you guys mean the world to me thank you so much for supporting me during hard times this was such a hard week for me mentally and losing my cat made it so much worse but all of your kind messages and support has pulled me from the depths of my own self pity and I am going to try my hardest to be positive and happy for all of you just know that if you EVER need anything I will be here for ANY of you I will love and support you all the best I can like you all did for me, I know this is just a social media platform where I reblog aesthetically pleasing pictures but I promise that I do care about all of you and I will always be someone you can lean on, I’m here for you all

  • Police Officer:So, sir, what was the cause of death? Was it a suicide? Murder? What?
  • Coroner:Well, the victim had very high levels dopamine, the chemical that makes you happy and allows you to feel love. The high dosage shows that the victim was so in love and so happy that their heart just stopped.
  • Police Officer:So, what are we thinking?
  • Coroner:It's quite obvious that the victim was listening the One Direction's new single, "Drag Me Down."
  • Police Officer:*sighs* same.
  • Coroner:*nods slowly*