Representation in video games (but mostly overwatch)

Honestly guys not everyone is gay, straight people exist and you can’t expect Blizzard to just simply exclude them from representation because you don’t want that. The way I see it overwatch is a game about diversity it has a character for everyone, every overwatch player gets something they like, and that does not exclude straight people. Everyone deserves sexual representation in this game weather you gay, straight, bi, or anything. It doesn’t matter we’re all human.

I feel like what the overwatch writer’s are trying to achieve with their game is this. No matter who you are, or who you like, or how you look, or what gender you are, if you are a supportive person a defensive person or an offensive person, no matter what you are. You are just as important as everyone else, because at the end of the day we are all human therefore…

We’re ALL heros.

Thank you.

ok, this is my 2 cents and then i’m done lol: 

harry saying nothing rn is totally cool and fine IF he’s still on hiatus and not dropping an album in 10 weeks (or less). the registration of a touring company does show an intent, regardless of when it’s going to happen. so, i really hope he’s not putting out an album until after dunkirk. mainly because he’s so distanced from 1D fans right now and it makes him look like a person that i know he’s not. 

if he were to wait until after dunkirk, it would be perfect timing. he would have re-engaged his fans and also engaged new ones with dunkirk promo…awesome segue! 

and yes, i’ve been a total supporter of harry’s right to silence during this hiatus. which he DOES have and it’s totally copacetic IF he’s continuing hiatus until around when dunkirk promo starts. but to just not be engaged at all and then suddenly drop something out of NOWHERE and just expect everyone to buy it just because we’re here…seems arrogant and presumptuous and i don’t like it. 

so…in conclusion…i love harry TO DEATH, as if he were my own, but i don’t like this vibe right now. don’t get me wrong, i’mma still buy his album but…i don’t like the whole… situation (IF it is in fact, the real situation) and jeff should Do Better if this is happening Soon.


I’d like to title these: Man, I hope TWRP Understands How Much I Love Them Through These Because it Took Me Goshdarn For-FREAKING-Ever to Finish These: A Series of Paintings and Suffering

WELP, it’s been about half a year since I started these boys, I’m so glad I finally finished them! Remind me to never do traditional ever again. I ended up going to digital for some final touches and lighting anyways lol.


Today’s theme is black and gold in honor of the gold toned pentacle I got Friday!
I’m tired, I feel unprepared, and I’m going back to school today…don’t feel like putting my hair up so let’s hope thats not a bad decision either (more bg clutter because holiday decor is getting put up and there’s an excess of half empty boxes all over)

Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve: Confessions of a First-Timer

Give me the strength not just to wait patiently, because I know I can do that, but to stay positive in times of uncertainty. Let me love not too hard or too fast even though there is a lot to give. I need freedom to escape from this prison-like environment where stress, worry, and negativity are always-present factors; and the knowledge and wisdom to prevent myself from being too naive and making too many mistakes. But I have grown and improved so much, worked my hardest to be even better for all of us; How many people notice them or will stay with me long enough to see them more, I cannot say. But what I can say is this: I do love you and care a lot more than I ever knew I would. And I do trust you, even though at times I get a little curious and scared. I do understand you; but being pulled apart and stuck here for so long, please me hear from you again. Thinking back to your first anything should help you to understand me, too. You said you love me, and I can only believe that this is true; when I say it, you can bet that it is, too. I’m not sure what you’ve heard from other people, but sometimes their opinions don’t matter since it’s not their relationship and they don’t have such emotions attached. No matter what they may have said – we’re different people, yes perhaps that comes with age and experience. But that doesn’t mean they overshadow what we share in common; after all, we can teach each other and learn from both. If love and care are still there, why shouldn’t other things fall into place? There’s no need to blame another for not being 100% perfect all the time. No one is; in fact, a relationship is oftentimes just that: two imperfect people existing together and loving each other. Sometimes there is beauty in that, adding depth to a person, character even – like covering cracks with gold like the Japanese did with handmade pots. I think back to the beginning often, the budding of our relationship learning new things about life – that we should treasure moments, not things – and learning new things about you – like your love of cheesy French fries and poetry, of night markets and crab rolls on the pier, of trying new things like soba noodles and okonomiyaki paired with tea and sake – and new things about myself, as you told me, and I loved a lot of the same things you did, too. As new and exciting, I would be so glad to create more memories that can last even longer, even if it means this time reaching out more to you. But for now I will wait until I have your permission, and hope for the best – that we can create something even better, to be even stronger and calmer and happier together than ever before.


100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

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sacrifice; the au-ish fic where Hope finds a baby on his doorstep
(this one is suuuper long, just to warn you!)

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Heyo! This isn't an ask, but I just wanted to say that your drawings are so good that I look through all of them, even if I'm not part of a certain fandom!

Oh god, thank you? This is so nice… ; ▽ ;

People like you need lots of love because you’re too nice (; ▽ ;)b

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Please like or reblog this post if you're willing to play with non-ranked players/newbies or just want to have fun in LoL in general

I wanna see how many summoners out there actually enjoy the game without being butt hurt about losing and stay friendly to their fellow players

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              “sit your ass down, rumlow.” he insists, hands on brock’s shoulders pressing him down onto one of the benches in the locker room. he opens up a med kit, laying it out beside him. “you’re bleeding everywhere.” he says, like that’s the real reason he wants to look after him. not because, y’know. he cares. a lot. “you did good today.” the mission had been a success, no major casualties - except, it seemed, for rumlow’s face. “you look like you went ten rounds with mike tyson.” look at that. a cultural reference. not a very good one, but still.

[Fic][Event] Purr

Hello~ Wrote this as part of @jiguknetworkโ€˜s event. Hope you enjoy!

Edit: This is now on AO3 if youโ€™d rather read it there!

Title: Purr
Prompt:ย Social Media
Genre: Humor, Fluff
Word Count: 1826
Warning: Swearing, some suggestive themes
Note: For @jiminthepark, because we originally soundboarded some of this scenario together. Lol.
Summary: Sometimes Jungkook forgets where he is.

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Thank you anon! I gotta be honest. I was putting this one off a bit because I’m lazy when I have to use particles. But thank you because you forced me to use them because when I think of cozy I think of snuggling by the fire. 

I was going to do a 3 gif animation for this one, but now that i’m seeing this, even though its subtle, I think this one gif sums up the cozy theme pretty well already :3 Hope you like it! :D 


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NEW VIDEO: “No Glory in the Process - don’t mind me, I just wanted to have a little honest, unedited chat. I’m gonna be checking out some blogs who reblog this - thanks for spreading the love! <3

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(Also, I'M IN pain because so many characters I could ask for, so many perfect POSES LIKE SUCH PERFECT KISE AND KARAMATSU POSES, but then again, I CAN ASK FOR NIJIMURA SHUUZOU and he's top priority. Also. *JUMPS ON YOU AND HUGS YOU* I HOPE YOU'VE BEEN DOING WELL, and your days are full of gentle sunshine and happiness! <3)

A2. Dw Anna, I feel you, I also can never choose _(:3/ But here you have another one~ (the painful idiot). BC 1. I agree, there are some rly fitting expressions for those two, and 2. You are such cutie♥


Dudes STAY blocking me for attention… how does that work lol you blocked me two years ago then re-followed me and liked a few pics… after you said you hope my hair falls out and I’ll never make it into this business LOL!!!!

Theeeen another guy tells me racism isn’t real bc he’s a POC cop and blocks me because I didn’t acknowledge a comment on my post…? Nigga I’m definitely not gonna fuck you off likes. LMAO what are these dudes on.


What a wonderful world.

{ Counterpart to [x] Two sides of the same coin. }


Quick portrait of Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for foxmulder1998 (with two different filters because I couldn’t choose a favorite)! This is the last 2nd place prize, so I’ll start working on the 1st prize soon. Drawing him was really fun, he has a tricky face but I gave it my best shot. I hope you like it!!


All my FT3 piccys! (Please no reposting or cropping me out)