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Instagram Headcannons Pt2

Ok guys I’m a mess and I like can’t stop thinking about what happens after the insta Jack posts in my last Instagram Headcannon so like have some more! (Also probably for @puckitall because she once again hasn’t told me to stop writing fic and start writing schoolwork. You’re a peach and I hope you enjoy part 2) Honestly like at some point someone needs to tell me to shut up and pretend I’m a senior in college, but until then? I’ll write.

Ok so after Jack and Bits get married Jack’s insta stays basically the same, it’s 50% Bitty and 50% everything else (but mostly hockey) that Jack feels like sharing with the world and it stays that way for a few years. It stays that way through his second cup win with the Falcs, through his trade to the Schooners (and his cup win there!), through his couple of years in Seattle and then through his trade to the Habs. 

He’s pretty active through these 6 or so years, Bitty comes with him as he’s able to cook from anywhere and his vlog on FoodNetwork isn’t really stuck on where he is, so they move around as Jack gets traded and they’re solid. There’s pictures of Washington State Ferries and the Pacific and Orcas that year Bitty took Jack whale watching for their anniversary, they’re pictures of WHL games that Jack likes to go to on weekends/week nights he’s not actually playing (he says it’s fun to watch kids with such a passion play, Bitty doesn’t question it and puts on the Silvertips or Thunderbirds or Chiefs or Americans or Winterhawks jersey as Jack sees fit, and Jack instagrams these pictures to the delight of his fans, and the WHL fans). They enjoy their time in Seattle (I JUST WANT AN NHL TEAM AND I WANT JACK TO BE ON IT) and then after 3 years in the PNW, he gets dealt to the Habs. 

During his time in Montreal his pictures get a lot more throwbackish, showing places he grew up as a kid, places he enjoys as an adult, pictures and videos of Bitty in their GIANT ASS kitchen speaking shoddy Quebecois at Jack, pictures of his parents etc etc. He enjoys Montreal too, he’s enjoyed everywhere he’s played actually. He’s not super picky, so he instagrams away. And life is okay. He’s coping well with his anxiety, he’s found ways to deal with the things that make him worry, and when push comes to shove he’s got his ray of sunshine at home to wrap him up and hold him until he can get out of his head. 

But guys we didn’t factor in the BITTLEMANN BABIES:

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Do you know any good femlock AUs? (Btw I've read everything by queerwatson and I've read How the Mouth Changes its Shape) There just isn't enough femlock 😭

well i can see you’ve had a brilliant start, here are some more that i hope you’ll enjoy <33 

teenlock/ unilock:

i already made this list if you’d like to check it out

soulmate au:

Moonlines -  Ever since Sherlock had come back from the dead, things had felt different.

how thick about us root -  Though Sherlock had never been the sort to believe in a higher power, she constantly wished there was someone in particular she could blame for the four letter word she had ‘tattooed’ over her ribs.

coffee shop:

miss a train or a plane to meet you for coffee -  Jane meets Sherlock at a coffee shop. They fall in love. They bake, they kiss. Jane doesn’t miss any trains or planes, but she does nearly miss work.

witchlock/ potterlock:

Guide Me in the Moonlight (witchlock, sherlock is a demigirl <3) -  John had easily claimed her place in Sherlock’s home and heart and cast such a spell of affection that left the witch aching.

Honey And Amber (witchlock, wip) -  Sherlock runs a little magic shop, with her trusty friend Hamish, the Glaswegian skull, who talks and interferes, and is a constant matchmaker. Johanna it’s-a-mouthful-call-me-John Watson takes a wrong turning and discovers the shop, as well as a friend, and the love of her life. (sherlock deals with a lot of insecurity, but the fic is very soft and lovely!)

Jane Watson and the Room of Requirement (potterlock) -  Sherlock figures something out about a particular room on the seventh floor that only sometimes seems to exist. She shows it to Jane. Fortunately it’s a good place for figuring things out.

a little odor that to me is metre (potterlock) -  There are a lot of disturbing things Jane is almost used to coming home to. Sherlock leaning over a cauldron isn’t one of them.

translock: (well its not really an au but i will put it on any list)

Like A Pillow -  John doesn’t like the bit of softness on her stomach. Sherlock does.

Making the Cut -  Sherlock is genderfluid, but hasn’t told anybody yet, afraid that they wouldn’t be accepted. However, feelings of dysphoria make it harder and harder to hide.

Reborn -  There are two secrets Sherlock intends to take with her to the grave. They are, quite plainly, unutterable.


Keeping You Safe -  After the end of her disastrous marriage, Joan moves back in with Sherlock and learns - quite by accident - what happened to Sherlock’s wings.

specific aus:

The Bee Charmer - au of fried green tomatoes, but less sad (contains mcd at the very end, read the tags please!)

lone and level sands stretch far away - the mummy au, and the crossover is written gorgeously to fit the characters. also, john is so fucking hot,, what else is new,

     “I’m worried because I’m trying to enjoy myself by doing what I want to do, but at the same time I feel that there are a lot of people I don’t want to let down, so I need to make something out of myself. I’m trying to find a balance between the two.”
     “Who are the people you don’t want to let down?”
     “The most important one is my mom. She’s very sick. I’m studying science hoping to be part of the team that cures her, but I’m not sure she’s going to make it until I’m in a position to help her. Right now, a part of me is looking forward to going home and spending time with her, but another part of me wishes I could still be here, doing more so that maybe I can do something with that disease. I also worry that this decision is weighing heavily on me, and I’ve become so stressed and so angry that it’s hurting my friends and family. Part of my obligation to them is that I take care of myself as well. I think I’m just discovering that. They care about me, so it hurts them if I’m unhealthy or unhappy.”

Waltham, MA

Hey guys big news today! My x gene got activated today…

I got announced on Logan Legacy!

Written by Charles Soule; Penciled by Peter Nguyen

If you can’t tell from my blog i am a MASSIVE X fan and nerd (ask my poor peers).

I wish you guys could have seen my reaction to an email.Haha

I am doing Issue Number 7 of the Logan Legacy Series and I hope you guys enjoy it as much I will enjoy drawing it. it means allot to me and thanks to everyone for the support not just with the books but with my work in general



*note* cover isnt mine but i know how much you guys like photos :)

here is  a link to the article


More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/comics/2014/7/11/22856/exclusive_from_death_of_wolverine_comes_the_logan_legacy#ixzz37B542kBb


            — TAINTED LOVE.

And I’ve lost my light for I toss and turn - I can’t sleep at night.

Hello again everyone! I have returned with a new theme. [Audience cheers pitifully.] Okay, okay. Here’s hoping that you will enjoy this just as much as I did making this for y'all. Back to basics, now. Even though it is not my first theme, I still highly suspect something could possibly be wrong with the coding, or perhaps you want to change the colour of the links, but no matter: whatever the query, call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. I’d be more than happy to help you out, and do my utmost best to fix the problem at hand.


This theme is not difficult to edit, and change up but if you are experienced in HTML, you can still change it up to your style if you wish, and are able to. This theme in particular is a simple style you can use for if you are roleplaying a character, or even for your own roleplaying blog. Again; I can help with anything if you ask beforehand, whether it be to do with the links to the backbar. If you are to edit this theme, please keep the credit in the lower right hand corner in tact, and like and reblog if you are going to use this, or simply want to have it as a resource for others.

  • This theme was created with this base code, but I did draw some inspiration from the themes here, as well. I worked very hard on this, so please do not steal this theme, and take it as your own. You can however edit this to your liking, but the credit must always stay in place. Simple, right?
  • The title is called ‘Tainted Love’; which is the title of the Soft Cell party classic. I will be making a theme package in accordance with five 80’s songs that are rockin’ my world right now. This is the second of this package. My previous themes can be found here.


  • Four main sidebar images. The bottom two have the dimensions of 187 x 210. The top image is a hover, and so the two pictures have the dimensions of 378 x 212.
  • A backbar behind the sidebar. The preferred dimension is 520 x 520, with a 200% zoom attached via the Patterncooler website.
  • There are two customizable links above the description. Feel free to decrease the size of the links to fit a larger number.
  • There are two titles in the middle of the sidebar which can be written in the customize page. One small sentence should suffice, so try not to make it too long. It’ll look funny otherwise.
  • It may not look like much once you upload it to Tumblr, but once you had pictures and background images, I’m sure it’ll look fantastic. I have added the colours on my original live preview of my first theme, but feel free to change it to your suiting.
  • Audio posts are required to have a caption with each reblog otherwise the post looks strange and messy.
  • There is a description (sidebar) which can be reduced, or increased in size. It also comes with a hover, so if you are to drag your mouse over the title box, you will be able to see it.
  • The pagination is located below the text in said description.


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I don't know why but when Mark said he'd actually recorded more undertale episode but then deleted them after he was put off by the fandom, I felt very guilty. I wasn't even a big undertale fan, I enjoyed the music and never got into anything else apart from the music, but I still felt like I was part of the fandom, so when he said he was completely put off from playing the game I wished I could apologise on behalf of the fandom for the atrocity it became. A game shouldn't be put off by assholes

It certainly wasn’t people like you who put him off the game, you seem very sensible so I hope you don’t feel too guilty, because it sounds like you didn’t do anything to harm his playthrough ^^

We all know the kinda people he was referring to, he wasn’t talking about the fandom as a whole, but just that specific group of people who would be really angry with him for ‘playing it wrong’ are the ones who ruined it for him.

On the plus side though! He enjoyed the live stream he did of it today, so much so that he’s going to continue it next week ^^ so we get to watch him play it live which I think I personally prefer bc we get to see his reactions unedited and such :D

Try not to feel too guilty, you weren’t a part of THAT side of the fandom ^^

Madison Hooper // I am 16 years old & I love to capture landscapes, and the beauty of the world around us! I grew up in a very small and boring town, and the earth and its beauties just continue to amaze me everyday! I love sunrises and sunsets, this is from a sunrise I woke up early for during the school year! I wish i could travel more, but being in high school and all limits that.. I also love to do portraits, fun portraits, showing the models style or image, I also love to do fun little series or a theme of photos whenever i get bored, or need to get my brain working and creative again! I hope you enjoy my work! Thank you!

Nikon d3000 // Canon eos 850, 28-200mm 



Soon. |m|

Member: Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 8,800+
Genre/Warning(s): romance, smut, mature, slice of life, fluff, language.
A/N: sorry for any mistakes, it’s a lot to edit, and i don’t have a beta, forgive me. not for the innocent at heart, but i hope you enjoy~!

Originally posted by celes-tae


“Loving you has taken time. But, I always knew that you could be mine.”

- Say Yes (Floetry)

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Library Assistant!Seungkwan
  • Why is this kid helping out in a library, you ask?
  • Because he procrastinated his community service hours
  • And now he’s stuck here
  • It’s really painful
  • Being quiet is so hard for this kid
  • He’s usually found doing SOMETHING to calm him down
  • Like clicking a pen
  • Or tapping his fingers
  • Or even just sorting through books that he could give less of a shit about
  • Whenever someone actually asks him a questions he just talks forEVER
  • Like
  • Not many people talk to him anymore
  • But there has been this one person that has caught his eye
  • He wasn’t sure if you had just never been here before or if he was too busy distracting himself from boredom
  • But good lord why had he not paid attention to you before
  • He first saw you when he was organizing through the manhwa section
  • Ofc he got off task and read manhwa like it’s right there there’s no way he’s not gonna at least glance
  • So the two of you reach for the same book at the same time
  • And my golly is was a shoujo anime scene
  • For real did you just pop out of one cause you are just gORGEOUS and Seungkwan is actually taken aback by how beautiful you are and he swears up and down he saw rose petals falling from the sky when he laid his eyes on you
  • So, with the face the color of a tomato, Seungkwan runs away
  • First impressions are awesome
  • Ever since then he’s kinda been stalking you
  • FINALLY you go up to ask him a question
  • Tbh he can’t even remember what your question was cause he was just so???? Holy shit they’re talking to me??? What do I do??? Say something smooth! Say something smooth!
  • “Y-You’re face is… smooth…”
  • F U C K
  • You’re just like
  • “Um… okay… I really need to know where this book is, though….”
  • Finally he’s able to figure out what the hell you wanted and helps you out
  • Of course with some really dumb puns on the way bc that’s how he rolls
  • “What did the librarian say to the man that was checking out 30 books?”
  • “Don’t overDUE it!”
  • You laugh, which surprises him
  • None of his friends laugh at his puns
  • You’re an actual angel
  • After that you continue talking to him every day
  • He’s on cloud nine
  • But is also running out of puns please stop requesting for some he can only come up with so much
  • “Someone was totally checking me out earlier”
  • “Oh really??”
  • “Yeah… too bad they aren’t my genre.”
  • The jokes keep getting worse but you keep laughing
  • So anyways
  • After a couple weeks of really bad puns and awful jokes
  • And getting to know you better
  • Seungkwan has realized that his small crush is so much larger than he thought
  • And you bet your buttons he’s gonna tell you
  • He can’t not, like it actually pains him to not tell you right away
  • But he’s???? Still really scared like what if you turn him down oh god this is a really bad idea
  • He’s still gonna tell you tho
  • It was a Tuesday evening when you walked in
  • Seungkwan is just fidgeting cause ofc you chose today to look SO GOOD U G H
  • Not that you don’t look good every day but you look ESPECIALLY good today god punch him in the face
  • So you walk up with a bright smile that just melts him
  • “Hey Seungkwan!”
  • Luckily he’s able to greet you like a normal human being
  • (Minus leaning against the table and slipping but we just don’t talk about it)
  • After a couple moments of just talking, you finally ask for a pun
  • Here it is
  • It’s his time
  • Seungkwan clears his throat
  • “Good thing I have my library card”
  • “Because I would like to check you out.”
  • Out he pulls a bouquet of flowers
  • God his face is as red, if not redder, than when he first met you
  • You’re face is also very red
  • You lean over, grabbing the flowers
  • “Instead of checking me out, I’d rather you take me out”
  • It was such a stupid reply and you knew it
  • But that doesn’t stop Seungkwan from hooting and hollering out of joy
  • And no one in the library is shushing him

photo credit:  ©

Seventeen Library AU Masterlist

Home Alone

Hey guys! I just want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes. I really do appreciate them. Much love to you all. I hope you enjoy day two of Xmas with 1D/ 5 Seconds of Xmas! Love ya, xoxo!

“I promise next year will be different, Y/N. I really wish I could be there.”

I bite my lip and look out my window. Fog covered the window pane as snow canvased the ground outside. I want nothing more than for Harry to be here. It was already Christmas Eve. There was no one here but me and the one eyed Santa resting up against the mantle. This would have been our first Christmas together, but now that wasn’t even a possibility.

He sighs. “Y/N… I’m sorry.”

“I know.” I pause, playing with the hem of my sweater. “Don’t worry about it. Okay? I know you have things you have to do. I couldn’t hold that against you. At least we have New Year’s, right?” He’s silent, and I shut my eyes to remain patient. I knew the answer before he opened his mouth to respond.

“I…I’m going to try my best.”

I shake my head and stand up from my couch. “Right. Merry Christmas, Harry.”

I hang up the phone and toss it onto my couch. I canceled my plans with my family to be with him but now, it looked like I would be on my own this year.

I turn on the Christmas lights, our tree a vision of white and gold. I smile. At least I would have the warm, fuzzy decorations to keep me uplifted this holiday. I go into the kitchen to grab a mug of hot cocoa. At the moment, anything festive would distract me from the fact that I would be alone on Christmas. I made my cocoa and took a seat back on the couch. I spent a few hours watching the Christmas movie marathon before I finally passed out.

A loud clash caused me to jerk my head up in confusion. The last thing I remembered was stuffing my face with cookies and egg nog. I shot up wearily as I saw a tall figure standing over my body. What the hell? My breath caught in my lungs, and I was too shocked to move.

“Shit. Sorry, love. I think I broke the-“ I stand up and jump onto Harry, squealing loudly. He laughs and catches me. “I think I broke your mug.”

“Oh, I don’t care. You’re here! You said you had to work.” I hit his chest and pout at him. “Why did you lie to me? I thought I would have to spend Christmas alone.”

“I’m sorry. I wanted to surprise you. All I wanted to do was make it home for Christmas. Baby, I couldn’t spend one more second listening to Christmas carols because you weren’t there to butcher them with me.”

I giggle. “Aw, isn’t that sweet?” I kiss his cheek and look toward the clock. It ironically changed to 12:01 AM just as I had turned my head. I smile and wrap my arms around his neck.

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.”

I kiss him softly, my lips caressing his in a gentle kiss. “Merry Christmas, Harry.”

“My petal, may you have a wonderful birthday~”

Happy Birthday, my dear Davin!!

I hope you are having a wonderful birthday so far ahahaha, even though I’m posting this super late at night orz!! What are ruffles?What are hair? What are even roses? Why do I always have problems with drawing these princes?! Ahahaha I wish I could it more beautifully but I tried for you my dear!!

So here is your wonderful loquacious Edward Levaincois~
I hope you enjoy~

A little more Mimatooo :3 I hope you all other Mimato trash people enjoy it! I’m glad I’ve come to find people who like this pairing as much as I do :) I hope I can come up with more ideas to draw and specially the free time for it, haha! Good day to you all!

Let us begin this fic by wishing georghiousophia​ a very happy birthday! And also, I think I owe you an apology. This is a birthday fic - as requested - but I sort of strayed from the fluffy request and made something a little darker. I have a bad habit at the minute of trying to suit the story to the character and this is one of those times where it sort of got away from me. I hope you still enjoy it but I would totally understand you making the same request but for a more fluffy version. If you’d like I’ll do a part 2 to this one where he comes back the next year - that was he’s more actively remembering the birthday. Either way, enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ???

“Castigations and Celebrations” (Part 1)

Your presence within the Avengers was not one that you boasted about. As someone who had made a name for herself in crime and villainy, your companionship with Earth’s mightiest was not the best badge on your brownie sash. During the Battle of New York, however, your intentions were alike and thus your allegiance formed.

One opportunity you never thought they’d give you, despite the fact that you were working together, was to interrogate Loki, the trickster God after his capture.
“Well, well.” He cooed upon seeing you arrive next to his glass prison. “They send the beauty to tame the beast.”
“They sent someone who’d really would rather not be here – so the quicker you refuse to give me any information, the quicker I can leave.”

“Who said I wouldn’t give you anything?” A sneer spread across his lips as his eyes lowered. “A foreign flower such as yourself might be able to charm even me.” You hummed quietly, dragging a metal chair across the railings to sit by the glass between you and the Asgardian. The screech it created caused Loki’s cheek to hollow as his teeth ground together.
“I’ve heard of your silver-tongue…” You mused, lowering yourself onto the seat. “But I didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of it.”  
“Let me a little closer and you’ll receive it in a much different way, if it pleases you.”

“The only thing I want your tongue doing is shedding secrets. If you don’t intend to spill any then I’ll be on my way.” You sighed, leaning back in the chair and propping your feet up on a nearby railing.
“Alright… I shall make you a deal.” He began but you shook your head and held up your hands.
“Nuh-uh. No. No deals, not with you.”
“I see that you’re a little more intelligent than your teammates.” Your mind whisked back to Tony in front of his computer.

“Intelligent? No. Stubborn, absolutely.” You grinned. The God returned your smile, though with a little more malice than you might have liked. His eyes wandered about your figure, not perversely, but more analytically – he was assessing you, sizing you up as an opponent. With a deep breath, you began interrogation.

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A thought on yuri!!! on ice

Okay so I just want to start by saying I am loving this anime and it is quickly becoming a new obsession. The characters are great, the story is really interesting so far, and the animation is absolutely beautiful. I could honestly watch the opening a million times.

But I know for some people the amount of gay undertones can be uncomfortable because of a sense of queer bating. And trust me I get it. I’m queer myself and that shit is honestly super annoying and tired *cough supernatural cough*. And while it’s fine to enjoy something that queer bates, so long as you acknowledge it is in fact doing that, personally I have hopes for this one. This may likely be wishful thinking or my own naivety but I still think they’ll go farther with this and I’ll explain why.

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A Day to Ourselves

My part of an art trade with @lonicera-caprifolium. I decided to write a fic to go with one of my favourite drawings of her, which can be found here

I hope you like it!

There was a serenity to mornings in Bull’s room that Dorian had never really imagined he could have. The war was won, Corypheus was dead, the Chargers were off doing a small job in the east of Ferelden, and for now, at least, there was no pressure for Dorian or Bull to leave their room, or even their bed if that’s what they felt like doing.

Bull was still dozing, just as happy as Dorian to enjoy a quiet day every once in a while. Dorian was already well and truly cuddling into Bull’s side, his head on Bull’s shoulder, and one of Bull’s arms around him, holding him close.

It was calm and easy, and Dorian wished he could have stayed like that forever.

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To the Anon (I think you were Anon) that requested guardian angels. I hope she doesn’t seem crazy! :) Good luck to the rest of you for this long, word vomit and I’m sorry it’s so long and I hope you enjoy it a little.


While he wished more than anything he could be seen by, well, everyone, he rather enjoyed the invisible life. In his past lives he was always a quiet person and he thought that with the exception of not knowing who he was supposed to be guarding, he liked being invisible. He could literally do whatever he wanted. He didn’t have to worry about showering, sleeping, eating, and all that…and while he wished with all his heart that he could continue to be invisible, he also looked forward to meeting his guardee.

He hoped it was a boy. He heard too many messy stories about angels falling for their guardee and something in Zayn knew if he had a female guardee he would fall for her. He didn’t really care at all when he really thought about it. He hoped that the person would be accepting and not hate him. He also heard a lot of nonbelievers were guardees and they always got into more trouble when that happened.

Zayn slipped into the late night coffee shop in the town he was passing through. He tried not to stay in one place for too long. He had to find his guardee. The bell rang, but that didn’t mean anything. Because everything about Zayn’s ‘life’ was staged and seemed real to him. He could eat food, drink water, and sleep, but nothing actually happened. He was just background. Watching people and waiting for his guardee. He was seated by the window staring out at the street as it was painted in moonlight. His eyebrows were pursed a bit as he looked at young couples dancing under the stars and he smiled. He wanted that…but he wasn’t sure how. It was really nice, he figured. He wanted to care about someone. Granted it would be hard…because he also had to care about his guardee.

He sighed and the girl running the shop this late at night was humming as she walked around and wiped tables off with a cleaning rag. “Can I get you something?” She asked. Zayn looked to the door to see who she was talking to. He must have been too entranced to notice someone walk in the shop. But he saw no one. He looked around the shop and found no one but him and the girl.

His heart almost stopped. “M-me?” He stammered.

You giggled sweetly. “There’s no one else in the shop, love,” you said knowingly.

Zayn couldn’t breathe. He was in shock. This wasn’t supposed to happen. This was his guardee. This girl was the beautiful. And he wasn’t ready at the moment. He thought he would know when more people were around him, and someone would bump into him instead of walking through him. “Um…no,” he shook his head. “I don’t…” Stupidly, he didn’t carry the money he had around all the time. He didn’t know he was going to meet her today. “I don’t have any money on me…” he mumbled.

“Oh, well…if you want something, it can be on the house,” she smiled politely. He just stared at her. “Are you alright, you look…nervous, or something,” you said quietly to him. “I’ll get you a cuppa, yeah?” You asked and gently squeezed his arm.

He could feel it. He could talk to you. He was all of a sudden very real. And he wasn’t seen before he entered this shop. People walked through him up until he stepped into the coffee shop.

You were his guardee.

You poured him a hot cup of tea and looked at him in concern. “Are you okay, sweet? You look really sick,” you said pressing your hand to his forehead. You were the cutest thing in the world to be checking on a complete stranger.

“Yeah…I’m alright…” he mumbled after a few minutes.

“Are you sure? You’re burning!” You said with worry. “Maybe iced tea would have been better,” you mumbled. He couldn’t think and you were just staring at him. Waiting. You wanted to call an ambulance, he was so warm. But instead you waited for him to answer. It’s not that you wanted to leave but he was just…overcome with your kindness and your beautiful looks.

You waited patiently beside him. Zayn didn’t realize you were sill waiting. He wanted you to walk away just so he could process how his life turned upside down…but you were just too sweet to let him be. He shook his head and sighed. Angels tended to run a higher average temperature than humans. “Really, I’m fine. I’m naturally that hot,” he said knowingly.

You smirked and nodded. “Alright, well, let me know if I can get you anything else,” you said. Your voice dripped with honey and Zayn was so mad. He was falling for you already. Your silky hair, your gentle voice, you pretty body, and your matching pretty eyes.

“I’ve never seen you around here before…How long have you lived here?” You asked.

He watched as you cleaned the counter and settled the register. You hummed as you cleaned to the soft music playing from somewhere in the shop. And then Zayn stood up. “Sweetheart,” he said quietly. You looked at him with a genuine little smile as you leaned against the counter.

“Yes?” You asked curiously.

He bit his lip. “D-do you believe in angels?” He asked nervously.

You stared at him. “Angels?” You repeated. “Like with wings?” You mumbled. He nodded nervously. “Yes, of course,” you nodded.

“If I said that I was your guardian angel, what would you say?” He asked hypothetically.

“Why do I need to be guarded?” You asked without missing a beat.

He blew out a relieved breath. “I don’t know yet,” he said quietly. “I just know…that if you can see me now, that means I’m needed,” he said quietly.

You blinked. “Well, I could use all the help I can get, so, angel, what do we do now?” You asked simply. It was unreal. You were so accepting and easy going–granted you weren’t sure how you felt about Zayn being your angel, but you didn’t want to deny your belief in angels. You needed them…you hoped you had someone looking out for you, and while you assumed they were hidden, invisible, having a hot angel like Zayn might not be so bad. Zayn was your angel. That’s all there was to it, in your mind. Zayn was shocked.

“Well…I guess I get to know you.”

You blushed and smiled. “I’m an open book,” you told him. “Coffee, books, taking care of people…I’m a student and I drive that shit box parked outside,” you told him. Zayn nodded as he listened to your short description. You left out family, friends, age…you left out major and the finer details, that you were beautiful and should be engaged, but something kept you guarded, hiding behind coffee and books.

Zayn knew that. Because he hid behind artwork and cigarettes. He understood the shyness you felt. You were hiding, and he could guess why. He bit his lip. “Who hurt you?” He wondered quietly.

You stopped working and looked up at him in surprise. You figured he would have asked more questions about yourself–favorite color, birthday, best vacation you ever had. Not that. Not a question that touched your soul and made you realize Zayn was something more than a boy who was playing a joke on you. Maybe he was your angel. “How do you know someone hurt me?” You inquired. You were a keep to yourself person, and someone had hurt you…you were just shocked Zayn knew.

“Most people need an angel, because they’re not careful. You’re careful. Your answers are peaceful and they don’t go deep. Some, very few, guardees need an angel because they don’t trust well. That’s how they get hurt,” he explained scuffing his shoe on the floor. You were put together, he could tell…but that meant, sadly, you were emotionally unwell. Most guardees were just klutzes…that was their biggest downfall–literally.

“My dad did,” you said quietly.

He frowned. He hoped it was some guy that he could kill later. He was so mad. It couldn’t be someone you were forced to love. Because he knew how that felt too. “I’m very sorry to hear that, bird. I’m going to keep you safe now,” he promised. “You can trust me.”

You stared at him curiously. “It’s gonna take time, Zayn…if this is even real,” you shook your head. “I don’t trust–”

He nodded. “I know, and it is real,” he came over to you and pressed his hand in yours. “Just give me a chance,” he breathed pressing his lips on your hand.

You smiled softly. “Okay,” you whispered quietly.

He sighed with relief. “This is my number,” he said handing you a card. “I have to go…buy some things, like an apartment, and I’ll come back periodically, but if you need anything at the moment, just call or text me, yeah?” He asked.

You smiled gently. “I’ll be fine,” you nodded. “Thank you,” you whispered.

“My pleasure, bird. I’ll be back.”

You nodded. “I hope so…” you mumbled as he slipped out the door.


“Louis, I’m telling you, I can’t talk to you in public anymore,” Zayn muttered as he held his guardee’s hand. The two physical people were walking, but Louis was also there. She blinked at Zayn as he talked to the imaginary being beside him.

Louis grinned happily at his best friend. “She thinks you’re crazy,” he said knowingly.

Zayn rolled his eyes. “Bird, I’m telling you, my friend Louis is here,” he said kissing the top of her head. She just rolled her eyes and shrugged. Zayn was crazy.

Louis pinched her butt. She squealed. “Ow!” She shouted.

“Nice ass, Zayn. Not as nice as mine, but you could do worse,” he joked. Zayn glared at the empty space.

“What was that?” She asked.

“It’s Louis, he’s an ass, but he’s harmless,” Zayn mumbled.

Louis was bummed. Zayn had been with his guardee/girlfriend non-stop. For three months it’s as if Louis actually stopped existing altogether. And while Louis was thrilled for Zayn meeting his guardee and falling in love, he couldn’t help but be jealous–of him and her. He was happy for Zayn, he was, but he did miss his friend. “Payno is busy, Zayn. Can’t you entertain me?” He asked.

“Seems like you’re entertaining yourself, Lou,” Zayn snickered. Louis sighed as the three of you walked along. He listened to Zayn gush over his girl and she was just as fond of Zayn as he was of her.

Louis stopped in front of the music store looking at the pianos in the window. He longed to play again…but he wanted to hear the praise he got for playing. The boys stopped listening, they had been listening to Louis for years and years.

He noticed Zayn and his girl paused too. “Why are we stopped?” She whispered.

“Louis plays the piano…but we don’t care for it any longer. We’ve been listening to it for years and years,” he said knowingly. “So he misses it.”

Louis sighed and then Zayn smiled gently. “It’ll be okay, Lou,” he mumbled. “You’ll find her.”

Unlike Zayn who was hesitant to fall in love with his guardee (without physical evidence of her) Louis was prepared to fall head over heels for his angel. He might be guarding her, but she was going to guard his heart. He was sure of it.

“Oh my God,” Zayn’s girl whispered in shock. “Louis,” she swallowed hard.

Louis turned to her and she looked directly into his eyes. He gazed at her curiously. “She’s weird, Zayn, you always get weird ones,” he muttered.

“I am not weird!” She stomped her foot. “You just appeared!” She said and smacked her hand against his cheek and pulled on his skin. Zayn gaped and Louis stared in shock. Louis looked around in a hurry.

He didn’t see anyone around. No one. Except…

He glanced inside the shop again and watched as the girl sat down on the piano bench. Her fingers ran across the keys and Louis was smitten. His head cocked to the side as her hands danced across the piano allowing the sweet melody she was playing fill the room. It was muffled by the glass and Louis needed to hear it.

He hurried through the shop door and he stopped leaning back against it as it shot. Her back was to him still and he had yet to see her face. The music she played was beautiful. She didn’t notice he came in and she missed a few notes every once in a while, but it was still beautiful. He could hardly breathe as she played. It had to be here. Most guardianships were paired so they would have something in common. So it would be easier to protect the guardee. They would understand the things they do.

That’s why Louis was sure this had to be his guardee.

She finished the song. Louis could hardly breathe and she turned around looking and she gaped when she saw Louis. “H-how long have you been standing there?” She whispered.

“You’re a fabulous musician,” he said quietly. Louis was loud and often he did things that made people uncomfortable. But you were different and Louis could see you were so shy that it would almost hurt if you were pushed out of your comfort zone. When you’re a guardian angel, you have to notice those things. You have to know your guardee better than they know themselves.

You blushed at Louis and shook your head. “No, no, I’m not at all, I messed up a lot, didn’t you hear?” You asked quietly.

He shook his head. “So? It wasn’t perfect,” he said softly. “I still thought it was beautiful,” he murmured.

“It wasn’t. I’m not that good,” you shook your head quickly.

He shook his head right back. “Darling, don’t say that. You’re really good,” he repeated. “I’m Louis,” he said holding his hand out to you and gazing at your name tag when you failed to tell him your name.

“You’re really nice,” you said softly. He smiled gently at her and let his

Louis sat down at the piano. “Play again,” he said patting the seat beside him.

You blushed. “I don’t play in front of people.”

He shook his head. “You played in front of me, it was beautiful. Please play again,” he whispered. You sighed sitting beside him. You sucked your lip into your mouth as you concentrated. Your fingers flew across the keys tapping out the familiar rhythms and beats that Louis knew. Louis sang along and you stilled a bit, but Louis placed your hands over the keys and played again. He continued singing as if it wasn’t anything. If you hadn’t messed up.

When Louis decided the two of you were finished he continued staring at you. “What?” You blushed shyly. Something told Louis that you did that a lot.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

You shook your head. “No…”

“Yeah,” he said softly. “You are.”

You couldn’t breathe. Louis was beautiful. His hair was fluffy and his eyes were too deep. You just wanted to drown in him. “Thank you,” you whispered.

“Can I ask you a question or two?” He wondered. You nodded, refusing to meet his eyes. “Do you believe in angels?” He asked.

You stared at him. “Is this a lame chat up line?” You asked.

He chuckled. “I would hope I’m smoother than that,” he smiled at you causing you to blush again and giggle softly.

“Real angels?” You asked. He nodded once as he looked at you. “Yes,” you said softly. “Why? Do you start all your conversations like this?” You wondered.

He licked his lips. “Do you believe in guardian angels?” He wondered.

“I guess,” you shrugged as you wiped down the keys and started to reorganize the instrument lesson books. You continued to fix up the shop and Louis followed you around quietly.

“Why are you so shy?” He asked.

“No one has ever wanted to listen,” you shrugged.

He frowned. “I wanna listen.”

“Why?” You asked. “You sing flawlessly, you’re probably the most attractive person I’ve ever met, and you smell amazing, so I don’t know why you would want to talk to me,” you shook your head.

He pulled you to him by the hips. Your breath caught in your throat. “You smell good too,” he said knowingly. “And you’re gorgeous,” he continued. “And you play flawlessly. So,” he shook his head. “I wanna talk to you,” he nodded and kissed your cheek. “This is my number,” he said handing you a business card. “Please call me,” he begged.

You bit your lip. “Okay,” you mumbled.

“Promise,” he said.

“Promise,” you smiled sheepishly.


You hadn’t called Louis yet. Just texts. They were short and brief and Louis came to the music store once a week to see you.

Louis was playing video games with Zayn now that he was physically there. Zayn’s girlfriend was sleeping in the other room when Louis’s phone rang. He pressed it to his ear and said hello.

“Louis,” your sweet voice whispered in relief. “I–” you swallowed thickly. “There’s,” you couldn’t get your words out.

“Darling, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“There’s–my, I called the police,” you said softly. “Because I heard noises, but I can’t find anything…and I’m just scared…maybe I’m being paranoid–”

“Hey, slow down, slow down,” he said calmly as he got off the couch and left Zayn without saying goodbye. “I’m on my way, give me your address,” he said. You didn’t live far, so Louis just ran down the few blocks. It was easy when he had all the extra energy of an angel. He slipped through the door and headed up to your flat quickly. He was on the phone with you the whole time. He knocked gently on the door and quietly told you he was here through the phone.

You opened the door, breathing raggedly and through your arms around Louis’s neck. “I’m here, I got you,” he whispered as he squeezed you. “You’re alright,” he promised.

You shook your head. “I’m sorry–”

He pulled away and cupped your face. “Don’t ever apologize for needing me,” he ordered and kissed your forehead. “Never,” he whispered. You swallowed thickly and buried your face in his neck. He smelled so good…and safe. You sighed softly and he rubbed your back. Louis didn’t sense anything bad but you didn’t let go. Not that he cared. He could’t tell you there was a reason your heart told you to call him. Not yet. You were still shy around him. He wanted you to trust him. And it was going to take baby steps. So she took them. Baby steps. Calling him late at night when you were scared, he could do that.

He sighed with relief as he held you. And quietly vowed he had to tell you soon.


All of a sudden, Liam was no longer invisible. But unlike his friends he didn’t know why.

He hoped it would be in a confined space where there was just one other person. Like an elevator. But it wasn’t. Liam was in the grocery store when Louis nudged him and he bumped into another person. Louis gaped and then Liam spun around giving an over the top apology. The person stared at Liam in surprise and then Liam began looking around for the person that triggered him into appearance.

But there was no one on the aisle. No one but Liam, Louis and the person Liam just bumped into. But that person didn’t feel the connection to Liam. That’s how these things happen. Because while they may be in confined spaces, and whatnot, they still feel a connection. It’s almost as if their souls are connected. The bond has to be strong in order for the pairing to work.

Liam and Louis split up looking around for people in danger–Louis looked like an idiot, because he was never subtle about anything. And he bumped into his own guardee. “Oh, hi darling,” he cooed and pressed a kiss to her temple and began running around some more.

She giggled rolling her eyes and then she tilted her head when she saw a strange boy looking curiously at her. She walked over to him nervously. She probably should have called for Louis, but she figured it was fine. “Do I know you?” She asked.

“I’m Liam,” he said quietly.

She blinked. “Oh, Liam, it’s so nice to meet you…what are you–?”

“Louis and I are looking for a girl,” he whispered.

“What’s she look like?” She asked.

Liam was about to say he didn’t know when a display of soda boxes were about to collapse on a girl that was waiting in line for the register. Someone was an asshole and took from the bottom of the display and the sodas were precariously perched. So when someone bumped into the display, Liam felt terrible, but he ignored Louis’ girlfriend and bolted for the girl that was patiently waiting to get knocked unconscious by Pepsi.

Someone shouted and just as she turned around Liam pulled her away from her cart, lifting her feet off the ground and shoving her away. She gaped as the two of them twisted and fell onto the ground. The display caused a huge noise and Liam stood up quickly with you in his arms before you were covered in soda.

Workers swarmed the area and Liam bit his lip as they all asked if you were okay nervously. You nodded shyly. You hated being the center of attention, but you couldn’t take your eyes off Liam beside you. He tried to step away but you held onto his arm. Liam wouldn’t leave your side.

He rested a gentle hand on your lower back and Louis came around to the other side where Louis’ girl was staring in shock. Louis smirked and waved to Liam and pressed his lips to his own girlfriend’s ear in promise of an explanation.

The store manager promised they would be able to check out your purchases in a few moments and asked if you wanted anything. Politely declining, you said you would just wait in a seat in the front of the store. Tugging Liam with you, of course.

Liam liked your hair, he decided. He thought it was a beautiful color and he wanted to know if you dyed it because it looked so natural–but it was almost unrealistically perfect…so it couldn’t be.

“Do you dye your hair?” He asked.

You blinked. “You just saved me from at the very least a concussion and stitches and you wanted to know if I dye my hair?” You questioned.

He nodded. He figured you were a bit skeptical. He could see it in your eyes and he wondered who hurt you if that was the case. How could you be skeptical when you were so beautiful? Who would hurt someone with such a beautiful soul?

“I don’t,” you answered shaking your head. “How did you…?” you stared at him. And granted, you had a really hard time focusing on anything other than Liam’s face. His eyes were too brown, his lips too pink and his cheeks to scruffy. His voice was too deep and he was too muscular. He was too attractive. “How did you do that?”

“I just…I saw it was tipping,” he mumbled.

“Yeah, but there were about three other people you could help. You helped me.”

“You were in the most danger. I believe the words you’re looking for are ‘thank you,’” he said gently.

You stared at him. “How did you know I was going to get hurt?” You repeated.

“I just did,” he said simply. End of discussion. He couldn’t do this in public and you seemed like a tough shell to crack to believe in this sort of thing. Liam wanted you to believe in him. Mostly because you were stuck with him. And partly because you were really pretty. Liam got up to find Louis but he kept his eyes on you as you checked out.

You kept glancing around looking for him. But he seemed to be gone again.


Liam always knew where you were. It was part of him and his nature. He knew at all times and he found you several times at the coffee shop. He didn’t mind one bit…but he needed to talk to you.

Louis tried talking to him..but it didn’t seem to work.

You were so pretty. You took pictures as you walked around town and Liam started to appreciate the finer details of life–like the way you had two freckles near one another on your arm…the way your nose wrinkled when you dropped something…and sometimes you would be walking and you would trip or your ankle would slightly roll–nothing to seriously injure you, but you would yelp and then giggle because it didn’t matter if there were twenty people around you, or no people around you.

One day he saw you jogging around the city and the only regret he had was that he wasn’t wearing trainers. Because you ran pretty quickly. Granted, he didn’t really need any shoes to run because he was a supernatural being, but it definitely helped.

You had your headphones in and you couldn’t hear a thing so when Liam was following at a safe distance behind you, he wasn’t worried. Because he could see you, the way your cute bum looked in your work out pants, and how your pony tail bobbed up and down with each stride.

Liam was distracted by you, which is never good for guardians because distraction leads to mistakes. And when you’re a guardian, you can’t make mistakes. This was the problem with falling for your guardee. And Liam certainly had fallen for his feisty little guardee.

Because Liam should have noted it was too late to be running. It wasn’t pitch black, but you shouldn’t have been running. And Liam was too involved with you that he forgot to notice. He would have ran closer. Would have told you not to and fought your wrath later.

Instead it was the hard way. You almost tripped again and Liam fell in love with your tiny little giggle and just as you giggled you were pulled down to the ground and tugged. You screamed for real and Liam’s heart bounced into his throat and he sprinted to you. You were fighting–Liam was grateful for that because sometimes, despite the fact you were feisty, you wouldn’t fight.

Like when people bumped into your and didn’t apologize, Liam would watch as you graciously said sorry and then give them a bright smile. He saw you interact with children–because you worked in a bakery and they all asked you for cookies and you loved kids. That was clear. So there were times, and actually, if he thought about it, you were totally kind and perfect.

Right now he couldn’t think about that.

Right now he was focused on getting you safe. The man was dragging you, he had a cloth tied around your mouth but you were still screaming.He was dragging you by your arms but you were kicking with all your might and boy did you make it difficult. Tears drowned your cheeks and Liam couldn’t breathe he was so angry.

Amidst your screaming and kicking, your eyes blinked open briefly and you saw Liam. You were mad at him for not telling you how he knew to protect you, but you promised yourself if he got you out of this you would never question him again.

You continued to struggle as the man tugged on you but Liam vaulted over you and landed on top of your attacker. The man dropped you and you landed with a thud. You were sure you’d have a lump on your head in the morning. Liam pounded him angrily shouting at him for trying to take his girl. You swallowed thickly and watched as he grabbed at him and tried to knock Liam unconscious. You jumped up, groggily and kicked him as hard as you could where most men would prefer not to be kicked. He released Liam with a gasp and turned flat on his back Liam looked at him and with heaving breaths, he turned to you and you started crying again, falling to your knees.

Liam shook his head grabbing you and pulling you close to your chest. “I have you, you’re okay,” he whispered. He repeated the sentiment over and over. You clung to him and sighed shakily as you cried. Liam carried you down and away from here. “I have you, you’re okay,” he kept saying.

And while he may not be your favorite person, right now, you were very happy to have him.


Liam asked Niall to bring Harry’s bakery-worthy brownies to his flat because Liam’s girlfriend was still upset and it was good for trauma–and Liam also admitted he may have made her angry by using too much stinging anti-bacteria spray. So Harry joined, heading upstairs (being the healthy lad he is by literally taking the stairs) while Niall parked the car–which is complicated when you’re invisible to everyone.

But Niall was still a lazy angel so he walked into the elevator just after the pretty girl did. He smiled gently as he stood on one side of the opulent elevator. How Liam and Louis ever afforded this place was a mystery to him.

Niall hoped Zayn was in because he really wanted to tell him about his day and no one ever really listened to Niall (because he was still invisible) when he wanted to tell them. And he felt bad because his stories weren’t as cool.

Don’t get Niall wrong, all four of his very best friends adored him and loved to hang out with him but sometimes, Niall could feel that his stories didn’t compare.

He waited patiently as the elevator went up and he saw that the pretty girl beside him was headed to the same floor. He hoped Louis or Liam knew the pretty girl…because he sot of hoped he could get to know her once he knew who his guardee was.

Of course the elevator had to stop. It jerked left and right before it stilled causing the poor love to bounce against the wall and drop her bag and all of its contents across the elevator. And while he was invisible, it’s not like he could melt through walls or fly. He was actually stuck. Lucky for Niall, unlike when he was alive so many centuries ago, he was no longer claustrophobic.

He sighed sitting on the floor hoping someone would come soon. So instead he admired the pretty girl he was stuck with. Her cheeks were flushed red, but he didn’t know why, because it wasn’t cold out. Her hairline started to bead with sweat, but she didn’t go for a run–she was wearing boots. Her chest (Niall couldn’t ignore it, and he felt guilty, but she was beautiful) started to heave like she was out of breath.

And soon it clicked. She was panicking.

Shit, Niall thought. He started banging on the elevator in hopes someone would hear. Of course the emergency phone was busted, cut off the line, and her phone had no reception. Just Niall’s luck.

“Fucking hell,” he hissed.

You gasped as your eyes fell to Niall and you couldn’t believe you were having an asthma attack so close to the beautiful blond haired boy. You grabbed his hand and his head snapped to you. His eyes were wild, his lips parted in shock as you rasped out inhaler. Niall’s eyes were still wild, because she was in fact his guardee and he had to help her fast.

He searched through her belongings and couldn’t find the inhaler so he started banging and trying Zayn’s phone again and just praying for help when he stupidly remembered he had one. Just in case he ever laughed too hard and couldn’t breathe. He pulled it out of his pocket and pressed it to your lips.

You tried to breathe normally but you were so scared and anxious. But Niall was there.

“Hey, slow down, darling. I don’t even know your name and I want to hug you until this goes away. Now, in slowly,” he took a deep breath through his nose which you tried to mimic, but it was hard. He frowned and simply pulled you in and squeezed you tightly. “I’ll get you out,” he whispered in your ear and he breathed slowly against your neck. “You’ll be okay,” he whispered. “Shh…” he rubbed your back soothingly. “Just keep your eyes closed,” he murmured. “Tell me about yourself,” he whispered into your ear. “Just breathe and talk,” he rubbed your arm gently. He swallowed as he listened to your velvet voice. He smiled and chuckled as he looked you over. Your breathing slowed and your heart beat went down. He relaxed slowly as you did. Then he started to notice all your delicate features–how your ears, looked, how you clearly cared about your eyebrows, and the freckle on your nose.

“May I see your phone?” He asked after you had calmed down. You swallowed thickly handing it to him. Niall basically just listened to your entire life story, how scared you were and how your anxiety and asthma often attacked you at the worst times. Like right now. In front of a really cute boy. He smiled softly at you when you said this out loud and he gently massaged the pulse in your wrist to try to keep you calm.

Niall moved around the elevator looking for a small signal the phone might pick up. And as soon as he got a glimpse of one he sent the message he had planned out for Zayn. I’m trapped in the elevator with her -Niall.

Niall heard a few shouts a few moments later and he gently rested his hand on her arm. “They’re gonna get us out.”

“Niall?” Zayn called tentatively toward the elevator. He didn’t really believe Niall was able to send that message. That would mean he would have to be trapped on the elevator with his guardee. And the chances of that…

Well, apparently they were very good.

“Aye, mate, get us out,”he called back.

“Shit,” Zayn hissed.

Niall smiled gently at you and pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. “You’re alright,” he promsied.

You sighed softly. “Niall, is it?” You asked.

He nodded. “I’m sorry about the circumstances, but I’m happy to meet you, darling,” he said sweetly. You continued to take even breaths in attempts to relax and not freak out.

You sighed. “Thank you.”

“Anytime, princess,” he pressed a kiss to your cheek. The doors pried open and you were about halfway between floors. You looked ill but then Zayn dropped down in front.

“You okay?” He asked looking at Niall.

He smiled and nodded. “I’m going to give you a boost and Zayn’s going to pull you out, yeah?” He whispered.

You gulped noisily. “C-can’t you go first?” You mumbled.

“’Fraid not, Princess. Zayn’s nice. I’ll be right behind you,” he promised and lightly brushed his lips over your forehead. Niall swept you off your feet and seemed to hold you with such ease as he lifted you up to Zayn. Zayn pulled you through the small space and you felt lightheaded to breathe fresh air, not the stale air Niall and you had shared in the confined space.

Soon Niall was by your side again and he gently took your hand. “Come with me,” he said and tugged you to his friend’s flat.

“Um…hi,” Louis’s girlfriend said. “Who are you?” Liam’s girlfriend asked with small cuts abraded her cheek.

“That’s Niall,” Louis said.

Louis’ girlfriend blinked in surprise, in shock that he was there. Two in one week…what are the chances.

You looked up at Niall nervously. “My apartment–”

“Shh,” he hushed you. “Come get something good to eat and drink,” he said squeezing your hand. “We have lots to talk about,” he said knowingly and entered the kitchen.

“Niall, wait,” you said stilling him and looking him over. “Thank you,” you whispered quietly.

“Oh princess, my absolute pleasure,” he grinned brightly.

You sighed. “How…how did you stay calm if you…you had an inhaler? And you didn’t want to be in there either…?”

Niall was mad she was so perceptive. He smiled gently at her and squeezed her hand. “Hang for a bit,” he said. “I’ll tell you everything you wan to to know,” he promised. “Do you trust me?” He asked.

You smiled and nodded. “Yeah…yeah, I think so,” you whispered. Natural instinct, or maybe just that you told Niall your deepest secrets (because you actually thought you were going to die) and he didn’t say anything bad about them. He took those secrets and comforted you in a way no one ever had before. He helped you relax when you didn’t think it was possible.

And you had a feeling that Niall was important to you. And you wanted to know why.


Harry was a special guardian angel. He didn’t always follow the rules like he was supposed to. But that’s because the rules were different for him. Harry wasn’t just thrust into angel-life. He was born as a baby, much like every other human. His mum was an angel and his father was not. Yet, he retained all the qualities of an angel–could only be seen by other angels and so on.

He wanted to go to school, really bad. He watched TV and saw all the other kids go to school and he wanted to join them. His mum was hesitant and decided he probably shouldn’t or who knows he might meet his guardee. But as mentioned before. Harry didn’t and hasn’t always followed the rules. He hasn’t needed to. So when Harry was seven he wanted to go to school and wasn’t going to let the fact that he was an angel get in his way. He found his way to school and planned on just sitting in the back of class, absorbing the material. Instead a little girl saw him.

She looked upset. He didn’t know why, but he knew he didn’t like that she was sad. She was too pretty to be sad. Too pretty like his sister and he hated when Gemma was sad. Harry watched her as she looked around the room nervously. No one was playing with her and she didn’t know why. Harry didn’t know either. She was just so pretty, everyone should have wanted to play with her. She was just gentle and sweet looking. Harry already adored her and he wished with all his heart that she could see him.

He didn’t have to wish very hard. “You’re new,” she mumbled softly. Her voice was as pretty as she was, Harry decided. Like a popsicle on a hot day, refreshing and wonderful.

Harry blinked because he didn’t know who she was talking to. It was only him. But that couldn’t be…Mum said it would be years…Oh God, he messed up so bad. “Um…yes,” he said quietly. This wasn’t good and he was scared. Probably as scared as you were. “I have to go home,” he told you. You nodded as you stared at the boy curiously.

“You have to tell the teacher,” you said softly. He winced.

“Harry?” The teacher in the room questioned. She looked over at the two of you. “Your mum is at the front office and she would like to have a word with you,” she said. “You can bring a friend to walk you down if you would like,” she whispered with a sweet smile as she crouched down to Harry’s height. Harry didn’t really know it, but the fact that he invited you made the entire first year a million times better.


Mum had explained how wrong it was to worry her like that. Because what if he hadn’t found his guardee? How would she find him without asking for help? 

But, Mumma, how did you know I was at school? How did you know I found my guardee?

Mummys always know where their curious little angels are.

Mumma, I like my new friend, she’s really pretty, can she come over and play with me sometimes?

Of course, Harry. Harry smiled. He thought his new friend was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen. Prettier than his mum…his sister…even Princess Aurora. So Harry played with his new friend unbeknownst to him that she was his guardee. He really liked her. She was fun even if she was quiet and shy around their classmates. “They’re mean to me,” she told Harry.

He really didn’t like the sound of that. “Why are they mean to you?” He whispered.

“Because I could read last year. I like reading and my Mommy showed me how to read…before she got sick…and then I would read to her…She told me it opened doors to new worlds and I like new worlds…sometimes they’re better than this world,” you told him quietly. Tears filled your eyes again. He was sad your mommy was sick and he thought that was why you could see him.

“Well, I think it’s cool you can read. Would you read to me?” He asked.

You bit your lip nervously. “I’m not that good.”

“I can’t even read. So,” he shrugged.

“Okay,” you said softly. “I’ll read to you,” you told him.


When you turned eighteen Harry watched you in awe as you opened his gift to you. He was barely older than you. He was very happy because you loved your birthday. Harry treated you like a queen each passing year and of course, protecting you from everything that might deter you from being successful. He always outdid himself and he always made you feel adored. Not that he didn’t any other day, but he knew how much you desired to be adored, your birthday was the best day to do it. Your fingers were so careful as they slid beneath the wrapping paper. Just like everything else you did–carefully, gently, sweetly. “It’s..it’s nothing too special, I just thought it as kinda cute,” he shrugged.

“I’m sure its lovely, Har-bear,” you smiled kindly at him. The smile made him breathless. You always made him breathless. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be, but he did it anyway–he fell in love with you. He fell in love with you that first day he asked you to walk with him to the office. He fell for the way your hair looked after school when you were tired and how it looked all dolled up on the dates he took you on. He fell for that smile of your that made him speechless. He fell for your giggle and how rare it was to other people and yet it was like the only language the two of you spoke.

But you weren’t exactly immune to your boyfriend either. You had known him for over ten years. You essentially began dating the month he met you. He was so sweet to you; your mom said it had to do with the fact he grew up with two women. You knew it was something more. But you didn’t know what. You knew in your heart that there was something extra special about Harry and you felt so blessed to be in his presence. Especially at times like these. You started tearing up before you could help it as you held the very first book you ever read to Harry. The exact copy that he figured it must have taken him months to find at the elementary school, with a small inscription on the inside cover:

To my beautiful kitten,
Thank you for these years and all the worlds you have helped me explore.
I have to say though, that the world I love the most is the one where you and I exist together forever and ever. I love you. Have a wonderful birthday my sweetest love.
All the love in all of our worlds,

You were just about sobbing at this point and he held you against him. He rubbed your back hoping that you would smile soon. He loved when you smiled. “You’re, you’re perfect,” you hiccuped.

He chuckled. “I love you, my sweet,” he whispered.

“I love you so much,” you answered and breathed in his cologne. He smelled so good and he was home. He was the one thing that kept you safe and made you feel loved when no one else did.

He cupped your face and looked into the eyes he fell in love with ten years ago and he bit his lip. “I have to tell you something,” he blurted. You were a bit nervous. But Harry was always doing stuff like this. Saying he had to tell you something, abruptly and then would say something like, “I don’t like the way people sleep on the train, it’s not safe!” And then he would request that the two of you put up informational posters about this. You would deny his request and tell him that the train company has it under control. But this felt different. “I…I’m an angel,” he said quietly.

“I know,” you shrugged.

He sighed and grimaced as he chuckled. “No, kitten,” he bit his lip. “A real angel,” he whispered. “With wings.”

You stared at him. “Why?” You asked.

“Why what?”

“Why are you telling me this? Now?” You wondered not really believing him. It was a bit outlandish–even for Harry.

“The first day I met you, was the first day I was visible to humans. Because I’m your guardian angel.”

You stared at him and shook your head. “Harry, I don’t understand.” He took a deep breath because he already knew where this was going to go–he knew you, and he knew you were going to be mean to yourself. 

“You can ask Niall, or Louis, Zayn and Liam too,” he whispered. “We’re guardians and you’re my guardee.”

You gazed at him shaking your head. “Harry, if what you’re saying is true–”

“It is true, we’re assigned to people with…troublesome lives and we’re the fix to make it better,” he explained as he looked at your knees.

Tears filled your eyes. “Why are you telling me now?”

“I think it’s been long enough–”

“You think?” You sniffled brokenly. Too long. Way too long.

“Why are you–”

“Because if all of this is real that means you’e been with me for ten years because you have to!” You shouted at him getting up from the spot you were seated in. Harry tried to keep calm because shortly after you were alone, he realized that you need gentle care, TLC and kindness to keep you safe from your bad thoughts and worries

“Kitten,” he said very gently. You were fragile, sensitive. You had to be. Everyone you cared about was burdened by you or left you. Harry was the only one who was different.

“Happy birthday, kitten!” Niall shouted bursting through the door of his shared flat with Harry. “Oh…” he bit his lip. “You told her.”

“I have to go,” you whispered. Reaching for the door. Harry grabbed your arm before you could get far.

“Kitten, you’re not going anywhere if you can’t see,” Harry said quietly.

“Don’t. Don’t protect me,” you hissed yanking your arm away. His heart almost broke right in half. He felt sick but Niall caught on quick.

“Why is she going?” Niall asked taking hold of your arm when Harry dropped it in shock. Stupid question Harry thought. Then quietly told Niall.

Niall gaped at you and you sniffled as the words were said out loud again by someone other than you. “Oh, kitten, no, you don’t actually think that do you?” Niall’s voice was gentle on you. “Kitten, he adores you. Has for years and he would never call you a burden,” he said gently. You flinched at the word, you had heard it too many times to describe yourself. “He’s your angel by chance, he fell in love with you on his own accord,” Niall explained.

Harry was grateful for Niall at the moment. “You’re an angel too?” You asked Niall.

“Can’t you tell I’m cupid, darlin? With my cherub face and need to fix relationhips?” He smiled cutely at you and pushed you toward Harry. His heart was pounding because while he wouldn’t be able to leave you, if you rejected him, he would have a harder time protecting you. And he refused to let anything harm you–especially you own mind.

You blushed as you looked at Niall. “Thank you,” you whispered.

He pecked your cheek. “You’re welcome, now kiss and makeup so you can come to your party,” he winked at you. Harry sighed and squeezed you.

“I would never betray you,” he promised.

“I love you,” you mumbled. “You have to start from the beginning,” you said knowingly.

“Of course,” he promised. “I love you too.” You sighed and stood on your toes to get an earth-shattering kiss from Harry’s pretty pink lips. He smiled at you. “What?” He asked when you giggled, his favorite sound.

“I always wondered why your kisses were earth-shattering, it’s because you’re not fom here,” you smiled sweetly. He chuckled and cupped your face better in his large hands and planted another heaven-sent kiss on you mouth.


Ten more hoodies released! Hope that you enjoy them!

Currently I’m eyeing Super Mario Maker. I really wish that the Wii U console bundle for it was coming to North America. I still need a Wii U, and it would be so much easier if I could just get the game and console at the same time. I’m hoping for more Redbubble sales or lots of hours at work next week so I can buy a refurbished Wii U.

I am NOT accepting any more hoodie requests! Just keep watching for whenever I do my next giveaway! c:

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Go Poor (otome parody)
  • Go Poor (otome parody)
  • labyrinthofleah

Go Poor (otome parody) 
This was requested by an Anon-san. Hope you enjoy! :) Rap parts not attempted, haha. XD;; And of course, I had to put Yakov, the man of the hour, as the cover. 

I knew your route
You were  gonna be released
Credit card 
Now I better choose carefully 
A dozen routes
I can only buy up to three, up to three, up to three

Why make me choose? It’s crazy
Art thief or mobster, maybe?
Wish I could choose more than only these, only these, only these

So you wanna play otome
Wanna try just one on to start?
Baby, do you dare to do this?
‘Cause if you like it then you’ll go poor

Are you ready for, ready for
Wanting more, wanting more?
'Cause once you buy, once you buy
There’s no going back

Mark my words
This game will kill your sense of time
School and work will be gone from your mind
All that’s left
Is only otome, otome, just otome

Your palms will be shaking, baby
Withdrawal will drive you crazy
So just be sure, before you start fangirling
Fangirling, can’t stop fangirling

So you wanna play otome
Wanna try just one on to start?
Baby, do you dare to do this?
'Cause if you like it then you’ll go poor

Are you ready for, ready for
Wanting more, wanting more?
'Cause once you buy, once you buy
There’s no going back