Cute alternate SGE ship names 💞😍😉

tagatha: the prince & the pauper

hophie: wish fish wedding

dort: glow up gang

kiko/dot: sugar rush (bc they’re too pure for this world <3)

hestadil: The Gruesome Twosome©

raphie: beauty & grace & rafal

rafaric: the Grusome Twosome (bootleg vers.)

beatrix/reena/millicent: the spice girls 🌶

tedros/chaddick/tristan: dem boiz

sophatrix: McKenzie Zales and Shay Van Buren from The Most Popular Girls in School

hester/chaddick: memez trojan

kiko/mona: 👯

hortatha: “what’s this text mess?!”

tort: >KO)-> “that’s a frontways cupid”

tortatha: “well it looks more like a USB dongle goblin”

tristan/aric: why. why would you do this. to them. to yourself. blocked and reported

uma/manley: you better have a damn good explanation for this or i’m calling the cops

yuba/beezle: that’s it. I warned you 🚨🚔🚨 here they fuckign come 👮🏽‍♀️👮🏻

tedros/filip: the entire bee movie script but every mention of bees is replaced with butterflies and absentee mothers

that’s all I could think of for now, but feel free to add your own!! Byyyyeeee! 😘💖

“i summon an image of a cockroach, but like–it’s wearing a dress and has a little bow, it’s a pretty lady cockroach for him and…well, no, that’s heteronormative, i don’t know what he prefers–i summon whatever kinda cockroach he wants and is into.”

guys please please PLEASE listen to The Adventure Zone the boys are so goddamn wholesome and important


Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54


Have you ever found yourself wanting a metric ton of DAI music? Have you ever thought to yourself, aw man, DAI’s soundtrack was 15 hours shorter than I wanted it to be? If that sounds like you, then this is a link for you.

I’ve ripped all the music from this game - that is, all the ambient snippets of music that you hear while running around in the world, and all the music that happens in cutscenes - and it turns out there’s 16 hours (1.6 gigs) of it.

(- here’s the download link -)

So if you’ve found yourself wishing you had the heaps of music that never made it to the official soundtrack, you can now roll around in hours of it. 


They have my favorite interactions from the brawl. I can’t handle them. They’ve got the whole friendly rivalry thing…the sass…the fuggin sad Hanzo….JUST….FUGGIN-


Hunk, you big, gassy genius!

Unfinished Collab Lyricstuck: Pompeii

An ancestors-centric lyricstuck with lineart by me and colors/headcanons/designs by @oskarna​, who is mad skilled and has done a FABULOUS job but needed this off their plate.  So only about half of it is colored, but I think you’ll all still enjoy it. <3 Please don’t ask either of us to finish it!!

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