Reasons why DaeJae is Perfect for each other
  • The way Daehyun stares at Youngjae x x x x x x x x
  • Daehyun’s reaction when Youngjae kisses someone else other then him (possessive enough huh?) x
  • When Daehyun teases/tricks innocent Youngjae x x x x
  • When Daehyun /coughs/ touches /coughs/ Youngjae’s cute butt /pukes blood/ x
  • Daehyun comforting his precious princess x
  • When Daehyun eats Youngjae alive x x x
  • Daehyun claiming Youngjae his x x x x x
  • Touchy Daehyun x
  • Daehyun being the caring boyfriend x
  • Daehyun’s beautiful artwork of his other half x x

  • The way Youngjae stares at Daehyun x x x x x
  • The way Youngjae touches Daehyun and how it brings both of them pleasure x
  • Who is Youngjae’s White Day message for is kinda too obvious like can you not x
  • The way Youngjae punches Daehyun x
  • When Youngjae teases Daehyun x
  • When Youngjae is pleasing his master x
  • The way they stare at each other x
  • When they sing together x x x
  • They are best friends x 
  • Do you feel the sexual frustrations #please x x x x
  • Their breath taking selcas x x uh too many not even gonna try
  • Do I even need an explanation x x
  • DaeJae’s plans for their future babies x
  • Do you feel the sexual tension because I- x
  • When they sex dance on the floor x
  • They’re constantly watching each other, at the back, forever, staring x
  • Because so realz x
  • I’m gonna cry x
  • When they have a couple fight x
  • When they act all lovey dovey like can you just kiss already god damn it x x x x
  • I just- x
  • The fact that they’re always so close to each other x x
  • Their adorable silly moments x x x x x x x x x x x x 
  • When they play together x x
  • Wanting to kiss but suddenly realized they’re on camera #toughlife x
  • When they’re in bed x
  • How they’re always in sync with each other x x x x x
  • They even have their own family x
  • My kokoro is hurting x
  • Even their Matoki is shippable I mean come on x
  • Why x x
  • DaeJae getting aggressive yum x x
  • When they hold hands x x
  • DaeJae getting wet x

There’re more but we all get the point.


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