Before I go to bed and calm down my hype with a chamomille tea, I want to take a minute to thank to all my friends and fellow amour shippers, specially the people from twitter and youtube I met in these last months.

Now, my friends man, they’re amazing. 

Not just the pokemon-fandom friends, both amour shippers and ppl that ship other things, but also I got people from my other fandoms that came to congratulate me and share images and gifs with me and I had such an AMAZING day today, I haven’t been this happy before, I felt so much love surrounding me.

Thank you so much guys♥


Amourshipping is not longer amourshipping, it’s Amour now.

We’re not amourshipping anymore, we’re now Amourlovers.

And my life is at its highest point.

And I have a surprise for you guys this weekend.

Wait for it please♥



Hey, YouTube! Where Are The Disabled Women? [CC]

This is a video that I premiered at the Buffer Festival Women of YouTube screening. It got a lot of good feedback from both friends and people I just met for the first time. If you want to talk about intersectional feminism that includes women with disabilities, this is the video to do so.

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Okay friends - I’m doing a Bernie + Serena playlist (as well as still doing the seasons 16-17 of just Serena) for YouTube. Not to step on the fantastic Natashes’ toes because her playlists are the meat of Berena without all the other bits in between.

But I wanted more for context when I was watching especially after I got hooked. So I’m making edits of the episodes that include all of the Bernie and Serena scenes starting from the moment Bernie joined.

They’ll be up here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVsxa0QD7AEwhQwkG2-snOdRLEyM0V7z1


NEW VIDEO: “Go Deep Throat a Hog Dog

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she had the world // panic! at the disco


NEW VIDEO: “My Deadly Sour Cream Gun - as always, I’m stalking people who reblog… and shooting people with my sour cream gun who don’t.

Phil’s Livestream // 10.23.16

He’s wearing his bomber jacket from the Pokemon video

They just got from the Teen Awards where they won Best Vlogger 

The award is about the weight of 2 dogs

He got travel sick from looking at Twitter on the way home

They were just sat in the corner eating snacks in the green room

He had a ginger beer and really needed to wee but he was nervous 

Red carpets are very stressful 

He never knows where to look because he doesn’t know where Dan’s looking either

They didn’t wear suits because they weren’t presenting 

He followed Rylan because he was a cool dude

“Vlogger” was just the term they used for YouTubers 

“’Why are you one person?’ I don’t know but I’ll take it.”

He evaluated the morph someone made of them on twitter

He kept dreaming he’d fall on stage

They spoke to the Vamps and they’re nice guys

They passed Niall

He shoved a donut in his mouth as he made eye contact with Joe Jonas

“A nice thing to plonk on the mantlepiece”

“I never won anything at school, and now I have an award with my name on it which is nice.”

AHS blew his mind

He winked thanks

“Yay! You made it through your crappy week.”

Spooky Week is this coming week (it won’t start Monday but there will be 5 videos)

TATINOF was “the best time of his life”

He’s very excited for Pokemon sun and moon

He took off his jacket and got reported for nudity

“Sorry. Gotta clean up my act.”

They had a terrible time getting to Brighton for Marzia’s party

Dan kind of got his arms stuck in the doors and had to pull the doors open

“He’s probably in some strange onesie. He’s been wearing onesies a lot. Should I be worried?”

Top fans won dogs

They watched a horror movie called Don’t Breathe in Felix and Marzia’s cozy room

He’s been on a horror kick recently 

Him and Dan played Overcooked with PJ and Sophie and it was very fun 

He apologizes for the #DAPGOOSE name

#DAPGOOSE is going to be like a vidcon panel and they’ll be taking some questions 

He isn’t playing Tuber Simulator because he knew it’d ruin his life

He’s still addicted to Rolling Sky

“So spoopy”

Babies may be in Dil’s future

The 360 video makes their arms look freakishly long 

There will probably be a video of #DAPGOOSE on Dan’s channel 

He misses his shrimps but he thinks he’s done with shrimps for now

Marzia got everyone socks (his are dogs)

He asked Dan to get a snack from the shop and for some reason he got chocolate golf balls

He already knows his next video idea (it’s not baking yet)

Martyn was one day away from being a Halloween child 

Poe got knocked off the windowsill #RIP

There may be an announcement next week?? 

“Gooodbye. Ruff ruff ruff.”

Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||||| ||||| |||||

Meeting danisnotonfire and our actual convo
  • Dan:hi there!
  • Me:hii you were one of the first people I subscribed to and the first video I saw was the crazy French teacher one
  • Dan:oh yeah I actually had to take that down cause my old French teacher threatened to sue
  • me:oh my god Dan *everyone starts laughing*
  • Dan:yup one day I just got an email from YouTube saying "uhhh yeah so this guy threatening to sue so could you take that video down" and it turned out to be my crazy French teacher

NEW VIDEO: “Bow Down & Pray To Me - okay the thumbnail & title will make sense if you watch it… so… watch it. Reblog if you want me to stalk your blog! :]

Think about it though, Phil has literally watched Dan turn into an adult, and he’s watched him go from a nervous teenager with not much ambition or motivation to a twenty-four year-old (I still refuse to believe it) with a book coming out this October and UK tour (possibly worldwide Dan mentioned it in his live show last week). He’s been in a Disney movie and got to meet a fuck load of celebrities at the Brits and at Big Weekend.

But Dan has watched Phil go from an awkward just-out-of-uni adult unsure of his future and not sure if his YouTube career would be successful (yet at the time they moved into the flat in Manchester, Phil had more subscribers), to a nearly thirty (holy shit) man with awards and a Disney movie under his belt, with the means to go to his dream holiday destination with his best friend. He’s presented in front of huge crowds and he still gets nervous. He was bullied a lot and still manages to be a literal ray of sunshine.
So idk about you, but Dan’s seen Phil change just as much as Phil has seen Dan change.


One Direction Harry Styles thrills fans at Jimmy Kimmel Live

Okays guys we need to talk.

From what I heard/see on tumblr, YouTube, and the rest of the internet there may or may not be a fnaf 4.

“But Scott ended it perfectly!” Yes he did.
“He just wants more money for charity.” That’s good.
“Prequel?” Maybe.

So that’s what I’m hearing. But you guys got to understand that Scott loves fnaf as much as we do. If he wants to make a fnaf 4 that’s fine.






Let me just clear some things up. I was in fact the creator of this video.

My name is Brian Amici, I’ve been doing dominoes for over 8 years now (you can see my YouTube channel here). I fell in love with taylorswift and her music in late 2011, and since then I’ve only been loving her more. As time went on, I felt I should create a domino video for her, to show her just how much I appreciate her and everything she has done. I worked for about a week on this video, just hoping she would see it. Someone downloaded it from youtube and then uploaded on their Facebook page (without my knowledge/permission, and also uncredited), and it blew up and got a lot of shares/views. Someone saw it and downloaded it from there, posted it on tumblr, which it then blew up again and has gone viral. Unfortunately for me, not many people have seen my version, the original, in comparison to the re-uploads. Lesson learned: watermark your videos.

Nevertheless, thank you to everyone for the kind words and all the support, even if you didn’t know it was me! And to the haters, well, haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, im just gonna shake it off 😜



This week I received the entire range of the Too Faced ‘Born This Way’ concealers. There are 10 shades in the collection, varying from the lightest colour ‘very fair’ to the darkest shade ‘deep’. So no matter your skin tone you will find a suitable match within this selection. 

The consistency of these concealers are creamy and smooth - not too thick nor too runny, they’ve got it just right!
I’ve had a brief play with these but I really need to test them out on more clients with varying degrees of skin pigmentation to gain a more concise view as to whether they are as good as they claim.
So far though, I am impressed with them. I personally don’t have dark circles, but the formula does cover my breakouts when they occur. Having tried them under my eyes I was pleased with the results in the respect that the product does not sit in fine lines, nor does it make the eyes appear crepey like many concealers tend to do. 

Too Faced have factored in a blend of colour correctors to counteract dark circles when used under the eyes, resulting in a brightening effect without the visible influence of tiny light reflecting particles. 
Another great aspect to these concealers is that they are oil-free! Perfect for those of us that are Oily, but a bonus for all skin types as ‘oil’ as an ingredient tends to aid creasing in concealers. Once your skin warms up the product under the eye, the oil can often separate from the pigment creating both creasing and caking! This isn’t necessarily a problem for all concealers that contain oil, but it is something I have known to be true for many.

 Here are some other pro features: 

* Coconut Water helps delicately replenish skin’s moisture levels without over hydrating
* Infused with the resilient Alpine Rose to brighten the skin’s appearance and promote elasticity
* Hyaluronic Acid provides long-lasting, skin-balancing hydration for a smoother, more youthful appearance

Guide to the shades: 
* Very Fair - Pale with pink undertones
* Fair - Light with pink undertones
* Light - Golden undertones
* Light Medium - Medium with peach undertones
* Medium - Tan with golden undertones
* Medium Tan - Pink undertones
* Tan - Golden undertones
* Deep Tan - Golden undertones
* Dark - Golden undertones
* Deep - Pink undertones

Side note to the shade guide: Yes the 3 lightest shades appear very similar on the swatch, but it’s the undertones you need to consider when purchasing your shade. They might look the same on the photo but will translate very differently under the eyes if the undertone doesn’t suit / match your skin. 

These concealers are available for purchase worldwide ‘here’ for £21.00 GBP or $28.00 USD. 

Love Like You from the Gems POV

Watch here on YouTube for better quality: ( x )



I just got that.