Solangelo Childhood best friends AU. I hope you like it!

I think you’re my best friend…

Will is eight years old.

He lives with his mother, his father left when he was younger. All he remembers about him is what he has seen in a picture he keeps on his bed side table. Will thinks he looks like him. A little bit, at least. He has the same blond curls. Will’s got the blue eyes from his mother, though. He likes to fantasize about his father. Was he a scientist? Or writer? An astronaut would be cool!

He goes to school every day and doesn’t hate it nearly as much as all his friends seem to do. You see, he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Maybe his dad was a doctor.

Will is eight years old.


Will is nine years old.

A new family moved next door. They have two children: a girl with piercing brown eyes and a kind smile. And a boy Will’s age. They’re Italian. Will’s never met anyone outside of his little town.

He knows he ought to introduce himself, but he’s a little scared. The di Angelo’s are intimidating. They have a big house and they’re always dressed very nicely. Will doesn’t care about his clothes. He doesn’t even know if the colour of his shirt and pants match.

He doesn’t have to introduce himself, though; the boy does. He just walks up to Will when he’s playing on the street one day.

‘I’m Nico’, he says. ‘Can I play with you?’

Will stutters his name and nods.

Turns out Nico di Angelo doesn’t care about Will’s clothes. Or his. Because soon enough they’re rolling in the grass and their clothes have green patches everywhere.

Will isn’t scared of the di Angelo’s anymore. They invite him over for dinner one day. Nico’s father is a little stiff, but his step-mother and sister are really nice. He thinks it must be awesome to have a sister like that. Nico absolutely adores and worships her.

Will has found his new best friend. Nico di Angelo, the boy who can’t stop talking and asking questions. The boy who smiles all the times and laughs at all of Will’s jokes.

Will is nine years old and pretty sure that laughing until your stomach hurts is the definition of happiness.

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Rejection Pose- My First Pose Set!

Here is my first attempt at making poses! This pose set is called the Rejection Pose set, and it’s supposed to be for those times when you’re in a relationship and you get in a fight with your partner, and both of you are being dramatic as hell. Haha. Anyway, I had a lot of fun makin this pose, and I honestly think making poses is going to be my new favorite thing! This pose is FAR from perfect, but I hope you enjoy!

You will need:

Andrew’s Pose Player

Teleporter Mod 

Pose placement for this pose set is simple. For Pose ONE where the two Sims are hugging, put two teleporter statues one behind the other, and use the ALT KEY to have  the back statue stand close to the first one, as close as you can with no overlap.  For Pose Two and Three, place two teleporter statues in the same spot.

Download here.

anonymous asked:

What if andrew is so violent when he wakes up because part of him thinks its drake

Hiya there anon. Hope you are having a good day! I`ll admit that I didn`t pick up on this the first time I read the books but the second time things clicked into place and I thought exactly the same thing and it ripped my heart out all over again. Odd you should message me about this because I was just talking this over with my girlfriend recently. I hope you don`t mind if I ramble on for a little while about this.

-Even after the horrible truth comes out, the rest of his teammates don`t put two and two together right away.

-Neil figures it out after waking him up one morning before practice. He takes great care to be gentle, but Andrew lashes out anyway. Neil is fast, but not quite fast enough to dodge.

-Andrew won`t say it, but he feels a  twinge of guilt when he sees the slight bruising where he caught Neil. Not enough to kiss it better, but he holds off on raising the percentage for a day, even though he tells Neil he shouldn`t have woken him.

-He hates this, hates being scared still. Feels pathetic for panicking over a dead man. Hates what his fear makes him do.

-Neil isn`t mad. Or scared. Or anything really. He understands. Well, best he can anyway. He knows the fear of startling back into consciousness after a too deep sleep, the panic in the few seconds when your brain isn`t quite awake yet and all you can think of is whatever it is that woke you. When it happens to him he finds comfort in physical touch, in Andrew holding him until he calms down again, but that won`t work for obvious reasons. 

-He actually puts two and two together that night when he can`t sleep. He crashed earlier, exhausted from practice and his and Andrew`s activities, but now he can`t get back to sleep. He`s surprised the other boy hasn`t moved, but happy. He thinks back to that morning, the panic and anger in his eyes and feels his stomach twist. The little voice in the back of his head tells him that he already knew, he knew but he didn`t want to, couldn`t admit it.

-He feels sick to his stomach. He`s furious. Wants to bring Drake back from the dead just have a shot at him himself. Of course there would be lasting harm caused by the abuse, but being woken up is not something that should result in fear and violence. He wants to pull Andrew to his chest and hold him and not let go, but he won`t. That won`t help and he refuses to cause Andrew anymore hurt. He wishes he could go back and change things, but he can`t.

-The next time he wakes Andrew up, learning his lesson from the last time and keeps his distance he tells him that he is ok, that he`s safe. That nobody is going to hurt him. Andrew looks at him like he`s just grown a second head, but he knows. Neil knows. “I know you don`t like to talk about it and I wont push you, but if you want to, I`m here.”

-As soon as he figures it out he makes all of the foxes promise not to wake him up by touching him again. Don`t be too loud, don`t be too close and don`t touch him. They are the new golden rules. 

-When they all finally understand the air is blue with cursing. It all makes sense now and they wish it didn`t. Anyone who has ever been caught up in Andrew`s post wake up anger feels terrible for reminding him of that creep.

-Neil comes up with the idea of trying to find a gentler, less frightening way to wake Andrew up. The others help him think of some ideas.

- He plays soft music that gradually increases in volume to wake him, instead of an irritating alarm, hoping the calming music and lack of physical contact might help. Sometimes it does.

-“Call this music? What a load of shit. I ain`t putting up with this every morning.”

-There are still lots of mornings that it doesn`t help, where he can`t stand having someone anywhere near him when he wakes up. He still lashes out, still goes on the defence, but the soothing music along with Neil reassuring him of his safety  makes the fear easier to control.  

-When they`ve been together a while, Andrew will sometimes take comfort in letting Neil touch him to calm him on a bad morning. Nothing too much, just putting their hands together or stroking his arm.

Tsukiuta Official Twitter 26 July 2016

Translated by hana-megane | Proof by ironclaw

Part 12345

Shun: In the Tsuki-Ani-verse, I keep a composed face while working with and talking to Hajime, but at the same time, “And~ I~~~~~~~~~ yeaaaaaa~~~!!!*” always plays in my mind… (heh)
Kai: Looks like there are now a lot of people thinking “we didn’t need that information”

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Resentment ... Continued [Pt. 6]

OK! This is the second part to “And It Burns, Burns, Burns” it was longer than I expected so I decided to just make it a second part to the same story and a sixth part to the series. It was really fun to write and interesting because I actually listened to “Hello” by Adele as I wrote it to get the atmosphere I wanted, which is strange because I do not listen to Adele to write Bonkai! But I don’t know, maybe there’s something different to this piece and you guys can tell me if you see any influences? It’s one of my favourite BK pieces for sure. I really hope you guys like it and think it’s angsty and sexy af, I look forward to reading your comments!

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Jeremy flinched at the harsh sound of Bonnie’s palm hard against Kai’s cheek and couldn’t help the resentment that flooded him, the resentment that he’d never inspired in Bonnie the urge to react so violently, so passionately toward him.

    “You destroy everything that is good in my life!” Bonnie yelled.

    Kai glared at her. “He isn’t your life anymore or have you forgotten? You chose this. You chose us.”

    “I didn’t choose any of this!”

    “No,” said Kai. “No you can’t help it, can you? I’m a part of you.”

    “Don’t you dare,” said Bonnie. She pointed at Jeremy who was starting to stand up. “Jeremy is a part of me. Jeremy will always be a part of me. You —” her face twisted into an ugly expression. “You are a virus, Kai, eating away at me until there’s nothing left but hate and shame and —”

“And what? What?” Kai yelled so loudly that his voice reverberated throughout the room, causing the floorboards to shake, making Jeremy look around frantically for any sign of the living room breaking apart. “And disgust and grief?”


“Hate, shame, disgust, grief, you know why you feel that, right? Because nothing feels as good as me inside you, nothing feels as good when you’re riding me, when you’re mastering me, when I’m bending you to my will.”

Bonnie opened her mouth but didn’t speak; there was nothing to say. What Kai brought out in her, the lust, the carnality, it was beyond powerful, it was overpowering. Her desire for him, her desire to hurt him, her desire to own him, consumed her with such painful intensity that it eclipsed all else, it blinded her to everything and anything but the riotous ache only he spawned in her. The instant Kai had appeared in the living room, he was all she could see; she had quite literally forgotten that Jeremy was there with them, she had quite literally forgotten where she was, why she was there — his presence snuffed everything out but her murderous want of him, her erotic hatred toward him. Even now, she had to remind herself constantly that Jeremy was there, each mention of his name jolted her with surprise at his existence in the room, looking in on the destructive dysfunction that had become her life.  

“We’ve been through this a thousand times and we’ll go through it a thousand times more but I don’t care, I live for it. I live for how much you hate me, how you try to fuck me into insignificance.”  

Bonnie could feel Jeremy’s heartache shiver through her and his anguish splintered her chest with guilt, with gut-wrenching empathy. She threw the knife at Kai for a second time.“Shut up!”

“No,” said Kai harshly. “He has to hear this.”

Why? I thought you weren’t threatened by him! I thought he was just a stupid boy to you, what is the point of you doing this? Why are you here?”

“Because you need to accept his place, you need to accept how much he doesn’t matter anymore. You did it with Elena, now it’s his turn.”

“It’s not enough that you have stalked me, stabbed me, and abandoned me, it’s not enough that you have cursed me with this, with this — ugh!” Bonnie screamed and clenched her hair with her hands. “You have to go around burning every bridge to my old life?” She stormed up to Kai, jutting her head forward, shouting in his face. “You’re fucking despicable!”

He took an abrupt step forward so that Bonnie had to take half a step back so they wouldn’t collide into each other. “And you revel in it!”

Bonnie felt it. She hated herself, hated her body for betraying her conscience, but she felt it — the throbbing between her thighs, the heat that flushed her skin; her fingers tingled, her lips swelled, her heart thudded so frantically that she was breathless with anticipation, with arousal. Kai’s proximity to her was dizzying, her need to shut him up, make him hers, own him, own the situation — it was intoxicating. Horrible and exhilarating.

Kai shifted forward and she knew he was going to seize her, smash into her, slam her against a wall, but then a yell snapped them out of their hedonistic reverie.

“Do not touch her!”

Both of them turned towards Jeremy who was holding the bloodied makeshift stake he’d stabbed Kai with only moments before, his face contorted with grievous rage.

“I swear I will kill you if you touch her in front of me again.”

Bonnie heard Kai chuckle and his arrogance angered her, his intent to humiliate Jeremy, and the knowledge that he could do so without putting much effort shaded her already multifaceted hatred for him.

“Do your best, Little Gilbert,” said Kai. “But I bet I can liquefy your lungs before you even take one step toward me.”

Don’t,” Bonnie snapped. She walked up to Jeremy, determination in her stride. “Jer?”

He didn’t look at her but kept his gaze on Kai, eyes steely, jaw clenched; he gripped the stake tightly.

“Jeremy, look at me.”

“Think about what you want to do because if I kill you, you’re dead. Not like Gilbert Ring dead or Other Side dead but dead dead.”

“Jeremy, listen.” Bonnie put her hands on either side of his face and brought his gaze down to her. “He won’t kill you, I swear I will die before I let him hurt you. I mean it.”

Jeremy stared at Bonnie, his steely eyes turning teary. “I know you would,” he said, his voice thick. “But that isn’t the point is it?”

“What do —?”

“It’s not that you’re willing to die for me, it’s that you’re willing to hurt him. The lengths you’re willing to go to make sure he suffers, you know what you dead would do to him because he loves you.”

“Don’t say that,” said Bonnie.

“He does. He loves you and it ruins everything.” Jeremy flicked his eyes up toward Kai. “You ruined her.”

“Jeremy —”

    “She isn’t ruined you just don’t know her anymore,” said Kai. “You’ve never seen her like this, you never knew that someone could push her limits like this and you can’t stomach it.”

    Jeremy removed Bonnie’s hands from his face and took a step forward, raising his stake slightly.


    He turned sharply to Bonnie. She shook her head. Jeremy hesitated for a moment and then threw the stake down on the floor, turning around to head to the foyer.

    Bonnie screamed. “I don’t —” Jeremy paused. “I don’t love him. I don’t. But you.” She bit her lip. “You I will always love. You are …” She sighed. “You are pure and decent and good and —”

    “Something for you to protect,” said Jeremy. “It’s what you do, Bonnie, you protect me. You sacrifice for me. You die for me. But with him…” Bonnie swallowed at the vitriol in Jeremy’s voice, at the way he twisted the word ‘him’ into such a repulsive sound. “You’re tied to him,” he said. “In a way you were never tied to me. And you hate him in a way you never hated Damon. And I can’t be here anymore, I can’t stand around and watch you two act out this, this thing that you have, that you can’t get enough of.  He’s right, I can’t stomach it.”

    Bonnie called his name as he continued walking to the foyer. He didn’t respond or slow down but wrenched open the front door, allowing the furious lashing of what sounded like a thunderstorm to echo throughout the house. Bonnie felt a mixture of relief and guilt and anger when the door slammed behind Jeremy, grateful that he hadn’t turned around and waited for her to say something that would make sense of what was happening, of what she’d become. She didn’t have those words.

The instant the door clanged shut she rounded on Kai. “Everything good in my life,” she repeated quietly. When he didn’t respond, Bonnie started shouting, it was uncontrollable and wild, the rage he inspired in her was as riotous as the lust. “You destroy everything good in my life until there’s nothing left but you!”

“Good is boring,” said Kai finally. “Good is mediocre. Good is beneath you.”

“I miss boring.”

“You’d miss this more.”

“I’d freaking rejoice if I were free of you, Kai!’

He roared. “THEN GO.”

Bonnie paused for a beat, narrowing her eyes and then she spoke, her voice a hiss between clenched teeth. “Gladly.” She turned on her heel and headed out the same way as Jeremy.

Kai watched as Bonnie stormed toward the foyer and was overcome with frustration and excitement. It thrilled him, the way she always tried to walk away from him, from them, from this, because then he could make her stay, make her surrender to him with a kiss, with a stroke, with a thrust; he could prove to her that his prowess was something she secretly lived for, silently begged for. Hearing her cry out his name, resentful and earnest, aroused and disgusted, it was enough to undo him and sometimes it took all he had to keep going and not erupt at the husky caress of her voice. But it killed him too. The way she always tried to walk away from him. Suffocated him with a vehemence that compelled him to burn and keep burning, to scorch everything around him until everything he could see was on fire; her absence shifted something in his mind, unhinged him, tortured him with a thirst for her presence, her body, and all he could do to take his mind off of her for only but a moment was kill and feed and rip into throats until he regurgitated all of the blood he consumed and black out from over-indulgence.  

That wouldn’t be his fate. Not tonight.

Kai heard the click of the front door opening and he sped to the foyer, colliding into Bonnie so that his front smashed against her back. The door was open a crack and he pushed it shut; he used one hand to keep it closed and the other to move Bonnie’s hair from her neck so he could kiss her.  He heard Bonnie sigh, deep and wet, and then heard her throaty exclaim of frustration, “Ugh! No!” She dug her shoulder painfully into his chest, pushing him away from her but Kai took her by the arms and slammed them on the door, laying her hands flat against the wood, pinning her wrists. He nuzzled the side of her neck, grazing his lips along her skin so that goosebumps erupted and she gasped; he used his body to press her against the door and grinned as her back arched so that she pushed back against him, making his breath hitch in his throat.

“Stop it,” she panted.


“I’m leaving.”

Kai widened his legs and pushed into her again, eliciting a stifled moan from Bonnie’s lips. He closed his eyes, savouring the sound, relishing and resenting the desire that roiled beneath his skin. “No you’re not.”

“I’m going after Jeremy.”

Kai released her wrists and put his hands firmly on her hips, pushing her into him. Bonnie reached behind her, her hand on the back of Kai’s neck as she started circling her hips, rubbing her behind against his pelvis so that he grasped her even tighter and instinctively started to mirror her movements, his hardness pulsating with such intense readiness he was lightheaded. He slipped his hand into her skirt, beneath the waistband of her underwear and slid into her, his fingers making the same circular motions as their hips. Bonnie swore, loud and unguarded, and Kai moved his finger faster, his breath harsh and ragged against her ear, his gums aching with the need for his fangs to descend, the magic in his veins unbridled so that his entire body hardened and hummed with the all-consuming, nearly painful need to bury himself in her. Bonnie started banging on the door.

“I’m going after Jeremy,” she repeated, her voice shaky.

“No you’re not,” said Kai.

Abruptly, Bonnie turned around and pushed Kai away from her, her chest heaving up and down. “Yes I am.”

She wrenched the door open and hurried outside. A beast arose in Kai. NO. His entire body seemed to scream the word. Everything was hazy. It wasn’t that she was determined to find Jeremy, it was that she was determined to deny him her, determined to leave him with a yearning that devastated him, that made it impossible to think or see or even breathe. He needed this. He wouldn’t be able to function without eliciting her pleasure. Echoes of her screaming his name rang throughout Kai’s head and he tore after her.  

Bonnie was running down the driveway, her sandals splashing in the small puddles that dappled the gravel until she reached her car. Clumsily, she reached into her pocket and took out the keys, fumbling around with with them, trying to find the right one through the dark and the rain. Kai grabbed them from her and threw them to the side, turning her around, slamming her against the car door, thrusting his lips onto hers and suddenly, frighteningly, thunder cracked loud and ominous, lightning brightened the sky in flashes of eerie white. Bonnie grasped the back of Kai’s head as his mouth opened hers with a furious desire to devour her, to claim her; he wouldn’t give her room to think, air to breathe, everything she had would be his. He sucked on her lower lip, running his tongue along the curve of her rain-lashed neck, her skin warm and moist, her scent frenzying his blood. Kai felt Bonnie’s hands clutch him, pull him closer, her breathing was ragged and uneven, moans pushed at the back of her throat and each mewl only intensified the swelling in his jeans, burning him with a maddening arousal. He hooked his fingers into her skirt and Bonnie pushed him away for a second time.

She muttered something quickly and suddenly her keys were in her hand. She turned swiftly around to unlock the car and she slipped into the driver’s seat, hastily shutting the door. Kai shook his head and sped to the passenger’s side. The moment his hand was on the handle, the locks went down.

Don’t,” said Bonnie, staring at him.

“I will wrench this door off its hinges,” said Kai.

Bonnie gritted her teeth in irritation and Kai watched as she rested her head against the headrest, closed her eyes and screamed, the storm drowning out the noise. Finally, she unlocked the door and glared at him as he got into the passenger seat, his clothes and hair dripping, the air in the car ripe with rain and anger and hankering. They started yelling at the same time, their furious words jumbling into each other, their raised voices increasing the rainfall, sharpening the vividness of the lightning; magic swirled around them, heightening already tumultuous emotions until finally Kai’s voice overpowered everything. “I KNOW YOU WANT THIS, STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DON’T.”

Bonnie paused for a beat and Kai studied her expression, her narrowed eyes, her clenched jaw, and then suddenly she launched herself at him, kissing him hard on the mouth. Kai responded immediately, leaning into the kiss as he pulled Bonnie over to him, her foot kicking against the gearshift, and placed her on his lap so she sat astride him. He fisted through her hair, carelessly ruffling the strands, as she gripped either side of his face, holding him still while she sucked his tongue and tugged on his lower lip with her teeth, causing him to squeeze his eyes shut and groan. Kai wrenched away from Bonnie and hastily ripped open the front of her shirt, freeing her breasts; he immediately enclosed a nipple in his mouth and sucked with amorous sincerity when a mewl escaped Bonnie’s lips. He squeezed Bonnie’s waist, massaging the dips of her curves, stroking her stomach with his thumbs and he kissed her chest and collarbone, skating the tip of his tongue down her throat, compelling her to throw her head back and reach her hand up to the ceiling. He wanted to make her enjoy herself, make her lose herself to passion, to him, make her forget about Jeremy and Damon, make her forget about the world, make her crave his touch the way he hungered for hers; she tried to fuck him into insignificance, yes, but he wanted to fuck her into being a believer.  

Kai slipped his hands beneath her skirt, tugging away the lacey material of her underwear but then Bonnie took him by the wrist and put his hand on the gearshift, keeping it there with her own. She bent down and skated her lips along his jawline, nipping at his earlobe; she shifted her weight so that Kai could feel her crevice against his bulge and his intake of breath was so sharp the rain started falling like bullets, they pummelled the car in rapid succession. Bonnie started toying with his ear, twirling her tongue around, as she reached below her and started unbuckling Kai’s belt. There was a blurry panic at the back of his mind that if her hand so much as grasped him, he would come forcefully and prematurely. But he’d control it. His want for her. He needed to so she could feel the devastation of that want; so he could kill Bonnie in the only way he could.

Bonnie held Kai, naked and exposed, guided him to her but she hadn’t removed her flimsy barrier. He rubbed up against her underwear as she rocked above him, she pulled down the ceiling handle and gripped it as Kai bent forward and started kissing her bare shoulder, making her sway with more conviction.

“Bonnie,” said Kai, his voice clipped.

She held Kai’s chin, pressing his head against the headrest, her eyes piercing into his, as she clenched around him.

“Bonnie, you’re fucking killing me,” said Kai, his voice choked and cracked. He held onto her hips, squeezing her, urging her to stop and continue and stop and … She clenched again and that beast in Kai clawed at his gut, making him resent Bonnie with such ferocity, resent her for causing a hardness so intense he thought he would combust with want for her, resent her for not taking pity on him and surrendering herself so she could feel the effects of that hardness, of that want. She squirmed.

“Bonnie, I’m going to black out,” he panted desperately.

    She pressed her lips against his ear. “Isn’t this what you want?”

    Bonnie shifted again so that his tip burrowed into the centre of her underwear so that Kai threw his head back. “You know,” he said frantically, madly. “You know what I want.”

    “Tell me,” said Bonnie, her voice breathy. “Tell me, Kai.”

His name on her tongue, it excited him like nothing else and he felt himself coming undone; his face was veined now, his eyes scarlet, his mouth furled — the beast had taken over, he’d crossed over into pure viscera, instinct, and Kai could see the hint of malicious triumph in Bonnie’s gaze. Her victory angered and aroused him and he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Get up.”

Bonnie looked at him. “What are you—?”

“Now! Get up now. Now,” he said dangerously.. “Fuck. Now!”

Bonnie raised herself off of Kai and moved to open the door but Kai swiftly grabbed her wrist. “I didn’t say to leave.”

She glared at him, her head stooped so that she wouldn’t knock against ceiling. Quickly, Kai started taking off his belt, raising himself off of the seat so he could fully un-loop it. He brought Bonnie’s hands behind her, knitting her wrists on top of each other, binding them with his belt. He kissed her then, roughly, their teeth clashed for a brief moment, and he slid his hands up her legs, fondling her between her thighs, stroking her up and down and back again so that she moaned into his mouth. Finally, he could feel the material of her underwear against his palms and he brushed his finger along the bottom, making Bonnie squeal and bite down on his lip, which made Kai groan. He pulled away from her, yanked her underwear down and then abruptly gripped Bonnie by the hips and brought her back to his lap so that he entered her..

Kai’s eyes glinted at seeing the way Bonnie’s forehead crinkled, the way her mouth hung open at the feel of him within her. She started grinding down on him and his groans were instant and loud; he tilted himself upward, filling her, reaching up and palming her breasts so that she moaned. He would turn those moans into screams. He had to. He wouldn’t be able to do anything until she gave herself over, until the passion he inspired in her obliterated all else from her mind. He had to do it quickly too. Each sway of her hips accelerated his heart rate, increased the building in his groin, brought him closer to the edge and he couldn’t enjoy the intense relief of climax until he made Bonnie a believer, no matter how momentary, no matter how resentful.

Kai gripped her hips, intensifying the pace, urging her on, pushing into her faster and further so that she mewled. The feral quality to her whimper incensed Kai’s blood and he increased the already punishing rhythm, flexing deeply into her as she bounced down so that the car started to rock with their movements, the rain pummelling against the roof and windows of the car. Kai threw his head back, his eyes raw and scarlet and cloudy; he peered up at Bonnie and saw the restraint in her pleasure-taut face. He leaned forward and started kissing her chest, her breasts, sucking her nipple, smoothing his palms along her behind, gripping her, bouncing her; he could hear her pull against the restraints, her moans husky and loud — but not what he craved. He slipped a finger into her, stroking her, massaging her as he thrust into her, his lips on her cleavage. Bonnie’s movements became more erratic and uncontrolled, faster and urgent and then she was screaming.  

Shit. Kai.”

He looked up at her, vindictive pleasure, carnal triumph in his eyes. He felt her tremble around him and when she climaxed, she called out again.


Her cries were resonant, powerful, there was magic in them like how his guttural roars brought out his magic back at her house. Forked lightning cut across the sky, searing a tree in half, the crown smashing onto the hood of the car. Kai didn’t stop moving. Bonnie didn’t tell him to. Her wrists were free from her restraints now, she’d pulled at them as she came, the force of her magic breaking her literal bonds, and she gripped the headrest as she bobbed. Kai watched her face contort and her expressions of pleasure did nothing to satiate his need for her screams, for her desire, for her. He wanted more. He always wanted more. There was never enough of her. It never stopped.

His fangs descended and Kai reared his head to sink into her but Bonnie grabbed him beneath his chin, and pierced her eyes into him as she gyrated, as she moaned. No. No. She couldn’t do this, she couldn’t deny him this. He had to taste her, drink from her, indulge in her. His blood scorched his body, burned his skin with need of hers.

Kai begged her with each pelvic thrust, bucking into her so that her eyes rolled, so that she squealed. He begged her with his eyes, with the grip of his hand on her waist, with the tremor of his lips. Didn’t she know she killed him little by little with each passing moment she denied him her blood?


Her smile was brief but what he needed and Kai sunk into her.

The instant Kai’s fangs punctured Bonnie’s neck, she slammed her hand against the windshield, cracking the glass. Lightning struck again and four or five trees were the casualties. The pleasure was always new in its intensity, in the hellish euphoria it descended her to. The low, guttural moans that escaped Kai’s lips as he gorged on her blood inflamed Bonnie’s skin and he was thrusting into her with such need, with such urgency that she was overstimulated with sensation; her vision was marred by black spots, she couldn’t see straight, she couldn’t see anything and she hit her second climax. Then her third. Her fourth.

He had to stop, she couldn’t take anymore.


He withdrew from her neck and came loudly, pushing himself deep into her, his cry was strangled and earsplitting, carried out by the thunder instead of snuffed by it; car alarms blocks away started ringing, the only sound that matched it was Bonnie’s scream as she came for the fifth last time, her high-pitched mewl shattering the windows in the car, the rain splashing in and soaking their already moist bodies.  

Kai kissed her neck lazily as Bonnie willed her heart rate to slow down. She couldn’t get off of him, she couldn’t move, she couldn’t do anything but try to breathe again. Her exhaustion was profound and only punctured by the rumblings of a renewed hunger for this experience, for this exhaustion, for Kai. Bonnie felt weakly resentful of how her body never seemed to stop craving him but she was too tired and too satisfied and too satiated to resent herself and Kai with much earnest.

“You’d trade this for mediocrity?” said Kai.

“I’d trade my soul to be rid of you if you hadn’t already taken it.”

Kai held her by the chin and looked at her, his expression smug yet inquiring. “Would you really?”

Bonnie sighed and finally dislodged herself, crumpling back into the driver’s seat. “Get out. Once I get the feeling back in my legs, I’m driving home and you can’t be there. I can’t repeat this. I can’t repeat the couch. Not tonight. I’ll die or … I need to sleep.”

Kai started doing up his fly. “One day,” he said. “You’re going to answer my question.”

“I expect I’ll be truly lost when that day comes.”

Kai raised his eyebrows. “I hope so.” And he got out of the car.

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This year Ive been pretty down with life,at school if I get happy its feels wrong like something terrible will happen.A few things have happened but now with the holidays I wanna change,stop feeling lost and confused with life.Do you have any advice?

I instantly thought of telling you to live in the present. I have the same problem, the problem where you tend you struggle with the past and stress over the future. Don’t worry about any of it, think of where you are and what you’re doing right here and right now. It’s okay to look back on your memories and such, but it’ll be more breathtaking and passionate if you’re living within them (while they’re being created). I hope that helped! 🦄

Do you know what my worst fear about the end of Winx Club is ? That all the Winx get married. 

I am totally ok if all of them get married at the end, no it is not that. I am not totally ok if the all of them get married. Together. AT THE SAME TIME. I think it would be the worst scenario ever in my opinion.

I want them to be happy with their love ones, but a wedding for six ? Please no. So I REALLY hope, they not going to do that. In the same episode if they want, but If we have weddings for all of them, I want individual wedding that represent each couples.

(I also DO NOT WANT the last scene to be about one person or one couple, I want a final scene with everybody in it)

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Questions, do you think it is possible for wonder woman movie can be even more optimistic than BvS?? I see so many positive reaction to wonder woman trailer said that it has much more optimistic and hopeful tone than BvS. Are you telling me wonder woman movie set in world war 1 can be less darker than BvS?? Is that possible??

HAHAHAHAHA “more optimistic and hopeful tone” than BvS when the film is set in WWI. Like the event that made everyone but the Americans (and probably the Japanese, and let’s just not talk about 20th century Chinese history) give up on the idea of a noble war altogether, revolutionised the lexicon by bringing the ugliness and nitty gritty of war into daily parlance and public consciousness, and resulted in the whole existential crisis that is European modernist literature about the lost generation.

Suffice to say I have the same opinion as you do, anon, but I think we can acknowledge the merits to the current spate of popular opinions on the Wonder Woman trailer. Firstly, it’s been said that the films in the DCEU are director-led. This means Snyder’s predilection for washed-out palettes (which I totally approve of because I love muted colours) will not apply and Jenkins’s aesthetic choices will factor in instead. What I’m seeing in the trailer thus far is a very rich colour palette in some parts and more muted tones in other parts of the film. This will factor into my discussion of the second merit as predictions for how the Wonder Woman film will go.

I think that the Wonder Woman will be about disillusionment, if not a full-blown Bildungsroman. That is entirely fitting with the zeitgeist of the period setting of the film (remember, to an American audience this is the Great War, not the Good War) because WWI is culturally-speaking the turning point that is the end of the world as Europe knew it (and the rest of the 20th century the spillover effect of that end, as it were). A quick look at the British poetry of the period (which is a slice of life then) yields the extent of disillusionment that will be contemporary to the film. Rupert Brooke’s The Soldier (1915, which is in the early stages of the war) goes like this:

If I should die, think only this of me:
   That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England.  There shall be
   In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,
   Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam,
A body of England’s, breathing English air,
   Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.

And think, this heart, all evil shed away,
   A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
     Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given;
Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day;
   And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
     In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.

Fastforward a couple of years into the war from when Brooke wrote his poem and you get Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen:

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs
And towards our distant rest began to trudge.
Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots
But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind;
Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots
Of tired, outstripped Five-Nines that dropped behind.

Gas! Gas! Quick, boys!—An ecstasy of fumbling,
Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time;
But someone still was yelling out and stumbling
And flound’ring like a man in fire or lime...
Dim, through the misty panes and thick green light,
As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.

In all my dreams, before my helpless sight,
He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

If in some smothering dreams you too could pace
Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin;
If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud
Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,—
My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori.

Yup. There is the possibility that Wonder Woman ends on a bittersweet note, of course, but I really don’t think that this outcome is in line with the Diana we saw in BvS at all. To really show disillusionment, which is a fall from innocence, as an outcome of WWI the audience will probably be called upon to juxtapose Diana’s state before and after the war. The trailer suggests that the colours on screen will be utilised to evoke the devastation and maturity that Diana will experience as a result of her experience. It is very likely that a restrained palette will be used when the effect of the war on Europe is touched upon, as is only respectful of the genuine horror that was WWI. (This was done in Testament of Youth, which is an excellent film about WWI, and I am pretty sure other similar films have employed this visual cue as well.)

The third possibility of bright colours factoring in the film is that because we’re seeing Themyscira from the perspective of Steve, who’s discovering it for the first time (a classic storytelling trope), colour will be used to evoke wonder. And that’s fair, and right, but it definitely won’t be all of the film, since Wonder Woman is about Diana leaving Themyscira for Man’s World for the first time - the war scene on the beaches suggests that the war may be brought back home (unless they are flashbacks to when Hippolyta won the right of freedom for her women, or not on Themyscira at all) but ultimately that’s not the premise of the film.

Absent more information contrary to what we’ve seen, I don’t think Wonder Woman will be optimistic in terms of Diana’s character arc. (In fact we might even have to put money on Steve surviving the film, though I absolutely insist that Etta survives and has beautiful grandkids in present day that Diana totally spoils when she’s not amusedly putting up with Bruce’s team-forming shenanigans.) Remember, we’re going from Wonder Woman to “A hundred years ago I walked away from mankind; from a century of horrors… Men made a world where standing together is impossible.” When BvS!Diana is more cynical about mankind than Bruce “I am the night” Wayne, you just know that whatever happened in that film really hit her hard. (Of course, the film is going to be very optimistic in terms of showing that women can be architects of their own fate and the hero of the story and badass and compassionate and supported by men in a summer blockbuster. Diana will be the inspiration that she was always meant to be for women all over the world and Steve will be an example - yes, that’s why he’s in the story - for men all around the world of how to behave when presented with a woman that’s more capable than you in any way i.e. admiration because she’s not a threat but a force of nature to be celebrated. But this does not pertain to the character arc at all, only the real world implication of having a FEMALE LED BLOCKBUSTER. I believe I have made my point:))

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Do you think we will see Louis' next projects begin this year or do you think after babygate ends, he will just break for the rest of the year with a vacation before we get any announcements of what he's doing next?

I honestly hope he’ll be MIA as much as he wants and enjoys his break if someone even gives him the same chance of the others to have one. 

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"...how much we love All Might and how we will literally fight anyone who tries to hurt him." (a quote from one of your posts.) Now I'm just imagining somebody (some villain, probably) trying to attack the now-Quirkless All Might... only to run into a horde of overprotective Internet people wielding comics and fanfiction??? Like no. You [villain person] don't understand. We are legion.

(2/2) From the anon about Internet people defending All Might – I take it back. The All Might Protection Squad is better. It is also tOTALLY CANON you can’t convince me otherwise now.

“wielding comics and fanfiction” I just about died when I read that. And, boy, I do hope that we see some protection squad moments - nothing overt, and not specifically for All Might, but I like to imagine the kids defending their teachers at some point. This would happen waaaay later on, of course, but I just have a huge softspot for this kind of thing. The children defending their parents teachers

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Ok, I can't be the only one who thinks Emily seems like just a little bit of a sociopath, ya? I mean, I get that pretty much everyone's killed someone on this show, but they've all had a reason for it too. Maybe not very good ones, but reasons all the same and they showed at least /some/ sort of emotion over it. But Emily just..."Ok vampire's fed, boyfriend's dead, bunnies are safe, and I gotta go pick up my kids. Oh hi Jesse, yeah Cass is inside."

Alright *cracks knuckles* I love you for sending this, anon, but I hope you wanted an essay because that’s sort of what you got. <3

I should preface all of this by noting that I don’t have anything resembling training or a degree to actually try and diagnose Emily… but yeah, she’s different. Why we view her as different is something I’ll get into in a moment, but for now… 

In many ways we’ve seen Emily coming ‘unhinged’ throughout the season, though instead of becoming the emotional, blubbering mess we’d expect of her (based on her nice, polite persona, her status as the unrequited love interest, Tulip herself says that she “looks like someone who’d freak out,” etc.) she has continually reacted in ways we’d consider atypical for her character type, and therefore they’re viewed as disturbing. We’ve got:  

  • The fact that when Emily becomes angry at Jesse she immediately takes it out on her children. Smashing an iPad is a far more violent reaction than we’d expect of her. Furthermore, her kids (based on my recollection) don’t seem too shocked by the outburst, suggesting she may have had violent episodes like this in the past. 
  • We see that she’s not afraid to stand up to Tulip, even given Tulip’s reputation and after she herself demonstrates violence (smashing the “art thing”). It could have been very easy to have that same bonding scene wherein Tulip comes back (perhaps out of guilt), but instead we have Emily initiating it all by marching out to the car and confronting her. 
  • We see other instances of Emily trying to take forcible control of those around her: ordering Cass about, keeping Jesse in line, exclaiming more than once that what Odin is doing “can’t be legal.” 
  • We see that Emily is willing to ‘sacrifice’ Eugene to Jesse. That is, when Jesse makes her mad by praising Tulip’s efforts around the church, she sends Eugene to see him because she knows that’s exactly what Jesse doesn’t want. Emily reduces a young boy to a punishment and a manipulation within her private dispute. 
  • She continually leaves her kids alone with a man she does not seem to fully trust and certainly doesn’t seem to care for (Miles). 
  • We have that scene while Emily is drying her hair and appears to be disassociating (and again, I use the colloquial definition here, rather than a medical one). 
  • And of course, we see Emily acting in a very convincing manner over the phone and sending Miles to his death. Then, as you say, anon, going about her business as if nothing had happened. 

And this is just what I can think of off the top of my head. 

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i just noticed a cute rucas parallel and i was wondering if you could gif it - in texas lucas asks riley what she wants and she responds with what she doesnt want // the same thing happens when riley asks lucas (in gm legacy i think-when he was reading the cards) what does he want and he responds with "i don't want"

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1: I eat mayo on just about everything. I know.. my my friends and family tell me it’s gross all the time.

2: When I was a kid I melted my barbies in the microwave, but not before giving them horrible haircuts.

3: I own roughly around 28 black shirts.

4: I only have 6 non black shirts.

5: I am a huge Harry Potter nerd.

6: The same goes for Twilight. I am not even ashamed for this one. I love that series so much!

7: I’m bisexual.

8: I’ve NEVER kissed a guy. I REALLY want to though!

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You know, I really relate to Naegi
  • Being optimistic (or believing in Hope) does not mean you're naive, it just means that you refuse to focus entirely on negativity.
  • I'm a very optimistic person myself, and I try to bring out the positive aspects in anything I can. I am fully aware that they are incomprehensible and horrific things that I have no control over in the world, but I still have a voice. I still have an ability to talk to people I have around me and to help them feel better, and to be a reminder that there's still hope and a reason to keep going.I feel that Naegi feels the same?
  • I don't think Naegi's words or viewpoints are shallow. Nothing is ever going to get better if you don't believe they can, and it sure is better than just giving up. He's doing the best he can to make things better, but I don't think he's doing so in ignorance of despair.

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I think I'm agender but I need to know the thinks below to be sure: 1.Can agenders wear make up? 2.What kind of clothes do agenders wear? 3.I need a neutral name to be agender? Thanks for reading,I hope you can answer. ^-^

Agender identifying people “need” nothing to be agender other than just identifying as agender. You can choose to wear makeup whenever want to, same with clothing. If you want to wear traditional feminine clothing with a whole face of makeup, you can. It does not make you any less agender, just like having a ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ name does not make you any less agender just like a neutral name doesn’t make you any more agender. I hope this helps you out anon. -Blake.

anonymous asked:

I'm so glad to see you being realistic about the JGG situation. I too was completely taken aback by 90% of my dash twisting it around any way they could to turn it into a positive thing. I think positivity and hopefulness is important but at the same time so is being realistic, and signing a contract with a Simon/Syco connected manager frankly looks awful to me. And it's not something that can just end with babygate. I'm keeping my eyes on it and hope to see a more positive outcome soon.

I totally, totally agree, anon. Especially about the positve but realistic take. 

Anyway, all of the friends here who have some experience and knowledge about these things and how they work were pretty discouraged and objective that day, so I found comfort in that, at least. I mean, there’s nothing comforting in this, but there’s in knowing people can still maintain objectivity, which is an essential trait, if you ask me, Even though it gets hard sometimes when you invest so much time in things that they almost feel personal. I see that happen so often in this fandom. So I mostly prefer to have my thoughts known in tags or very subtle replies. 

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This is the same as saying that attempting suicide is a weakness.... im sorry but that is a weakness, when yo are suicidal , you are hurt, broken and weak. Thats just the reality. You want somone to sugercaot their words because you dont want your feelings hurt but thats the damn truth. If you didnt think there was anything wrong with being suicidal, than why the hell would you seek help? Well Obviously because you recognize in you own heart and mind that you may need help & are weak.

I sincerely hope you never feel you want to take your life because these words will come back to haunt you. I also sincerely hope no one ever comes to you feeling suicidal because if you tell them they’re weak for thinking that way they will do it and it will be on your shoulders for the rest of your life. You are a dangerous person and you’re blocked from my blog. I won’t have such a prejudiced, disgusting view on here. A lot of my followers have mental illnesses and your views are harmful and potentially life threatening. I won’t have you damaging the progress of people who struggle to get by every day

Nobody said that being suicidal was good or a strength. But going around insulting people because they have a mental illness is so ignorant I can’t even describe it. 

anonymous asked:

Uhh i know the feeling i'm going into my 5th year of uni because i switched programs because i rushed into uni and hated my program. i've done everything my parents asked, and like there's nothing more frustrating then having your work and consideration being undermined. not to mention being 21 back when my parents were 21 (like 30+ years ago) was a very different world and i think parents often forget that. I hope things get better soon <3 xox

Oh man, I’m going through the same thing. I decided to switch career paths and I’m also going to be in school for 5 years. You’re totally right it was a different time 30 years ago to be 21. Life is hard now in a different way than it was back then.