Thor and Loki fighting over you would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaawww Loki and Thor :3 Lol sorry if i seem Loki biased XD He’s just so cute!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Loki at first not wanting to admit his feelings for you but seeing how much closer you are to Thor than to him, pushes him to the edge to just blurt it out to his brother, saying you’re his

-Thor not minding it much at first as he is confident you will choose him rather than Loki and keeping flirting with you as usual, making Loki having to catch up to him

-Loki suddenly being so much more kinder to you, wanting to prove himself worthy and just doing anything he can to distract you from Thor

-Thor trying to plan things to do with you, only to find out that Loki had beaten him to the punch as he sees you two together, but having to tag along as you would invite him, resulting in an awkward tension between the brothers

-The two of them escorting you through the city for a visit, only to punch each other in the arm, asking as to what the other is doing here, making you ask if everything is alright

-Thor getting you flowers and complimenting them all while keeping his eyes on you to give you a hint of his intentions, only for Loki to the same but with more flowers

-Loki making you laugh with how he can actually be funny, only for Thor to walk over and try himself to make you laugh as well

-Thor trying to be smooth when he tells you goodnight by grabbing your hand to kiss it, only for Loki to pass by and grab your hand away from him to do it himself

-Loki just confessing his feelings for you honestly, knowing it’ll get on your good side, only for Thor to tell you that he is most likely playing a trick on you unlike himself

-The two of them getting into a literal physical fight over you, only for you to catch them and instantly tell them to stop, making them yell that they won’t until you tell them your choice between them

NCT Dream reaction to finding out their partner’s bias is someone else in the group


Anon: “NCT Dream reaction to finding out their partner’s bias is someone else in the group” I like this one I hope you do it soon :) I love your block

Anon: Can you do first kiss for Nct dream? And also Nct dream reaction to finding out that their girlfriend’s bias is someone else?

Hi! Thank you for requesting this! I hope you like it! Tell me what you think :-) if you want more members, just ask. My inbox is always open for requests or if you just want to rant lol. Bisous, Flo xx


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“What? Jisung is your favourite? What? What? Huh?”

Mark would literally have no words. When he found you watching their latest performance on your phone and gushing about how cute and talented Jisung was, Mark wouldn’t be able to get his head around it. It wasn’t that he was jealous or thought Jisung wasn’t cute or talented bc yes the fuck he is lol, but he wouldn’t get why you were dating him, if you preferred another member in his unit.


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“Haechan? Yeah, good choice. Same”

He wouldn’t be bothered at all about your slight soft spot for Haechan. I see him as being quite mature and not being overly jealous and protective if you spoke to other guys, let alone have Haechan as your bias. To be honest, he’d agree with you and say that Haechan was under appreciated and he was happy that you liked him, because he deserved it.


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“Whose your bias? Let me guess. Renjun? What? How did I know? You’re always staring at him, babe”

You wouldn’t have to tell Jeno for him to know who your bias was. The first time you met the rest of his members, it was clear you liked Renjun (as a member not in a romantic way btw) You’d be staring at him in awe and complimenting him all the time. Jeno wouldn’t be jealous, but would easily get annoyed if you spoke about his other members, more than you spoke about him.


Originally posted by haechanz

“Y/N! Why do you like Mark? Why? Why can’t it be me?”

It’d be so obvious that Haechan was upset that your bias was someone else than him. In a relationship, he’d like to be appreciated and loved so it would ruin his self-esteem a bit when he found out you preferred Mark over him. He would try not to let it affect your relationship, but would always get a little protective of you whenever you were around Mark.


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“Oh did you know that Chenle has really bad hygiene and never showers?”

Jaemin would try to put you off Chenle but basically exposing him lol. He’d tell you all of his secrets and bad habits in hope that you’d give in and say that you liked him more. Of course, he’d only be joking, but there would always be an underlying sense of jealousy in Jaemin. He wouldn’t be able to understand what made Chenle better than him, a bit like Mark, so sometimes he’d be moody if you spoke about him too much.


Originally posted by nakamotens

“Why are you telling me this Y/N? I don’t care if you think Jeno looks good! What about me?”

Even though it would sometimes sound like Chenle was jealous, he really wouldn’t be. Like Haechan, he’d just wanted to loved and cared for and appreciated in a relationship. He wouldn’t care about your relationship to other people or who your bias was or your favourite idols, as long as you complimented him too and reassured him that you’d never leave him for them.


Originally posted by hansoulji

“Y/N! Why don’t you just go and marry Jaemin then? It definitely sounds like you want to!”

Out of everyone, he’d be the most jealous and upset upon hearing that your bias was Jaemin. He wouldn’t like the fact that you liked someone other than him, so would quickly get upset and pouty if you ever brought Jaemin up randomly in a conversation. Expect a lot of furrowed eyebrows and pouts on his behalf, and a lot of kisses and cuddles on yours.

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I noticed something in the characters: They always have their signature stuff toys in the Kiss and Cry. Like Yuuri with sushi pillows, Yurio gets sutff cats, Otabek gets bears, Chris gets a cows. IF the other skaters don't have, what do you suggests to have their signature stuff toys?

LOOOL I had to double check when you said “Chris gets cows” bc I was like REALLY??? But yes, he does:

Is it a cow? Bull? Is it a cheese reference?? I have not a clue why he has a cow…


Well, let’s see, to first go through other charas you didn’t mention who have stuff in canon: Yuuri actually gets all kinds of food plushies, not just sushi ^ ^ Phichit gets hamsters, of course <3  Guang-Hong gets a teddy bear! very different from Otabek’s Mister Eyebrows tho. If other characters get plushies, I’m unaware of it at this moment.

So what characters are left? It’s a shame that they don’t show any for JJ, even tho he was in the GPF too. Going by the trend of nationality stereotypes I sorta want to say moose, but his GPF chibi in the new Animate Cafe merch has him holding a lion plushie which I feel is probably more appropriate and is super cute too be the King LOL.

Seung-Gil is definitely huskies, if we go by the pet trend. Easy. First thing that pops into mind for Leo is sunflowers, bc I associate him with sunshine and growing things, but given his love of music I think music note plushies would be super cute too ^ ^ Is it terrible that I want to say peacock for Georgi? Or some other kind of bird, it’s the hairdo I can’t shake the association… Mickey’s nickname in some official Japanese merchandise is “cherry boy” which I think is hilarious, so uh, cherries? or things with Sara’s face printed on them wow I unfortunately really, really can’t think of anything for Emil as much as I love him, probably something simple, elegant and practical like more flowers, or if I had to choose between cat and dog, he strikes me as a cat guy ^ ^; And Minami, adorable child, you are a pomeranian….(also I forgot if we ever see it, but Victor definitely gets poodles so…).

And if we add in the ladies, because we should, I dunno how cute it’d be but spider plushies for Mila (I’m sorry I also can’t shake the Black Widow reference…it was too strong before we even found out her name orz, maybe she’s the kind who likes the ugly-cute aesthetic?? not saying that spiders are ugly BUT if you get what I mean okay shutting up). And Sara…idk, something cute but strong, I want to say she’s dog type over cat, maybe she likes wolves? Either way, different from Mickey, which makes him sad ^ ^;

are just my thoughts on the spot lol

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Hey there! I just found your blog and I love what you're doing ^_^ it's super fun (so far lol) and creative. Could I also request "guards and inmates reacting to their crush asking them out"? I think that you could make this really cute <3

Ah! Thank you soo much >///< I’m new to all of this so I’m sorry if this is bad xD 


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Uno: He would tell everyone! It would get annoying xD

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Honey: Him and Uno would be so annoying about it xD

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Trois: he’d be a smiling mess tbh

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Upa: upa.exe has stopped working

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Samon: doesn’t know how to react, help him

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If I missed anyone or you want me to add someone, let me know and I’ll try ^.^


Gender neutral MC



- she wasn’t even aware that this person was your ex
- her and MC were just at a café and this random person just came up and started talking to MC 
- like Jaehee just thought it was an old friend or something, then they actually started paying attention to Jaehee 
- “Oh hi I’m MC’s ex.”
- “Oh hi I’m MC’s girlfriend” so fuck off and don’t come near my precious MC
- but she sayed nice and smiled at them
- you could see how she was pretending so you made them go away like “wtf i dont even talk to you anyway, okay bye bye let me hang with my gf.”
- Jaehee reminded to you once they were gone that if they ever disturbed you that she was a black belt


- boii 
- boiiiii
- okay so when he met your ex he became so protective over you
- he had his arm around you so tight, he was actually worried he might be hurting you but you seemed to like it
- “Oh me? I’m just a model and actor, no biggie, I’m a bit famous - oh is that one of my fans? yes come here, you want an autograph, of course! So what do you do?”
- he didnt directly tell your ex he was better than them, but im just saying he didnt hide that they were missing out with an amazing MC
- oh MC you’re suddenly so cute all of the sudden and i just have to kiss you 
- he wont hesitate on kissing you in front of your ex, either they leave or watch you kiss and feel awkward, he didnt care
- “well we better go, we have a lunch planned, got reservations that are usually hard to get so im told - but i found it horridly easy”
 “Zen, babe we don’t.”
“shhhhhh go with the flow. Acting skils babe”


- he literally did not give a shit
- he actually found it funny 
- like lol how did this loser ever get a babe like you????
- “ahhhh so this is your ex?”
- oh he knows hes smarter than them
-“I thought you said they werent dumb? lololol”
- “MC’s mine now fyi, don’t touch,”
- cheek kisses okay, so many
- he’ll make fun of your ex but in a way that your ex just has no idea what he’s saying
- hand holding 
- oh babe are you cold all of the sudden??? here take my jacket - what youre not cold? nah you are babe, trust me
- babe take the jacket 
- there you go
- oh looook MC’s wearing my jackeeet
- “lololol nice meeting you”


- lmao
- mate 
- he just looks at them like theyre the dirt beneath his feet
- you took off your scarf becuase it was getting too hot 
- and you forgot that you had worn this scarf because of a hickey Jumin had given you the night before
- oh boy 
- you blushed a bit but Jumin had a smuge ass grin on his face 
- like yes, MCs mine, i gave them that
- if you touch MC i will personally have my bodyguards escort you away and file a lawsuit and restraining order, 
- my MC
- literally 
- okay but he will probably give you the most passionate kiss in front of this person, just to make an extra point that you’re his
- he’ll either be hella jealous or just be like “uh huh okay whatever MC lets go.”


- okay protect him
- he was nervous when he saw him, you had told him about yout ex before but he had never met them
- he holds your hand because of how nervous he is
- “hi I’m Yoosung, nice to meet you!”
- you love me more right MC?
- you kiss his cheek to reassure him
- precious baby 
- he’s just so pure okay???
- he’s really nice and just wants to go home and watch movies with you man


- he contines to hold you hand as your ex introduces themselves, they had bumped into you two at an art gallery 
- he smiles and stays polite 
- he shakes their hadn an everything, but no one can see the death stare behind his glasses
- when your ex leaves he reminds you that he loves you
- “You know i love you right?”
- Literally was not botherd by your ex being around, he may not have liked him but he kept that to himself 
- tbh if he really wanted to do something with your ex he would get Seven to mess with them and put viruses on their computer
- during the conversation with your ex he’ll wrap his arm around yor shoulder and occasionally whisper something in your ear to make you laugh
- please protect him 



So I was browsing through my files and found some random sketches I forgot about, so I figured I might as well just post them before they get lost again.  Most of these resulted from awesome discussions in the MahouYome Skype chat group. ;D

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update: odette is a really cute manga and i'm having so much fun imagining the main characters as haru and baron, because really, cat-guy (i haven't seen a name for him yet lol) is JUST as flashy and dramatic as baron at times. i recommend it lol

Whoop! New manga to check out! 

I’ve found it online, so I’m gonna have to read it at some point. 

(Also, I found how the cat-guy looked a little weird at first, but then I realised just what fandom I’m in and how ironic that is.)

Reference to SIF 1st osanpo rally story which Yoshiko pointed out that Aqours best place? is the rooftop.

That’s why, even when everyone comes up here to the rooftop for Aqours practice, the only things as far as the eye can see are the sea and the mountains.
And— the sky.
The clouds and the sun.
That’s just how it is.
For a cute little devil like Yohane who’s accustomed to the city, it’s a bit too wholesome, as expected— To be honest, it’s boring.

Then Aqours was started.
I started to like this scenery.
Did you know?
Though there’s really nothing in this town— singing songs on the rooftop in the morning while facing the sea is really the best, dancing along to the song reverberating through the heavens, makes it seem as though the whole world is within your grasp.

Source:  Aqours’s Gallery (April 2016)

I’ve had smaller crushes on girls before I realized I was a lesbian but the biggest one from before I knew my identity was a lovely girl in high school. I thought I just admired her since we only talked in class and maybe if we saw each other but never hung out. Still, she paid attention to me when some other ppl wouldn’t. But even if I knew I had a crush, I had no chance. She had a boyfriend, a long time boyfriend with a cute story of how they got together really!! I never considered it a crush because I wasn’t a lesbian (lol) and because I wasn’t jealous? They loved each other. They were good for each other. I mean from what I saw in high school, crushes had intense drama with jealousy and heartbreak right? The mild disappointment that I felt when I first found out she was taken was just “surprise” at not knowing. And boy, was she so happy with him. I couldn’t be upset.

Oh, she was a beautiful dancer. I went to see her ballet performance at the end of the year. She was just so talented and beautiful and I was so proud of her and I knew she was so loved that day. So many classmates and friends came for her. But I cried watching. She was stunning. I drew ballet inspired sketches since I watched the show but it was only a creative interest. And it wasn’t identifiable drawings of her so it couldn’t mean anything. I excused it later as an interest in Degas even though it was her I always pictured when drawing. It was just admiration of beauty and kindness. It was just a quiet longing for her happiness. But looking back now, it was much more than that. 

She’s married now to that childhood sweetheart and I don’t regret not trying because I can always look back at how I felt and next time I’ll at least give her a chance.

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Heyhey, i'm such a trash for mamamoo but i can't find many mamamoo blogs, do you maybe know some good mamamoo blogs? Thank youuu~ ^_^

Heck yeah I do

@mmmoofic - they post links to mamamoo fics on aff and ao3 (i think they’re still in the works tho)

@monommm - moomoo artist her fanart is really cute and amazing pls check her out im not even joking pls go and follow

@queerbyul - her gifs are so good and they’re mostly wheebyul (i scream)

@platumoon - mamamoo/moonsun artist semi-realistic-ish fanart which really makes me want to cry and how good it is

@pokoppang - another moomoo artist that makes fricken cute art that can save lives with how good it is tbh

@byul94world - her tags are funny and she’s really nice (even tho we’ve never talked lol i want to talk more with other moomoos)

@mamamooheadcanons - this place is like a gold mine constantly churning out fic ideas and some of the posts are really funny so pls follow them

@mmm-smukk18 - will save your life im serious they post very regularly about the girls fanvids and anything related to mamamoo and the content is always A+++

@hanahakis - just found out abt this recently its more like a collab blog for 2 amazing fanfic writers i love them they write so well (and there’s jeongmi which is as rare and hwasun)

@tgcxmmm - on hiatus but she’s done a lot for the fandom by helping to translate memos and we all respect her as senpai

@flowerization - moomoo artist and meme af. her art is super meme i love her a must-follow blog pls go and follow

@birbyonce - draws moonsun but not also draws for other fandoms like cosmic girls (wjsn) and they’re all so good

@captainhwasa - makes gifs and edits 10/10 recommend u to follow

@wheeinthisish - super funny sometimes i die laughing because of her gifs are amazing i cry

@ahyejin - her fanfics can heal your soul and she writes for all mmm ships and she’s a hwasa stan her positivity for the maknae is infectious pls follow her

@wheeimple - calls herself old and a granny but her sense of humour is so on point i wish my grandma was like her. makes gifs (amazing ones) and is a translator at @mamamoo-trans which u should also check out btw

@light-giver - moonsun trash always screaming in gay for mamamoo shes wonderful

@karoumamoo - legendary mamamoo fanfic author her stories were what inspired me to write along with every other moomoo writer here f o l l o w her

@mumoos - makes a lot of gifs and edits i dont even know where to start go and check her blog out

@velvetmoos - essential to follow. legit. this blog can save lives. extremely well-organised and just i have no words except follow them

@paperheart-amber - posts about other fandoms but is also 100% mamamoo trash her tags are proof of that

@sun-byul - always screaming in ghei for moonsun also her tags are entertaining to read they make my day

@nnnechu - hhhNNNNGGGS HER ART makes me speechLESS ok its good enough to be put next to the moan of lisa 100% quality content

@moonbyulismine - wise af and her tags save my cats from going extinct go follow her pls

im pretty sure there’s a lot more but im just tired from school and i need to rest cuz im sick too so maybe next time (i hope i didnt misgender anyone and if i did im so sorry) PEACE OUT 

I have been wanting to make a list of fic rec since I keep finding all good fics to read on tumblr (damn it, you guys are so talented!) and since I just found out I had just hit my first milestone on this blog, I decided to just put this out there as a little thank you note to some people who had influenced me - both directly or indirectly, and gave me much inspiration to both write and post my work publicly. 

First of all, thank you for those who have been following my blog (all 300++ of you!!). I remember flipping out and getting super excited when I got my first 18 followers on this blog so I may not have a lot atm, but I am grateful for you guys for visiting this messy blog and staying with me- especially those who stays with me eversince my old days at my old trash blog, ILY!

A little bit of warning cause this is gonna be long lmaoo, so please bear with me^^

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I’m going down, I’m yelling Tinder

A/N: This was prompted by this Anon buddy. I’m not sure this fulfills the idea of your prompt pal, but I hope this doesn’t suck so much. One-shot.

Word count: 2349

Summary: Anya wants Lexa to move on after a bad breakup and she uses Tinder to set up a date for her sister. Lexa has no idea what Anya has done and when she meets her date, she’s probably going to end up singing Timber by the end of it.


Clexa Tinder AU for short

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Easter egg hunting for mealies.

I found the egg with the worms in it by myself, but I didn’t understand how I was supposed to open it. I felt like my captors were judging my intelligence and I just wanted to get out of that little cage.

Goblin Review: Episode 5

So we didn’t get much in regards to the sword but I loved everything about this episode. From our favorite married couple to Shin/Eun Tak moments to Yeo/Sunny to even Deok Hwa, everything was perfect. What I love about this drama is that it’s witty and the quick delivery of lines just make it more amusing to watch. The characters are refreshing and the fact that they all really get along makes me smile. Also, while Eun Tak does her best to avoid the ghosts, she does help them when she can and I think that’s really going to help her out when she needs it.

Goblin/Grim Reaper: They’re honestly my favorite couple in this drama. Like they argue over the silliest things (like decorating Eun Tak’s room? omg I was dying), but still go to each other for advice and spend more than half of their time teasing each other in good nature. That scene where Shin was heating an egg for Yeo and Yeo was cooling the beer for Shin was so cute; it was like they don’t even realize that they did that for each other, it’s just a habit. But I think one of my favorite things will be how they’re always pointing fingers at one another when Eun Tak complains about something haha.

Shin/Eun Tak: I know the age is still a concern but idk, I feel like they haven’t done anything to deserve hate for it. I honestly don’t see any romantic feelings from Eun Tak at this time and while it’s obvious that Shin likes her (I mean he called himself her boyfriend lol), in a way it seems very innocent. I honestly found that scene quite amusing; he kinda sorta just blurted it out because he was frustrated that they were ignoring him and she was mad. It was cute. Even when he said “I love you” earlier in the episode, it was more for the sake of saying it and not because he meant it in a romantic way.

Yeo/Sunny: For someone who has amnesia and is awkward af around people, he was so smooth in complimenting Sunny’s smile. Lol. I love that they’ve finally met again and had some conversations. I thought it was super adorable how Yeo upset when Sunny asked for his name and spent all that time trying to come up with one. I can’t wait to find out how they end up choosing “Wang Yeo”, like do they pick a fake name for now and then he’ll remember his real name later? Also, I love how he got excited over how to use a phone and that he has Sunny’s name as “Sunny not Sun Hee.” He’s so precious <3

Yeo/Eun Tak: I was so happy to see them become more friendly! Like the scene in which he greets her when she first arrive made me laugh hard. And how he got upset at Shin for insinuating that she sleep in his room, how he went to her to ask for help in choosing a name, how she smiled when he kept telling Shin to give her the 5k? I love it.

Deok hwa: His obsession with his credit card amuses me to no end and I love that his gramps is so savage. That scene where his gramps’s assistant tells what he needs to do in taking care of Eun Tak made me lol.

My one question is how/why he was suddenly able to feel pain from where the sword was?

That preview though is already breaking my heart. It looks like he does figure out what he wrote in his journal and is aware of what pulling the sword means, but because he asked, she’ll still go through with it. Or something could happen and nothing goes according to plan and she doesn’t pull the sword. I assume that last scene in Canada is him just predicting her future since he can’t actually see it? Her, grown up but with no knowledge of him or their travels waiting for someone that we can’t see. Watch it be him though. Lol.

Drop an ask and tell me what you think or ask questions! :) (Review Episode: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 )


LOL ME AGAIN! I have no idea how I found this, I was just watching random videos of Hello Baby and I had never seen this one before. It’s a group called Click-B from back in 2002! They had a little boy called Noah and were teaching him Korean. (LOL I know it has nothing to do with girls but hey it’s so cute right?)

+That is so cute & funny! I watched the entire thing! and I had no idea “Hello Baby” been out for so long!