“I named him BB-8 because it was almost onomatopoeia. It was sort of how he looked to me, with the 8, obviously, and then the 2 B’s. It’s funny how sometimes, the bad ideas, you try them out and kick the tires a little bit, and it just kind of falls apart and you can go somewhere else, you’ve just got to know it’s temporary. And that one, he never had another name.” - JJ Abrams.

As a general rule, I find it really infuriating that some people think you don’t need to be polite on the internet.

Someone once tagged one of my edits - the last scene of DN with visible credits - with ‘you’re telling me you couldn’t find a creditless version?”. They were basically scolding me for a graphic I spent time on and shared gratuitiously. I didn’t owe them anything. 

You’re talking to real people, through another means of communication than the language you usually speak, that’s all. 

Be polite, it’s not that hard.

i decided to draw the best deer queen a-random-mod

tried out some different things with the shading, some looks good, some not so much, but, for the most art, i like how it came out

So, it’s known that Night Vale’s sister city, Nulogorsk, had reportedly been “decimated by nuclear attack” (Ep 40: The Deft Bowman), and that the desert town’s “records room could survive a nuclear explosion” (Ep 71: The Registry of Middle School Crushes).

Edit -  Anonymous asked: In [Best of..?] they mentioned a nuclear explosion happening, and it was so powerful it killed one version of Night Vale (Totally missed this, thank you!) 

But have you ever wondered how Radon Canyon got its name?

Radon is a radioactive noble gas. 

Okay, it could still be nothing, but in Ep 4: PTA Meeting, the Canyon has a ‘large lead-plated doorwith a sign warning about plutonium.

Lead shielding is a common precaution against radiation, whilst plutonium is a radioactive chemical element that can be used as a power source, as well as in explosives.

Um. Okay. Night Vale, why might you have stored plutonium at some point?


“say, is that just the wind? or a furious vexation?” – a mad max playlist

are those war drums beyond the horizon or just the pounding of your heart? distant engines revving or the blood in your veins?  
a mix for desert revolutionaries and rebels, for plumes of dust and spinning tires, righteous wars and the badass women who finally, finally win. 

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i present to you galactic steampunk, my aesthetic. deal with it.\

btw, they’re all transparent, in case anybody would find that information relevant.

i claim nothing, none of the stock photos or designs used are my own, i just edited them to look fucking cool as shit

you losers had better be grateful

sorry i’m nightblogging here i’m tired and bitter and hungry and really grumpy in general lately

plus i’m on my period, which makes me even more tired and even more hungry, which in turn makes me even more grumphy

i mean at least i actually have food available to me now

and i also got my paycheck today

but i’m stressed so i’m mostly eating sweets anyways

what is adult.  what is life

plus i bought orange juice concentrate the other day bc i thought it would be cheaper but it just means i have to MAKE my OJ now, who makes oj anyways like wth if i want oj right now i would need to go and make it and i’m too tired and i really want orange juice okay

i’m sorry i’ll stop rambling now


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I went to knotts berry farm today and got my picture drawn and the lady did a pretty good job because it actually looks like me :^)

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edit: i forgot to tag some people bc i was so tired yesterday fml ;0;

dinopwnt asked:

does your art only get reposted on instagram? Or does it also get reposted on tumblr and other sites.

*groans and rubs my temples* yes. my art has been edited and reposted on tumblr. still instagram was the worse when they took my mu/lonqu art, took out my mu, and put I LOVE LISSA on lonqu and i cried actually and all of my fire emblem comics got reposted to multiple multiple facebook group pages. i literally am not able to remove all of them since when i remove one thing, someone else reposts it elsewhere!! it’s never ending and honestly i’m just super tired of it all.

Do You Got Room For One More Troubled Soul?

This just came out of left field, I don’t know where the motivation to actually write it down came from. I haven’t seriously written fanfiction since my deviantART days…

Teencast universe, Rythian’s POV. Also, minor language warning and some references to alcohol. (If you need anything else tagged, let me know!)

Not gonna lie, this is pretty self indulgent. I guess I just want my baby to be happy for once. I also didn’t really edit it, I’m distracted and tired of looking at this okay. I’d love some feedback, too, if anybody wants to bother.

long title is long because fall out boy happened.

I swear this was longer in my notebook

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Well I’ve landed a while ago, and it’s awesome here. I’m right on the strip and have been walking all day - even in the rain. I’m going to be super busy the whole weekend (till tuesday), but I’ll see if i can finish the Sam one-shot rn.

sorry for any typos i’m typing with one hand while the other is in aa bag of doritos

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i am editing this post the next morning, which is right now. Let me just tell you I passed out last night before I even got a CHANCE to finish it. Vegas is terrifying and makes you tired. But it’s also amazing. So let me just say I honestly don’t know when I’ll post it. I’m getting home Tuesday and it might not be up until then. Sorry! 

Spell Your URL in Song Titles, then Tag Someone Else

Tagged by project-cluclu (I was kinda surprised when I got this. Not in a bad way, though. It was just sudden! Thank you!)

Q - Q.U.E.E.N. by Janelle Monae 

U - Um Oh Ah Yeah by Mamamoo

E - Eternal Snow by Changin’ My Life

E - Earth Song by Michael Jackson

N - Never Ever by Tokyo Girls’ Style

H - Hoot by Girls’ Generation 

E - Euterpe by Egoist 

I - If It Isn’t Love by New Edition 

W - Wedding Wars by Nakajima Erina 

A - Auditory Hallucination by Jang Jae In feat. NaShow 

Tagging megaowlfeatherblog pineapple-fangirl laxus-slayer dragnoots ravyngrace rinmatzoukas full-medal and anyone else who want to do it! My brain is kinda tired right now… I’ve been in Atlanta pretty much all day and just got back home.

(P.S. I really like Playback, Just a Dream, and Cornfield Chase songs!)


Sketchdump time, I’m tired of sitting on these. Top four haven’t been cleaned or edited pretty much at all. No effects in Photoshop. Just me doing process stuff. The rest didn’t fit in any other photosets so I decided to put them all here. TEEHEE.

NGL, this is 90% marshmallow. I’m not even sure I should tag Hark in this.


Finally got both of my パンダでごろん(Panda de Goron) Rilakkuma series plushies! ^^ The one with the tire swing is Kiddyland specific limited edition (I think…) and all the Amazon stores that had it didn’t do international shipping, so I’m glad I found one on Buyee :D

Wanted to take a photo of them along with some of my other plushies (and those are just a small handful from my GINORMOUS PLUSHIE COLLECTION). The photo suck since I just put them randomly on the couch ^^;


It comes with great honor to say after trekking miles with a guitar, backpack tripod, camera, and microphone over the course of the summer that I will be releasing the EP album I made on Wednesday.
The story behind it is that I got sick and tired of trying to perfect myself in the studio and always falling short due to my own criticisms. In that moment I decided, why not play music in a place that I love most and record that? I wanted my love for the forest and my love for playing music to combine, to not edit anything out. This video shows the process of just what one song recording session is. I will post the link wednesday on my band page on facebook, so go like it to get the wonderful link!

Call me a bitch if you want but I’m pissed that Michael is “sick” therefore all he did when he got home from work was go to bed. I’ve barely spent time with him the past week and a half and he knows I’m upset about that but he would rather go to bed. And I was trying to spend time with him last night but he just wanted to edit his photos that he took this weekend and then when he got tired of me whining, we tried watching a movie but we couldn’t agree on anything so we just gave up.


okay so I’m quite tired and I’ve just had some stupid thoughts about friend stuff that I’m going to put under a thing because. they probably won’t make sense tomorrow I just wanted to try putting things in words. 

edit: this got very rambly and quite emotional in a good way. POSITIVE EMOTIONS. 

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