dnd game kinda fell through this morning mostly cause i started having a breakdown but we ended up kinda fuckin around with character sheets for future oneshots and i decided i wanted to try my hand at a bard

…who follows the college of glamour, from the unearthed arcana…

which is the fey background, so i had the thought…what if……..

so! meet belphi. she’s (one of) qilue’s daughter(s). not blood related, qilue kinda had their own take on the whole ‘steal kids from the mortal realm and bring them to the feywild’ demand put upon them by the court

i’m still toolin’ around with what she can do, but she’s fun. and her maybe-girlfriend is a tiefling wizard.  ✨

(oh–i should also mention she’s aasimar–which was extra fun for qilue, i’m sure)


Cuter than cute