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Kk, so, US, UT, and anyone else's skelebros having a long term s/o getting shot by a monster hate group and slowly dying in their arms and their last words being along the lines of 'please, please, please not yet... I wanted to marry you ' and it's obvious they're very scared and in pain and aaaaaaaaaaaaa help me

GONNA SCREM. Also, I’m adding in my own AU because I am garbage lolol

I just came back to say I hurt myself writing blueberry’s like I can’t–

Also, I might’ve gotten a bit off topic, sorry lol



  • He freezes
  • He tells you to stop saying that because he’s not going to let you go
  • When you die in his arms, he’s crying as he teleports to Frisk and begs them to reset
  • If they don’t reset, he acts way more protective towards Papyrus because he doesn’t want to lose the only other person he cares about


  • He doesn’t understand
  • Why are you saying this? You’re going to be okay
  • It doesn’t fully register to him until he’s at your funeral
  • It takes him months to recover, and when he does he’s not the same.
  • No one can really pinpoint the difference, but it’s there



  • The blueberry is broken.
  • He’s telling you to be quiet and that you’ll be find
  • He’s yelling at you to shut up through his tears
  • He traps the people responsible in a bone cage until the police shows up
  • Meanwhile, he’s calling for help. Someone. Anyone. He doesn’t want to lose you
  • After your funeral, he locks himself in his room. He doesn’t open the door, and when someone breaks it down, all they find in his room is a framed picture of the two of you on his bed, a tear stained pillow, and a pile of dust next to it all.


  • He goes blank.
  • Every person there has at least one bone through them
  • He teleports you to the hospital immediately
  • He doesn’t say anything until the funeral.
  • He’ll stand by your body and apologize. For not being able to save you. For not being good enough.
  • He doesn’t die because he has Blueberry taking care of him, but he rarely leaves the house now, and he’s much quieter too.



  • He’s frantic
  • He breaks down right then and there
  • He’s seen a lot of death, but he didn’t want to have to see it again.
  • He’s broken, and you fixed him
  • With you gone, he doesn’t have anything to look forward to anymore
  • He immediately goes to Frisk and begs for a reset, your dead body in his arms
  • If they refuse, he’ll go to Alphys.
  • If she can’t help, well, he knows it won’t work if you’ve been dead for too long, but he’s willing to re-unleash the smog in hopes that the curse will bring you back to life


  • He’s telling you not to say those things
  • You’re going to get married no matter what
  • Once you’re actually dead, he’s confused
  • After Sans explains to him that the curse is broken and you’re gone for good, he starts crying
  • He blames it on himself
  • If he wasn’t so broken and useless, he could’ve protected you…

Why do I hurt myself like this ;_;

Klanceweek 2017
Day 1: Free will vs Fate
Day 2: Sacrifice
Day 3: Scar
Day 4: Welcome home
Day 5: Partners in crime
Day 6: Quote
Day 7: Free day

I make mistakes. All the time. I mess up and I hurt myself and I hurt other people and most of the time, we can all brush it off and laugh about it a month later. But this time? I don’t get to screw up this time. Because if I mess this up, I lose her. I’ve tried living without her, and believe me, I can’t do it.
—  from an unfinished story #815