• Sasuke: Naruto and Hinata?
  • Sakura: Himawari was just born, I don't want to bother them.
  • Sasuke: Ino and that pale guy?
  • Sakura: You know very well his name is Sai and no, they are going on the vacation same way we are. They left Inojin with Ino's mother.
  • Sasuke: Your parents, then?
  • Sakura: Dad has a really nasty flu now. I don't want Sarada to catch it.
  • Sasuke: Shikamaru and Temari?
  • Sakura: Can't, they are visiting Gaara in Suna.
  • Sasuke: Chouji and... (struggles to remember) Karui?
  • Sakura: Same, they're out of the villiage.
  • Sasuke: Didn't you say Tsunade was free?
  • Sakura: I'd rather it to be two people watching her, Sarada can be quite a handful.
  • Sasuke: (sighs) That's it then. We are not going anywhere, we'll have to do the anniversary trip another time.
  • Sakura: Wait, there has to be a solution!
  • Sasuke: What option do we have left?
  • Sakura: ...We could always let Suigetsu and Karin babysit...?
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sakura: ...
  • Sasuke: ... (raises an eyebrow)
  • Sakura: You're right, I'm going to call Tsunade.

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Do you intend to stay informed on fandom and show stuff? Or will you eventually pull the plug from it all? Just wondering...I don't want to bother you with this if you are trying to move on or have moved on.

I don’t know anon. How many times have I said I wanted to quit everything and then I’ve crawled right back on board and resumed shipping like nothing ever happened? I’m so tired of doing that but I don’t know how not to. I always react emotionally first and it takes a few days to be able to think rationally. I don’t know how to properly explain how I feel right now. I need to stop being so weak and allowing myself to get sucked back in but I fear that’s what’s going to happen. It’s hard to leave a fandom when you have so many friends still here. Maybe I should just stick around and be one of those salty fans who never truly moves on from their fandom and remains bitter forever 😂

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I just saw a yt reaction to v/kook vid.. omg the comment section is full of ship war!! I was actually embarrassed to be jikook shipper honestly. Why are they going to v/kook video and making comments about Jikook? Real or Not let them enjoy their moments and since Jikook has feeding us so well lately, I just don't want them to bother us and let us enjoy our moments. We don't even know any ship is real, why is everyone going crazy with this?

I have 0 idea. I think lots of shippers don’t realize that we shouldn’t do things like that just because other ships do them to us. like, just because tae/kook shippers attack us on youtube, tumblr, or whatever, it doesn’t mean that we should do the same to them. and we should never hate on a ship directly, that’s dumb. as you said, we have 0 idea who is real, or if any of the ships are real. 


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Hi! Why nurse instead of doctor? Just curious. I don't want to bother you and I will study nursing at university in october so:)

The same reason why I didn’t want to be a teacher, a firefighter, a ninja, a power ranger, and the president.  

Because I wanted to be a nurse.

Also I will say this LOUDLY OVER AND OVER:


Please don’t ask me to ship this thing. I’m really picky when it comes to shipping with Seras and I don’t like the idea that her father figure would try to romance or SEDUCE her. Just let them be cute and familial, please. If you ship this? Gucci. I don’t though, so please just don’t ask me to do the thing.

Hey guys, since the project I actually planned doesn’t work, I want to try something else (last try, I promise). So, yesterday I read a very beautiful photo op story and it made me think a lot. Jensen cares so much about his fans and we love him and we’re so grateful for him - I don’t think he can even imagine how much he means to us and what he’s doing for us at these Cons.

But - and I think I’m not alone with this - even though I will never forget what Jensen did for me at my photo ops, I wasn’t able to thank him in the way he would’ve deserved it. The moment it happened, I was too nervous, too surprised, too close to crying. I just couldn’t say anything, I was barely able to look at him.

So, to anyone who met Jensen and who shared a wonderful moment with him, please keep reading.

I want to make a book filled with photo ops + stories, autograph stories, stories of when YOU met Jensen. Genuinely written stories and true feelings to show him how much meeting him meant to you and how happy you were.

If you feel like doing that or want to spread the idea

  • Please reblog this post (no matter if you participate or not). I won’t reach everyone on my own. I need your help to do that!
  • It doesn’t have to be for tumblr users only, so please share this on twitter or other networks, wherever you can reach Jensen fans.

I wanna do that! What do I have to send you?

  • Your photo op + story (if you’re not comfortable with sending the photo, just the story will be totally fine, too)
  • Your autograph story with Jensen
  • Any story of when you shared a touching/happy/dorky/… moment with Jensen, no matter how long or short it is
  • For the photos, it can be single ops with Jensen or doubles/triples, as long as it’s about your moment with Jensen, it’ll be perfect! 

If you published it somewhere, it’s enough if you simply send me the link. Otherwise send it via email at jensenconstories@gmail.com


  • DEADLINE: 22nd April 2016 (I’ll give the book to him at Asylum16)
  • E-Mail: jensenconstories@gmail.com
  • track the tag #JensenConStories for updates
  • Questions? (If you need an example, just click here. :) )

Thanks so much for your help and have a lovely day! ♥

The Quidditch team (Chapter 8)

Camila immediately froze, she seemed terrified. Have I already told you that I always hated this teacher? He always did his very best to piss off me, specially in his class. “Let me speak.” I slowly whispered.

“Miss Jauregui, you don’t show up to your classes, but you sneak in the corridors at night.” Professor Snape said, still showing his arrogant smile. “And taking your colleagues with you in your stupidities, how shameful.” He added, looking at Camila who was staring at her feet.

When I was about to open my mouth , I felt a draft grazing my shoulder. “Severus, there you are, I was looking for you! Miss Jauregui and I were trying to help this poor girl, but we couldn’t do anything… I see that she woke up before my return, sleepwalking is not always funny!” Camila jumped when she saw who was there. Sir Nicholas, the Gryffindor house ghost. What was he doing in our tower?

Professor Snape glared at Camila. “Sleepwalking, miss Cabello? You sleep with your coat?” He asked.

She didn’t answer, she just looked at me. I understood when I saw Sir Nicholas staring at me with big eyes. “She’s still pretty shaken Professor.” I said, putting a hand on Camila’s arm. "Last time, she went outside and I didn’t want her to get cold, so I did my best to catch up and try to put something warm on her, we’re in pajamas under our coats.“ I lied. Luckily, the coats that we have from the school are long enough and it was rather dark so that Snape couldn’t notice anything. "I was looking for a supervisor, but nobody was on this floor. Sir Nicholas heard me and tried to help to bring her back to our dormitory.”

“Now that she’s awake, we don’t need your services anymore Severus, thank you.” The ghost said before Snape was able to respond. "I'll escort these two young ladies to their dormitory.“

Snape was looking at us in a suspicious way. Maybe he didn’t believe me, but he couldn’t discuss the word of a ghost. "You better not be late tomorrow, both of you.” He said, curtly. He glared at me one last time before he turned around and walked away.

When he was far enough, I put a hand behing my neck and sighed. “Holy shit, that was a close one!” I said.

“Watch your language, miss Jauregui.” Sir Nicholas said. “You’re lucky to have miss Kordei as a friend! She realized that you were probably going to get caught because of the distance that you needed to walk in the school. She asked me 40 times to make sure that everything was alright for you two. I said yes only because I am indebted to her family. This was the first and the last time, understood?”

“Understood, thank you.” I responded.

He looked at Camila with a weird expression. “Make sure that your friend is still breathing and go to your dorm. Have a lovely night.” The ghost said, before entering a wall.

“I told you that I was controlling the situation!” I quietly laughed and I saw those gorgeous brown eyes slowly raised to meet mine.

“I’ve never been so scared like that! I think that my heart stopped beating.” Camz whispered.

I have to admit that I freaked out a bit and I promised myself to thank Normani each day until the end of my life! “Come here.” I said as I opened my arms widely.

I didn’t need to say it twice! I immediately felt her hiding her face in my neck and hugging me pretty tightly. She was very tense and I could feel her heart pumping into her chest… “I don’t know if your heart stopped earlier, but it’s definitely beating now.” I whispered, holding her closer to me. I couldn't see her face, but I’m petty sure that she was blushing. "We really need to leave now, Camz.“ I added as I took her hand in mine.

She nodded and we started to walk towards the dorm and then our room. Let me clarify something. I always hated uniforms. Because we can’t really express ourselves yes, but for something else simpler… I know what you’re going to think, but I’m a teenager okay! Let’s say that these uniforms prevent us from contemplating the human anatomy. Why do I tell you this? Because that night, when we changed to go to sleep, I realized something, something huge…

"Are you staring at my butt?” Camila said, raising her eyebrows. She was packing her bag for tomorrow. Dinah was sleeping, but even with the entire Quidditch team was jumping on her bed, she will not wake up.

“Of course not.” I responded with a smirk on my face. “Why would I do that? It’s not like it was particularly fine or something.” Man, that is the kind of things that nobody should hide! I agree, someone with a great personality is beautiful and that’s important, but damn…

“Yeah right.” She laughed. “Thank you for tonight. The part where I almost had a heart attack was less funny, but I had a really great time with you.” She said, lying down in her bed.

“Was it worth it?” I asked.

“I was with you, of course it was.” She responded, smiling at me. 

I felt this warm feeling of joy raising in my body. “I’m happy to hear that.” I said before I winked at her.

We both went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep right away tough. I was thinking about tonight, about her singing with her amazing and beautiful voice, about her lips and the feeling that I had when I was kissing them… I was falling for her.

The weekend arrived very quickly. We had two trainings with Mrs. Lespérance and I have to say that she knows what she’s doing. I did my best to avoid Aria. I always feel that she’s looking at me… I spent most of my free time with Camila and Ari noticed it! I knew that I should have a talk with her as soon as possible. Anyway, I was not going to let her affect my humor, not this time! Oh and the director was at the castle! I really believed that he was going to come back with Mr. Helbert, but no, he was alone. He wanted to talk to us on Sunday evening, after the dinner.

“Students, teachers, good evening!” Professor Dumbledore said, standing in front of everyone. “I hope that you all enjoyed the meal.” He added with his reassuring tone. “I will take a few minutes of your time to inform you that tomorrow, we will be visited by some lovely girls from the Quidditch team of Beauxbatons academy of magic. They will remain with us for some time in order to confront our four teams. I don’t need to ask you to welcome them in our school as best as you can and to behave yourselves in an exemplary manner, just like you usually do. With this said, I wish you all a good night!”

Everybody stood up to leave and I felt two hands on each of my shoulders. “Hey beautiful.” I said with the largest smile on my face. “You arrived quickly!” She was sitting with a working partner at the end of the table.

“I always liked the way you were saying this to me.”

I turned around and saw that the person behind me was not the one I expected to see. “Oh Aria.” I said, standing up from my seat.   “What are you doing after?” She asked on her famous seductive tone.   “We’re going to our room, we have to join Dinah there.” I heard another voice behind Aria and I. Camila was looking at us in a way that I have never seen before.   Aria raised her eyebrows. “I was not talking to you, sweetheart.” She said, staring at Camila.   “Well, I am "sweetheart” and we’re leaving now.“ The brunette said, approaching me with a firm step. "We have to hurry and it would be so so sad if you break your other leg in the stairs, right Laur?”   A possessive Camila, I like that, I thought. I was trying not to laugh though. Aria’s face was priceless! “Right! See you soon Aria.” I said before Camz and I left the great hall.   “What was that? You don’t need to be jealous you know." I started after we left the stairs. I had a huge smile on my face. It’s not every day that someone manages to stop Aria Smith from talking.   "I’m not jealous.” Camila answered. “She doesn’t like me, but it's fine because I don’t like her either. It’s hmm special, I like everybody.”   “Why don’t you like her?”   “She’s all over you.” She mumbled.   “You are jealous.” I said with a smirk. We were now in the dormitory and we were heading towards our room.   Camila took my hand. “Stop talking.” She whispered.   —-   “Mila, there’s a letter for you on your bed.” Dinah said after we entered the room.   “I know.” Camila responded. “I put it there.”   Dinah was lying on her back and playing with her wand. “Who’s Marisa?” She asked.   Camila’s facial expression changed. “Marisa is my hmm best friend at my former school. She probably send me this letter to tell me that she’s going to be there tomorrow, she's the captain of their team.”   “Your best friend? Why do you look like that then? You don’t really look happy to hear from her!” Dinah laughed and Camila faked a smile.   “No, I am.” She responded. “It’s complicated.” I understood, it was for that reason that Camila didn’t look that happy to play against her former team. Something certainly happened.   Dinah brought me out of my thoughts by standing up and going to the door with a deck of cards in her hands. “I’m going to play with Tristan and Alex before the curfew, somebody wants to come?” DJ asked, wating in front of the door.   “I’ll pass.” Camila said, staring at the letter on her bed.   My best friend gave me the look before she left the room. I didn’t want to be annoying, but I didn’t want her to be sad either so I left my bag aside and I slowly approached her. “You didn’t open it?” I asked, sitting next to her. She simply shook her head. “Last time that I said that, I was interrupted, but I’ll try to repeat it all at once this time… If you need to talk about anything, I want you to know that I'm here to listen to you.” I said, putting my hand on hers. “I don’t want to annoy you or something, but you look sad and I don’t like when you’re sad.” I added as I tried my best to make my puppy eyes.   Camila slowly smiled and gently brushed my cheek with her other hand. “You’re so cute.” She said. “I never talked about this to anyone but maybe it can be good to talk about it… I just don't want to bother you with my problems.”   I moved forward to close the gap between our lips. It’s been days since I was patiently waiting to kiss those lips again. I’m not really good with words anyway and I wanted her to understand that she’s not bothering me at all. This kiss wasn’t aggressive or precipitated, it was simple, gentle and demonstrative. “You’re not.” I said, smiling at her and looking into those beautiful eyes.   Camila kissed my cheek and sat cross-legged. "Hmm, I don’t even know where to start.“ She said. "It’s about a girl, this girl.” She added, pointing the letter.   “Your best friend?” I asked, making myself comfortable.   “Yeah hmm I fell in love with her.” Well, I didn’t expect that. “But hmm she was in a relationship with another player.”   “Oh.” It was the only thing that came out of my mouth. I didn't really know what to say.   “Oh, yeah.” Camila said, looking at her feet. “I almost screwed up her relationship…” I didn’t say anything, I was waiting for her to keep talking. After a few seconds, she raised her head and looked out the window. “I really thought that they had broken up and I thought that she liked me… After I kissed her, she told me that she likes me, as a friend, as her best friend. She was my first kiss… I’m over her now, it’s just that I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t know how I felt for her because she kept acting like nothing happened. A friend that we had in common told her girlfriend and even if Marisa was saying that it was not a big deal, that girl was not happy, not at all. She became really mean to me and it was difficult to play in the same team as both of them. After several weeks, I didn’t feel comfortable anymore so I decided to leave.”   “I see… So you don’t really want to see them?” I asked even if I knew the answer.   “Marisa I don’t mind, we’re still friends, but her girlfriend is the freaking embodied devil. I’m not even kidding, her purpose was to make my life a living hell. She hates me.” Camila said before she sighed.   “You know what?” I said to draw her attention. “Your friend is stupid for letting you leave. We’re going to go on that field, play against their team and kick their asses! You don’t need to be scared, I’ll be right next to you and if that girl talks to you on the wrong tone, don’t worry about it, I can be a bigger devil.” I added, smiling.   “Wow, I’m so happy that you’re in my life.” She responded, grabbing me by the neck and bringing me closer to her.   “GIRLS!” We heard Dinah shouted in the hallway.“Hmm can I come in or I’ll see something that I don't really want to see, like one of you naked?”   “It’s at your own peril, my friend.” I joked and DJ waited a few seconds before she came in.   “You shouldn’t laugh with that, I know you Jauregui!” Dinah said.   Camila’s face was as red as the Gryffindor emblem. “Why are you screaming like that girl?” I asked, still sitting on Camila’s bed.   “Tristan and I heard MgGonagall talk with Dumbledore. We didn’t understand everything, but they were talking about Mr. H.” Dinah quickly said with excitement.   “Really?” I said as I turned to face her. “What are you waiting for, tell me! Did they find him? Where is he?”   “Dumbledore said that he hadn’t finished yet.” DJ started. “Tristan heard that he was at the ministry, but I didn’t understand this part.”   “What is that suppose to mean?” Camila asked.   “Don’t know.” Dinah responded.   “What the hell is he doing there? He’s not missing then? I don’t understand.” I said, scratching my head.   “That’s fucked up, I know.” Dinah said before she sat with us. “I hope that he’s going to come back soon, this little woman is way too intense for me!”   We spent the evening discussing about some possible options on the departure of Mr. Helbert. It was weird , this whole situation was weird. The director knew he was gone, so why did he lied to us? He was hiding something and I was curious to know what… I had no time to think about this now though. I had to prepare myself for tomorrow . They were supposed to arrive at 1:00 pm and we were the first team to play against them after school. I was excited, but I dreaded the events a bit. I was hoping that everything goes well … I was feeling protective towards Camila and, from what she said to me, some of these girls are not that lovely. They better not be mean to her because even if I don’t speak french very well, I’ll find a way to make them understand. How can someone be rude and mean to her? Anyway, it’s going to be interesting.   —-   A/N: This one is a little shorter , I ran out of time this week … Anyway, I hope you guys liked it! Drama is coming up, let’s see how Camila handles the situation ;) Thank you for reading and I’m sorry for any mistakes. (“Worth it” is a freaking bomb!) -C xo