The Theory to Shatter Everyone: Confabulation

You guys want pain? Fine. You asked for it. DO NOT LOOK UNDER THE CUT IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILS FOR THE PROMO. If you’ve seen it and you are prepared to be shattered, go ahead. Click the Read More. I’ll just be sobbing in the corner for coming up with this shit.

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anonymous asked:

Wait I'm a bit confused about the gif set with Misha and the bag of hair. He says "I thought it just grew that way." Which seems to be a joke about destiel but yet I still don't get it. Sorry for the moron question! What do you think?

no, no worries, i was def a little confused the first time i saw it ;)

i interpreted it as ‘cas’ pretending not to know it was, um, ahem-pubic hair—and then once he knew, he proceeded to smell it. which is. well. definitely the misha way to do destiel

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Ive been having a huge identity crisis lately because the word I've been using to describe my orientation is queer but now a lot of my followers are reblogging posts about how that words a slur and i dont know how to feel or what to do i am so lost

its a slur that’s being reclaimed and it’s ok to use it, its just there are some people who dont like the word due to its negative connotation 

everytime something asks my “preferred name” i get really scared lmao

even though massachusetts is cool and i doubt anyone would give a fuck 

i dont like feeling judged

and i dont like that i look like a girl

or rather, im mad that even if im androgynous, people have to try and gender me

im mad that “they” isnt an automatic thing for people

im mad that no one knows nb genders even exist

cus i cant just correct them when they use the wrong pronouns cus no one fucking knows what genderqueer means

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Also, if Harry had to chose between the missus and the twins during the delivery because the Doctor can just save one of them, who would he chose? and why? Im dont accept 'i dont know' for an answer lol

He would choose the missus. And it would be so hard and it would devastating for them and it would take a long time to recover from the loss and it would be the hardest thing Harry’s ever done telling the missus the babies are gone once she wakes up, but ultimately, I don’t see him making any other choice. As awful as this is going to sound…they can have more children. And even though they love the twins before they’re born just as much as they do once they’re here, he can’t replace her. There will never be another her for him. And her passing takes away not only his wife, but Darcy’s mother. xx.

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**DONT READ IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW THEORIES/SPOILERS*** So I have really been thinking since agent McCall came in on S3 & about what this big secret is that stiles & the sheriff know that Scott doesn't & I'm thinking that maybe the sheriff might actually be Scott's real father? Idk because dropping Scott on his head can't be the real reason he left that's just stupid. I think this would be really cool if it's real but also its going to bring a lot of drama between between Melissa &

(Con2) and when Melissa slaps sheriff I’m interested to know what that was for. What do you think about all this?

Omg i don’t think sheriff is scott dad it’s clearly agent mccall, they are practically the same person xD about melissa slapping sheriff, i seriously have no idea! maybe he try to kiss her? he says something wrong? idk it’s hard to tell

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Yay questions! \(^/^)/

1.  If you could tell your 12 year-old self anything, what would it be?

if i could tell Little Me something it’d be “Self, i know you’re going into a new school and all but chill okay? it’s not as mad as it seems. it’s gonna be a great year bro you’re gonna get some straight A’s get some awesome friends and its just gonna be great. well most of it. listen bro, ima tell you this right now, do not be ashamed of the changes you go through here. dont be shy to go to the em otable, dont be shy to say you love to draw and write, dont be shy to ask our aunt to buy you band shirts cus trust me, they are amazing and because of everything i just listed, you end having some amazing taste in music that help s you through a lot. but bro there’s one thing i needa tell you and thats basically that its okay to be confused, its okay to like girls and its okay like boys too. trust me, its okay. you dont need to put yourself through so much self hatred for liking girls, you dont need the rumors or the assumptions or the drama. trust me little me, its okay to be feeling the way you do and in a few years youl understand that and youll be surrounded by some amazing people who understand and support it too so dont worry okay? and self, no matter what happens in jr high, no matter how many scars you end up with or how many drugs you try out, i’ll still always love you because we’ve gone far too long with self hate to continue it now. so go out and make your choices, make your friends and make your mistakes, but please learn from each of em.

2. If you could pick any time to go back to to live in, when would it be?

i would go back to June 22, 2014 (Warped Tour) and just live that day all over again.

3. If you could visit anyplace in the world, at any time, when and where would you go?

i would visit Janitzio Island back when i was 6 again because that was such an amazing trip with my grandpa. i wanna relive those days with him because i know i cant have them anymore

4. Favorite artist (any type of fine art)? Garret Rapp and Tablo

5. What’s the best compliment someone could give you? “You helped me make it through the night.” 

6. If you had to be on a reality tv show, which one would you pick and why? well I have two; Face Off as a judge because holy cow their art is always so amazing and the people on there are great or Destination Truth because I love the crew and who wouldn’t love to travel the world looking for creatures and ghosts???

7. Fictional character you find most inspiring? Shaunee Cole from The House of Night series. this was the hardest question on here wtf

8.  Person who inspires you the most? Garret Rapp and Tablo. Garret inspires me to go out and live my life positively and always help others because you never know who might really need it. Tablo inspires me to do everything I can in life because nothing is impossible, regardless of what people may think of you and there will always be a better day filled with people who will always have your back no matter what.

9. What’s the first thing you want people to understand about you when you first get to know each other? I apologize a lot and it’s not because I want to, trust me I know how annoying it can be I just really not like the risk of saying something offensive or hurting someone in any way and I feel like everything I say is either so stupid you’ll lose brain cells hearing me or so blunt that it’s super rude or mean.

10. Favorite type of music? I don’t really have a “favorite type” considering my music ranges from “are there any lyrics????” to “what language is this???” lol

11.  Trait you admire the most in others? I admire who are open minded. Like you can have gorgeous eyes and be hella attractive or super smart but it won’t  mean a thing to me if you’re close minded and won’t accept the world for the colorful palette of colors that it is cus honey, you aren;t a dog so stop seeing things in black and white. 

Here are my questions:

  1. If you had to pick one song that explained the majority of your life up until now, what song would it be?
  2. If you had to spend an entire week with only one of your parents which would you choose and why?
  3. If you lost everything tomorrow, whose arms would you run into to make everything okay?
  4. If you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask?
  5. If you could watch everything that happened in your life until now, would you enjoy it?
  6. If karma was coming back to you, would it help or hurt you?
  7. What terrifies you the most?
  8. If your life was a book, would you be the hero or the villain based on what you’ve done in life so far?
  9. Describe yourself without using your name, or in any way someone else has described you (society or friends). Deep down, who are you?
  10. What is a sensitive topic that should never be joked about?
  11. Who do you think you’ve hurt the most in life? Why? (your mom giving birth to you doesn’t count smartasses)

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Anonymous asked: Ryan Ross or Brendon Urie

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i dont know how to ask stuff like this politely but um. could u maybe draw some danny phantom? or like, im suggesting danny phantom as a thing that some people (me) rlly rlly would want to see drawn in your style, that you could maybe consider next time u want to draw something and dont have any other ideas??since i think i remember u referencing it at some point?????i dont know im sorry nevermind

ok so i REALLY dont like people trying to guilt me into drawing shit for them so normally i would just delete this but i was actually ok w drawing these kids at least once

danny tryin 2 talk to his non ghost friends abt ghost things

dont ask for these guys any more bc i like danny phantom but i am in 0 ways interested in drawing it.

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YO ALL OF THEM ARE GREAT BUT “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.“ or “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.” BECAUSE IM WEAK AND BELLARKE TRASH*

Changed the quote just a little bit :) I hope its okay that i did the first one? I might do the second one seperatly though if you want me too <33 thANK YOU I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Bellarke + “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear cloths before you say anything else.“ 

(This takes place a few years after Clarke returns to camp jaha)


“I’m going to need you to put on some cloths before you say anything else.“ Bellamy says in a strained voice, with his eyes anywhere but on a bare Clarke who was standing before him up to her thighs, wet, in a lake near camp Jaha. And did he mention she was naked? Because she was fucking naked.

Clarke was bathing.

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it’s finally done! i might do more of these later, but for now i’m done. I wanted to draw some UMY Will in pretty outfits i think he would wear, so here we are.

To give my number or to not give my number, that is the question…

just a heads up for people who keep asking for fic links, i have specifically put where to find them in the title of my ask box in order to save ur time asking me stuff then having to wait for a response so please remember to actually read it before sending me anything. thanks!!