Dis is Pixel! She’s a pineapple green cheek conure.

She’s a rescue from Lonely Grey Rescue. She was part of a hoarding group with 28 other birds, mostly babies.

This was her and her brothers as babies! Unfortunately not all of them survived being shipped out (without the rescue’s knowledge, they just all showed up one day)

I’ve had her for a bit over a year, and my first bird. While conures are definitely a challenge, I did so much research ahead of time and got assurance from some bird owning friends that they thought I was capable, and I hope they still feel that way!

When I first got her I was totally terrified and had to spend four hours cleaning a refurbished donated cage for her, she jumped out of her carrier and I was like borderline crying trying to pick her up, afraid I’d like traumatize her or something haha. I then spent like days next to her cage and we just have developed as friends since.

She has brought so much joy to my life. She knows how to say “Baby Bird”, “Hello”, and “Come here,” as well as knowing how to do a sickly sounding wheeze when she wants attention really bad. She surprises me every day with joy and challenges and she has really changed my life for the better.

I feel like I’m falling apart. My parents are always yelling at me for something, my few friends that I have just want to talk about themselves and their problems, and I’m just alone. I feel so lonely and empty. I hate it. I just want to be happy.
INFJ Confession #2030

I always have soo many things in my head but I can almost never let it out. I want to talk to someone how I feel and everything because there are a lot of things. All I want to do is calling my best friend (he does'nt really know he’s my best friend though) or even text him about everything. I know he would listen & I really need a hug from him but I’m just so scared, I suck at talking about my feelings and it feels like I’d bother him which I know isn’t true but.. I just can’t do it.

anyone else feel like anytime they become really close friends with straight cis guys they end up inevitably falling in love with you? and i know part of it has to do with them being really into my body too, not just me and my personality. i don’t think i’ve had any friendships with guy friends who have never thought of me outside of the friendship context or at least thought about fucking me. is this just me??? is this #relatable or no???


So I just finished watching Persona 3 : Falling Down, and as a huge fan of the series, I am quite impressed with the movies so far. I love the animation, and while I would prefer a proper anime series, the movies are segmented beautifully. This 3rd movie revolves around a theme: the fear of losing someone close. We see it happening to almost all the characters, something I don’t recall seeing in the game. 

I think the most beautiful and tragic tale here is that of Junpei and Chidori. I already know how things pan out from playing the game, but to see the whole scene come to life on screen is just… a whole new level of feels. And when Fuuka confronted her friend who was leaving her, I almost teared up. While Persona 3 is generally more dark compared to our favourite Persona 4, Persona 3 does have its moments of humor, like the hot spring scene that I think was nailed pretty well, if not better than the games. 

Really looking forward to the final installment of the Persona 3 movies 

Proposal commission done by @tamara2727breezy for my girlfriend and game fiance Momo / Savannah Icefire / @chubbylalafell

Momo you made me the happiest I have been in years and I am extremely honored and excited to have a relationship with you. I feel I can finally get my life back on track and you are there to help me along the way. This is just a little something I hope you enjoy from a great artist and friend Tamara / Bri. When I proposed to you in game I felt like it was for real, at least everything I said WAS for real.

I will never treat you bad and my goal is to make you happy every single day. I am ALWAYS there for you my queen!

Love you!

Ruri / Erika / your mamacita!

I just feel kind…sad. I’m super, naturally quiet and so I don’t really talk unless someone initiates a conversation. Because of this, I don’t really have any friends at college. I don’t wanna change the way I am, but like, it seems like I have to if I’m gonna make good friends. Ugh, it’s just so hard, and everyone else makes it seem so easy and here I am

  • Honestly I feel like I'm really blessed because my boyfriend loves south park even more than I do, my best friend is slowly being converted, my brother and sister-in-law love it, and I even have a coworker who's obsessed with it.
  • Like, I never don't have someone to talk to about south park and that's like never happened to me in any other fandom and I just feel very lucky.
My heart instantly wrenched when my college friend told me about you getting back with your ex and I thought we had something going on after we first met, or maybe it’s just me making all of these feelings up. I think I’ve been living in denial about this “crush” I have for you. Oh well, I guess you don’t see me like that even though I’ve picked up hints here and there. It’s fine, it’s just a crush anyway, I’ll just let it go, it’s not going anywhere.

Do you ever get so frustrated, annoyed and angry when you realize that you are not friends with Dan & Phil like you feel not alright and just go annsbeksnsbdbksns bc you are not friends with them. Like why???? Why am I not friends with Dan & Phil like why? Why God doesn’t want me to be friends with them? Like have I done something wrong? Don’t i deserve it? Don’t they (Dan & Phil) want to be friends with me? Idk I’m just so angry right now. To who idk but yeah I’m angry and annoyed bc I’m not friends with Dan & Phil.

A List.

In celebration of me living on my own for almost exactly a year now, here’s a list.

If you’re a mentally 12 yo person who suddenly finds themselves in a flat of their own and has no idea how to adult, hi! Me too. Here’s a list of things I’ve realised are essential p much from the start:

  • some sort of paper towel. Toilet paper, napkins, anything. You can do a lot of cleaning with just paper towels. 
  • Toast. Toast is my best friend. You don’t need any of the other foods, as long as you have some toast.
  • (A toaster. Not as important as the toast itself, but makes all the difference in enjoying it. Also makes you feel like you’re an adult for some reason?? I mean, you’ve got a toaster. V adult.)
  • At least one pot/pan.
  • (unless you’re vegan) Milk. You wouldn’t believe how many things you need milk for, and how fast it’s all gone. (Maybe this one’s just me though. I love milk)
  • (again, if you’re non-vegan) EGGS! YOU CAN MAKE SO MUCH OUT OF EGGS. YOU CAN MAKE SCRAMBLED EGG, HARDBOILED EGG, PANCAKES, COOKIES, CAKE, YOUR OWN BREAD okay, maybe that’s for later. But have eggs. They also almost never go bad if you keep them cold enough
  • Coffee. Even if you don’t like coffee (wtf) you’re gonna want coffee. You’re an adult now. You’re gonna have people visit you, and, presuming you’re not the most social person in the world, you’ll want to be able to do something other than talk. Making coffee is a great excuse to move around, and won’t even seem rude! Also you’ll need coffee because seriously, how else do people survive
  • I have realised that this has almost solely been about food up to this point. And food is important, but you know what’s even more important? Sleep.
  • BUY A BED. A REAL BED. NO, NOT JUST A MATTRESS. Honestly, you’re gonna want a bed. You’re not gonna want to buy one, but do it. It’s worth it. And when you’ve purchased one, ASSEMBLE IT. OR MAKE YOUR FRIENDS ASSEMBLE IT. DON’T SIT ON THE CARTONS FOR THREE WEEKS. 
  • Something to organise your clothes in. Doesn’t have to be a huge wardrobe, maybe just a clothes rag and some boxes/a shelf. NOT the boxes from your move. That’s gonna turn into the biggest mess real soon, believe me this one took me way too long
  • More than one mug.
  • Plates. Also more than one. Because IF you ever decide to show off your phenomenal cooking abilities, it’s a real bummer to find out you’ve got nothing to present your perfectly reheated chicken nuggets on.
  • At least one big mixing bowl. You don’t even know how many things you’re gonna want to mix. But you’re a free person now, so, as long as you’ve got a bowl, you can do about anything! But don’t eat an entire bowl of raw cookie dough. Just don’t. Seriously.
  • Sponges. You’re gonna need so many sponges. Also soap. Also more sponges.
  • Scented candles. Because scented candles are great.

I’m by no means an expert, but I have survived on my own for almost a year now, so basically I just wanna pet myself on the shoulder for that thanks me @ me u survived

I Just Got Home Recently from Work Today

And I heard that YET AGAIN, someone was insulting Sheut!

Sheut might be an asshole, and a whore


He’s more intelligent than he lets on (even though he gets himself into a lot of trouble)

He judges the souls of the victims he’s assigned to take.

And he’s got a really shitty past.

So when you give him insults like “Poodle Pup” or judge on how his keyboard writing skills are, for example, you’re not just hurting his feelings:

You’re hurting mine, especially when myself or my friends tell you to stop.

I have poured a lot of time and hard work into this character of mine, and even though there’s a lot of faults to him, he’s grown A LOT

He’s not for kids (I mean, there’s a reason I call him a whore). He’s not a fucking robot.

He has feelings and depth, and if you have to make yourself better by insulting the creation I came up with, then you’re pretty damn low

Picking on is one thing. Insulting is a whole other ball game.

You’re petty negativity isn’t wanted here, and know when you hurt them, you hurt me



A very salty peppermint dragon

aravencycle asked:

Like honestly using the r word in a comic like that is super shitty

I didn’t make the comic
It is a meme
It doesn’t have that many notes
It’s not being circled around like my actual serious 100% me posts
I’m sorry you find it offensive
I just wanted to show off a cool meme my friend made me because people were making me feel shitty for identifying as asexual
You don’t have to like the post
You don’t have to reblog the post
You can report the post if you want
Or if you really hated it that much just unfollow me as much as I love my followers I will understand but please know that one post of one thing that I did not make does not define my blog or myself in anyway

Good day

anonymous asked:

My friend says that because I get really physical(kinda like a cat, I'll just sit on persons lap and I have made out drunkenly)when I've been drinking that means I'm not Ace I never feel interested in sex sober, sure I do enjoy cuddling and making out, but not sex I try explaining that its a spectrum and just because alcohol makes me act differently than normal doesn't mean I don't fall on the spectrum but they wont listen Is there something I can show them that will help get them to believe me?

Tbh I’m not sure how you can convince him simply. If a quiet person drinks and gets loud that doesn’t mean they secretly are a loud person, or that them being a quiet person is now false. It just means that drinking lowers your reserves and you may act differently. 

I have never met friends as amazing as my family here.
First of all Megan: You know how I feel babe. You give me butterflies, you make my heart pound, you make me smile like an idiot. That three letter phrase is for you.
Next we have Kassy: we have deep talks, we have cried together, laughed together, been blackout drunk together. You know my darkest secrets, and you know my confessions. You are my mamma bear.
Katie: my precious Stoner baby. I just want to wrap you up in blankets and keep you safe. I feel so protective of you. I just want you to know I’m gonna be here for you forever. You have been helping me through a rough time and I love you for it.
Matti: you are the Prongs to Doe, the James to my Lily, The Potter to my Evans. You make me laugh, and you make me cry, we are so alike. You are an awesome child.
And last but not least Emma: my fandom trash baby. You are bitter Sinamon roll just like good old mom. You are hilarious and cute and understand most of my obscure references. We talk about stupid shit when we are tired but it’s perfect.

You guys have made my life feel so full and rich, and I hope to keep you forever. Remember Mama is always watching. ;)
-Bellatrix (Layli)

@ oceanicchimera 

“I wanted to say thank you. Without the mask. Losing most of my friends has been hard. I’m not one to let things go easily, having not had any real friends growing up, but at the same time I knew the reasons they left were beyond my control.”

“It’s been difficult. Trying to reconcile my emotional wants and hurt with the facts. I should feel like I’m enough. That it was their choice to leave but…”

“Well enough about that. I just wanted to do this.”

Gaster gets one very big blue hug. We’ll support you just as much as you support us.


*You are hugged back by Gaster. He gives a small, happy chuckle, and gives you a pat on the back. 


I got in a Facebook argument about tattoos with, of course, a rude-ass person who is trying to talk one of my friends out of getting a tattoo they want as their first but like a normal human they’re having anxiety about it and now I just feel like yelling some more.

As a heavily tattooed person, I find that the “but what will that look like in 50 years” thing to be a really gross way of poking at someone’s bodily autonomy, since it’s absolutely never “imagine how fun it’ll be to tell your grandkids why you did that,” it always comes with a heavy side of “that’s why you shouldn’t.” I talk a lot about how tattoos are no big deal and I think more people should have them, tbh, because I know so many people that want them but are constantly confronted with this “oh you’ll regret it/ruin your body/hate yourself every day” thing.

(Also, I never ever see this specific “but think of your body’s aesthetic!” rhetoric directed at people who are not obvs afab, which is fascinating, but that’s an aside.)

Like, when you make that argument, you’re treating someone as though they don’t know tattoos are permanent, and perpetuating the “tattoos are only for things that are Serious and Deep and Forever” mindset, both of which are somewhere between rude and incredibly subjective.

Also, seriously, it’s a fucking tattoo. It’s a drawing on your body. While tattoos themselves can be really important, and the act of getting it can hold major cultural or personal significance, if you want a damn rose or a heart or something I PROMISE IT WON’T RUIN YOUR LIFE unless you, like, get it on your forehead or go to a scratcher who gives you a staph infection. Within a year, you will regularly forget that you have a tattoo and occasionally be surprised when people notice it. Having a tattoo is generally speaking not a big fucking deal.

But what if you regret it? You probably won’t. Get the damn Bernie Sanders tattoo. It’ll be fine and you’ll laugh about it later. Get the silly cartoon your kid drew that you think is great. Get your dog’s name. It’s a marker on the roadmap that is your life - it’s noting where you’ve been just as much as what you are.

It’s not a car, so stop talking about tattoos like they’re bumper stickers. It’s a body, belonging to an adult person. Tattoos are a hugely important way for people to culturally and personally claim and present their bodies, not to mention their own fucking business, and I’m tired of watching people get talked down to about it. (But then again there’s a reason my artist refers to me as The Enabler ;)

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sleepover thing: my crush is so cute and funny and all I want is to be able to talk to him a lot but I'm so shy and not good with small talk do u have any tips??

just talk like your talking to one of your friends and be cool even if you’re not, soon it’ll just feel normal

BTS react when they see your journal

Anonymous said:

How about a written BTS reaction when they accidentally see your (open) journal and how you wrote mushy, love-y things about them (and you’re just friends, oops)? Please? Thank you! :D (I’m not sure if you’ll do all of them or just some, but if you just want a few then namjoon + kook + tae?)

Jin: You’d probably gone somewhere and left your journal open without realizing and then BAM he stumbles upon your journal. I feel like he would be so embarrassed,, like it wasn’t his intention to see your journal but he did. He doesn’t know what to think since you’re just friends but now that he knows these knew found feelings you have for him he would get mixed emotions whether he feels the same or not. He wouldn’t confront you about it until he’s sure what he feels is true.

Yoongi: He’d probably be teasing you and grab the journal playfully making you reach for it until you actually manage to swat it out of his grasp that it falls wide open revealing your feelings for him. Honestly you would both be flustered AF but he would try to play it off nonchalantly like it wasn’t a big deal. But on the inside he would feel all mushy unsure of his feelings for you,, he would suddenly see you in a different way,, not as friend but as more.

Hoseok: He would see you writing in your journal just smiling and he would be so curious as to what was in that journal. He would ask you but when you denied him access he had no other option but to try and snatch it. When he did he started reading it out loud,, and then realization hit him that it was about him. He would feel so happy you think of him so dearly that he would just feel the need to embrace you and who knows maybe he might return the feelings.

Namjoon: It’d probably be a situation where you’d go over to his place and help him with some work he was trying to do. And with him being so full of meaning he would probably jot down every inspiration he got for future references,, and he accidentally grabs your notebook. It wasn’t until he started reading that he realized that’s probably not his journal. He wouldn’t know what to feel at the moment,, you guys are just friends but how could he so so clueless?? 

Jimin: He would see how dear the journal was to you that you wouldn’t let anyone see it so obviously he’d get curious as to what was so special about that journal. So when he sees that the coast is clear he’d go for your journal and read something he didn’t expect. By the time you came back he’d have a smug look on his face and when you see your journal open behind him you’d realize he knows now. But his reaction would take you by surprise when he pecks you on the cheek and just smiles like an idiot because he actually has some feelings for you too.

Taehyung: Lets be real here he probably would’ve taken your journal when you didn’t notice and when he gets home he’d forget he even had it in his school bag and would skim through it until he sees what you’ve written about him and he would get all giddy and happy. The next day he would confront you and extend your journal out to you and you would just be so red but he would be smiling the whole time because he’s never met someone who’s had such genuine feelings for him.

Jungkook: You’d both probably be rushing to class and accidentally bump into each other and your journal just happens to slip out of your grasp and open to that one page you’d hope he never sees. He’d apologize and offer to pick your things up until he reaches for your journal and manages to glance at the writing before you snatch it away. He probably super red and awkward but before you try to get past him he’d get a grasp of your fore arm and would pull you into his chest and whisper a quick ‘i like you’ before he lets go and practically sprints to his class.