Happy birthday Yen’fay!

roarofthemanticore asked:

i was originally gonna do something hysterically amusing like playlist: i'll ride his dick into another dimension but for some reason i got disney songs stuck in my head so. playlist: he's a tramp

(ok so i’m going off this archetype of the cad, the rogue, the heartbreaker hope you’ll like that) 

playlist: he’s a tramp 

“He’s a tramp, but they love him.
Breaks a new heart every day.
He’s a tramp, they adore him.
And I only hope he’ll stay that way…”

The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

The Ronettes- Be My Baby 

Lady & The tramp - He’s a Tramp 

Frank Sinatra - I Get A Kick Out Of You 

Pharrell Williams - Marilyn Monroe 

Charlie Winston - I’m A Man 

The Kooks - Bad Habit 

Kimbra - Good Intent 

The Black Keys - Tighten Up 

Hozier - Someone New 

(i’m sorry you probably wanted something silly but frank sinatra was pouring me a scotch and things just kind of escalated from there) 


“…as long as you’re pursuing something, even if it ultimately isn’t going to be what you’re going to do in your life, as long as you go after something, its going to lead you to the next big thing.” Jane Anderson via a Refinery 29 article.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to track my productivity this week. I skimmed the top few links that popped up on Google and I realize that I was just wasting my time. Getting one or two things done a day and then doing a bunch of whatever and feeling like I need to or could be doing so much more had started getting to me.  Constantly checking the clock and planned for the next hour to be the hour that I start editing photos for the day or planning to start the day working on my business plan and then doing something else, that needed to get done but left the business plan untouched for the day just left me wondering what I’m doing. I know when I’m being lazy and but I’m trying to get better at realizing when I just need to give myself a break. Not the 10 minutes every hour walk around break from the computer screen but a day or two logged out and just enjoying the things that entertain you and/or motivate you. Flipping through magazines, watching reality TV, taking walks, clicking around the internet, and anything else that doesn’t require much planning and preparation to do is critical to avoid burnout. Learn to listen to your body, figure out your cycles and accept the moments you can’t push through, the more you pay attention the less guilty you will feel and the more energy you will have to make it happen when the moment really counts.    

I just realized something.

In the DBZ movies, Goku frequently needs or openly asks for the energy of others to save the day from the villain who’s presently ripping off the Big Bad of a given saga.

He…never did do this in the manga or anime, did he? He was strict on winning fights purely on his own ever since Piccolo. And then it turned out the only reason he was okay with fusing with someone else was because Buu was a fused being so it would technically just be making the fight an even one.

Which begs the question, were the writers for the movies different from the anime’s writers? Becuase if they weren’t, you’d think they’d catch that–