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In ur opinion what r Jensen and Misha's best angles

i’m not an expert on misha’s appearance and i don’t want to piss off the misha stans so i’m only gonna answer about jensen and probably piss off the jensen stans

this is his best angle

shot toward his left side, with his head either angled a little bit down (first gif) or a little bit up (second gif)

with jensen, it’s all about his nose, ears and jaw.

if u get him head-on, his ears pull focus away from his face. (i mean, they’re cute as shit, but u get what i mean.)

when it’s shot toward his right side with his head tilted up, his nose looks extra thin and pointy, also pulling a bit too much focus. however, this is definitely the best angle for that magic jawline and with making his chin look more defined. 

shots toward his right side also make him look 10x more masculine than he does from his left. it’s because of the way his nose curves. from his left, it looks like it curves up in a cute little point. from his right, it looks like it curves down. i prefer the more feminine angle, and it seems spn does, too, because most shots are toward his left. (go watch the episode misha directed. every fuckin shot of dean is toward his left side. same, misha. same.)

evidenced most obviously in his selfies, jensen ackles……has no chin. or a lot of chins. it’s hard to tell which. in selfie angles, his face kind of just disappears into his neck and makes it look like he doesn’t have a jawline. now, i’m all about a pudgy chin and soft jaw, but i’d prefer jensen’s face not to bleed into his neck like in these selfies. 

his jawline is a mystery even to me and is really more dependent on how he moves his face than what angle the camera is. however, there is obviously a major difference between this

where he has no defined jawline whatsoever and looks very soft

and this

which u can cut a loaf of bread with. 

i think the reason why i’m so drawn to jensen’s face is because, to me, it looks completely different from every goddamn angle. he could move his face half an inch to the left and i’d gasp in shock at how different he looks. i’d say he doesn’t really have a bad angle, but i definitely prefer some of his angles over others. 

(all gifs are from season 9 to avoid a major difference in age or haircut.)

The weirdest lore-related Mass Effect peeve of mine:

And also, in my opinion, a huge missed opportunity:

If a species has a lifespan of 150 years, as both humans and turians are said in their own lore to have by the time the events of ME roll around, fifty or sixty IS NOT OLD. IT IS NOT RETIREMENT AGE. It’s the mathematical equivalent of being in your thirties. Even your late twenties! Yes, you’re probably mentally older and wiser having lived all those years already, but lifespan-wise? You’ve still got two-thirds of your life left. 

It’s so much more interesting to consider how a career, a family, etc are affected by a drastically longer lifespan. They touch on it sometimes with the very, very, very long-lived asari and krogan–and the short-lived salarians–but not with humans and turians. I mean, Hackett is 52 in 2186. FIFTY-TWO. Solid two-thirds left. Even with the harshness of military service, etc, is he really going to be “old”? No. (Not to mention Anderson, who is even younger.)

Consider: isn’t it kind of messed up that turians start their mandatory service only 10% into their lives? That’s like sending an 8-year-old off to bootcamp. And it’s not like humans are doing that much better, if adulthood still starts at 18. Also: where do the extra years come from? Presumably we’re not wizened and feeble the last third–or more–of our lives, so how have humans adapted? Is everything elongated? Longer adolescence (not the way they’ve written it!), longer middle-age? Longer period of fertility? More time for, say, women to be well-settled and established in their careers before they even have to think about children?

These are the things that keep me up at night, I swear to God.


I’ve been craving for a Weequay OC for a while so… :D
Meet Kastor Jax, also known as Arachne, he’s a smuggler and a poison expert who works for Panguur. He’s a real douchebag, hence why he gets along so well with his boss. :’) There’s a rumor going around Nar Shaddaa that Kas once disrespected Pan and Pan had him lick the Blood-Poison off his sword, and Kas somehow survived - probably because he’s a poison expert and thus, can’t be poisoned. It’s probably a load of bollocks, but Kas isn’t denying it. :P

So yeah! Here’s Kastor. Hope you guys like him!

Dazai’s kinks:

[Don’t worry, not real kinks here, just a very sleepy Emil and a friend babbling while studying for finals.]

-Crying on the bathroom floor.

-Eating Oreos at 3am.

-Eating Oreo off the bathroom floor at 3am while crying.


-Going to Denny’s and buying only a single hash brown. [Friend had to google if Denny’s had has browns. They don’t. Shame, Denny’s.]

-Watching the “Lemme Smash” bird video for hours on end while ascending from this mortal plane. [Friend thinks Dazai is secretly a bird person.]

-He enjoys sitting in small dark spaces, like trash cans, this is a well known fact. [Is he a squid?]

-He only eats the ridges from Eggo waffles and subsists off of Uncrustables and packet apple sauce, but never at the same time. [Friend is quoting the bird video.]

[Started talking about Lovecraft’s tiny mouth at this point.]

-Consuming copious amounts of glitter so he can feel beautiful on the inside.

-Long walks on the beach.


-The soothing sound of Careless Whisper by George Michael, bass boosted edition.

-Being a good friend.

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Hi Fia! It's the last week of classes for me, and this week promises to be especially awful, with very limited time for self-care. Could we see a snippet from Anabasis of Anakin doing some kind of self-care?

Good luck to you this week, anon!

Okay, here’s a snippet from later in the story, carved out to avoid too many spoilers.

In which self care is building yourself a new arm:

She found him in the smaller sitting room just off the veranda. It was a room she’d used only infrequently for less formal meetings, but Anakin had been living here only a few days and she was already beginning to think of it as his workroom. Jothra had appeared that morning with an impressive collection of parts and tools, most of which Padmé couldn’t identify, and Anakin had disappeared with them almost immediately, a childlike grin of anticipation lighting his face.

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