand? Why do some people behave like a mop of the teenage inquisition? Such behaviour only creates more hate and more importantly: it hurts and violates people. If you call out another URL for being an in your eyes undiserable person, it is equivalent to you putting a flyer with an ugly name on their back, then patting your friends, circling this poor person you dislike, and communily you throw insults at them, you laugh at them, and then you push them around. That is schoolyard bullying at its worst.

If you really can’t stand someone having a different opinion than you: ignore them, unfollow them, block them. It’s so easy to not be a mean bully on this website.

Maybe you should take a look at tumblr’s community guidelines:

Harassment. Don’t engage in targeted abuse or harassment. If anyone is sending you unwanted messages or reblogging your posts in an abusive way, we encourage you to be proactive and block the hell out of them. And if someone blocks you, don’t attempt to circumvent the block feature or otherwise try to communicate with them. Just stop.

P.S.: And you all should know the difference between an opinion, harassment, and lies. Opinions can get discussed and disagreed on, harassment gets called out and reported, lies will rightfully get called out. If anything the 100 Days of Trump should have taught people the difference.