Preference #8 - You Have a Sore Throat (4/4) (requested)

can you write one where you lose your voice/have a sore throat or something bc i have strep throat rn and i need something go cheer me up lol :) - anonymous


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A/N: YAAAASS day two of preference-pallooza let’s gooo :D I enjoyed this so so so much and I relate to this so much bcuz I’ve had a stomach bug all day and if my bf cheered me up the way Michael did in this, I’d be the luckiest girl ever 

p.s. let me know if you guys like this style of writing over the kind of style I wrote my last preference He Teaches You His Instrument To Get Closer To You feedback is always appreciated!


The moment you woke up you could feel your throat burning and began to cough, groaning in frustration as you rolled onto your side of the bed to try and fall back to sleep.

Suddenly, you peace was interrupted as your boyfriend Ashton, barged into your room. ”Happy anniversary babe! I have a surprise for you-!” Ashton sang as he entered your shared bedroom, carrying breakfast on a platter .

“y/n, are you ok?“‘Ashton’s voice was laced with concern.

Setting down the breakfast platter, Ashton situated himself next to you on the bed and began to massage your back.

You mumbled your approval into your pillow as Ashton softly laughed at your actions.

"You know what? Instead of going out how bout we just have a movie marathon in bed, okay?" 

"Awe Ashton, I’m so sorry I just feel like absolute crap. I hate that I ruined our anniversary” You frowned

“Roll over ya bug.” Ashton joked as you haphazardly rolled over to your side of the bed.

He placed the breakfast platter of blueberry pancakes, yogurt, and orange juice between the two of you while you watched him with half-opened eyes.

“Here babe, have some oj. I’m gonna grab you some Tylenol. Be right back!” Ashton stated, running into your bathroom.

By the time he got back, you were sleeping once again and all Ashton could do was smile at you and put the tylenol on your nightstand and quietly leave your room, allowing you much needed time to rest and fight off strep throat.


Because Michael had known how much you hated winter weather—and it was god awful where you lived—so to combat these winter blues Michael whisked you away to the Bahamas.

Either it was the sketchy airplane food that you and Michael had shared or it was the person with a nasty cough that you had sat next to with Michael but in any case you were spending your time in paradise with strep throat.

Currently you were in the shower trying to relax and lightly massage your ever swelling throat when without warning, a hand grabbed the shower curtain and it flew open to reveal Michael with a Cheshire Cat grin.

“Ahh! Michael! Ow ow” you croaked as you grabbed your throat

“Michael what are you doing?” You asked as you haphazardly tried to cover yourself

He raised his eyebrows. “Nothing I haven’t seen before babe. But anyways, come on! I have a surprise for you!” He exclaimed, wiggling his eyebrows

Before you could speak, Michael grabbed your wet hand as he pulled you out of the shower and gave you a robe to cover yourself along with a towel to cover your dripping wet hair.

“Michael what are you doing?” You could barely ask the question as your voice cracked 

“I am-SURPRISE!” Michael yelled as he brought you into the living room of the home you were staying.

Your jaw dropped at the sight of Michael’s surprise: a mariachi band was standing right in front of you.

“Hit it boys!” Michael announced 

The band began a rendition of “Don’t Stop” and even though your throat was very swollen and sore, you couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of Michael dancing and jumping around as the mariachi band played.

Once they were done, you applauded them and Michael ushered them out of the house.

As you began to thank Michael he brought a finger to your lips and explained, “Y/N I know that it sucks that you got sick but I knew how much this would cheer you up. Oh and don’t ask about the mariachi band, I can’t give up all my secret connections.” He winked

“I’m in love with a dork.” You croaked out and lightly kissed him on the cheek.

“And I’m in love with a frog. Ribbit ribbit baby.” He teased “Hey, I was kidding!” He exclaimed seeing you flip him off


“Hey, babe is there something that you’re not telling me?” Calum asked in concern as he watched you down your twentieth glass of water while you both stood in your kitchen.

You raised your eyebrows as you drank your water and put a cough drop in your mouth. 

“Wait, y/n why aren’t you answering me?" 

Rolling your eyes, you grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote,
lost my voice and it’s super dry right now. And no Cal, I’m not drinking water to pee on a pregnancy test or something. You’re good.

"It’s not that I would be opposed to having kids with you, y/n just not right now.” Calum  explained as he brought his arms around you.

You gave him a tight smile and wrote on the paper:
Awe that’s great you feel that way Cal because you’re not getting any while I’m sick. 

"What?!” Calum exclaimed as you left the kitchen to get some rest, internally laughing at your boyfriend’s horrified expression.


“Babe, ready to go out to dinner?” Luke asked you as you entered the kitchen

“Whoa, y/n.” Luke’s eyes widened in concern.

You stood in front of your boyfriend, wrapped in the fuzzy blanket Luke had just brought home from tour and in comfy  sponge-bob squarepants pajamas. Your throat was red and enlarged and you looked sickly pale.

“I think I have a sore throat” you softly stated, in between coughs

You took in Luke in an all black-suit and tie, looking impeccably handsome and your eyes started to water.

“Luke, I’m so sorry I know it took you months to get this reservation and I can suck it up and-” you began rambling

“Hey, don’t cry, y/n.” Luke came to you and embraced you in a hug.

“I’ll cancel. It’s not a big deal. Let me go call the restaurant and then I’ll run you a warm bath okay?” Luke’s blue eyes searched yours and you meekly nodded your head ok.

“Go lie down and relax y/n, I’ll be right back.” Luke stated, giving you a soft kiss on the forehead before he left to call the restaurant.