Harrison Ford ☆ A filmography in gifsets and trivia.
[2/?] The Conversation (1974, Dir. Francis Ford Coppola), as Martin Stett.

  • Ford would go on to work for Coppola again in the future, both as a carpenter (Coppola hired him to restore his office), and an actor (a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role in 1979′s Apocalypse Now).
  • At first, his role was intended to be just a small cameo. However, Ford felt that the character was too one-dimensional, and decided to create a background for him before rehearsals; he personally purchased in-character clothes, and chose to make him gay. Coppola was initially shocked, but eventually became so impressed with such attention to detail that he gave him a name and upgraded him to a supporting role.

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