breaking in | gajevy

prompt: “i thought someone was breaking into my apartment but it turns out you just forgot your key and thought this was your place” AU 

notes: slightly ooc, but i had fun writing it and that’s all that really matters

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Levy almost didn’t notice the noise at the door, as lost in her book as she was. In fact, at first she thought she was just imagining it. She knew better than to read horror novels late at night, they always freaked her out. So when the thumping near the door started, she just brushed it off as her imagination.

And sure enough it soon faded until she all but forgot about it.

At least until the scratching near the window started.

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nevermind the consequence of sin
nevermind the pain you feel within
i don’t care as long as you are here by my side

Over-Energetic || [Rin/Sousuke/Nitori/Momo]

Summary: Mikoshiba Momotarou is a ball of energy and he’s driving everyone on the Samezuka swim team up the wall. Luckily, his friends know exactly how to tire him out.

Heyyyyyyy, my very first entry into the tickling fanfic community! Requested by wigglywormy, hope you like it!


“I’m just saying, you should probably pay more attention to your diet if you want to be an Olympic swimmer. You’ve got a lot of gaps in your micronutrients.”

Rin squinted and looked at the chart Rei had prepared based on a three-day dietary recall. While Rin was helping the bespectacled lad with his swimming, Rei had offered his own advice in sports nutrition in return. “There’s so much going on in this chart I don’t even know where to begin.“

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Hippo’s Creativity Challenge, Days Seven and Eight

Words written yesterday: 0
Words written today: 435
Words to goal: 3422/10,000
Days writing 250+ words: 6/8

Yesterday was another no-writing day. (Are you noticing a pattern to when I do two-day posts.) I got home late and tired, and basically had enough time to find and edit some screenshots for Adaar appreciation day, stretch, and fall into bed. But hey, at least there was creative activity of some sort!

Today I also got home late and tired, but still managed to fit in a bit of writing. This is a weird piece - I got seized by the desire to write Rory’s confrontation with Envy from the demon’s perspective. I have no idea what, if anything, I’ll ever do with this, but writing Envy is surprisingly fun/creepy.

I’m hoping this weekend gives me time to keep writing and do the editing I was (ahem) going to do Thursday. Some car maintenance and housework/yardwork shenanigans also need to happen; crossing fingers I can manage them all.

Good night!

i’ve been too tired/miserable/sick to make an acen weekend con post but i do wanna say this before anything else

I sketched a quick umineko picture during the con and got it autographed by ryukishi07 and he was really sweet and nice and overall he just seems like an awesome guy and his perspective on story writing is really weird and also really interesting so what I’m saying is, if he’s ever at a con you’re going to, go to his panels, they’re fun

edit to include picture of picture

snk-dmmd asked:

Hello! How are you? :) I just wanted to write you again if it's okay for you. (Please tell me if I'm annoying >_<)

Omg edit time: this answer got eaten by my stupid smileys

ANYWAY this message is a pleasant surprise and I don’t mind at all cause I don’t normally get these and it’s nice. I’ve been tired lately due to adjusting medications but I’ve been writing more which is great!

anonymous asked:

Making edits are actually not that easy and space/time consuming guys~~ just letting you know before committing to doing tHIS WHY DID I DO THIS

lmao, yeah, that’s why i?? don’t make them like i used to i got tired oops

ー admin sen

I am so darn tired!

I just can’t believe what a day its been. In a way it feels like it hasn’t been a busy day but it really has! I woke up and went to my interview that only took  like 5 minutes lol then I walked to the Gym where our event was taking place. The event lasted till 3pm. I got home and immediately I started editing. I just finished editing sessions now but I need to make Richards lunch still! 

I want to sleep. Its only 7:30 but I feel like its 10pm. Meanwhile 35mmliving is on ft with me and its almost 3am her time haha! 


Redglare’s Asshole Boss Part 2

Remember how I said I had things in the queue to edit so I can post? No? I probably didn’t even mention it, knowing me. Ah, well. This is a continuation to the last story I posted, written like the day after I wrote the first one. I’ll be working on links and the like, updating my blog and everything, in just a bit. So I’ll do the post-link thing then, too.

No, this does not mean I’m back to full-fledged writing. My wrists are very sore from yesterday, and editing kind of hurts. I just got tired of feeling guilty about not having anything for y’all to read.

It’s been like three fucking weeks. (Written April 21. Edited March 13.)

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stupid and senseless: the misha collins edition

You know what? I’m so fucking tired of Misha Collins. So fucking tired. He can go and fuck himself. Fuck his stupid character. Fuck his stupid Twitter. Fuck his self-indulgent charity. Fuck his rabid fans. Just fuck Misha Collins.

When people called him out, he naturally got all defensive, because charity absolves you from realising that certain jokes are in poor taste…


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So after I (temporarily, just got it back) lost my backpack last night I had a dream about it.

I had lost it in a mysterious underground arcade.
After much pleading, they stuck a key into a giant white mechanical future door and it raised all the way, revealing a future arcade with a massive ball pit. I found my backpack, and played some Daytona USA on a huge screen. There was also a special edition of Scud Race where you could play as Spider Car, a car with four really long legs that ended in suction tires that walked instead of driving. It could go straight up walls.

I went back to a hidden area further in the arcade. Past the sleek white arcade was a hidden underground amusement park with gigantic roller coasters and water rides. It was actually an evil lair of course but the dream ended before I could really go back there.

anonymous asked:

How are you doing? I know things have been going on and you're dealing with a lot right now. We love you and appreciate everything you do on here & your other blog!

oh goodness thank you! mostly i’ve been kinda tired tbh. i’ve been trying to get some editing done and work myself back up to writing. the arrival of summer has fucked with my mood a little, depression and all that, but i’m doing my best with what i’ve got. mostly i’m trying not to think about money so i can just keep writing, heh.

thank you so, so much! i have a bunch of messages that need replies from the night my dad went to the hospital, so i should probably get on that.

Poetry poetry poetry poetry.

Today is just a horrendous day. Tories win, remember I haven’t got much money, have to spend ages going over and over what I’ve already written and fail to write anything new. At least I have energy drink and was able to take a break to get coffee with a friend. But yeah, as much as I’m tired, and frustrated, a lot of good things can come in the future. There’s still going to be a fight against austerity. The Tories don’t have majority support, merely a majority in certain constituencies. There’ll still be plenty of stuff we can do, and for me personally, I can’t wait for July and my book to come out. I’m definitely excited to keep moving.