You know that thing where twins will like dress up as each other and switch out and go to classes as each other? I like to think Qrow and Raven, despite not being identical at all, absolutely pulled that kind of shit (but, like, sarcastically). Qrow whining about not wanting to go to a class and jokingly like ‘Raven go for me, pretend to be me’ but she actually does it. And when it is clearly Raven, clearly a girl, wearing a skirt and an asscape and not wielding a scytheswordgun, and the teacher is like ‘um Raven’ she just deadpans, ‘I’m not Raven, I’m Qrow.’

I just. Feel like they pulled that crap.

SO, this goes out to all the assholes who called me names, picked on me, made me feel worthless, talked down to me, and just treated me like absolute crap throughout my fat years…. People cope with their problems in all sorts of ways, and everyone has their own issues; don’t be that person to judge another individual for the way they deal with their own stress. That’s their business & who the hell are you to judge? Now if everyone could be more open minded with a hint of realism, then the world wouldn’t be such a harsh place to reside.

Left: 2011 at 380 pounds
Right: 2015 at 190 pounds

I lost my weight after my dad passed away, I was severely depressed.
Luckily for me, I was taken in by my oldest sister Kerri and she introduced me to P90X & juice dieting… She changed my life and taught me many more things. Fortunately for me, she never gave up on me. She did the best she could with what she had, she made ends meet and she helped open my eyes to see that there is a lot more to life, and a hell of a lot more to smile about. Thank you Beano for never giving up on me, and thank you for everything you have done/are doing for me. You’re the biggest inspiration I have in my life, and you’ve always been my role model. I know I’ve let you down plenty of times and brought a lot of disappointment onto you…. Yet, look at how much I’ve grown since I’ve been with you, look at how much of an impact you have made! Without you, I wouldn’t be here today. Without you, I wouldn’t smile, have confidence, know how to drive manual, have my license, have a job that I absolutely love, and without you there would be no Luna!!!
You’re a big part of my life whether you like it or not, and I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for being my mom & my dad. Thank you for loving me even when I mess up really bad. And thank you for still believing in me today, I know it’s been tough… But I’m a late bloomer, and that’s okay. I’ll make you proud, I owe it to you at the very least

yknow if people could stop bullying superwholock fans that would be great. they’re just kids. i’m p sure all of us have had a phase like that between 13-17, and if you ever felt harassed or unwelcome during it then congrats, you’ve become the thing that made you feel like crap. i hope you feel really awesome and cool! bc you know, shitting on kids (esp girls and queer kids, who get fucked over in so many ways offline and in school) is ABSOLUTELY the way to be really cool!

I feel like one day, David is going to sit Killian down, and try explain to him the concept of buttons.

“Whatever do you mean, all of them?”

“Well, they do all count, you know. You don’t have to leave half of them open.”

“But… I was told that’s how it’s done.”

“No, you can absolutely close—”

At which point Emma interrupts, frowning at her father: “What are you telling him? That’s complete crap. Don’t listen to him, Killian, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Excuse me, of course I know what I’m—”

“Definitely not,” Ruby agrees. “Emma’s right. Never close more than, oh, half of them. Unless you’re going for the stuffy, goody-two-shoes look?”

“I can assure you, milady, I would never.”

“Emma, Ruby, I really don’t think that’s—”

“Yep, nothing says ‘devilishly handsome’ like lots of open buttons. Trust me. I’m the one who’s lived in this world all her life, remember?”

“Sorry mate, I’d be inclined to believe her even if I weren’t honourbound to side with my lady love.”

“Damn it.”

Social justice warriors often treat most everyone with opposing opinions as lesser human beings, all the while proclaiming they represent equality.

Support gays? Great! But that doesn’t mean you should be hypersensitive around straight people and take every other thing they say as hate speech. It only makes you seem irrational and socially awkward.

If a racially mixed, bi-sexual makes a comment about a straight white person, do you say anything? Probably not. But oh boy if someone says anything about a group that individual is a part of that isn’t even really intolerant whatsoever… game over, time to go to war right?

Let’s say someone is being phobic of a group of people, ok, they suck, but instead of being chill about it, you get an overwhelming desire to make it your mission in life to cause them to feel like absolute crap… why? You could just give them facts, try to reason with them etc, but to just straight up belittle them shows what your true intentions are: you want to feel superior/righteous & you get satisfaction out of insulting others.

Social justice warriors are often some of the most hypersensitive, self-righteous people you’ll likely ever come across, and unfortunately for them, they aren’t self-aware, otherwise they would see how needless their sensitivity is when it comes to the internet community.

Does this mean I’m better? Absolutely not. We’re most all equally insignificant.

But it’s kinda cool to be a person who realizes how silly his little life is, while looking at all the people who seem to have no clue how futile and self-defeating their countless rants & cries for validation are (feeling calm is so much easier & enjoyable).

Long story short, we’re all pretty much stupid, and you being unable to accept that, suggests you’re likely a little behind everyone else on the road to personal development.


C: Lately I feel really ugly in general. My skin and teeth are horrible. My hair is a mess (and trust me Ive tried to fix it). I feel like crap. And I see so many gorgeous black women who have great skin and smiles and hair. Who know how to do make up and dress. Who eat healthy and work out and do their absolute best everyday even when they don’t feel like it. I know it took hard work to get to that point, but I can’t seem to get my feet on the ground. It’s shallow, but now I just want a pretty face and a fat ass.

“I’m not sure if this is just me, but I feel like absolute crap after that plane ride. I was sat by a guy who was trying to be a bit too friendly for my liking and also found out, once again, that I do get motion sickness while on planes. I honestly think I feel just as shitty as Miss Columbia did the other night, maybe worse. Guess you win some and you lose some, s’whatever. I don’t think you actually wanted to hear about all of that, did you? Sorry about that. I’m Emilia, or Emily, whichever you’d prefer.”

Jack Gilinsky - The past is past (Part 2)

Part 1

I waited until two in the morning, but Jack didn’t come home. He didn’t answer his phone and Johnson couldn’t or didn’t want to tell me where he was, so I just gave up and cried myself into sleep. I was almost completely sure that it was too much for Jack and our relationship came to its end even though I didn’t want to accept it, I wanted to fight, but how could I when he wasn’t even home?

But then, when I woke up in the morning, feeling like absolute crap I heard noises from downstairs. I put my robe on and walking into the kitchen I found Jack packing sandwiches.

“Hey, you are here,” I said as if I was seeing a ghost in the house. He glanced up at me.

“Is this odd? I live here, remember?” he replied packing the sandwiches and then put them into a bag.

“I just thought that… after yesterday…”

“Get ready, Y/N,” he simply said.

“Why? Where are we going?” I asked watching him packing all kind of stuff.

“Minnesota,” he simply said as if it was the most natural thing ever to just travel to Minnesota.

“What? But why are we going there?” I asked still completely confused.

“Because Jeff is there. And you are getting a fucking divorce,” he said looking into my eyes and then walked out of the kitchen leaving me there with a bunch of questions. Like, how did he find Jeff? Did he spend the night with searching for him? Is he going to break up with me after it?

But I knew Jack too well and he wasn’t about to have a little chit chat before leaving, so I didn’t have much choice, I got ready to go and get a divorce. How crazy does it sound?

The complete silence that came over us in the car on our way to the airport was eating me up alive. I wanted to talk to him so badly, but on the other hand I knew I had to give him the time and space he needed. I was trying my best not to break out in tears and beg for his forgiveness for lying to him and not telling him this huge detail about myself for years.

By four in the afternoon we were standing in front of a school Jack believed Jeff was working currently as a… dance teacher.

“Jack, are you sure that…”

“One hundred percent,” he replied pushing the door open in front of him and then we walked in. It was quiet so I assumed it was the middle of a lesson, but Jack didn’t seem to be bothered by it. We looked for the gym and when we found I saw Jeff for the first time in long years.

He was showing some spiritual moves to the first graders that were seemed to find his way of dancing very funny. He almost looked the same. Muscular body, short, brown hair and big, green eyes. He was always very good-looking and girls were all over him all the time, but if you got to know him better… he was an annoying little shit.

At the age of eighteen I found it impressing that a three years older guy was interested in me, and I even said yes to this whole “let’s get married in Vegas because it’s so random and fun” thing, and I only realized after this that I wouldn’t be able to be with him anymore. Since then he seemed to find his spiritual self and became a little Buddha with several necklaces in his neck, his unbuttoned shirt that let you see his toned abs and baggy floral printed pants.

“Jesus Christ,” we whispered at the same time with Jack and I only found out that it wasn’t because of the same reason.

“Okay, I’m ending this nightmare,” he determined said and then walked over to Jeff. I ran after him afraid of what was about to happen. “Jeff Morgan?” he asked stopping next to him.

“Yes, may I help you?” he smiled and as his eyes moved over to me, he immediately recognized me. “Woah! Y/N? Is this really you?” he asked stopping doing those ridiculous dance moves.

“Hey Jeff,” I awkwardly greeted him.

“Give me a hug! I want to feel your energy!” he grinned and before I could protest I found myself in his arms. I glanced over at Jack and I swear he was about to blow up.

“Okay, stop this,” he ordered and Jeff pulled away. “This is not a friendly reunion. Hi, I’m Jack Gilinsky, Y/N’s current boyfriend and we are here to get you sign the divorce papers.”

For my biggest surprise he pulled out a whole pile of papers that had little postits in it signaling the places we needed to sign. I didn’t know how in the name of Hell he could get these papers overnight.

“Oh, yeah, we are married!” he laughed making Jack even more mad.

“I’m glad you could forget about it, but it’s not that funny. Sign the papers and we are out of here.”

“Okay, buddy, I can see it is really important to you. Are you guys want to get married?” he smiled taking the papers from Jack and sat down to the ground to sign them.

“None of your business, buddy,” he replied emphasizing the word buddy.

“Woah, your negative energies are really vibrant.”

Jack mumbled something, but I didn’t understand what it was, it sounded like “I’ll show my vibes up into your ass” but I’m not sure if I heard it right.

Jeff signed every page and then standing back up he handed it to Jack. The children were running around in the room enjoying that Jeff wasn’t paying attention to them.

“There. If you want to stay a bit, I’m teaching the kids how to reach their spiritual peace through dance. You can join in,” he offered, but Jack immediately shook his head.

“Thanks, but we have to go.” Jeff nodded and then Jack turned around and headed to the door without another word.

“Bye Jeff,” I mumbled before running after Jack.

I still didn’t know what was going on in his mind, if he was about to kill me right away or if there was still a chance for me. He sat into the car and I did the same, he told the driver to take us back to the airport and as the car started running he grabbed me by my neck and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I gasped by the sudden interaction, but I was happy to be finally able to kiss him. I almost forgot that we were in a taxi and the driver could see us. After long minutes of making out we finally pulled away and I was trying to catch my breath.

“So you’re not mad?” I asked breathing heavily as he also tried to get his shit together.

“I am mad, Y/N, because you didn’t tell me, and then I saw how ripped this dude was and that maybe seeing him again would make you feel things for him and…”

“Wait, did you think I would ever consider leaving you?” I asked shocked.

“I’m not blind, Y/N, I saw how good-looking he was, so yes, I may have had a few thoughts on it,” he growled rolling his eyes.

“Jack, I would never leave you for him or anyone else. I was so afraid you would flip and think it was too much. I thought you would leave me,” I said my side of the story. “Don’t you dare worry about anyone, ex-boyfriend or not. The past is the past for a reason. You are my present and I hope my future too,” I smiled leaning closer so I could kiss him again.

“Man, I’ll go to Hell, that’s for sure,” he sighed putting his arms around me.

“Why?” I asked confused.

“Because I’m in love with a married woman.” I laughed at his comment and shook my head.

“Shut up, I’ll be divorced soon,” I giggled pressing my lips to his.

Hi! So this is really terrifying because (1) I’ve never posted any writing of mine online before and (2) I haven’t written anything creative in like 6 months so this is kind of terrifying and I’m sorry if it’s absolute crap??? 

But anyway, this is just a short think I’ve just written and I think there’ll be a part 2 if I can get my act together tomorrow (I have a really awesome idea for it, so crossing my fingers). It’s meant to be set a little after episode 1x09, although I’m not sure how it’ll fit in with canon events in 1x10 coming up, but yeah. 

Please feel free to let me know what you think! I’d love some thoughts & reactions if you want to give any?? 



“Would you stop making that face? It makes you look like a kicked puppy.”

Clarke didn’t need to turn around to know exactly who had just walked into her tent without permission or warning — as per usual. So she stayed where she was, cross-legged on a stool as she perused, for the umpteenth time, an amateur and incomplete map of the forest. Or, at least, that’s what she tried to look like she was doing, but every so often she could hear the other kids outside enjoying the sunshine, and, most especially, Raven’s girlishly ecstatic giggle and Finn’s response. Clarke had figured hiding in her tent pretending to read the useless map might be less difficult, but she kept finding herself staring off into space thinking instead.

“Thanks for the advice, Bellamy,” she snapped. “I’ll keep it in mind.”

Bellamy didn’t respond immediately. Clarke assumed he had ducked back under the tent flap to scowl at people and act serious and in charge some more.

“Do you really think the map is going to just magically tell you all Earth’s secrets?”

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Never Believe What They Say

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader

Writer: rightwhereiwantyou AKA imaginingyourfandom

Warning: Body Image, Low Self-Esteem & Self-Hate

Requested By: Anonymous

Request: Hello!!! Could you write a one shot for me?? I don’t know exactly what they’re called but that’s ok. The reader is insecure about her body and starts eating less and less. Young! Remus Lupin (aka her boyfriends) notices. He tells her she’s perfect and then fluff. Buh bye. Your blog is gr8

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“Picking side crap.” This infuriates me to no end, but I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like for people who are actually affected by this attitude (as a white female, I’m not claiming to in anyway understand what this mentality is like for those at a disadvantage due to white privilege). This guy is a classist, racist, sexist, homophobic asshole. But today, this just pushed me over the edge. To feel that you need to publicly announce that you’re sick of oppressed people fighting for their rights and equality is absolutely insane to me.

has anyone thought about the idea of Connor’s mom helping him paint his nails for Jude, finding it absolutely adorable and wanting to hear about this young boy and Connor just shrugs and is like “he’s just my friend and I just feel like I should be there for him, you know?” and when Connor comes home from school the next day, his dad sees and gives him a spanking for wearing it (cause idc what his dad claims he is homophobic ok). This leads to his mom trying to defend his son and what if that started to unravel a lot of crap they’ve been holding in leading his parents to get a divorce which is why like someone said (forgot who sorry) Jude goes from saying that he “didn’t want to wake Connor’s parents” to “he’s at his dads this weekend”. aefshdeg I am Connor Stevens trash ok


Okay, so I’ve been going through a lot of Overwatch ship tags here and the amount of hate I’m seeing is astounding??? like I get it, you may absolutely -hate- a certain pairing but does that really give you the right to go after people who do? The hate doesn’t even have to be directly on posts, just putting stuff in the tag that suggests hate can hurt some people.

I admit, there are Overwatch ships that even -I- don’t like and yes even those i -really- dont like. But I’m not going to make people feel like crap for enjoying them, and hell if you wanna send me cute fanart and headcanons for these pairings, I’ll gladly look at them!

And this just doesnt just apply to Overwatch I know, but seriously guys, come on. Just knock it off, please we are just here to enjoy our ships and the art, we don’t need the hate.

Barry Allen #3: Bad Days

Barry helps out his girlfriend when she’s having a rough day.

Hope you guys like this! Remember to request, like and follow.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” You heard your boyfriend’s voice through the phone.

You groaned loudly. “Yeah, I’m fine babe. Just not feeling great.” The bed sheets and pillows you had piled around you muffled your voice.

There was silence. “I’m coming home.” You could hear Barry shuffling to grab his things.

“No. You worked all last night and you need Caitlin and Cisco to check you out.” You said.

Barry had been saving people all last night and you knew for a fact that he’d been hurt and his suit had been damaged. You hadn’t had a chance to tell him that you had gotten your period and felt like absolute crap. He’d called you in a panic from Star Labs, clearly thinking that some big bad villain had kidnapped you.

“I’m coming home, no arguments.” He stated.

“Fine. Barry?”


“Can you stop and get me some food?” You whispered.

He sighed. “Of course I can.”

“Kay thanks.” You smiled and hung up the phone.

You snuggled back into bed. There was a TV in your room, but the remote was far away and the last time you stood up you almost past out from the pain. Besides, the wrenching of your gut was more than enough to distract you.

Barry took exactly fifteen minutes to get home. He could run home in one minute on a good day, so even stopping for food, it shouldn’t have taken longer than five minutes.

“Hey baby.” He said softly as he entered the room.

“What took you so long?” You groaned.

“I bought a lot of things.” He said. “Look, Y/N.”

You sat up, displacing at least four pillows and thirty pound of blankets. Barry was spreading everything out on the end of the bed.

“What is all of this?” You mumbled.

“This is a cheese basil pizza from Pizza Hut. This is three bottles of cherry Coke. Here we have a Caesar salad in case you want to be healthy. Then we have skittles and Kitkats. The entire first season of Game of Thrones plus Walt Disney’s Snow White in case Game of Thrones gets too depressing.” He finished, looking like he’d rehearsed that quite a few times.

“You got all of this for me?” You said, quite touched.

“Of course.” He leaned forward and kissed your forehead. “I love you.”

A few hours later the two of you were still curled up in bed. The pizza and salad was gone, and you guys were halfway through season one. You were tucked under Barry’s arm. You could feel him playing with you y/h/c hair.

“Hey Bar?”


“I love you too.”

And that was the truth.

Happy Blog Anniversary from TextsfromJeanMarco!

Holy crap guys, it feels like yesterday since we started on March 1st 2014, but look where we are now! I honestly didn’t think this blog would garner such a following, but the last year has been an absolute blast!

Thank you so much for the likes, the reblogs, the follows, the lovely messages, and the freaking TAGS! THE TAGS ARE THE BEST OMG.  I’m so hyped that you guys decided to stick around for as long as you did, and I hope to make this year just as fun!

LOVE YOU GUYS <3333 You’re the best!



I’m so emotional it’s not even funny. Currently listening to TMH and MM and crying And for all of you that arent directioners and think we are”over exaggerating” Please just respect our feelings, we’re broken I absolutely love you to pieces Zayn Malik. Thank you for making me smile countless times, for being there when my “friends” weren’t, for comforting me when everything was going wrong, when I felt like a worthless piece of crap, and for making music for me to sing along and jam to. One Direction will always be 5 to me. I love you and I will continue supporting One Direction. Thank you for taking care of yourself though, Zayn. This isnt the end. Thanks for the memories Zayn 💔