nevermind the consequence of sin
nevermind the pain you feel within
i don’t care as long as you are here by my side

I sort of want to do some sort of Cloud/Tifa Kristoff/Anna comparison

because I find these two relationships really similar. If you had to put Cloud and Tifa in a Disney movie, I think they’d work best in those roles.

The scene where Kristoff races past the collapsing/breaking ship in the ice to get to Anna really reminds me of when Cloud dodges and slashed through a literal falling building to get to Tifa.

Also the part where Kristoff hears Anna’s voice caught on the wind even though she only whispered, is sort of like Cloud hearing Tifa’s voice (both of them were calling out to them- as well- another point towards similarity)

How they’re both awkward but affection people (They both display awkwardness specifically with close-personal emotions as well, meaning Kristoff and Anna are both awkward with personal feelings and romantic affairs and matters types of people, same as Cloud and Tifa.)

They’re both just going steady (no marriage or confirmed talk of marriage) after their confirmation of reciprocated romantic feelings, making them feel human and realistic- like the marriages that actually DO last. (People who take their time with important decisions usually know they definitely want to make them, versus people who rush right into things without thinking it through and feeling it out first)

Cloud has his bike. Kristoff has his sled.

Anna and Tifa both punch people in the face (surprisingly hard despite their looks) and display an uncharacteristic physical strength for someone of their fragile and tiny statures.

Cloud followed Tifa up to Mount.Nibel as children, Kristoff followed and watched the trolls heal Anna.

They started off far apart- before all this.
And even though not much has changed.

It all has.

They were always connected and fated.

Also, even though their love story is obvious and illustrated by the narrative to be important- it is not a primary or even secondary subplot of importance compared to the overall primary plot (Life for FFVII, Platonic Love between Sisters for Frozen)

Jamie swearing fealty

“Maybe it has to go a different way for us.”

Maybe it has to go a different way for us.

Maybe it has to go a different way for us.

On this night I actually just heard a family member say, in the middle of an emotionally charged and serious conversation, “I think you might already know our deep, dark secret,” and let me tell you: do you know how I now know I am not the main protagonist of any story?

Because my immediate response was “NOPE AND I DON’T WANT TO,” and I continued to NOPE right on out of the conversation and out of the room and out of the building and into my car.

No life altering family secrets for me, nope! Which clearly  means I am going to be the character that is immediately killed off or I’m going to survive the lot of them.