Reasons why DaeJae is Perfect for each other
  • The way Daehyun stares at Youngjae x x x x x x x x
  • Daehyun’s reaction when Youngjae kisses someone else other then him (possessive enough huh?) x
  • When Daehyun teases/tricks innocent Youngjae x x x x
  • When Daehyun /coughs/ touches /coughs/ Youngjae’s cute butt /pukes blood/ x
  • Daehyun comforting his precious princess x
  • When Daehyun eats Youngjae alive x x x
  • Daehyun claiming Youngjae his x x x x x
  • Touchy Daehyun x
  • Daehyun being the caring boyfriend x
  • Daehyun’s beautiful artwork of his other half x x

  • The way Youngjae stares at Daehyun x x x x x
  • The way Youngjae touches Daehyun and how it brings both of them pleasure x
  • Who is Youngjae’s White Day message for is kinda too obvious like can you not x
  • The way Youngjae punches Daehyun x
  • When Youngjae teases Daehyun x
  • When Youngjae is pleasing his master x
  • The way they stare at each other x
  • When they sing together x x x
  • They are best friends x 
  • Do you feel the sexual frustrations #please x x x x
  • Their breath taking selcas x x uh too many not even gonna try
  • Do I even need an explanation x x
  • DaeJae’s plans for their future babies x
  • Do you feel the sexual tension because I- x
  • When they sex dance on the floor x
  • They’re constantly watching each other, at the back, forever, staring x
  • Because so realz x
  • I’m gonna cry x
  • When they have a couple fight x
  • When they act all lovey dovey like can you just kiss already god damn it x x x x
  • I just- x
  • The fact that they’re always so close to each other x x
  • Their adorable silly moments x x x x x x x x x x x x 
  • When they play together x x
  • Wanting to kiss but suddenly realized they’re on camera #toughlife x
  • When they’re in bed x
  • How they’re always in sync with each other x x x x x
  • They even have their own family x
  • My kokoro is hurting x
  • Even their Matoki is shippable I mean come on x
  • Why x x
  • DaeJae getting aggressive yum x x
  • When they hold hands x x
  • DaeJae getting wet x

There’re more but we all get the point.


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what are your top 10 movies Of All Time

i’m so SORRY that this took so long for me to respond to. i had to like. put on my thinking cap to sort em out. also i hv such genre mainstream taste in films. like imagine what a frat boy puts on his dorm room walls and that’s p close to my taste in movies.

okay. so. my top ten favorite movies Of All Time

  • the royal tenenbaums: this is a hokey answer, i know. who among us has not at some point claimed the most popular wes anderson movie as our “favorite”? but like this movie. this movie is everything i ever wanted in a movie when i was younger. it was what i wanted to hv in my life. i wanted to have quirkyness that wasn’t followed with supportive detail but instead was just there. was caused by ppl and not by events. i watch this movie in long loops where this is the only thing i can watch. it’s so calming and easy to live in the tenenbaum world. everyone is hurting but they r hurting with a crew of ppl who will accept them and help them b better. help them to b okay. it means a lot to a person who feels often that they r screwing up their life every day that a narrative exists with characters who r dealing with the same isolated bad feelings. i’m glad this movie exists.
  • donnie darko: okay so i didn’t see this movie until i was in high school and it wasn’t even me sitting down to watch it on the tv. i was alone on valentines day and i felt the alone part down to my bones. no one was ever going to give me a valentine, no one ever had. so i wanted to watch something as far from that as possible and donnie darko was on youtube in like several parts so i watched it. i consumed the movie like the spongey teen i was. donnie darko has this way of making you feel like in on the joke. like you and donnie are both the only ones who really know whats going on. its total catnip for fake-deeps but i think bc of that ppl lose sight of how wonderful a world the movie gives you to inhabit for those few hours. ppl who are cruel do not win. they are punished, either directly by donnie or by time/fate/whatever the wormholes are. the weak and the ppl pressed down upon are given leinance. the narrative loves them. idk. i love this movie. it makes me sad-happy and drew barrymore is rlly beautiful in it.
  • fight club: you will notice most of these movies are ones i watched in high school. its like the most vulnerable time, the time when you are more maleable than ever before. i watched fight club on the floor of our basement with my dad bc he bought it for five bucks and it was the first time, ever, that i dug into something with layers. something that gave back to my persistant need for things to b deeper than they appear. i watched fight club six times in two days: i read the book within a week of watching the movie. i let the movie under my skin. i wanted it there. when i think abt this movie i can’t b objective i genuinely think this is one of the best movies ever. its constructed so well. but that might just b the david fincher fan in me. i do love that guy.
  • the social network: speaking of fincher. i can’t even begin to describe my love for this movie. it is everything i ever want ppl to feel when they read my writing. i hv explained a thousand times over to my friends while i’m force feeding this film to them that the narrative, the way the film is constructed, is the most important thing in the world to me. here is why: one time an author came to speak at my university and, while he was the most rambling old white dude, he did say something that stuck with me which was “if you are writing a high concept story you have to give it a heart. otherwise no one will give a shit” (massive paraphrasing on my part). to me, the social network is the perfect example of this. there is the huge concept of “THE FACEBOOK MOVIE”, which is screamed at you in every advertisement, encapsulating the precious and bleeding heart of the film which is mark and eduardo’s relationship. it’s also abt mark’s relationships in general, his relationship with a world that isn’t what he wants, but that’s given to us more so in his and eduardo’s interactions. it’s a heart string movie, a movie i can’t watch without clutching my heart. i always see andrew garfield as eduardo. i named my cactus after eduardo. this movie is what you would see if you cracked open my chest.
  • evil dead (2013): i feel like i’m going to get in trouble when i list this movie as a fave and not the original but lets get real with each other my favorite of the original’s is army of darkness which objectively is probably the worst of them all so w/e. but evil dead 2013. this is the movie that let me b okay with horror. it let me into the sacred tomb of scary things and gore and final girls. it painted my vision with blood that i can’t get off, that i never want to get off. i would never hv watched anything scary if i hadn’t watched this movie. what it does is take what you love about the older movies, the gore that is taken to such an extreme that you hv to laugh (a guy slips on a chunk of face skin!! that a deadite just ripped off her face!!! its absurd and scary and scarily absurd!!!), the characters that are all trying so hard to b brave but can’t b (i can’t help myself but every time david has to hold his girlfriend, bleeding and crying bc she’s just been possessed and now is going to fucking DIE, until her shaking body stills i am just overcome. i am awash with sadness) and so much BLOOD, and gives it to you with a shine to it. a polish. a link together of things you didn’t get b4. the shining jewel of mia who is destroyed by the narrative, by the evil, and then furiously destroys it right back. chainsaws that motherfucker in the face. i am always crying abt evil dead but esp this one. esp this film.
  • steel magnolias: don’t make fun of me this movie is beautiful and should be treasured for ever. it is a comfort movie. it is a movie that feels like a good mother. this film is the mom you always wanted. if this film were a person it would tell you everything is going to be okay and they love you no matter what. that is what this film is.
  • reanimator: i fell in love with jeffrey combs and then i never fell out of love w/ him. this movie is endlessly watchable. every time u watch it u think maybe, maybe this time u will not root for herbert but god damn it. you just want his manipulative ass to win and drag dan along in his victory. also, here is something but i love that all the reanimator films are abt herbert chasing dan. why is he so enamored with dan? he just wants him. he wants dan to be his. not even romantically like he just WANTS dan with the covetous shine of a kid staring thru a toy store window. he wants and he must have the very soul of dan cain. its fucking amazing. herbert west: ride or die for dan cain.
  • kill bill vol. 1: is there anyone who spins narrative the way quentin tarantino spins narrative? he creates a precise tornado, earthquakes with the clear aim of a seasoned archer. kill bill is such a master work. every part is neat and you feel like if even one thing was touched, was put out of place, the whole film would fall to pieces. there isn’t any room for air to get out. the first one is my favorite bc, as i said, the narrative is tighter than the second film (which is more iconic but has TOO MANY CHARACTERS to maintain the streamlined nature of the first one). you too feel like you can see with the narrow anger that the bride sees with. you are zeroed in on o-ren. you are zeroed in on the crazy 88. you are zeroed in on moving that fucking big toe, just fucking wiggle your big toe, bc the movie has tightened you and the bride on this path before you could stop to think.
  • jurassic park: have you ever watched a movie that was perfect? not like, “oh this movie was executed perfect technically” but just. every part is perfect to you. it is thrilling and engages you and makes you feel excited the whole time you watch it. that is what jurassic park is. you are five again and in love with the whole world. every thing is bright and has sharp teeth and wants to hurt you but simultaneously is MARVELOUS you are once again MARVELING at things. movies ask us so often to b cynical, to b angry and to b critical of their content but jurassic park just wants you to MARVEL. to gaze at dinosaurs and think “OH MY GOD”. coincidently the jurassic park movies are the only things EVER that can get a huge burst of empathy out of me. i hv almost NO EMPATHY and yet watching these movies i feel like i am right there next to the characters. so. take that as you please.
  • pee wee’s big adventure: one time my best friend morgan (inkblueheart​) told me that if anyone wanted to understand my sense of humor that i should just make them watch this movie. and that is good advice. this movie was foundational in how my taste developed. this is what happens when ur mom is a liberal artist moved into the suburbs. you get a pee wee herman sense of humor.

and there you have it. my top ten movies Of All Time. they will probably change lmao. i’m always changing. 

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Don't be sad, u hv a great life with beautiful gf, i hv a gf too but weren't close enough like before n i can't hv her even for one day.... I'm sad af n that make my heart broken :'(

1. I don’t have a girlfriend
2. I love the life that I’m living but in no way does that mean I’m not allowed to be sad
3. I don’t post personal content on my blog to receive messages like this. I post it because I would probably fucking implode if I didn’t. Goodnight.

my mom and my grandma trying to bait me into a convo abt what i want to do with my major and honestly???? done with this conversation this goes nowhere bc all the adults in my life already hv a set idea what i’m supposed to use my degree for and its not. my. idea. so this is a snake eating it’s own tail i’m d o n e

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For pendulum ask- will I get married early next year? Does SK really love me? Will i hv a happy married life? Is SK currently involved with someone?

Yes, yes, yes, no.