i   just   got   home     &     i   have   felt   like   absolute   dog   crap   for   a   week   now     (     i   have   had   the   worst   migraine   of   my   life   that   just   will   not   go   away     &     i   have   been   taking   ridiculously   strong   pain   killers   in   an   attempt   to   break   it     )     &     i   checked   my   notifications   as   usual     &     i’m   so…     seeing   the   things   that   some   of   you   have   said   about   my   blog     &     my   emma     &     about   me   out   of   character…     i’m   on   the   verge   of   tears.    this   means   the   world   to   me     &     i   can’t   even   begin   to   explain   how   this   has   made   my   day   so   much   better.    i   love   all   of   you   so   much     &     i   just   feel   so   !!!     —————     emma   is   so   important   to   me     &     knowing   that   my   portrayal   is   loved   is   just…     it   really   does   mean   the   entire   world   to   me     &     then   some.    so   i   just   wanted   to   say   thank   you   because   !!!   this   has   just   turned   my   day   right   around.

Guys I feel like I should make a blanket post about this but I really really really dislike anything and everything to do with this pairing/any permutation of this pairing. I don’t care if it’s aged up/whatever there’s just a lot about it that makes me viscerally uncomfortable. I have it blacklisted; I don’t go into the tags and crap on it. I respect your internet right to do whatever the hell you want with fictional characters. Please respect my right to have absolutely nothing to do with this ship. 

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my mom is v v transphobic and also very acephobic and being me, a nonbinary greyace greyrom, i feel so unsafe in my home. the only person i'm out to is my cousin and one or two kids who i accidentally outed myself to in school, and they only know the ace part of me. sure my mom is an excellent mom otherwise, she's nice enough, but i know for a fact that if i came out to her she wouldn't be so nice to me. coupled with the ace disk horse on this hellsite, i just don't know what to do anymore..

Oh sweets. That sounds like an absolute crap show.

My family don’t think there are more than two genders so me being pansexual means nothing to them. It comes to the point that whenever it gets brought up my sisters laugh at me and I think what makes it even worse is that I love my sisters. They’re nice people if you take away that fact but it niggles at my brain.

I don’t think there is an easy answer to give here, I think sometimes you have to chin up and bear it and wait for the day you won’t be under their roof anymore.

We’ll always be here to talk as well.


So much negativity on tumblr today, all because of the shit that’s going on because of YG. I’m still salty and I can’t deny how absolutely disrespectful and shitty he was with the whole CL deal, so I have no problem blaming him some more. However, all this negativity is making my mood turn sour. I don’t like, at all, so let’s change that, yes~?

Ignoring everything that has pissed us off in the past, what… 12 hours? Can’t we take at least a few moments to focus on positive things?

It’s GD’s birthday, BIGBANG will have been a group for an entire decade on the 19th and they will hold a massive, 10 year anniversary concert on the 20th. The last two things are pretty damn amazing and impressive, if you ask me. And then, positive things that might not even concern BIGBANG; I’m just really happy to be alive and talking with all the amazing people that are here on Tumblr makes me happy as well. I have a family that I love, friends that make me happy to be around, two cats that may drive me crazy at time but that I wouldn’t trade for anything and I’m healthy and life is just… Good.

How about you, people? What are you happy and thankful for? I feel like taking the time to think about that is needed today. Even if you just think it over on your own, without sharing it with someone, do try to find at least one answer. I hate negativity, so let’s try to stay as positive as possible~

Rip in peace Max

So this is kind of a update to whats going on atm

-we still have no internet, and I won’t be posting again anytime soon

-a friend of mine showed me that my blog looks like absolute crap, but I can’t exactly do anything about it since all I have is tumblr on my phone

-more of a side note than anything but I’m probably moving to Texas for a year and I’m absolutely dreading it

-I have a feeling we won’t have internet for a while, and I could do what I’m doing right now and just post while on my phone but I honestly dont really feel like it since everything will load extremely slow

Thats really it lmao

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because tattoos and bands remind me of my past and i don't like looking back at it ,but i haven't regreted at all reading it ,it also made me listen to one of my favorite bands from the past and i really loved their latest record ,the band is BMTH and i imagine the band jungkook is in playing their songs despite the fact that the vocal is female (my favorite ones are Oh no, avalanche follow you,doomed and what you need).Lol sorry for being so long...i totaly ship ocxjungkook btw... (3/3)

oh crap i feel bad bc tumblr ate your first two messages and it looks like they were long, i’m sorry :// but OMG I LOVE BMTH!! i’ve seen them live twice and both times they’ve probably been the best concerts of my life. it’s just so intense and i absolutely love the atmosphere. and it’s actually funny bc you say you imagine bangtan to sing bmth songs, but the band pvris (female singer) opened up for bmth at the show i saw them at, and that’s what i imagine their “sound” to be like. again sorry for stupid tumblr eating your messages :((

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is it odd that i suddenly don't give an f about 5sos? like i'm still gonna listen to their music, but i think i've finally decided that keeping up with them like they're the kardashians is absolutely stupid and a waste of my time. they're way too shady this time and it's just fukking tiring. but yeah, i'm really feeling like i don't care about what they do anymore and it feels like i'm throwing away a 2 year relationship lmfao

AHAHAH no i get what you mean. I mean, I personally would have a problem doing that but if it’s what you feel would help you, than do it. All the pr crap they have been involved with is hella stressful bc we are left to guess what really is and isn’t. I mean, lets be real, most of its just promo but its still stressful. More power too you if you need and can take a break. They have been pissing me off recently so i cant blame you…

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Soo I have this friend who's feeling guilty that they made someone feel like absolute crap during times when they needed space. And they are basically asking me what they should do since they have no idea what to do in their current situation. Should she apologize or just let it be? I am definetely not good with this ha. Just seems like she just wants to make things right...I know this is a little OT compared to art but you seem blunt enough ha! :>

I don’t really know how to answer this. Ah haaa
But honestly, if someone wants space, they should have given them that space.
If they wants to remain friends, they should apologize it is their fault for irritating their friens and it doesn’t kill you to admit your fault and apologize.
Just make sure to not bombard the person with messages. Just be patient. C:

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YOU ARE THE SAME AGE AS ME??? I expected like 16 but holy crap how can you be so pretty at 14 I'm so amazed I just... Wow. also, I'm really glad that you found a friend that likes you as much as you like them! I would love to be your friend but I'm shy so for now I'll stay on anon. Maybe one day I'll go off anon and try to become friends idk I'm too awkward for this

ahh omg thank you!!! and i absolutely lov making friends feel free to say hi anytime!!

ask me questions!

doctorjeno replied to your post “Protip: if someone tells you anything along the lines of “I don’t…”

Holy crap that is so freaking gross

It is absolutely disgusting.

When someone says that to you, it generally means they’re going to make you jump through hoops and feel guilty for saying no/standing up to them because it’ll be some kind of proof that you’re “just like all the others”. It’s a manipulation tactic and unfortunately I’ve fallen for it before.

 Remember last year, that abusive/manipulative RP partner I had? That was one of the reasons I had such a hard time saying no and leaving the situation was because she said something like “I usually don’t RP with OC’s, but yours is different!” and I didn’t want to be one more bad experience that just proved her right. Only recently did I realize how fucking manipulative that was.