So I am thinking of ending my Rags to Riches story….Regan and Jamie have plenty of money just living off the land and everyone is happy. 

Technically if I could have them live full time in Granite Falls, I would, as it makes more sense for a Rags to Riches challenge, but right now, they have to pay each time they visit.

I hope you enjoyed the Glee family as much as I did. 

I welcome you to continue their story if you wish. You can download the family AND their current lot from the gallery: Origin ID laracelia 

(They do have a little custom content, just a blush and eyelashes, so be sure you click the include custom content option)

If you do end up playing them, tag pixelpixies if you want, so I can see how they are doing!

Homeless in Oasis Springs 1.0 | Homeless in Oasis Springs 1.1

Sketches- Joe Sugg

Requested by those-special-9-lads

Hey 😊 I was wondering whether you could do a Joe sugg imagine where you love to draw and he finds just one of you scrap books but all of the sketches are of him. Every sketch has an important date or something cute happened on that day and he talks to you about it and stuff 😀 thank you ❤️

I’m so terribly sorry for the wait love. I hope this meets your expectations. I enjoyed writing it.

You tucked away your worn old sketchbook that was gradually getting more and more worn, in the same place as usual. Just under your side of the bed, beneath an old cushion that had been carelessly dropped there. Drawing was something that had been a part of you and your life for as long as you could care to remember, although, it wasn’t something you were particularly dignified in sharing. Drawing was your thing, and as selfish as it may seem, something you wished to keep to yourself. For a long time, you had contemplated showing your boyfriend of 1 year and a bit; Joe, but you were afraid that he would find it weird that you sketched him most over anything else. You enjoyed drawing him so much so, that you had a whole sketchbook dedicated to him and important moments in your relationship.

*Joe’s POV*
“Shit.” I cursed under my breath as I realised I couldn’t find my wallet, causing me to rummage around the various items crowding out beside table and surfaces around it. I couldn’t seem to find it there, so it left me one option. I crouched down on my hands and knees, peering underneath the messily made double bed. I moved an old looking pillow I hadn’t even known was there and to my delight, there lay my wallet, but that wasn’t all. Something else, larger, lay there too. I dropped the fallen pillow back onto our bed, and pulled out the mysterious, flat looking object. I soon realised that it was a thick old sketchbook of a deep green shade, that was slightly starting to brim at the edges from the many slips of paper that had been glued in or added. I assumed it was Y/N’s and she wouldn’t mind me taking a look. She took A-level art, so it was probably just one of her old sketchbooks. I flipped open the first page, and I was met with something that reassured me that this book was a great deal more recent than her A-level work. It was me. Not only that, but the most beautifully drawn picture I had set my eyes upon. The pencil strokes joined in a way that almost brought the image to life. I knew she was good, but never had I imagined that she would be this talented, or even that she would think about drawing me. I recognised the setting instantly. A train seat. We first met on a train. We were both travelling and I stood up to use the loo, when she walked round the corner, causing me to spill my drink all over her blouse. The date was scribbled in the top corner, along with her initials. As I had predicted, the picture was indeed drawn on the day we first met. I flipped the page again, to see yet another image of myself, and another, and another, and so on, leaving only about 5 pages spare towards the end. That whole book, and it was filled with me. I was overcome with a sense of pride. Pride that my girlfriend had such a talent, and I hadn’t even known about it.

*Y/N’s POV*
“Y/N?“You heard Joe’s voice call out from upstairs.
"Yeah?” You called back as you saw him moving slowly down the stairs, his gaze fixed on something he held.
“What’s this?” He asked when he reached the bottom, holding up the item. You recognised it instantly, and your breath caught in your throat. You had not wanted him to find that. Not at all. You began to panic and launched yourself at him, grabbing it and hiding it behind your back. “Oh that, that’s nothing.” You covered. You calmed yourself when I thought that he might not have even looked inside yet. You could still keep it a secret. “Oh really, well let’s see then.” He said, reaching for the sketchbook you held behind you.
“No!” I exclaimed, pulling further away.
His face suddenly changed to a serious expression. “Y/N, I’ve already looked through, I just want to know why you never told me before.”
“Why would I, they’re nothing important, I don’t even know why I kept them I should just ha-” You began to ramble but you were cut off. “I think they’re amazing.” He added bluntly. “What?” you asked, amazed that he wasn’t creeped out. “You heard me. They’re amazing.” He took the book from your hands and opened up a random page. You recognised it as the drawing you did the day that he first told you he loved you, in his Dad’s back garden when you visited. You’d actually liked that drawing a lot. “I don’t think you realise how good you are! This is incredible. How do you do this?” He asked, looking up at me with wide eyes. You decided to try and stop being embarrassed by it now. “I- I just kind of have an urge to draw, usually on a day where you look really goo, or something exciting happens in our relationship.” You admitted, looking down at your feet. “And what day was this?” He asked quizzically, but not in a judgemental manor. “It was the day that we first said ‘I love you.’” You mumbled in embarrassment. Your head was brought up by a finger beneath your chin, and your eyes met with his. “I love you.” He whispered, “and I’m so proud. You’re so talented.” You tore your gaze from his one more time, to remove the book from his grasp. You turned it to the first page. “So this is the day we first met, and this was when you asked me to go on a date with you, and this day I decided to exaggerate your eye colour, because they looked so beautiful.” You decided if he was going to know, he should know what they all meant. You only got about 5 pages in when you felt his lips press against yours. You didn’t know if he was just feeling sentimental or if he was trying to get you to shut up, but you didn’t mind either way.

“So you don’t find them creepy?” You asked, when you broke apart.
“I do, but the good creepy.” He chuckled.

anonymous asked:

So I just had something really bad happen to me and going through all your comics made me really happy. So I just wanted to say thanks for what you do and keep up the good work! :)

WELL FIRST i am so so sorry to hear something bad happened, but i’m INCREDIBLY happy i was able to help you out, even if it was just indirectly. i hope things look up, and i’m so honored i could help in being the stepping stone for a smile. best wishes to you, and thank you so much!

Anonymous said:

hi!! this is prolly already answered but i couldn’t find it?? so i just got a purple dog shirt by you in the mail and its great quality!! but like a size too small and its not too bad but i would be way more comfortable and i would wear it more if it was bigger. is there anyway to exchange it for a size up?? 00: if not that’s cool

hello! nope, i’ve actually had no one approach me about this! but i don’t handle the returns, rb does. so here’s there Returns & Exchanges page. cheers!

Anonymous said:

Did you see Jesen’s and Jared’s Pentagon/Department of Defense picture?

i did! you know, a couple weeks ago when my sister dropped me off at the washington-raegan airport, she got lost at like 2AM and ended up at the pentagon. maybe that’s what happened to j2–it is a pretty big parking lot, in their defense. or should i say, DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE 

enigmaticagentalice asked:

cassarric and 36 <3

This went some places. Hope you enjoy!

“I wish I could hate you”

Varric’s words stick in his throat. It’s the most honest thing he’s ever said to the Seeker, to Cassandra.

“I want to. It would be easier than this, than watching you throw yourself into danger like you don’t care if you live or die,” he says. Laughs a little.

“If you didn’t? If you weren’t so damn reckless, so stubborn, you wouldn’t be you and I couldn’t-” Maker this is hard, harder than he ever imagined it could be. “I wouldn’t love you so damn much.”

Cassandra’s fingers squeeze his, so gently he’s sure he has to be imagining it, but one look at her face and he keeps talking.

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So...SpaBel Week Officially  Starts TOMORROW July 20~♥! SPABEL WEEK 2015 July 20-26!




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"I just really need to have you here right now." Seriker!!! Oh god maybe not... If you don't want to then pick a different one 😅

Here you go!! I hope you enjoy this! It kind of follows this fic. There will be a continuation soon! Thanks for the request!! <3!

(Note: I mean no disrepect to Porto with any of this. Sergio is emotional, that’s all.)

“I just really need to have you here right now.” Sergio sniffled into the phone.

“I wish I could be there, Sese. I really do, but you know I can’t.”

Sergio wiped his eyes, but the tears kept falling. “I saw you in that stupid Porto kit. You look so good. It’s not fair.”

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YDKM - chapter 9 - I know Peeta understand what he is doing but it doesn't stopped the hurt that he will suffer after because Katniss is still not sure of what she will do after everything. He cannot push her because he is that considerate to her. Love hurts in this way but at least you learn to love that much and making sure that you've given your all. so no regrets in the end for Peeta. I hope Katniss would know what she needs to do.

I think neither have any regrets but they do realize that their time is running short.

I wish I could reveal a little more but with YDKM getting to its last few chapters but I do hope you enjoy the rest of it!

About scottishgrumpykitten

I was tagged by bodacious-bulbasaur to answer the following questions:

1. What is your favourite song and why?
It is currently Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Miss Jackson’ because I rediscovered it at the perfect time in my life.

2. Is there anything you wish you could do but you didn’t?
I would apologise to a few people, but time has passed.

3. Your favourite movie?
Pacific Rim or BTTF Part 1. Cannot decide.

4. Any sport or activity that your parent(s) made you do?
Grass bowling, which I moderately enjoyed.

5. What do you hope to do with your life in the next 10 years?
I hope to obtain a degree, travel around Europe some more, travel to Australia to see some good friends. I really hope I become an English teacher somewhere in the world.

6. If you found £100 in the street, what would you do with it?
Probably save it for a rainy day.

7. Last dream you had?
That someone was missing me.

I tag: wethetranskings, daughter-of-the-game, carry-on-my-wayward-butt, just-a-mate, xaxarux, the-fault-in-our-regards, the-misty-mountains to answer the following questions.

1. Describe yourself in one word.
2. Who is your favourite fictional character?
3. Would you die for someone?
4. Happiest childhood memory?
5. Do you trust people easily?
6. What is your favourite food?
7. Describe your bedroom with a song?

megapixelpichu replied to your post “rightintheniconicoknee replied to your photo “nitta-emi i actually…”

You really are an amazing writer I wish I could write like you but I just get so self crital mid story and drop it before posting it

Thank you very much for your kind words about my writing ;;w;;!! It means a lot, It took a lot of work to get a writing style i kind of enjoy;;

Oh geeze, That’s probably one of the WORST offenders when it comes to writing. That, along with losing motivation for your stories. Writing -like art- takes the right amount of practice, motivation, and inspiration. 

But story telling is honestly, amazing. There’s something neat about being able to write a story with your own characters or a fanfic of your favourite characters that people might enjoy. In this kind of work, knowing other people enjoy something you’ve written/drawn that YOU enjoy can mean absolutely everything (Which is why reviews and favs and positive feedback on art and fanfics are so important!)

When I was in high school, I was apart of a creative writing club during my 11th grade, and it was that club that gave me a wider variety of ways to write and I learnt a lot of cool things.

I think one of the most important things I learnt throughout it though was that writing things you want to over things you aren’t interested DOES make a difference.

I think if you have a good enough idea, plot it out! Plot out the whole thing in little rough notes, even write a rough draft! Rough notes are important because in rough notes, you flesh out all the small details, all the things you really want to happen. You don’t need to write proper sentences, hell,  you can write it all in super point forms. as long as you understand what you mean, its alright.

When you’re done the rough notes, read it all over. Read them again and again, and if theres something you’d like to change, brainstorm! look for inspiration, maybe take a long inspo adventure and try to find what you think would fit better!

It can take weeks, months, to come up with an idea you truly enjoy, but if you’re motivated enough, you can do anything! My Fantasy AU was something I had been plotting out since March, and it originally started out as a simple arranged marriage AU.  It went through a LOT of changes to get where I’ve gotten it, and it took 3 months to actually get the first part of the story out too. But it was still fun!

As long as you have an idea and the drive to do it, I think you’ll get there. but practice! Get yourself a tiny writing journal, and when you have an idea, just write it out for yourself! When your reading it, look for the things you love about it, and if you find things you want to change, think about what would fit better in your story, the scenario, or even what would work for the characters.

But believe me, I know you can get to where you want to be with our writing with a bit of practice and the right motivational drive! Cause if I can do it, I’m positive you can too!

anonymous asked:

I adore your characters and happy to hear your feeling better. Cant wait to see more of them. Do got a question though what color eyes do they have? What are their skin tones? Are they hairy and have to shave alot? With Warkick's scars has he almost been to Valhalla? Cant wait to see more about them. Really enjoy their responses you give them such life. Thanks for adding to this great MM universe

((I feel bad but I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to update. It’s been so hectic lately the only time I truly had off was when I got sick -_- So War boy updates will be very slow…
Warkick has blue eyes, Gagnix has dark brown. Warkick is your basic white boy tbh. Blonde, blue eyes and pale. Gagnix is, I don’t know the fancy terms for skin tones but let me try, Olive or darker… probably darker. I dunno if it helps but he’s thai.
Warkick’s hair doesnt grow that fast but Gagnix has to shave every week. Its hard being bald when your hair wants to show off its loreal self. As for beards and stuff, Warkick is the winner. Gagnix wouldn’t be able to grow one if he tried. Well he could but it’d be so patchy he would get rid of it.
Warkick was pretty close to Valhalla once, thats why one ear is ripped. The only scars he got from that accident tho was the one on top of his head and his ear. He’s a lucky bastard.
Also thanks anon U u U hope you dont mind I (attempted) wrote a response instead of having the nerds answer.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Celinde Schoenmaker as Christine so far? I hadn't heard much about her (I only found out about her when she played fantine) but I've really enjoyed everything I've heard/seen of her on youtube so I'm hopeful (that video of her singing the title song was pretty dang amazing, imo!). However, I've seen many people on tumblr worry which got me worrying too a little haha! So I was just wondering what your opinion is because I trust you in all things Phantom (sounds so weird oh)!

I wish I was more into the Les Mis fandom, so I could have an opinion on her. Right now I’ve been kinda avoiding to even look at online clips of her, cause I know squat about her style and voice and I kinda want to keep it that way until I’ve heard her in the role of Christine. But on a very general note she does seem like a good pick.

The only think I’ve heard which worries me a little is that so many has described her Fantine as boring, that she doesn’t offers too much in the acting department. Christine is a role where you can easily fall into the trap of singing well for 2,5 hours, doing the right doe-eyed looks here and there, without putting your stamp on the role. But it’s when there’s good acting going on the role comes to life. So I hope she can add some unique touches here. But as of yet it’s way too early to tell. I think I’ll have a better idea of her Christine in November-December sometime, when she has settled a bit in the role.



Angus delivered a few small get well gifts including a first edition Peter and Wendy worn by time and more readings than he can remember, a bouquet of flowers he picked around the castle, and a card.


I’m not really sure what to write here if I’m being honest. All I know is that I wish you hadn’t gotten hurt, that I could have protected you…that the attack hadn’t happened in the first place. I know you have no reason to believe me, but I had no idea it was coming. You should also know that I fought with the Order. And that I’m done with the Deatheaters for good, no more pretending. There’s a lot about that night that’s going to haunt me, but most of all I’ll never forget how you pushed me away when I tried to help. I’m not the enemy, Liv. I never was. Please at least consider talking to me when you’re well again. And I do hope you enjoy the book.

“It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness.”


Kissing Lessons

A/N: I hope this was okay! It took me a little to get it all planned out, but I hope you guys enjoy it :) xx

The moment Jess had showed up on Liam’s doorstep with tears leaking out of her eyes, he knew something was wrong. He immediately wrapped her up in his arms and pulled her inside, leading her towards his couch so they could sit down and she could tell him what had happened. Now, he wishes she hadn’t because he wanted nothing more than to kick her - now - ex boyfriend’s ass. All she had wanted to do was to surprise him by going over to his house so they could spend the day together only to have it blow up in her face when she found him kissing another girl in his living room.

“I was hoping that he would be my first kiss, Liam. I thought he would be the perfect guy, but that thought flew out the window when I caught the asshole cheating on me. At this rate, I won’t get my first kiss until I’m forty,” she mumbled bitterly.

Liam chuckled slightly. “I can be your first kiss if you want? I mean, I am your best friend,” he suggested.

Jess pulled away from Liam slightly and locked eyes with the young werewolf. “Really? You don’t have to do that, Liam,” she told him, even though she did appreciate how thoughtful he was being.

Liam didn’t say anything. Instead, he gently cupped her cheeks in his hands and kissed her. The kiss was short and sweet, which was exactly what Jess had hoped her first kiss would be like. As much as she didn’t want to, Jess slowly forced herself to pull away from her best friend so that they could both regain the oxygen that they desperately needed.

“How was that for a first kiss?” he whispered, a goofy grin spreading on his lips.

“It was perfect. Mind giving me some tips and pointers?” she suggested, secretly hinting that she just wanted to continue kissing Liam.

Liam chuckled, quickly catching on, and nodded. “Sure,” he agreed.

For the rest of the afternoon, Liam gave Jess “kissing lessons”. Not once did she think about her cheating ex boyfriend when she was with Liam. She was quickly thrown off of her cloud nine, though, when she walked into school the next day and saw her ex waiting for her at her locker. She was just about to turn around and walk back out the entrance when Liam grabbed her hand and walked her to her locker.

“Play along,” he whispered into her ear. At first, she was confused, but the moment Liam opened his mouth, she had understood what he was doing. “What are you doing at my girlfriend’s locker?” he managed to growl out protectively.

“Girlfriend? Since when was she your girlfriend, Dunbar?” he asked, glaring daggers at Liam.

“Since I caught you cheating on me yesterday,” Jess spat.

Her ex rolled his eyes and mumbled a “whatever” before shoving past them to go to his own locker. Jess smiled up at Liam when her ex was finally out of sight and pecked his cheek to thank him.

“Thank you,” she mumbled.

Liam smiled. “How about you thank me by going on a date with me tonight?” he asked while rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

She wrapped her arms around his waist with a smile on her face. “I’d love to,” she whispered. That was all he needed to hear in order for the smile to return to his face. They could finally be happy together. At least, as happy as anyone can be when living in a town full of supernaturals.

itazuraa asked:


Bruh. I really like your style so far.

ESPECIALLY your rp style and writing.

VERY good Karma, btw. And I’ve SO far enjoyed our interactions VERY much.

I would HONESTLY love to do more threads with you, and get to know you better as a mun and not just the muse. 

Also, man I wanna see Jay terrify/beat the shit out of Karma, holy shit.

I wish I could say more but we still don’t know each other AS much but…I HOPE THIS SUFFICES FOR THE MOST PART???

aph--virginia asked:

*paragraph symbol thingy bc my computer isn't letting me copy-paste it*


I don’t know when you’ll find this, but by the time you do, I’ll be long gone. And by gone, I mean dead.

I hope everyone’s doing okay, especially you. You always were so strong and you still are. I just wished I could’ve spoken to you more. Take care of Dad, he’ll need it. You’ve always provided a strong support system that I’ll miss you so much when I’m gone.

Do me a favor and enjoy the rest of your life. Try not to fight with West Virginia too much. Look after the family and make sure Dad doesn’t embarrass himself too much and if he’d does, try to get it on camera.

One last thing, remember me.

Lots of love, Christina.

anonymous asked:

dear best friend, dear ex best friend

HMMM!!!! Which best friend. I have three….

Dear Best Friend,

You are the strongest person I know. What you go through I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy much less my dear sister. You go through struggles that would break a weaker person. You are so strong, my dear sister. I take strength from you and my heart hurts when you are hurt. I wish only for your health and happiness and I hope soon you reach a stability with your health and your finances where you can become comfortable and enjoy life without having to worry. 

We will go on many more wonderful adventures together before you are too weak to do so anymore. When that day comes I will come to you and we will have our adventures anyway because you are strong. 

I hope that we can have adventures with my other two best friends like we did in NYC. That was magical. Imagine if we could all go to Scotland, you and I sharing our favorite land with them. Or perhaps Paris where we can haunt the opera house as a team. 

We would never come back to America I fear…

No matter what adventures you and I go on they will be wonderful because we are together.

Now I need to taint that niceness with a letter to my ex best friend? Cruel cruel anon. 

Dear Ex-Best Friend,

I wish I could say I never met you. I wish I could look at your face and boldly state that I was better off without you.

But that is not the case.

For better or for worse you shaped the person I am today. I do not give my heart as blindly and as foolishly as I once did. I am still a trusting person, too trusting if you ask me. But you have opened my eyes that there are people out there that can break my heart in the worst sort of way.

Thank you for making me more careful with my friendships. I have met two beautiful souls since you walked out of my life. There are days where we don’t talk but we always come back to each other. I’m not afraid to talk to them. I don’t walk on eggshells with them. 

I don’t feel like I need to escape from them. I don’t feel like I owe it to them. I deeply love my three best friends (the third was my best friend when I knew you, remember her? The girl you were jealous over? The girl you made me feel like shit over saying was my best friend? The girl I knew for eight years before meeting you? That girl?)

I can have a life outside my best friends. I don’t have to check in with them. They let me live my life, knowing (I hope) that I care deeply for them.

And I know they care deeply for me.

I wonder if you ever truly cared about me. I can say with deep and sincere honesty that I cared about you. I loved you. I still care about you, ex best-friend. 

But I need to look out for myself. Those days where I want to reach out to you I remember. I remember the pain you put me through and yes, the pain I put you through.

We were not good for each other, I know that. You are like a poison to me and I know the wounds you left will never fully heal.

But I’ve accepted it. I’ve accepted the mark you left on me. 

Take care of yourself, ex-best friend. I hope you found friends that are good for you. I hope you found friends that you are good to.

So are we still, like, friends? Cause you hardly talk to me but you don’t invite me ever? I understand if you don’t want to talk all the time but sometimes it seems like you really don’t care and it kind of hurts. I don’t want to talk all the time either but when we do talk, do you think you could show you care a little bit more? I don’t want to sound selfish but one word responses kind of hurt. I try not to one word response, I try to show I care because I do but it feels super awkward sometimes. I hope you know I care about you still. Cause I do, I really do. Just wish you would show you do to. I know we had a rough patch but I still want to be friends, I understand that we aren’t best friends anymore but I still enjoy talking to you and hanging out with you. I still want to be friends. Can we forget the past and just be friends, I’ve really changed now, at least I really hope I have, I’m trying for real. I mean it.

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Hi!! Welcome to tumblr!! Omg I was so hooked on your fic! I'm soo glad you updated (Thank you!), and Peeta is back! And how he saved Katniss. Gah! It was pretty intense! ... and Cage wrestler!Peeta, I need that!!! ;)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this message, and I’m really glad you’re enjoying the story so far. I know I can get sluggish with updates, it’s a combination of life and just me being a really slow writer sometimes. I wish I was one of those people who could update every week, but alas, I do not have that magical ability. But yes, the next chapter is going to have a lot more Peeta. And I’m glad you’re excited for cage wrestler Peeta, that’s where I’m focusing all of my writing time on now ;) I hope the story will not disappoint!