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(The pan anon) I came out to the rest of my friends and they all just kicked me out so now everyone at my school makes fun of me except for my best friend. It's literally been like a day. What the actual fuck. I hope it dies down because honestly not having any friends makes me more suicidal than I have been ever and well Yeah


Best birthday ever!

Summary: in which you give sebastian a very racy birthday present

Word Count: 4559

Warnings: smut, oral (male recieving), multiple times, daddy kink because seb is lowkey freaky and i highkey have the biggest daddy kink, sort of a plot sort of not

A/N: happy birthday to my bae seb i hope you have a good day and i hope all of my readers enjoy this very smutty fic

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August 13th, it was Seb’s birthday and you wanted to surprise him.He was currently in Ireland filming a new movie and you wanted nothing more than to surprise him. So you hopped on a plane packing your sexiest lingerie, you asked his friend Chace for all his hotel information so that you knew exactly where to go. When you got there you quickly showered and slipped into your lingerie - the set you had picked especially for this day. You wanted to give him a great birthday present and you knew how much he loved to take control. You layed flat on the bed your hands circling your body, roaming it just like how you had imagined Seb’s hands mapping out every curve and crevice of your beautiful body.

The bed smelt like him despite the fact that he had only been sleeping there for a week but it smelt like the cologne his mother recommended you buy for him for christmas after you left wondering what to purchase him as a gift. Your inhaled the scent, it smelt like home and you had longed to breathe the same smell for the past week. You had clutched long and hard at his pillow not changing it because it smelt like him and it helped when the nights were long and he was miles away.

Your hands came up to your hair letting your hair fall down because you knew how much Seb liked it when your hair was down and free-flowing. You waited patiently for him and just as you were getting bored you heard Seb’s distinct voice faintly from behind the door, “Yeah thanks man I’ll see you tomorrow on set.” You could also picture his usual friendly smile and your heart fluttered as the door handle twisted. Your boyfriend was moment away from receiving the best birthday present ever. When the door finally opened Seb’s jaw dropped once his eyes settled on you laying there looking like a goddess.

“Y/N?” Seb breathed out not quite believing it was you lying there wearing lingerie on his bed. You smirked as you saw him lick his lips as his eyes trailed up and down your scantily clad body.

“Yes birthday boy?” You asked, your tone seductive and sexy wanting Sebastian to really grasp just how much you wanted him.

“W-what are you doing here?” Sebastian asked dropping his backpack to the floor and walking in the room but not before checking the room was shut and locked. He didn’t want anyone marvelling in your beauty because the sight in front of him was for his eyes only.

“I wanted to give your birthday present in person. The phone doesn’t do want I want to do justice if you know what I mean.” You said sending your boyfriend a wink as well as another huge smirk. Your hand moved lightly across your thighs as you spoke, Sebastian couldn’t help but focus on the way your hands delicately moved across your skin.

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I hope you all have an amazing day today~ I’m cheering you on

Jackson Wang

To all who worry about him:

First off remember that he worries more about us, the fans, than I think we all realize. Please remember he is a strong soul. No matter what he does he will do his best and take care of himself. Do not worry and send much love. He is selfless and I know he worries more about us worrying about him.

Secondly his company will take care of him. I wouldn’t ever dream to think he is being forced into anything. I actually believe he may be denying to stop working. You know he loves to please and make us proud, but also his parents. I hope this post can maybe bring some faith back into Jackson. He may be tired. He may work very hard, but he’s doing what is best. Have a beautiful day all of you. ❤️

For those who have started/is starting school...

I hope you have the best day at school! 

Remember to eat and get enough sleep. 
Set reminders for class times and homework.
Give yourself breaks if you feel too stressed out.
Talk to your Caregivers and Little ones to help you relax after a long day!
If you see something fun like a school play or a club, join it if youd like!

And if you ever need it, feel free to come for some advice! I’ll do my hardest to help you out!

Thank You.

just want to say a happy birthday to one of the most supportive people in my life, Benedikte i hope you have the best day ever, You deserve it so much. If it wasnt for you i would of never continued social media and i really want to thank you for all the motivation youve ever giving me. I know i dont interact with u that much anymore and im sorry, ive just been super busy lately and i promisee im gonna start interacting with people more, Being off twitter is kinda making me happier so i just need oneee more week and ewwmike will be back, anyways I love you so much and i cannot wait to meet u, hopefully Norway is a nice place for when i go (:

Where Have You Been?-Calum


Here’s an a Cal imagine about him getting a tattoo dedicated to you. This was requested by @tropicalumthood and I hope I made this fluffy enough for youu, love. Enjoy!



It was 2 in the morning and you were pacing back in forth in your apartment. It was a Wednesday day night (well, morning now) and Calum was nowhere to be found. You haven’t heard from him in three days and you’ve been worried. You talked to the guys and they told you not to worry, but you couldn’t help it. You couldn’t sleep and you couldn’t eat as much.

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Congrats on your blogiversary! 🎉🎈🎁 It's always such a treat when I see your posts on my dash, they never fail to make me smile. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Thank you very much, friend! X3 Getting to make people smile is the best thing ever; I’m really happy to have the opportunity! Thank you for your kind words~ 

I hope you’re also having a great day!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @knittinggiantbeanies!

Er, early at least. If you’re wondering why I’m a few days early, it’s because I’ll be at the beach on the 20th and yeah :/ But still! When the time comes, I hope you have the best day ever! You deserve it!! :D


Fandom: Chicago PD
Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set after S3
Genre: Angst with Happy Ending/Romance/Smut
Prompt: “Hi! I loved your most recent one shot :) Was wondering if you could do one where Linstead had an argument and are giving each other the silent treatment at work then like a day later they give in and have angry make up making out somewhere in the district during lunch break”

A/N: Thank you so much for sending this prompt in. I had a blast wiriting it. I am sorry about the turn this took. It might not be exactly what the prompt asked for. I hope you’ll still like it anyway!

I don’t want to beg for feedback, but it would be nice!! It would be more than nice. It would make me so happy.

My beta is the best ever <3 I love her so much I can’t even. @dylanobrienstyler


Their fight happens on a Tuesday. It’s a normal Tuesday, like any other day. Except it isn’t.

They don’t fight often. In fact they have never had a big fight. Sure, they bicker about stuff all the time, like how he never gets to drive or how she leaves her clothes all over the place. But that doesn’t really count as fighting, since it usually ends up in a fit of laughter, or even better, between the sheets. Sometimes they have a bad day and they tell the other one off, but by now, they know when to give each other space and when to push the other to let them in.

This time is different. She thinks he’s being unreasonable. Hank is her family, and of course she’s going to worry about him and help him in any way she can.

“He’s dragging you down with him!”

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOSER <3 We love you so much have a rad day hope you get super drunk and/or high! You deserve the best day ever, hope you gamble and take super cute drunk selfies whilst in Vegas man! Since you love undertale I made this shitty drawing hope you enjoy it <3 Happy 21st I love you so much Calvin thanks for everything <3 #HappyBirthdayLeafy @leafyyishere idk if that you but meh

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Hey :) I just wanted to thank you because your art is pretty much the reason I started drawing again and It's really the best decision I ever made. Oh and I really love your OC's, I hope we see a lot more of Roiben, what a sexy motherfucker! have a nice day!

Hi anon, I’m glad to hear you’re drawing again! Here’s a Roiben just for you:

He gets a streak of grey in his hair as he gets nearer to 30. Probably from stress.

Happy drawing and I hope you have a nice day too 🌟

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Happy Birthday! <3 For this most special of days, you get ME, which I think we can all agree is the best present ever. Specifically, you'll get the *threat* of me because I'll be a day late. I'll wear a bow or something and will treat you to many, many hours of FFXIII. I hope you have a wonderful day and waitaminute-come back-! YOU CAN'T RUN FROM THIS.

BTS reaction to you cleaning the entire house

Anon asked:  Hey~!! Could I get a reaction to the boys coming home just when you finish cleaning the whole house? (I’ve just spent the better part of 3 hours cleaning my house from top to bottom so I’m hurting bad right now, haha) It’d be nice to know~ Thank you~ Love your reactions btw they’re super well done and thought out! Hugs and cuddles!

Ahh, I’m so happy that you love my reactions, just made my day <3 thanks!   


It’d be kisses for you as soon as he came in the door and noticed the more than average condition of the house. He’d smile and kiss you until his face and lips hurt. It might have been a bit of an overreaction. With no context, it might seem as you just gave him the best news he’d ever heard. It was just Hoseok’s sunshine personality that gave him the energy to praise you this way.

“Yay jagiya, thanks, I love you”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

He’d be relieved and glad that you had the initiative to do something about the mess of a house. He’d adore the state of living you two shared for a few days, it’d motivate both of you to keep the house more clean from then on. Working as a team, you’d keep improve your quality of living and generally be much happier. how to have a better life ft. rapmon: clean your room, kids

“We’re cute aren’t we? Yeah, we’re super cute”

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It would be obvious that he was content and pleased with your work. Really, no one likes cleaning, and he’d be very happy with the fact that he wouldn’t have to do it. He’d of course thank you, like any good boyfriend would. Other than that, he’d just silently enjoy the few weeks before the house would have to be cleaned again.

“Woah babe, thank yooouu”

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Seokjin would be absolutely flattered and relieved. He was generally the ‘mom’ of the household, always cooking, always picking up after you, always making sure the house looked nice. It would be so nice for him to come home to a pristine house and a happy girlfriend. There being no further cleaning needing to be done, he’d have extra time to spend with you, which would most likely be taken up by cuddling

“’Like mother, like daughter’ am I right?”

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He’d give you a big, big hug and thank you for being the best girlfriend ever. He would do his best not to mess up your perfect house, and even for to let him clean it next time.

“That’s so nice of you, baby”

Originally posted by squeakjimin


He would be pleasantly surprised. Everyone loves a tidy home, he’s be so glad that you’d do things like this for him. Even it it was just the condition of your house, it meant so much to him. He’d grab you from behind, wrapping his hands around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder as he thanked you and kissed your neck as a reward.

“Thank you for cleaning, sweetheart. I love you so much”

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Realizing the work you put in, he’d do his best to thank you and not mess up the house. His reckless mind and body would have to be put to rest, he’d spend his energy on paying you back with the sweetest gifts. As glad as he was that you had put in all this effort, inevitably it’d take just a couple of days and the two of you would be in the same position.

“Awe, you’re too nice jagi”

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"We Should Clone Misha!"

Is the strange turn a conversation between myself and waddupfandom took the other day. A perfectly normal conversation devolved into us exchanging Misha gifs and generally fangirling over the perfection that is Misha Collins, when we were struck by a thought. Everyone loves Misha, and every fangirl/fanboy would love to meet The Bluest Eyes to Ever Blue in person, right? Then we had a wonderfully absurd idea: We should clone him so everyone can have their own Misha!  

Seriously guys, this could be the best thing EVER! Think about it! You could have your very own Misha Collins! You could go to any major retail store and just walk out with your own Misha! Can you imagine? You wake up: there’s Misha! You have a bad day: Misha is right there! You need a hug: get one from your Misha! Build your own Misha army just in time for the next Mishapocalypse! The possibilities are endless!   

Still not convinced this is the greatest idea ever? Waddupfandom and I could also produce a Castiel version! They would be sold individually and, for those who can’t decide, they would also be available as a boxed set. Heck, we could even make mini versions of Misha and Cas for people who live in small apartments or do a lot of traveling. We could call it the Fun Size! See? Convenient! They would, of course be very affordably priced ($2 each, $1 each for Fun Size) because we got our fandom family’s back!

This needs a freaking commercial!

Do you love Misha Collins? Are you a ‘Minion’, ‘Mishamigo’, or 'Misha’s Best Friend’? Do you spend you days daydreaming about meeting, or even just breathing the same air as the perfect ray of sunshine that is Misha Collins? Well stop daydreaming because thanks to Super FandomFun Co. now you can get your very own Misha! Take him to the park, to your friend’s house, to the mall, everywhere! Have tons of fun, leave dignity at the door and make the word 'Normal’ an insult!  Each Misha comes complete with numbered certificate of authenticity, and your choice of accessories. 

Super FandomFun Co. also has Misha in a Castiel version so you can also have your very own Angel of the Lord. Castiel comes with his trademark trenchcoat, Angel Blade, and of course, sex hair. 

Do you live in a small apartment, or travel frequently? No problem! Misha and Castiel are also available in a smaller, space-saving, travel friendly Fun Size so you can take them anywhere! Both sizes sold individually or as a boxed set. Get yours today!

Disclaimer: Super FandomFun Co. is not responsible for strains, sprains, loss of consciousness, damage to vocal chords, deafness, broken bones, imploded/exploded craniums, liquefied brain matter, exploded ovaries, or heart attacks due to extreme fangirling, and cannot be held liable for any resulting real life Mishapocalyses.“ 

 It could work, right?  Guys?

Bts Reaction to when you’re really good and singing.

Hello~ Can I request BTS’ when they see you dancing and singing to Ariana Grande’s Into You LIKE REALLY GOOD (btw , A.G is my shiteu ) THANKS~~~ ❤ Have a nice day/night 

~I hope you like it sweetie!~

Jungkook: Not as good as me though.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jimin: Not as good as me though.

Originally posted by suga-com

Taehyung: *Claps* *Has the biggest simile ever* Better than Jimin and Jungkook!

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Hoseok: *Starts singing and dancing with you* Alright I see you, I see you.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jin: We must start a sub unit. We will be the best looking sub unit out there.

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Suga Agust D: Babe, you’re very talented and I could listen to you all day, but you’re in front of the lamb skewers.

Originally posted by mn-yg

Rapmonster: *Tries to dance along* *Fails* *Resorts to bobbing his head* I didn’t know you could sing!

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Danisnotonfire Imagine Just A Movie

Anon requested: Could you do a dan x reader where dan is your best friend (but he’s in love with you as per usual) and you guys watch a sad movie and even though he knows it’s just the movie making you sad, his heart breaks from seeing you cry (from his p.o.v. please?)


“Hey there bestie!” (Y/N) said brightly and I smiled. We were best friends and always had been. We’d met in school and had been friends ever since. I’d always hoped for something more to blossom, but (Y/N)’s never shown any interest, so I’ve let my love remain secret. 

“Hey, it’s good to see you. What are we doing today?” I asked excitedly and (Y/N) laughed. 

“I was thinking that we could have a movie day. I know we normally go out, but I feel the need to be antisocial today.” (Y/N) laughed and I couldn’t help smiling along. 

“Ok yeah. I’ll go get some snacks from the kitchen and you can pick out the film.” I said and (Y/N) moved into the living room. I didn’t mind when we watched films, but I always found my eyes on (Y/N) instead of the film. I took a deep breath and grabbed the food, before walking into the living room. (Y/N) was sat on the sofa and I collapsed onto it. 

“What are we watching?” I asked, my eyes flicking to the screen. 

“I thought we could watch Bridge To Terabithia.” (Y/N) said and I swallowed the lump in my throat. Great, a sad movie. 

“Ok.” I said and played the film, my heart hammering in my chest. The film continued normally, until (SPOILER) Leslie dies. I didn’t cry, but I turned my head when I heard sniffles from the other end of the sofa. (Y/N) was staring at the screen with a tear stained face. I could almost feel my heart breaking. 

“Dan, can we cuddle?” (Y/N) asked and I moved over, opening my arms, which (Y/N) dove into. My hands were on (Y/N)’s back and I felt my heart wrenching. I wanted to make it better. I knew it was just the film, but hearing (Y/N)’s sobs made me feel awful. 

“It’s alright.” I cooed and (Y/n) looked up at me with red eyes. I smiled and wiped away a stray tear. 

“Do you want to stay here tonight?” 

“I just want to stay with you.” (Y/N) replied and I nodded. I cradled (Y/N) until they’re asleep. Then, I softly brought my lips to (Y/N)’s forehead. 

“I love you and I’ll always keep you safe.” I promised, before I fell asleep. 

Requests are open



18.08.16 // Woke up at noon today because I was up until 3am reading the best book I have ever gotten my hands on (I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, pls go and read it if you haven’t already, it will change your life). I will try to be productive with what’s left of the day :)

I hope everyone is happy and proud of themselves <3