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*whispurrs* Teacup, is “Wanna dance?” for MariChat pawsible? (If you want you could instead do adrienette fur it?)

sorry this took so long bee <3 <3

and what’s this?? marichat that’s not just snarky or angsty?? incredible. miraculous. enjoy my current inability to write, i wish i could give you something better/longer bb

Marinette has grown used to Chat’s soft humming. It’s become the soft background noise that she likes to work to. Whenever he shows up on her balcony, he has a song in his head and a melody on his tongue.

He’s been playing with her hair all night as she sketched out idea after idea. Finals stress her out and scribbling down whatever dresses come to mind keep her from having even more of a mental breakdown.

She frowns when Chat stops singing to himself, hands still in her hair. “Chat?”

“Wanna dance?” he whispers.

Marinette twists around to give him a confused look. “Dance?”

He smiles widely as he nods. “Dance with me, princess?” he asks as he takes her hand in his.

“We have no music,” she points out. “And we can’t turn any on because I don’t want to wake my parents.”

Chat shakes his head. “Who says you need music to dance?”

“Still, my parents—”

He motions to the trap door above them. “You have a perfectly good balcony we could use.” He kisses the back of her hand. “May I have this dance?”

“I have two left feet,” Marinette says softly. “I’d just step on your toes.”

“My toes don’t mind,” Chat insists. “Besides, you don’t have to know how to dance, you just need a partner to follow.” He reaches up and pops open the trapdoor. “I’d happy lead if you’re willing to follow.”

His gentle smile makes her walls come tumbling down. She sighs and closes her sketchbook. “I’d love to dance then.”

Oh dear, would you look at this? Would you believe this? Yeah, me neither.

Just reached 530 + followers!

Thank you all so much. I’m going to be honest, I really hoped I would get at least over 100 followers, but no, instead I get 430 more and I wouldn’t mind in getting more 430 and more lmao.

Okay, enough talking! Under the cut is the muns bias list. Enjoy nerds:

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First day at Japan expo and it was soooo hot again =v= 
My friends Momo and Kagura were busy at their booth so I was most often alone today so I spent my time mostly to find gifts for my tumblr friends as promised :)) <33

I just went to two events. The first one was the performances of Fuka Mariwo, who is a singer and shamisen instrumentalist. Her voice was really so pretty and I really enjoyed her adaptation of some songs on shamisen. Too bad her performance wasn’t in a close stage, here it was in the middle of the expo so it was pretty noisy around.  Her clothes were amazing btw *v*

Otherwise, I went to see an event that was talking about japanese mascots (>v<) and Kumamon went on stage, that was seriously too cute, I DON’T CARE I AM NOT A KID ANYMORE, I still love big teddy bear so much =v=
I wish @yorekichan could have been there with me to enjoy that fluffy moment~

There wasn’t that much of cosplayers today (or it was very common), so I haven’t took pictures of it yet, I hope to see some very good in the next days~

I won’t take pictures of what I buy since I only bought stuffs for friends and I don’t want to ruin the surprise when they will receive it ;DD  

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HELP I HAVE FINALS FOR MATH TOMORROW (ಥ﹏ಥ) and I really suck at math. So can I ask for like headcanons of Lily, Kuro, and Lawless trying to help their s/o study or dealing with a really stressed s/o. WISH ME LUCK ;A;

I wrote some scenarios in addition to the headcanons!! I hope you enjoy them~
Let’s both do our best, anon!

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Hello :) i just found you're blog, and I'm enjoying the writing in here. So i saw ask open, and u do one shot's based on a song. i was wondering if u could do one? i've been wondering how it would go.. For Jimin. "Just in love-joe Jonas". Hope its ok. and... Wish u the best :)

Just In Love – Jimin

Characters: Jimin X Reader
: V for Very short and very unaccurate

Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly

People look at us strange
Don’t understand us
They try to change it
I try to tell her don’t change

It was another world. A forbidden one, that always put them in awkward situations that results in more tears than laughter. It took a while to get used to it, it was very hard to get acustomed to this whole other environment that they both didn’t know very well. Jimin always found the right words, he always found the perfect representations and the perfect dreams of what could life be if they just weren’t who they were.

People looked at them strangely, in the streets. It’s not really that they recognized him, a whole and real famous idol walking down the highway walking side by side, hand in hand with someone that surely wasn’t supposed to do so. He couldn’t care less, really.

Everyone that know Jimin would tell you deadass serious that he isn’t a badboy. He’s kind, with a warm heart and a curious mind that sometimes get him in trouble. But he’s a gentle man, modest and mostly pacifist. But when it comes to his love-life – this love-life –, Jimin would always back off, defend his relationship with whatever it takes and wouldn’t hesitate to flip someone off if they dared tell something that he didn’t quite liked.

He’s very possessive when it comes to his other half, because that who he is. He puts his whole self into this relationship and wouldn’t mind prove himself all over again if it pleases the other.

Sometimes, it’s their friends that tries to warn them. They are caring, and concerned about this whole thing that they call a relationship, because they both shouldn’t be involved in this. It’s dangerous, forbidden. They love Jimin, and Yoongi has that soft spot for his younger friends that pushes him to warn him about the unsafe path he’s walking on, and that he should be careful on what he’s doing. Namjoon wouldn’t have forbid him to do things he wanted to, but will look at the both of them with squinted eyes and fisted hands that testifies exactly what he thinks of the whole situation.

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I hope you're doing well! I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I love to read and I like to think of myself as someone who could turn everything off and just spend the day on the couch with a book! But every time I go to do this, there's something on the DVR or something on the phone that distracts me. I wish I had the opportunity to live in a small cottage in the countryside with no electronics and just read! Anyone else share my ramblings?

You’re not alone! I get distracted very easily and I often spend too much time on my phone browsing tumblr or online stores xD But I don’t mind that much as long as I’m doing something that I enjoy. Try setting yourself reading goals (ex reading an amount of pages a day or finishing a chapter) that motivate you to read more and forget about your phone. It really helps sometimes :) x 

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I just wanted to let you know that I found your fics recently and I fell in love with your storytelling. Your characters are so well-developed and beautiful, damaged and real. It's a thrill to watch them grow through your work. I am amazed that you have experienced so much negativity from the fandom. It's completely unwarranted. Never stop doing what you do. There are, I believe, more people like me than assholes who spread nastiness. Thank you for sharing your talent. You are a blessing.

Aaaw - thank you so much anon! ^_^ Thankfully I haven’t had any silliness for a while now! I’m hoping it stays that way. But oh gosh, thank you for taking the time to send this to me - it really brightened my day. And it means a lot to me that you enjoy my stories and my characters. Wow. *hugs* I wish i could give you a real hug or bake you come chocolate crackles with sour candies in them (trust me, they’re amazing - and I make them amazingly!). Thank you for the warm fuzzies!

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Sometimes I wish I could ? Pinpoint where something went wrong, and fix it. I know it’s beyond my control to … alter someone else’s decisions, but this guilt complex eats at me sometimes, like there ought to have been more i could do to salvage things. But I know I can’t. I know I shouldn’t. I know i’m better off but still filled with regret. I can only hope that this happiness i’ve grown can dwarf any darkness. I’m doing better, I’m happier, I’m stronger, I’m BUSIER. I don’t lock myself on my computer or playing games all day ( which, is perfectly fine if you do it just left me feeling …. a need for more. ) and i’ve lost weight, gained self esteem. Been active and enjoying the summer months. I know over all its cut into my activity on all of my blogs but, I’m not really sorry for that ? My life comes first, and my writing is a hobby, a passion, something I do invest genuine effort in but not ALL of it .

I guess what I’m getting at, is that for the first time in my adult life, I feel whole. I’m a better person for it all. 

anyways, I’m ranting for no reason !!! Just, i’m in a great mood and i treasure you all, and having the opportunity to write with you guys is truly an honor. <3

i’ve always wanted to do a list of one piece fics i have enjoyed/liked/loved. 

so 10 fics of general/friendship/no romance fics you might like 

*** - favs (they have my eternal love and it’ll never change) 

all of them are complete (this time)

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